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Earthquake City BBS

Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

Earthquake City BBS focuses on Rock and Roll, Science Fiction, and computers among other things.

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What's new (or old) on this web site/the BBS?

For anyone interested in dialing directly into the BBS (818) 368-3337 and would like to explore on your first call, e-mail me with your user name and password and I will pre set you up.

December 31, 2006. I am closing down the BBS. The number of callers and the level of system activity continues to drop. Also, the number of spammers who are forging the domain name of the BBS continues to rise. I think it is finally time.

January 1, 2005. Happy New Year. I am still keeping the BBS running. I performed a number of upgrades on the server (added ram, increased size hard drives, upgraded from 10mb to 10/100mb network card). Upgrading the BBS nodes from 486-66 to various speed Pentiums (running 10/100mb network cards). Replaced 10mb hub with 10/100 mb hub.

Prior year changes include switching to a new ISP (Start Communications) for my UUCP e-mail account. While Start Communications doesn't mention it on their web site, they do still offer UUCP accounts for those interested in continuing to use this kind of account.

March 25, 2003. The Spammers Win.

I have been using the same e-mail address/sub-domain from February 1997 until March 2003. Sometime in the last 6 months or so, I noticed that spammers have started forging my sub-domain as the senders and receivers e-mail address. This month, somewhere in the upstream provider of my e-mail, some filtration system is now being used. The end result, is that I am no longer able to send or receive e-mail with my subdomain.

I am looking into alternatives, but I am unlikely to post my e-mail address on my web site until I figure out what I should do about this.

Steven Libis
March 25, 2003

November 23, 2002. I just took the CD-Server offline (7 CDs) because of the lack of file area activity. On the bright side, I have continued development of my mime2uu converter and my uucpSpamFilter. Earthquake City BBS still has a few active e-mail users (including myself). After a suitable period of testing, I will be posting the newer versions in the download area of this web site.

June 22, 2002. I just set added Computer Geeks links to the bottom of every page on this web site. A friend who has purchased from them is very happy with them. He likes the selection and the prices.

January 5, 2002. I just finished a number of changes to my UUCP Spam Filter. It now has increased functionality, and increased intelligence for filtering out spam. It is posted on this this web site

January 1, 2002. Happy New Year. This is the start of year eight for Earthquake City BBS. System activity is slowly decreasing. Last year I finally discontinued 2 of the 4 phone lines. System activity continues to decrease.

I am interested in hearing from anyone that can help with setting up a DOS BBS on a Linux computer.

What's old on this web site/the BBS? Only the most recent activity / changes will be featured in this section. Older stuff will be moved to the History page on a more regular basis.

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Earthquake City BBS is open to callers of all ages.

Full access is granted on your second call. On the first call, you can browse the Bulletins, download ALLFILES.ZIP (for the local uploads as well as the 7 CD-ROMs of shareware online), browse the Online Games Menu (doors) and read these web pages via a text based DOS web browser. The message areas are not available until your status is upgraded.

If you are planning on dialing in long distance, and don't want to go through the log on screen (and have to wait for your second call), just send me an e-mail with the user name and password you want to use, and I set you up and let you know when the system will be ready for your initial call.

There is NO adult or pirate section on the BBS.

All I ask is that you leave a message stating how you heard about the BBS, and what kind of things you are looking for. A BBS is only as good as the user base, and all suggestions are listened to.

Access to ALL areas (files, messages, and online games) is free, except internet related features.

A $10.00 (or more) subscription for a 12 month period gets you:

At this point in time, EQCity BBS doesn't have direct internet access. However, I do get occasional requests. And it is something I may do. Eventually. Budget permitting. :-)

Contributions of hardware, software, money or expertise are appreciated.

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Local file areas include BBS utilities:
online games, offline games, DesqView/Quarterdeck, Networking/Novell, music (sound files, data bases, ....), Science Fiction, ... 7 CD-ROM drives are online with 7 CDs, and more CDs are coming. New file areas are setup when the need becomes apparent, and users request them.

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We have about 50 online games relating to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Rock and Roll and general weirdness. FRP as well as trivia. And anything else that strikes my fancy. Upload something and ask me to check it out.

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Local message areas include music, computers, sports, politics, programming, internet, ... New conferences are added as users request them. Some of the users sysop their own conferences.

