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October 1, 2009. I noticed that more than a few people concerned with politics and the economy have been emailing me links to serious articles on the subjects. So I removed them from my main links site, and they are now all bunched together on this page.

SERIOUS LINKS (Economy, Liberty, Government, ...)
Intro - interesting links
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"If you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart.
If you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain."
- attrib. Winston Churchill

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words. - Philip K. Dick

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open. - Frank Zappa

The suicidal part of the human race composed of the Liberal / Progressive / Democratic / Socialists has a religion that disallows thinking, but for the rest, you will find food for thought here.

I haven't had a chance to double check all these address yet (I may never check all the links). When I do, I will correct any listing that needs it. If you beat me to it, please let me know what corrections are needed.

This sub-page is a collection of URLs that might be of interest to people concerned with politics, the economy, health care issue, ... This list of URLs is in a vaguely alphabetical order. Any additions/corrections/deletions to this list will be greatly appreciated.

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SERIOUS LINKS (Economy, Liberty, Government, ...)
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Abortion: - Pro-Choice = Anti-Life - doing it for the children - population control - Because If They Can't Kill Children, They'll Kill Adults
Planned parenthood says proper term for unborn baby is now womb colonizer - Babylon Bee
If you can kill this motherf***er, I can at least abandon him! It’s my money, my choice. And if I’m wrong, then perhaps we’re wrong. Figure that sh!t out for yourselves. - Dave Chappelle
We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population ... Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood
I believe that now, immediately, there should be national sterilization for certain dysgenic types of our population. - Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood
In order to protect women's rights to obtain an unsafe abortion, the U.S.Supreme Court recently ruled that medical standards that apply to every other health care facility do not apply to abortion mills. This means that if you want to minimize your chance of a getting an infection, you should bring your own clean coat hanger for the procedure.
If it's not a human being, then why are you harvestubg organs from it? - Dr. Ben Carson
mrc tv Praising Death: Lefties Celebrate 'Abortion Provider Appreciation Day'
Truth Revolt Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Organs Obtained During Abortions - "Between $30 to $100 per specimen."
Truth Revolt Malkin: The Wine-Sipping Butchers of Planned Parenthood - Hannibal Lecter ain't got nothing on Planned Butcherhood
Truth Revolt CNN, Newsweek, Etc. Try to Spin Planned Parenthood Video - The media circle the wagons.
Truth Revolt Ben Carson: 'The Whole Purpose' of Planned Parenthood Is to 'Eliminate Black People' - "You wonder if Obama actually knows the history of Planned Parenthood."
Truth Revolt Harry Reid Says Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Prove Nothing - Just look at this light and forget the whole thing.
Truth Revolt Carson: Nazis Loved Margaret Sanger - They said "she was a great person"
Truth Revolt Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood 'Modern Day Eugenics' - "It’s population control."
Truth Revolt CDC: 35% of Abortions are Black Babies - "A disproportionate number of minorities still receive them."
mrc tv NY Times Editorial Board Defends Fetal Trafficking Scandal
mrc tv African-American Ohio Dem: 'Black Lives Matter Protesters...Should be in Front of Planned Parenthood'
mrc tv Bozell: News Shows Blackout 'Atrocities Not Seen Since Nazi Germany' at Planned Parenthood's Request
mrc tv Planned Parenthood to Conduct One of the Most Insulting, Ironic Marches Ever
mrc tv Pro-Life Students At More Than 200 Schools Are Walking Out Against Abortion Tomorrow
American Thinker Would it bother us more if they used guns?'
Daily Wire Teen Charged With Murder After Killing Her 2-Pound Premature Baby. How Is This Different From Abortion?
Daily Wire 'The Atlantic' Mourns That Women Aren't Aborting Their Kids After Seeing Ultrasounds
YouTube REBUTTAL: Samantha Bee’s Abortion Lies
Mises Institute Inferno and the Overpopulation Myth
Louder With Crowder SICK: Pelosi Tells Adopted Girl Moms ‘Should Have the Choice’ to Abort...
Freedom Outpost University Students Sign Petition To Legalize Abortion After Birth
Louder With Crowder OPINION: You Cannot Change The Minds of Evil People. Evil People Must Be Defeated.
mrc tv Wow: House Dems Block Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide for SIXTH Time
Political Insider Six Democrats Running in 2020 Voted No On Providing Medical Care to Babies Surviving Abortion
Daily Wire WATCH: Sen. Tim Scott’s Powerful Speech On Senate Floor After Democrats Refuse To Protect Born-Alive Babies
Daily wire WATCH: Feminist Repeatedly Punches Pro-Lifer In The Face On Campus. She's Been Charged With Assault.
rumble Abortion Is Racist - and the Left's Finally Admitting It
mrc tv Five of the Most Racist Arguments the Left Made For Abortion This Week
mrc tv NJ Governor Enacts Law Allowing Abortion Up Until Birth, Allows Midwives to Perform Abortion
mrc tv CA Becomes THIRD State Considering Bill To Legalize Infanticide
mrc tv Killed Your Baby? No Worries! You’re Free to Go
mrc tv Jezebel’s Fear of Crisis Pregnancy Centers
mrc tv Abortion Activist Loses Her Mind at Pro-Life Students Outside SCOTUS
mrc tv Antifa Celebrates Bombing of Pregnancy Centers
Epoch Times Destruction and Vandalism by Pro-Abortion Extremists Sweeps America
Louder With Crowder Violence Committed by Pro-Abortion Leftists Post Roe v. Wade (Updated)
Louder With Crowder Patricia Heaton Unloads on Elizabeth Warren's Incendiary Abortion Rhetoric: 'We Have to Hire Armed Security'
Epoch Times Are Pro-Aborts Burning Through Their Credibility?
mrc tv UNFPA Zoom Panel Says Abortion is ‘Lifesaving,’ Overturn of Roe Is ‘Draconian’
mrc tv Nearly 100 Democrats Call For National Public Health Emergency Over Roe’s Overturn
Louder With Crowder Teen Legend Sets Up Two Pro-Choice Protesters With an Easy Question, Then Embarrasses Them With His Follow-Up
Federalist 10 Ways The Pro-Abortion Left Proves It Isn’t Pro-Choice Or Pro-Women
Montana shamed as residents vote ‘No’ on measure to protect babies after they’re born: ‘Unimaginable’
mrc tv Paper Suggests Pregnant 'Trans Men' Should Keep Taking Testosterone, Even If It Harms the Unborn Baby
Louder With Crowder Watch: Dem Governor celebrates the "sacrifices" of abortion providers on... Abortion Provider Appreciation Day
Louder With Crowder Minnesota's woke Lt. Gov slam dunks the virtue signaling with this all abortion March Madness bracket
Louder With Crowder AP "News" Makes Absurd Claim Pregnant Women Are Being Denied Care Because Of Abortion Bans
Louder With Crowder Watch: Super Bowl champion WRECKS Joe Biden at college commencement for being a pro-abortion fake "Catholic"

Abortion: - Safe and Effective
mrc tv Woman Dies After ‘Routine’ Abortion & Left Still Claim They’re ‘Safe’

Abortion: - Abortion Supporters
Louder With Crowder 'Hope you get raped': Teen Pro-Lifer claims to be assaulted by pro-choice creature, had plate thrown at her
mrc tv High Schoolers Escorted Out of the Tax-Funded Smithsonian For Wearing Pro-Life Beanies
mrc tv World Health Organization Releases Guide About Abortion Care, Doesn’t Mention 'Baby' Once

Abortion: - Right To Kill
Louder With Crowder Watch: Evil Med Student Promises To Leave Wisconsin If She Can’t Kill Full-Term Babies

Abortion: - Abortion Wrongs
mrc tv Concerned Women For America Office Vandalized By Pro-Abortion Activist
mrc tv Biden’s Abortion-Pushing EO Is Just the Start Of More Anti-Life, Anti-Constitution 'Executive Action'

Abortion: - Next Best Thing - Having Children Is A Crime
mrc tv An Indian Man Is Suing His Parents For Giving Birth To Him 'Without His Consent'

Abortion: - For The Children
Daily Wire WALSH: You Can't Give A Lethal Injection To Criminals In New York But You Can Give It To Infants
Daily Wire Here's The Viral Sign Of The Small Business Owner Who Closed To Protest New York's Horrific Abortion Law
Conservative Review 13 states plus D.C. where a teenage girl can’t see an R-rated movie about abortion - but can get one by herself
Louder With Crowder Watch: Liberal TikToker Says Quiet Part About Abortion Out Loud: “It Has Never Mattered When Life Begins...”

Abortion: - Good For The Environment
mrc tv Sierra Club Exec: Abortion Helps the Environment by Controlling the Population
Washington Standard 45 Population Control Quotes: The Elite Are Eager To Eliminate People On Earth

Abortion: - Good For The Economy
Louder With Crowder Michael Ian Black: It’s Cheaper to Abort Babies Than to Let Them Live
Louder With Crowder Janet Yellen Attempts to 'Whitesplain' Importance of Black Abortions to Sen. Tim Scott, and He's Not Amused

Abortion: - Humor
Babylon Bee ACLU Clarifies It's Only In Support Of Immigrants After They Leave Womb
Daily Wire WALSH: It’s Time To Finally Legalize Post-Birth Abortion
Peoples Cube I took my cat in for an abortion
Babylon Bee Kamala Harris Polling Poorly Among Unborn Babies
Babylon Bee Close One: This Baby Was Almost Born Into Poverty But His Mother Killed Him In The Nick Of Time
Babylon Bee Experts Warn Murders Will Just Occur In Back Alleys If Murder Outlawed
Babylon Bee Alyssa Milano Calls For Strike On Starring In Any Noteworthy Film Projects
Babylon Bee Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago
Babylon Bee After Fending Off Pandemic Challenger, Planned Parenthood Retains Title For Most Americans Killed In 2020
Babylon Bee Unborn Babies Disguise Selves As Death Row Inmates So Liberals Will Defend Their Right To Live
Glorious American Roe v. Wade Overturned, Gay Men Hit Hardest
Glorious American Roe v. Wade Overturned After Pro-Abortion Lawyer Unable To Define “Woman”

A.V.Club North Korea declares Seth Rogen and James Franco movie an act of war

Ace Of Spades HQ

Accuracy In Media critiques botched and bungled news stories and sets the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage.
Accuracy In Media How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin

ACORN not just for nuts any more (great for fraud, embezzlement and cover-ups)
Rotten Acorn Not Just Voter Fraud
Big Government Fraud, Embezzlement, and Cover-Ups: A Brief History of ACORN
Big Government The Media's Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage
National Review Online Inside Obama's Acorn
Fox News ACORN Story Grows But Mainstream Media Refuse to Cover It
Judicial Watch Blog - Corruption Chronicles ACORN Workers Arrested In Fla.
Washington Post ACORN's Overdue Unraveling

Act For America

Active Rain Playboy Magazine Cars and the War......

Activist Mommy A Civil Rights Organization for Color Blind Justice

Afluent Investor North Korea’s H-Bomb: The Lesson You Haven’t Thought Of

AlignPay PayPal alternative

The Altucher Confidential The 10 Commandments of the American Religion

America First
America First The Top 13 Best Conservative Media Outlets

American Center for Law and Justice

American Conservative Daily opinons and commentary from conservative, liberty loving Americans.

American Daughter Rightwing Extremism Threat Assessment

The American Dream commentary
The American Dream crime
The American Dream big brother
The American Dream moral crisis
The American Dream politics

American Greatness Our Exhausted American Mediocracy

American Liberty Awards

American Enterprise Institute think tank on public policy

American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) There is Cosmic Wisdom in this Simple Question
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Hail to the Chief, President 6PRKr4!
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Legal Mafias and Moral Asymmetries

American Mind The Way Forward

American Mirror

American Renaissance My Career as a White Police Officer

American Shareholders represent the interests of America's shareholder-majority which is currently over 50% of all Americans.

American Spectator
American Spectator Goodbye, America - Standing on the corner isn’t what it used to be.

American Thinker
American Thinker The United States at the Point of No Return
American Thinker Yes, Virginia, There Is Truth in Media
American Thinker Sorry, the 'Climate of Hate' is Going Nowhere
American Thinker Tucson and the Kamikaze Left
American Thinker Killing Politicians and Other Guilty Pleasures
American Thinker Did taxpayers finance the Aurora massacre?
American Thinker Psychopaths-in-Chief
American Thinker How to Destroy a Rich Country
American Thinker What to Do with Sanctions
American Thinker Boehner Says He 'Absolutely' Trusts Obama - We Are in Trouble Now
American Thinker Liberals to the Law: Get Lost!
American Thinker Can't New York Do Better?
American Thinker Poor Lil' Huma
American Thinker The Colorado recall was about more than gun control
American Thinker Panicky Senate Democrats meet to find a way out of Obamacare mess
American Thinker America’s (Current) Suicide Attempt
American Thinker Crushing the Barbarians Inside the Gates
American Thinker The DNC Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacity
American Thinker Five ways the Democrat convention backfired on Joe Biden, benefitting Donald Trump
American Thinker Dissecting Obama's Delusional DNC Speech
American Thinker New York Had It Coming
American Thinker Due process is no more in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

American Wire Today’s Best In Conservative Humor

Hogeye Bill's Anarchism Page Anarcho-Capitalism; Classical Anarchism; Libertarianism; Limited Government
Hogeye Bill's Anarchism Page Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto
Hogeye Bill's Anarchism Page Anarcho-Capitalist FAQ
Hogeye Bill's Anarchism Page links

Animal Rights - PETA
Wherever there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice.
In my experience, those who profess to believe in animal rights usually don't believe in human rights. - L. Neil Smith
Humane Watch
L. Neil Smith's Down With Power The Myth of "Animal Rights"
Outdoor News Service HSUS getting taste of its own medicine in court
PR Newswire ASPCA Pays $9.3 Million in Landmark Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Settlement
Neatorama Facebook Commenters are Steaming MAD at Steven Spielberg for Killing This "Innocent Animal"
mrc tv New York Daily News Praises Disney Alligator: You Have to Love It When It Does Something Natural'
mrc tv Animal Rights Protestors Scream At Fishermen, Free Fish
mrc tv PETA Claims Eating Cheese Is As Sexist As Sex Trafficking and FGM
mrc tv PETA Wants You To 'Stop Using Anti-Animal Language' - What?
mrc tv Huh? PETA Wants to Change Name of Road Because It's Offensive to Chickens
Louder With Crowder PETA Lashes Out at Elon Musk, Not for Buying Twitter, But for Enjoying Chocolate Milk
Louder With Crowder Oregon Looks To Be First State To Criminalize Farming, Breeding With New Ballot Initiative

Animal Rights Activists - Killing Animals
Truth Revolt Thousands of Mink Dead After Activists Release 38,000 From Fur Farm - As always, Leftists hurt the ones they claim to help...

Animal Rights - PETA
PETA Kills Animals
Canadian Free Press PETA's Dirty Secret - 7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA
Daily Caller The insanity of PETA: Its frivolous lawsuit against SeaWorld compared whales to black slaves
Daily Caller Documents: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care
Daily Caller PETA bikini-babe promo bans pieces of meat [VIDEO] PETA killed almost 90% of the animals handed over to the charity
mrc tv PETA Applauds 'Jurassic World' For Not Using Real Animals in Film
Truth Revolt PETA Equates Women's Rights to Chickens' Rights - "Equal consideration of their interests."

Animal Rights - vegans vs. People Eating Tasty Animals
YouTube If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

Animal Rights - Save The Whale
Mises Institute The Petroleum Industry Saved the Whales

Animal Rights - Humor
Babylon Bee Opinion: You Can’t Oppose Killing Puppies Unless You Adopt Every Dog On The Planet
Louder With Crowder WATCH: Arby’s Flips Off Vegans with ‘Carrot’ Made of Meat!
YouTube Arrogant Worms - Carrot Juice is Murder

Anonymous Conservative understanding political thought through evolutionary psychology

Ayn R. Key blog

SERIOUS LINKS (Economy, Liberty, Government, ...)
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Fox News When satire becomes reality: Nearly 100 Babylon Bee joke stories have come true
Babylon Bee Aliens Report No Intelligent Life On Earth After Landing In Portland
Babylon Bee Cleveland Indians Change Name To 'Cleveland Genderless Sports Players With No Discernable Racial Features Or Specific Ethnic Background'

BadBlue the news that old media doesn't want you to see.

Bailout: Where the U.S.Government proves once again, that nothing succeeds like failure. So time to bail out the incompetents once again.
When did "Too Stupid to Succeed" become "Too Big to Fail?"
They Broke It You Buy It
Buy My Shitpile
True Majority America Says NO Bush Bailout
Suburban Guerrilla Buy My Shitpile
Newsday Spin Cycle - Buy My Shitpile
Down With Tyranny Progressives Starting To Demand An Alternative To Paulson's Boneheaded Proposal & Corporate Giveaways
TechPresident Web Gearing Up to Block "Blank Check" Bailout of Wall Street
Wall Street Journal Hey, U.S.Govt.! Buy My [Expletive] Pile!
Boing Boing Buy My Shitpile: Hey Washington, can you buy my bad investments, too?
Daily Reckoning Who Will Bail Out the Rescuers?
Daily Reckoning Government Bailouts By Design
Daily Reckoning Bankruptcy: The Glorious New Beginning
Daily Reckoning Tesla’s Great Deformation
International Liberty TARP Was Bad, but the Looming Obamacare Bailout for Corrupt Insurance Companies Could Be Worse

Bed Bug Registry ever since the government made the bed bug an endagered species, they have been returning in growing numbers. You now have a place where you can track their return.
Laissez Faire Today Rachel Carson and the Bed Bugs
Rachel Was Wrong Rachel Carson's Dangerous Legacy

Baltimore Sun Baltimore's rat hot spots

Bayou Renaissance Man That gets it said

Bearing Arms - Saving Liberty and Lives
Bearing Arms - Saving Liberty and Lives news
Bearing Arms - Saving Liberty and Lives guns saving lives

Before It's News What We Must Do When Facing Martial Law

Joe Biden - Resident - Pseudo-President - Liar-In-Thief - Surrender-In-Chief - Presidential-Thief - Puppet-In-Chief, SCROTUS - So Called Ruler Of The United States
Biden sucks, Kamala swallows
Cadaver Joe Biden
2 senile 4 trial
Jim Crow Joe
Joe Bribin'
Sleepy Joe
Big Brother Biden
Baby Killer Biden
Geriatric Joe
Sloppy Joe
Bare Shelves Biden
Empty Shelves Joe
Beijing Biden
Bolshevik Biden
Brain freeze Biden
Brainless Biden
Bumbling Biden
Masked Bandit
Blithering Biden
Brandon and Kackles
Joe and the Ho
The zombie and the whore
Joseph Stealin and Heels Up Harris
Dumb and Dumber
Dementia Joe and The Commie Ho
Old JOe and Confused Kamala
Harris-Biden: Elect me to find out what I stand for.
Fraudulent China Joe and Commie Lawhorish - Sarah Hoyt
Build Back Blunders
Building Backwards Better
Build Back Bankrupt
Build Back Better = Bare Buildings Biden - Cynical Pessimist
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*ck things up. - Barack Hussein Obama
American Thinker Americans are enduring a Biden reign of terror
Orange Man Bad. Sure. But Bad Touch Grandpa Worse. - Larry Correia
We’ll pass election reform, and make no, make sure no one, no one has the opportunity to steal an election again! - Joe Biden
We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. - Joe Biden
Washington Times Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president - Unwillingness to accept election result grows out of a level of outrage unlike anything previously experienced

There once was a president in Nantucket.
Whose policies tell American's to "suck it."
    If given the chance,
    Joe will poop his pants,
And force Secret Service to touch it.

Democrats support elder abuse. Allowing Joe Biden to wander the halls of the White House is proof.
What Joe Biden lacks in leadership, he makes up for in incompetence.
"Whether it is true or not," the Afghanistan botched retreat was a success
LGBTQ - Let's Get Biden To Quit. - Caitlyn Jenner
Joe Biden lied, Americans died.
Joe Biden - Oaths taken, oaths broken
Baghad Biden is making Afghanistan great again
Beijing Biden is Making China Great Again
After watching Joe Biden at the debate: If lies were a drinking game, we’d all die from alcohol poisoning.
Joe Biden is as dishonest as the day is long.
If Biden knew how to fix America ... then why didn't he just tell Obama?
Joe Biden Was Not Very Smart Before He Became Incapacitated. He Was Always Kinda Dumb. Now He’s Clearly Cognitively Impaired. - Rudy Giuliani
Newest Slogan: Joe and the Ho. She passed the sniff test.
Newest Slogan: I'm Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.
Not all Joe Biden supporters are pedophiles and rapists, but all of them decided that groping kids and raping women aren't a deal breaker.
If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on a boat together, and it sinks, who survives? America!
Biden dozed and people froze. - Michael Z. Williamson
Go green, turn blue. - Eric Tollefson
FBI = Follow Biden's Instructions
Joe Biden links
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Town Hall The Dumb and Dumber Administration
Federalist If Biden Were Trying To Destroy America On Purpose, He’d Do Nothing Differently
American Thinker Joe Biden's most disgusting, dishonest speech
Federalist Fake Unifier-In-Chief Ends First Year In Office The Same Way He Began
American Thinker Anybody notice how cold and heartless Biden was in his Afghanistan speech?
Liberty Loft Don’t Stand with the U.S. Because They Won’t Stand With You
American Thinker Executive Order Canceling the Constitution
American Thinker Joe Biden: More Heel Than Healer
YouTube Joe Biden's TOP 50 Bloopers, Blunders, & Gaffes: 2020 Election Edition
American Thinker Joe Biden continues his reign of incoherence and weirdness
Geller Report Joe Biden: I Am ‘Prepared’ To ‘Shut’ The United States ‘Down’ To Stop The Coronavirus
Real Clear Politics Scott Adams: Brain-Dead Race Hoaxer Joe Biden Is The Biggest Asshole In America
The Real Joe Biden read up on the lies and crimes of Joe Biden.
American Thinker Where Is Joe Biden's Brain?
mrc tv Civil Rights Atty. Leo Terrell Blasts Joe Biden: He 'Has the Mindset of a Plantation Owner'
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden's Top 10 Creepiest Moments
YouTube Joe Biden’s policies go swimmingly with the Far-Left!
breitbart Joe Biden Exploited S-Corporation Loophole to Avoid Payroll Tax
Louder With Crowder Biden Tells 56% of Americans Better Off Under Trump They Shouldn't Vote for Him. Then He Got Insulting.
American Thinker Joe Biden mocks a reporter who asks him a legitimate question
PJ Media Biden's Team of Racists and Anti-Semites: An Anti-American Coalition in the Heart of the White House
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Warns July Fourth May Be Canceled if Americans Don't Do What They're Told
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Latest Climate Scheme Might Mean Giving Up Cheeseburgers: Experts
American Thinker The real Joe Biden stands up — again
Louder With Crowder Biden's UN Ambassador Brags That United Nations Sent Taliban a 'Strongly Worded' Letter About Women's Rights
Turley Talks DUMB and DUMBER Billboard Goes Viral as Another Dem SWITCHES to GOP!!!
mrc tv 6 of the Craziest Moments From the KBJ Confirmation Hearing
mrc tv 'Some Guy Named Brandon': 5 of the Most Embarrassing Fails From Biden's WHCD Speech
mrc tv Presidential Blunder: Biden Tells Paralympians ‘Don’t Jump!’
Louder With Crowder 'Zero Trust in Our Government': Spouse of WNBA Player Jailed in Russia Blasts Biden Administration
City Journal Biden’s Green Hypocrisy
Red State Remember July 4, 2021, When Biden Was Just a Dolt?
Louder With Crowder Snoop Dogg Promotes Anti-Biden Cannabis Product: 'You Won't Remember What Country You're In'
Fireworks by the Dozen: Here Are the Top WH Briefing Room Moments of 2022
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden throws a WH BBQ while Americans held hostage: "Biden had nothing to say about Israel on camera today"
Louder With Crowder Weapons left during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal used by Hamas in Israel attack... just as Biden predicted in 2007
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden makes it weird creepin' on a young lady at a coffee shop as he's asked about embattled cabinet member
Louder With Crowder Watch: Biden looks lost wandering around a gas station to show him "connecting" with normies
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden continues to show Americans why they hate him with his new comments on grocery prices

Joe Biden - Border Wall
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden Puts Up Fencing...Around The Capitol
Dan Bongino Show Biden Now Says He’s “Not Sure” He Can Shut Down the Border

Joe Biden - Election Denying
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Watch: Protestors Take Over Biden’s Abortion Rally
BreitbartPoll: Majority of Democrats Oppose Certification of 2024 Election If Donald Trump Wins

Joe Biden - What Hostages? - American Lives Don't Matter
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Dan Bongino Show Biden: No New Hostage Deal for Americans Held Captive by Hamas Expected Anytime Soon

Joe Biden - A Threat To Democracy
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Dan Bongino Show Biden’s Primary Challenger Blasts Him as a “Threat to Democracy”

Joe Biden - Media Protection - Lying to the public
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With "Crowder Fox News Analyst Wants You To Believe Joe Biden Is Our, Quote, 'Third Black President'

Joe Biden - War On The Secret Service
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Daily Mail How Biden's tension with Secret Service goes back to his VP years when he skinny-dipped in front of female agents - and the dog biting has just made things worse

Joe Biden - War On Journalists
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv The Blaze Journalist Covering Jan. 6 Tapes Surrenders to FBI, Put in Cuffs for Alleged Misdemeanors
Louder With "Crowder Watch: Joe Biden claims the press likes Trump more than him, and seriously dude... shut the f*ck up

Joe Biden - War On The Second Amendment - War On 2A - Contempt For The Constitution
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Biden Plans To Announce First-Ever Federal Gun Control Office (Note: Hunter Biden Was Indicted On Gun Charges)

Joe Biden - War On Americans - Contempt For Americans
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Post Millennial BREAKING: Joe Biden compares devastating Maui wildfires to small kitchen fire he once experienced
Dan Bongino Show Biden Jokes About Heat in Maui, Says He Can Relate to Survivors Because of Small Kitchen Fire in 2004
New York Post It’s ‘1984’ all over again in Biden’s ‘Police State’
Louder With Crowder Biden DOJ: Law Making Prostitutes Disclose They Have HIV Violates Americans With Disabilities Act

Joe Biden - War On Language
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Karine Jean-Pierre's brain short circuits when reporter asks: So what about when Joe Biden calls things a "bloodbath?"

Joe Biden - Cocaine Coverup - Cocaine In The White Huse Scandal - The Ever Changing Cocaine In The White House Coverup
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Red State Holy Coke: The White House Cocaine Story Changes Yet Again
Daily Wire Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Says Biden Family Member Brought Cocaine To White House
Secret Service Ends White House Cocaine Investigation by Insulting Everyone's Intelligence
Red State Andrew Weissmann, Mueller's Top Guy, Decimates Story on White House Cocaine With Hilarious Comment

Joe Biden - National Security Risk For Mishandling Classified Documents - High Crimes and Misdemeanors
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
NY Post Classified documents found at Biden’s namesake think tank
Just The News Belated revelation classified documents found in private Biden office turns legal, political tables
mrc tv WHOA: CNN Asks How Biden Can Prosecute Trump After Stashing Classified Docs As VP
Red State NEW: More Classified Documents 'Found' That Were Illegally Taken by Joe Biden
mrc tv Biden Spox Says Classified Docs Found In Biden's Garage Were Just 'Inadvertently Misplaced'
Just The News Five more pages of classified documents found at Biden's Delaware home - Multiple sets of classified docs found in recent months.
Just The News Biden scandal intensifies as FBI finds six more classified memos in search of his Delaware home
Dan Bongino Show Hunter Biden Email Indicates He Potentially Was in Possession of Classified Docs
New York Post There’s no hiding Biden’s fright over classified document scandal
Dan Bongino Dan Bongino: Did Somebody Flip on Joe Biden?
Washington Examiner Biden notebooks found in FBI search might have referenced classified information
New York Post Forget classified docs, show us the real haul of Biden’s records in Delaware
mrc tv Biden: ‘Totally Irresponsible’ Since ‘1974’
America First Legal BREAKING: America First Legal Releases First Set of Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Records from National Archives
Just The News House Republicans claim Biden team knew of classified docs earlier than admitted - "The boxes were not in a ‘locked closet’ at the Penn Biden Center and remained accessible to Penn Biden employees as well as potentially others with access to the office space," Comer said.
Breitbart VP Biden’s Former Assistant: Classified Docs Left Unlocked in Penn Biden Center Closet
New York Post Biden aide Kathy Chung refutes classified docs ‘locked closet’ spin: Comer

Joe Biden - Support For Chinese Spy Balloons - Joe Biden Threat To National Security
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Sure It Did! CCP Says Spy Balloon that Entered U.S. Airspace Over Montana Happened 'Accidentally'
Just The News China spy balloon bursts back into headlines as Biden story crumbles: 'They lied about it'

Joe Biden - Corruption - Crimes - Biden Crime Family
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Breitbart Biden Crime Family
Just The News Russia and Ukraine Scandals
Zero Hedge Sperry Exposes The Complete History Of Hunter Biden's Crony-Connected Jobs
Loudere With Crowder Breaking: Emails Show Hunter Biden Introduced Ukrainian Businessman to Joe Biden
Louder With Crowder Tucker Carlson Exposes New Emails That Could Be Problematic for Joe Biden
American Thinker Biden campaign, MSM, and social media oligarchs all are signaling voters that Joe Biden's pay-for-play scandal with Hunter as bagman is a BFD
mrc tv 'There Is No Controversy': Joe Biden Blasts Reporter Who Dared to Bring Up Hunter Scandal
Geller Report Hunter Biden Emails Show Deal They Were Working On Included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Louder With Crowder Bombshell: Forensic Expert Concludes 'Smoking Gun' Hunter Biden E-Mail is 100% Real
American Thinker Ukraine press conference explicitly ties Hunter and Joe Biden to corruption
American Thinker Corrupti-looza: Biden family wastes no time profiting from public office
mrc tv Bank On It: Hunter’s Laptop Indicates Possible Shared Account With Joe
Federalist How Senator Biden Helped Create The Student Debt Crisis President Biden Is Pretending To Fix
Fedralist Corporate Media Enable Biden Family Corruption By Refusing To Ask Tough Questions About Hunter
Fox News Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker Carlson Joe Biden was 'chairman' of Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings
Breitbart Chinese Business Deal Email from Louisiana Lawyer: ‘I Have Requested Him to be Available for a Call with Joe Biden and Hunter’
Breitbart Blue State Blues: The Classified Documents Hold Key to Biden Family Corruption
Breitbart Treasury Withholds Biden Family Suspicious Bank Records, James Comer Threatens Subpoena
New York Post Biden’s brother was hired to broker secret $140M Saudi deal when Joe was veep, docs reveal
Hot Air Whistleblower threatening to "name names" in Biden Inc.
Fox News Six additional Biden family members 'may have benefited' from Hunter business dealings
Dan Bongino Show James Comer: At Least Twelve Biden Family Members Now Potentially Involved in Influence Peddling Scheme
mrc tv ‘Criminal Scheme’
Fox News 2011 emails reveal Hunter Biden helped business associates get access to VP Biden, top aide
Red State James Comer and Chuck Grassley Claim 'Highly Credible' Evidence of Joe Biden Bribery Scheme
Dan Bongino Show James Comer: Biden Crime Family Tried to Hide Over $10 Million in Foreign Payments
Federalist 9 Questions Corporate Media Should Ask Biden About Latest Corruption Evidence But Won’t
Breitbart James Comer Believes Barack Obama Knew of Biden Family’s Foreign Deals
The Hill America’s state media: The blackout on Biden corruption is truly ‘Pulitzer-level stuff’
New yORK pOST Biden grins, chuckles when asked about alleged tapes of him getting bribed
Dan Bongino Show James Comer: Biden Family Took Up to $30 Million From Foreign Nationals
Louder With Crowder Uncovered photo places Hunter Biden at his dad's house when he invoked "Joe Biden" to threaten Chinese business partner
Daily Caller EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Worked To Secure US Visa For Ukrainian Oligarch Allegedly Involved In Suspected Bribery Scheme
New York Post Biden $10M bribe file released: Burisma chief said he was ‘coerced’ to pay Joe, ‘stupid’ Hunter in bombshell allegations
Breitbart Exclusive–Karoline Leavitt on Biden Family Bribery Allegations: ‘Greatest Political Scandal in American History’
Washington Examiner Hunter Biden investigation: Joe Ziegler said path to look into president was blocked — 'We can't ask those questions'
Loluder With Crowder Hunter Biden's former business partner drops bombshell testimony over DOZENS of times Joe Biden got involved
New York Post Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify
Dan Bongino Show House Republicans Release Biden Family Bank Records Documenting Over $20 Million in Foreign Payments
Red State NEW: Hunter Biden Team Used Threat of Joe Biden to Pressure and Coerce the DOJ
Dan Bongino Show James Comer Reveals Latest Updates in Biden Family Investigation
Washington Examiner Is this checkmate for Joe Biden?
New York Post Viktor Shokin says Hunter Biden was recruited by Burisma to ‘provide protection’ while company engaged in ‘illegal activities’
Washington Times Email aliases gave Biden cover with Ukraine, while son Hunter dealt with foreign businesses
New York Post National Archives has 5,400 Biden emails in which he uses fake names to dish government info to Hunter, others as VP: suit
DanBongino Show National Archives Acknowledges Up To 5,400 Biden Pseudonym Emails
Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden helped devise plan to 'close down' Viktor Shokin's investigation into Burisma, emails reveal
Dan Bongino Show Clueless Journo Questions Evidence for Biden Impeachment - Gets Torched by Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry
Louder With Crowder Nancy Mace shuts down ABC News hack's claim there is no Biden impeachment evidence: "Text messages, e-mails, witnesses..."
Federalist As VP, Joe Biden Emailed His Brother And Son About Foreign Business More Than 29,000 Times
Red State Whoops: Chinese Doctor Who Paid Hunter Biden a Million Dollars for 'Legal Services' Wants Refund
mrc tv ‘Joe Biden Had 8 Million ($) Reasons To Break The Rules’ – Hur Goes Before Congress

Joe Biden - Corruption - Crimes - Biden Crime Family - Crime and NO Punishment - Two Tier Justice
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Guilty! Hunter Makes Plea Deal - Critics Call Punishment 'Slap On The Wrist'
Breitbart Whistleblower: DOJ Twice Prevented U.S. Attorney from Charging Hunter Biden for Greater Crimes
Red State HUGE: Hunter Biden Claims Joe Was in the Room While He Threatened Chinese Official to Pay Up; DOJ Sunk the Investigation
Louder With Crowder Genius video shows Joe Biden demanding harsher penalties for crack while Hunter Biden smokes along

Joe Biden - Unfitness For Office
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker We're being governed by imbeciles
American Thinker Fools, meet the evil you elected
American Thinker The top 100 79 Bidenisms of all time
Canada Free Press 9 reasons Joe Biden's mental fitness must be tested immediately - It's Illegal & Immoral to Run a Mentally Incompetent for Public Office
American Thinker The Biden Hoax
Geller Report WATCH: Biden Can’t Read Teleprompter, Forgets His Own Proposal
PJ Media Joe Biden's Gibberish on How He'll Approach China Is Both Hilarious and Scary
PJ Media 6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All
Power Line Biden’s nastiness and racism revealed again
mrc tv What Did He Say? Joe Biden Tries to Describe the COVID Pandemic, and...Well...
mrc tv Joe Biden Says He Worked On 2016 Paris Accords With a Chinese Leader...Who Died in 1997
American Thinker Startling anonymous post from a claimed Biden ex-staffer lays out the alleged depths of his dementia
American Thinker Joe Biden: Unfit for Office
Federalist Joe Biden Forgets What Office He’s Running For, Declares Senate Candidacy
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Seemingly Forgets It's 2020, Thinks He's Running Against George W. Bush
mrc tv Biden On If He and Kamala Harris Ever Disagree: 'I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign'
Louder With Crowder Jen Psaki Dodges When Challenged Why Biden's Avoided Press Conferences Longer Than Anyone Else
Louder With Crowder White House Can't Chase Media Away Fast Enough When Biden's Asked About a Crisis at the Border
Louder With Crowder President Biden Appears to Forget Name of Defense Secretary. Also, Name of Department of Defense.
Louder With Crowder Freudian Slip Much? Joe Biden Brainfarts, Calls Kamala 'President Harris'
American Thinker The Unfit President
American Thinker Biden has a strange theory about women and men
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Masks Up for Zoom Call with 16 Other World Leaders. He's the Only One.
Louder With Crowder Five Times Joe Biden Embarrassed Himself and America at the G7
American Thinker Biden is a joke on the world stage
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Gets Distracted by Shiny Object, Starts Rambling About Children and Aliens for Some Reason
powerline Crotchety Joe Bites the Hand that Feeds Him
PJ Media Joe Biden Had the Opportunity to Denounce 'Defund the Police.' But He Says Something Disturbing and Unhinged Instead.
Louder With Crowder Five Things You Need to Know About Joe Biden's Incompetence Causing the Chaos in Afghanistan
Red State Ron DeSantis Responds to Joe Biden and Rips Him Apart Over Afghanistan
mrc tv Puppet President? Biden Ends Address by Saying 'I'm Supposed to Stop and Walk Out of the Room'
YouTube Even with the assistance of an autocue' Biden is 'utterly incoherent'
Louder With Crowder 'Look at Me': Jill Biden Tries Saving a Confused Joe Biden from Embarrassing Himself, But Fails
Louder With Crowder What a Buffoon: Joe Biden Mumbles About "Needing to Follow Orders" Yet Still Gets Those Orders Wrong
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Walks on an Empty Beach, Gives Most Pathetic Performance of Mask Theatre Yet
mrc tv 5 Of the Most Embarrassing Moments From That Biden Presser
Monstewr Hunter Nation The One Year Anniversary of Utter Failure
Louder With Crowder 'Divisive, Angry, Out-of-touch': Analyst Annihilates Joe Biden in Most Honest 60 Seconds You'll See on CNN
PJ Media Awkward: Asked if He Underestimated Putin, Biden Stares Vacantly and Picks His Teeth
mrc tv Former WH Doc Calls For Biden Cognitive Test - Pres. 'Not Fit'
mrc tv Five of the Most Cringeworthy Moments From Biden's State of the Union
Louder With Crowder 'Watch: Joe Biden Accidentally 'Announces' He Has COVID, Needs to Be Reminded He's Not Kamala Harris' Husband
mrc tv Gaffes Galore: Mumbling Biden Refers to Kamala Harris As 'First Lady'
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Implies the 82nd Airborne's Being Sent to Ukraine, Forces WH to Correct Him in Record Time
Louder With Crowder 'No, No, No, No, No, No, No!” Joe Biden Handler Panics When Reporter Dares to Attempt to Ask POTUS a Question
mrc tv Huh? Biden Appears to Confuse Title 42 With Mask Mandates on Planes
American Greatness A Cabinency of Dunces - The common denominator to these Biden appointees is ideological rigidity, nonchalance, and sheer incompetence.
Louder With Crowder WH Can't Answer Basic Questions About Baby Formula Shortage: 'POTUS Has Multiple Crises at the Moment'
Louder With Crowder Three Most Cringe-Worthy Moments From Joe Biden's Tongue Bath With Jimmy Kimmel
Louder With Crowder Jimmy Kimmel and Joe Biden Think You're a Big Dumb Idiot
Louder With Crowder Biden's Brain Buffers as He Struggles to Read a Teleprompter: 'We Need to Improve Climate'
Louder With Crowder President in Perfect Mental Health Needs Aides to Remind Him When to Stand Up and Sit Down
Louder With Crowder Watch: Elderly man calls on reporter without permission, is shamed by handlers as they shoo press out of room
Federalist In Speech Walkback, Biden Now Admits He’s The Real Threat To Democracy
Louder With Crowder Three most derpy moments from Biden's 60 Minutes interview: 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'
Louder With Crowder Watch: Jean-Pierre gives all-time worst excuse for pandemic gaffe, blames Biden 'looking around' at cars
Dan Bongino Show Biden's Brain Misfires Again, Claims Congress Passed His Student Debt Bailout "By a Vote or Two"
Daily Mail ‘YOU will sit’: Biden is caught with cheat sheet at G20 informing him when to sit, speak and take a photo
Louder With Crowder On his 80th birthday, we celebrate Joe Biden being old AF with some of our favorite embarrassing moments of his
Louder With Crowder Watch: Obama warns Americans about letting their 'Uncle Joe' have any responsibilities. Their 'Uncle Joe.'
Federalist Biden’s Top 10 Blunders Of 2022 That Prove He’s In Cognitive Decline
Canada Free Press Has Joe Biden Resurrected the Old 'Peter Principle'?
Dan Bongino Show Biden Forgets How to Pronounce Name of Supreme Court Justice He Nominated
mrc tv Sen. Kennedy at CPAC: 'Biden Administration Sucks,' President has been 'Spectacularly Awful'
mrc tv Biden Thanks 'Kamala, Who I Work For Up In the White House'
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden needs to be led like a child after saying he'll solve the existential crisis of our time... by 2020
Dan Bongino Show Biden Apparently Not Sure What Year It Is
Dan Bongino Show Rep. Boebert to Force Biden Impeachment Vote Over Border Crisis
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden awkwardly walks off MSNBC after butchering and confusing America's founding documents
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden was such an incoherent rambling mess, his staff cut off his presser while he was mid-sentence
Louder With Crowder Biden Campaign says Hispanics need to have economy "explained" as Biden confuses them for the Congressional Black Caucus
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Has More Concerning Senior Moments, This Time In Front Of Zelenskyy
Louder With Crowder Biden's team has been forced to put these protocols in place to prevent him falling down in public all the time
Louder With Crowder Former ESPN host exposes what it's REALLY like trying to interview Biden: "That's why he was in his basement the whole election"
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden attempts to give a speech and... yep, he almost falls down again
Louder With Crowder They let Joe Biden go on '60 Minutes' and, you guessed it, it was a trainwreck: "America's oldest president looked tired"
Louder With Crowder Watch: Biden can barely lift his head up in presser with Netanyahu and... what the deuce is this clown saying?
Louder With Crowder Watch: A discombobulated Joe Biden wanders to the press on AF1, starts taking questions as his staff looks on in terror
Louder With Crowder Watch: The highlight of Joe Biden's address to the nation are these eight seconds he didn't know he was live
mrc tv 'Oooh, Earth Rider. Thanks For The Great Lakes' - Biden Befuddled At Brewery
Louder With Crowder Drunk or Dementia? Help us translate Joe Biden's latest old-man jibberish: "Whoa Earthrider"
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden effectively ends his reelection campaign yesterday, even if the senile old coot didn't realize he did it
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden saw dead people for second time this month, claims he had conversation with German Chancellor four years after his death
One America News Network (OANN) Biden Makes Address After Counsel Report, Defends Memory But Confuses Presidents
Louder With Crowder Watch: White House releases video of cranky old man yelling about his snacks, and the internet's got jokes
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden wanders around outside confused AGAIN, forgets he took a photo with his caregiver Jill
Dan bongino show Biden Loses Another Battle With Stairs
Louder With Crowder Steve Doocy says what we're all thinking about Biden being untrusted walking up stairs: "Why don't they just..."
Dan bongino Show Biden’s Brain Breaks While Trying to Deliberately Misquote Trump
Louder With Crowder Watch: Did Joe Biden confuse this other blonde lady for his wife?
mrc tv Biden Says He Commuted Over Collapsed Maryland Bridge 'Many, Many Times' By Train - There's Just One Problem

Joe Biden - I See Nothing, I Hear Nothing, I Know Nothing - Liar-N-Thief - Playing The I'm Stupid Card just like Obama
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Washington Examiner Breitbart Oversight Committee Presses DHS on ‘Sanitizing Border Crisis’ Before Biden’s ‘Photo-Op’

Joe Biden - Refusing To Protect American Plane Flights
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Restoring America US air marshals plot 'mutiny' against Biden plan to leave flights unprotected

Joe Biden - Dishonest - Liar - Promises Made-Promises Broken
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Federalist Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President: 203 And Counting
Federalsit Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President: 139 And Counting
Federalist Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President
Washington Free Beacon Biden Has Earned 11 Pinocchios From Fact-Checkers During Coronavirus Crisis
PJ Media Joe Biden Promises Fewer Fires, Floods, and Hurricanes if He Wins in November
PJ Media FACT-CHECK: Here Are Biden's Biggest Lies From His CNN Town Hall
PJ Media The Debate Segment on Race Was Appalling and Not Because of President Trump
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Still Claims No One Lost Insurance Under Obamacare
mrc tv Biden Says He Never Called Trump 'Xenophobic' For His China Travel Ban - Except That's Exactly What He Did
PowerLine The real Joe Biden
PowerLine Our Biggest Liar? Joe Biden
mrc tv Biden Says Masks Should Be Worn 'Through the Next Year'
Louder With Crowder Reporter Asks Psaki if Biden Will Keep Repeating Lies About Georgia Bill, Even After Called Out By WaPo
mrc tv Biden's 5 BIG LIES
Louder With Crowder White House Shows True Colors, Repeats False Narrative About Columbus Shooting
American Thinker Biden's past lies resurfaced this week
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Lies About Visiting Synagogue After Terror Attack. Biden 1988: 'I Know' My Stories Aren't True
Louder With Crowder Watch: Biden stabs supporters in the back, says they 'can't expect much of anything' on abortion rights
Louder With Crowder Twitter users hit Joe Biden with another brutal fact check over his misleading job creation numbers
Red State Biden Makes up a Story About Awarding a Purple Heart, and It Gets Much Worse From There
Red State It's Not Biden's Gaffes That Matter, It's His Blatant Lies That Are Inexcusable
Townhall 7 Big Biden Lies of 2022
Washington Examiner Year in Review: Biden's top 10 blunders of 2022
Post Millennial BREAKING: Biden falsely claims he fought apartheid, was in civil rights movement, in gaffe-filled MLK Day speech
Washington Times Biden reverses his long history of supporting entitlement cuts
Red State Joe Biden's Claims of Cutting the Deficit Get Torpedoed by Twitter's 'Reader Context' Function
Jewish World Review President Biden Claims GOP Wants to 'Sunset' Entitlements: What about Clinton, Obama and then-Sen. Biden?
Fox News Biden makes unproven claim that he was a civil rights activist during Selma speech - President Biden has made similar claims in the past
Blaze Biden's 'fair share' tax tweet instantly challenged; Elon Musk weighs in with enlightening fact-check
Washington Examineer The fictional world of Karine Jean-Pierre
Red State Broken Promises and Neglect: Why Black Voters Are Losing Faith in Biden
Dan Bongino Show Biden Claims to Have Reduced National Debt by $1.7 Trillion After Increasing National Debt by $4 Trillion
Dan bongino Show Debunking Biden's Three Biggest Lies From His Speech Promoting Bidenomics
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden lies about being at Ground Zero the day after 9/11, doesn't understand how video works
Louder With Crowdeer Watch: Joe Biden runs through his greatest hits of fake stories, looking confused, racist comments about blacks and Latinos
Louder With Crowder Watch: OnlyFans model exposes the "political propaganda" she was asked to push about Ketanji Brown Jackson by the Biden Admin

