p e builder

P E BUILDER - preinstalled environment builder - create a Windows XP or 2000 live CD
02/17/2006 v3.1.10a pebuilder3110a.exe
Bart's PE Builder - XP, 2003 - freeware

note: Bart's PE Builder can also slipstream Service Packs.

??/??/???? v?.?? sysclean.zip new plugin - antivirus (needs updated SYSCLEAN.COM and LPT???.ZIP
Trend Micro SysClean anti-virus program (stand alone executable-requires Virus Pattern Files)
Trend Micro Virus Pattern Files (needs SYSCLEAN.COM)

NTPWEdit - NT Password and Registry Editor - this is a Windows GUI which allows you to edit Registry and remove password
??/??/???? v?.? ntpwed03.zip
NTPWEdit - NT Password and Registry Editor (works for NT, 2K, XP, Vista)

??/??/???? v?.?? ramdisk.zip updated setup (needed for sysclean)

TCP Network View complete
??/??/???? v?.?? tcpnv.zip new plugin - network viewer

IP Sniff complete
??/??/???? v?.?? ip-sniff.zip new plugin - find active IP addresses

metapad complete
??/??/???? v?.?? metapad.zip new plugin - notepad replacement

Network Resource Viewer complete
??/??/???? v?.?? netresview.zip new plugin - network resource viewer

ShareWatch complete
??/??/???? v?.?? sharewatch.zip new plugin - network share viewer

07/24/2004 v1.0 sasmyipa1_0.zip SasMyIPa - Show My IP Addresses
Leeos Software this program no longer available for download.

02/05/2007 v2.0.0 my-ips2_0.zip MyIPs - display internal and external network IPs, computer name, and computer name and IPs for all computers on network.
CamTech2000 shareware and freeware tools

11/05/2007 v4.12 bginfo.zip BACKGROUND INFO - display system info as desktop background - updated plugin and updated setup
Microsoft - SysInternals - freeware

05/23/2006 v1.14 copywipew1_14.zip CopyWipe - backup and secure erase
05/23/2006 v1.14 copywipew_plugin.zip info for P E Builder plugin
Terabyte Unlimited clone tools - freeware

12/09/2004 v1.1 diskwipe.zip DiskWipe - secure erase
RoadKil various freeware utilities

07/23/2007 v?.? ntfsundelete.zip NTFS UNDELETE - file recovery - modified for plugin
NTFS Undelete - freeware

03/25/2002 v1.9a rescue-disk.zip RESCUE - file recovery - modified for plugin
Normam Riel - hosted here because Alexander Grau - discontinued - freeware

02/25/2008 v1.11.257 rcsetup111.zip RECUVA - file recovery - modified for plugin
Recuva file recovery - freeware

06/04/2002 v2.5.14 rest2514.zip RESTORATION - file recovery - modified for plugin
download.com - freeware

02/13/2006 v.12 undelete1_2.zip UNDELETE - file recovery - modified for plugin
Roadkil's Undelete - freeware

05/22/2006 v6.0.2.1060 zg6021060_bartpe.zip ZIP GENIUS - compression manager
ZipGenius - freeware

07/01/2006 v1.02 UltraVNC-102-Bin.zip ULTRA V N C - Virtual Network Client
Ultra VNC - freeware

04/29/2007 v0.60 putty.zip PuTTY - Telnet/SSH Client - updated plugin and updated setup
PuTTY - freeware

??/??/2007 v4.10 irfanview410.zip IrFanView - file viewer - updated plugin and updated setup
irFanView - freeware

03/18/2008 v1.9.0.228 DeepBurner1_Portable.zip DEEP BURNER - CD/DVD burning software

11/23/2005 v0.351 nu2menu_beta_v0351.zip nu2menu - menu used by P E Builder
Bart's PE Builder Preinstalled Environment - freeware

09/14/2007 v7.02a totalcmd702a.zip TOTAL COMMANDER - file manager
Total Commander - shareware

01/20/2007 v4.3 a43.zip A43 - file manager - updated
A43 File Management Utility - freeware

04/15/2005 v5.0 erd2005.zip ERD Commander 2005 PE Builder is tested with ERD 2002.
Microsoft bought Winternals, and they are not available for purcahse at this time.

If there is no menu on the left side of the screen, you need to click here to activate the menu.