Computer Tools and Utilities

Over the years, I have been collecting tools / utilities / programs that I have found to be both functional and useful for myself and others. This is my attempt to organize the programs that I have collected. I have tried to include version numbers, date of the programs and the website where the most recent versions can be found.

Recently I noticed that when I went searching the internet for some files, most of the shareware sites ONLY linked back to the original site. So if the original site was gone, then the files were also gone. Therefore, I have also stored the files locally as well.

Not all programs stored here are included in the html pages. You will need to browse the directories to see everything that is here. Most of the files stored here have either text files (which include the url where the program was found and a brief description of the program), or the original web page I downloaded the file from. In any case, as I sort through the files, I will be adding them to an existing page on this site.

As you may have expected, I am NOT being paid to do this. So this will be updated on a semi-irregular basis.

Any suggestions of software or links to include would be appreciated.

Any requests for software to be removed will be respected and acted upon. I will try to be timely about it, but as mentioned above, I don't always have as much time as I would like to work on these pages.

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