Joe Biden - Support For Voter Suppression - Support For Oppressing Blacks
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden embraces Jim Crow 2.0, takes part in Delaware's restrictive voting system

Joe Biden - Encouraging Democrats To Kill Republicans
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Man admits to murdering teenager with his car that he claimed was in a 'Republican extremist group'

Joe Biden - Speaking Lies For Power - Speaking Lies To The Powerless - War On Truth - Liar-In-Thief - Department of Truth - Support For Disinformation - Dishonest - Liar
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv White House Falsely Claims There Was 'No Vaccine Available' When Biden Took Office
Louder With Crowder 'Hey Dad, Try This Crack': POTUS Claims Americans are 'Financially Comfortable' Because of Him
mrc tv Biden Claims Record Numbers of Americans 'Feel Financially Comfortable'
Epoch Times Border Agents Falsely Accused of Whipping Had Careers ‘Ruined’ by Biden: Union Chief
Louder With Crowder Ohio AG: There's 'Not a Whisper' of Evidence About 10-Year-Old Rape Story That Joe Biden Told
Louder With Crowder Twitter users are quick to rebut the White House's insane attempt to rewrite history over school closures
Louder With Crowder New Team DeSantis video explains who the real divisive extremists are slow enough for POTUS to understand
Louder With Crowder What are MAGA Republicans? Crowder Drops truth bombs
Dan Bongino Shw Fact Checkers Ignore Nearly All of Karine Jean-Pierre's Many Lies
Dan Bongino Show Biden Tells Another (Mostly) Made Up Story
Daily Wire Biden Claims He Spoke To Insulin Inventor. There’s Just One Problem.
Dan Bongino Show Twitter Is Fact Checking the White House for the First Time Ever Since Elon Musk Takeover
Louder With Crowder Twitter users fact-check a White House tweet so hard the White House DELETES the tweet
Washington Post Washington Post fact-check blasts Biden with ‘Bottomless Pinocchio’ rating
Ann Coulter George Santos Embraces ‘Storytelling’
Ann Coulter State of the Union Highlights Reel
Red State Karine Jean-Pierre Showered With Receipts After Blatant Lie on Biden and the Debt Ceiling
Louder With Crowder Watch: Biden leaves for Christmas lashing out at reporters to report on Bidenomics "the right way"
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden has a new scapegoat for your skyrocketing groceries prices and, no, it's not admitting he's the problem

Joe Biden - Joe Biden Derangement Syndrome
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
According To Hoyt Then Farce
Red State Joe Biden Crosses Lines in Grotesque National Address, Heckler Spoils His Party
Babylon Bee Biden Swallows Cyanide Capsule In Underground Bunker
Babylon Bee After Using FBI To Suppress Son’s Crimes And Raid Political Rival’s Home, Biden Warns Democracy In Danger

Joe Biden - War On Freedom - War On The Constitution - War On Citizens
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden Announces Towering Attack On Constitution, Rights, With New COVID Jab-Test-Mask Mandates
mrc tv Biden’s Marxist 'Comptroller' Nominee Pushes For End Of Private Banks
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden, the President, Claims Our Constitution is 'Always Evolving' in Terms of 'Curtailing Rights'
mrc tv Biden Suggests Jailing Republicans For Not Following Democrats' 'Rules'
American Thinker Tucker Carlson exposes the totalitarian Biden regime

Joe Biden - War On Freedom - War On The Constitution - War On Alochol
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Warning: Joe Biden's alcohol CZAR wants to limit how much beer you should drink a week

Joe Biden - War On Washing Machines - War On Citizens - War On The Poor
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Daily Mail Biden's green energy crackdown on washing machines will hurt the poorest Americans by taking cheaper models off the market and making appliances worse, industry insiders say
mrc tv Bidenomics: Dollar Tree Blames Rampant Theft, Inflation, & Rising Energy Prices For Plummeting Sales

Joe Biden - Last Best Hope Of The Evil (Democrat) Empire?
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Why Joe Biden can't resign, or be removed — or die
American Thinker Can the Biden presidency last much longer?
OAN The End of Democracy

Joe Biden - Afghan Epic Failure - Massive Coverup of Failure
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Surrender In Chief
Federalist Joe Biden Is Lying To Americans About Afghanistan
YouTube Judge Jeanine: Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Allegedly Tells Afghan President to Lie About Taliban, Jen Psaki: 'It Was a Private Phone Call'
mrc tv Taliban Has ‘Kill List’ Provided By U.S. of Evacuees to Let Through
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Smirks at Reporter Who Asks About Americans Trapped in Afghanistan
mrc tv ‘Utter BS!’ House Dem NUKES Biden’s Afghanistan Claims
Louder With Crowder Biden Tells ABC News He Made No Mistakes, Snaps When Asked About 'Afghans Falling' from Airplanes
Western Journal ICYMI: 30 Seconds After Biden's Afghanistan Speech, 1 General Nailed Him on 2 Huge Lies
American Thinker 'Stupid is as stupid does' in Vietnam and Afghanistan
Turley Talks ‘RESIGN in DISGRACE’! Biden HUMILIATED by the TALIBAN!!!
American Thinker Joe Biden's Afghan fiasco
American Thinker Videos: Yes, Joe, it's like Saigon
American Thinker Biden administration turns into a dumpster fire of blame-evasion
American Thinker Our Secretary of State does his best Baghdad Bob imitation
American Thinker Biden's Afghanistan Failure
American Thinker Saigon all over again
mrc tv DIRE SITUATION: School Kids from California Stranded In Afghanistan, Can’t Get To Airport
mrc tv 'Failure Of Leadership': Former Civilian Intel Officer Slams Biden On Afghanistan
mrc tvAudio Recording Reportedly Has 'Taliban Combatant' Asking Which Way to Kill Afghan Allies
mrc tv Biden Admin Purges Public Records Of $83B In Weapons, Aid Handed From US Taxpayers To Afghanis
Louder With Crowder Another Biden Fail: Offending Pregnant Widow of Marine Killed in Kabul by Making It About His Son Beau
Louder With Crowder 'You Rolled Your F***ing Eyes': Gold Star Mother Shares Her Unfiltered Experience with Joe Biden at Dover
Louder With Crowder Psaki Bombs: Exploits Beau Biden When Reporter Calls Out Bored POTUS Checking Watch During Dignified Transfer
Louder With Crowder 'I Hope You Burn in Hell': Gold Star Father Shares His Joe Biden Experience, Including POTUS Getting Snippy
Louder With Crowder Listen: Mother of Marine Killed in Kabul Unloads on 'Dementia-Ridden,' 'Treasonous' Joe Biden
Dan Bongino Show Marine Wounded in Kabul Terror Attack Reveals Biden's Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Was Way Worse Than We Thought

Joe Biden - Failure As Parent - Unfit Parent - Hunter Biden
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Hunter Biden - Crack Pipe Czar
Louder With Crowder Hunter Biden Proposed Unionizing Prostitutes. Strippers Too.
American Thinker MG! You won't believe what Hunter Biden told a prostitute.
National Pulse EXC: Hunter Biden Firm Invested In VR ‘Metaverse’ Used by Child Sex Groomers… And His Laptop Shows He Had an Account.
Louder With Crowder Report: Hunter Biden Caught Making Amateur Adult Movies, Sharing Them With 'Dad'
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse How the Hunter Biden Case Will Go Down
Daily Wire Hunter Biden’s Laptop Documents At Least 459 Legal Violations, Watchdog Group Says
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse How the Hunter Biden Case Will Go Down
Washington Post Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company
New York Post Hunter Biden finally admits infamous laptop is his as he pleads for criminal probe
mrc News Busters 10 Brand NEW Hunter Biden Breaking Stories the Nets Are Burying
Red State Confirmation That the Biden Family Are Disgusting Human Beings Arises
Louder With Crowder Watch: A timeline of Hunter Biden's crimes and the Left's attempts to cover them up
Louder With Crowder These Statements From Biden Did Not Age Well After Hunter Biden Got Busted Not Paying Taxes

Joe Biden - War on Second Amendment - Take Your Guns - Take Your Rightds
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Tucker Carlson Perfectly Summarizes POTUS's Address in Four Words: 'Frail, Confused, Bitterly Partisan'
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Announces Push to Eliminate Handguns, NOT Just 'Assault' Rifles
Louder With Crowder ck-rights-thus-far">mrc tv Biden 'Ghost Gun' Executive Order Could Be His Biggest Attack On Rights Thus Far
Louder With Crowder POTUS Hates It When WH Corrects Dumbs Things He Says, Says Dumb Things About Cannons and Second Amendment
mrc tv Biden's Lack Of Knowledge On Guns Is Quite 'Disarming'

Joe Biden - War On The Military - Hatred Of The Military
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Joe Biden ignores D-Day
PJ Media Whistleblowers Explain How Biden's Woke 'Extremism' Training Is Tearing the Military Apart
Hillsdale College - Imprimis The Rise of Wokeness in the Military
Federalist Meet Lt. Col. Michael Berry: Father Of Four, 18 Years Of Service, And A Victim Of Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny
Louder With Crowder Watch: Biden disrespects Medal of Honor Recipient, walks out before ceremony is over
Louder With Crowder Biden's walking away from Medal of Honor recipient made even more bizarre when you hear Karine Jean-Pierre's flimsy excuse

Joe Biden - War On The Police - Hatred Of Citizens - Love of Criminals
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Joe Biden's Chicago plan for crime set to be another big loser
American Thinker Another Brutal Murder, and Silence from the White House

Joe Biden - Unpopularity - F*** Joe Biden - F**k Joe Biden - F*ck Joe Biden - Let's Go Brandon - Buck Joe Fiden
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
National File Biden Agrees He Should Go F**k Himself: Repeats 'Let's Go Brandon' During White House Christmas Call
Louder With Crowder Top 5 F*** Joe Biden/Let's Go Brandon Moments of 2021
mrc tv Biden's Speech Was Filled With Expensive Socialist Promises...But Apparently, Nobody Tuned In To Watch
Louder With Crowder Video Shows Utility Workers Turn Their Backs as Joe Biden Drives By: 'How All of Us Feel About Him ...'
Louder With Crowder College Bros Get 'F*** Joe Biden" Chants Going at Football Games, It Needs to Catch On Across America
Louder With Crowder 'F*** Joe Biden' Week 2: College Football Fans Grow Louder with Their Disdain Towards Our Puddingheaded POTUS
Red State Biden Gets Booed at Ground Zero, Then Says More Offensive Things at Memorial
Counter Globalist News Happening Now: New Yorkers Chant “F**k Joe Biden” as They March on Brooklyn Bridge Against Mandatory Vaccines (VIDEO)
Louder With Crowder 'F*** Joe Biden' Week Three: College Football Fans Continue Telling POTUS What He Can Do with Himself
mrc tv 'F**k Joe Biden' Chants Spreading Beyond College Football
Louder With Crowder Not Just College Football: Rockstar Leads Massive Audience in Chanting 'F*** Joe Biden'
Louder With Crowder 'Joe, You Suck': Biden Booed at Congressional Baseball Game, but It May Have Been by His Own Party
Louder With Crowder 'F*** Joe Biden' Week 5: Media Covers Up #FJB Chants in Most Pathetic Way (and Dave Portnoy Enters the Chat)
mrc tv Massive Increase of 'F**k Joe Biden' Chants: Football, NASCAR, Concerts, Parties & More
YouTube Aaron Lewis Leads Huge Anti ‘Joe Biden' Chant During Show
YouTube F JOE BIDEN !!!!!!
YouTube "Fuck Joe Biden" chant at Brantley Gilbert concert at West Virginia State Fair
YouTube F*** Joe Biden just went Universal....
Louder With Crowder 'Let's Go Brandon' Joins 'F**k Joe Biden' as the Chants of Choice Over the Weekend
Western Journal Video: Local Resident Welcomes Biden to Michigan with Brutal Backyard Message POTUS Can Read from Marine One
Louder With Crowder Rapper Drops Anti-Biden 'Let's Go Brandon' Track, Hits #1 on iTunes Hip Hop Charts
YouTube Cali Police Officer Joins 'Let's Go Brandon' Trend
YouTube Let's Go Brandon: The #1 and #2 Songs on the iTunes Charts are Anti-Biden Anthems Beating Adele, Ed Sheeran
YouTube Man displays huge ‘Let’s go Brandon’ lawn ornament in front yard
mrc tv 'F**k Joe Biden' Rivals 'Let's Go Brandon' as Chant of Choice Over Weekend
Louder With Crowder "The 'F' You Can Fill in the Blank": Pizza Place Debuts Anti-Biden Pizza, 'FJB' Spelled Out in Pepperoni
Louder With Crowder Kid Rock Unleashes New Anti-Fauci, Anti-Biden Banger 'We the People,' Including a 'Let's Go Brandon' Chorus
Louder With Crowder Kid Rock Releases Official Video for Anti-Fauci, Anti-Biden Song, Includes 'Let's Go, Brandon' Chorus YouTube Jailerman: An American Sea Shanty
Louder With Crowder Watch: The lil'est patriots launch into deafening anti-Biden chant at youth wrestling tournament
Louder With Crowder Maui resident who lost everything offers harsh message for Joe Biden: "Get back on the f***ing plane"
Louder With Crowder Watch: Viral country star Oliver Anthony leads crowd in deafening "Joe Biden's a pedo" chant
Louder With Crowder Watch: Stephen A. Smith goes on epic anti-Biden rant, that while not full-MAGA is at least 75%
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden whines that a little kid gave him the middle finger, sounds like he wants us to bring back "F*ck Joe Biden"
Louder With Crowder Rapper turns classic pro-marijuana anthem into anti-Hunter Biden parody: "He wasn't gonna show all them d*** pics..."
Louder With Crowder Watch: Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine protestors unite under common cause... chanting "F*** Joe Biden"

Joe Biden - Unpopularity, other signs
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Scary Polls: More Americans Believe In Ghosts Than Approve Of Biden
Washington Examiner OPEC humiliates Biden once again
Louder With Crowder "Burn in hell": Gold star moms blast Biden's heartless faux empathy, calling one mother by the wrong name
mrc tv Kids Dressed As Joe Biden Are the Most Hilarious Thing You'll See All Week
Louder With Crowder Team Biden invites reporters to meetings where they lecture them for not carrying enough water for Biden: report

Joe Biden - Facism
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker The dark night of fascism has finally landed in the United States

Joe Biden - Facism - Covid - No Privacy - War On Privacy
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Frightening Biden Admin Claim: It's Absolutely Government's Business to Know Your Personal Medical Decisions

Joe Biden - Puppet Masters
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
YouTube Judge Jeanine reveals who she thinks is running the White House
American Thinker How the Obama Crew Makes Things Worse

Joe Biden - Treason
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Federalist Leaked 2016 Call Reveals Joe Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump
Powerline Joe Biden’s Priorities
American Thinker Biden is the Most anti-American President in US History
According To Hoyt The Junta’s Abolition of the Constitution
American thinker The Two Uncle Joes
PJ Media Biden Gives a Middle Finger Salute to the Supreme Court—and the Left Cheers
Town Hall The Controlled Demolition Of America
Louder With Crowder Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Against Biden Admin Over DOJ's Demand SpaceX Hire Illegals

Joe Biden - War On Business - War On The Economy
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Bare Shelves Biden
Build Back Badder
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Illustrates How Stimulus Bill Only Makes Sense Using 'Democrat Math'
PJ Media Biden Rushes to Short-Circuit the Economic Recovery Because He Has No Choice
mrc tv Consumer Prices See 'Largest 12-Month Increase' Since 2008
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden to Business Owner Struggling Due to Biden's Policies: Drop Dead
rumble Dragging The Supply Chain: Biden’s Vax Mandate For Non-Resident Truckers At Border
Louder With Crowder Watch: Elon Musk Rejects Biden Agenda, Calls Government 'Corporation with a Monopoly on Violence...'
mrc tv Food Prices: How Biden’s Authoritarianism Has Contributed To Farmers’ Massive Fertilizer Shortage
mrc tv Biden Claims Teachers & Firefighters Pay 'More Than Double the Tax Rate' of Billionaires
rumble No Offshore Leases? Manchin Shows Biden Official Her OWN Office Doc
mrc tv FLASHBACK: Biden Said He Would Kill Oil Industry Drilling During 2020 Dem Debate
mrc tv Chevron CEO: ‘There Will Never Be Another Refinery Built In The U.S.’
Independent Minute These Are Just Some Of The Food Manufacturing Plants That Have Gone Dead During The Biden Administration!
Louder With Crowder WH Gives Up on 2022, Says Americans Must Pay High Gas Prices 'as Long as It Takes' for 'Liberal World Order'
MRC TV That's Trillion with a 'T': Stocks Down $7,600,000,000,000 in Market Value Since Biden Took Office
Louder With Crowder Watch: POTUS takes steaming dump on small business owners, claims student loan bailout will 'grow the economy'
Federalist Biden Keeps Promising To Make Energy More Expensive. Believe Him.
Real Clear Energy Joe Biden’s War on Fossil Fuels
Daily Fetch Biden Admin Finally Admits Cancelling Keystone Pipeline Killed Thousands of Jobs
Dan Bongino Show Analysis: Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" Could End Up Costing $800 Billion More Than Expected
Dan bongino show U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded for Second Time Ever on Biden's Watch - White House Says They Disagree
Louder With Crowder Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre makes stunning claim that data shows Bidenomics doesn't suck. Not this data...
mrc tv World’s Largest Toymaker Cuts One-Fifth Of Workforce In Biden’s Catastrophic Christmas Economy

Joe Biden - Economics - War On Employees - War On Workers - War On Citizens
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Too bad about those worker wage gains, Biden's inflation has already wolfed them down
Just The News Biden criticized over new IRS plan to target service industry tip

Joe Biden - Bidenomics - Economics - Inflation - War On Citizens
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Biden-Mart compare what Joe Bden has done to the economy.
TruFlation US Inflation Rate: Aggregated
rumble Biden's 'Transitory' Inflation Doesn't Seem So 'Transitory'...
Louder With Crowder 'Impossible Not to Know These Things': Dan Crenshaw Destroys Joe Biden's Energy Agenda in Three Minutes
mrc tv Inflation Hits Fresh 40-Year High As the Price of Goods $ Gas Skyrocket
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden Has Old Man Meltdown, Declares He's Sick of Americans Blaming His Government for Inflation
New York Post Fears of recession are everywhere — except at the clueless White House
mrc tv In Midst of Govt-Created Food, Supply Shortages And Price Spikes, Biden Pushes Farmers To STOP Growing Crops
mrc tv Biden Is Sending Pallets of Baby Formula To the US Border Amid National Shortage, GOP Rep Claims
City Journal Build Back Never - Inflation is eroding Joe Biden’s ability to deliver on his main legislative achievement in office.
Louder With Crowder POTUS Stops Blaming Putin, Celebrates Americans Paying Higher Gas Prices as an ‘Incredible Transition’
mrc tv Biden Administration Continues to Struggle with Cost-of-Living Issues
mrc tv ‘Bidenflation’ Keeps Chugging, Hitting 9.1 Percent In June
Epoch Times Inflation Hits 9.1 Percent in June, New 40-Year High
Federalist Grocery Shop With Me To Fact-Check Biden’s Inflation Up ‘Hardly At All’ Claim
The Jive Five: Biden’s New 2023 Tax Hikes
Dan Bongino Show Bidenflation Rises More Than Expected in January
Red State Inflation Surges after Biden Bragged About Beating Inflation at the SOTU
Washington Examiner The fallacy of Biden's economic victory lap
Dan Bongino Show White House Brags About Chart Showing Inflation Skyrocketing on Their Watch
Louder With Crowder Watch: Kamala Harris doesn't realize she exposes Bidenomics failure by saying how close most Americans are to bankruptcy
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden admits truth about his Inflation Reduction Act... that he lied about it reducing inflation
Dan Bongino Show Report: Bidenflation Forcing Americans to Spend An Average of $709 More Per Month Than Two Years Ago
Louder With Crowder Watch: Dude walks around Costco showing the REAL cost of inflation Biden and the media won't
mrc tv Bidenomics: Inflation Rose 3.7% In September
Louder With Crowder White House Claims They Lowered Thanksgiving Meal Prices, Then Facts And Reality Get In The Way
Louder With Crowder A TikTok Video On Bidenomics Has Team Biden So Wee-wee'd Up, They Want Social Media To Label It Misinformation
Louder With Crowder Americans Need Over $11,000 More Under Joe Bidem Just To Afford Bare Minimum To Survive: Report
Louder With Crowder Bidenomics: Average household paying AT LEAST $1,000 more a month just for groceries
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden declares war on Snickers. No, really. This is where we're at as a country.
Louder With Crowder Watch Sen. John Kennedy blast Bidenomics as only he can: "Like trying to defend a fungal infection"
Louder With Crowder Foul-mouthed twins go viral with explicit rant on inflation: "Been saying this for the last f*cking three years..."
Louder With Crowder MAGA PAC launches “Biden-Mart,” now voters can compare grocery prices under Trump and Biden

Joe Biden - Treason - Immigration - Support For Sex Trafficking - Support For Human Trafficking - Support For Alien Invaders - Protecting Our Border Doesn't Matter - Because Protecting America From Invaders Is NOT An Option
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Reporter shares shocking event that happened at the border while Joe Biden had 'more important things' to do
PJ Media New Biden Admin Program Will Hide Numbers of Illegal Immigrants Entering the Country
mrc tv Open for Invasion: Report Says Border Patrol 'Admitted' to Welding 114 Border Wall Gates Open
mrc tv All Hell Just Broke Loose At the Border, and Biden's Nowhere To Be Found
mrc tv Musk Says 'No Question' Biden Admin. 'Facilitating Illegal Immigration,' While Tim Pool Claims Collusion with 'Human Traffickers'
Louder With Crowder Whoa: Texas seizes control of border city to stop Biden Admin from letting illegals in, now Biden's DOJ wants SCOTUS involved
Louder With Crowder Jill Biden makes insane claim Trump is the one making Joe Biden look bad on the border: "You see what happened today"
Louder With Crowder "We’re being victimized:" Sheriff EXPLODES after human trafficking investigation reveals illegals given free flights by Biden Admin
mrc tv #BidensBorderBloodbath Trends On Social Media

Joe Biden - Immigration - War On Citizens - Support For Terrorists - Support For Terrorism
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Terror On the Border? Number of Migrants Flagged As Possible National Security Risks Spiked 600% In FY2022

Joe Biden - Immigration - War On Citizens - Support For Slavery - Support For Rape - Support For Murder
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Because when Joe Biden encourages invaders to come so he can put them into overcrowded holding cells, that is compassionate. - Cynical Pessimist
mrc tv WATCH: Disturbing Footage From Within One of Biden’s 'Migrant Holding Facilities'
American Thinker Biden's latest Wile-e-Coyote scheme to fix border crisis: Paying would-be illegals to stay home
mrc tv Biden Opens 13th Shelter For Illegal Alien Kids As the Border Crisis Escalates
PJ Media Biden's Solution to the Border Crisis Is Just Awful
American Thinker Border surge: Venezuelan crossings up 8,000% since October
mrc tv Biden’s Found a Way Around the Border Crisis - By Flying More Illegal Alien Kids In On Your Dime
mrc tv Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested at Border Increases by 542 Percent
mrc tv 275 Sheriffs To Biden: Stop ‘Encouraging And Sanctioning Lawlessness’
Federalist Biden Is Keeping Migrant Kids In Horrible Conditions. Where Is The Outcry?
Federalist Kamala Harris: We Can’t Secure The Border Until We Transform Central America Into A Paradise - The Biden administration’s strategy for solving illegal immigration is a pipe dream of nation-building in Central America that’s designed to fail.
mrc tv Senate Dems Block Infrastructure Provision to Resume Border Wall Construction
Louder With Crowder Biden Forced to Admit (Accidentally?) That Border Is Out of Control as Secret Service Whisks Him Away
Creators Biden's Open Door to Criminals, Drug Pushers and Human Traffickers
Louder With Crowder WH shows how petty AF they are, lash out at the ONE REPORTER who is reporting from Biden's border crisis
Louder With Crowder "Keep our name out of your mouth": Border Patrol Union ANNIHILATES Joe Biden over pathetic border crisis PR stunt

Joe Biden - Immigration - Immigrants Lives Don't Matter - Support For the Slaughter Of Illegal Immmigrants
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden's Border: At Least 46 Illegal Aliens Found Dead in a Trailer In Botched Human Smuggling
Epoch Times Texas Gov. Abbott: Biden Responsible for Deaths of 50 Illegal Immigrants Found in Truck
Epoch Times As Border Crossings Surge, Biden Admin Hiding Data on Illegal Alien Deaths
mrc tv Migrant Lives Matter? Nearly 750 Illegal Aliens Have Died Crossing the U.S. Border This Fiscal Year
mrc tv Biden's Border: Texas Morgues Request More Refrigerators As Migrant Deaths Soar

Joe Biden - Impeachment
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Freshman Congresswoman to File Articles of Impeachment Against Biden After Inauguration
American Thinker Time to file articles of impeachment for Biden and Walensky
Dan Bongino Show James Comer Outlines the Case for Impeachment in First Inquiry Hearing
Dan Bongino Show James Comer Outlines the Case for Impeachment in First Inquiry Hearing

Joe Biden - Lawlessness
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden Says He’s ‘Keeping The Promises’ With Mask Orders - Which He Quickly Breaks
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Admits His Eviction Moratorium May Not Be Constitutional. He Doesn't Care, But You Need To
NY Post Biden allies move to intimidate witnesses ahead of GOP’s coming Hunter probe
Daily Wire Biden Ignores Supreme Court, Cancels Another 74,000 Student Loans
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden, alleged president, BRAGS about ignoring SCOTUS and cancels his supporters' student loans while YOU struggle

Joe Biden - Lawlessness - Oppressing Political Opponents
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
America First Legal America First Legal’s Investigation Reveals the Biden White House Was Involved With the Mar-a-Lago Raid and that NARA Misled Congress; AFL Launches Additional Investigation

Joe Biden - Lawlessness - Executive Orders
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crower Joe Biden Calls Joe Biden a Dictator Back in October. Well, Kinda ...
mrc tv Biden Admin Offers Schools FEDERAL $ To DISOBEY Florida's Mask Freedom

Joe Biden - Lawlessness Of Biden Officials
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden's Drag-Wearing DOE Official Arrested For Stealing a Woman’s Luggage
Dan Bongino Show Non-Binary Biden Nuclear Official Identifies as Innocent After Being Charged With Stealing Luggage at Second Airport
mrc tv DOE Fires Airport Panty Raider Sam Brinton
mrc tv A Fashion Designer's Bag of Clothes Went Missing In 2018 - Now, She Says Sam Brinton's Wearing Them
New York Post Antony Blinken swore he never emailed Hunter Biden — despite laptop proof
Dan Bongino Show AG Garland "Stands By" Testimony Despite Hunter Biden Whistleblower Contradicting Him
Dan Bongino Show IRS Purges Entire Investigative Team From Hunter Biden Probe
Daily Wire Ex-Biden Nuclear Official Sam Brinton Arrested As ‘Fugitive From Justice’ For Luggage Theft

Joe Biden - Incompetence Of Biden Officials
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Dan Bongino Show Reporter Tells Jean-Pierre She's Not a Great Fit for Her Job
mrc tv Buttigieg in Over His Head: Downplays Ohio Derailment, Because They Happen All the Time
Dan Bongino Show Biden Admin Rejects Federal Disaster Assistance Request for Ohio Town Impacted by Toxic Train Derailment
PJ Media KJP vs. English: White House Diversity Hire's Reading Problem
Louder With Crowder Grab popcorn! The WH wanted to secretly FIRE Karine Jean-Pierre, but was afraid to because she is a black, lesbian immigrant

Joe Biden - Accomplishments - Failures
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Biden’s First Hundred Days: A Failing Report Card
Speaking The News Biden Has Spent 47 Years in Washington With Almost Nothing to Show For It
American Thinker Biden's first year of epic failures
mrc tv What's Joe Accomplished In Two Years? Americans Say, Not Much
rumble Biden’s Top 5 Foreign Policy Failures
mrc tv Biden’s Top 5 Foreign Policy Failures

Joe Biden - Winner ? Loser
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Feds to Biden: You're Not Getting Transition Funds Because You Haven't Won Yet

Joe Biden - War On Capitalism - War On Innovation
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Washington Times Biden cancels Elon Musk's adventures in space - New president is making his space policy increasingly clear: America will remain grounded for the time being

Joe Biden - War On Free Speech - coverup is the new transparent - blackout is the new transparent
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Biden's Wednesday night massacre at Voice of America
mrc tv Biden Places Border Agents Under Media 'Gag Order' While Denying Press Tours At the Border
Louder With Crowder Biden Homeland Security Chief: We Have a Plan to Protect Your Kids from 'Misinformation'
mrc tv White House Directs Media To Defend Biden From Impeachment Inquiry
Louder With Crowder Biden aides pressured Amazon to REMOVE BOOKS they deemed to be “Misinformation”: report

Joe Biden - War On Science
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden: ‘Science Will Always Guide’ Me - Except on Life and Gender
PJ Media Biden Gets Destroyed for Failing to 'Follow the Science' on COVID

Joe Biden - War On Honest Elections - Support For Voter Fraud
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Ted Cruz Explodes Over Democrat Voting Reform Bill: 'YOUR Bill Is Jim Crow 2.0'
Louder With Crowder Idiot President Claims Common Sense Voter Integrity Laws Almost as Bad as 'The Civil War'
Louder With Crowder Reporter Asks Psaki if Biden Will Keep Repeating Lies About Georgia Bill, Even After Called Out By WaPo

Joe Biden - War On Americans
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Compares Republicans to Nazis, and CNN's 'Fact' Checker Thinks You're an Idiot
Louder With Crowder Three Examples of Media Already Ignoring Joe Biden's Call for 'Unity'
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Declares Dems 'Worst Working Class Party Ever,' Provides Plenty of Examples
American Thinker One week in, Biden administration shows its exquisite cruelty
American Thinker Biden and Kerry gaslight about green jobs
mrc tv Here’s Why Biden's Preschool Plan Is a No-Good, Terrible, Horrible Idea
American Thinker Biden admin pledges goal of zero traffic fatalities...and how do you suppose it'll accomplish that?
Louder With Crowder Watch: This can't possibly be the WH excuse for Joe Biden being first POTUS to NOT go to NYC for the 9/11 memorial
mrc tv Biden Says Climate Change Is 'More Frightening Than a Nuclear War'

Joe Biden - War On American Allies - Insulting American Allies
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Mr. Diplomacy: Joe Biden manages to enrage Brazil
mrc tv Canadian Premier 'Deeply Disturbed' Biden Admin. Revoked Keystone XL Permit, Calls for Sanctions: 'Not How You Treat a Friend and Ally'
American Thinker Afghanistan: Biden's denial of responsibility
Louder With Crowder Trans/Non-Binary Biden Officials Represent US at French Ambassador's Bastille Day Celebration
Just The News Russia ridicules Biden's trans and non-binary appointees

Joe Biden - War On Christians - War On Christmas
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv U.S. Embassy Flaunts 'Pride' Flag at Vatican as Biden Admin. Steps Up Its Assault on Christians
Louder With Crowder The dance troupe behind Jill Biden's creepy Christmas video? Turns out they're radical leftists who hate police, whiteness
Louder With Crowder Calling out Joe Biden's war on Christianity: "The entire DNC is rabidly anti-Christian, and they are trying to replace..."

Joe Biden - War On Women - War On Birthing Persons - Joe Biden, Sexual Predator
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv New Report Claims Secret Service Confirms It Destroyed Records On Alleged Biden Dustup With Agent
Louder With Crowder Here's a Montage of Joe Biden Inappropriately Touching Women. And Girls.
Louder With Crowder Creepy Joe Biden is Back. Something About Little Girls Dancing...
Conservative Institute Woman accuses Biden of unwanted advances during ceremony for Boston Marathon bombing victims
Breitbart Nolte: Rose McGowan Rips DNC, Clintons — ‘I Believe Joe Biden Is a Rapist’
Gateway Pundit Report: Nearly 80% of Women and Girls Crossing into the US by Way of Mexico Are Raped or Assaulted
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Erases Women in His Budget, Refers to Them as 'Birthing People'
mrc tv Biden's SCOTUS Pick Says She Can't Define the Word 'Woman': 'I'm Not a Biologist'
mrc tv Biden Met the Argentine President's Girlfriend - and Wouldn't Let Go
Louder With Crowder Former senator reveals threat he made against Joe Biden after Biden got handsy with his wife
Louder With Crowder Watch: Reporter finally asks Jean-Pierre the perfect question about trans athletes in girls' sports, she short circuits

Joe Biden - Love Of Children - Pervert? - Pedophile?
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe "Stranger Danger" Biden wants to take your kids for ice cream, refers to himself as "daddy"
Joe Biden - War On Children - Support For Child Mutilation
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Watch: Team DeSantis blasts Biden's sinful comments on gender-reassignment surgery for kids with graphic photos

Joe Biden - War On Children - Lack Of Concern For Murdered Children
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Biden Laughs And Jokes About Christians Being Targeted By Transgender Killer

Joe Biden - Sanctuary Country For Rapists and Human Trafficking - Support For Rapists and Human Trafficing
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
PJ Media Just How Many Sex Offenders Have Crossed the Border Under Biden?
American Thinker Illegal aliens are bringing in things worse than COVID

Joe Biden - War On Children - War On Students
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Even MSNBC Is Blasting Joe Biden Selling Out to Teachers' Unions: 'Don't Attack Trump ...'
Louder With Crowder Biden's School Opening Guidelines Are Horrible for Parents and Students
Louder With Crowder Reset the 'Days Since' Counter: Joe Biden Makes Creepy Comments to Little Girl
mrc tv Abortion Extremist Biden Makes Plans For More Baby Slaughter

Joe Biden - War on Christians - Support For Terrorists
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Caught Vandalizing a Catholic Church? Don’t Worry About ‘Devout Joe’s’ DOJ

Joe Biden - War on Jews - Support for anti-Semitism - Support for antiSemitism
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Is a Vote for Joe Biden in the Interest of American Jews?
American Thinker Where the heck is Joe Biden as anti-Semitic attacks engulf America?
American Thinker Let's see how much Joe Biden really cares about dead children
mrc tv Biden Claims ‘Silence Is Complicity’ - But WH Is ‘Not Going To Get Into’ Anti-Semitism On Campuses
Dan bongino show Another Biden Judicial Nominee Gets Exposed by Sen. Hawley

Joe Biden - War on Jews - Support for Muslims
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
PJ Media Biden: ‘We Will Speak Out for Religious Freedom for All [Muslim] People”
PJ Media Biden Called Kyle Rittenhouse a White Supremacist, but Won't Speculate on Motive of Malik Faisal Akram
mrc tv As Anti-Jewish Protests Break Out At Colleges Biden Admin Announces Effort To Combat...Islamophobia

Joe Biden - Racism - War On Blacks - Black Lives Don't Matter - War On Latinos
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
American Thinker Joe Biden’s History Of Race Baiting
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Insults Black Senate Candidate, But the Candidate Hits Back Hard
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Just Asked a Black Reporter if He Does Cocaine. No, Really.
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Tells Black People That They 'Ain't Black'
PJ Media Joe Biden's Race-Baiting Fourth of July Message
Louder With Crowder Man Has Emotional Breakdown After Losing Job Over Joe Biden's Executive Order
mrc tv Biden Says Many Hispanic and Black Americans 'Don't Know How to Get Online' To Find COVID Info
mrc Biden Calls Minorities Ignorant, Univision and Telemundo HIDE It
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden: Black Entrepreneurs Can't Hire Lawyers and Accountants Without My Help
Louder With Crowder Did Joe Biden Say Minorities Don't Know How to Use the Internet?
American Thinker Biden Privilege: A Tale of Two Racists
mrc tv Racist Again? Biden Suggests All ‘Latinx’ People are Illegal Immigrants
Louder With Crowder Black YouTuber: Systemic Racism Exists ... in Typical White Liberals Like Joe Biden
mrc tv Politico: Biden’s Ancestors Owned Slaves
One America News Network (OANN) Sen. Cruz rips into judicial nominee Kenly Kato

Joe Biden - Support for Rioters - Support For Rapists - Support For Assaulters - Support for Robbers - Support For other Criminals
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Federalist Kamala Harris Promoted Fund That Bailed Out Man Accused Of Raping A Child
PJ Media These Debate Moments May Haunt Joe Biden for the Rest of the Campaign

Joe Biden - Support for Rioters - Support For Rapists - Support For Attacking Anyone Who Disagrees With Him
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Laughs Off Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Getting Harassed in the Bathroom: 'It's Part of the Process ...'

Joe Biden - Supporters
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Monster Hunter Nation Where have all the Biden Voters gone?
mrc tv Even Bin Laden Knew: 2010 Letter to Followers Said Biden 'Will Lead US into a Crisis'
PJ Media Obama Questioned Biden's Fitness for Office: 'Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F--k Things Up' [REPORT]
PJ Media HUGE: Joe Biden Alienated Black Voters by Choosing Kamala Harris
American Thinker Obama's DNC speech was vicious, dishonest, and mostly about Obama
mrc NewsBusters Column: Phony Lines from Barack Obama's Speech
Canada Free Press Undignified Obama - What an ex-president’s inflammatory and hateful nominating-convention address was made of
Canada Free Press When Barack Obama Went Low, Trump’s Numbers Went Higher
Canada Free Press Democrat Convention Showed Michelle Obama As ‘Queen of Bee-Ess’ - The lies of Michelle Obama and AOC are coming back to haunt the Dems in the middle of their convention
Canada Free Press Democrats Offer a Rancid Smorgasbord - That is why your vote in November is really between Communism and Freedom!
American Thinker Why a Leading White Supremacist Endorsed Joe Biden
American Thinker As Biden falls in the polls, the media's lies get bigger
Geller Report Why won’t Biden condemn Antifa or BLM violence?
American Thiner Why do You Support Joe Biden?
Washington Free Beacon FBI Raids Home of Netflix Star and Biden Surrogate Over Underage Sex Allegation
NY Post Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’
mrc tv Leftwing Organizer Who Ran Over a Trump Supporter's Head With Her Car Is Charged With Attempted Murder
Federalist Here Are The 11 Dumbest, Most Slanted Questions Asked By Chris Wallace
Federalist Chris Wallace Just Gave The Most Embarrassing Moderator Performance In History
Gateway Pundit Body Language Expert Alleges Numerous Indications in the Presidential Debate That Joe Biden May Have Been Wearing a Wire
Louder With Crowder Las Vegas 'Latinos for Biden' Rally is Just Sad
Louder With Crowder This Joe Biden Car 'Parade' Is Just Simply Embarrassing and Sad
Louder With Crowder Embarrassing: Biden-Harris Held Arizona Rally, According to Media, No One Showed
Federalist Facebook Is Now Officially Censoring The New York Post’s Hunter Biden Bombshell
New York Post Facebook censors The Post to help Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign
mrc tv Social Media Giants Lock Down The Sharing Of Hunter Biden E-Mail Story
Louder With Crowder ‘Crowd’ Photo of Kamala Harris Event Implies Embarrassing Lack of Enthusiasm
Louder With Crowder Obama Praised Young People ‘Protesting in the Streets.’ Here Are Some of the Unhinged Liberals He’s Praising...
PJ Media The Morning Briefing: Barack Obama Hates Joe Biden, the Truth, and Man Jeans

Joe Biden - Supporters - Regrets
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Breitbart New Mexico Voted for Biden; Now Regrets Oil, Gas Suspension
Turley Talks New Data PROVES People Moving to Red States ‘OVERWHELMINGLY’ Vote REPUBLICAN!!!
mrc tv Cracks in the Stone: Filmmaker Oliver Stone Joins Growing List of Dissatisfied Biden Voters

Joe Biden - Evil, Pervert Appointments - Useless Unqualified Appointments - Unfitness For Office
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
mrc tv Buttigieg's Been Vacationing For Weeks Amid National Supply Chain Crisis
mrc tv The Biden Admin Just Hired This Guy To a Top Dept. of Energy Position - Really
mrc tv Disgusting: Biden DoE Hire Defended Underage Gay Prostitution Website in Op-Ed

Joe Biden - Kamala Harris
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
How can you tell when Kamala Harris lies? Her lips move!
This is obscene @KamalaHarris. You speaking with Bill Clinton about empowering women & girls is disgusting. Have you no soul? Have you no ethics? Ask him about being on an island of human trafficking victims 27 times. You are showing us exactly who you are. - Actress Rose McGowan
Kamala Harris - stupid is as stupid does.
Kamala Harris set a new standard for feminists. Her meeting with Bill "rapist" Clinton proves that women are empowered by being raped by powerful Democrats.
Kamala Harris set a new standard for feminists. Now all women know that no matter what their skin color, they too can sleep their way to the top.
Kamala Harris set a new standard for feminists. Now any women raped by a black man knows her rapist will become a symbol for black empowerment.
Blunderwoman - If you can't be the sharpest tool in the shed, you can always be the hoe.
PJ Media What Does Joe Biden Really Think of Kamala Harris? Now We Know
YouTube Kamala Harris would be a threat to Biden if she was ‘even remotely half-competent’
American Thinker Kamala’s Lies
Louder With Crowder Donald Trump Just Dropped Attack Ad Against Kamala Harris. It's Brutal!
Louder With Crowder Hodgetwins: Black People HATE Kamala Harris
Louder With Crowder Dear Kamala Harris, You Anti-Gun, Opportunistic, Hypocritical Skank...
American Thinker Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top
American Thinker It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and none of what it says is good
Louder With Crowder A TikToker Points Out the Hypocrisy of Kamala Harris Accepting the VP Spot
Power Line Kamala Harris: America’s Least Sincere Person
American Thinker Kamala Has Already Struck Out
mrc tv Kamala Harris Calls Accused Sexual Assaulter Jacob Blake And His Anti-Semitic Father 'Incredible'
Federalist No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ - She’s A Radical Threat To America
mrc tv Freudian Slip? Kamala Harris Weirdly Touts 'A Harris Administration, Together With Joe Biden'
American Thinker Kamala Harris won - if the prize was awarded for the most lies in a debate
mrc tv Kamala Harris, Other Prominent Dems Among 'Key Contacts' in Biden Family's Business with 'Now-Bankrupt' Chinese Energy Co.
mrc tv Watch: Harris Claims More Than Half Of U.S. Population Has Died Of COVID Over A Few Months
mrc tv CA School Threatens 12-Year-Old With Arrest For 'Truancy' After Missing 90 Min Of Zoom Class
American Thinker What Kamala Harris's big Kwanzaa lie reveals about the medi
mrc tv Kamala Harris Accused of Plagiarizing MLK Story To Score Social Justice Points
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Gives Four Examples Why Kamala Harris Is Horrible to Lead Border Crisis Response
mrc tv Rose McGowan Speaks For Millions In Slamming Harris-Clinton 'Empowering Women' Event
American Thinker On Memorial Day weekend, Kamala outdoes Obama’s self-centeredness
American Thinker Kamala Harris can't keep staff
Louder With Crowder 'Who Wrote This for You?': Dan Crenshaw's Response to Kamala's 'Woke' Naval Speech Is Brutal
Louder With Crowder 'I'm Not Finished': Kamala Harris Lashes Out at Hispanic Reporter Questioning Her on Border Crisis
American Thinker Clean-up on Aisle 2: White House scrambles to salvage flailing Kamala Harris
American Thinker Power struggle: The White House bid to oust Kamala Harris
Louder With Crowder Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Blasts 'Zealots of Wokeism,' Calls Kamala Harris Unqualified Disaster
Western Journal White House Doctors Kamala Harris Transcript After Realizing How Badly She Screwed Up
mrc tv WATCH: VP Harris Serves Up More Word Salad Over 'Passage Of Time'
mrc tv ...Huh? Kamala Harris Serves Up More Bizarre Word Salad When Talking About Jamaica
Louder With Crowder Kamala Harris Rambles Incoherently During Speech Meant to Convince You That She’s Doing Actual Work
American Thinker Kamala Harris train wreck continues, this time at ASEAN Summit
Louder With Crowder How Degrading: DNC Forced to Slash Price of Photo With Kamala Harris by 66% Over Lack of Sales
Red State Dems Reveal They Don't Want Kamala in 2024 While She Gaffes and Laughs About Gas Prices
American Thinker NY Times signals Kamala that her White House ambitions are hopeless
Louder With Crowder Kamala Harris gets booed of out an Iowa arena when they showed her attempting to pander for March Madness
mrc tv Kamala Harris: 'Some of Our Younger Small Business Owners Actually Self-Identify As Entrepreneurs'
mrc tv ¡Bon Appétit! Here Are Kamala Harris' Top 10 Word Salads
Mises Wire The Government versus the People, Kamala Harris Version
Louder With Crowder Watch: Kamala Harris has "had it, had it, had it" with Americans who oppose porn in school (Dems call it "book banning")

Joe Biden - Kamala Harris - Lies - Dishonesty - Untruthful
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
How can you tell when Kamala Harris lies? Her lips move!
Dan Bongino Show VP Harris Says the "Border Is Secure" as Biden Border Crisis Continues Spiraling Out of Control
Louder With Crowder Watch: Kamala claims she never supported Minnesota Freedom Fund, gets fact-checked by her tweet supporting it
mrc tv VP Harris Lies In Order To Push Abortion Pill Support
Louder With Crowder Kamala Harris clowns herself with shameless pander on when women were allowed NCAA "brackets." Also, she's dead wrong.