February 3, 1997 Internet e-mail and news groups were added to the BBS.

October 15, 1997 Ilink international echo mail network was added to the BBS.

February 20, 1998 U'NI-net international echo mail network was added to the BBS.

As of August 1998, U'NI-net has been merged into the Rime international echo mail network.

June 19, 1998 Intelec international e-mail network was added to the BBS.

August 10, 1998 Rime international e-mail network was added to the BBS.

October 15, 2001 Ilink international echo mail network was dropped from the BBS.

Other message networks are currently being investigated.

All mail and messages can be responded to offline via standard QWK/REP packets and your favorite offline mail reader. Either by direct dial-up, or via internet e-mail.

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There are a variety of bulletins available on the BBS. Among them are How to access the internet by e-mail, various system activity analyzers, game scores, humor, music, science fiction, ...

A small sample of bulletins have been posted here to give you an idea of what is available on the BBS.

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Are you looking to join a BBS to participate in any/all of the message bases that they carry? Are you looking to upload and download files with a BBS? Do you want to avoid long distance calls while doing this? Do you have internet e-mail? :-)

If the answer to ALL of the above questions are yes, now there is a way. I have just finished writing and beta testing wcFileGate, a program that requires Wildcat v4.x, wcGate and a UUCP account. wcFileGate, sits between the ISP and the BBS. It reads all incoming mail, and processes any messages sent to it.

Just send a message to: bbs at domain with a subject line of HELP, and you will be sent the help file, and get to see how this works.

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This is an automated mailing list software. The only mailing lists we are currently hosting are:
1) Insect Surfers: upcoming shows, ....
2) Boardwalkers: upcoming shows, ....
3) Labrador: Longplain Kennels, Reg'd. Old-fashioned classic Labs since 1969.

Subscribers to Earthquake City BBS can have their own mailing list.

To get onto the mailing list, send mail to:

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How can a BBS provide internet e-mail?

In my case, with a UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy Program) account. Wildcat v4.x DOS BBS software comes with support for UUCP accounts. When I decided to start using a UUCP account, my original problem was finding an ISP that supports a UUCP account. Then, it was configuring the BBS software to work with the UUCP account. Then it was ... Read all about it at UUCP account setup.

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Steven Libis's current projects include:

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As a service to the callers of Earthquake City BBS, we have an online listing with links to their web pages.

I am also starting to have links to my friends web pages as well.

If I have accidentally left your listing off my site, please e-mail me your URL and a brief one or two sentence description that you would like to see here.

So many URLs. So little time. :-)

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As a service to anyone that happens to browse these web pages, I have created a vaguely alphabetical page of links to web pages of makers of various computer hardware and software.

The are a number of general links, but also a number of links focused on computing issues of interest to myself, including but not limited to Novell NetWare, DOS, ....

These will be updated whenever anyone sends me an interesting link, or when I came across an interesting link in my own browsing, reading, or attending of computer shows/expos.

Please be patient while loading the Computer Links page. It has gone from size -0- in July 1997, to size 333k in January 1999.

October 15, 1999, and I am breaking up the Computer Links into 26 seperate alphabetical pages. Now the individual pages should load much quicker. And since we now have an Earthquake City BBS site search available, there is no longer any need to keep this as a single page.


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As a service to anyone that happens to browse these web pages, I have created a vaguely alphabetical page of links to web pages of interest to Science Fiction fans

I also created a page for the more humorous, and less business oriented sites than the computer links page. There are still links to computer companies, but for the fun stuff: screen savers, jokes, check out my Other Links page.

These will be updated whenever anyone sends me an interesting link, or when I came across an interesting link in my own browsing, reading, or attending of science fiction conventions.

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Links to Earthquake Information.

Earthquake Information

Recent Southern California Earthquakes (CalTech)

Recent Earthquakes In California And Nevada

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada

Southern California Earthquake Center

Southern California Earthquake Center detailed map of recent earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes in Los Angeles, CA area

Recent Earthquakes in Northridge CA, area

EPA - Natural Disasters

Home Advisor Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide

FEMA Earthquake Preparedness: What Every Child Care Provider Needs to Know

improve net Home Emergency and Disaster Safety

ACLS Training Center Basic Life Support and Emergency CPR

Alert Find Classroom and School Emergency Preparedness

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