NoVirusThanks information on multiple online scanners used for testing. upload a single file to test it on multiple online scanners

Virus Total
Virus Total upload a single file to test it on multiple online scanners

Jotti's Malware Scan
Jotti's Malware Scan upload a single file to test it on multiple online scanners

Upload Malware upload a single file to test it on multiple online scanners

Upload Malware
Sunbelt Software Automated Malware Sandbox (submit a sample)

GFI - e-mail security test
GFI e-mail security test (Is your email system secure against email viruses and attacks?)

File Research Center
File Research Center identify files running on your system

Is a web site legitimate?
Phish Tank research an exist site, or report a suspected site.

Is this port open? checks for open ports

Suspect bot actiovity?
drop to the commandline and type:

arp -a
look at the IP addresses for something unusual

netstat -a
This shows ative network connections look for unfamiliar processes

Sophos Conficker: How To Prevent It And Remove It.
Sophos Conficker Cleanup Tool (direct download)

APP REMOVER - remove antispyware and antivirus programs (if they won't remove themselves).
opswat AppRemover is a free utility that enables users to completely remove applications and extraneous files left behind.

Alwil - Avast
Alwil Avast anti-virus definations - free edition

GriSoft - AVG
GriSoft AVG anti-virus - free edition

AntiVir Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit (Win 95/98/ME not supported)

BitDefender Anti-Virus virus removal tools
BitDefender Anti-Virus - Free Edition v8
Bit Defender free download link
Bit Defender need to register for free download
Bit Defender online virus scanner
Bit Defender online virus scanner

Clam Win open source AntiVirus for Windows.

CA - Computer Associates
CA - Computer Associates online virus scanner

Comodo free anti-virus (and other tools)

F-Prot is stopping development of DOS program, they will continue to update definations for a short while.
F-Prot updates (work for most versions of program)

F-Secure free online virus scanner
F-Secure works very good at finding the virii, but not so good at removing them.

Kaspersky online virus scanner

McAfee free 30 day trials (Windows - GUI and command line, Linux, NetWare, ...)
McAfee virus definations (xdat - definations ONLY, sdat - definations and program update) (only installs if you already have an installed product, doesn't work with command line version.)
McAfee FreeScan - online virus scanner

Panda Software
Panda ActiveSacn - online virus scanner

Proland AntiVirus for Windows.
Proland AntiVirus for NetWare.

Symantec Security Response Virus Definitions Download Page
both the individual as corp version updaters are here.
Symantec Security Response Intelligent Updater Notification Page
Symantec SecurityCheck - online virus scanner (security and virus)

ThreatFire runs on: Vista, XP, 2000, 2003
ThreatFire no definations needed, analyzes activity to prevent program activity.

Trend Micro Scan Engine Updates
Trend Micro free tools download page
Trend Micro SysClean anti-virus program (stand alone executable-requires Virus Pattern Files)
Trend Micro Virus Pattern Files
Trend Micro Detection and Cleanup (Trend Micro Anti-Spyware) - Ssapiptn.Da5
Trend Micro online virus scanner (House Call)
Trend Micro House Call - free online virus scanner

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