Joe Biden - Kamala Harris - Humor
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
How can you tell when Kamala Harris lies? Her lips move!
Kamala Harris For Arresting The People
Glorious American Kamala Harris Still Searching For The Right Person To Sleep With To Solve Border Crisis
Glorious American Kamala Harris Still Searching For The Right Person To Sleep With To Solve Border Crisis
Babylon Bee Biden Taps Kamala Harris To Counteract Rise Of Intelligence

Joe Biden - Opponents
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
National File BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Keeps Promise, Files Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden
Amerian Thinker Going Sour on Joe Biden
mrc tv Truckers Prepare For MASSIVE Strike To Protest Biden
National Pulse ‘The Most Popular President Ever’ is Getting DESTROYED by ‘Dislikes’ on YouTube.
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Emotionally Pushes Back Against Joe Biden's Climate Agenda. Take Notes.
Louder With Crowder South Dakota Moves to Block White House EOs. A Preview of Joe Biden vs. Kristi Noem?
Louder With Crowder Tim Scott Wrecks Joe Biden's Divisive Speech: Biden Wants to 'Tear Us Apart' with Radical Agenda
Louder With Crowder 'I Don't Wanna Hear Anything Out of You': Ron DeSantis FINALLY Hits Back Hard at Joe Biden Attacks
Louder With Crowder College Bros Get 'F*** Joe Biden" Chants Going at Football Games, It Needs to Catch On Across America

Joe Biden - humor
How can you tell when Joe Biden lies? His lips move!
Touchy Joe Biden
rumble Biden’s GREATEST Achievements So Far!
Babylon Bee Girlfriend Keeps Referring To Herself As 'Wife-Elect' Despite No Official Word From Boyfriend
Babylon Bee Biden: 'I'll Survive The Coronavirus Just Like I Survived The Black Death'
Babylon Bee Biden Selects Aunt Jemima As Running Mate
Babylon Bee Biden Says He Can't Wait To Find Out Who He Picked For VP
Babylon Bee 'I Don't Need A Cognitive Test!' Biden Screams At Pigeon
Babylon Bee Biden Campaign Says He Is So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her
Babylon Bee Party Of The Poor And Oppressed Nominates Old, Rich, White Man And Cop
Glorious American Biden Accidentally Wanders Onto RNC Stage, Endorses Trump
Glorious American Tired Of Hearing He’d Not Really Be The President If Elected; Biden Picks Someone As Stupid As Him
Glorious American Swiffer Mop Destroys Biden In Practice Debate
PJ Media Biden Campaign Horrified by Our Secret Transcript They Don't Want You to See
Glorious American Kamala Harris Accidentally Touts The 'Soros/Harris Administration'
Glorious American Biden Website Expands Ways For Supporters To Contribute
Babylon Bee Kamala Harris Proposes Housing Plan Where Everybody Gets Free 10'x10' Room And Three Meals A Day
Babylon Bee Biden: 'You Have To Elect Me To Find Out What My Policy Positions Are'
Babylon Bee Biden Cuts Hole In Mask So He Can Still Sniff People's Hair
Babylon Bee Biden: 'I Am The Only Candidate Who Can Beat Ronald Reagan
Babylon Bee Biden: 'I Won't Reveal Whether I Plan On Abolishing The Constitution And Establishing A Glorious Communist Utopia Until After I'm Elected'
Babylon Bee Kamala Harris's Ratings Plummet As People Realize They'd Have To Listen To Her Voice For Next 4 Years
Breitbart Joe Biden Is ‘Swamp Thing’ on Massive Hollywood Billboard
Babylon Bee Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News
Sacramento Brie Biden: ‘Mueller, Comey to head Ukraine investigation after I win election’
Glorious American China And Iran Strike Historic Agreement On Who Gets To Blackmail Joe Biden First
Glorious American Joe Biden: ‘Civil War Vets Have Given Me A Mandate!’
Glorious American Japan Immediately following Strike On Pearl Harbor: ‘Time To Heal’
Glorious American Just In Case: Facebook Adds Disclaimer To All Trader Joe’s Signs
Babylon Bee Kamala Harris Recalls How As A Little Girl She Helped Slaves Escape On The Undewgwound Wailwoad
Babylon Bee Biden Claims Anyone Can Go To A Gun Show And Buy A Nuclear Missile With No Background Check
Babylon Bee Biden Bans High-Capacity Assault Stairs
Louder With Crowder Dana Carvey Nails Epic Biden Impersonation, Mocking Feeble-Minded Biden's Confusion Over Saying 'Words'
American Thinker How to speak Bidenese
YouTube Lets go Brandon Burger
Babylon Bee White House Sends Out Christmas Cards With Heartfelt Message, 'You Will Get Sick And Die This Winter'
Babylon Bee Game, Leave Billions Worth Of Equipment On The Field
Louder With Crowder Brutal (and Accurate) Saudi State TV Sketch Shows How Little Respect the World Has for Joe Biden
Glorious American Biden’s Approval So Low Hunter No Longer Wants To Be Seen With Him During Drug Deals
Glorious American ‘F–k Joe Biden’ Chant Breaks Out At Biden Dinner Table
Babylon Bee '60 Minutes' Editor Exhausted After Pulling All-Nighter Removing Racial Slurs From Biden's Interview
Babylon Bee Biden Deploys 20,000 National Guard Troops To Defend Home From Incoming Migrants
Babylon Bee 9 Reasons Not To Worry About The Tanking Economy
Babylon Bee Biden Asks For COVID Amnesty, Afghanistan Pullout Amnesty, Gas Prices Amnesty, Inflation Amnesty, Student Loan Amnesty, War With Russia Amnesty, Nuclear Armageddon Amnesty, And Weaponizing The FBI Against Political Enemies Amnest
Babylon Bee Biden Recounts Time He Faced Down Hitler While Working As A Lifeguard At The Pool
Babylon Bee President Informs Nation He's Doing Great Job
YouTube Playing Scrabble with Joe Biden
YouTube How To Speak Bidenese
Babylon Bee Biden Taken To Coroner For Annual Physical
Babylon Bee 'OK, Take Us To A Different Leader,' Say Exasperated Aliens After Trying To Communicate With Joe Biden
Babylon Bee Biden Annual Physical Confirms He Is Technically Still Alive
Glorious American Biden’s Approval So Low Hunter No Longer Wants To Be Seen With Him During Drug Deals
Glorious American Joe Biden Achieves Excellent Work-Life Balance By Barely Working And Barely Living
Glorious American Hunter Biden Accidentally Discharges Weapon Through Father’s Gun Control Bill
People's Cube New Biden Classified Documents Cache Found at Maryland Waffle House
Babylon Bee Biden Pulls Out Handy 'Wheel Of Distraction' To Deflect From Latest Scandal
Babylon Bee McCarthy Says 783rd Impeachable Offense By Biden Will Be The Last Straw
Babylon Bee Hero: Biden Announces He Will Donate The Rest Of His Bribe Money To Charity
Babylon Bee Biden Approves Continuation Of Border Wall After Getting 10% Kickback From Construction Company
Babylon Bee Biden Apologizes For Racist Gaffe: 'I Like All Races, Even The Bad Ones'
Louder With Crowder Watch: Trump Trolls Biden With Hilarious "White House Senior Living" Ad
Dan bongino show Trump Trolls Biden With "White House Senior Living" Ad

The Big Picture The Handling of the Economic Crisis May Lead to Civil Unrest
Daily Reckoning Darkening Storm Clouds on the US Civility Horizon

The Black Sphere There is a positive about progressivism: when libraries get looted, they don’t steal the books.

Walter Block Austrian Economist and Libertarian Theorist

Big Government
Breitbart Big Government
Breitbart Academic Bias: Scientific Studies of Conservatives Can't Be Replicated
Breitbart FNC’s Pirro: ‘You’re Not a Leader, De Blasio. You Are a Coward, a Classic Bully'
breitbart Diet Google: DuckDuckGo Will ‘Down-Rank’ What It Decides Is ‘Disinformation’

wikipedia Blasphemy Day
FaceBook Blasphemy Day International
Center For Inquiry International Blasphemy Rights Day 2011

The Blaze After Hearing What a Tea Party Group Recently Did in Ferguson, You Likely Won’t Be Surprised That You Haven’t Heard About It

Blue State Conservative 17 Conservative Companies to Buy From and Support

Blunt Force Truth

Bongino Report

bookworm room Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts

Boston Herald TD Bank takes heat for missing data tapes

Breitbart Rocker Glenn Danzig: Punk Rock Explosion Couldn’t Happen Today Due to ‘Cancel Culture and Woke Bulls**t

The Bunion political satire for conservaties or for anyone who thinks liberals are nitwits.

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand. - Milton Friedman
We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork. - Milton Friedman
Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink and make the combination worthless. - Milton Friedman
Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program. - Milton Friedman
There's no such thing as a free lunch. - Milton Friedman
Brainy Quotes Milton Friedman

Buddy Brown conservative musician

You will never understand bureaucracies until you understand that for bureaucrats procedure is everything and outcomes are nothing. - Thomas Sowell
The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-bye to the Bill of Rights. - H. L. Mencken
Mises Institute Whoops, we already have a bureaucracy for that
Mises Institute A Free-Market Operative in the Bowels of Bureaucracy

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Cafe Hayek
Cafe Hayek An Open Letter to a U.S. Trade Official
Cafe Hayek I Do Not Care About Income or Wealth Inequality

Cagle Cartoons topical, political, ...

California - Sanctuary State For The Mentally Ill, The Homeless, The Drug Addicts, And The Criminals - Because Law Abiding Citizens Have No Rights And No Representation
come for the free health care, stay for the free welfare.
How can you tell when governor Gavin Newsom lies? His Lips Move
[California - Sanctuary State For Crime
Transparent Ca;ifornia California's largest public pay and pension database
Flash Report on California's most significant political news
California Alliance To Protect Private Property Rights
Cal Watchdog Your Eyes On California Government
California Watch
Citizens for California Reform proposition to make California Legislature part-time.
Dumb Laws California
S F Gate Californians have the opportunity to fix state
Yahoo! Finance The Best- and Worst-Run States in America (California: 2 time winner for worst run state in the country)
Powerline Is California Starting to Circle the Drain?
Federalist California’s Blackouts Display The Results Of Kamala Harris’s Favored Energy Policy
Louder With Crowdr Watch: Homeless Guy Moves to San Francisco, Gets Paid for Being Homeless. Also Shows Teens How to Do Fentanyl
Louder With Crowdr 'Echoes of the previous night's mental breakdown': Vlogger takes us for a walk through the hell hole known as San Francisco
Reform California
Restore Public Safety fighting against woke politiciains
Reform California Stop The Tax Hikes
Reform California Expose Gavin Newsom
Reform California Gavin Newsom’s Top 5 Lies from the Fox News Debate
Louder With Crowder Gavin Newsom Passes "Ebony Alert" To Prioritize Missing Black Children, Because Amber Alerts Weren't Equity Enough
YouTube Newsom got caught in some GLORIOUSLY bad 2A lies in debate vs DeSantis... This is just insanely bad
Louder With Crowder LOL! Gavin Newsom’s Wife Forced Him Off Debate Stage: Report
Louder With Crowder California To Begin Handing Out Fines To Stores That Don’t Have A ‘Gender Neutral’ Kids Toy Section
Louder With Crowder Biden Admin Give BILLIONS Of Your Tax Dollars To California's “Train To Nowhere”
Louder With Crowder Pizza Hut Forced To Lay Off Over 1000 Delivery Drivers Thanks To California's New Minimum Wage Law
Louder With Crowder Democrat Senator Introduces Bill That Would Physically Stop Cars Letting You Drive Over The Speed Limit
Louder With Crowder Panera gets exemption from Gavin Newsom's minimum wage hike. Also, they donate a lot of money to Gavin Newsom

California - Reparations
Louder With Crowder California Is Establishing A Genealogy Office to Determine Who Qualifies For Reparations

California - Sanctuary State For Genital Mutilation of Children
Louder With Crowder Sacramento Declares Itself A “Trans Sanctuary” In Retaliation Of States Regulating Genital Mutilation Of Minors

California - War On The Second Amendment - War On The Constitution
How can you tell when governor Gavin Newsom lies? His Lips Move
Louder With Crowder Guess what? If you live in California, your credit card is gonna start tracking your firearm purchases
California - Crimeafornia
How can you tell when governor Gavin Newsom lies? His Lips Move
Louder With Crowder Watch: Gavin Newsom asks to speak to a manager when Target employee blames "the governor" for shoplifting, thinks he's the hero
mrc tv Cali Bill Would Give Tax-Funded Legal Support to Violent Criminal Aliens

California - Flee While You Can
How can you tell when governor Gavin Newsom lies? His Lips Move
Dan Bongino Show Debunking Gavin Newsom’s Defense of California (Part 1)
Dan Bongino Show Debunking Gavin Newsom’s Defense of California (Part 2)
Washington Examiner Gavin Newsom's claim there is no California exodus, debunked

California - Come For The Free Welfare, Stay For The Free Healthcare... and other Free Benefits
How can you tell when governor Gavin Newsom lies? His Lips Move
One America News Network (OANN) California To Expand Health Care Coverage For Undocumented Immigrants In 2024
Louder With Crowder Lawmakers Move To Offer A New Path For First-Time Home Buyers, But Only If You Are Here Illegally

Campus Reform

Campus Unmasked

Amereican Thinker Justin Trudeau’s Canada Is Obama’s Dream for America

Canada Free Press
Canada Free Press Incidentism - Incidentism leads to armies tiptoeing around conflicts and losing them by default.
Canada Free Press Obama’s War With The Military - There is palpable tension between the US military and the Commander-in-Chief today.
Canada Free Press Obama and other Traitors Bring an End to Sanity and My Country - I have been watching my country be assaulted over and over again, with few to none-in-office coming to her rescue
Canada Free Press The Snake in the Bloody Garden - The Left: It pretends to grieve, when it is sneering on the inside; it pretends to want to help, when it is really seeking to destroy
Canada Free Press Taxpayer-funded assistance paid for terrorists-in-training - The Tsarnaev family benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance
Canada Free Press A Not So Happy Fourth of July - The government the Founding Fathers feared would happen is the government we now have
Canada Free Press Dear Corporate America - Your lobbies and associations keep pushing for amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens even while your companies keep fleeing California
Canada Free Press So the Democrats are Nervous, Are They? ObamaCare: Not one individual who participated in this legislative obscenity should be pardoned
Canada Free Press 2019: The Future of Doctors Under Obama Universal Coverage for Health (O.U.C.H.)
Canada Free Press Low Information Voters in the Information Age - Low information class votes for more freebies, more enslavement to government that only cares about its citizens’ blind voting allegiance

Cancel This Companby The BIG list of 'woke' companies to boycott

Christopherb Cantwell
Christopherb Cantwell Voting Against Economics is Like Praying Against Cancer
Christopherb Cantwell Transgendering A Toddler Is Child Abuse
Christopherb Cantwell Capitalism Gets Blamed For Everything, Even Greece
Christopherb Cantwell How Many People Have To Die Before The Abolition of Public Education?
Christopherb Cantwell Top 10 Reasons Libertarians Aren’t Nice To You

Capital Research Center
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to Journalism (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)
YouTube The Greatest Liar in Journalism | Politically Incorrect Guide to Journalism
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to Public Education (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Industrial Revolution
YouTube The Politically Incorrect Guide to Modern Capitalism

Mises Institute Mises in Four Easy Pieces
Mises Institute Mike Pence Thinks the "Free Market" Is Making You Poor
Daily Reckoning The Long, Withdrawing Roar of American Capitalism
Daily Wire Why Do Taxi Drivers Racially Profile, While Uber And Lyft Drivers Don't? It's Called The Free Market Working.

Capitalism Institute Capitalism Institute: Rise Up and Defend Your Country.

Capitalism Magazine

Cars - when gas cars are too expensive, try even more expensive and less reliable electric cars - Because Electricity Is So Much Better Than Gas - Because Less Efficient More Expensive Power Is Better Than More Efficient Less Expensive Power
mrc tv High Charge! Owner Finds Battery Replacement More $ Than Electric Car
Louder With Crowder Coal miners push electric vehicle that broke down outside of a coal plant in world's most ironic viral post
American Thinker Electric vehicles and the evacuation of Florida
Louder With Crowder Florida EVs are catching fire because it turns out that's what happens to the batteries in a Hurricane
Louder With Crowder Author finds driving electric vehicle across state 'very difficult,' it took him 15 HOURS to go 178 miles
Louder With Crowder Another electric vehicle explodes into a fireball needing over TEN THOUSAND gallons of water to extinguish
mrc tv Volkswagen CEO: It’s 'Practically Unviable' for Corporation to Build EV Batteries in Europe
mrc tv Shock! Electric Vehicles Perform Poorly In Cold Weather
Breitbart Sorry, Elon!: Wyoming Legislators Draft Resolution to Ban Electric Vehicles by 2035
Federalist By Forcing Americans Into Electric Vehicles, Leftists Ensure Road Trips’ Demise
PJ Media Three Huge Reasons Why Electric Vehicles Will Never Dominate American Roads
Dan Bongino Show Electric Vehicle Company Heavily Promoted by Biden Admin Goes Bankrupt
Louder With Crowder Family finds electric truck such a disaster they abandon it on the side of the road and rent gas powered one
mrc tv Electric Cars Catch Fire After Being Hit By Salt Water From Hurricane Idalia
Louder with Crowder Biden Admin's EV road trip turns epic fail when family calls cops on staffer blocking charging station with gas-powered car
mrc tv Buttigieg Says Quiet Part Out Loud to EV Skeptics: 'It is Coming No Matter What'
mrc tv Jackson, Wyoming Ditches Broken EV Buses For Working Gas Ones
mrc tv Those EVs the Left Loves So Much? Yeah, Turns Out They Break...a LOT
mrc tv Maine EV Mandate Vote Delayed… By Power Outages
Louder With Crowder Car Rental Company Will Replace 20,000 Electric Cars With Gas Cars Because The EVs Are Too Expensive To Repair

Sara A. Carter national and international award winning investigative reporter

Tucker Carlson

Casey Research personal freedom through financial freedom
Casey Research What We Now Know

Cato Institute National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

Cato Institute Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace.
Cato Institute You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

cdr salamander Prepper Math

Celebrities - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, Celebutards, ...
How can you tell when a celebrity says something stupid? They open their mouths.
Celebrities perform a public service. Every time they open their mouths you realize how stupid they are and how smart you are.
If I had one million dollars for every celebrity who promised to leave American when something they disliked happened, I'd be flat broke.
Truth Revolt Prager U: Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think - Well, maybe your mother and your therapist.
YouTube Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think
YouTube Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities
Daily Wire Ron Perlman Tweets Picture Of Obama To Prove He Was Tough With Putin. Twitter Laughs.
Daily Wire COLLUSION! Michael Moore Attended Anti-Trump Rally Organized By Russian Government Agents
Daily Wire Hollywood Actresses To New York: Eliminate Tip Credit. New York Waitresses To Actresses: Shut Up.
Daily Wire GHOULS: Celebrities, Leftists Tweet Appreciation For Trump Tower Fire That Left One Dead, Several Injured - "Burn, baby, burn."
Guardian Sean Penn's debut novel - repellent and stupid on so many levels
mrc tv Jamie Lee Curtis Accuses a Truck Driver of 'Stealing the Election' By Towing a Mail Truck - and the Internet Responds
Jon Del Arroz The NFL Hates YOU
American Thinker Celebrity Privilege
Power Line Thoughts from the ammo line
mrc tv Macy Gray Spits on U.S. Flag, Calls it Replacement For ‘Confederate Flag’, Demands New One
mrc tv Jennifer Aniston: ‘MORAL OBLIGATION’ to Reveal Vaxx Status
Louder With Crowder Wow: Alec Baldwin Now Says Halyna Hutchins Is to Blame for Him Shooting Her With a Gun
Louder With Crowder Actress lashes out at Ron DeSantis, accuses him of being in the KKK while the Tony Awards erupts in applause
mrc tv Hell No, Why Won't They Go? Celebs Threaten To Leave, But Never Do
mrc tv Here We Go Again! Cher Says She'll Leave U.S. if Trump Wins in 2024
mrc tv 'Get the F**k Out!' Singer Aaron Lewis Calls Out 'Communist' Springsteen, Other Celebs for Threatening to Leave U.S.
Louder With Crowder Alyssa Milano blasted for attending Super Bowl after begging fans to donate to her son's Little League Team
Louder With Crowder Elon Musk drops atomic truth bomb on Robert DeNiro's moronic claim Trump is the next Hitler
Louder With Crowder Watch: Robert De Niro is crying again because Americans don't hate "Hitler" Trump as much as he does

Celebrities - Hypocrits - Unethical - Seellouts - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Louder With Crowder Joe Rogan gets the last laugh as Neil Young comes crawling back to Spotify: "Great to know you got some ethics”

Celebrities - Support For Murder - Support For Gun violence - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
mrc tv Actors Union Defends Alec Baldwin in Hutchins Shooting Death Ahead of Manslaughter Indictment

Celebrities - Support For Terrorism - Support for anti-semitism - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Louder With Crowder Alyssa Milano (of course) leads Hollywood in an open letter to Joe Biden demanding an Israel ceasefire
mrc tv Susan Sarandon: Jews 'are Getting a Taste of What It Feels Like to be Muslim in this Country'

Celebrities - War On Men - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Breitbart Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’
mrc tv Jane Fonda Blames 'White Men' For Climate Change and Every Other Problem

Celebrities - Supporting Socialism While Enjoying Wealth Created By Capitalism - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Louder With Crowder Clueless 'Stranger Things' Actor Can't Understand Why People Hate Socialism

Celebrities - Blinded By Hatred - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
mrc tv Robert De Niro: Leftists Are 'Beyond Trying to See Another Person's Point of View'
mrc tv Hey West Virginians, Bette Midler Says You're All ‘Poor, Illiterate, Strung Out’

Celebrities - Gun Grabbers - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Truth Revolt Anti-Gun Celebs Protected by 500+ Police Officers at Oscars - "We have a lot of officers in fixed posts and foot beats keeping an eye on the event."
Louder With Crowder Dear Braindead Anti-Gun Celebrities Saying Stupid Things About Guns: THANKS!
Truth Revolt Ted Cruz: Celebs Are Gun Control Hypocrites - "Hollywood liberals on gun control is akin to Hollywood liberals on global warming."
Truth Revolt Streisand: Trump Inspired School Shooter Because He Was Mean to Hillary - Oh, Babs. Shut up and sing. On second thought...

Celebrities - Oppressing Women and Children - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
YouTube Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool

Celebrities - Supporting LBGTQ - Supporting Sexualizing Children - Supporting Grooming Children - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
mrc tv Inaugural Children's & Family Emmys Honors and Focuses on LGBTQUIA Targeting of Kids
Louder With Crowder Watch: Acadamy award-winning actress will "f*** you up" for not wanting your kids exposed to drag shows

Celebrities - Opposing Gay/Lesbian/LGBT - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
mrc tv 'Woke' At Home, 'Broke' On the Road: 5 Times Hollywood Censored Blockbuster Films to Appease Foreign Governments

Celebrities - Predators Hollywood Hypocrits - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Louder With Crowder Watch: Former child actor loses agent, role in Marvel movie for not letting himself get sexed up by the director

Celebrities - Opposing Diversity - Oppposing freedom to act and freedom of thought
Louder With Crowder "They make me vomit": Legendary actor wrecks Oscars' new woke diversity requirements

Celebrities - Clueless - Oppposing freedom to act and freedom of thought
Louder With Crowder Mayim Bialik wonders where the feminists are and why they're not condemning the systematic rape and torture by Hamas

Celebrities - Humor - Hypocrits, world class stupidity, ...
Babylon Bee Inspiring: Celebrities Spell Out 'We're All In This Together' With Their Yachts
Babylon Bee Alyssa Milano Confirms FBI Investigators Have Not Reached Out To Her To Get A Celebrity's Opinion On Kavanaugh Yet

Celebrities - Common Sense - Question Authority
Louder With Crowder "The Democrat Party can KISS MY A$$": Rock legend goes anti-woke, trashes the Left like it's a 70s hotel room

CensorTrack - because big tech, big media, and big governement is afraid of the truth
Censor Track find out what YouTube, FaceBook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Reddit and other media are doing to suppress free speech and supress your First Amendment rights.
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rumble Jokes are Funny, Big Tech’s Censorship Is Not
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rumble Big Tech HATES CHRISTmas!
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rumble CensorTrack with TR: Year of Anti-Trump, Anti-Life & Anti-Free Speech
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech Is NOT Smarter Than Scientists
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech PURGES Free Speech Backer, Dan Bongino
rumble TechShark: YouTube Reportedly Censors Interview with Cardiologist Before It Was Even Published!
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech PRAISES Abortion But CENSORS Life
rumble CensorTrack with TR: When Big Tech Censors Them, You’re Censored, Too
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Parental Voice In Education? SILENCED
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech Censors 808 COVID-19-Related Post
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech Attacks MRC TikTok 16 Times!
rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech Permits Dictators — Blocks Ukrainian Sentiments
rumble CensorTrack with TR: YouTube Bans News Reports from The Hill & MRC
rumble CensorTrack with TR: WHAT!? YouTube Removes CONVERSATION with Trump
rumble CensorTrack with TR: YouTube Gives ‘Everyone a Voice’ … Except Conservatives
rumble CensorTrack with TR: ‘Trust the ‘Science’…Unless You Call a Man, a Man
runble CensorTrack: LinkedIn Censors Story of Air Force Veteran For NO Reason
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rumble CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech Protects Biden’s Reputation 646 Times!
rumble Amazon Censors Best Selling, Innocent Kids Book
rumble Biden Disinfo Board — The New Orwellian Speech Police!
rumble Big Tech Despises Pro-Life Content
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rumble Big Tech Repeatedly Targets Libs of TikTok
rumble Are ‘Groomers’ Allowed Online, But Opposers Not? | CensorTrack with TR
rumble Etsy, PayPal CANCEL Biologist for Defending Real Gender Science | CensorTrack With TR
rumble Popular Pro-Life Podcaster Says Big Tech Is ‘Targeting’ Her for Censorship | CensorTrack With TR
rumbe TikTok Bans SBA Pro-Life Group on Day of Roe Reversal | CensorTrack With TR
rumble Big Tech Has No Sense Of Humor | CensorTrack With TR
rumble Peterson, Rubin Silenced Over ‘Ellen Page’ Tweets
rumble Big Tech Censors ‘God Bless America’ Over ‘Racism’ and ‘Phishing’ | CensorTrack With TR
rumble Big Tech’s Censorship Effect Is BERSERK
mrc tv Big Tech Protects ‘Groomers’ | CensorTrack With TR
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rumble Big Tech’s Pro-Abortion, Anti-Military & Anti-Christian
rumble Big Tech to Censor Election Content (Again)
rumble Zuckerberg Says Facebook Censored Hunter Biden Bombshell After FBI Pressure
rumble CCP-Tied TikTok Hates Free Speech
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rumble PayPal’s Ultimatum: Go Woke or Go Broke
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rumble CNN’s Tapper, Biden Gov't Prepping to Control Censorship Narrative Ahead of Midterms?
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rumble State Department-Backed Group to Stop Funding GDI Blacklists
rumble rumble AI: Censorship’s Final Frontier? A Conversation with Kristen Ruby (CensorTrack with Paiten
rumble New Civil Liberties Alliance on Big Tech-Gov’t Collusion to Censor Americans (CensorTra

The Christian Science Monitor The 50 largest US charities in 2009
Mises Institute Rethinking Charity
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Daily Reckoning Zuckerberg's Facebook Gift is as Harmful as Crack Cocaine...

Charity - Humor
Babylon Bee Salvation Army No Longer Accepting Bills Or Coins With White People On Them

Checkpoint USA
Checkpoint USA Roadblock Revelations

Chicks on the Right
Chicks on the Right College Students Sign Petition To Support ISIS. This Is How I Know We're Doomed.

Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert's Journal - The gathering Dark Age (the dumbing-down of America)

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse of cease and desist orders

mrc tv Chinese Whistleblower Tells Tucker Carlson Chinese Gov't 'Intentionally' Released Virus, Says It's 'Man-Made'
Epoch Times Evidence Points to China Ramping Up Forced Organ Harvesting From Uyghurs: Expert

mrc tv ‘Woke Watching’ Christmas Classics: Why Let Lefties Have All the Fun?

City Journal The Cost of America’s Cultural Revolution

When asked by a reporter, "what do you think about Western Civilization," Mahatma Gandhi is said to have replied: "I think it would be a good idea!"
Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think. - Thomas A. Edison
American Thinker The Big Picture: Our Curiously Failing Civilization
American Thinker America Votes to End Modern Civilization
Mises Institute Three More Attacks on Civilization
Victor Davis Hanson - Private Papers Are We Becoming Medieval?
Canada Free Press The Agony of the American Nightmare - America in Chains, The Champion of Freedom is Free no more, The Night the Lights went out in America
Canada Free Press From Open Palm To Closed Fist! The last four years have been nothing more than one long bribe of the American electorate
Canada Free Press Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable? It will take nothing short of Divine Intervention or civil war to save America
Canada Free Press An angry black man
Canada Free Press Memories of Thanksgiving’s Past - Optimism drained by four years of Obama’s regime and the prospect of four more. Congress steadily marched toward a European socialist economy
Canada Free Press Showing Liberty the Door - Through propaganda, education, disinformation, indoctrination, and imposed ignorance, the political left has succeeded in subverting a segment of the American population
Double Plus Undead How Fucked Can One Country Be?
Federal Observer America Can Never Be Rebuilt
Daily Caller Defense Department guide calls Founding Fathers ‘extremist’
Truth Revolt Horowitz: The Democrats’ Second Secession & America’s New Civil War - How to look at the bizarre turn our political life has taken.
Patrick J. Buchanan Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?
Hillsdale College - Imprimis Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization
breitbart Nolte: A Drag Queen-Loving Military Can’t Defend You. Go Buy an ‘Assault’ Rifle

Clash Daily DESTROYED: Larry Elder Paper Shreds Piers Morgan Over Coddling Rachel Jeantel
Clash Daily ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: How to Make it Easy for People to Say, ‘You’re an Innocent Child’ When in Reality...
Clash Daily BOOM: Cop Pens Hilarious Letter to Kanye After He Compares His Rapping to War/Police Work

James Clear Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

Hillary Clinton - HiLIARy - factually false when it matters, what difference does it make if Americans die
mrc tv Holy Orwell! Hillary Suggests a 'Formal Deprogramming of Cult Members,' aka Trump Supporters
Louder With Crowder Watch: Hillary Clinton Stops Pretending, Demands 'Formal Deprogramming' Of MAGA 'Cult Members'
PJ Media Hillary Clinton's Response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Is Quite Deplorable
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mrc tv District Court Judge Rules Hillary Clinton 'Must Answer' More Questions About Email System
Hashtag Media Rage on Hillary
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The Charlie Daniels Band - Blog Fortunes, Foibles and Fallout
Nats Writings List of Corruption
Daily Wire WikiLeaks Drops Proof That NYTimes Colluded With Hillary Clinton
Truth Revolt Comey Initially Described Hillary’s Handling of Top-Secret E-Mails ‘Grossly Negligent' - That would’ve paved the path for actual charges. But nooooo!
mrc tv Three Stunning New Developments In the Clinton-Uranium Scandal the Media Has Totally Ignored
Louder With Crowder Dear Hillary Clinton: You Lost Because America Hates You...
Daily Wire The Complete (And Ever Expanding) List Of Hillary's Excuses For Election Loss
Truth Revolt Hillary-Voting NY Daily News Writer Tells Her: 'Shut The F**k Up And Go Away' - Can't argue with his column.
Truth Revolt Biden Mocks Hillary: Not a 'Great Candidate' - "No man or woman should announce for the presidency unless they genuinely believe that ... they are the most qualified person."
Canada Free Press Report: Hillary blames loss on Obama more than Comey, Putin. Still no mention of blaming herself - Hillary is always the victim
Canada Free Press Hillary: Lock Her Up! - Move forward with the investigation, Mr President! If all proceeds as the evidence so far leads, lock her evil crooked condescending derriere up!
ETF News JUST IN: Russia Adds Hillary Clinton To Terror Sponsor Watchlist… Trump Was Right!
Kevin Jackson Hillary Clinton’s Party Turned into a Funeral - Hillary Clinton got her ass kicked, and it was thorough! Donald Trump slapped the smirk off her face. But Hillary wasn’t the only person impacted, so we wanted to document the carnage in pictures.
WND Hillary, Huma carted off 'Muslim' files, other docs - State allowed them to classify work-related items as 'personal'
83% of likely voters believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong.83% - McClatchy-Marist Poll
Hillary Clinton's biggest flaw is not that she routinely breaks the law like all Democrats, but that she lies so unconvincingly when caught.
Purveyor of hate and corruption.
Hillary Clinton is the Evita of Arkansas.
If you think Crooked HilLIARy Clinton fights dirty now, wait until she controls the FBI, DOJ, IRS and the rest of the government.
So many falsehoods and so little time. - Bill Whittle discussing Hillary Clinton debate
Publicly, Hillary Clinton pretends to be the warm, likeable grandmother. But privately she is a foul mouthed, short-tempered, nasty, vicious, extraordinarily abusive, maniac. I think she has bipolar, at least. - Roger Stone
And my view is that if you (Hillary Clinton) can’t run your (her) own house, you (she) certainly can’t run the White House. Can’t do it! - Michelle Obama
Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris. - Colin Powell, former Secretary of State
Put the LIAR into HiLIARy.
Bill Clinton’s problem was that he had casual relationships with other women. Hillary’s problem is she has a casual relationship with the truth. - Kellyanne Conway
I do not lie, I just don't tell the truth. - Hillary Clinton.
Hell no DNC. We won't vote for Hillary. - Bernie Sanders Supporters
Hillary will go down faster than Bill's pants - anonymous Bernie supporter
The next time you are caught committing a crime, just use the Hillary Clinton Defense. I didn't intend to commit the crime. I was simply careless. No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.
Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" - FBI Dir. James Comey
And being President of the United States means ... You can't be reckless." - Barack Hussein Obama
Bill and Hillary Clinton are the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics.
When asked about her accomplishment as Secretary Of State, in addition to taking bribes from the countries she negotiated with and in addition to collecting more frequent flyer miles than any other government official, Hillary Clinton replied, "I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified."
There is nothing on earth could persuade me ever to vote for Hillary Clinton. Absolutely not. She represents the political elite. It is almost as if she feels she has a divine right to have that job. - Nigel Farage, Brexit leader
While her opponent rambles incoherently and mindlessly, every phrase from Hillary’s mouth is a carefully polished imbecility. - Bill Bonner
By endorsing Hillary, Obama is telling his DOJ, "I don't want this woman indicted, no matter what the FBI finds." - Dinesh D'Souza
Hillary Clinton is the most qualified female under criminal investigation to ever run for the office of the President of the United States. - Barack Hussein Obama
Hillary Clinton - criminal-in-waiting
Polls show Hillary Clinton is the most despised democratic candidate in U.S. history. Who in the hell is voting for this woman? Dead people and illegal immigrants. - James Woods
Hillary Clinton is nuttier than Nancy Pelosi, and Pelosi is the gold standard of nuts. - James Woods
When the murder of a U.S. Ambassador s 'spun' to tip a presidential election, that's worse than Watergate. - James Woods
Hillary Clinton has been wrong on every foreign policy issue since 9/11. - Jim Webb, Democrat and former candidate for President
Syphillis is more popular than Hillary Clinton with young Democrats.
5% of New Hampshire Democrat Voters Say Hillary Clinton Is Honest, Trustworthy.
Based on her responses to inconvienient questions, Hillary Clinton's qualifications for the president of the United States is the inability to recognize top secret or important information when sent by email and the inability to remember anything that would contradict her claims of stupidity for not recognizing important information.
Hillary Clinton is more concerned about threats of violence from "white terrorists than ISIS. I suspect anyone married to Bill Clinton would feel the same way. - Cynical Pessimist
If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America. - Donald Trump
Let us all show our approval and support by changing "Hil-Liar-y" - Cynical Pessimist
Hillary Clinton is a two faced liar. Unfortunately, both of those faces are ugly.
Hillary For Prison 2016
Hillary Clinton Successes: she successfully avoided prison in all of these scandals.
EmailGate, ChinaGate, TravelGate, WhiteWater, Vince Foster Jr Death, FileGate, Cattle-Futures, LooterGate, Drug Dealer Donor, Benghazi, Rose Law Firm, Tyson Foods, Mena Drug Smuggling, ...

Hillary Clinton Successes: She successfully ignored more than 600 requests from an American Ambassador for additonal security, thus allowing four Americans to be murdered.

Hillary Clinton Successes: She suppported the rights of these women to have affairs with her husband.
Suzanne Coleman, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky.
There are others that she has managed to prevent the news media from reporting on.

Hillary Clinton Successes: Under oath Hillary Clinton answered hundreds of times, "I don't know" or "I don't remember" yet she was paid millions for her memoir.

I am a real person. - Hillary Clinton
Vote For Me Or You’re a Misogynist Pig. - Hillary Clinton
Asked which enemy she was most proud of making during Tuesday night’s debate, Hillary replied, "Well, in addition to the NRA, the drug companies, the insurance companies, the Iranians, um, probably the Republicans."
It's good to know that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, unlike Barack Hussein Obama who hates all Americans, she only hates half the Americans, the Republicans.
[Hillary] Clinton, one of America’s most accomplished sociopaths - Matthew Vadum
because she was a liar ... an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. - Jerry Zeifman (when asked why he fired Hillary Clinton)
Left wing apologists for Hillary Clinton are worried that if people watch the movie 13 Hours, it may remind voters that Hillary Clinton was never punished for not protesting the Stand Down Don't Rescue Those Americans and instead when web surfing for a video to blame for the deaths of Americans that could have been saved if she actually cared about the lives of Americans.
Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street Democrat. - Professor Cornel West
Hillary Clinton - Links
Patriot Report Hillary hates us
Daily Wire 6 Things You Need To Know About Hillary's Democratic National Convention
Daily Wire 5 Facts You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton ‘Shattering The Glass Ceiling’
Daily Wire Hillary's Sexist Attack on Donald Trump's Fat-Shaming Sexism
Daily Wire 6 INSANE Things Hillary Said In Last Night's Debate
Daily Wire Hillary, Media Say Trump's Too Sexist To Be President. These 3 Democratic Presidents Were WAY Worse.
Daily Wire Hillary's Campaign Implodes...If Anybody Cares Anymore
WND Here they are: Hillary's 22 biggest scandals ever
1) Clintons turn IRS into ‘gestapo’
2) Covering Bill’s dirty deeds
3) Looting the White House
- 1) seats on overseas trade missions
- 2) export licenses for high technology sales to communist China and elsewhere
- 3) commissionerships and judgeships
- 4) rides on Air Force One
- 5) overnight stays in the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom
- 6) graves at Arlington Cemetery
- 7) meetings with key Clinton-Gore administration leaders
- 8) and other favors.
4) Filegate: FBI files on GOP enemies
5) Hillary’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’
6) Vince Foster’s 1993 death
7) Emailgate: ‘She should go to prison for this’
8) Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets
9) Travelgate: Always room for friends
10) Whitewater: Jail for friends, but not Clintons
11) ‘Landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia
12) Hillary’s ‘missing’ law firm billing records
13) Pardongate: Hillary Senate contributions
14) Hillary’s cash cows and 9,987 percent profit
15) Clinton body count: ‘You find dead people’
16) Hillary’s radical pal, Saul Alinsky
17) Hillary laughs about defending child rapist
18) Hill ca$hes in: Iranian fundraising
19) Clinton Foundation: Scandals keep coming
20) Benghazi: 4 American lives lost
21) Peter Franklin Paul: Another Hillary friend goes to prison
22) Watergate: Fired for being a ‘liar’
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Is Hillary Guilty? - Of course the fix is in. Of course we see through it. They don’t care. They’ve got us pegged.
The Daily Wire Hillary Clinton: Too Big To Jail
The Daily Wire 6 Reasons Hillary's a Complete Political Horror Show
The Daily Wire DNC DISASTER: Hillary Now Trails Trump. Here Are 5 Reasons Why.
The Daily Wire Watch Judge Jeanine Lay Into The DNC And The 'Fundamentally Dishonest' Clintons
Truth Revolt Malkin: Iovi Et Bovi: The Teflon Hillary Standard - "What is permissible for Jove is not permissible for an ox."
Truth Revolt Horowitz: The Most Frightening Political Fix - The most breathtaking fix in American history.
Lying Crooked Hillary
YouTube "Hillary's America" Trailer | First Trailer HD
mrc tv 10 Scandals Involving Hillary Clinton You May Have Forgotten
William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library The Clinton Crime Family Exposed
Truth Revolt Honest Campaign Ad Says What the Media Won't About Hillary - "Hillary Clinton, technically allowed to run for president."
Canada Free Press Hillary Clinton: prison cell, not Oval Office - Delusional, morally bankrupt, self-obsessed Hillary Clinton-a metaphorical modern day power-obsessed Lady Macbeth
American Thinker Hillary May Just Be Dumb
American Thinker Hillary's Qualifications
American Thinker Hillary's disqualifying defense
akdart News and Opinion about Bill and Hillary Clinton
Breitbart Five Scandals for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that Would Sink any Republican
New York Post Hillary Clinton news more like a rap sheet
Truth Revolt SCHLICHTER: Detonate the Narrative: Questions No Mainstream Media Hack Will Ever Ask Hillary
The Daily Hillary Benghazi, Arkansas, Bill Clinton, State Department, Clinton Fondatin, Cronies, ...
The Daily Hillary Obama Throws Hillary Under The Bus
Politico A Millennial’s Guide to the Nineties - From Whitewater to Troopergate, here’s everything you don’t remember about the Clintons.
Front Page Mag Why Hillary Will Lose Again
American Thinker When Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Insulted Palestinian Culture
Daily Reckoning Regime Change, Hillary’s Head Fake
Daily Reckoning Billary Clinton and the Perfection of Consumerist Narcissism
Daily Reckoning Anything Trumps Hillary
American Thinker Hillary Cheered Broadway's Book of Mormon, Condemns Innocence of Muslims
Mises Institute The Devilish Principles of Hillarycare
Mises Institute Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Like Edward Snowden
American Thinker Oversight committee releases report on Benghazi faulting Hillary for letting top officials off the hook
Canada Free Press Hillary’s Benghazi Report (ARB) Blames Amb. Christopher Stevens
Canada Free Press Hillary’s attempt to ease Cuba restrictions didn’t go so well - An American held hostage, and apparently the Castros don't need an "excuse" to be thugs.
Mr. Conservative Judge: Hillary May Face Prosecution On Benghazi
Capitalism Institute Surreal: Hillary Hired Islamic Radical Group to "Defend" Benghazi
American Thinker Politics of Racial Division: Hillary and Obama Ignoring Genocide against Whites
American Thinker Hillary Clinton: America's Worst Secretary of State
American Thinker Hillary's damage control (of her political career)
American Thinker MSM protecting Hillary from scandal taint
American Thinker Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?
American Thinker Why Mrs. Clinton's Entire History Matters
American Thinker Why Hillary Will Flop
American Thinker Will Hillary Break The Criminal Conduct Glass Ceiling?
Canda Free Press Barack Obama, the Pinocchio President! Misrepresentations, denials, fabricated stories, exaggerations and out-and-out lies promulgated by President Obama, DOJ boss Eric Holder, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
New American N.Y. Times’ Benghazi Whitewash Backfires, Spotlights Obama/Clinton Coverup
Personal Liberty Digest Hillary’s Hard Choices Is Hard To Praise, Say Critics
Personal Liberty Digest Hillary Clinton, Warmonger
Yahoo! Finance Hillary Clinton Says She Isn't 'Truly Well Off'
Yahoo! News Clinton blames Islamic militants rise on Obama policies
YouTube ZoNATION: Hillary-ous Feminism
Truth Revolt Hillary Clinton: Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs
Truth Revolt Internal Memo from State Dept. Shows Hilary Banning Use of Personal Email
Truth Revolt Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies... A Lot
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle: The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton
Truth Revolt Candidate of the People: Hillary's Van Parks In Handicap Spot
Truth Revolt Hillary's Failed SoS Policies Displaced 30 Million Children - Makes NO statement on World Refugee Day
Truth Revolt Time to Arrest Hillary - Arrest, not elect.
Political Insider Malkin: A Closetful of Hillary Clinton's Immigration Costumes - When it comes to immigration policy, Hillary's had more career costume changes than Katy Perry.
Truth Revolt Sheriff Clarke: No, Hillary, You're the Racist - "A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black."
Truth Revolt Prager: The Immaturity of Supporting Hillary Clinton as a Woman - Only the left claims that having members of one's gender or ethnic or racial group in political power is important.
Truth Revolt Coulter: When Do The Mothers Of Isis Speak? - Why does the Democratic platform endorse Black Lives Matter?
Truth Revolt Prager: Did #NeverTrumpers Hear Hillary Clinton's Frightening Speech? - She will finish the job her predecessor started: fundamentally transforming America, perhaps forever.
Truth Revolt Sanders Activist Found Dead After Serving Papers to DNC - And that’s not the only mysterious death as of late.
Truth Revolt FBI Agents: Hillary Routinely Breached Security and Diplomatic Protocols While SecState - And agents did not want to work with her because of it.
Truth Revolt Hillary Abruptly Ends Press Conference When Confronted with Undercover Vids - "Conspiracy theories."
Truth Revolt Malkin: A Fifth Clinton Presidency? Hill, No! - Can we long endure another four or eight more years of Clinton schlock and awfulness?
Chicks On The Right Carly Fiorina Slams Hillary Clinton For Being Totally Unoriginal and Unaccomplished. It's As Awesome As It Sounds.
Freedom's Back When Do Rules Not Apply?
Freedom's Back The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy
PJ Media Obama Urges Democrats to ‘Turn the Page,’ Abandon Hillary’s Failed Candidacy
New York Post Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal
Reuters Exclusive: Clinton charities will refile tax returns, audit for other errors
Response Action Network Another ding in Hillary's armor
Chicks On The Right Kate Harding Is Voting With Her Vagina, And She Wants You To Know All About It.
Chicks On The Right Open Letter To Americans Who Plan To Vote For Hillary
Business Insider Let's be honest, Hillary Clinton is a mediocre presidential candidate
mrc tv FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton's Gay Marriage Quote Shocks Students
mrc tv CNN Panel Laughs at Clinton's Changing Claims
mrc tv Lynch Meeting Suggests Bill Actually WANTS Hillary in Jail
mrc tv Galifianakis Asks Hillary: ‘What’s the Best Way to Reach You? Email?
Political Insider Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump a RACIST... And Trump FIRES Back in an EPIC WAY!
Canada Free Press C is for cookie, that's good enough for Hillary - Concussion, Coughing, Caskets, Conspiracy, Corruption, Communist, Clinton
Jewish World Review Trump vs. Clinton: a Risk vs. a Disaster
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Hillary Supporters Are Retarded Hypocrites And I Can Prove It

Hillary Clinton - Hillary's America
Truth Revolt Greenfield: A Frightening Preview of Hillary’s America - Dark and unaccountable.

Hillary Clinton - Debate
Truth Revolt Prager: Clinton Won on Nonsense, Trump Won on Substance - On many truly significant subjects, she said things that were actually frightening, and he said things that were actually important.

Hillary Clinton - Accomplishments
National Review The Trials of Saint Hillary
Town Hall Hillary's Email Scandal Takes Down the FBI
Truth Revolt Dick Morris Destroys Bill Clinton's Lies About Hillary in DNC Speech - Lies, omissions and half-truths.
Truth Revolt Report: FBI, DOJ Insiders Furious Over Comey, Lynch Decision Not to Prosecute Clinton - "No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute."
Truth Revolt Camille Paglia: Hillary is 'a Disaster!' - "It’s an outrage how she’s played the gender card. She is a woman without accomplishment."
Truth Revolt Columnist: If the Nation is More Important to Hillary Than Power, She Will Step Down - "It would be the most responsible thing to do."
Truth Revolt Coulter: My Final Argument for Trump - Humiliate the Media! - Hillary wakes up early in the morning to make sure she does the wrong thing for America.
Truth Revolt Unfit to Serve: New Trump Ad Highlights Hillary's Latest FBI Investigation - "Hillary Clinton - Unfit to serve."
Truth Revolt The Atlantic Asks 'Why Is Hillary So Widely Loved?' Seriously. - "Why is Hillary So Widely Reviled and Distrusted?" There, Atlantic, we fixed it for you.
Daily Wire Will Incompetence Save America From President Hillary?
YouTube HILLARY WIKILEAKS: Top 10 You Must Know
Daily Wire Hillary IMPLODES: Trump 'Took Everything...Paid Nothing To Support Us!'
Medium Yes, The Clintons Are Uniquely Corrupt: A Grand Finale Essay
Right Wing Tribune First Hunter Biden, Then Paul Pelosi Jr, Now HRC’s Chelsea C.’s $uper High Income Via Board Seats Comes To Light

Hillary Clinton - Accomplishments (insulting the majority of Americans)
basket of deplorables - standard rednecks - racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, ...
mrc tv O’Reilly on Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Remark: ‘That’s Lunacy,’ ‘Smears Millions’ of Americans
Truth Revolt Smug NY Times: Now That Trump Leads Hillary in Ohio, Buckeye State No Longer Important, Filled With Uneducated Whites - Is there anyone left that Hillary and her surrogates HAVEN'T disparaged?
Truth Revolt Carlson: Anti-Catholic Emails 'Infuriating" - Imagine if They Were Anti-Islam - "Catholicism is backwards in its view of gender relations? Compared to what?"
Truth Revolt Bubba: Trump Supporters 'Your Standard Rednecks' - "The other guy's base is what I grew up in."
Daily Wire Hillary Clinton Is Sorry You 'Misunderstood' Her Quip About Husbands Forcing Wives To Vote Trump - Spoiler alert: she's not actually sorry she said it, however.

Hillary Clinton - Role Model
Truth Revolt Prager: On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls - They are telling their daughters that gender solidarity is more important than moral character.
Truth Revolt Greenfield: Trump Tapes and Clinton Morals - Only the Clintons can protect our moral values.
Truth Revolt Malkin: Hillary's Climate of Hate - The choice should not be difficult.
Truth Revolt Prager: Still Think Hillary Clinton Is a Role Model for Your Daughter? - The notion that Hillary Clinton is a role model for young American women is yet another testimony to the moral decline of America.

Hillary Clinton - Racism
All Democrats agree that the Confederate Battle flag is racist when held by a Republican. I guess it isn't when supported by a Democrat.
Gateway Pundit Hillary Clinton Celebrated Confederate Flag Day Every Year as Arkansas First Lady
Daily Wire Hillary Clinton Says Blacks 'All Look Alike,' Then Laughs As Audience Applauds
Louder With Crowder Hillary Clinton: Clarence Thomas Has Always Been an Angry Black Man for as Long as I've Known Him

Hillary Clinton - Health
Hillary Clinton is perfectly healthy. Doesn't everyone have heat-related fainting spells when the temperature reaches 75 degrees?
If Hillary Clinton thinks the fawning sycophantic mainstream media are treating her unfairly compared to Donald Trump, then her sanity and her detachment from reality are much more serious issues than her physical health. - Cynical Pessimist
mrc tv Clinton: Media Coverage ‘Frustrating,’ But ‘I’m Not Asking for Any Special Treatment’
Truth Revolt Questions on Hillary's Health Loom Larger Than Ever in Wake of New Leaks - From inquiries about powerful drugs to how to treat "cracked heads" to friends asking Hillary if she's "resting comfortably."
Truth Revolt 71% of Doctors 'Seriously' Concerned About Hillary's Health, Say It Could Be Disqualifying - But they should "get a life" ... right?
Truth Revolt Bill Clinton Said Hillary ‘Frequently’ Faints, CBS Edits That Out - They don’t make White Out anymore, but the MSM still has a few bottles left.
Truth Revolt Testy Bill Clinton Tells Crowd: Hillary Just Has The Flu - Allergies, dehydration, overheating, pneumonia, the flu.. get your story straight, lefties.
Daily Wire Hillary Clinton Lies About EVERYTHING, Including Her Health
Daily Wire Doctor Admits Hillary Diagnosed With Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton - Foreign Policy
Truth Revolt Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Could Be Considered 'Founding Member' of ISIS - And as former SecState she is directly responsible for unraveling of the Middle East.
Truth Revolt Finally! Now Let's Focus on Why Hillary Approved Sale Of At Least 20% of Our Uranium to Russia - But tell us again how Trump is in cahoots with Putin....

Hillary Clinton - Foreign Policy - Support For Terrorists
Pamela Geller Hillary Gave Visa to Egyptian TERRORIST

Hillary Clinton - Lawlessness - Criminal Activity
Drug Dealer Donor
Rose Law Firm
Tyson Foods
Mena Drug Smuggling
1975 to 2001numerous scandals
WhiteWater - real estate fraud
Paula Jones
Monica Lewinsky
Vince Foster Jr Death
Juanita Broaddrick
1997 to present Clinton Foundation - conflict of interest and disclosures
2001 to present million dollar speeches
2009-01 to 2013-02 conflict of interest
2009 to 2013 EmailGate
2009 to 2013 Sidney Blumenthal
2012-09-11 to present Benghazi
There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail (except me). - Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton who violated the Espionage Act by using a private email server for government business and expects to get away with it because the Barack Hussein Obama Department Of InJustice will never prosecute a Democrat, is now complaining that even though she is above the law, low level government officials should be forced to obey the law.
True Pundit Breaking Bombshell: NYPD Blows Whistle On New Hillary Emails: Moneh Laundering, Sex Crimes With Children, Child Exploitation, Pay To Play, Purjury
Truth Revolt Pentagon: Hillary Should Be Arrested for Leaking Nuclear Intelligence During Debate - "What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned."
Daily Wire Hillary Could Shoot A Puppy, And The Media Wouldn't Care
Daily Reckoning Hillary Says "F You" Again
Daily Wire 4 Reasons Republicans Are Right To Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ About Hillary Clinton
Daily Wire The Clinton Foundation's 7 Worst Scandals
Mises Institute The Political Class vs. the Rest of Us
Washington Examiner The dirty two dozen: Clinton's top controversies
Atlantic From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer
Truth Revolt Hillary on Kim Davis: Officials Should 'Uphold the Law'
Truth Revolt ELECTION PRIMER: Bill Whittle's 'The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton' - Lawlessness is endemic in this administration. But beyond the lawlessness is, of course, the contempt.
Truth Revolt Hillary's Libya: Number of ISIS Fighters in Beleaguered Country Doubles - It's now the largest ISIS branch outside Iraq and Syria.
Truth Revolt Comey Found Pattern of Negligence in Hillary's Actions as FLOTUS and SecState - My, how things haven't changed.
Truth Revolt Claim: Clintons 'Got Rich' Off Poor Haitians Following Earthquake Tragedy - "This is Hillary's America."
Truth Revolt WATCH: Chris Christie Puts Hillary on Trial in RNC Speech - Guilty!
Truth Revolt Report: IRS Says it Referred Clinton Foundation Charges for Investigation - Referred, however, does not mean it will actually investigate.
Truth Revolt Hillary Clinton Broke These Four Laws Over Private Email, Says Former AG - One "that General Petraeus was convicted of."
Truth Revolt More Pay-to-Play Emails Reveal Top Clinton Foundation Exec Sought Diplomatic Passports From Huma - Do voters even care about the corruption at this point?
American Thinker Hillary Decides What’s Top Secret, What’s Not
American Thinker Hillary Clinton -- Career Criminal
The Week Why 'Crooked Hillary' is likely to stick
Federalist Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million -The mainstream media took no notice of a federal court filing that exposes a $84 million money-laundering conspiracy Democrats executed during the 2016 presidential election.
TVRTinfo Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided At Port Of Baltimore Reveals Sick Secret
Daily Wire GOP Senators Say Hillary, DNC Colluded With Ukraine To Undermine Trump Campaign, Press DOJ To Probe
Daily Wire BOMBSHELL: Audio, Email Evidence Shows DNC Colluded With Ukraine To Boost Hillary By Harming Trump, Report Says

Hillary Clinton - Supporters
Truth Revolt San Francisco Bay Area Rages Against Trump Victory - We're going to see a lot of this over the next four years.
Hillary Clinton in a speech recently caracterized her supporters as: grievance-mongers, ne'er-do-wells and people who believe they are victims, who believe government has an obligation to take care of them.
At the Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton spoke about the love of his life, his wife Hillary Clinton, who he cheats on whenever he can.
In a show of democratic solidarity for Hillary Clinton, Bernie supporters held up signs saying, LIAR and chanted Lock Her Up
Pamela Geller Donald Trump Rape Accuser Sees Tables Turned: ‘Not Telling the Truth’
WND Just in case, impeach Hillary plans ready - Congressman details bold move before Clinton swearing-in if elected
Washington Examiner The fact-checkers keep destroying fact-checking
Investors Business Daily Media To Voters: Drop Dead, We're Getting Hillary Elected
Front Page Mag Hillary’s Greatest Nightmare is Coming True - No one likes her.
Truth Revolt Obama Campaigns for Trump - "That's some politics being played by Hillary Clinton."
Ann Coulter When Do The Mothers Of Isis Speak?
Daily Wire 5 Reasons Obama's Big Speech Won't Help Hillary. At All.
1. The Speech Was About Obama.
2. Obama Lied About His Record.
3. Obama Lied About Hillary.
4. Obama’s Popularity Isn’t Transferable.
5. Obama Lied About What He’s Done To America
Daily Wire Leftist Filmmaker Uploads Video Showing His Shock At Just How Empty The DNC Is
Daily Wire 3 Things You Need To Know About The Orlando Jihadist Dad Showing Up At Hillary's Rally
Daily Wire Hillary Surrogate Hilariously FAILS to Explain Hillary on Sanctuary Cities, Email
Truth Revolt James O'Keefe Exposes More Democratic Disunity - "At this point, what difference does it make?"
Daily Wire Bill Clinton Blows It. Oops, Poor Choice Of Words.
Daily Wire 'Don't Let Anyone Ever Tell You That This Country Isn't Great,' Says Michelle Obama, Who Once Said She Wasn't Proud Of Her Country
Daily Wire Media Defend Hillary, Call Trump Supporters 'Deplorables.' If That's True, So Are Lots of Democrats.
Daily Wire To Rally Youth Vote, Hillary Recruits...Al Gore. Yes, Seriously.
Daily Wire Obama DOJ Drops Charges Against Arms Dealer Who Threatened to Expose Hillary
Daily Wire How Barack Obama Destroyed Hillary Clinton
National Review Obama's Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton
Breitbart FBI Director James Comey: We Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton Even Though There is ‘Evidence’ of Violations
Truth Revolt Hillary Supporters Literally Speechless on Her Accomplishments - "I really can’t name anything off the top of my head."
Truth Revolt Video: Hillary Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments - "Being a lawyer - that's super hard to achieve."
Truth Revolt Hillary's Terror-Tied Aide Had Full Access to Benghazi E-Mails - "Allah is our objective"
Truth Revolt Trump: Under Prez Hillary, 'We Will Have a Crime Wave Like You've Never Seen.' - "Hillary'd be a terrible President."
Truth Revolt Dice Video: Hillary Voters Support Repealing Bill of Rights - "You can’t have the rules of yesteryear now..."
Truth Revolt Eric Holder: 'Progressive' Hillary Best to 'Protect Obama Legacy' - She's an "agent of change."
Truth Revolt Only Six People Greet Hillary at Texas Airport, She Ignores Them - She doesn't even feign interest...
Truth Revolt Hollywood Women Avoid Giving to Hillary - Staying away in droves
Truth Revolt Emcee of African-Americans for Hillary Event Used Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Slurs - But we thought Hillary was a friend to the LGBT and Jewish communities...
Truth Revolt Hookers for Hillary! - Bunny Ranch workers pimp Hillary.
Truth Revolt Hillary Endorsed by KKK Leader, Media Look the Other Way - "Once she’s in the presidency, she’s going to come out and her true colors are going to show."
Truth Revolt DNC Defends Hill's Email Abuse - Wasserman Schultz declares investigation "ludicrous."
Truth Revolt Trump Slams 'Pocahontas' Warren - False claim to Native American heritage.
Truth Revolt Convenient: State Department Seeks 27-Month Delay in Releasing Thousands of Clinton Foundation Emails - It's like they're going out of their way to look guilty.
Truth Revolt The Counsel Hillary Keeps: Son of Advisor Sidney Blumenthal Defames Elie Wiesel - He is pure hate.
Truth Revolt Trust Hillary? Bernie Won't Say - Refuses direct question on matter of trust.
Truth Revolt Report: Bill Clinton Received Millions From World’s Largest Sharia Law Education Group - That's comforting...
Truth Revolt Terrorist Omar Mateen's Father Comes Out in Support of Hillary - He said he agrees with "everything" she says.
Truth Revolt Reporter to State Dept Dodging Clinton Question: ‘Am I Not Speaking English?’ - Bravo, Matt, bravo!
Truth Revolt Clinton Aide Worked for Mag That Blamed America for 9/11 - Huma worked for radical Muslim publication.
Truth Revolt Hillary Campaign Chairman Tied to Russian Lobby - Podesta Group did Putin PR work.
Truth Revolt Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor on Terror No-Fly List, Denied US Entry - "He's key guy there and to us..."
Truth Revolt Communist Party Endorses Hillary, Media Crickets Ensue - Too busy reporting on Trump and the KKK.
Truth Revolt Goldman Sachs Enacts Rule Prohibiting Partners From Contributing to Trump - But somehow it's OK to contribute to Hillary....
Truth Revolt FLASHBACK: Michelle O Slams Hillary as Unfit for Presidency - Now a major supporter!
Truth Revolt Lesbian Trump Supporter to Robby Mook: 'You're a Disgrace' - "Reporting from my basket..."
Truth Revolt VIDEO: SJW Woman Loses Her Mind During Traffic Stop After Flipping Off Trump Supporter - A Hillary supporter’s true colors come shining through!
Truth Revolt ‘Dilbert’ Creator Switches Vote to Trump: Clinton Proposes ‘Robbery by Government’ - "Fairness is an argument for idiots and children.
Truth Revolt Desperate? Hillary Camp Gives Out Handwritten Signs at Rally as if Attendees Brought Them - We knew enthusiasm for Hillary was low, but this takes the cake.
Truth Revolt Video: Huma Abedin's Terrorist Ties to 9/11 Funders - Hillary: "If I had a second daughter, it would be Huma."
Truth Revolt Shocker: Hillary Winning Muslim Vote by a Landslide - 72 percent lead
Truth Revolt Obama Plays Sexism Card for Hillary: It Will Plague Her Entire Presidency - From the man who played the race card for the last eight years.
Truth Revolt 2-Terabyte Drive of Bill Clinton White House Data Stolen from National Archives - The Clintons: shrouded in mystery.
Truth Revolt Jill Stein: Hillary Means Nuclear War - Hillary's war-mongering "is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen."
Truth Revolt Glazov Gang: Top 10 Reasons Huma Abedin Should Terrify You - What happens if Hillary wins the election and the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Abedin becomes Chief of Staff?
Truth Revolt Clinton Foundation Head Said Chelsea Used It to Fund Multi-Million Dollar Wedding, Lifestyle - "Not smart..."
mrc tv Report: Hillary Email Story Leaked by Closest Obama Adviser to Sabotage Nomination Run
mrc tv Obama: President 'Can't Be Reckless' - FBI Dir.: Clinton Was 'Extremely Careless'
mrc tv Sarah Silverman, Al Franken Fail to Laugh Off Anti-Hillary Chants of 'Bernie!'
Western Journalism Watch: Hillary Supporters Get Asked A Very Simple Question - Their Responses Say It All
Project Veritas HIDDEN CAM: Lovefest Between Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin and Syrian Refugees
National Review The Clinton Foundation Reeks of Crooks, Thieves, and Hoods
wizbang Google Is Suppressing The Search Term "Crooked Hillary" By Pretending It Doesn’t Exist
Fox News Wall Street for Hillary?:Clinton has $48.5M in hedge fund backing, compared to Trump's $19K
mrc tv Clinton Supporter Sets American Flag on Fire, Assaults Senior Citizen
Breitbart Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’
Dr. Rich Swier Letter from a Blue Star Mother to the Muslim Gold Star father that spoke at the DNC
Daily Reckoning Is Janet Yellen in Bed With Hillary?
American Thinker FBI's 302 Report Proves Complicity in Clinton Email Scandal
Town Hall Hillary Clinton Sees Her Own Voters as the 47 Percent
Legal Insurrection Did Top State Official Try To Bribe FBI To Reclassify Emails?
American Spectator The Nastiness of the Clinton Campaign - How will she govern having made so many new enemies?
Jewish World Review Hillary Ads Reaching Out To Stupid Women
Times Wikileaks: Mexican Drug Kingpin, El Chapo, Donated 15M to Clinton Foundation
mrc tv Chinese Ambassador & Propaganda Outlet Praise Hillary Clinton For Pushing 'Racist' Trump Virus Response

Hillary Clinton - Supporting Voting Fraud
Do whatever you can get away with. - Christina Gupana, a Hillary Clinton supporting Las Vegas attorney advising voter registrars to break the law
We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes [Republicans] for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now, we’re just going to find a different way to do it. - Scott Foval, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change
Time Magazine Conservative Sting Video Goes Inside Clinton Campaign Training
Project Veritas Hidden Cameras Capture Clinton Campaign Staff in Nevada not Only Skirting the Law but Mocking it
Truth Revolt Clinton Voter Fraud Live on C-SPAN? - Sanders wins! No, wait... (distractions) Clinton wins!!
Truth Revolt Video Shows Hillary Supporters Voting in Nevada Caucus Without Registering - "They’re letting them into the caucus right now without registering them," said one woman.
Truth Revolt Nearly 85,000 Progressives Sign Petition Demanding Bill Clinton’s Arrest for 'Egregious' Campaign Law Violations - How's that monster the Left created?
Truth Revolt Petition to Arrest Bill Clinton Close to 100,000 Signatures - "The people are tired of the Clinton's breaking the laws and walking away winners when they have clearly cheated!"
Truth Revolt WATCH: Hillary Voter Registration Fraud Captured in Nevada - "Stand Up to Trump! Register to Vote"
Zerohedge New Evidence Links Voting Machines And Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth
Red State Prayers for Jonathan Turley After His Definitive Takedown of Hillary’s Latest ‘but My Emails’ Defense
I didn't lie. I just didn't tell the truth. - Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton said, "We Will NOT Build a Wall." What she didn't say but was obvious to the cameras, "We will not build a wall to protect Americans from illegal invaders. However, we built walls to protect the the political elite at the Democratic National Convention from undocumented delegate without the proper ID."
Liberty Blitzkrieg Video of the Day - Watch Hillary Clinton Lie for 13 Minutes Straight
Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton’s lover - before and AFTER his marriage - tells how 'lumpy' Hillary with her 'fat ankles and hair on her toes' schemed to get her to LIE on 60 Minutes about Bill's other affairs
mrc tv Hillary Clinton: ‘We Will NOT Build a Wall’
YouTube Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies... A Lot
Truth Revolt Watch Hillary Clinton Lie for 13 Minutes Straight - Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire.
Louder With Crowder 5 Times the Clintons Have Blatantly Lied to the Press
Hot Air Hillary to CNN: I was never subpoenaed. Gowdy: Um, here’s the subpoena
Truth Revolt Gowdy: Hillary Got Three Subpoenas
Truth Revolt Clinton Told Chelsea Truth, Lied to American People on Benghazi - Called Benghazi an attack by terror group
Truth Revolt Exit Poll: 5% of NH Democrat Voters Say Hillary Clinton Is Honest, Trustworthy - 93% view opponent Sanders as honest.
Truth Revolt Gallup: 'Liar' Most Common Word Used to Describe Hillary - Again - Americans felt exactly the same eight years ago.
Truth Revolt Hillary's 'We Made History' Photo a Lie - "Guess you didn't get the memo..."
Truth Revolt Hillary Fundraises Off... Wait For It... Being Victim of MEDIA BIAS! - Now that's chutzpah.
Truth Revolt Oops! Hillary Demands Prez Have ‘Rock Solid Steadiness’ Days Before Collapse - It’s time to step aside.
Truth Revolt Hillary: I'm the 'Most Transparent' Presidential Candidate Ever - If by "most" she means "least," then we agree.
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: The Clinton Lie Ratchet - It's useful to recognize and understand the pattern that Hillary and Bill revert to when confronted with unflattering evidence.
Truth Revolt Greenfield: They Knew: The End of the Clinton Lies Begins - There’s only one lie left.
Daily Wire Pathological Liar Hillary Says AGAIN That FBI Called Her 'Consistent And Truthful'
Daily Wire Clintons Promise They'll Be Honest If Elected. You're A Fool To Believe Them.

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth - Russian Collusion - Russian Delusion
Law Enforcement Today Declassified: Report suggests Obama-Biden administration knew of Hillary Clinton’s possible Russia-hoax involvement
Daily Wire Hillary Clinton: Tulsi Gabbard A ‘Russian Asset’ Being Groomed For Third-Party Run
Daily Wire Tulsi Gabbard Gets Lawyers Involved, Accuses Hillary Of Defamation, Demands Retraction
mrc tv Durham Indicts Primary Source of 'Steele Dossier' for 'Making False Statements to the FBI'

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth - Global Warming Hypocrisy
Truth Revolt Hill Boards Private Gas Guzzling Plane After Global Warming Speech - Pushes global warming agenda moments before taking private flight

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth - Lawlessness - email - National Security Scandal
FBI Director James Comey just announced in an entirely non-political way that because Hillary Clinton is a female and a Democrat, it doesn't matter how many laws she broke, only a sexist right wing crazy would want to prosecute her for her crimes.
There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail (except me). - Hillary Clinton
Ambassador Stevens sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton more than 600 emails requesting beefed up security. She never saw any of them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered every email Hollywood actor Ben Affleck sent to her. I guess Ambassador Stevens didn't contribute enough to her campaign or wasn't famous enough to deserve an answer to his emails.
In the recent debate, we heard that Hillary is tired of hearing about her email. So are the American public. We just want to see her arrested, convicted and imprisoned for her multiple felonies including gross negligence under the Espionage Act as well as Obstruction of Justice, ....
In the recent debate, we heard that Hillary is tired of hearing about her email. Since the Department of Injustice will likely not prosecute her for her federal crimes, she will have to get used to the American people talking about her lawlessnes.
By the way, you may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves. - Hillary Clinton
Richard Nixon was a piker. He only deleted 18 minutes from one tape. I deleted 30,000 messages. - Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton, smart enough to set up her own email server, but dumb enough that neither she or anybody on her staff was able to figure out what classified meant.
Hillary has spent her entire life attempting to avoid blowback from a rogue weiner - her husband’s. Who would have ever thought her presidential campaign would be laid low by another rogue Weiner? - Ben Shapiro
The first shot of the second civil war has just been fired by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Judicial Watch Judicial Watch Victory: Court Grants Significant New Discovery in Clinton Email Case
Dan Bongino Show Clinton Email Scandal Not Over, New FBI Failure Uncovered
YouTube Trey Gowdy's Furious "What Happened To Hillary Clinton's 14,000 Emails?"
Truth Revolt FBI Sources: Moving Towards 'Likely an Indictment' in Clinton Foundation Case - And they're 99% certain that her server was hacked by foreign sources... at least five times!
Daily Wire 7 Things You Need To Know About The FBI's Renewed Hillary Investigation
Daily Wire BREAKING: FBI Found Hillary Emails On Weiner Electronic Device
Daily Wire Team Hillary: Yeah, Hillary 'Wanted To Get Away With It'
Truth Revolt Wallace and Bernstein: Reopening Hillary Investigation a 'Bombshell" - "You know he didn’t want to do this, ... go back to these committees and announce this... fully aware of the bombshell effect it would have.
Truth Revolt Left-Wing Hypocrisy: Clinton Employee Handbook Forbids Staff to Use Private Email - Do as I say, not as I do.
Truth Revolt UPDATED: More Damning Podesta Email Leaks Emerge, MSM Ignores - State Department colluded with Associated Press to plant distorted story on Hillary emails.
Canada Free Press Was the Fix in on FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Emails? - It is clear that the FBI did hold Mrs. Clinton and her aides to a different standard-one which gives a free pass to lies and corruption
Canada Free Press FBI notes prove Hillary crony Mills lied about server, and investigators knew it - Comey's response is Clintonian: "I don't remember."
Daily Wire 5 Reasons James Comey's FBI Investigation of Hillary is a Total Joke
Daily Wire FBI: Hillary Deleted 30 Emails About Benghazi
Daily Wire Did Hillary Clinton's Email Server Get An Iranian Spy Killed?
Daily Wire Democrats Try to Slam Trump For Saying He Hopes Putin Has Hillary’s Emails. There’s Just One SMALL Problem.
Truth Revolt Hillary Used Special Tool to Wipe Homebrewed Server - It was not a cloth.
Federalist Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’ - "This has gone from being a curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue."
Affluent Invstor FBI Admits Clinton Wrongdoing But Won’t Press Charges
Daily Reckoning Hillary Beats the Rap!
mrc tv Video-Fmr. U.S. Atty.: I'd Indict Clinton; Comey's Comments 'Over the Line'
anti-media This Man Was Charged After Committing Same Crimes as Hillary Clinton
anti-media Oops: When Clearing Clinton, FBI Accidentally Proved She Committed Perjury
The Daily Wire Yes, Hillary Had 'Intent' Under Law. Comey Lied. She Should Be Prosecuted.
AP AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe
Truth Revolt Horowitz: The Most Frightening Political Fix - The most breathtaking fix in American history.
Truth Revolt AP Fact-Checks Hillary's Lies: Her Story 'Collapses' Under Scrutiny - She escaped legal ramifications; will she escape the court of public opinion?
Breitbart FBI Director James Comey: We Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton Even Though There is ‘Evidence’ of Violations
YouTube Clinton Emails On Film - Bryan Pagliano's deposition
YouTube Clinton Emails On Film - Stephen Mull's Deposition
YouTube Clinton Emails On Film - Cheryl Mills' Deposition
Truth Revolt Hillary IT Staffer Pleads 5th Amendment 125+ Times - "...a sad day for government transparency."
Truth Revolt Clinton Staffer Refused Every Question Regarding Private Server - He sounded like a broken record.
Truth Revolt Internal Battle at Kremlin Over Release of Hillary's Top Secret Emails - "Should Clinton’s top secret emails be released more damage to Russian peoples could be done."
YouTube Hillary Clinton is Going to Prison
American Thinker With new email release, total of classified emails on Hillary’s unsecured server reaches 1,818
Hot Air Former Attorney General: Clinton may have "disqualified herself for elected office"
Truth Revolt HROD17: Hillary Email Claim Proves False - This directly contradicts Clinton's claim that she used only one email address as Secretary of State.
Truth Revolt Clinton Emails Discuss Weapons in Benghazi - Blumenthal release raises more questions
Truth Revolt Axelrod Knew About Hill's Emails! - Documents tell a different story from his public statements
Truth Revolt Hillary Finally Turns Over Email Server - Too Bad It's Blank - How did THAT happen?
Truth Revolt MSNBC Liberals Turn On Clinton - Want answers on email scandal
Truth Revolt Report: 60 Clinton Emails Flagged as Classified
Truth Revolt Clinton Aide: Don't Know What Wiped Means
Truth Revolt Busted! Hillary Can't Decide Whether Her Lawyers Deleted Her Emails or She Did - Both. Neither. No wait ... Bush!
Truth Revolt CIA Confirms Hillary Emails Contained 'Top Secret' Info - Clinton Campaign says investigation "hampered by bureaucratic infighting among the intelligence community"
Truth Revolt Employee at Hillary Server Company: 'Covering Up Some Shady Sh*t' - The company was told to reduce the data backed up from the server.
Truth Revolt Clinton Advisor Emails On Benghazi to be Released - Shows Blumenthal stood to gain financially from war.
Truth Revolt Rubio Destroys Charlie Rose's Defense of Hillary's Benghazi Lies - Watch Rubio have Rose for lunch.
Truth Revolt FBI Expands Probe of Clinton Emails - Same statute of law that landed Martha Stewart in jail.
Truth Revolt FBI Steps Up Clinton Email Probe - Legal questions have not stopped
Truth Revolt Clinton's Weasel Word Emails on Benghazi - Playing semantics while Americans die.
Truth Revolt Is Hillary Manipulating the Investigation Into Her Email Server? - Hillary doing something shady? Nah.
Truth Revolt Clinton's E-mail Cover Is So Full of Holes, Even the NYT Noticed - Well, noticed as in, 'Let's do a really soft takedown.'
Truth Revolt Clinton Email Dump May Show Law Broken - State Dept. drops docs in the middle of the night
Truth Revolt Hill-arious: Clinton Still Laughing About E-mail Scandal - But she's just SO relatable, right?
Truth Revolt BREAKING: State Dept Won't Release 22 of Hillary's Emails Because They Are, Get This, TOP SECRET - Yeah, remember how she wasn't handling classified material?
Truth Revolt Cruz Ad Mocks Clinton Email Server Problem - "Damn, it feels good to be a Clinton."
Truth Revolt Hillary Clinton Broke These Four Laws Over Private Email, Says Former AG - One "that General Petraeus was convicted of."
Truth Revolt Clinton Lied About Email Server, Again! - Latest proof Clinton isn't telling the truth
Truth Revolt Clinton Server Breached by Romanian Hacker: 'It was Easy' - "... for everybody."
Truth Revolt IG Report: Clinton Broke the Rules
Truth Revolt Media Uninterested in Possible Hillary Email Leak of CIA Names - #valerieplame
Truth Revolt Security Protocols Were Disabled on Hillary Clinton's Server - "We were attacked again so I shut it down for a few min."
Truth Revolt Powell: Real Risk is Blackmail, Not Just Interference with U.S. Politics - Voters now face the possibility that Hillary’s email scandal has legs with lasting consequences.
Truth Revolt New Emails Reveal Clinton Foundation Official Asked Favors of Hillary’s State Department - The proof keeps mounting, but the media and willfully blind voters just don't care.
Truth Revolt While MSM Ignores, Here Are the Most Damning Podesta Email Leaks So Far - But let's see what Gloria Allred has sniffed out about Trump instead...
Truth Revolt Retired CIA Officer Explains Why Hillary's Emails Matter - This is for anyone you know who still doesn't "get it."
Yahoo! News Newly disclosed Hillary Clinton emails may undercut her earlier claims
Fox News Benghazi night call between Clinton and Obama withheld, documents show
mrc tv Forget Legality, Hillary's Personal Emails May Have Compromised National Security
mrc tv FLASHBACK: Sec. Clinton Blasted Cyber-Sloppiness While Sharing Gov't Secrets on Personal Server
mrc tv Hypocrisy of Marine Hero Being Forced Out for Smaller Classified Email Infraction Than Hillary's Exposed by Liberal Website
mrc tv Perjury? Defense Dept. Finds Hillary Work Emails Never Turned Over
mrc tv Walls Closing in on Hillary? FBI Grabs Second Email Server
mrc tv Megyn Kelly: Media IGNORED ‘Bombshell’ Email at Benghazi Hearing, Left Clinton ‘Unscathed’
mrc tv Gov't Review Confirms Hillary Had Top Secret Material on Personal Email Server
American Thinker Hillary's private server emails contained info from 5 intelligence agencies
American Thinker Hillary's Email: It's a Felony!
American Thinker Petraeus Prosecuted -- Why not Hillary?
Political Mavens So, how did Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get her classified messages?
Judicial Watch Judicial Watch Obtains New Huma Abedin Emails from Server
Doug Ross @ Journal Clinton Emailed Identity Of Top CIA Asset Over Unsecure Server
Fox News Gov. Palin: I faced tough questions over email, so should Hillary Clinton
Breitbart Gross Negligence? Report Suggests Hillary Clinton Violated The Espionage Act
mrc tv President Bill Clinton Lost One Million Emails: The First Clinton Email Scandal
New York Post Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials
Daily Wire 'Final Batch' Of Emails Clinton Tried To 'Delete Or Destroy' Uncovered: Contain More Classified Material
Daily Wire Report: FBI Had An ‘Oh S---’ Moment When They Discovered Hillary Clinton’s Emails On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop
American Wire State Department Concludes Clinton Email Review, Says It Found Nearly 600 Security Violations

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth - Four Dead In Benghazi
Hillary Clinton - the Butcher of Benghazi
"... we came up with a way of supporting their efforts that did not cost a single American life (since I don't care about the 4 dead in Benghazi). - Hillary Clinton
Democratic voters are not going to reject Mrs. Clinton even if she were to admit that she had flown to Benghazi and joined Al Qaeda in the attack. - Erick Erickson
mrc tv Benghazi Report SHOCKERS: Rescue Delayed by Wardrobe Worries, Cover-up Preceded Victims' Deaths
Truth Revolt Damning House Benghazi Report Released, Obama Admin Still Blames Video - "It's time to move on," says Hillary.
Truth Revolt Trump Online Attack Ad on Benghazi - Calls Hillary a liar over terrorist attack.
American Thinker Hillary declares the 4 dead at Benghazi compound non-persons
Truth Revolt Hillary: 'We Didn't Lose a Single Person' in Libya - We lost FOUR people in Libya.
Truth Revolt Benghazi Victim’s Mother Screams 'Hillary Is a Liar!' After Watching '13 Hours' - Smith later said she wants to see Hillary in jail for her actions.
Truth Revolt Benghazi Movie Brings Back "Stand Down" Controversy - Democrats circle around Hillary
Truth Revolt EMAIL SHOCKER: Troops Were Ready to Deploy to Benghazi - Email from Pentagon to Hillary's staff shows the truth
Truth Revolt Megyn Kelly's Definitive Dismantling Of Benghazi Lies - This is why we have journalists.
Truth Revolt Hillary Knew Benghazi Was a Terror Attack, Not a Spontaneous Protest - Did she keep to herself to ensure Obama's reelection?
Truth Revolt Clinton Email Shows Amb. Stevens Was Worried About Libyan Security - Clinton's unsecured emails "definitely increased risk."
Truth Revolt Hillary Emails Reveal She Didn’t Know Murdered Ambassador’s Name - "She actually got BOTH names of the dead wrong."
Truth Revolt [WATCH] Fiorina: Hillary 'Has Blood on Her Hands' over Benghazi
Truth Revolt Mother of Benghazi Victim Erupts at Hillary: ‘She’s Lying!’ - "[Hillary] has not given me any information except to tell me I am not a member of the immediate family and do not need to know."
Truth Revolt Hillary: Mother of Murdered Benghazi Victim 'Absolutely Wrong' to Call Me a Liar - Does she really wish to go this route?
Truth Revolt Short-Term Memory: Hillary Forgets Four Americans Died in Benghazi - Shameful.
Truth Revolt Benghazi Vet Says Special Operators Will 'Leave Military' if Hillary Elected
Truth Revolt Benghazi Dad Fires Back At Hillary: Maybe Head Injury Affected Her Memory - Touché.
Response Action Network Hillary Lied about Benghazi
American Thinker Not everyone was swooning over Hillary's Benghazi testimony
American Thinker How can you have a serious inquiry with one party in the tank for the witness?
Canada Free Press Hillary sure gets a kick out of Ambassador Stevens’s wacky sense of humor, huh?
Canada Free Press Hillary: I Didn’t Blame Benghazi On The YouTube Video - Four pinocchios for the pantsuit
mrc tv WATCH: Clinton Claims She Never Got Any of the 600 Security Requests from Libya
Clinton Suggests Benghazi Victims' Relatives Are Lying
mrc tv Benghazi Survivors Respond to Clinton Suggestion That Victim Families Were Lying

Hillary Clinton - Speaking Lies For Power - War On Truth - Illegal Alien Invasion
mrc tv President Obama Agreed To Ban Refugees In 2011
Truth Revolt Hillary: ‘We’ve Done a Really Good Job Securing The Border’ - "Immigration from not happening anymore."
American Thinker Clinton claims our border is secure

Hillary Clinton - War On Gays
Hillary Clinton supports gay rights. She supports their right to be thrown off of buildings in Muslim countries. - Cynical Pessimist
Truth Revolt Trump: Hillary Takes Money from Countries that Throw Gays Off Buildings - Should she give back the money?
Truth Revolt Will Hillary Return the Millions Donated to Her From Countries That Kill Gays? - No.
Fox News Rights groups silent as Clinton Foundation takes millions from countries that imprison gays

Hillary Clinton - War On Women
All women claiming to be attacked by men deserve to be believed. Unless their attacker is Bill Clinton (Hillary's husband).
Ann Coulter Every Rape Victim Deserves To Be Heard -- Except By Hillary Clinton
Truth Revolt New Rape PAC to Give Platform to Bill and Hillary's 'Victims' - Poetic justice.
Truth Revolt WATCH: Hillary Supporters Aghast Learning She Paid Women Less
Truth Revolt Hillary’s Women's Empowerment Project Accepted $5 Million From Sexual Abuser - "I think the Clinton Foundation would accept anything from anybody and close their eyes where the money comes from."
Truth Revolt Harassment Complaints at State Dept. Spike Nearly 300% Under Clinton, Kerry - "A disclosure that could have political implications for election campaigns."
Truth Revolt Fmr Clinton Aide Kathleen Willey: Hillary 'Is the War on Women' - "This woman wrote the book on terrorizing women."
Truth Revolt Hillary Thinks It's Hilarious That Man Wants to 'Strangle' Carly Fiorina - The real War on Women continues ...
Truth Revolt BACKLASH: Hillary says Sex Assaults Victims Must Be Believed - Tweet draws outrage
Truth Revolt Woman Slammed as 'Heckler' by Hillary, MSM a Rape Survivor - Apparently only liberal survivors of rape are to be taken into consideration.
Truth Revolt Coulter: Chris Matthews' Hillary Amnesia - Matthews has been scoffing at Trump's description of Hillary as an "enabler" of her husband's serial abuse of women.
Truth Revolt Clinton Foundation Pays Men 38% More than Women - "It is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job," says Hillary.
Truth Revolt Remember When Hillary Thought Bill and 'the Other Woman' Was Funny? - Hill-arious!
Truth Revolt Coulter: Every Rape Victim Deserves to be Heard - Except by Hillary - The central theme of Hillary's campaign is the biggest lie of all.
Truth Revolt Leftist Media Finally Notices Juanita Broderick - Buzzfeed says she just wants to be believed.
Truth Revolt Giuliani: For Trusting Bill, Hillary is 'Too Stupid to be President' - "Her husband disgraced this country with what he did in the Oval Office and she didn’t just stand by him, she attacked Monica Lewinsky."
Truth Revolt Hypocrisy Alert: Hillary Paid Female Staffers Much Less Than Men - Wait a second... isn’t she supposed to be FOR women?
Breitbart EXCLUSIVE-Kathleen Willey Thanks Donald Trump for Highlighting Bill Clinton’s History with Women, Urges More Victims to Come Forward
Breitbart EXCLUSIVE - Clinton’s Alleged Ex-Lover: Hillary a ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Sex Addict’ Bill Told Me He Had 2,000 Women
Ann Coulter Trump's Problem With Women
Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar' who defended her rapist by smearing her, blocking evidence and callously laughing that she knew he was guilty
mrc tv Clinton Deletes ‘You Have the Right to Be Believed’ from Campaign Website
Daily Wire 7 Times Hillary Clinton Threatened, Smeared and Targeted Women
Daily Wire Performer Who Calls Women 'B****es' And 'H**s' To Headline Concert For 'Feminist' Hillary
Daily Wire ‘Underage Girls’ On Epstein’s Plane When Clinton Flew On It, Says Investigative Journalis
Daily Wire Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Multiple Democrats In Alleged Sex Ring
Daily Wire Ronan Farrow: Bill Clinton ‘Credibly Accused’ Of Rape, Investigation Long ‘Overdue’

Hillary Clinton - War On Children
True Pundit NYPD Turns Against the FBI: Seized Laptop Shows Hillary Clinton Covered Up Weiner’s Alleged Sex Crimes With 15 yr old During Election

Hillary Clinton - War On Sick
American Thinker Hillary Wants to Kill Me

Hillary Clinton - War On Poverty (gimme some money)
We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt - Hillary Clinton
Truth Revolt Half of Clinton Charitable Giving Went to the Clinton Foundation
Truth Revolt The Clintons Earned $25M from Speeches in 2014
Truth Revolt Hillary Charges Boys & Girls Club $200,000 to Speak, Keeps it All - The candidate of the people.
Truth Revolt 'Candidate Cribs' Shocks Young Voters - Mistake Clinton homes for Republican mansions
Truth Revolt Clinton Foundation Takes Big From Foreign Governments - Millions from overseas sources.
Truth Revolt Gal of the People, Hillary Defends Speeches to Wall St. - Claims to fight for the average citizen while getting paid mega-bucks.
Truth Revolt WATCH: 'Clinton Cash' Now a Documentary Movie - "I gotta pay our bills."
Truth Revolt Hillary Wore a $12,495 Jacket While Speaking About Inequality - Remember when Hillary said she was "dead broke" after leaving the White House?
Truth Revolt Hillary's Free College Failure: Plan to Tax Rich Comes Up Billions Short - Missed it by that much.
Truth Revolt Big Donors Fund Clinton While Hillary Pitches to Blue Collar - Elite dinners for the uber rich.
Truth Revolt Hillary Raises $11M+ at Fancy Hollywood Fundraisers - She's just like you and me!
Truth Revolt Report: Hillary Campaign Overcharging Poorest Donors - "We see this same scheme with a lot of seedy porn companies."
Yahoo! Finance The latest Clinton cash intrigue involves a Czech model and a 'distasteful' $500,000 donation
Truth Revolt Don't Be Fooled, Hillary Loves Taking Wall Street Money - Goldman Sachs-full of money!
Truth Revolt Networks Not Interested In Clinton's $12 Million Pay-to-Play With Moroccan King - Another pillar of human rights and democratic values.
National Review How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians
Daily Wire Hillary Looks To Loot Rich Corpses, Protects Her Own Assets From Estate Tax
Daily Wire 7 Things You Need To Know About The Clinton Foundation
Daily Wire Clinton Foundation Says It Won’t Take More Foreign Donations. They Lied About Doing That In 2008.
Daily Wire MEMO: Clinton Used Foundation As Cover To Raise Cash For Their Own Benefit
Observer Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors - Wells Fargo fraud department inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting repeated unauthorized charges
mrc tv Clinton Fundraiser Charges $500 to Join 'Conversation with Chelsea'
Daily Reckoning Waking up in Hillary Clinton’s America
Information Liberation FACT CHECK: Hillary Said 90% of Clinton Foundation Donations go to Charity. Actual Number? 5.7%
Breitbart Peter Schweizer: Clinton Global Initiative Folded Because They Can No Longer ‘Sell Access to Political Power’

Hillary Clinton - War On Jews - War On Israel
f---ing Jew bastard - Hillary Clinton talking about Bill Clinton's former congressional campaign manager
Truth Revolt Huckabee Responds to Hillary: 'What's Truly Unacceptable Is A Mushroom Cloud Over Israel'
Truth Revolt Hillary Pens Op-Ed Claiming Love For Israel: Her Record Says Otherwise - "I will do everything I can to enhance our strategic partnership." Riiiight.
Truth Revolt Damning Op-Ed Exposes How Hillary's Top Aides Are Rabidly Anti-Israel - Will the American Jewish community continue to stand by her?
Truth Revolt Glick: Clinton, Libya, and Israel
Truth Revolt Clinton Campaign Panel Includes Muslim Leader Who Blamed Israel for 9/11 Attacks, Supports Terrorist Groups - This is a man who justified Hezbollah's bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut that left 241 Marines dead.
Truth Revolt Audio of Sen. Clinton in 2006 Wishing for Rigged Palestine Election - And making other "questionable moral equivalencies."
Truth Revolt Rebel Media: The Trump Video Every Jew Must Watch - Jewish and voting liberal? Watch this video first.
American Thinker Latest emails reveal the end of Hillary's claim to be a friend of Israel
mrc tv What Hillary Clinton Forgot to Mention at AIPAC About Why Negotiations Are So Difficult
Breitbart Hillary Clinton Campaign Rejects Max Blumenthal’s Antisemitism

Hillary Clinton - War On The Economy
Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs! That old theory, trickle-down economics, has been tried. That has failed.- Hillary Clinton
Daily Reckoning Hillary Saves Capitalism!
Human Events What Creates Jobs
Breitbart Hillary: ‘We Are Going to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class’
mrc tv Bill Clinton Mocks Devastated W.Va. ‘Coal People’ for Blaming Obama’s Efforts to Bankrupt Them
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 1: The Economy - Wow, Hillary: so many falsehoods and so little time...
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 2: The Financial Crisis - Democrats caused the problem, then Democrats took credit for solving it.
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 3: Energy and Climate Change - Didn’t President Obama promise us unlimited prosperity from this new Green economy eight years ago? And four years ago?
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 4: Cyber Security - There’s a word for people who sell out their nation’s security for money.
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 5: Fighting ISIS - Everything Hillary has touched overseas has turned into a disaster.
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle's Firewall: Debating Hillary, Part 6: Provocations - The country deserves somebody who is not a traitor, a pathological liar and a felon, or an unprepared, thin-skinned egotist.

Hillary Clinton - War On The Environment
Truth Revolt What a Load of Crap: Clinton/Kaine Bus Emptied Human Waste on Georgia Roadside - "They just turned that lever and let it rip."

Hillary Clinton - War On Blacks and other undesireables
mrc tv FLASHBACK-Hillary: 'I Admire Margaret Sanger...Her VISION' ('A RACE of THOROUGHBREDS')
mrc tv FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton's Gay Marriage Quote Shocks Students
Truth Revolt Black Author: Bill & Hillary 'Decimated Black America' - "Some might argue that it’s unfair to judge Hillary Clinton for the policies her husband championed years ago. But Hillary wasn’t picking out china while she was first lady."
Truth Revolt Clinton Suddenly Sorry for Calling Blacks 'Super-Predators' - Regrets… she's had a few. Might be a little late on this one, though.
Truth Revolt Sheriff Clarke: No, Hillary, You're the Racist - "A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black."
YouTube Hillary Clinton on "Superpredators"

Hillary Clinton - War On Police - War On Cops
Truth Revolt Coulter: Hillary Honors Dead Cops - Hillary would not stop lecturing the police for their lack of sensitivity.
Truth Revolt DNC Will Exclude Widows, Family of Slain Police Officers at Convention - Pandering.
Truth Revolt Giuliani: Uniformed Law Enforcement Not Allowed on Democratic Convention Floor - "Go look at your footage. You find me a uniform. Hillary Clinton didn’t want uniformed police officers on the convention floor."
Truth Revolt Greenfield: Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte - Nothing says "family man" like assaulting women and children.
Daily Wire 11 Horrible Things Hillary Said To The NAACP About Cops And Race
Jewish World Review Hillary Lies, Cops Die
mrc tv Hillary Speaks 'Directly To White People' For Latest Cop Shooting

Hillary Clinton - War On Americans
Blacks are super predators - Hillary Clinton
Hispanics are taco bowls - Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump Supporters are deplorables - Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders supporters are basement dwellers - Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders supporters are a bucket of losers - Hillary Clinton
PJ Media Basement Dwellers: Clinton Attacks Millennial Bernie Backers in Leaked Audio
PJ Media Racist, Sexist and Possibly Homophobic Clinton Rally Goes Unnoticed for 8 Years
PJ Media Hillary and the Democrats Continue Their War on Black
Truth Revolt Hell Hath No Fury Like a Progressive Scorned: Wikileaks Prompts Left to Turn on Hillary - Apparently they don't like being called losers, pompous, bitching, basement-dwelling ideologues.

Hillary Clinton - War On Americans - support for Islamic - Muslim Terrorists
mrc tv Clinton: 'Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism'
Front Page Magazine How Hillary and Obama Caused the Orlando ISIS Attack - Obama ignored ISIS, Americans died.
Truth Revolt Hillary Ignores Istanbul Terror Massacre During Town Hall - She focused on what really threatens lives: cyber bullying.
Daily Wire The Dumbest Thing Tim Kaine Said in Last Night's Debate

Hillary Clinton - War On The Second Amendment
Truth Revolt 20 Gun Control Groups Endorse Hillary for President - "The 2016 Election is one of the most consequential for the gun violence prevention movement."

Hillary Clinton - Transparent
Hillary Clinton has managed to block the release of the depositions of her and her team of criminls. She must block anything that will make her look bad because there isn't anything out there that makes her look good. - Cynical Pessimist
Yahoo! News Hillary Clinton Hasn't Answered a Press Question in 21 Days (And Her Opponents Are Taking Notice)
The Weekly Standard Hillary Hides from Media, Voters for First Month of Campaign - The Invisible Campaign.
Washington Post Hillary Clinton hasn’t answered a question from the media in 20 days
Truth Revolt Hillary Wiped Email Server Clean; All Emails Erased, Lawyer Says
New York Magazine The Clinton Foundation’s Behind-the-Scenes Battle With a Charity Watchdog Group
Truth Revolt Hillary Created Private Email Account The Day Senate Hearings Began - Communications during tenure at State Department lost due to illegal use of private account
Truth Revolt Her Royal Hillaryness Teaches Impertinent Reporter A Lesson For Daring To Ask A Question - Due consideration?
Truth Revolt Scarborough: There are a Lot of Questions Hillary Can’t and Won't Answer
Truth Revolt NYT Editor: Hillary Stonewalling Reporters is No Biggie - "I don't think her not talking to the press is an issue."
Truth Revolt Clinton Aide Seeks To Keep Deposition Video Secret - Claims partisan nature of case
Truth Revolt Hillary Blocking E-Mail Deposition Tapes from Public, Filmmaker Re-Enacting Transcripts - "Truth is more important than politics."
Truth Revolt Huma Abedin Admits: Hillary Burned Her Daily Schedule - This is unprecedented for a Secretary of State.
Truth Revolt The Films Hillary and Her Cronies Don't Want You to See - An interview with fearless filmmaker Phelim McAleer.
New York Post Hillary had second secret email address
Fox News Clinton's State Dept. calendar missing scores of entries

Hillary Clinton - Corruption
Turley Talks Clinton CAUGHT RED HANDED Trying To INFILTRATE Trump Servers!!!
Truth Revolt MSNBC Says 'Clinton Cash' Movie 'Connects the Dots' - The film premieres at Cannes next week and opens in the US just days ahead of the Democratic convention.
YouTube Clinton Cash - Official Trailer
Truth Revolt Hillary Had ‘Change Of Heart’ On Trade Deal After Donations to Foundation
Town Hall Report: At Least 181 Clinton Foundation Donors Also Lobbied Hillary's State Department
Truth Revolt Clintons Reveal Up to $26 Million in Undisclosed Payments - Claim they mistakenly marked millions in speaking fees as "revenue" rather than donations
Truth Revolt Govt. Watchdog Group: Hillary 'Worst Ethics Violator' of 2015 - "Overwhelming evidence shows that she abused her official position."
Truth Revolt Hillary's University Problem - Bigger than Trump University
Truth Revolt Clinton Chief 'Volunteered' for Clinton Foundation While on Gov't Payroll - It's OK to volunteer for "charity" they say.
Truth Revolt Over Half of Hillary’s DoS Meetings Were With Donors - The plot thickens... again.
Fox News Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit
MRC TV RICO Suit Against Bill, Hillary, And Clinton Foundation Trial Date Set for Jan.
Project Veritas Staff Caught on Video Knowingly Breaking the Law
Daily Wire 6 People/Countries That Bought Favors From Hillary Clinton
Daily Wire WOW: Over Half Of Hillary's Meetings At State Department Were With Clinton Foundation Donors
Town Hall Hillary's Corruption Is Overwhelming
Sputnik International No More Pay to Play? Australia Halts All Clinton Foundation Funds
True Pundit FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups
Proud Conservative Hacker Breaks Into Clinton Foundation Servers, Discovers Millions in Fraud
American Thinker Clinton gang insider spills sleazy secrets, savages Chelsea

Hillary Clinton - Corruption - government jobs in exchange for campaign contributions
ABC News How Clinton Donor Got on Sensitive Intelligence Board
US Politics and News How Did Everyone Miss This Obvious Hillary-Epstein Connection?

Hillary Clinton - Immigration Policy - Sanctuary City - Death Trap For Citizens - Support for Murdering American Citizens by Illegal Aliens
Truth Revolt FLASHBACK: Hillary Supported Sanctuary Cities

Hillary Clinton - Stand By Your Pervert
New York Post Bill Clinton’s libido threatens to derail Hillary - again
The Farce Report Bill Clinton’s Mistress Endorses Hillary For President
Truth Revolt Shock Claim: Hillary Visited Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Island 6 Times - Bombshell after bombshell and just days to go before the election.

Hillary Clinton - Humor
The People's Cube Hillary Clinton Sues Satan - Wants Her Soul Back
Babylon Bee Hillary Clinton Releases DNA Test Results Proving She's Only Half Lizard Person
Babylon Bee Recently Pardoned Turkey Found Dead After Claiming To Have Dirt On Hillary Clinton
Babylon Bee Missed It By That Much: Hillary Clinton Almost Wins 'Wheel Of Fortune' But Then Shouts 'Easter Worshiper' Instead Of 'Christian'
Babylon Bee CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide
Babylon Bee Staffer Nervously Informs Hillary Clinton She Lost 2016 Election
Babylon Bee Recently Pardoned Turkey Found Dead After Claiming To Have Dirt On Hillary Clinton
Babylon Bee Asylum Orderlies Return Hillary Clinton To Padded Cell Disguised As Oval Office
Babylon Bee Hillary Clinton Accidentally Posts Condolences For Tulsi Gabbard's Suicide One Day Early
Babylon Bee Hillary Clinton Asked To Leave Costco After Repeatedly Accusing Sample Lady Of Being A Russian Asset
Babylon Bee Bill Clinton: Epstein's Cause Of Death Depends On What Your Definition Of 'Suicide' Is
Babylon Bee Hillary Clinton To Give Keynote Speech On Winning Elections
Babylon Bee Hillary Clinton Slams Trump For Not Taking A More 'Hands-Off' Approach To Embassy Attack
Babylon Bee CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide
Babylon Bee New York Times Accidentally Publishes Ghislaine Maxwell Obituary Ahead Of Schedule
Babylon Bee Apple TV+ Announces New Show 'Clintons In Cars Killing Witnesses'
Babylon Bee Elderly Woman Escapes Nursing Home, Rants About Deprogramming The Populace
Genesius Times Suicide Hotline volunteer shocked when Hillary Clinton tried to ‘place an order’

Chelsea Clinton - What do you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer? Chelsea Clinton.
Truth Revolt Malkin: Chelsea Clinton's Cheerleading Cult - Welcome to the liberal media's manufacturing of "cool."

College Fix your daily does of right-minded news and commentary from across the nation.
College Fix Libertarian sci-fi author predicted current progressive-induced cultural failures over 60 years ago

Concerned Women for America Alternative Options to Woke Companies Funding Abortion Travel for Employees

Pat Condell Welcome To Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
YouTube Pat Condell
YouTube How to insult a "progressive"
YouTube Message to offended Muslims
YouTube Islamist dickhead
YouTube What I know about Islam
YouTube It's good to be anti-Islam
YouTube The trouble with Islam
YouTube A cure for Islamophobia
YouTube American Dhimmi
YouTube A word to rioting Muslims
YouTube Tell the truth about Islam
YouTube Pat Condell - Obama's Silence
YouTube Pat Condell - A Society Of Cowards (The best Condell vid ever)

Community of the Wrongly Accused
Community of the Wrongly Accused Add these to the misandry hall of fame

Conservative HQ Why is Assad’s Alleged Killing of 1,400 Syrians So Much Worse than the Slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans?

Conservative Opinion

Conservative Review Horowitz: It’s time to make the state governments feel the pain and consequences of the disproportionate shutdown of America

Conservative Tribune
Conservative Tribune It Took Greta Just 74 Seconds to Take Down Obama Over Our Jailed Marine [WATCH]
Conservative Tribune School Officials Threaten to ARREST Pro-Gun Students for Passing Out the Constitution [WATCH]

Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed. - Rep. Ron Paul
What was once the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is now a Thing of the Past.
What was once the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is now Land of Debris and Home of Depraved.
Constitution - Links
The Hertage Guide To The Constitution
Read The US Constitution A petition to require the reading of the US Constitution.
American Thinker All Right, Have It Your Way - It's a Living Constitution
Constitution Society
Constitution Society The Battle of Athens - 2 AUGUST 1946
Cafe Hayek Constitutional Fun (Or, Two Can Play this Game)
Sobran's The Real News of the Month How Tyranny Came to America
Down Trend Student Banned From Passing Out Constitutions On College Campus, Sues University
Truth Revolt Imagine If the Founding Fathers Wrote Constitution Like College Speech Codes - The freedom to use free speech zones as long as it's approved in advance.
Truth Revolt Prof: Heart of Declaration of Independence is 'Racial Fear and Exclusion' - "For more than two centuries, we have been reading the Declaration of Independence wrong."
Mises Institute The Myth of the Constitution

Constitution - Declaration of Independence
Truth Revolt State Rep: Don't Teach Kids Declaration of Independence, It's Racist - "All men are not created equal..."

Constitution - 2nd Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms
Truth Revolt Sheriff Clarke Boldly Defends Constitution: 'I Will Die Fighting for This Document' - "Now, if you think for one minute that I'm going to cede these rights back to the federal government, or any government, or any court, you better think again."

Constitution - Bill Of Rights
Bill of Rights - For every single one of its provisions, there is somebody who wants to dismiss it as outdated, obsolete, irrelevant, or because it "gets in the way of government" -- which is precisely what it was meant to do. - L. Neil Smith
Constitutional Amendments To Recapture Freedom proposal to change constitution and bill of right to prevent the governmental abuse of individuals freedom.
Cato @ Liberty Today Is Bill of Rights Day
Wasington's Blog Americans - Like Nazi Germans - Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away
Mises Institute Why the Bill of Rights Is Failing

Constitution - Liberal Assault On The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights
Digital Journal Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights
Project Veritas Hidden Camera Captures College Officials Disparaging and Shredding Constitution
Project Veritas The Campus Investigations - Part 2
Project Veritas North Carolina State Bans U.S. Constitution in Dormitory
Truth Revolt Update: New Video Shows College Officials at Yale, Cornell Shredding Constitution - Why would anyone expect more from an Ivy League?
Truth Revolt Jake Tapper Brilliantly Trolls Sensitive College Students - Ahh, the sweet smell of satisfaction.
Truth Revolt Park Ranger Tour Guide Puts Progressive Spin on Constitution, Founders - And makes $95K a year in the process.
Truth Revolt Circuit Court Judge: Studying Constitution a Waste of Time - "The original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post-Civil War amendments do not speak to today."
American thinker Baltimore Judge Guts the 5th Amendment

Constitution - Bill Of Wrongs
Truth Revolt Illegal Immigrants Release 'Bill of Rights' - Meanwhile, U.S. professors are shredding the actual Constitution.

Conservative Firing Line Tired of Facebook censoring conservatives? Check out these alternatives, or learn to be a good little slave

David Stockman's Contra Corner the place where mainstream delusions and cant about the Warfare State, the Bailout State, Bubble Finance and Beltway Banditry are ripped, refuted and rebuked.

Copyright - Intellectual Property - Patents
"I believe, Sir, that I may with safety take it for granted that the effect of monopoly generally is to make articles scarce, to make them dear, and to make them bad. And I may with equal safety challenge my honourable friend to find out any distinction between copyright and other privileges of the same kind; any reason why a monopoly of books should produce an effect directly the reverse of that which was produced by the East India Company's monopoly of tea, or by Lord Essex's monopoly of sweet wines.
"Thus, then, stands the case. It is good that authors should be remunerated; and the least exceptionable way of remunerating them is by a monopoly. Yet monopoly is an evil. For the sake of the good we must submit to the evil; but the evil ought not to last a day longer than is necessary for the purpose of securing the good." - Baron Thomas Macaulay (February 5, 1841)
Bloggers Guide to Copyright and DMCA
Boing Boing As expected, the EU has advanced the catastrophic Copyright Directive without fixing its terrible defects
Tech Dirt Appeals Court Says It's Okay To Copyright An Entire Style Of Music - from the this-is-really,-really-bad dept
boingboing Copyfraud: making the case for actual copyright enforcement
Torrent Freak iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law
Who Is Hosting This The Ultimate Guide to Copyright
Social Science Research Network Copyright and Innovation: The Untold Story
The Atlantic The Missing 20th Century: How Copyright Protection Makes Books Vanish
Big O Zine The Copyright Industry - A Century Of Deceit
Mises Institute Let's just shut down all progress using copyright and patent
Mises Institute Thank goodness you are still free to make a shoe with red soles
Mises Institute Motorola: Enemy or Friend of Google?
Mises Institute We are all copyright criminals: John Tehranian’s "Infringement Nation"
Mises Institute Drugs and Copyright: A Fable
Tech Dirt Meet The Patent Thicket: Who's Suing Who For Smartphone Patents
Tech Dirt Aussie ISP: We Won't Be Hollywood's Copyright Cops If Hollywood Won't Fix Its Own Business Model
the guardian Copyright enforcers should learn lessons from the war on spam. by Cory Doctorow
Eric Flint Salvos Against Big Brother
Mail Online Sweet smell of success for eBay seller who wins court battle against Seventies glam rock guitarist over sale of secondhand CD
militant Libertarian Your enemy isn’t piracy. Your enemy is obscurity
The Guardian The real cost of free
tech dirt Top Photographer On Why He Doesn't Care If His Stuff Is Pirated
tech dirt US Government 'Suspends' Over User Generated Forms; Censorship Regime Expands
tech dirt Congrats, US Government: You're Scaring Web Businesses Into Moving Out Of The US
Locus Cory Doctorow: Music: The Internet’s Original Sin
The Daily Caller Legal experts: YouTube’s removal of Romney ad may abuse ‘fair use’ law
Electronic Frontier Foundation Takedown Hall Of Shame
dot tech French court orders Google to censor illegal file sharing words
Los Angeles Times - Business Section Blame a dysfunctional patent system for Apple vs. Samsung verdict Insight Research: Maintenance cost of DRM to reach $9bn by 2012
Bruce Schneier Who Owns Your Computer?
Boing Boing Lockdown - The coming war on general-purpose computing
Market Watch Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril - It could become illegal to resell your iPhone 4, car or family antiques
Laissez Faire Today Intellectual Property Is Childish
Laissez Faire Today Digits Won’t Destroy Music After All
Torrent Freak It’s Time To Debunk The Myth That Copyright Is Needed To Make Money - Or That It Even Makes Money
Torrent Freak Police Raid 9-Year-Old Pirate Bay Girl, Confiscate Winnie The Pooh Laptop
Falkving & Co. On Infopolicy The Pirate Bay Is The World's Most Efficient POublic Library
dotTech Dumb DMCA: Movie producers ask Google to take down links to their own websites, legitimate sources to purchase content, and film reviews
dotTech Research shows Megaupload shutdown "had a negative effect on box office [movie] revenues"
dotTech Megaupload helped FBI take down a video pirating website, then FBI used that same evidence against Megaupload
dotTech ‘Six-Strikes’ anti-piracy system is powered by the same company that flagged for pirating HBO content
Daily Reckoning It’s Not Evil to Copy
Daily Reckoning Smart People Share
Daily Reckoning The Company That Owns Your Genes
Daily Reckoning Does Innovation Require the Patent Office?
Publishers Weekly Lawsuit Seeks to Put Sherlock Holmes in the Public Domain Boing Boing Lawsuit: "Happy Birthday" is not in copyright, and Warner owes the world hundreds of millions for improperly collected royalties
ars technica Israel rebukes US: Our copyright laws are fine, thanks
Michael Geist Canada Remains in Good Company in USTR Special 301 Report
Michael Geist The U.S. Stands Alone: How the U.S. Is Increasingly Isolated on Intellectual Property Policy
Torrent Freak Copyright Collecting Societies A Morass Of Bad Incentives
Torrent Freak Copyright Group: Chilling Effects DMCA Archive is "Repugnant"
Big O Once You Accept File-Sharing Is Here To Stay, You Can Focus On All The Positive Things
RT Proposed copyright bill could outlaw holiday snaps of EU landmarks
ars technica Filmmakers fighting "Happy Birthday" copyright find their "smoking gun" - A 1927 kids' songbook proves "conclusively the song is in the public domain."
ars technica Georgia sues legal rebel for posting state’s copyrighted law online - Well, it's OK to copy the actual law. But if you copy the state-ordered summaries...
Jon Del Arroz Copyright Law

Copyright - Intellectual Property - MegaUpload
dot tech Megaupload CEO: Leaked industry report ‘vindicates’ Megaupload, shows it didn’t encourage piracy
tech dirt Jonathan Coulton Destroys The Rationale Behind The Megaupload Seizure With A Single Tweet; Follows Up With Epic Blog Post
web2carz FBI Claims Copying Data is Not Stealing. Ironic defense provides irony to Megaupload case.
Torrent Freak FBI Did Not Steal Megaupload Evidence Because It’s "Digital"?
Torrent Freak US Govt. Says it Can Keep Megaupload’s Assets When the Case is Dismissed
Dvorack Uncensored When is Theft Not Theft to the FBI?

Copyright - trolls
ars technica Enraged by abusive lawsuits, anonymous troll slayers fight back
Fight Copyright Trolls
Die Troll Die

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter archives
Breitbart Ann Coulter: The Wrath of Khan
Ann Coulter Would It Kill You To Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)
Ann Coulter Statistical Analysis Shows 4% Of NYT Reporters Are Serial Killers
Ann Coulter Don't Stigmatize Murderers!
Truth Revolt Coulter: Springtime for Pundits - If you're into self-dramatization, Donald Trump’s candidacy is perfect for you.
Truth Revolt Coulter: Could Hillary Tell Us What Percentage of Muslims Are 'Deplorable'? - Specifically, what percentage are "sexist" or "homophobic"?
Truth Revolt Coulter: All We Need is Love -- and Deportations - Western leaders are in full possession of the tools to end Islamic terrorism in their own countries, just as their forebears once ended Nazi Stormtroopers.
Truth Revolt Coulter: Anatomy of a Coup - When your entire investigation turns on a handful of people with corrupt motives, maybe it's time to call off the investigation.
Ann Coiulter Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI
Ann Coulter No Biggie, Just the End of Civilization

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... Medical Tyranny - Medical Dictator (MD) - Whitecoat Supremecy
Diary Of Covid Diary Of A Psychosis - How Public Health Disgraced Itself During Covid Mania
"15 Days to Slow the Spread" Ends After 1,120 Days
American Thinker Now the Disgraced COVID 'Experts' Want 'Amnesty'?
... according to the Nuremburg Code, it is an international crime to order people to take an experimental medication
Covid-19 is the new global cooling, warming, climate change.
Fauci Flu - bought and paid for by Fauci, Medical Dictator
Fauci lied, people died
Lord Fauci, Patron Saint of WuHan Flu
Covid-19 - Chinese Flu - Kung Flu - Winnie the Flu, WuHuFlu, plandemic, Scamdemic, Covidiocy, ...
Covid-19 Survival Rates
age 00-19: 99.997%
age 20-49: 99.98%
age 50-69: 99.5%
age 70+: 94.6%
source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through August 8, 2020
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - links
Daily Mail Bombshell emails show a top Fauci aide used his personal Gmail to 'intentionally' HIDE discussions about COVID origins... and would delete anything 'incriminating'
Daily Mail CIA whistleblower claims agency 'BRIBED' their own analysts to say COVID did NOT come from Wuhan: Bombshell Republican report exposes alleged virus origins cover-up
Covid Quiz Charts
According To Hoyt No Forgiveness Without Repentance
Lancet Past SARS-CoV-2 infection protection against re-infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Newswek It's Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives | Opinion
Louder With Crowder Twitter's top lawyer wanted pandemic Trump tweet removed for misinformation, tells all you need to know about the left
Doc Anarchy Influenza Death Debacle - Don't believe any of their numbers
mrc tv Fauci: 'I Don't Think [COVID Shutdowns] Forever Irreparably Damaged Anyone'
mrc tv No, Really?! CDC Director Admits Agency Made 'Pretty Dramatic, Pretty Public Mistakes' in COVID Response
Epoch Times Emails Confirm Why CDC Changed Definitions of Vaccine, Vaccinated
Sott - Sign Of The Times Police charge big pharma boss with falsifying his Covid vaccination status
According To Hoyt Not in My Name by I. Ratel
AIER - American Institute for Economic Research Did We Need Operation Warp Speed?
Tom Woods Show The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia
Political Vel Craft Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam
Daily Reckoning The Most Dangerous Man
American Thinker Mask On, Mask Off
rumble SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Science ~ Ryan Cole, MD ~ "COVID-19 Vaccines & Autopsy"
gab tv Dr. Destroys The Entire Covid Narrative
gab tv Senator Rand Paul, Do Not Comly
Stat News The Covid-19 Tracker
American Thinker What do you mean, the virus mutates?
Telegraph Covid could be spread through flatulence, say ministers
American Thinker The Depravity of the Democrat Party, the American Left, and the Media
American Thinker Should COVID now be called the ‘Fauci Flu’?
American Thinker Extraordinary revelations about scientists colluding to hide COVID’s origins
Louder With Crowder Five #FauciEmails Exposing Truth on Masks, Lab Leaks, and Trump Being RIGHT
Not The Bee The graveyard of meaningless terms has gained another resident: "Science"
COVID Charts Quiz
No Jab For Me
Life Site It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP
Louder with Crowder Ron DeSantis Reveals Exact Moment He Stopped Listening to Fauci
Gary D Barnett The Covid Propaganda Continues Even in the Face of Vaccination Murder
New Eastern Outlook (NEO) Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa
American Thinker Vaccine resistance and COVID fear within families
Soren Dreier 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code
Louder with Crowder OPINION: Coronavirus Panic is a Trojan Horse for Socialism
Louder with Crowder Kirchoff: I F*cking Told You So. COVID-19 Panic was Used to Control You!
American Thinker Virologist who warned Fauci COVID ‘potentially engineered’ (and then did a 180) has now deleted 5000+ tweets
American Thinker California’s upcoming COVID disaster
American Thinker How Much Longer Must We Endure the Mask?
mrc tv California County Cuts COVID Death Tally By 25% After Review Exposed Hundreds of Non-COVID Deaths
Louder With Crowder Rapper Tweets Thought-Provoking '20 Things I Learned During the Pandemic' That's Must-Read
Louder With Crowder 'How Many More Rights Will We Take Away?': Dude Destroys County Board Over Public Health 'Propoganda'
Louder With Crowder Pro-Vaxxer Encourages Mike Rowe to Push Vaccine on the Rest of Us. Mike Responds with Spicy PERFECTION!
American Thinker Medical insanity, as described by an MD
American Thinker How Sweden Triumphed over COVID
Louder With Crowder Rolling Stone Claims Hospital Overrun by Humans Overdosing on Horse Dewormer, Hospital Says Story's Horses***
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Dear Conspiritard Shitheads: You Will Probably Not Die From The Covids
Louder With Crowder EU Chief Wants to Abolish the Nuremberg Code, Gets URGENT History Lesson from Jordan Peterson
BBC News Covid-19: Common cold may give some protection, study suggests
mrc tv Ho-Ho-NO! Leftist Group Kills Maskless Santa With COVID In New Video

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lies - Misinformation - Disinformation - Fauci, WHO, FDA, CDC, and NIH Spread Lies
How can you tell when Dr. Anthony Fauci lies? His lips move.
Louder With Crowder Fauci Did Not Follow The Science, Now Admits Social Distancing Was “Arbitrary” And Just “Appeared”
OAN CIA Sued Over Alleged Hidden COVID-19 Records Of ‘Monetary Incentives’ Paid To ‘Change’ Findings
Zero Hedge The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle
Dan Bongino Show Ex-DNI Ratclife Confirms Fauci Lied to Congress About Gain-of-Function Research
SSRN Statistical and Numerical Errors Made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic
New York Post commissioned scientific paper in Feb. 2020 to disprove Wuhan lab leak theory
mrc tv Under Oath For Censorship Suit, Flip-Flop Fauci Demands Stenographer Be Masked
Federalist Fauci Can’t Whitewash His Disastrous Legacy
Tom Woods Show Guess where the disinfo has been coming from
breitbart Nolte: Fauci Spreads Vaccine Misinformation on ‘Woke AF’ Podcast
The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy
Defender Fauci Emails: How Top Public Health Officials Spun Tangled Web of Lies Around COVID Origin, Treatments
Federalist The Corporate Media Freakout Over The Omicron Variant Isn’t Normal, It’s Psychotic
Federalist The Biden Administration Has Caused More Vaccine Resistance Than Fox News Ever Did
Federalist How Obeying The Corrupt World Health Organization Cost Lives
YouTube Robby Soave: MASSIVE Covid Data Error Reveals Legacy Media's HYPOCRISY On Misinformation
Louder With Crowder Wow: Health Official Admits to Misleading Child Hospitalization Rate in Order to Terrify Parents
Fox News Washington Post blasts Sotomayor for ‘false’ COVID claim that ‘over 100K’ children are in 'serious condition’
PJ Media CDC Director Makes Stunning Admission About COVID Deaths
YouTube DOH Whistleblower Says Covid Inflated for Profit ‘He went for gunshot wounds and was coded as COVID’
Louder With Crowder Undercover Video Catches FDA Official Exposing Truth Behind Biden Admin, Emergency Vax Approval
Louder With Crowder Watch: FDA Executive Claims Vaccines 'Recurring Fountain of Revenue' for Big Pharma
Western Journal 'Tell the Truth:' CDC Under Fire from Experts for Keeping Huge Portions of COVID Data Secret
Louder With Crowder The CDC finally admits what?? we've known all along about COVID-19
rumble CDC Drops Highly Controversial Mask Recommendation, And You're Still Paying Them
rumble CDC’s Tax-Subsidized 'Non-Profit' Wing Is Wasting Millions On Pro-Vax Rap, Dance, 'Art'
mrc tv COVID Deflation: Mass. Health Dept. Removing Over 4,000 Deaths as Being 'Associated with COVID'
Louder With Crowder Jen Psaki Bombs: Claims We 'Don't Know' COVID Affects Old People Like Joe Biden Worse Than Youngsters
Gateway Pundit FOIA Reveals NIH Secretly DELETED COVID Data Provided by the Wuhan Lab at the BEGINNING of the Pandemic
Epoch Times Fauci Makes Surprising Concession Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines
Dan Bongino Show Judge Orders Dr. Fauci and Karine Jean-Pierre to Turn Over Emails Sent to Social Media Companies
mrc tv 'No, Haha': Pfizer Exec. Admits Vax Wasn't Tested to Stop Transmission BEFORE It Entered the Market
Blaze Pfizer executive admits COVID-19 vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission: 'This is scandalous'
Dan Bongino Show Dr. Fauci Tries to Rewrite History - Insists He Had "Nothing to Do With" School Shutdowns
Just The News CDC knew COVID vax associated with myocarditis but left off post-vax survey
Breitbart Anthony Fauci Admits Daughter Worked for Twitter and He Spoke Directly to Zuckerberg During Censorship Deposition
mrc tv Fauci Bucks Biden, Says 'We are Still in the Middle of a Pandemic'
American Thinker ‘Censorship actually killed people’: Dr. Jay Battacharya on the consequences of government suppression of honest discussion of Covid on Twitter
Just The News Emails show Washington officials discussed COVID breakthrough cases amid vaccine push - State and local officials knew COVID-19 vaccinations weren’t as effective as hoped at stopping the spread of the virus.
Just The News From colds to commotio cordis, medical pundits reaching to rule out COVID vax in health scares
Just The Nws New memos unmask secret deal between US, Britain to hide COVID vaccine adverse events
Federalist Doctors Sue FDA For Prohibiting Ivermectin To Treat Covid-19
Ann Coulter 15 Days to Flatten the Truth
Just The News Masks forever? Feds, medical world double down on mandates despite evidence they don’t work
Red State Joe Rogan Challenges Vaccine Researcher Peter Hotez to Debate RFK Jr. - Then Elon Steps Into the Mix
Tablet The Media’s Hypocrisy on Vaccines
New York Post CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower
Louder With Crowder Anthony Fauci Grilled By Congress, Now Claims He Does "Not Recall" Much About The Pandemic

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - - WuFlu - China Virus
NY Post Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab says COVID was man-made virus
Red State Blockbuster GOP Report Points to Potential Link Between COVID and China's Bioweapons Program
Daily Caller Energy Department Concludes That COVID-19 Pandemic Likely Originated From Chinese Lab Leak: REPORT
New York Post CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Why Illegal Aliens Don't Need To Get Vaxxed, But Legal Travelers Do
Louder With Crowder WH stammers explaining why it's okay to cross border illegally without proof of vax, but not play in US Open

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Why NY Entertainers Don't Need To Get Vaxxed, But City Employees Need To
Fax News New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay - State Supreme Court found that being vaccinated 'does not' stop the spread of COVID-19

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Support For Super Spreader Events (Monkeypox)
Louder With Crowder Pro-lockdown, pro-mask Democrat on Monkeypox response: People will make their own decisions about risk levels

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Here Comes The New Jab, Just As Useles As The Old Jab
Epoch Times Why Mass Vaccination Worsened the Pandemic - SARS-CoV-2 readily mutates and thrives in the vaccinated
Epoch Times Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Fauci’s Admission: Mainstream Media Makes No ‘Effort to Hold Him Accountable’

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Here Comes The New Jab, Just As Dangerous As The Old Jab
Reuters EU adds severe allergies as side effect of Novavax COVID vaccine
Epoch Times Will 100 Million Die From the COVID Vax by 202
Conservative Review Horowitz: Possibly the most important study on COVID shots might explain why COVID never seems to end

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - No Lives Matter - War On The Human Race
Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: 'This is playing with fire - it could spark a lab-generated pandemic': Experts slam Boston lab where scientists have created a new deadly Covid strain with an 80% kill rate
Imprimis The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response
mrc tv FLASHBACK: Fauci Said in 2017 There was 'No Doubt' Trump Admin. Would Face ' the Arena of Infectious Diseases'
American Thinker Texas Medical Board targets doctor for saving lives with off-label prescriptions

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Death - Vaccinated Lives Don't Matter
Epoch Times 1st COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Payment in UK Confirmed With Others Expected to Follow
Informed American A Top Neurosurgeon Just Spilled The Beans On The American COVID Response!
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
Patriot Nation News What They Just Revealed About The Long Term Affects Of The Mrna Vaccine Will....
Defender COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder
Epoch Times CDC Confirmed Post-Vaccination Death From Blood Clotting Two Weeks Before Alerting Public: Emails
Epoch Times Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects
Epoch Times Researchers Suspect New Variants of Rapidly Progressing Brain Degenerating Diseases From COVID-19 Vaccines
Conservative Review Horowitz: 5 shocking new studies and data points that nuke the COVID shots
Post Millennial Florida Surgeon General: Covid mRNA vaccine found to cause 84% increase in DEATH for men ages 18-39
The Forgotten Side of Medicine The Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic Was Just Released
Just The News Pfizer COVID vaccine under harsh glare from FDA, foreign research on serious side effects
Conservattive Review Horowitz: 12 new safety signals showing devastating dangers from COVID shots
Conservative Review Horowitz: Did 7.5 million people die from COVID shots?
Conservative Review Horowitz: German health insurance company experiences 76% increase in employee sick days as excess deaths skyrocket
Independent Sentinel Dr. Dalgleish’s Observations About Vaccines Accelerating Cancer Dan Bongino Show COVID Vax Maker AstraZeneca Admits to Deadly Side Effect for First Time Ever in Court

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Death - Unvaccinated Lives Don't Matter - Vaccinated Lives Don't Matter - Children's Lives Don't Matter - Adults Lives Don't Matter - No Lives Mattter
Yahoo! Finance CHD Says Pfizer and FDA Dropped Data Bombshell on COVID Vaccine Consumers
Expose Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England
American Greatness Funeral Directors and Embalmers Alarmed By Weird, Freakishly Large Blood Clots Clogging Veins in Vaccinated Bodies
American Thinker VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed At Least 140,000 Americans
Fox News More kids shot in Chicago than have died of COVID-19 across US this year - A total of 214 minors have died of COVID-19 in the country; 261 were shot in Chicago
3% The Autopsy Of This Dead Vaxxed Body Should Have US All VERY SCARED!
mrc tv Colorado Gov. Signs Exec Order - Claims Power to Tell Hospitals To Turn Patients Away
Gun Free Zone This COVID injustice had made me angry - Unvaccinated cancer patient fired from job at ULA
Pierre Kory's Medical Musing Saturday Night Fight.. At The Pharmacy
Patriots Beacon The Level Of Transmission And Death After Vaccines Is Absolutely…
mrc tv FDA Removes Emergency Use Authorization for Monoclonal Antibodies 'Without Any Advanced Notice'
rumble Tax-Subsidized Hospital Denies Father Heart Transplant Because He's Unvaxxed
Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medeicine Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in Two Adolescents Following the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
mrc tv Cleveland Clinic Refuses a Child's Kidney Transplant Because Donor Dad Is Unvaxxed
mrc tv College Expels Student For Refusing 'Booster'… After She Took Two Jabs And Experienced Injury
Epoch Times COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis
mrc tv NYC: 20K Illegal Migrant Children Estimated to Enter Public Schools...with No Proof of ANY Vaccinations

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Children's Lives Don't Matter - Support For Harming Children - War On Children
Arrested cognitive and social development are some of many benefits provided by forcing children to wear muzzles that provide NO health benefits.
Other benefits include higher levels of drug addiction, loss of socialization skills, and higher suicide rates.
OAN 400 doctors declare crisis over COVID vaccines, recommend immediate stop to programs
American Thinker Honor student athlete commits suicide due to COVID-19 school lockdown
Power Line Are shutdowns leading to youth suicide?
mrc tv SHOCKER: CDC Study Finds Virtual Learning Has Damaged Kids' Mental and Physical Health
American Thinker More evidence of the terrible harm masks do to children
American Thinker Masking Facial Expression in Children
mrc tv CA Principal Calls Cops Over Four-Year-Old Refusing To Wear a Mask
FEE CNN Medical Analyst Says Masking Stunted Her Toddler’s Language Development—and Taught Her an Important Lesson about Tradeoffs
Conservative Review Horowitz: Create the illness, mandate the cure. What is causing the explosion of RSV?

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Anthony Fauci - Anthony Fraudi - Fuhrer Fauci - Anthony Fascist - Dr. Anthony Faustus
Dan Bongino Show Dr. Fauci and His Wife's Wealth Grew By $5 Million During COVID Pandemic
rumble Why Does Anyone Still Listen To 'Dr.' Fauci?
American Thinker The madness stops only when Fauci is stopped
Louder With Crowder Ted Cruz Hits Back Hard Against Anthony "the Science" Fauci's Attacks, Makes Four Points to Prosecute Fauci
YouTube Dr. Fauci Losing Credibility, with Victor Davis Hanson | The Megyn Kelly Show
Three Percent Nation Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Says Fauci Making This Whole Pandemic Thing up as He Goes!
American Thinker Fauci’s entire dishonest house of cards just collapsed
Louder With Crowder Anthony Fauci Whines About People Criticizing Him, WaPo Reporter Hits Back Hard
American Thinker Confession: I don't like Anthony Fauci very much
Front Page Magazine White Coat Supremacist Anthony Fauci Still Wears Yellow Beret
American Thinker Who Believes Anthony Fauci?
Louder With Crowder Rand Paul Breaks Down his Public Disembowelment of Media's Beloved Doctor Fauci
Louder With Crowder Anthony Fauci on MSNBC: 'I Know Americans Like Their Freedom, but ...' Let Me Stop You There
PJ Media 'Sociopath' Fauci Finally Openly Admits He Doesn't Care About Freedom
rumble Fauci is Literally Killing Puppies in Cruel Medical Experiments
Savage Takes WATCH: Fauci Flabbergasted When Told Americans May Not Be Taking Vaccine Because Of Him — ‘People Won’t Listen To You’
Louder With Crowder 'It's Flat Out Disgusting': Ron DeSantis Eviscerates Anthony Fauci Over Report NIH was Torturing Puppies
mrc tv NIH Quietly Removes Gain-of-Function Research Info From Its Site
mrc tv Fauci, Lord of Science: Dr. Once Again Claims Criticizing Him is 'Criticizing Science'
mrc tv Fauci: Vaccine Mandates 'Supersede Individual Choice'
American Thinker Biden's comments about air travel create massive instability in America
Louder With Crowder CNN's Dana Bash Asks Anthony Fauci's Permission to Eat at a Restaurant, Gets Told NO Because of the Omicron
YouTube Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath #ExposeFauci
Dan Bongino Show Fauci: We Don't Have Time to Do a Clinical Trial for New COVID Boosters

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - War On the American Economy - Death Of All Americans
Federalist Rep. Thomas Massie: Biden’s Vaxx Coercion Will ‘Destroy Our Economy’

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Collateral Health Damage
American Thinker Cancer Death Rates Are Up Because of COVID Protocols
Louder With Crowder Four Newborns Denied Heart Surgery due to COVID Travel Restrictions. Yep, they Died.
New Americaan ALARMING Study: COVID Regulations, Masking May be DRASTICALLY Lowering Kids’ IQs
Federalist For Deaf People Like Me, Mask Mandates Impose Never-Ending Isolation
Epoch Times Lockdown Policies and Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ in Children: Psychiatrist
American Thinker Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla makes startling admissions about the vaccines
One America News Network (OANN) CDC Data Reveals Vaccines Are Killing Far More Children Than China Virus Itself
Epoch Times COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Experts
mrc tv Vacationing School Doctor Allegedly Faked Being a Frontline COVID ‘Expert’ – and the Internet Believed Her

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Science
When science can't be questioned, it's not science anymore, it's propaganda. - Aaron Rodgers
American Thinker When it comes to COVID, experts just want us to listen and obey
Louder With Crowder 'A Corruption of Science’: NIH Funded 257 Equity Studies Related to COVID, Only FOUR on the Spread
Federalist Japan’s Refusal To Mandate Vaccines Shames Joe Biden’s Despotism
rumble Fauci Emails Suggest He and NIH Director Collins Coordinated Attack On Dissenting Scientists
American Thinker The Medical Profession Implodes
Off Guardian 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet
American Thinker Biden and Fauci stick their snoots in at FDA and top scientists resign
mrc tv TWO High-Level CDC Vaccination Bureaucrats Resign As Heat Rises Over Efficacy Of Boosters
American Thinker From a doctor bewildered at where all this COVID stuff is going
American Thinker Flip Flop Fauci
American Thinker CDC's Walensky won't admit illegals spreading COVID at border; promises 'guidelines' someday
PJ Media Texas Just Proved That Biden and Fauci Are Fools
Louder With Crowder Gay Activist Explains How CDC's Provincetown Study Advising Masks is ... Let's Just Call it 'Flawed'
Western Journal Researchers Review COVID Database, Make a Huge Discovery When They Exclude Vaccinated People
Unreported Truths All the idiocy of Covid and vaccine mandates in one neat package

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Test - Lies
Louder With Crowder Chief 'Health' Official: If You are Sick but Don't Get a C*VID Test, We're Saying You Have C*VID Anyway
Louder With Crowder Left Celebrates COVID Testing Facility Denying Candace Owens Service. But What About "Stopping the Spread"?!
American Thinker Served Its Purpose? CDC and FDA Recall Faulty COVID PCR Test
Louder With Crowder Joe Rogan Embarrasses Sanjay Gupta Over CNN's Horse Dewormer Lies: 'You Work for a News Organization ...'

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lies - Coverup - Junk Science - Fake Science - Woke Science
rumble ICU NURSE: "You're being lied to about COVID."
American Thinker Trust in public health plummets, and it's easy to see why
American Thinker The Lancet’s reputation continues to decline
Federalist One Of The Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science
Power Line Do Masks Work?
American Institute for Economic Research (AIR) WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website
You Tube Governor Newsom's Covid Edicts
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Yet More Covids Self-Contradiction
Louder With Crowder 'It's Not Science, It's Politics': Ted Cruz Goes Scorched-Earth on Democrats and 'Discredited' CDC
American Thinker How Those COVID Charts Are Lying
American Thinker The biggest lie about COVID
rumble ICU NURSE: "You're being lied to about COVID."
American Thinker With COVID, Democrat bureaucrats finally admit the truth
Just The News Masks forever? Feds, medical world double down on mandates despite evidence they don’t work

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lockdown - Facism - America (and elsewhere)
Epoch Times New York COVID-19 Quarantine Rules Unconstitutional and Illegal: Judge

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lockdown - Facism - Canada (and elsewhere)
mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions - Prime Minister Trudeau
Town Hall Trudeau's Government Goes Nuclear in Attempt to Crush Canadian Truckers
Louder With Crowder Five Most Soviet Things Justin Trudeau Said While Declaring Insane 'Emergencies Act' Against Freedom Convoy
Rebel News Convoy Reports
runble Washington Gov. Inslee to First Responders: Get Vaxxed By Oct. 18 Or Get Fired
Mises Wire Covid Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever
mrc tv IS Washington State Poised To Put Un-Vaxxed In Detention Camps?
Louder With Crowder Government Bans Citizens' Right to Assemble While WaPo Claims 'Freedom Convoy' Truckers Are the Fascist Ones
mrc tv WATCH: Freedom Convoy Protesters Push Back Against Media Narratives
YouTube Tucker: Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship
mrc tv Trudeau Cracks Down On Freedom Demonstrators - Trampled Beneath Horses, Businesses Corralled & Closed
Louder With Crowder 'That’s Bulls***': Woman Trampled By Justin Trudeau's Police Horses Speaks Out, Slams Cops and Prime Minister

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lockdown - Facism - China (and elsewhere)
Louder With Crowder Footage From Chinese Quarantine Camp Is Something Out of a Horror Movie
Louder With Crowder Pay Attention, America: Shanghai Fencing In People’s Homes to Prevent Them Breaking Lockdown

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lockdown - Facism - France (and elsewhere)
Louder With Crowder Police Use Tear Gas on Anti-Mandate Protesters. Also, Uses Tear Gas on Parents and Little Kids

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Lockdown - Facism - Australia (and elsewhere) - Medical Apartheid
Louder With Crowder Top 5 Times Australia Lockdowns Terrified Us in 2021
American Thinker Sweden’s no-lockdown Covid strategy vindicated
mrc tv World Economic Forum Withdraws Foolish Claim That 'Lockdowns Are Quietly Improving Cities'
mrc tv Public Explodes After Ontario Health Officials Tell Parents To Isolate COVID-Exposed Preschoolers Alone For 14 Days
American Thinker Totalitarian madness comes to Australia's New South Wales
Louder With Crowder Pay Attention, America: Australia Is Building C*VID Jails ... I'm Sorry, I Mean 'Quarantine Facilities'
Louder With Crowder Australian Arrested for 'Incitement' of 'Unlawful Gathering,' Yet Somehow That's Not the Scary Part
Louder With Crowder Little Girl Sits on Father's Lap as He's Handcuffed. His Crime? Not Wearing a Mask.
Louder With Crowder Riot Police Beat Down Woman Who Entered Mall Without Showing Her 'Passport'
Louder With Crowder Australia's Health Official Looks Forward to the New World Order. Yes, She Actually Said 'New World Order'
Louder With Crowder Australia Introduces 'Freedom Pass,' Which They Say Is the Only Way to Get Your Freedom Back
Louder With Crowder Police Being Sent Door to Door to Question Citizens Suspected of Attending Lockdown Protests. Guess Where?
Louder With Crowder 'No Valid Reason to Be Here': Australian Police Go Full Police State, Swarm People Not Wearing Masks
Turley Talks IT’S HAPPENING: Concentration Camps and Insane Mandates in the West
PJ Media Three Teens Who Escaped From Aussie COVID Camp All Have One Thing in Common, and It's Not the Virus
Louder With Crowder 26-Year-Old Taken from Home to Quarantine Camp, Offered Valium and Told 'It Doesn't Have to Make Sense'
mrc tv Disgusting: NYPD Remove Mom and Crying Boy From a Pizza Parlor For Being Unvaxxed
Washington Examiner Six unvaccinated protesters arrested after 'sit-in' at New York Cheesecake Factory
Louder With Crowder Anti-Mandate Protesters Are Arrested for Not Showing Their Papers at a Burger King
Louder With Crowder Australia Targets Unvaccinated Citizens With Extreme Lockdown, Won't Let Them Leave Home to Exercise or Work

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Fauci Support For Developing Bio-Weapons To Attack Americans
mrc tv Fauci: It Would’ve Been 'Almost A Dereliction Of Duty' To Not Fund Wuhan Lab Experiments
American Thinker Dr. Fauci is Finally Unmasked
rumble NIH Quietly Removes Gain-of-Function Research Info From Its Site

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Passports
BallotPedia State government policies about vaccine requirements (vaccine passports)
Turley Talks Europe REVOLTS Against Vaccine MANDATES!!!
American Thinker Did the CDC Director just kill the rationale for vaccine passports?

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Quarantine
American Thinker Gleanings from 1760’s 'Great Small Pox Epidemic' in Charleston

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Vaccine Protection The vaccine is as useless as the mask, house arrest, and martial law are for protecting from a virus.
Rasta vs. Babylon WATCH: Israeli Bombshell - 4th Shot 'Not Good Enough' - Ron Paul (27:09)
American Thinker Big Pharma CEO Blows a Hole in Vaccine Mandates
mrc tv Pfizer CEO Backpedals: Two COVID Vax Doses 'Offers Very Limited Protection, If Any'
mrc tv CDC Director: 'What [Vaccines] Can't Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission'
Gateway Pundit Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID Vaccines
Louder With Crowder BuzzFeed Party Turns into Superspreader Event with Completely Vaccinated and Boosted Crowd
Uncovered mD.C. WHO Database Lists 2.7M Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines
American Thinker Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work
American Thinker Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death
Team Tucker Carlson Watch: Bill Gates Admits Covid Vaccines Don’t Stop Viral Transmission
VAERS Analysis Weekly analysis of the VAERS data
VAERS Analysis VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 10/22/2021
Gateway Pundit EXCLUSIVE: Analysis Shows More COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with Large Percent of 2021 Deaths Fully Vaccinated
Youube SHOCK VIDEO: Pfizer Scientist admits Pfizer Covid vaccine "just doesn't work" in some people
Jon Rappaport's Blog Boosters: how to kill more people with impunity
Jon Rappaport's Blog California, you had your chance to recall Newsom; now he’s putting the poisoned needle into all your children
Savage Takes BREAKING: Fully Vaccinated Supreme Court Justice Tests Positive for Covid
Savage Takes World-Class Athlete Suddenly Drops Out of 2021 Season After Getting Vaccine, Says He Developed Problems After Getting it
Great Game IndiaPolish Doctor Mocks Critics Of COVID-19 Vaccine While Taking Jab. Dies Just Days Later
bmj Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial
Town Hall Yale Doctor: I'd Pull a Healthy Kid From School Before Giving Them the COVID Vaccine
Western Journal FDA Won't Approve Moderna's Vaccine for Teens This Year, Cites Risk of Deadly Heart Condition
American Thinker Japan warns of cardiac health risks from COVID vaccines
Epoch Times EXCLUSIVE: Hospital Faces Staff Shortages Due to COVID-19 Infections, Despite Vaccine Mandate

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Vaccine - Resist Medical Tyranny - Danger
The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. - Nuremberg Code
He who gives up a little freedom to gain a little security, deserves neither and will lose both. - Benjamin Franklin
The virus is real, the death toll is inaccurate, and the fear is politicial.
Gateway Pundit SHOCKING: Compilation of Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines
American Thinker Physicians and the Vaccine Tyranny
Market Ticker Mandates, Contracts And Facts
Turley Talks Texas BANS Vax Mandates as Red States REVOLT Against Biden!!!
Louder With Crowder Practicing Doctor Highlights Issues of 'Leaky Vaccine' and how the Vaccinated Might Make COVID-19 ...Worse?
Louder With Crowder DOOCY Asks Psaki: Why Should Texans Risk C*VID from Illegal Migrants and Joe Biden's Border Crisis?
YouTube PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"
YouTube PART 2: FDA Official 'Blow Dart African Americans'& Wants 'Nazi Germany Registry' for Unvaccinated
YouTube PART 3: Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;' There are "Unknown Repercussions"
YouTube PART 4: Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.' #ExposePfizer
YouTube PART 5: Pfizer Whistleblower LEAKS Execs Emails EXPOSING Suppression of Covid Vax Info From Public
American Thinker Simple solution to vaccine mandate
Humans Are Free VAERS: Approx. 70 People Die from COVID Vaccines Every Day in America
Vaccine Impact Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead
America's Front Line Doctors Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’
Gateway Pundit Moderna Says People Who Received its Covid Vaccine Early On Are TWICE as Likely to Get ‘Breakthrough’ Infection – Pushes Booster Shot
Wiley Online Library International Journal Of Clinical Practice: Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease
Trial Site News COVID-19 Vaccinations 98 Times More Deadly Than Flu Vaccines (According to VAERS Reports)
Zero Hedge 'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta
3% Nation This Is EXACTLY What the mRNA Vaccine Does To Your Body’s Cells…
Daily Expose Pfizer Will NOT Mandate Covid-19 Vaccines For its Own Employees
Rotter News Covid Vaccine Mandates Can Be Avoided
Deconstructing Coventional 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine
Health Impact News 3,964 DEAD 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 "Vaccines"
Life Facts COVID-19
Covid Blog
Life Site Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over’
Life Site mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are really ‘gene therapy’ and not vaccines: ethicist
Epoch Times Over 100 Fully Vaccinated People in Washington State Test Positive for COVID-19
America's Frontline Doctors Expert evaluation on adverse effects of the Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccination
Mercola COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease
Epoch Times CDC Investigating Heart Inflammation in COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens, Young Adults
American Thinker A massive surge in COVID vaccine deaths
American Thinker What is the true number of vaccine-related deaths?
American Thinker Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?
Louder With Crowder Teacher Fail: 40% of New York City Educators Haven't Gotten Their Fauci Ouchie
Louder With Crowder 'They Can't Arrest All of Us': Rand Paul Lays Down Gauntlet with Powerful Anti-Lockdown Call to Arms
PJ Media Fight Back: Here's How People Are Legally Resisting Dystopian Diktats to Get a Covid Shot or Be Fired
mrc tv Mike Rowe Rises Against Demonization Of Those Who Decline Vax
American Thinker My troubling COVID vaccine story experiences
3% Nation Hospitals Nationwide On The Brink of Collapse Due To COVID Restrictions
American Thinker The unvaccinated and the Democrat media
mrc tv NY Hospital To Stop Baby Deliveries As Vax-Mandates Cause Employees To Leave
Christian Post Amish survived COVID-19 better than most by not locking down, ceasing church gatherings: report
mrc tv Lightfoot Says Chicago Police Union Opposes Vax Mandate 'In Order to Induce an Insurrection'
Turley Talks Mainstream Media Blackout as Walkouts Sweep the Nation!!!
Turley Talks Huge Whitepills as Masses WAKE UP to Vaccine Tyranny!
Zero Hedge After Thousands Of Parents Refused To Comply, California School District Reverses Child Jab Mandate
You'll stand up and cheer after seeing these Canadian trucker convoy videos
mrc tv Censored, Fired Vaccination Victims Speak Out Against ‘COVID Cartel’

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - War On Religion
YouTube The Gestapo came again attacking the Church!
mrc tv COVID-Crazed Cops Brutally Arrest Canadian Pastor For Giving Saturday Sermon
Epoch Times Disney Employees Suing Company Over Vaccine Exemption Refusals

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Vaccine - Pandemic Cosplay - Hypocrisy
mrc tv NYC To Exempt Athletes & Performers From City's Vax Mandate

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Masks - Pandemic Cosplay - Hypocrisy - Mask Health Risks
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
no mask needed unless you look like Nancy Pelosi - sign outside Preslee's Restaurant in Houston, TX
mrc tv CDC Keeps Masking Research On Masks - Lack of Efficacy, Increased Depression
Louder With Crowder Watch: Fauci stammers when even CNN (?!) presents him with evidence his mask mandates did nothing
Daily Mail Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer
Covid Quiz Charts
JUst The News Masks offer 'small' benefit against COVID, increased CO2 may be tied to stillbirths: research
Creators Why the Left Is Pro-Mask
Restore Childhood New meta-analysis should end discussion of mask mandates in schools
Federalist Leana Wen Created A Mob Of Covid Karens And Now They’re Coming For Her
Hennessy's View This Is How Masks Will Change People
YouTube DO NOT COMPLY: Liz Wheeler drops major truth bombs about anti-science mask mandates
bad cattitude no, n95 masks do not stop covid either - this is just more pandemic cosplay being used as cover for the increasingly obvious failure of mask policy
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse How To Talk To Your Conspiracy Nut Friends About COVID Masks
mrc tv Fauci Suggests Facemasks On Planes...Forever
Louder With Crowder CDC Busted Changing School Mask Guidance to Appease Teachers' Unions. Yes, Again.
Federalist The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me To Live By Lies - Being forced to wear a mask is being forced to communicate that I support treating COVID-19 as if it should take priority over everything else in life. That's not only false, but evil.
YouTube Do Masks Work? Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle performs a simple experiment to see.
Louder With Crowder Jen Psaki Bombs, Can't Answer Simple Question: If the V-Word Works, What's with the CDC and Masks?
American ThinkerIf you dig down, permanent masks make sense for a lot of people
American Thinker Now there's even more reason to resist the masks
American Thinker Masks Mandates Counterproductive. How Much More Data Do We Need?
American Thinker Masks are a Joke, But No One is Laughing
Washington Times CDC guidelines say wearing a mask during prolonged exposure to coronavirus won't prevent possible infection
Blaze Horowitz: E-MASK-ulation: How we have been lied to so dramatically about masks - What did the scientific literature say before the issue became political?
Federalist CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks
Healthy Amerian Science Says Healthy People Should Not Wear Masks
Louder With Crowder CNBC Demonstrates Why You Should Wear THREE Masks. Yes, Really. It's Not Just a Meme.
American Thinker Masks! What are they good for?
Louder With Crowder Cop Gives Reporter Citation for Breaking Pandemic Restrictions and 'Shaking Someone's Hand'
American Thinker The CDC uses discredited, inapplicable authority to back its new mask guidelines
PJ Media Congressman Shows Biden's New Mask Mandate Is Based on Bogus Study – Again. 'This Is Why We've Lost Trust'
mrc tv Pelosi Will Require Masks In The House, Contrary To Her Beloved CDC 'Guidelines' American Thinker And Just Like That, Masks Are No Longer Necessary
American Thinker Time for Modern Masking Madness to Be Cast into the Dustbin of History
American Thinker Maskless in Washington
rumble Biden Admin Offers Schools FEDERAL $ To DISOBEY Florida's Mask Freedom
Louder With Crowder Heartbreaking Video Shows Two-Year-Old in Day Care Being Forced to Comply with Democrat's Mask Mandate
Louder With Crowder Teenager Arrested, High School Sent Into Lockdown All Over a Student Not Wearing a Mask
Daily Mail COVID rules are blamed for 23% dive in young children's development: Disturbing study shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among possible culprits
Legal Insurrection Rep. Eric Swalwell is Latest Democrat Caught Maskless in the Free State of Florida
mrc tv Yeah, If You’re Ugly. Study: Covid Masks Make Men More Attract
mrc tv Social Elites And Politicians Party Maskless At NFC Championship Game
Federalist Democrat Politicians Were Never As Afraid Of Covid As They Want You To Be
mrc tv Super Bowl of Hypocrisy: Maskless Celebs Party at Big Game
Louder With Crowder State Health Secretary: Celebs Can Go Maskless at Super Bowl, But Kids in School Are S*** Out of Luck
mrc tv Rules For Thee: NY Gov. Hochul Warns Against 'Bullying' Those Who Still Wear Masks
Epoch Times New Study Adds to Growing Body of Evidence Suggesting Mask Mandates Are Ineffective
Town Hall Yet Another California Official Exposed for Mask Mandate Hypocrisy
City Journal Masks Still Don’t Work - More than two years on, the best scientific evidence says that masks don’t stop Covid—and public health officials continue to ignore it.
This Study Could Be 'Scientific Nail in the Coffin' for Masks - Masks make 'no difference,' according to study by world-renowned medical database
mrc tv They’re Baaack!: Some Colleges Bring Back Masking Policies
Dan bongino Show Study Published by NIH Suggests N95 Masks Could Expose Wearers to Toxic Compounds Linked to Cancer
Louder With Crowder Reporter busts Joe Biden engaging in mask theatre hours after WH virtue signaling he was going to wear one indoors again

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Mask Fascists - Police Oppression
Louder With CrowderMan Allegedly Suffers Heart Attack after He's Arrested... for Not Wearing a Mask. OUTSIDE!
Louder With Crowder Wisconsin Police Officers Berate a Mother for Allowing Her Child to Visit a Friend
Louder With Crowder Mom at Son’s Football Game Wasn’t Wearing a Mask. The Police Reaction Is HORRIFYING!
Louder With Crowder TYRANNY: Police Pepper Spray Pre-Teen Girls. They Weren't Wearing Masks
Louder With Crowder Authorities Pepper Spray Kid at Anti-Lockdown Protest. She Was Holding a Sign That Said 'Let Me Play'
mrc tv Loudoun County Ignores Rape, But Cites Maskless Students For Trespassing
Louder With Crowder Watch: Mom Shows Maskless Pictures of Hypocrite School Board Members, Board Flips Out and Calls Security
Louder With Crowder 'Wear the Mask on Your F***ing Balls!’: School Board Member Freaks Out on Parent With Medical Exemption
mrc tv CA Principal Calls Cops Over Four-Year-Old Refusing To Wear a Mask

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Criminals Support For Masks
Yahoo! Finance NYC police want shoppers to remove masks before entering stores
mrc tv Way to Go, Sherlock! NY Mayor Adams Tells Shop Owners to Bar Patrons Who Won't Lower Their Masks Because of Rising Crime

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Judicial Lawlessness
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
mrc tv Stripped Of Their Rights? CA Strip Clubs Allowed To Open - But Not Churches
American Thinker COVID: The Perfect Crime?

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Resistance - Resist Fascism
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
Federalist Biden Forced Americans Into A Game Of Chicken Over Their Livelihoods, And They’re Not Flinching
Louder With Crowder 'Just Obey': Street Musician Goes Viral with Song Mocking Lockdown Supporters. He Also Makes Sheep Sounds ...
Louder With Crowder 'For the Sake of Freedom...': Scottish Reporter Shares Powerful Message All Americans Need to Hear Now
mrc tv EPIC: Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro SLAMS Lockdowns and Leftist DC Hypocrites
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
mrc tv Real Resistance: CA Churchgoers DEFY Newsom – Worship God INSIDE Together
Detroit Metro Times Novi ammo store bans mask-wearing customers because of ‘thugs,’ calls Whitmer a 'bitch'
Off-G COVID World - Resist!
mrc tv Idaho Police Arrest Worshippers Attending Outdoor Church Without a Mask
PJ Media [WATCH] Buffalo Business Owners Revolt Against Health Department and Sheriffs: 'GET OUT! WE WILL NOT COMPLY'
PJ Media Newsom Wanted Snitches to Turn in Thanksgiving 'Scofflaws' But Several California Sheriffs Say They Will Not Comply
PJ Media Oregon County Sheriff and DA Draw the Thin, Blue Line: They Will Not Enforce Criminal Penalties For China Virus Violations [UPDATE: More Counties Refuse COVID Lockdown Order]
Federalist Politicians Aren’t Canceling Their Celebrations And Gatherings, And Neither Am I
Federalist I Won’t Arrest You For Celebrating Thanksgiving, And No Good Cop Would
Louder With Crowder Andrew Cuomo Attacks Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce His Tyrannical Thanksgiving Restrictions
PJ Media [WATCH] Buffalo Gym Owner Tears Up $15,000 Health Dept. Fine—to the Cheers of Business Owners
NO More Fake News Rebellion rising; the people have had enough
Louder With Crowder NYC Bar Owner Works Around Cuomo's Tyrannical COVID Restrictions: I'm an Autonomous Zone
mrc tv LA Restaurateur Fights Hypocritical Leftist Politicians And Their Anti-Rights Lockdowns, Vows To Stay Open
Louder With Crowder California Health Secretary Admits Real Reason for Outdoor Dining Ban. HINT: It's Not Science ...
mrc tv Sending A Sign: NJ Gym Owner Continues To Battle Gov’s Closure Orders
Breitbart Rural Communities in California Defy Newsom’s Coronavirus Lockdown Orders As Backlash Grows
Louder With Crowder Fed Up Restaurant Owner BLOCKS Health Inspector's Car, Delivers Awesome Rant
Louder With Crowder Maskless Woman Confronted by Mask Nazis Declares She's DONE with COVID Restrictions
Louder With Crowder Police Reportedly Raid 'Illegal Gathering' of Six People at Private Residence
mrc tv Elderly NM Man HAS TO SUE THE STATE To Touch His Wife, Who Is In Same Nursing Facility
mrc tv World Multitudes Defy Politicians, Rally For Freedom From Lockdowns
The Last Refuge Righteous, Pastor in Calgary Throws Out COVID Police
Red State Tinhorn Flats Update: Burbank Sends in SWAT and Boards up the Restaurant
breitbart Watch: London Mayor Candidate Laurence Fox Says ‘Get Your Mask Off; Grow Some Balls!’
Louder with Crowder Mother's Emotional Demand to Councilmembers: 'Take These Masks Off of My Child'
mrc tv Arizona Parents Explode After School Board Refuses to Nix Classroom Mask Mandates
Louder with Crowder Annoyed Little Girl Destroys School Board Over Masks and It's Adorable
American Thinker Thousands protest harsh Covid lockdowns in Australia as police vow to identify and charge as many participants as possible
Louder with Crowder Restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA Flips Major Bird to Pro-Vax Adherents
Federalist ‘These Are Not Your Children’: Wisconsin Parents Tell Joe Biden To Stuff Masking Their Children Where The Sun Don’t Shine
mrc tv Study: 17 States Spent $89M On COVID Cash Bribes - and They Didn't Work
YouTube Travis Tritt Speaks Out On Mask Mandates At His Shows, Cancels Gigs With Mandates Of Any Kind
PJ Media Street Artists on Both Coasts Take Aim at COVID Authoritarianism and the Lefties Can't Cope

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Playing Politics While America Burns
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
American Thinker The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo
Louder With Crowder Freshman Congressman Annihilates Pelosi's Stimulus Plan Point by Point in Only Four Minutes
mrc tv Dem-Dominated Senate Passes $1.9 TRILLION 'COVID Relief Bill'

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Fascism - Biofascism
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
AIER Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism
American Thinker Falling for the Biggest Hoax in History
Dennis Prager The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime
Hillsdale College - Imprimis Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
Louder With Crowder 600 Doctors Write Powerful Letter to Trump: The Shutdown is an "Order of Magnitude Error..."
scribd open letter to Trump from 600 doctors
Louder With Crowder Hey Democrats, We Found the Real Nazis. Hint: It's YOU!
Louder With Crowder Modeling Experts Discover Neil Ferguson's COVID-19 Model is Complete Bullsh*t
Breitbart Germany’s Bild Newspaper Says ‘Lockdown Was a Huge Mistake’
Louder With Crowder Brit Hume: ‘Time to Consider Possibility Lockdown a Colossal Public Policy Calamity
U.S.News CDC: 80,000 People Died From Flu Last Season (2017-2018)
Legal Insurrection First Amendment Fail - Raleigh Police: "Protesting is a non-essential activity"
American Thinker Governor Gretchen Whitmer, poster child for the abuse of power
American Thinker Michigan residents take to the streets for a massive protest
Louder With Crowder Northern Michigan Sheriffs State they will NOT Comply with Governor’s Overreach
Louder With Crowder NJ Governor Straight-Up Admits: ‘I Wasn’t Thinking of the Bill of Rights’ [VIDEO]
PJ Media New Jersey Woman Charged With Plotting to Violate Governor's Stay-at-Home Order
Louder With Crowder Northern Michigan Sheriffs State they will NOT Comply with Governor’s Overreach
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse And Then The Pendulum Swung The Other Way
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse A Message From The Governor Of Rationalania
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Businesses That Are Going To Fail
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse A Comparison To Isolation
The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Everything You Are Doing Regarding COVID is Stupid
Canda Free Press The Last Time I Saw America
Canda Free Press Crackdown lockdown downtown: fiddling case numbers while Rome burns - Mass Imprisonment Of The Population
Conservative Review Horowitz: As cops arrest moms at playgrounds in Idaho, burglaries surge in New York
Conservative Review Horowitz: A new declaration of independence - from coronavirus fascism and anarchy
mrc tv 'We Won't Tolerate This': Ohio Cops Bust Up Large Amish Barn Party Amid COVID-19 Shutdown
Federalist Instead Of ‘Flattening The Curve,’ We Flattened Hospitals, Doctors, And The U.S. Health Care System
Federalist Police Have Started Revolting Against Draconian Coronavirus Edicts From Local Tyrants
PJ Media Houston Police Officer's Union to Harris County Judge Hidalgo: Take Your 'Idiotic' Mask Order and Shove It
PJ Media Four Southern California Counties Start Declaring Independence From Wuhan Virus and the Governor
American Thinker COVID-19 lockdowns are killing thousands of Americans
mrc tv AZ COVID Cops: 'We Don’t Want You To Feel Like We’re Harassing You' - Shut Down Mom And Pop Store
City Journal The Economy Is Not a Machine - Recovery from Covid-19 will take more than government pump-priming; the market process itself, in all its complexity, must revive.
Conservative Review Horowitz: Liberal governors publish plan to reopen society ... never
mrc tv VIDEO: Wisconsin Deputies Threaten a Mother For Letting Her Daughter Play At a Neighbor's Home During Shutdown
Louder With Crowder Police Approach Dallas Salon Owner who Wouldn't Comply with 'Non-Essential' Work Order
Louder With Crowder Wisconsin Police Officers Berate a Mother for Allowing Her Child to Visit a Friend
Louder With Crowder Police Approach Dallas Salon Owner who Wouldn't Comply with 'Non-Essential' Work Order
Louder With Crowder Elon Musk DOUBLES DOWN: 'This is Fascist!'
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic
Louder With Crowder KIRCHOFF: Stop Telling Me to "Stay Safe" and "Stay at Home"!
Louder With Crowder Tucker Carlson Reveals How Totalitarian Government Has Become
mrc tv Health and Safety? Dozens of Sex Offenders Have Been Released From Prison Due to COVID-19
Louder With Crowder Dallas Salon Owner JAILED for Refusing to Close. The Judge's Statement is Frightening!
Louder With Crowder Canadian Police Pull Gun on Girl Dressed as Star Wars Stormtrooper
Conservative Review Horowitz: Moving goalposts: Oregon governor now demanding COVID-19 cases drop BELOW flu levels to reopen
mrc tv Fresno, CA, 'Social Distancing' Health Enforcers Turned Away By Customers In Restaurant Line - So Cops Cuff One Man
Louder with Crowder WA Gov. Jay Inslee Goes Full Nazi, Wants Restaurants to Track Customers with Daily Log
mrc tv Colorado Govt. Attacks Restaurant That Opened In Defiance Of State Diktats
Law Enforcement Today Police hang “closed” sign on gym door. Owner replaces it with the Bill of Rights and opens up shop.
Conservative Review Horowitz: COVID-1984: The criminal is the victim and the victim is the criminal
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw: The Left is Using COVID-19 to Restructure America...
Federalist Wuhan Flu Lockdowns Are Teaching Local Police To Manhandle Citizens
Conservative Review Horowitz: 67K criminals released so far under coronavirus jailbreak. And crime keeps rising
YouTube Judge Jeanine: There is no longer justification to shut down America
Sun LOCK & AWE Lockdown ‘panic virus’ among world leaders cost more lives than it saved, claims Nobel Prize scientist
Canada Free Press Cuomo & Friends Killed The City That Never Sleeps - Stop believing their lies! Go back to work and to hell with Cuomo and DeBlasio
Conservative Review Horowitz: European politicians blaming each other for insane lockdown idea while US politicians double down
Louder with Crowder New Study: COVID Shutdown Will Cost Americans 'Millions of Years of Life'
mrc tv Judge Rules Against Stay At Home Order: 'People Are Not Being Governed, They Are Being Ruled'
Federalist Mandatory Masks Aren’t About Safety, They’re About Social Control
Armstrong Economics Is it Time to Throw Every Politician Out of Office Who Imposed Lockdowns?
mrc tv VA Mayor Who Delayed Reopening Over COVID Two Weeks Ago Just Gathered With Protesters, Wearing No Mask and Passing a Bullhorn
Conservative Review Horowitz: It’s time to end the great American COVID-19 police state
Legal Insurrection Government Gone Wild: Wuhan Coronavirus has Led to Massive Overreach
mrc tv Hundreds Rally To Support Mass. Gym Owner After Gov't LOCKS HIS BUSINESS
mrc tv Florida Keys to Require Face Masks Until June...of 2021
mrc tv Oregon County COVID19 Mask Mandate Offers 'Special Exemption' – Based On Race, Of Course
Federalist Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders
mrc tv CA Gov. Newsom Reinstates COVID Lockdown...and Adds 'Strike Teams' To Enforce It
American Thinker Deferred disease disaster dawning on Democrats
Zero Hedge The Number Of Permanent Business-Shutdowns Is Rising
PJ Media Are Members of Congress Immune From COVID-19? DC Mayor Bowser Seems to Think So
Louder With Crowder Tucker Carlson Obliterates Fauci for Giving a Social Distancing Pass to Protesters
mrc tv KICK DOWN THE BARRIERS! NJ Gym Owners Break In and Reopen
Summit News Melbourne Lockdown: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant to Carry Out ‘Spot Checks’
Federalist L.A. Threatens John MacArthur And His Church With Fines, Arrest For Holding Services
Federalist How Forced Isolation Makes Huge Power Grabs Possible
American Thinker The Minneapolis scheme to exact taxes from the businesses under the riot rubble
Federalist Fauci Spills The Beans: A Vaccine Won’t End COVID-19 Restrictions
mrc tv US District Court Rules PA Gov Wolf’s COVID Lockdown Is Unconstitutional
mrc tv Mom Is TASED & HANDCUFFED For Not Wearing Mask At Son's Football Game
mrc tv MI Supreme Court Rules Whitmer’s Lockdowns Run Afoul of the State Constitution, But She Vows To CONTINUE
mrc tv Calif. Governor's Office Wants People to Put Mask on 'In Between Bites,' Immediately Contradicts Itself
mrc tv NY Gov Cuomo Mandates 'Negative Test' House Arrest For Visitors from 47 States and New Yorkers Returning From Travel
mrc tv RINO NH Gov. Sununu Flouts Fourth Amendment, Demands Restaurants Collect Data of Patrons
Louder With Crowder Andrew Cuomo Announces New Tyrannical Shutdown, This Time Including Your Own Home
Louder With Crowder Pennsylvania Announces Tyrannical New Mask Mandate, Including What You Do in Your Own Home
Louder With Crowder Gov. Cuomo Goes Full Tyrant on Reporter Asking About School Closures
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Goes Public, Wants to Limit Who You Can Have for Thanksgiving
mrc tv Cuomo Threatens Investigation and 'Legal Action' Against Synagogue For Holding a Wedding Despite COVID Mandates
mrc tv 'Get a Warrant!' NY Business Owners Defy Cuomo's COVID Edicts
Daily Torch When a business dies, a dream dies with it
PJ Media L.A. Sheriffs Detain 900 for Heinous Crime of New Year's Eve Partying
Louder With Crowder British Police Fining Citizens $8,000 for Breaking Lockdown Without 'Reasonable Excuse'
reason Federal Mask Cops To Start Targeting Travelers Today
mrctv LA County Health Inspector Caught Doing a 'Happy Dance' After Telling a Struggling Local Brewery to Close On Super Bowl Sunda
Louder With Crowder Health Inspector Caught Dancing After WRONGLY Shutting Down Brewery Over Lockdown Restrictions?
mrc tv Kroger to Close Stores in Seattle Thanks to Hazard Pay Mandates
mrc tv Federal and State Eviction Bans Are Forcing Some Landlords Into Poverty
mrc tv As Volcano Erupts In St. Vincent, Only 'Vaccinated' Can Board Evacuation Ships
American thinker 'Your papers, please!'
American Thinker Is this the USA?
mrc tv NIH Director Calls For Spreaders of COVID 'Misinformation' to Be 'Brought to Justice'
rumble Political Power Play: The COVID Crackdowns
mrc tv Poll Finds Huge % of Dems Support Imprisonment & Loss of Child Custody For the Unvaxxed
Common Sense Yesterday I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free. - I turned down $1 million severance in exchange for my voice.

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Relief - Aid - Covid Corruption - Is It Infrastructure Yet?
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
Louder With Crowder Five Ways Democrats Plan to Spend Taxpayer Money in COVID 'Relief' Plan
mrc tv California Man Arrested After Using $5 Million in COVID Relief Loans To Buy Luxury Cars and Vacations
mrc tv 'Hamilton' Musical Receives $30M in COVID Bailout - It's Historical American Pork!
mrc tv New Hampshire Abuses COVID Relief Dollars by Funding a 'Youth Pride Event'

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Democrat Super Spreaders
99.99% of the Democrats give the rest a bad name.
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
American Thinker House Democrats promote ignorance about COVID masks, just to blame Republicans
mrc yv Texas Town Erupts After Charity Books Entire Local Hotel For COVID-Infected Illegals
American Thinker Sneaky: Biden officials ordered workers to cover up COVID outbreak at migrant center, whistleblowers say

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Cover Up
Federalist The Media’s COVID Origin Coverup Campaign Has Begun
Louder With Crowder Jedediah Bila Provides Sources After Being Attacked by the Shrill Harpies on 'The View' for 'Misinformation'

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Covering Up The Murders of Thousands of Innocents - Democrat Super Spreaders
99.99% of the Democrats give the rest a bad name.
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
mrc tv NYT: Cuomo's Office Was Covering Up Nursing Home Death Counts Last JUNE - Months Before the Feds Came Knocking

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Fascism - Corruption
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
mrc tv Sen. Kennedy: Dems' 'COVID Relief' Bill Is an 'Orgy of Pork' That's 'Chock Full of Spending Porn'
Louder With Crowder Fauci Lets His Mask Slip, Flat Out Tells Americans "Do What You're Told"
Federalist How COVID Vaccine Coercion Drove Me Out Of West Point

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Crime
American Thinker COVID House Arrest and Mass Shootings
mrc tv James Carville: It Should Be Legal To Punch 'Piece of S***' Unvaxxed People In the Face

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Hypocrisy
The virus is real, the death toll is inacurrate, and the fear is politicial.
The massive number of politicians and celebrities not obeying the tyranical mask mandates is not because they are hypocrites, it's because they don't believe the bullshit spewing from their lieholes.
mrc tvc Congress, Judicial Branch, Exempted From Biden Jab Mandate
Powerline Biden Joins the Ranks of COVID Hypocrites
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
mrc tv Gavin’s Mask-Less Gathering: Photos Emerge Of Gov’s Dinner Party With Lobbyist
PJ Media 10 Hypocrite Dems Who Prattle on About Masks and Lockdowns But Personally Act Like They're All BS
City Journal Rank Hypocrisy - California governor Gavin Newsom fails to follow his own restrictive Covid-19 policies
mrc tv Denver Mayor Tweets 'Stay Home' For Thanksgiving – Half an Hour Before Flying To Mississippi For His Own
mrc tv McEnany Calls Out Dems Who Violated Own Pandemic Orders During WH Video Presentation
Post Millennial WATCH: McEnany SLAMS reporter for saying White House should not host holiday parties: 'If you can loot businesses... you can go to a Christmas party'
American Thinker Once again, The Simpsons predicted modern politics
Washington Examiner Here’s a list of all the Democratic officials who have defied their own coronavirus restrictions
Louder With Crowder Comedian Summarizes Hollywood's COVID Hypocrisy in One Brutal Tweet
mrc tv Rules for Thee: Dem Lawmakers in California Dine Together Hours After Socially Distant Ceremony
mrc tv 11 Government Officials Caught Violating Their Own COVID Rules
American Thinker Live from New York, it's Saturday Night liberal hypocrisy
mrc tv Dr. Deborah Birx Caught Visiting With Family Over the Holidays After Telling Others to Stay Home
Dan Bongino Show Dr. Birx to Retire After Getting Caught Violating Her Own Guidance
American Thinker Obamas spending Christmas in Hawaii and generate the best picture ever of the former first couple
Louder With Crowder New York Democrat BUSTED Playing Hockey After Banning Kids from Playing Hock
American Thinker Ain't hidin' it: De Blasio hoofs it up at Times Square on New Year's Eve after banning all New Yorkers
Louder With Crowder Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Government Hypocrisy Over COVID: 'It's Becoming a Joke'
mrc tv After Leading School Closures, Video Shows Teachers’ Union President Putting Child Into In-Person Preschool
American Thinker More blatant ‘masks for thee, but not for me’ behavior yesterday from John Kerry and Sen. Tom Carper (D DE)
mrc tv Whitmer’s Top Aide Caught Flouting the Gov's Lockdown Edicts - Then Attacks Those Who Exposed Her
mrc tv COVID-Fearing AZ School Board Cancels Prom, But Plans a RETIREMENT PARTY For One Of Their Members
mrc tv Michigan Gov. Whitmer Apologizes After Being Caught Ignoring COVID Protocols
mrc tv Teachers Union Boss Posts Group Photo From a Restaurant While Pushing To Keep Classrooms Closed
PJ Media [WATCH] Hypocrite Pelosi Goes Maskless at White House Event, Social Media Erupts
Federalist The Media’s Big Lie About Who Isn’t Getting Shots Is How You Know They Don’t Care About The Unvaccinated
PJ Media HYPOCRITE: DC Mayor Bowser Attends Maskless Wedding Reception
mrc tv Superspreader Event? Obama to Host 'Nearly 700' People for 60th B-day Bash in Martha's Vineyard
Louder With Crowder BUSTED! Pro-Mask AOC Wears Mask for Crowd Photo... Then TAKES IT OFF<
mrc tv Obama’s Maskless 60th Birthday Hypocrisy Takes the Cake
mrc tv Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Spotted Partying Without Mask
mrc tv School Board Member Votes To Force Masks – Next Day Attends Huge Concert, Sans Mask
rumble Things That Need to Be Said: Mandate Merchants Don't Buy Their Own Edicts
mrc tv CNN’s Lemon Doesn’t Don Mask On FLA Trip – After Criticizing State Leaders For Resisting Mask Mandates
Louder With Crowder Watch: Joe Biden Busted Maskless (Again) Behind Sign That Says Masks Were Required
mrc tv Masks For Thee – Not Pelosi: Speaker Meanders Maskless Despite Presidential Push Louder With Crowder 'Not Hypocrisy, It's HIERARCHY' Team DeSantis Wrecks AOC Living It Up Maskless in Miami While NYC Suffers
mrc tv Swalwell Caught Maskless In Florida After Blaming Republicans For 'Prolonging' COVID
mrc tv Trevor Noah Questions Non-Sensical Vaccine Mandates In NYC

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Political Warfare
Louder With Crowder CDC Updates COVID Guidelines Allowing 100% Occupancy ... at Biden's Child Migrant Shelters
Imprimis - Science, Politics, and COVID: Will Truth Prevail?
Tom Woods Covid Religion
American Thinker CDC/NFL Publish Revealing Wuhan Virus Paper
mrc tv $16T Later: New Stanford Study Says COVID Lockdowns Have 'No Clear, Significant Beneficial Effect'
Steadfast Clash More Evidence Shows Total Deaths in 2020 Are No Different Than Prior Years
Louder With Crowder Fauci Admits Lying to the American People, Then Claims He Was Guessing
Front Page Mag Democrat Governors Freed the Criminals and Killed the Elderly - They released criminals to protect them from the virus - and locked nursing home patients in with the virus.
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
American Thinker AMA Lied - How Many Died?
Great Barrington Declaration sign the petition to end the lockdown
medium The Silent Pandemic: Medical Errors Will Kill Far More Americans Than COVID-1911:46 PM Thursday, December 24, 2020.
Classically Liberal Thou Irrational Fear of COVID-19 Is a Mark of Privilege...
American Thinker Follow the Science (Except When the Results are Inconvenient)
PJ Media Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Deleted After Publication
Zero Hedge "Pandemic is Over" - Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests
Just The News Nearly 50,000 doctors and scientists, 630,000 citizens have signed global anti-lockdown proclamation
Louder With Crowder Justin Trudeau Exposes Truth About Pandemic, Tells UN It's an Opportunity for 'Great Reset'
Tom Woods Show Some COVID Resources
Tom Woods Show Death by Lockdown
Collateral Global review studies about how much damage the science deniers supporting lockdowns are causing.
Federalist These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Here's What Happens When You Don't Wear A Mask
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Here's the Science On COVID Masks
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse The Latest Virtue Signal From The Branch Covidians
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Everything You Are Doing Regarding COVID is Stupid
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse "Fact" Checking at Fecesbook
Federalist CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks
Federalist More Than 3,500 Health Experts Sound The Alarm On COVID Lockdown Policies, Urge ‘Focused Protection'
AIER Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism
Washington Times Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history
Louder With Crowder Heartbreaking: Nursing Home Residents Protest Restrictions, Would Rather 'Die of COVID' Than Loneliness
Blaze Dr. Fauci says even with a vaccine, masks and social distancing will continue until 2022
Federalist California Governor Breaks His Own COVID Rules To Eat Fancy French Food While Americans Go Hungry In Lockdown
Louder With Crowder Gov. Kristi Noem Tells Liberal Critics Where to Stick Their Mask Mandate
Louder With Crowder Report: 'Experts' Advised Bill de Blasio Not to Close Schools, de Blasio Ignored the 'Experts'
Just The News McCarthy slams Newsom for dining without a mask: 'He lost a lot of credibility' - Newson was spotted recently dining at a restaurant with a group not wearing a mask
Louder With Crowder Patriot Confronts Maskless New Jersey Governor at a Restaurant
Federalist Why Is Big Media Hiding That Illinois Has Far More COVID Cases Than Florida? Because Illinois Has A Democrat In Charge And Tighter Lockdowns
City Journal On the Ropes in Philly - A new lockdown may cost the city its vibrant dining scene.
Louder With Crowder John Hopkins Publishes Shocking Study Calling COVID Overrated, Then Deletes It For Some Reason
WLWT5 OHSAA coronavirus rules: Students can wrestle, but can't shake hands
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw ANNIHILATES Nancy Pelosi for Four Minutes Straight
Life Site Scientists show COVID tests are ‘useless’, are based on ‘flawed science’ - The ‘worldwide misdiagnosis of infections’ stemming from the tests has resulted in ‘stringent lockdowns which have destroyed many people’s lives and livelihoods,’ the scientists argue.
YouTube Trey Gowdy Goes OFF on Pelosi after She Admits to Screwing Over the Entire Country
YouTube JUST IN: Dan Crenshaw TORCHES Pelosi in blistering House floor speech
Louder With Crowder Mike Rowe Blasts Politicians Arbitrarily Deciding What Employees are 'Essential'
American Thinker A Look at the COVID School Insanity in Minnesota
Louder With Crowder Marco Rubio Backs the Truck Over Anthony Fauci for Lying to the American People
Fox News Sen. Marco Rubio: Dr. Fauci lied about coronavirus to manipulate our behavior — that's appalling
Breitbart Up to Half of Health Care Workers in Parts of California Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine
mrc tv CA COVID Travel Advisory 'Recommends' People Not Travel More Than 120 Miles, But 'Special' People Are Exempt
mrc tv It's Magic! Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Now Says Restaurants Must Reopen 'As Quickly As Possible'
American Thinker If One Mask Doesn’t Work, Try Two, or Three, or Four...
mrc tv Psaki: Social Distancing and Masks Will Be 'Essential' Even After You're Vaccinated
mrc tv New Study: Lockdowns Were Biggest Factor In Destroying US Economy
Louder With Crowder Andrew Cuomo Lied About COVID Numbers to Protect Democrats, Avoid Trump: Report
Louder With Crowder NBC News Writes Hit Piece Attacking Ron DeSantis for ... Vaccinating People?
Louder With Crowder Ted Cruz Gives Perfect Response to Reporter Demanding He Cover His Face
mrc tv Florida Gov. DeSantis Says 'No' to Vaccine Passports: 'Completely Unacceptable'

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Murder - Suicide - Bio Warfare - Political Warfare
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
mrc tv Cuomo Denies His Own Direct Order On Nursing Homes Taking COVID Patients: 'It Never Happened'br> summit news Australia: Four Newborn Babies Die After Being Denied Heart Surgery Due to COVID Travel Rule
Legal Insurrection Letter Offers More Evidence of Wuhan Lab Project Source of COVID Pandemic

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Pandemic Panic - Science Deniers - Political Warfare - Covid Derangement Syndrome
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
Tom Woods Show Death by Lockdown
Louder With Crowder NBC News Suddenly Discovered Sweden Didn't Lockdown for COVID, and is SHOCKED By the Results...
Red State Literally Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. The Media Just Doesn’t Want You to Know
Louder With Crowder HOT MIC! Pennsylvania Democrats Caught Admitting Masks Are Just 'Political Theater'
Technocracy News & Trends Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
Technocracy News & Trends Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science
revolver Revolver Exclusive Study: COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself
mrc tv 'Mistake': CDC Removes Guidance Suggesting COVID Is Airborne After People Freak Out
Federalist Nashville Mayor, Health Department Covered Up Data Showing Bars And Restaurants Weren’t Spreading COVID-19
American Thinker Falling for the Biggest Hoax in History
Blaze Horowitz: E-MASK-ulation: How we have been lied to so dramatically about masks - What did the scientific literature say before the issue became political?
Gateway Pundit Van Morrison Blasts COVID-19 Live Concert Limits As ‘Pseudoscience’
Louder With Crowder This Viral Video Brilliantly Mocks the Absurdity of Mask Mandates
Red State The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective
Headline Health CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are NOT Effective
Louder With Crowder Steven Crowder to hold Michigan rally demanding answers from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on virus deaths in nursing homes
Gun Free Zone I was mad, now I’m furious - Suicide is now the leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 14
Federalist Why Those Who Claim To ‘Follow The Science’ Are More Likely To Ignore It
American Thinker Oh my God, the Delta Variant is going to kill us all!
Louder With Crowder Hysterical Teacher Compares Lack of Mask Mandate to School Shooting, Claims Teachers are Writing Out Wills
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse More Proof that Covids Derangement Is A Symptom Of Mental Retardation

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Bio Warfare - Pandemic Panic
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
Red State NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 3/3)
Gateway Pundit Despite Shunning Lock Downs And Face Masks, COVID-19 Cases In Sweden Plunge
American Thinker The Big COVID Con Exposed
Conservative Review Horowitz: Coronavirus casualties from Sturgis biker rally super-spreader event don’t make news because they didn’t happen
Conservative Review Horowitz: Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations soar in Hawaii since indoor and outdoor mask mandates
mrc tv CDC: Only 6% of COVID Deaths Have Resulted From COVID Without Comorbidities
The Unz Review Mask Mandates Are a Public Health Menace
Conservative Review Horowitz: CDC: 25% of young adults seriously considered suicide during lockdown
Conservative Review Horowitz: Panic toll: New survey shows greater mental health crisis in US than other countries
Louder With Crowder Report: New York's COVID Related Nursing Home Deaths are Worse Than Originally Thought
Gateway Pundit Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist: ‘We See No Point In Wearing Masks’
Conservative Review Horowitz: Lost common sense: How America lived through the Asian flu of 1957
Louder With Crowder MEANWHILE IN SWEDEN: Covid Cases and Death Plummets. Without a Shutdown, Masks, or Panic...
PJ Media Dr. Fauci: 'There's No Inconsistency' in Banning Church and Business But Allowing Mass Protests
mrc tv DC's Face Mask Order Applies to Everyone...Except Gov't Employees
PJ Media Now We Have Proof Dr. Fauci Is Full of Crap and Can't Be Trusted
Louder With Crowder Pro-Mask Poster Boy Dr. Fauci Has Some Explaining to Do After This Photo Emerges
Louder With Crowder A Nashville Man Was Told He Tested Positive for COVID. Problem: He Never Took a Test for COVID ...
Louder With Crowder Florida Man Died in a Motorcycle Crash, and His Death Was Listed as a COVID-19 Death
Conservative Review Maskerade: COVID-1984 and evidence-free compulsory masking
Market Ticker FACT: Mask Mandates UNLAWFUL In US
Louder With Crowder Cloth Masks Aren't as Effective as Masked-Hordes Insist. According to This 2015 Study!
American Thinker The morons of the pandemic
Powerline German Report Blasts Shutdown
mrc tv IT'S A MIRACLE! Dozens of 'Public Health Experts' Sign Letter Saying COVID Risk Shouldn't Stop People From Protesting
Louder With Crowder Dr. Fauci: Masks Aren't 100% Effective, but Are SymbolicAF!
DGateway Pundit The Experts Lied: Children in England Under 15 Are 4 Times More Likely to be Struck by Lightning than Die of COVID-19
PJ Media Washington State Counting Gunshot Victims Among Its Coronavirus Deaths
Horowitz: This is the most blatant example of inflated COVID-19 death stats yet
Life Site EXCLUSIVE: Virus researchers uncover new evidence implying COVID-19 was created in a lab - Preliminary study results suggest virus was produced in lab cultures using human cells.
The Law Dog Files Stop panicking over bad data
Canada Free Press The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers - Fake death data from the CDC, coupled with wild guesstimates from experts, and the relentless barrage of fear porn the mainstream media subjects Americans to around the clock, have been getting results (and songs)
Louder With Crowder ENOUGH: The COVID-19 Panic is Insane and Destroying Our Way of Life!
Louder With Crowder Dr. Birx Says Initial Doom and Gloom COVID-19 Predictions Don’t Reflect Reality
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education Why Taiwan Hasn't Shut Down Its Economy
Louder With Crowder Dr. Birx Explains How COVID-19 Deaths are Counted: ‘A Liberal Approach to Mortality’
Louder With Crowder Mike Rowe Flattens Media Matters’ Attack Over the Coronavirus
Louder With Crowder Sweden Didn’t Lock Down, Didn’t Tank Their Economy, and DIDN’T Suffer from COVID-19
Louder With Crowder Former NYTimes Reporter Warns About the Drastic Repercussions from COVID Response
American Thinker Maybe there's a reason why dire projections about COVID-19 have been wrong
Federalist In Social Distancing Frenzy, Little Rock Suburb Takes Little Girl’s Basketball Hoop
Unz Review The Grand Farce of American Social Distancing
Unz Review CDC: Centers for Damaged Credibility
Legal Insurrrection Gov’t Gone Wild: Michigan Governor Bans In-Store Purchase of Non-Essentials, Like Garden Seeds Legal Insurrrection Government Gone Wild: Wuhan Coronavirus has Led to Massive Overreach PJ Media Whitmer's Nursing Home Policy Shows 'Reckless Disregard of Human Life'
American Thinker COVID Senicide – The Overlooked Tragedy
True Pundit Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists
Conservative Review Horowitz: The new panic lie: Increased coronavirus hospitalizations and cases in the southwest
American Wire Experts Disgraced Themselves By Prioritizing Woke Politics Over Public Health
Federalist Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders
American Thinker Callous contempt: The crisis of blue-state one-party Democrat goverance
According to Hoyt To Mask or Not To Mask... By I.M. Doctoo
Daily Wire Texas Rep Louis Gohmert Targets NY’s Cuomo: ‘We Don’t Have A Governor Sending People With COVID To Our Nursing Homes’
Conservative Review Horowitz: Amid rioting in Minneapolis, coronavirus cases spike among younger people
Louder With Crowder This Social Distancing Snitch Discovered His Political Opinion Cures COVID
Federalist Evil Coronavirus Rules That Force Americans To Die Alone Must Never Happen Again
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education 3 States Account for 42 Percent of All COVID-19 Deaths in America. Why?
City Journal The Nursing-Home Catastrophe - Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fateful decision to return Covid-19 patients to care facilities ought to haunt him-and us.
Geller Report Killer Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 stricken patients to nursing homes during pandemic
Louder With Crowder Two Masked Morons Confronted This Guy for Not Masking Up. His Response is Perfection!
mrc tv Investigation Reveals Florida's COVID Data May Be Wildly Off
Louder With Crowder Some Florida COVID Testing Is Off by Only ... 89%
Louder With Crowder This Chart Shows When the Second COVID Outbreak Started. SPOILER: It's Because of the Protests and Riots!
Louder With Crowder With Just a Few Tweets, CNN's Jake Tapper Exposed THE TRUTH About Andrew Cuomo and COVID-19
Louder With Crowder Crazy Mask Nazi Is Caught on Video Pepper-Spraying a Couple for Not Wearing Masks ... While Eating
PJ Media Here’s Exactly How Andrew Cuomo Covered up His Deadly Nursing Home Policy
Conservative Review Horowitz: More than money: GDP loss from lockdowns will cost millions of life years
Geller Reprot Witnesses Convinced that Cuomo Is Intentionally Hiding Actual Number of Nursing Home Deaths
Federalist Why Democrats Have Started To Cave On Reopening Schools
American Thinker Running scared: Cuomo pulls out all stops to avoid responsibility on NY's massive COVID nursing home death count
American Thinker How Fauci's Stubborness Costs Lives
California Globe Gov. Newsom’s Weird Press Conference; Admits Public Health Director Dr. Sonia Angell Was SJW Hiring
mrc tv AP Report: New York Officials Using a Loophole to Underreport Nursing Home Virus Deaths
Unz Review Give Them Hugs and Let Them Play
Conservative Review Horowitz: Study: In 2 weeks in Denver, more people died of heart attacks in lockdown than of coronavirus
Louder With Crowder Man Assaults Teen Girl for Not Wearing a Mask But Gets Knocked Out By Another Passenger
PJ Media We Just Had the Nation's First Virtual School Shooting
Mercola Blistering Backstory Behind COVID-19

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Pandemic Panic - Covid Derangement Syndrome - Mask Nazis
Louder With Crowder Joe Biden Wears Mask Outside to Tell Americans They Don't Have to Wear Masks Outside (Sometimes)
American Institute for Economi Research (AIER) Why I Believe that Covid Derangement Syndrome Is Real
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Don’t Live Your Life In a Bubble
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists
Louder With Crowder Here's a Crazy Mask Nazi Screaming in a Little Girl's Face: 'I Hope You Die'
Louder With Crowder New Jersey Teacher Hopes These Students Die of COVID-19
Louder With Crowder Iowa Teachers Set a New Standard of COVID Stupidity. It Involves Obituaries ...
Louder With Crowder Lunatic Opens Fire on a Mother and Son Because They Weren't Socially Distancing
Louder With Crowder A Mask Nazi Couple Threw Coffee at a Maskless Man Eating a Burrito. Then Punches Were Thrown...
Louder With Crowder Check Out This Idiot Having a Full-Blown Meltdown Over Someone NOT Wearing a Mask at a Pizza Place
Louder With Crowder Crazy Mask Nazi Is Caught on Video Pepper-Spraying a Couple for Not Wearing Masks ... While Eating
Louder With Crowder NY Man Threatening Maskless Jewish Kids with Murder gives New Meaning to ‘Mask Nazi’
Summit News Governor of Maine Orders Restaurant Staff to Wear COVID Visors Like Dog Cones
Louder With Crowder Mask Nazi Spits on Hikers for Not Wearing Masks ... While They Were Outdoors Hiking
Louder With Crowder Top 5 Mask Nazis of 2020
Louder With Crowder Two Crazed Mask Nazis Melt Down Over Trump Supporters Trying to Drink Coffee
Louder With Crowder Starbucks Demands Woman Mask Up at Drive-Thru While Sitting In Her Car. It Gets Dumber.
Louder With Crowder Woman Has Epic Elevator Meltdown Over Someone She Claims Isn't Masked Up Properly
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Another Modest Proposal: The Final Solution to the COVID Problem
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse The Cult of Covid Attacked My Wife
Louder With Crowder Watch: Crazy Lady Assaults Elderly Man Mid-flight, Screaming 'Put Your F***ing Mask On
Louder With Crowder Watch: Lunatic Freaks Out on Anti-Mandate Protestors, Says They're Invading Her 'Territory' of Washington, DC
Louder With Crowder 'I'm Looking for Stuff in His Beard': Lady Tries Shaming Maskless Couple in Store, Shames Herself Instead
Louder With Crowder School Boards Declare War on Virginia Governor, Sue to Continue Forcing Your Kids to Wear Masks
Louder With Crowder Six Adults Assault/Hospitalize Teen Girl for Not Wearing a Mask

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Crime - Catch And Release
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
Conservative Review Horowitz: More sex offenders released nationwide as peaceful Americans arrested
mrc tv Dem. Massachusetts AG Suggests Riot Fires Could Be a Good Thing: 'America is Burning, But That's How Forests Grow'
Breitbart Federal Judges Help Free Over 230 Illegal Aliens in Last Month, Including Rapists, Murderers, Sex Offenders
Conservative Review Horowitz: Man accused of murdering 11-year-old at July 4 BBQ in DC was released under coronavirus jailbreak
Conservative Review Horowitz: Democrat calls for treating non-mask-wearers as murderers, while actual murderers are released from jail
Big League Politics BIG: FBI Raids Pennsylvania Nursing Home with Highest COVID-19 Numbers in the State
Law Enforcement Today Governor Whitmer has police, 200 troops block Republican electors from Michigan state capitol

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Economics
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Businesses That Are Going To Fail
mrc tv Reports Say Half of NYC Eateries May Close Forever - But Owners Say It's Worse Than That
mrc tv Report: Nearly A THIRD Of ALL CA Restaurants Forced Out of Business By Newsom Lockdowns

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Education - Brainwashing - Propaganda - War On children
Mises Institute Public Schools Refuse to Open. Give the Taxpayers Their Money Back
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
PJ Media School's Out: Portland's Quiet Crisis
Conservative Review Horowitz: College kids much more likely to die from car wrecks, alcohol, or drugs than virus
Federalist Stuck In Online Schooling, U.S. Kids Are Failing More Classes Than Ever And Will Never Recover
Louder With Crowder Unhinged Woman Yells 'Kill Yourself' to Shutdown Protesters ... and She's a Teacher?
Louder With Crowder Frustrated Father Lights Up School Board Over Lockdowns: 'You Should All Be Fired ...'
Louder With Crowder Mike Rowe: COVID-19 Has Exposed How Expensive (and Unnecessary) College Is
Federalist Most Kids Are Better Off With Schools Shut Down Because They’re Anti-American Daycare
Louder With Crowder Gretchen Whitmer Hires Santa to Promote Her Lockdown to Children. It's as Bad as It Sounds ...
Louder With Crowder School Board Member Is So Happy She's Forcing Your Kids to Wear Masks, She Dances About It

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Slavery - War On Freedom
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Year of Disguises
Daily Wire San Diego Supervisor Says Only 6 Of 194 Coronavirus-Recorded Deaths ‘Pure’ Coronavirus Deaths
Durango Herald Montezuma County disputes state’s coronavirus death count
Washington Tribune California town declares itself 'sanctuary city' for businesses, opens up in defiance of stay-at-home order
Louder With Crowder Black Sheriff Warns Rioters and Protesters: The Citizens Are Armed and I Have Their Backs
Creators Americans Against Unconstitutional Mask Mandates

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Big Tech Censorship of Science
mrc tv Whitlock Skewers NFL, Big Pharma For Ruling Out Vaccination Harms

Covid / Coronavirus / CCP Virus / Fauci Flu / ... - Humor
Glorious American Dr. Fauci Says ‘Jury Still Out’ On Health Risk Of Protesting On Freeways
YouTube SuperBadTransmittableContagiousAwfulVirus (a Poppins Quarantine song)
Babylon Bee Church Hangs 'Black Lives Matter' Banner To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus
Babylon Bee Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body In Bubble Wrap To Protect Against Coronavirus
Babylon Bee Study: Lockdowns Successfully Exchanged COVID Deaths For Other Kinds Of Deaths
Babylon Bee Gavin Newsom Says California Will Stay On Lockdown Until Scientists Discover Cure For Death
McSweeney's Arkham Board of Health Feedback On Miskatonic University’s Draft Plan for a Safe Campus Reopening
Babylon Bee Party That Wants To Run Your Healthcare Roots For Political Opponent To Die
Babylon Bee Chicago Mayor Limits Gatherings To Ten People Unless You're Involved In A Drive-By
Babylon Bee Biden To Defeat Skin Cancer By Ordering Americans To Avoid All Sunlight For 100 Days
Babylon Bee Politicians Breaking Own Rules Can Now Purchase 'Hypocrisy Credits'
Babylon Bee Study Finds Most Americans Trust Dr Pepper Over Dr. Fauci
Babylon Bee Governors Reinstate Lockdowns To Combat Recovering Economy
Babylon Bee Governor Cuomo Orders Restaurants To Put Pineapple On Their Pizza
Federalist Pritzker Is Keeping Illinois Locked Down Not For Health But For A Federal Bailout
Babylon Bee Governor Whitmer Refuses To Throw Ring Of Power Back Into Fires Of Mount Doom
Babylon Bee Governor Newsom Declares California A Coronavirus-Free Zone
Babylon Bee Governor Newsom Orders Police To Go Door To Door Arresting Anyone Not Depressed And Alone
Babylon Bee Walmart Thanks Government For Completely Obliterating Their Small Business Competition
Babylon Bee State Governor Frees All Drug Dealers To Provide Prison Space For Families Celebrating Thanksgiving
Glorious American Newsom Orders ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ Be Moved To How-To Section Of Library
Babylon Bee Help At Last: House Relief Bill Will Provide Free 'Going Out Of Business' Signs To Small Business Owners
Babylon Bee California Declares Christmas Caroling A Felony
Babylon Bee McDonald's Drive Thru Backs Up For Miles As Dr. Fauci Keeps Changing His Mind
Babylon Bee Dr. Fauci Gets In Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions Of HimselfBabylon Bee Here Are 8 Indisputable Reasons Kids MUST Wear Masks At School
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Babylon Bee 10 Undeniable Proofs That Mask Mandates Work
Babylon Bee Study Finds Most Americans Trust Dr Pepper Over Dr. Fauci
YouTube Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!
YouTube Advice for the Authoritarians - 9 Helpful Suggestions
odysee But the nurses dance all day - while the doctors count their pay [Covid Christmas song]
Babylon Bee Liberal Emerges From Home To Face Eerie Dystopia Of People Living Normal Lives
Babylon Bee Researchers Determine The Science Has Changed After Carefully Examining Poll Numbers
Glorious American College Student Given 68 Years To Live After Contracting New COVID Varian
Babylon Bee Hasbro Releases Exciting New 'Fauci Says' Game
People's Cube CDC Renews COVID for a Third Season
Babylon Bee Study Finds Masks 75% Effective At Keeping Kids Safe From Oxygen
YouTube The Twelve Doses Of Christmas...
Genesius Times BREAKING: Fauci can’t recall COVID-19: ‘What pandemic? I don’t know what you’re talking about’
Genesius Times BREAKING: Death by coincidence is at an all-time high
Genesius Times BREAKING: Santa Claus has died unexpectedly following Fauci visit
Louder With Crowder Watch: Dana Carvey, David Spade take turns cracking hilarious "anti-science" jokes at Fauci's expense
mrc tv Comedians Dana Carvey, David Spade, Slice Fauci To Shreds

Creeping Sharia

911 - otherwise known as dial-a-prayer.
A prosecutor ... may receive absolute immunity from suit for acts violating the Constitution in order to advance important societal values. - Elena Kagan, Solicitor General, 2009
Fabrication Of Evidence During An Investigation Does Not, By Itself, Violate The Constitution - Elena Kagan, Solicitor General
The State calls its own violence, law; but that of the individual, crime. - Max Stirner - The Ego and His Own (1845)
Legislators and law enforcement officials recently decided that allowing citizens any rights "adversely impacts" criminal investigations. - Cynical Pessimist
The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws. - Cornelius Tacitus - Annals (c. 116 A.D.)
Americans are now eight times more likely to die in a police confrontation than they are to be killed by a terrorist.
One thing about a police state, you can always find the police. - L. Neil Smith
Crime - links
American Thinker Trickle-down lawlessness
Border And Beat The coming crime wars
google supreme court rules police have no obligation protect anyone
mrc tv Parkland School Cop Claims He Had 'No Legal Duty' to Protect Kids During the Shooting
What Really Happened Court Rulings That Say Police Do NOT Have Obligation To Protect Citizens From Violent Crime
New York Times Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone
American Thinker The Supreme Court Again Upholds Your Right to Be Framed
Reason Magazine Why Cops Aren’t Whistleblowers
Mises Institute To Serve and Protect - the State
Mises Institute The Machinery of Justice
Yahoo! Local News Job Performance Discussion Led To Shooting That Left 1 ICE Agent Dead, Another Wounded
Yahoo! News Wrong man was executed in Texas, probe says
The Daily Caller UCLA professor of 35 years suing to keep his job after challenging environmentalist status quo
Lew Rockwell A Healthy Disrespect of the Police
MyWay Local police grapple with response to cybercrimes
New York Times For $82 a Day, Booking a Cell in a 5-Star Jail
Salon Worst bailout ever?: Corporate welfare meets community destruction
Free Thought Project State Passes Law to Legalize Shooting Police
The Rutherford Institute Vigilantes with a Badge: The War Against the American People
Yahoo! News How does a police department lose a Humvee? Theft, fraud plague controversial Pentagon program spotlighted by Ferguson
Photography Is NOT A Crime
Legal Insurrection Citizen journalists don’t need "Press Credentials" - but that badge may help
Armed and Dangerous Worse than racism
mrc tv Guards Force MRCTV Reporter to Stop Filming in Front of Federal Building Housing U.S. Constitution
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Ask A Cop.
AP Study: Reduced criminal penalties contributed to more thefts
Louder With Crowder New Documentary Explores PTSD, Suicide Among Cops. It's POWERFUL!
YouTube TUCKER & DHILLON: DOJ blew ‘fed. law, constitution, and civil rights’ ‘Deepest level of corruption’
Louder With Crowder Watch: Police pelted with rocks because they dared enforce the law and broke up an illegal street race
Breitbart Biden Crime Wave: Target Reports $400 Million in Looting Losses
mrc tv CRIMESPRINGA! Woman Steals Amish Horse and Buggy From Walmart
Louder With Crowder Rats Keep Getting Stoned By Breaking Into Evidence Room And Consuming Drugs At New Orleans Police Department
Louder With Crowder Woke councilwoman lashes out at men not doing something about NYC women getting attacked in the streets. Two words: Daniel Penny
Dan bongino Show Liberals Are Claiming Crime Is Dropping - Here's How They're Misleading Everyone

Crime - Two-Tiered Justice System
mrc tv Pull the Other One! AG Garland Denies There's a Two-Tiered Justice System

Crime - Injustice System - Police Misconduct
Louder With Crowder Watch: Police tell father his preteen daughter, after being groomed by a predator, could be arrested for child porn

Crime - Injustice System - Police Incompetence
Louder With Crowder Police Say They Can’t Figure Out Gender Of A Sexual Assault Suspect, Even Though The Suspect Left Behind... Let's Call It "DNA"

Crime - Insanity Privilege
mrc tv Freshman Shot Dead By Career Criminal Released Earlier This Year For 'Incompetence to Stand Trial'

Crime - Blame Game - War On Words - War On Thought - Hate Crime
Loudeer With Crowder Police in Scotland are so busy investigating "hate crimes," they don't have time for things like theft and assault

Crime - Blame Game - Victim Shaming
Louder With Crowder Of course! Democrat Mayor wants to hold BUSINESS OWNERS accountable for the crime committed against them

Crime - Misgender
Louder With Crowder Using The Wrong Pronouns Could Land You In Jail For Two Years Under New Law
mrc tv Leftist Outrage Over Jimmy Fallon Proves You Can Never Satisfy the Woke Mob
Louder With Crowder Teacher Jailed INDEFINITELY After Refusing To Use Student's Preferred Pronouns

Crime - Prayer Free Zone
Louder With Crowder Watch: Another Brit gets FINED for silent prayer, this time an Army vet
Louder With Crowder Watch: Woman gets arrested for PRAYING because in the UK there are certain places where that's against the law
Louder With Crowder Christian man arrested for not letting LGBTQ "have their day" and reading a Bible quote. Seriously, watch the video.
Louder With Crowder "It was worth it": Police arrest teen for reading the Bible in a park near a drag queen event for children

Crime - Government Corruption and Liberal Support
Ann Coulter Show Us the Way, Rich Liberals!

Crime - Police Protection? - Lack Of Protection - Protecting Citizens NOT Part Of Job Requirement
Find Law Do the Police Have an Obligation to Protect You?
YouTube Liberty Dol - Cops Do NOT Have a Duty to Protect You

Crime - Police Protection? - Police Protecting Pedophiles
Louder With Crowder Watch: Dude caught thinking he was going to molest children, but the 'real crime' is that he was misgendered

Crime - Police Protection? - Police Protecting Other Criminals and Investigating Victims
Louder With Crowder Crime Is At Unprecedented Levels, So Of Course This City Council's Considering Barring Police From Investigating Crime
Louder With Crowder Thugs Loot A Chanel Store. Naturally, Police Are Investigating The Security Guard Who Tried To Stop Them

Crime: - Joe Biden Criminal Enterprise - White House Criminal Activity
mrc tv New Report: Gov't Docs Reveal Biden Regime Knew About Trump Investigation/Raid the Whole Time

Crime: - Criminal Privilege - Democrat Sanctuary Cities For Criminals - Democrat Sanctuary States For Criminals
99.99% of the Democrats give the rest a bad name.
Daily Signal 27 of Top 30 Crime-Ridden Cities Run by Democrats
mrc tv Watch: CONFRONTED - Some Stores Have Had It With Shoplifters
Louder With Crowder To combat Philly crime, an iconic cheesesteak joint hires armed security so customers won't get assaulted
Louder With Crowder 'Please Arrest Him, Lock Him Up:’ Ohio Mom Says She Turns In Son For Car Theft But Police Keep Releasing Him
Louder With Crowder Thieves have created a brand new online economy... reselling stolen goods on eBay and Facebook
Louder With Crowder “If a house is not inhabited, we can seize it”: TikToker now giving illegals instructions on how to squat in your home

Crime: - Sanctuary State For Criminals - Washington DC (District of Criminals)
mrc tv Another Day, Another 12-Year-Old Arrested For Armed Carjacking In DC
Louder With Crowder Viral video shows empty CVS shelves because shoplifters are utilizing new trick to help their thievery
mrc tv Secret Service Protects Biden Granddaughter From Carjacking In Crime-Ridden DC
Louder With Crowder Here it is, the dumbest thing said by a crime-ridden progressive city official: "We can't prosecute or arrest our way..."
Washington Examiner DC Council bill would invite massive hike in violent crime
Louder With Crowder Crime Is At Unprecedented Levels, So Of Course This City Council's Considering Barring Police From Investigating Crime

Crime: - Sanctuary State For Criminals - Nevada
Bongino Report Democrat Nevada AG Shocked to See Spike in Theft After Advocating for Decriminalizing Theft

Crime: - Sanctuary State For Criminals - Virginia
mrc tv If the Crime is Right: Loudoun Cty., Va. Atty Biberaj Plans to No Longer Prosecute Multiple Crimes

Crime: - Sanctuary State For Criminals - Illinois
Louder With Crowder INSANE: Illinois seeks to eliminate cash bail, allow violent criminals to walk free

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Chicago, Illinois
mrc tv Walmart Is Closing Half Its Chicago Stores Amid Staggering Rise In Retail Theft
Twitchy ‘S**thole’ and home to next DNC Convention Chicago ironically shows what Dem leadership looks like (watch)
Louder With Crowder "They said they're gonna kill us': Chicago couple details violent mob attack, getting NO help from police
mrc tv 'Chaos': Chicago Carnival Shuts Down Early After Hundreds of Teens Start a Brawl
mrc tv Twitter Roasts Dude Who Visits Upscale Tourist Traps To Mock the City's Crime Crisis
Louder With Crowder Crime-ridden progressive city votes to remove police from public schools because, and I quote, "safety is a top priority"

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Austin, Texas
Louder With Crowder Austin Police Tell Victims Not To Call 911, File An Online Complaint Instead

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - California - Crimeafornia
Louder With Crowder Police department uses "Lego Heads" on mugshots to comply with (and mock) California's silly new law

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Sacramento, California - Crimeafornia
mrc tv California Stealin': Thieves Haul Trashbags Full of Stolen Merch Out of a Store In Broad Daylight

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - San Francisco, California - Crimeafornia
Not The Bee Cops in San Francisco are now letting thieves walk away even if they literally catch them in the act of ripping off cars on city streets Dan Bongino Show San Francisco Mayor Targets Elon Musk While Continuing to Ignore City's Crime Wa
New York Post San Francisco Whole Foods closes a year after opening due to crime: report
mrc tv Report: 11-Year-Old Among Four Suspects Accused of Beating Elderly Asian Woman in San Fran
Louder With Crowder Watch: Ron DeSantis sh*ts on what sh*tholes progressive policies have turned cities like San Francisco into
mrc tv Of Course, California: Teen Criminals Are Attacking Soccer Moms With Bats in 'Stroller Alley'
Louder With Crowder Shop owner melts down after getting punched in the face by a guy peeing in the street: "I'm fed up with this city"
Louder With Crowder Woman melts down describing another incident on the San Francisco streets: "Move, or I'll rape you"
New York Post San Francisco drug overdose deaths hit record high: ‘It’s like a zombie apocalypse’
Louder With Crowder Crime is so bad in San Francisco Bay, boats are being raided by pirates (no, not the kind you're thinking)
Louder With Crowder Watch: Thief loads up bag full of stolen goods, rides his bike out of the store while security stands there doing nothing
Louder With Crowder San Francisco’s Shoplifting Epidemic Is So Bad That One Store Now Has To Require Customers To Shop With An Employee
Louder With Crowder City Officials: Here are “intervention cards" for you to give to people in case you find yourself being harassed in public
Louder With Crowder San Francisco tells grocery stores: you can't close, no matter how sh*tty the city is

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Oakland, California - Crimeafornia
Newsweek Oakland NAACP Blames 'Defund the Police' for Rampant Crime in City
Louder With Crowder Watch: Add Taco Bell to the list of businesses making drastic decisions because of rampant California crime
Louder With Crowder Oakland business owners have had enough, make ultimatum to city about what will happen if crime isn't dealt with
Louder With Crowder Oakland Officials To 102-Year-Old Man In Wheelchair: Clean Up This Graffiti Or Fork Over Thousands Of Dollars

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Los Angeles, California - Crimeafornia
Moonbattery Collapse of Civilization on Display at Los Angeles 7-Eleven
Louder With Crowder There goes the neighborhood: Ice T says Los Angeles crime is so bad, it's not safe for west coast rappers
Washington Examiner Los Angeles doesn't want to prosecute criminals if they are illegal immigrants
mrc tv 'Outrageous': Councilwoman Blames Company - Not Thieves - For Auto Parts Thefts
mrc tv Just Another Day in Cali: Nine Thieves Rob an LA Gucci Store In Broad Daylight
Louder With Crowder Family-owned business sees livelihood destroyed in sixty seconds thanks to another California smash and grab
Louder With Crowder Rapper 50 Cent is getting the last laugh after viral flash mob attacks Los Angeles Nordstrom: "Told ya so"
Louder With Crowder Man caught sniffing women's butts is back on the street despite lengthy criminal record... because this is California
Louder With Crowder CA wants to criminalize employees and shop owners confronting shoplifters, and that's NOT the insane crime bill
Louder With Crowder ‘Tenant From Hell’ Refuses To Pay For Luxury Airbnb And Won’t Leave After 540 Days Unless Her Demands Are Met
Louder With Crowder Woke DA Won’t Prosecute Recorded Assault As Attempted Rape Because, Quote, “That’s Not What He Said He Wanted To Do”
Louder With Crowder Watch: Celebrity chef goes into explicit detail why he'll NEVER open another business in crime-ridden California
Louder With Crowder Watch: Thieves Caught On Camera Looting Bakery, But Not Before Crashing Their Kia Through The Front Of It
Louder With Crowder Watch: Mailman forced to throw down his mailbag before throwing down career criminal who jumped him from behind

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - New York City - New York
mrc tv VIDEO: Shoplifter Attacks Store Worker Who Confronts Him
Louder With Crowder Watch: Dude shoplifts a Walgreens with a freakin' blowtorch because I guess that's where we're at now
mrc tv Illegal Alien Arrested 7 TIMES In His First Two Months In NYC
Louder With Crowder New York's “Clean Slate Act”' Puts Criminals First, Further "Dismantles Law And Order" In An Already Lawless State
New York Post NY retailers lost $4.4 billion due to organized shoplifting rings in 2022: group
mrc tv NY State of Crime: Illegals Who 'Allegedly' Beat Up 2 Cops 'Released Without Bail'
Louder With Crowder Appalling Video Shows Moped Gang Of Illegals Drag Elderly Woman Along Street
Louder With Crowder That illegal migrant who assaulted a cop in Times Square and was released? He got himself arrested again...
Louder With Crowder County Attorney Refuses To Extradite Murder Suspects Back To Weak-On-Crime NYC: “I’m Putting The Victims First”
mrc tv Illegal Alien TikToker Urges Followers to Support Migrant Times Square Shooter
Louder With Crowder NYC Arrests Homeowner For Mistakenly Thinking She Has A Right To Kick Squatters Out Of The Million Dollar House She Owns
Louder With Crowder Two NYC Squatters Wanted For Beating A Woman To Death. Stuffing Her In A Duffel Bag Inside Her Late Mother's Apartment
Louder With Crowder Watch: As Ron DeSantis passes law ending "squatters rights," NYC suggests putting up a "No Trespassing" sign instead
Dan Bongino Show Progressive NYC Councilwoman Wants To Know Why Men Don’t Defend Women Against Street Violence - Here’s The Answer
Louder With Crowder Man Breaks Woman's Nose, Is Released Thanks To Woke Bail Reform, Gets Arrested Again For Punching A Child
Louder With Crowder NYC Judge Releases Psycho Who Randomly Sucker-Punched A Mom, Then Suddenly Retires Two Years Early And Moves To Florida
Louder With Crowder Watch: Thug who slashed 11-year-old girl needs police to save him from angry (and sweet) street justice

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Philadelphia, PA
Louder With Crowder Seven Cars Stolen From Philadelphia Dealership, It's Only Been Open Less Than A Week
Louder With Crowder Viral Looting Sensation "Meatball" Has A Message For Fans After Philly Riots, And Now Her MOM Is Getting Involved

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Minneapolis, MN
Louder With Crowder Minneapolis public transport installs new rules for riders: please avoid pooping or sexually assaulting anyone

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Memphis, TN
Louder With Crowder Memphis Mayor to gangs: Please stop stealing cars, killing each other for seven days

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Portland, OR
Louder With Crowder Video of an addict nonchalantly cooking up fentanyl in front of a child tells you all you need to know about Portland

Crime: - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Sanctuary City For Criminals - Make Crime Pervasive Again
Louder With Crowder Starbucks Closes 16 Stores Over Crime, Drug Use, and I'll Give You a Hint: They Aren't in Conservative Areas
Breitbart Report: 10 Criminals Arrested Nearly 500 Times, Thanks to New York’s ‘Insane’ Bail Reform
Louder With Crowder Man beaten to death by criminal freed 8 days earlier, judge made him promise 'not to commit any more crimes'
Dan Bongino Show Fact Checker: It's a Myth 100% of America's Most Violent Cities Are Run by Democrats Because "Only" 95% Are
Louder With Crowder BC Supreme Court Declares Drug Use On PLAYGROUNDS Is Your Constitutionally Protected Right As A Canadian
Louder With Crowder Thug Throws Pole Through County Building, Take A Guess How Many Priors He Has
Louder With Crowder Mayor Says Illegal Immigration Not Connected To Death Of Georgia Nursing Student Who Was Killed By An Illegal Immigrant

Crime: - Canada Where Self-Defense Is A Crime
Louder With Crowder Assault Because He Took A Bat From An Attempted Robber And Hit Him With It

Crime: - New York Where Self-Defense Is A Crime - New York Where Defense Of Others Is A Crime - New York: You Have An Obligation To Die At The Hands OF A Criminal
American Thinker The 'bodega' case will hurt Democrats
mrc tv NY Man Arrested After Firing 2 Warning Shots to Deter Homeless Man Mugging Woman
Daily Mail NYPD apprehends gunman John Rote, 43, who 'shot at homeless robber who attacked a woman inside the subway'

Crime: - Police Support For Victims
Louder With Crowder Sheriff Doubles Down, Says if Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder 'Chances of Them Reoffending are Zero'

Crime: - Police Supporting Tyrannical Thugs - Police Support Dictators
American Thinker Canadian police ‘on the wrong side of history’?

Crime: - Just Say Yes To Drugs
mrc tv 'The Hunter Plan?' Twitter Shreds Biden's Tax-Funded Crack Pipe Program

Crime: - Just Say Yes To Murdering Asians
mrc tv Chinatown Killer Who Stalked & Stabbed an Asian Woman Had Been Arrested 7 Times Since Last May

Crime: - Government Lawlessness - District Attorney Refusing To Obey The Law - District Attorney Corruption
mrc tv Soros Funded Prosecutor in Va. Will NOT Enforce Abortion Laws 'No Matter What the Law...Says'

Crime: - District Attorney Corruption - District Attorney Support For Criminals - District Attorney Support For Crime
PJ Media L.A. Sheriff Asks DOJ to Take Over Prosecution of Cop Killer, Cites DA's Leniency
American Thinker That scene at the Union Pacific rail depot is all about wokesterism, not the weird things the press is cooking up
Louder With Crowder Elderly Bodega Employee Charged With Murder by NY DA After Defending Himself From Career Criminal
Western Journal Walmart CEO Warns What Woke Prosecutors Will Soon Force His Stores to Do

Crime: - Federal Government Corruption - Federal Government Support For Criminals - Federal Government Protecting Criminals
Washington Times Biden to bar federal agents from considering race, nationality in most investigations

Crime: - Police Corruption - Police Crime
YouTube Concealed Carry Pay to Play Scheme Exposed In California!!!
American ThinkerTime to Police the Police Force

Crime: - Victim Blaming
Louder With Crowder Chicago Mayor: Local Businesses Should Blame Themselves for Criminals Committing Crimes Against Them

Crime: - Police Murdering American Citizens With Impunity
louder With Crowder Documents Show there was No Reason to Shoot Ashli Babbitt

Crime: - War On Privacy
YouTube Taxidermist Threatened with Jail for Refusing Warrantless Search

Crime: - War On Parents - War On Thinking - Disagreeing With Government Bureaucrats Is Domestict Terrisim
Louder With Crowder Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Biden Admin Treating Concerned Parents as 'Domestic Terrorists'
YouTube Mark Levin: The FBI is turning into the East German Stasi
Louder With Crowder Government agency admits: we spied on citizens who believe in parental rights, think minors shouldn't mutilate their genitals

Crime: - FBI Employees Profiting From Their Treasonous Activities
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
rumble The Durham Report Cites FBI Eels - But Where Are They Now

Crime: - FBI Protecting The World From Twitter Parody Accounts
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Louder With Crowder FBI called on Twitter to suspend an account that...parodied WWE legend The Undertaker pooping his pant

Crime: - FBI Protecting Feelings Is More Important Than fighting Crime
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Louder With Crowder FBI Makes A Major Change, Replaces "LGBT+" To Add A Bunch More Letters To it
Post Millennial FBI forces all employees to use LGBTQIA+ after directive from Bureau Equality diversity advisory committee: report

Crime: - Twitter, A Subsidary of the Federal Government - Twitter, The Propaganda Arm of The Govenment
To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true. - Elon Musk
PJ Media Twitter Files, Pt. VIII: the Pentagon's Secret Twitter Psyop Mission
Louder With Crowder Watch: Elon Musk says the obvious part out loud about 'almost every Twitter conspiracy theory'
Imprimis The Twitter Files Reveal an Existential Threat
mrc tv Members Of Congress BLAST Former Twitter Execs For Censorship

Crime: - FBI Protecting The World From Twitter Accounts - Purging Twitter Of Inconvenient Facts
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
New York Post Twitter’s top ranks riddled with ex-FBI employees
Louder With Crowder Watch: Feds paid Twitter MILLIONS to suppress news, and Elon Musk claims they aren't the only ones
Daily Mail Twitter colluded with Pentagon to run network of fake accounts around the world – including AI-created deep fakes – despite publicly claiming to delete government backed propaganda

Crime: - FBI Oppressing Citizens Isn't A Crime Since We Do It All The Time
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Federalist FBI Admits It Meddles In ‘Numerous Companies,’ Not Just Twitter
National Review FBI Internal Memo Warns against ‘Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology’
Federalist Whistleblower: FBI’s D.C. Office Tried To Sic Local Agents On Innocents After Bank Of America Volunteered Gun Records
Fox News FBI documents associate internet slang like 'based' and 'red pill' with 'extremism'
Reclaim The Net The FBI Broke The Law Over 278,000 Times With Illegal Searches On Americans

Crime: - FBI Protecting Terrorists and Arresting Peaceful Protestors
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Washington Times Garland says crisis pregnancy sites’ firebombers are too ‘clever’ for FBI

Crime: - FBI Support For Oppressing Political Opponents (Anyone who disagrees with the Democrat Party narrative) - Mar-a-Lago
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Just The News John Durham releases final report, concludes FBI had no verified intel when it opened probe on Trump
Just The News Top 10 takeaways from Durham report
Federalist Here’s Everything The FBI Deliberately Ignored To Get Trump In Russian Collusion Hoax, According To Durham
OAN The FBI’s Gestapo Tactics: Hallmarks Of An Authoritarian Regime
Gateay Pundit MUST READ: One of America’s Greatest Patriots Disagrees With The Last Line In Trump’s Statement About The FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago
rc tv Dan Bongino on Gestapo-Style FBI Raid on Trump's Home: 'This is Some Third World Bull$#it!'
mrc tv Garland Blasts 'Unfounded' FBI Criticism: 'I Will Not Stand By Silently While Their Integrity Is Unfairly Attacked'
Unz Reiew FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly
Federalist Think The FBI Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt? This Laundry List Of Corruption Should Make You Think Again - A look at the FBI’s last six years shows a pattern of irredeemable corruption.
Town Hall Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk Takes a Blowtorch to the Imaginary Law Violations the FBI Cited in Trump Raid
mrc tv Dan Bongino on Gestapo-Style FBI Raid on Trump's Home: 'This is Some Third World Bull$#it!'
American Thinker The FBI: A Campaign Arm of the Democrat Party
Unz Review FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly
America Free News Network Is This the Public Image the FBI Wants?
Just The News Old case over audio tapes in Bill Clinton's sock drawer could impact Mar-a-Lago search dispute
mrc tv Top FBI Agent Who Investigated Trump For Russian Collusion Is Now Being Investigated For...Russian Collusion?
Louder With Crowder Report: Whistleblower says FBI is shelving child sexual abuse cases to pursue 'leadership's political agenda'
Just The News FBI whistleblower alleges Jan. 6 cases manipulated to create illusion of national crisis
American Thinker The DOJ and FBI are beyond fixing Fox News FBI allegedly engaging in 'purge' of conservative employees, retaliating against whistleblowers: Jim Jordan
Washington Times FBI insiders say agents who took a knee during BLM protests were rewarded
Political Insider Lawsuit Filed Against FBI After They Fail to Provide Communications With Facebook About Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story
PJ Media You Knew the FBI Was Corrupt, But Did You Know It Was THIS Bad?
mrc tv REPORT: FBI Offered Christopher Steele $1M to Prove His Dossier - Before Using It to Spy On Trump Anyway
Dan Bongino Show FBI Offered Christopher Steele $1 Million for Proof of Debunked Anti-Trump Dossier Claims
Just The News Bombshell revelation of $1M offer to Steele shows FBI misled Congress on Russia probe: Kash Patel
Just The News FBI whistleblower says bureau using excessive tactics to ensure 'process is the punishment'
Federalist Danchenko Case Exposes Another FBI Dirty Secret: Politics Prompted Crossfire Hurricane
Just The News Moral of the Durham trials: Jurors won't convict sources if the FBI wanted their bait
Federalist The FBI Has Announced Indictments Of 22 Pro-Life Protesters And Zero Pregnancy Center Firebombers
Commentary Can the FBI Be Saved from Itself—And Can We Be Saved from the FBI?
PJ Media SHOCKER! WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid
American Thinker What we know now: The CIA and FBI have been corrupt for seventy years
Washington Free Beacon Plot Twist: Ex-FBI Agent Involved in Trump-Russia Probe Indicted For Violating Russia Sanctions
Red State FBI Supervisory Agent Corroborates IRS Whistleblower Testimony, Points to FBI-Involved Cover-Up

Crime: - FBI Support For Russia Collusion Hoax - FBI Support For Lying To The Public
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Washington Examiner CIA has known Trump-Russia collusion data not ‘technically plausible’ since 2017, Durham say
Town Hall Did Mark Zuckerberg Prove the FBI Created the ‘Russian Disinfo’ Narrative on Hunter’s Laptop?
Just The News From Durham to CIA, evidence mounts FBI was warned Russia collusion story might be disinformation
Hill FBI’s Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA

Crime: - FBI Support For Other Hoaxes or Committing Fake Crimes? - Pipe Bomb Hoax or FBI Incompetence or FBI Hoax
Federalist The FBI Knows What Car Was Used In J6 DNC Pipe Bomb, But Refuses To Identify Prime Suspect
Revolveer Former Head of FBI J6 Pipe Bomb Investigation Comes Clean With Stunning Admission: “I Don’t Want Any Conspiracy Theories, Right?”
Washington Times Former FBI official reveals more challenges in the stalled D.C. pipe bomber investigation
Revolver Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story
PublicFBI And Secret Service Are Covering Up Their Role In Alleged January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Plot, New Evidence Suggests

Crime: - FBI Support For Pedophiles - FBI Support for Raping Children
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Louder With Crowder FBI Whistleblower Shocker: ‘The Feds Don’t Give a Damn About Pedophile Cases’ Like the CNN Producer

Crime: - FBi Crimes - FBI Covering Up Biden Crimes - FBI Protectring Criminals - FBI Incompetence
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Washington Examiner FBI has 'voluminous evidence' of Hunter Biden's 'potential criminal conduct': Whistleblowers
NY Post How the government hid the truth behind Hunter Biden’s laptop
Post Millennial Lead FBI agent who warned Twitter about 'Russian disinformation' dump is repeat donor to Democratic Party: report
New York Post AG Garland grilled by senator over ‘dozen sources’ with Hunter Biden criminal tips
New York Post FBI told Twitter Hunter Biden laptop was real on day of Post scoop, official says
Breitbart Exclusive–Karoline Leavitt on Biden Family Bribery Allegations: ‘Greatest Political Scandal in American History’
New York Post FBI agent lied under oath about knowledge of Hunter Biden laptop, talks with Facebook, document reveals

Crime: - FBI Covering Up Clinton Crimes - FBi Crimes - FBi Protectring Criminals - FBi Incompetence
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Real Clear Investigatins Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined

Crime: - FBI Covering Up Hate Crimes - FBi Incompetence
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
mrc tv FBI Backtracks on Texas Synagogue Hostage Situation, Finally Admits 'Jewish Community was Targeted'
PJ Media Why Was Texas Synagogue Jihadi Allowed Into U.S. Two Weeks Ago Despite ‘Long Criminal Record’?
Louder With Crowder Texas Synagogue Terrorist Has Criminal Record and Rants About 9/11. U.S. Officials Let Him Travel to New York
Federalist Texas Synagogue Attack Smells Like More Evidence Of FBI Corruption
Federalist An FBI So Corrupt It Lets Mass Shooters Rampage Needs To Go
American Thinker Seven lessons to learn from the Texas synagogue attack

Crime: - FBI Other Proof Of Incompetence - FBi Incompetence - Other FBI Criminal Activity
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
NY Post The FBI Agents Association rewarded agents who took a knee in front of BLM, proving the rot isn’t just at the top
Revolver Did the FBI Tamper with the Frame Rate of the Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Footage?
Wired The FBI Just Admitted It Bought US Location Data - Rather than obtaining a warrant, the bureau purchased sensitive data—a controversial practice that privacy advocates say is deeply problematic.
Washington Examiner FBI worked secretly with hospitals to strip US citizens' gun rights, documents show
PJ Media Federal Bureau of Inanity: FBI Plans Coloring Event for Agents
Washington Times Former FBI official reveals more challenges in the stalled D.C. pipe bomber investigation

Crime: - War On Children - Think Of The Children
Louder With Crowder Graphic Footage Shows Deadly Crash After Two Teen Girls Carjacked an Uber Eats Driver
PJ Media Why the Left Ignores the Killing of a Pakistani Immigrant Uber Driver
PJ Media Police State Nightmare: Rochester Police Handcuff and Pepper-Spray 9-Year-Old Girl
Louder With Crowder Report: CIA Employees and Contractors Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children ... and WEREN'T Prosecuted

Crime: - Defund The Police Hypocrisy - Defund The Police Insanity
Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: 'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano calls 911 sparking massive police presence in her quiet California neighborhood claiming a gunman was on her property - but it was really a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun
Louder With Crowder Anti-Cop Alyssa Milano Terrorizes Her Neighborhood by Calling Cops ... on a Teenager and a Squirrel
Illicit Info You Can’t Make This Up: Portland City Commissioner Who Wants to Defund Police Called 911 Once Over A Dispute With Lyft
mrc tv LA County Increases Police Budget By $36M After Crime Skyrockets Following Massive Cuts
mrc tv Security-Protected Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls For a Total End to 'Policing, Incarceration, and Militarization'
rumble Hypocritical Celebs With Private Armed Security Back Gun Prohibition March
American Thinker ‘Defund the police’ hardliner AOC spent $34k on private security in the first 6 months of 2021
Louder With Crowder Squad Congresswoman Brags About Lavish Private Security, Still Demands YOUR Police be Defunded
American Thinker A grandiose Rep. Cori Bush says the quiet part out loud
mrc tv New Law Neutering Portland Police Has Residents Asking, ‘Are We A Lawless City?’
YouTube CBS San Francisco: Residents Are So Upset With Crime They Are Hiring Private Security
mrc tv 'Defund the Police' Rep. Cori Bush Spends Another $70K on Personal Security in 2022 Alone!
mrc tv Two Years After #DefundThePolice, Seattle Is Reaping What It Sowed
Louder With Crowder 'Shut Up B****': Toddler Throws Punches, Curses at Police as They Investigate Murder
Western Journal After Entire Police Department Quits, Council Fires Town Manager
Louder With Crowder 'F*** your horse': Watch as a brawl outside of a gay bar turns into chaos in yet another crime-ridden progressive city
Louder With Crowder Notorious 'Defund the Police' councilwoman demands police catch whoever is throwing poop on her house
mrc tv San Fran District Supervisor Begs Crime-Ridden City For More Cops, Three Years After Calling to 'Defund the Police'
Dan Bongino show "Democratic Socialist" Georgia Mayor Who Called for Defunding Police Is Arrested on Trespassing and Burglary Charges
mrc tv Portland's OD'ing: City Tells Residents Not to Call 911 'Except in Event of Life/Death Emergency'

Crime - War On Blacks
Conservative Review Horowitz: Black lives matter. Empower good cops to save them
mrc tv Filmmaker/Journalist Ami Horowitz Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Left on the Issue of Abolishing the Police

Crime - Criminal Enterprise
j Canda Free Press Democratic Party has become a Continuing Criminal Enterprise

Crime - Tax Evasion - Serious Crime
j Mises Institute Does the State Care More About Tax Evasion than Murder?
mrc tv PA School District Threatens Parents With Seizure of Kids Over School Lunch 'Bills'

Crime - Use A Straw - Go To Jail
Western Journal Pointless: CA Bans Straws But US Plastic Pollution Is Tiny Compared to Other Countries

Crime - Use A Toy - Go To Jail
mrc tv Police ARREST And CHARGE Two 10-Year-Old Colorado Boys For Playing With Toy Guns

Crime - Use Chalk - Go To Jail
Louder With Crowder These Students Got Arrested for Writing Outside of a Planned Chalk

Crime - Fix Your Own Car - Go To Jail
rumble Sacramento CA Makes It ILLEGAL for Many People to Fix Their Own Cars

Crime - Racism
American Renaissance The Color of Crime

Crime - War On Business - Legalize Shoplifting - Legalize Theft
Louder With Crowder 'Or What?': Shoplifter Casually Robs Small Boutique Because This is Life in Liberal Cities Now
Louder With Crowder Marijuana Dispensary Owner Claims Crime is So Bad in Bay Area, He Was Safer Dealing Drugs on the Streets

Crime - Business Support For Crime - Business Support For Criminals
Louder With Crowder Lowes employee gets assaulted by shoplifters, yet still got fired over company's "zero tolerance" policy

Crime - War On Citizens - War On Police Defund the police ... except the ones protecting politicians
mrc tv Report: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot & CPD Ban Protests on Her Block, Police Ordered to Arrest Those Who Don't Dispers
Gateway Pundit Breaking: BLM Storms Stage at #WalkAway Rally in Dallas, Punches Security Guard, Gets Smashed to the Ground — Police Arrest Security Guard

Crime - War On Citizens - War On Police - Police Reform - Defund Police
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Exposes the Truth About Democrats and "Police Reform"
Breitbart Oakland Abolishes School Police Department
Louder With Crowder This Officer Got a Hysterical Request from a #DefundThePolice Protest
Louder With Crowder YouTuber Explains Why He Quit His Job as a Cop. HINT: It Involves Rayshard Brooks
mrc tv NYPD Retirements Surge 400% After Billion-Dollar Budget Cut To Police
PJ Media #DefundThePolice: Murder Rate Spikes 10-50% in Major Cities
Power Line Portland suffers most killings in three decades
PJ Media Minneapolis Police, Defunded by City Council, Advise Residents to Obey Criminals
mrc tv Another 76 Shot In NYC As Violent Crime Skyrockets Amid Police Budget Cuts
mrc tv Entire Rochester Police Department Command Staff Steps Down Amid Anti-Police Protests
City Journal Breakdown - The unwinding of law and order in our cities has happened with stunning speed.
PJ Media New York City Subway Crime Is WAY up, Even as Ridership Is WAY Down
American Thinker In Minnesota, attacks on police are escalating in ugly ways
Daily Wire More Than 200 Seattle Police Officers Quit Citing ‘Anti-Police’ Climate
American Thinker Putting an end to 'Reimagining’ the Criminal Justice System
Federalist Washington State’s New Laws Handcuffing Police Will Increase Crime And Chaos
mrc tv San Fran Down Over 500 Officers Thanks to War on Police and COVID Mandates
mrc tv Dallas Residents Told to File Police Reports Online As 911 Calls Soar Amid Lack of Officers
Dan Bongino Show DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Shocked Nobody Wants to Be a Cop in Her City

Crime - War On Police - White Privilege
Louder With Crowder White Leftist Gets BTFO'd Lecturing Black Cop on Racism
Louder With Crowder WHITE PRIVILEGE? 'Becky' Explains Racism to Black Police Officers
Louder With Crowder Idiot White Liberal Can't Understand Why Black Cop Thinks Blue Lives Matter

Crime - War On Police - The Ferguson Effect
Truth Revolt Murder Rates in Chicago, L.A., Dallas, Vegas Skyrocket - "Holy cow, do we have a problem."
Truth Revolt Ferguson Effect Spikes Murder Rate in Kansas City - "Out of sheer self-survival they abandon their duties in black neighborhoods... so gangs and criminal elements take over... and violence explodes."
Truth Revolt Violent Crime Rises in U.S. in Democratic Cities Two Years Running - Murder, U.S.A.
Conservative Review Horowitz: Anarchy will rule in every major city

Crime - Justification
Truth Revolt Family of Slain Burglar Complains, 'How Else Was He Gonna Get Money?' - Could have been Obama's son.
Truth Revolt Italy: Not a Crime to Steal Food if You're Hungry - " the face of an immediate and essential need for nourishment."

Crime - Catching Criminals
mrc tv ICE Brags About Catching 0.0002% of Criminal Aliens
mrc tv ICE Boasts About Arresting Only 101 of 172K Criminal Aliens
Mises Institute Police Departments Overflowing with Extra Time, Money
Mises Institute Why We Get More Policing Than We Need: It's "Free"
Mises Institute Too Many Laws: Why Police Encounters Escalate
Mises Institute Private Policing Isn't a Fantasy
Truth Revolt Malkin: The Crisis in America's Crime Labs - It's time to incentivize more whistleblowers, instead of more destructive witch hunts.
Daily Wire Baltimore's Leaders Admit They Know How To Reduce Murder Rate, But REFUSE To Do It - State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby admits more stringent policing policies save lives, but says that's not "the way forward."
Daily Wire BREAKING: Informant Warned FBI About Parkland Shooter's Desire To Shoot Up School, FBI IGNORED IT
Krebs on Security Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?

Crime - Republican Until Proven Democrat - Blame Game - Coverup Real Motives
Truth Revolt Cruz on Criminals: Overwhelming Majority are Democrats - And the media will never admit it.
Red State The Paul Pelosi Story Makes No Sense, and the Public Needs Answers

Crime - Guilty Until Proven Innocent (crimes including holding cash)
The Circle Bastiat Man Has Home Ransacked by Police for Paying Cash
Yahoo! News Man wrongfully convicted of murder celebrates freedom after nearly 25 years in prison
Yahoo! News Man cleared of NYC murder after 25 years in prison
WND Bang! Payday for man suing cops over guns
Addicting Info Police Brutalized, Tasered Deaf Man: Now They Face A Lawsuit
San Diego Reader Carlsbad mall security banishes steampunk group
Bookworm Room The shakedown artistry of our criminal justice system
Personal Liberty Digest Air Force Captain Assaulted At Home By Cop Who Mistook Him For Burglar; DA Won’t Drop Charges
Personal Liberty Digest Trickle-Down Tyranny: Cop Doesn’t ‘Give A Damn’ About Constitution Because Obama Doesn’t
Personal Liberty Digest Officials: It’s ‘Objectively Reasonable’ For Cops To Terrorize Innocent Civilians
Personal Liberty Digest Ferguson Events Offer A Reminder: You Can Photograph Police On The Job
Tech Dirt DOJ Whines That A Warrant To Search A Mobile Phone Makes It More Difficult To Catch Criminals
The Advice Goddess Things Are Scary In The Courts, Too
The Baltimore Sun Man charged with street robbery that happened while he was in jail - Tyree Threatt, 21, was not released for almost until the day after robbery
The Verge Cops are seizing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers and bragging about it in chat rooms
Yahoo! News Woman exonerated, freed after 17 years in prison
Yahoo! News Boy with fake gun dies after shot by Ohio officer
Response Action Network We're all guilty
A Public Defvender Cops’ thuggery continues unabated; now they’ve moved on to arresting lawyers
Yahoo! News Hong Kong bra protest after woman jailed for 'breast assault'
American Thinker The Baltimore Judicial Railroad
Mises Institute The Continuing Demonization of Cash
Truth Revolt Federal Court of Appeals Attacks Second Amendment - The wrong man was shot inside his own home, and the court says his family can't do a thing about it.
Daily Wire WALSH: The Horrifying Case That Proves Our Parental Rights Are Under Serious Attack In This Country
Daily Wire District Attorney In Maine Wants To Start Prosecuting People Based On Accusations And Nothing Else
Louder With Crowder City Council FIRES City Manager Who Said Officer Involved in Daunte Wright Shooting 'Deserved Due Process'

Crime - Police Protection? - Uvalde - Stand Down - Support For School Shooters to Slaughter Children and Teachers
Louder With Crowder Spox Confirms Shocking Report Cops Went in for Their Own Kids During Uvalde Shooting
Louder With Crowder Lt. Says Cops Afraid of Getting Shot to Engage School Shooter, Tucker Carlson Asks This Important Question
Louder With Crowder Five Most Devastating (and Sickening) Things to Come Out of the Uvalde Shooting Press Conference
Federalist The Uvalde School Shooting Was A Failure Of Leadership, Not Gun Laws
Louder With Crowder Armed Patriot Attempted to Confront Uvalde Shooter Before Rampage, Was Stopped and Told 'Shut Up' by Police
Louder With Crowder Uvalde Teacher Told Officer Husband 'I'm Dying,' He Had Gun Taken Away and Was Detained From Saving Her
Louder With Crowder Director Says Uvalde Shooting Could Have Been Stopped in Only Three Minutes During Heartwrenching Testimony
Louder With Crowder 'What About the Cops? Are They Chicken S***?': Uvalde Cop Seen Sanitizing Hands While Kids Are Being Killed
Epoch Times 77-Page Report Details ‘Systemic’ Law Enforcement Failures in Uvalde School Mass Shooting
Epoch Times Acting Uvalde Police Chief During School Shooting Placed on Leave After Report Details ‘Systemic’ Failure
Louder With Crowder Watch: Video Shows Moment Uvalde Officer Held Back From Rescuing His Dying Wife

Crime - Police Protection? - Stand Down - allow thugs to loot and riot - allow school shooters to kill children
"Can you ask him to go away?" 911 dispatcher to woman about to be raped. In this case, the dispatcher could just as easily said call back during regular business hours because the police only respond to crimes during normal business hours (9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday)
Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights
wikipedia Warren v. District of Columbia - case that held that the police did not owe a specific duty to provide police services to the plaintiffs based on the public duty doctrine.
New York Ties Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone
Vakyrie Arms Warren vs. District of Columbia - The respective trial judges held that the police were under no specific legal duty to provide protection to the individual appellants and dismissed the complaints for failure to state a claim upon which relief could be granted.
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education Just Dial 911? The Myth of Police Protection - Most Police Have No Legal Duty to Protect Citizens from Criminal Attack
Daily Reckoning Epicenter of a Bursting Bubble
Daily Reckoning Protect & Serve (Themselves) "Blow Me B*tch!" - Female NYPD Cop Filmed Berating Vendor
Cato Institute National Police Misconduct Reporting Project
L.A.Times Sheriff's Department hired officers with histories of misconduct
The Free Thought Project Men Thought to Be Impersonating Cops Robbing People, Turned Out to Just Be Cops Robbing People
The Free Thought Project Cop Savagely Beats a Young Man for Telling him to "Shut Up"
The Free Thought Project Cop Beats Schizophrenic Man to Death on Video, Faces 15 Years in Prison
Lions of Liberty State Sanctioned Murder: Officers Found Not Guilty In Kelly Thomas Slaying
Reason What Do I Know About Corrupt Cops? My Family Owned a Few.
Filming Cops 3 Reasons Intelligent, Rational Americans Don’t Trust Police
Personal Liberty Digest LAPD Officers Tamper With Recording Devices To Conceal On-Duty Activities
Personal Liberty Digest Police Union Head Wants Citizens To Stop Filming Police
Personal Liberty Digest Family Sues After Cops Shoot WWII Vet In Assisted Living At Close Range With Shotgun Beanbags
Personal Liberty Digest Another Idyllic Community Alarmed By MRAP-Loving Law Enforcement
Personal Liberty Digest Where The Law Doesn’t Apply To The Enforcers, There Is Tyranny
Personal Liberty Digest 911 Dispatcher Tells Octogenarian To Lower Her Weapon And Wait For Police While Thug Breaks Into Her Home
National Review Online The United States of SWAT? Military-style units from government agencies are wreaking havoc on non-violent citizens.
National Review Online Unarmed Man Goes On Shooting Rampage
CBS Miami Police Shooting Frenzy Raises Concerns
Mail Online Female Texas trooper fired for illegal cavity search on shocking dashcam video pleads guilty to criminal charges - but DENIES touching anyone's privates
Personal Liberty Digest Georgia SWAT Unit Responsible For Critically Injuring Baby Has A History Of Violence Toward Civilians
Personal Liberty Digest Ferguson Fiasco Reveals Standing Army By Proxy
ACLU War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing
Yahoo! News Good Samaritan says 911 operator debated him instead of quickly sending help for carjacking
Yahoo! News uper-Tough Cops Take Down 70-Pound High School Girl Who Wanted To Keep Her Cell Phone
Yahoo! News 911 Dispatcher Disciplined for Not Helping Baby Locked in Hot Car
Mises Institute Police States and Private Markets
Mises Institute Why Police Prefer Drug Raids Over Investigating Violent Crime
Mises Institute When Gunmen Strike, You're on Your Own
The Liberty Doll Police Shoot "Armed" Man Holding Airsoft Rifle in WalMart Airsoft Aisle
Lowering The Bar Woman Won't Have to Pay for Her Own Cavity Search
MRC TV Detroit Police Chief Claims: 'I Wouldn't' Pump Gas Here at Night
MRC TV UK Police Arrest 78-Year-Old Man For Murder After He Stabbed a Burglar In His Own Home
Truth Revolt Sheriff Clarke: Obama's 21st Century Policing Creating 'Unnecessary Black Carnage' - "It's been a disaster."
Truth Revolt Baltimore Cop: No Proactive Policing
Truth Revolt Maryland Sheriff: Baltimore Officers Have Been 'Disemboweled' - "...the worst I've ever seen in 31 years of law enforcement."
Truth Revolt Baltimore Cops Admit They Were Told to Stand Down During Riots
Truth Revolt Malkin: Look Who's Coddling Denver's Social Justice Jerks - "The city of Denver is a disgusting, intolerant place."
Truth Revolt 2015 Marks Baltimore's Worst Year Ever for Murders - July saw the city suffer its highest monthly murder rate in 43 years.
Truth Revolt WATCH: Berkeley Cops Hang Back as Protest Violence Escalates - "I’ve been watching all day people get beat up pretty bad and I haven’t seen you guys around much."
Truth Revolt Armed Resource Officer Waited Outside School for 6 Minutes During Shooting - "Devastated. Sick to my stomach. There are no words."
Patriot Videos Is This the Real Reason The Murder Rate in Baltimore Is So High?
mrc tv Terrorist Who Attacked 'Draw Mohammed' Contest in Garland, Texas Had Gun From 'Fast and Furious'
mrc tv Officer Caught On Tape Pepper Spraying Motorcyclists
Mises Institute Privatize the Police
Mises Institute The Consequences of Militarized Police Forces
American Thinker What We’re All Missing from the United Airlines Fiasco
Narrative Collapse 500+ riot and attack police in Philly. Cops stand down.
Daily Wire Where The Hell Are The Police In Berkeley?
Daily Wire Could The Broward County Sheriff's Office Have Stopped The Parkland Shooter? You Bet They Could Have.
Daily Wire WATCH: Broward County Sheriff Gives Embarrassing Interview, Says He's Offered 'Amazing Leadership' - Faced with calls for resignation, Sheriff Scott Israel says he's staying put.
BuzzFeed The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September
Law & Crime Can the FBI Be Legally on the Hook for the Parkland School Shooting?
Business Insider Armed police are guarding the home of the deputy who resigned over his lack of action in the Parkland school shooting
Last Refuge Broward Coward - Armed County Sheriff Cowered Outside Building - Refused to Confront Parkland School Shooter...
Daily Wire WATCH: Broward County Sheriff's Office Releases Video Of School Resource Deputy Standing Around As Massacre Occurred
mrc tv It Gets Worse: Parkland School Guard Had Been Suspended For Sexual Harassment
mrc tv ICE Rep. Calls Out Portland Mayor After Local Police Ignore ICE's 9-1-1 Calls
Louder With Crowder Judge Rules Cops, School Had No Responsibility to Protect Students in Stoneman Douglas Shooting
Daily Wire NYPD Police Commissioner: Crime Has Skyrocketed Because Of Democrats’ Bail Reform
Conservative Review Horowitz: Seattle commuter shooting: Nearly 70 prior arrests among three suspects
Daily Wire Murderer Paroled, Given Permission To Satisfy His ‘Sexual Needs.’ Then He Murders A 22-Year-Old Woman.
mrc tv Parkland Cop Fired For Hiding During School Shooting To Be Reinstated With Full Back Pay
Gateway Pundit You’re On Your Own: Raleigh Police Chief Says She Will Not Put Officers in Harm’s Way to Protect Property
Conservative Review Horowitz: Whose streets? Not Antifa’s. Time to take the roads back from the mob, America
mrc tv Seattle PD Reportedly Abandoning Precinct as Protesters Attempt to Claim Area as Their Own
PJ Media Madison Ave. Business Sues Cuomo, De Blasio for Riots, Estimates $100M in Damages
Political Insider Seattle Police Chief Tells Residents: We Cannot Enforce The Law, You Are On Your Own
Louder With Crowder Disabled Marine Assaulted, Hospitalized By Armed Antifa Thugs Speaks Out: Where Were the Police?
Western Journal Massive Armed Mob in 25-Car Caravan Rolls Up to California Nordstrom Store, Ransacks the Entire Building
American Thinker Our partisan FBI failed again, costing taxpayers $130 million (and 17 innocent people their lives)
City Journal Police Must Rush to the Sound of the Guns

Crime - Police Protection? - Police Protecting Democrats
mrc tv DNC-YA: ‘Over 100 Agencies’ Have Pulled Out Of Policing Dem Convention
Inspector General: FBI Agents 'Failed to Report' Having Sex with Prostitutes in Addition to Other Crimes">Gateway Pundit BREAKING: Documents Released in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Show DOJ Knew Years Ago that Epstein Abused Girls “As Young as 12 But Younger the Better” But Did Nothing

Crime - Criminal Enterprises - Join The FBI and Get Immunity From Prosecution For The Crimes You Commit - FBI Corruption - FBI Incompetence - FBI Treason
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Inspector General: FBI Agents 'Failed to Report' Having Sex with Prostitutes in Addition to Other Crimes">Louder With Crowder nspector General: FBI Agents 'Failed to Report' Having Sex with Prostitutes in Addition to Other Crimes
American Thinker What Do We Do with the FBI Now?
American Thinker The FBI Is Not What It Used to Be
American Thinker How Did the FBI End Up in This Mess?
American Thinker Will the Arrogance of the FBI Ever End?

Crime - Criminal Enterprises - I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Steal Your Property - Loot - Eminent Domain - theft - civil asset forfeiture - ... Destroy Your Property Or Your Life
When did "serve and protect" become "observe and collect?" The Forfeiture Racket - Police and prosecutors won't give up their license to steal. Indiana Attorney General on Asset Forfeiture Abuse: Not My Problem
Daily Reckoning Champions of Dishonesty
Daily Reckoning The Outrageous and Totally Legal Threat to Your Wealth
Daily Reckoning Government Creates a New Criminal Class
Downsize DC Asset Forfeiture: Are You Guilty Until Proved Innocent?
Downsize DC End Asset Forfeiture
Institute For Justice Policing For Profit
Mises Institute California Seizing Property from Safety Deposit Boxes
The Circle Bastiat The Gift That Stops Giving
Natural News NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs
American Thinker Big Brother set to use eminent domain powers to rip off investors and line the pockets of Obama backer
The Daily Caller Jeff Sessions on mayors against Chick-fil-A: ‘Give me a break’
reason Why Asset Forfeiture Abuse Is on the Rise
reason When Eminent Domain Is Just Theft Oakland, California Accidents Decreased with Longer Yellow Times (but it reduced ticket revenue so they shorten the Yellow Light times.)
Police Misconduct Reporting Project
New Yorker Taken - Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?
King World News The Shocking Truth About Secret Documents & The CFTC
Want To Know It is Government Policy to Manipulate the Silver Markets
Yahoo! News After audit reveals corruption, Florida town's days could be numbered - "They make Boss Hogg look like a Sunday school teacher," says sheriff
Yahoo! News Rural Nevada sheriff defends I-80 drugs stops
Yahoo! News How cops take millions from motorists not charged with crimes
Personal Liberty Digest New Police Footage Renews Scrutiny On Nevada’s Asset Forfeiture Law
Personal Liberty Digest Minnesota Ends Law Enforcement’s Civil Forfeiture Money Grab
Eox News Policing for Profit? Lawmakers, advocates raise alarm at growing gov’t power to seize property
Yahoo! News Cash-stuffed bra lands Florida woman in trouble at airport
Steyn Online The Punitive Bureaucracy's Day Off
YouTube Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO)
Project Veritas Holder's Civil Rights Division and their Record of "Grotesque" Misconduct
Yahoo! News Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutor
Response Action Network The Fifth Amendment under Siege
Vox Police seized his life savings without charging him for a crime. Now he's fighting back.
The Daily Signal How the Government Got Away With Taking This Innocent Man’s Life Savings
The Daily Signal Thanks to This Supreme Court Decision, The Government Could Seize Your Living Room
mrc tv Small Business Owner Sues IRS for Seizing Bank Account Without Evidence of Crime
mrc tv This Indiana City Is Actually Fining People Out Of Their Homes
YouTube John Stossel - A Cops License to Steal
Advice Goddess Blog New Mexico Passes Law Against Cops Stealing Your Stuff: Albuquerque Decides It Doesn't Apply To Them
Desert Sun They confessed to minor crimes. Then City Hall billed them $122K in 'prosecution fees' - In Indio and Coachella, prosecutors take property owners to court for some of the smallest crimes, then bill them thousands and threaten to take their homes if they don't pay.
reason Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent People’s Cars - How a uniquely punitive city impound program combined with the drug war and asset forfeiture to deprive people of their vehicles for years at a time.

Crime - Hate Crimes (real and imagined - Hoaxes - Fakes)
Fake Hate Crimes fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the USA
Truth Revolt The ‘Hate-Crime’ Victims Of Trump Who Weren’t - The deranged fantasy world of the totalitarian cry-bully.
Truth Revolt We're Shocked, Shocked: Trump-Inspired Hate Crimes Prove to be Hoaxes - "Whether it’s alt-right or nationalism or Brexit, things are happening that are inciting the passions of those people in this country." Or not.
Truth Revolt Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers - Not one of the alleged post-election hate crimes committed by Trump supporters has turned out to be true.
Truth Revolt University of Michigan Student Admits to Hate Hoax Trump Attack - That’s twice, now, at the same school.
Truth Revolt Racism Hoaxes Sometimes Result in More PC Nonsense, Not Less - A new hoax at St. Olaf College reminds us why "higher education" is doomed.
Truth Revolt Another Day, Another Race Hoax: Racist Graffiti at High School Written By 'Non-White' - "This act is a serious violation of...the core values of this community."
Truth Revolt Five Black Churches in New Jersey Vandalized by - Wait for It - Black Guy - And the hate hoaxes keep coming.
Truth Revolt Why Hijab Hoax Girl Lied - Totalitarian movements know how to portray themselves in order to gain power.
mrc tv Sailor’s Claims of Racial Vandalism Aboard USS George H.W. Bush a Hoax, Navy Investigation Finds
mrc tv Hate Crime Against 11-Year-Old Muslim Girl Walking To School Turns Out To Be A Hoax
mrc tv Whoops: Police Say Abortion Activist Made Up a Hate Crime Against Herself
mrc tv Texas Waiter Who Cried Racism In Viral Post Admits He Lied
Daily Wire WATCH: Woman Claims Boy Sexually Assaulted Her, Then Surveillance Video Released
Daily Wire Senate Judiciary Refers ANOTHER Kavanaugh Accuser For Criminal Investigation
mrc tv Once Investigated As Hate Crime - Trans Activist Now Accused Of Arson Of Own Home
Western Journal These 18 Hate Crimes Were Blamed on Trump Supporters. Every One of Them Was a Hoax
Louder With Crowder Independent Journalist Investigates Hate Crimes in Portland, Finds Many Are Faked
Daily Wire WATCH: Surveillance Video Of Democrat Who Said She Was Told To 'Go Back' By 'White Man' Is Released
mrc tv Christian School Student Who Accused Three White Boys of Attacking Her Admits She Made It Up
Daily Wire Gay Radio Host Claims Employer Called Him Slur On Twitter. They Just Fired Him, Accusing Him Of Writing The Tweet.
Daily Wire Surprise, Surprise, The Latest College Racism Claim Turns Out To Be A Hoax
mrc tv Another Hoax? Mississippi Man Arrested For Insurance Fraud Following Reports of 'Racist Graffiti' on Vehicles
American Wire In NASCAR flare-up, no ‘noose’ is good news, but bad news reporting can’t tell the difference
Daily Caller Tucker Carlson: FBI Won’t Arrest Rioters, But Sent 15 Agents To Investigate ‘Absurd’ Bubba Wallace Noose Story
Breitbart Police: Mayoral Candidate Faked Own Kidnapping, Beating for Sympathy Votes
Louder With Crowder Student Admits to Racist Graffiti. Surprise, Surprise: It’s Not a White Kid
Washington Times FBI insiders say White supremacy threat overblown as Biden opens summit about racists, extremists - FBI insiders say white supremacy, domestic terror threat exaggerated
mrc tv Black Teen Arrested In Connection To ‘White Power’ Death Threats
mrc tv Flying Low: Airman Caught In Racist Hoa
Louder With Crowder Elliot Page shares unbelievable story about being trans-bashed in Los Angeles that's... unbelievable

Crime - Hate Crimes (real and imagined - Hoaxes) - Jussie Smollett
Daily Wire 3 Lessons From The Jussie Smollett Hoax
Daily Wire WALSH: 5 Reasons Why The Jussie Smollett 'Hate Crime' Story Is Probably A Hoax
Amereican Thinker Two Nigerian immigrants to be charged for Jussie Smollett 'hate crime'
New York Times Accused of Faking Own Assault, Jussie Smollett Arrested on Felony Charge
American Thinker Thanks to Jussie Smollett for blowing open the fake hate crime epidemic
Louder With Crowder Chicago Superintendent, Mayor Emanuel Nail Jussie Smollett: "This is a Whitewashing of Justice"
Gateway Pundit New Evidence Suggests Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Others Were In On the Jussie Smollett Hoax

Crime - Hate Crimes Covered Up By The Media - That Don't Fit The Narrative
Federalist Hate Crimes Against Catholics Are Multiplying (But Politicians And Media Don’t Want To Talk About It)

Crime - (real and imagined) and excessive punishment
Raw Story Why is marijuana banned? The real reason is worse than you think
Mises Institute Criminal Justice Is No Job for the State
Mises Institute Prison Nation
Mises Institute Teacher Gets 30 years for Consensual Relationship with Student
Mises Institute How Government Values Life ... and IP
Mises Institute 35 years in prison for JSTOR downloads? Seems like a joke
Mises Institute The Freedom to Buy and Sell Raw Milk
reason Setbacks and Bizarre Turns in the Raw Milk Saga
New York Times In Prison for Taking a Liar Loan Federal gestapo illegally raid Gibson Guitar factories, arbitrarily confiscate millions of dollars worth of wood used to make instruments
Hot Air Another interesting tidbit in the Gibson Guitar saga
The Barr Code Gibson Guitar to Uncle Sam - "From my cold, dead hands"
Wall Street Journal Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
Daily Reckoning Guns vs. Guitars
Daily Reckoning Power vs. People in the Digital Age
Daily Reckoning Why Weed Should Be Legal - and Why You Should Fight For It
Daily Reckoning "Inspecting Business Records" via SWAT Raid
Free Bieber the Movie and Music industry want to make posting music videos a felony punishable with prison terms.
Dangerous Minds Vintage X-Ray ‘Vinyl’ from Russia
Yahoo! Local News LA County OKs $1,000 Fine For Throwing Football, Frisbee On Beaches
Yahoo! News Indian official: Diplomat's arrest in NYC barbaric
Yahoo! News Obama plans clemency for hundreds of drug offenders
rt ACTA in UK: 10 years in jail for 'illegal downloads'
Yahoo! Finance Jailed for $280: The Return of Debtors' Prisons
American Thinker No Civilized Country Would Ever Banish Eduardo Saverin
Hot Air Nanny State Alert: Man goes to jail for drinking rain water
reason How a Single Oxycontin Pill Nearly Ruined One Man's Life
reason Little Girl Points Crayon at Classmate, School Makes Her Sign Contract Promising Not to Kill Anyone
Yahoo! Finance Juror says he’s too homophobic and racist to serve, now faces prosecution
Yahoo! Finance High school students suspended for possession of energy mints
Yahoo! News California Prisons Were Illegally Sterilizing Female Inmates
Yahoo! News Iowa fires agent who pursued gov's speeding SUV
Lew Rockwell I'm Behind Bars
Global Voices Club-Goers Rebel Against Japan's Dance Regulation
The Tea Party Economist Justice Achieved: Coffee Mug Threat Is Halted by State Attorneys General.
Popular Mechanics 10 Crazy Red-Light Camera Cases - Photo ticketing of motorists creates extreme costs and nasty legal battles.
The Stranger Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night
The Stranger Dear Chief Pugel: I Am Not Alleging "Rudeness"
Tor / Forge's Blog Cory Doctorow on Aaron Swartz
Politicial Blind Spot Police Corruption
Politicial Blind Spot Two Leaked Videos Prove Police Officers Sexually Molesting Motorists
L A Weekly Stop-Sign Cameras Ticket 70,000 in Los Angeles Parks
Safer Streets L.A. MRCA Stop Sign Cameras: The Crosswalk to Nowhere Quad City Police Officer Beats Female Shoplifter
InfoWars Dash Cam Footage Captures Cops’ Panic Following Illegal Detainment
Daily Caller Felony weapons charge for student who brought fishing supplies to school Teenager Christian Adamek commits suicide after he faced being put on sex offenders list for streaking at gridiron game
Police State USA Police perform "simulated drug raid" on 5th graders; child attacked by police dog - A "drug awareness" event turned out to be more of a "police state" conditioning drill for a group of 5th graders.
WND Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills
cracked 6 Laws You've Broken Without Even Realizing It
KRDO Six year old suspended for 'sexual harassment'
RT Italian girl ‘sexually assaulted’ riot cop with a kiss
Daily Caller Recording the police is NOT a crime... but cops will still beat you up for doing it
Yahoo! Shine Girl Shaves Head to Support Pal With Cancer, Gets Kicked Out of School
The Federalist Papers School Had Mom Arrested For Not Signing In As She Raced To Help Special-Needs Son
Volokh Conspiracy ‘Disorderly conduct’ for high school student to secretly record his tormentors in the classroom?
The Rutherford Institute Lights, Camera, Arrested: Americans Are Being Thrown in Jail for Filming Police
Personal Liberty Digest Woman Files Federal Lawsuit Over Naked Pepper Spraying Ordeal At Indiana Jail
CNS News Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water on Own Property Enters Jail
Marginal Revolution Ferguson and the Modern Debtor’s Prison
National Review Online The Drift toward Despotism - Too many of our rulers and their enforcers reflexively see the citizenry as a threat.
The Free Thought Project Instead of the Ambulance She Needed, This Woman Got Assaulted By Cops After Dialing 9-1-1
Zero Hedge San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless
alternet Cursing Out Police Is Perfectly Legal, But Cops Routinely Arrest People for It - Why do so many cops needs a refresher course in civil liberties and the First Amendment?
Truth Revolt US Marshals Arresting People For... Not Repaying Student Loans - But they'll let illegals and terrorists run rampant.
mrc tv Man Arrested For Not Returning 14 Year-Old VHS Tape
mrc tv Man Faces Life In Prison For Stealing Chocolate Bars
The Federalist This Man Saved A Girl From Being Stabbed To Death, And Now Target Is Suing Him For It
YouTube Police Now Arresting YouTubers for "Offensive" Videos
Federalist Tennessee Governor Pardons Cyntoia Brown, Who Killed Allegedly Threatening John
Fox News Best Buy security guard fired after tackling man who allegedly struck California cop, tried to flee
Daily Wire High School Bans Student After He Goes To Shooting Range With His Mom, Snapchat Post
mrc tv Iowa Man Sentenced to 16 Years In Prison For Burning a Church's Gay Pride Flag
Breitbart Nolte: Good Riddance to Mueller’s Monstrous Roger Stone Prosecutor
PJ Media Woman Faces Federal Felony Charges For Unreturned Movie Rental... From 21 Years Ago
Federalist Report Reveals Shocking Double Standards For Bringing U.S. Rioters To Justice
American Thinker Dr. Strawman, Or How I Learned To Stop Loving The FBI And Start Worrying

Crime - (real and imagined) and excessive punishment - Zero Tolerance
Randy Cassingham's This Is True Zero Tolerance: Alive and Well
Reason Zero Tolerance Teaches Students Important Lessons About Authority: Don’t Share Information, Don’t Consent to Searches
Legal Insurrection 13-year old boy suspended for twirling pencil in "gun motion" manner
Personal Liberty Digest Student Protests Suspension For Wearing T-Shirt With Image Of AK-47
Truth Revolt High School Evacuated Because of ‘Star Wars’ Costume - Geez, you can’t even celebrate May the Fourth Be With You day without somebody freaking out.
Daily Mail Danish 17-year-old girl who used a pepper spray to fight off a rapist near migrant asylum centre is told SHE will be prosecuted for carrying the weapon
mrc tv Elderly NY State Man Shoots Home Invaders, Govt. Seizes His Home, Charges HIM

Crime - Inadequate or no punishment at all. - Corruption - Coverup - Catch And Release - Jailbreak - Crime and No Punishment - Protecting The Criminals - Democrat Support For Crime - Democrat Support For Criminals
Mars Is F*%K the memo
Breitbart MEMO RELEASED: FBI Officials Knew Political Origins of Dossier, But Used It Anyway
Daily Wire What FBI Director Comey Did Wrong
Daily Wire Bombshell Report: Comey's Memos Were GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, Contained Classified Material
Daily Wire COMEY MEMO BOMBSHELL: Evidence Hillary Committed A Felony, Deleted Mentions Of Evidence - "There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton, and others, used the private email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified information."
Daily Wire 'PEOPLE WILL GO TO JAIL': #ReleaseTheMemo Trends As Republicans Call For Releasing 'SHOCKING' Classified Memo Showing 'FISA Abuses' In Russian Collusion Investigation
Daily Wire SHOCK: New Texts Between Anti-Trump FBI Agents Show They Wanted To Go Easy On Clinton Because 'She Might Be Our Next President'
Daily Wire GOOD RIDDANCE: FBI Deputy Director McCabe, Who Helped Cover For Hillary While Refusing To Recuse, Steps Down
Daily Wire The Death Of The FBI And DOJ
Daily Wire 12 Things You Need To Know About The Inspector General's DAMNING Report on The FBI's Hillary/Trump Conduct
Daily Wire BOMBSHELL: FBI Agent Said He’d Make Sure Trump Was Never President, Texted 'We'll Stop It'
Truth Revolt Report: FBI Agents Say Comey Stood in the Way of Clinton Investigation - He thought it would go away. It won't.
The Circle Bastiat Plutocracy in Action
Fresno Bee Núñez pardon leaves foul stench
Cal Watchdog The Nunez-Schwarzenegger Legacy
Yahoo! Finance In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures
Mises Institute Paulson Tipped his Friends about Fannie and Freddie in ’08
Daily Reckoning The Corruption of America
Daily Reckoning The Perfect Heist: Why Government Theft Continues to Go Unnoticed
Daily Reckoning The "Corzine-Dimon Syndrome"
Daily Reckoning Why Goldman Sachs May Have Trouble Maintaining its Business Model
Daily Reckoning US Government Asset Seizures on the Rise
Daily Reckoning Revolving Zombies
Daily Reckoning S&P On the Kill List
Daily Reckoning An Empire in Panic
Daily Reckoning S&P Aspires to Disown Business Model
Randy Cassingham's This Is True The Opposite of Zero Tolerance
Yahoo! News North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'
Yahoo! News Official saw no immediate danger for Detroit girl
Yahoo! News Cirque du Washington: “This Town” author Mark Leibovich on what’s wrong with D.C.
Yahoo! News 18 LA sheriff's officials charged in jail probe
PJ Media The LAPD’s Continued Defense of Illegal Immigrants
PJ Media Occupy L.A.: A Cop’s Perspective
PJ Media New Emails Suggest Eric Holder Perjured Himself
American Thinker Warren, Obama, and Harvard's Culture of Corruption
American Thinker Guess Whose House Wasn't Raided by the FBI
Velvel on National Affairs Re: Larry Tribe, Larry Summers, And Elena Kagan: Because Of The Larry Tribe Affair, It Is Time For Larry Summers To Go ...
Bookroom Worm Just as Obama vows to ignore federal law, the California State Bar vows to ignore state law
USA Today ZeekRewards scam leaves N.C. town millions poorer
Crazifornia Dirty Business as Usual at California High Speed Rail
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education For Safer Streets, Use Fairer Courts
Canada Free Press House to explore whether lying liar Holder’s obvious lie is legal perjury
Wall Street Journal Noonan: An Antidote to Cynicism Poisoning - Restoring public faith will require a full investigation of the IRS's politicization.
L.A>Times Paroled Sex Killer Strikes Again, Gets Death Penalty for the Third Time
Yahoo! Finance The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis - It's long been suspected that ratings agencies like Moody's and Standard & Poor's helped trigger the meltdown. A new trove of embarrassing documents shows how they did it
Rolling Stone The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis - It's long been suspected that ratings agencies like Moody's and Standard & Poor's helped trigger the meltdown. A new trove of embarrassing documents shows how they did it
Rolling Stone 'You F--ked Up, You Trusted Us': Talking Ratings Agencies With Chris Hayes
Judicial Watch Obama Lets Key Cabinet Agencies Go Without Watchdogs
Judicial Watch Illegal Alien Rapes Baltimore Girl 1 Year after City Becomes Sanctuary
Judicial Watch Black Caucus Chair Asks Judge To Go Easy On "Charming" Jackson Jr.
Market Watch Fraud, failure and bankruptcy pay well for CEOs - Commentary: Have you fed your Cash-Eating Organism today?
Rand Paul Review Trey Gowdy Goes Off, And It's Spectacular
Filming Cops declare war on police brutality
Filming Cops Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison
Filming Cops BREAKING: Another Government Chemist Accused of Deception, Over 180,000 Cases Now Need Review
Time Justice - The Affluenza Defense: Judge Rules Rich Kid’s Rich Kid-ness Makes Him Not Liable for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident - He got 10 years probation for causing a wreck that devastated three families
New York Daily News Texas rich kid who killed 4 in drunken car crash spared jail
O C Register Out of the way, peasants - Government workers are a privileged elite exempt from even basic traffic laws.
vice Why Are Bitcoiners Going to Jail for Money Laundering While Big Banks Walk?
Daily Reckoning In Defense of Money Laundering
Volokh Conspiracy Five police officers found lying - and why it’s so rare
Personal Liberty Digest Thousands Of Pentagon Workers With High Security Clearances Owe $730 Million In Back Taxes
Reason Four Chicago Cops Were Responsible For 200 Internal Affairs Complaints in a Five Year Period
Truth Revolt Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Lead Investigator Resigned Over Paying for Sex
Truth Revolt John Podesta's BFF at DOJ Joining The FBI's Investigation Into Huma's Emails - Just how incestuous can this get?
Truth Revolt Black Teen Who Broadcast Torture of White Special-Needs Teen Gets Slap on Wrist - That's some Chicago "justice" for you.
Truth Revolt Is There a 'Secret Society' Inside the FBI? - Lovers texts under scrutiny
Zero Hedge John Podesta's Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ's Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails
Liberty news Now Feinstein Shows How "Lowly Paid Lawmakers Leave Office Filthy Rich"
Yahoo! News US secret service latest embarrassment gets worse: report
New York Times 5 Banks to Pay Billions and Plead Guilty in Currency and Interest Rate Case
Reuters Major banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined $6 billion
Christopher Cantwell The Twisted Priorities of the State
Nesstman Famous politician gets caught in his own web
mrc tv D.C. City Council Passes Measure to Pay Criminals to NOT Commit Crime
Truth Revolt U.S. Cities Paying Criminals Monthly Salaries Not to Kill - Also paying ex-cons to "mentor" violent offenders, but won't rat them out for homicides.
mrc tv Family of Abused Baby Denied Justice Because Baby Can’t Talk
mrc tv Iowa Teen Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assaulting a Baby, Gets No Jail Time
mrc tv REPORT: Comey Used a Private Email While Investigating Clinton For...Using a Private Email
ETF News WATCH: Trey Gowdy OUTS FBI Agents As MORONS - Forces Them To Admit They’re CLUELESS...
Judicial Watch Judicial Watch Statement on Justice Department’s Decision Not to Charge Lois Lerner in IRS Scandal
WND Only 1 reason DNC destroyed server, says U.S. intel expert - 'Killing it is the stupidest thing I ever heard'
American Thinker The Never-Ending Mueller Witch Hunt: An Affront to the Constitution
American Thinker Investigators find documented evidence of irregularities in FBI Hillary email probe
Last Refuge Broward County Sheriff’s Office Did Not "Miss Warning Signs" or Make "Mistakes"...
Hillsdale College - Imprimis The Politicization of the FBI
American Thinker Brazile, Rice, Obama Gave Russian Hackers Free Rein
Federalist Former CIA Station Chief In Moscow: ‘Brennan And Clapper Are Doing Putin’s Bidding’ - A former CIA station chief is worried that Brennan and Clapper are doing Putin's bidding when they sound off about their Russia collusion theories.
Mises Institute Elderly Homeowner Calls 911: Police Then Kill Him
NY Post James Comey discussed sensitive FBI business on his private email
Fox News Illegal immigrant found not guilty in Kate Steinle’s killing wants gun conviction dropped
Federalist Lindsey Graham Needs To Pursue Those Who Lied During The Kavanaugh Debacle
Daily Wire Sarah Sanders Blasts FBI Double-Standard Over Roger Stone: Why Not Arrest Hillary, James Comey
Daily Wire New Emails Confirm FBI Tried To Work Deal With State Dept To Minimize Hillary Email Scandal
Daily Wire New Indictments In Mueller’s Final Report - A Comprehensive Guide
Daily Wire BREAKING: Mueller Report Released To Attorney General, NO FURTHER INDICTMENTS Included
Accuracy In Media BREAKING: Chicago Police Were Told Not to Investigate Weeks Before Charges Were Publicly Dropped
Free Thought Project Charges Dropped for 119 People After Cop Caught on Video Planting Meth on Innocent Grandma
Conservative Review Government continues persecuting doctors & pain patients to protect drug traffickers & illegal immigration
Conservative Review Victims silenced: 74% of PA voters approve victims’ rights initiative. Judges block BEFORE the vote
Conservative Review Suspect in disappearance of UFC star’s daughter was out on bail despite prior charge of attempted murder
Conservative Review The terrorist behind the London Bridge attack was released early from prison
Conservative Review Beatings and sexual assaults making a comeback to New York subways
Conservative Review De Blasio wants to fight NYC’s anti-Semitism problem with a weakened criminal justice system
Conserative Review Horowitz: Man charged with attempted assassination of NYPD officers was out on parole despite rap sheet
Trib Live Scott Brady: Sanctuary cities undermine law
Conservative Review Horowitz: NY man with 139 arrests: ‘The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me’
Conservative Review Horowitz: Houston career criminal released after arrest for murder now wanted ... for murder
Conservative Review Horowitz: Pro-criminal organizations blocking Georgia Gov. Kemp’s anti-gang bill
Horowitz: Sanctuary Montgomery County: Police interrupt illegal alien rape in progress
Conservative Review Horowitz: Baltimore’s coronavirus plan: Free criminals & beg killers to stop killing
American Thinker It has started: Convict let out on coronavirus concerns arrested for assault and robbery
mrc tv Sen. Paul: ‘Biden Is Guilty Of Using Gov’t To Go After a Political Opponent’
Conservative Review Horowitz: Repeat criminal who violated his bail 3 times arrested for murder days later
Conservative Review Horowitz: Justice for David Dorn? Man accused of killing retired black cop never served a day of 7-year sentence
Louder With Crowder Man Who Shoved 92-Year-Old Woman to the Ground was Arrested 103 Times. 103 Times!
Power Line The real world consequences of releasing felons early
PJ Media If You Thought 'Defund the Police' Was Insane You'll Love 'Abolish Prisons' in Seattle
mrc tv Seattle Police Chief To Businesses: We Have 'No Ability to Safely Intercede To Preserve Property'
Law Enforcement Today Treason! Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office announces they’ll release illegal immigrants into the community
PJ Media Portland Rioter Allegedly Stabs Two to Death Just One Week After D.A. Dropped Other Charges Against Him
mrc tv Portland Rioter Released- Allegedly Stabs Two To Death One Week Later
American Thinker/a> FBI lawyer who lied to judge on FISA warrant will be able to practice law again in August after zero jail time
American Thinker Chesa Boudin's free pass for shoplifters drives San Francisco store owners to lock all goods behind glass cases
Louder With Crowder Criminals Casually Walk Out of Store with Armfuls of Stolen Merchandise While Staff Does Nothing
rumble SF DA Shrugs Off Epic Shoplifter,Says Wallgreens Has ‘Insurance’
Liberty Loft Two women attack child ON viral video over MAGA hat, but prosecutors back down.
Louder With Crowder Lawmakers Seek to Reduce Drive-By Shootings Penalties for, You Guessed It, 'Equity' Reasons
PJ Media Antifa Rioter, Arrested Three Times for Assaulting Police, Has Case Dismissed
Louder With Crowder Police Identify Subway Murder Suspect, and Of Course, He Has an Alarming Number of Prior Arrests
Dan Bongino Show California Democrat Argues Communities Will Be Safer If People Have to Live Alongside Criminals
Louder With Crowder Woman Charged With Aggravated Battery Against Four Cops Gets Released THE FIRST DAY Chicago Eliminated Cash Bail
mrc tv Teen Ordered To Write a Book Report For Threatening To Shoot Up a Synagogue
Louder With Crowder Watch: Trans Killer Smirks At Family Of Victim After Getting Off On Murder Charge
mrc tv Alabama Woman Who Perpetrated Kidnapping Hoax Avoids Jail Time, Cites 'Emotional Issues and Stress'

Crime - DOJ Criminal Activity - Department Of Injustice - AG Garland Purjury
when refusing to partner with someone is not turning them down
Dan bongino show
Crime - Ignorance Is Bliss - FBI Corruption - FBI Criminal Activity - DOJ Criminal Activity - Department Of Injustice - Oppressing Citizens - Subverting The Constitution
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
YouTube FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes
Federalist Supercut: James Comey Doesn’t Recall Anything About Anything
mrc tv Cruz to Comey: 'You Were Deliberately Corrupt or Woefully Incompetent, and I Don't Believe You Were Incompetent'
Daily Wire The FBI Is Now Mainly A Weapon Against Republicans
gab The Total End Of A Free Society - AF Docuseries Episode #1
American Thinker The FBI's Broken Relationship with Us
mrc tv Ya Don't Say?! GOP Sen. Claims 'Highly Credible Whistleblowers' Say 'Widespread Effort' in FBI & DOJ to Downplay Negative Hunter Biden Info
Imprimis The Politicization of the Department of Justice
Just The News DOJ snooped on House Intelligence Committee investigators during Russia probe, subpoenas show
JustThe News Whistleblower bombshell: IRS agent alleges DOJ thwarting criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden
New York Post Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss was an inside job

Crime - Corruption - FBI Corruption - FBI Criminal Activity - DOJ Criminal Activity - Oppressing Citizens - Subverting The Constitution
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Zero Hedge Flub Or Felony: 17 FISA Errors Submitted Four Times?
Liberty Nation Flub or Felony: 17 FISA Errors Submitted Four Times? - The idea that this many errors approved by that many officials was accidental is preposterous.
Gateway Pundit Good News! Pelosi-Schumer Demand Mueller Testify — Here Is the List of 100 Times Mueller Gang Deviated from Standard Practice or Broke the Law
Mises Institute The FBI Is an Enemy of Freedom
WND Tables turn: Now FBI probed for election interference - House Intel Committee investigates plot to stop Trump
Bayou Renaissance Man So much for the FBI's oath of office
New York Post Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign
Imperial Requiem The IG Report (6/14) First Take
Imperial Requiem The IG Report’s Second Take
Daily Wire Comey Says The Inspector General Report Vindicates Him. Nope.
Daily Wire WATCH: Strzok Says His Texts Didn’t Mean He Was Targeting Trump. Gowdy Destroys Him.
Hill Inspector general report could convince even skeptics of FBI's anti-Trump bias
Federalist 5 Key Takeaways From The House Hearing With FBI Counterintelligence No. 2 Peter Strzok - Yesterday's joint hearing in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees was the first public hearing Congress held with the official who launched the Russia probe two years ago.
Federalist The DOJ Has Turned The Russia Investigation Into A Puzzle Designed Never To Be Solved - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and others embarrassed by DOJ’s actions are shielded by the never-ending nature of the investigation.
Louder With Crowder Judge Ted Poe To Peter Strozk: "You’re Biased, Arrogant and Protesting Too Much!"
Louder With Crowder WATCH: Trey Gowdy Just DISEMBOWELD FBI Agent Peter Strzok
Last Refuge Rosenstein Delivers Indictments For 12 Russians - Then Buries in Lock-box of DOJ National Security Division ...
Imperial Requiem The FBI Made a Big Mistake on Friday
100PercentFedUp JUST IN: Hillary Fan-Boy and Fired FBI Director James Comey Stumps For Democrat Party ... Gets Hammered On Twitter
True Pundit FBI: Lisa Page Dimes Out Top FBI Officials During Classified House Testimony; Bureau Bosses Covered Up Evidence China Hacked Hillary’s Top Secret Emails
The Hill Opinion: One FBI text message in Russia probe that should alarm every American
Federalist 10 Key Takeaways From The Released FISA Warrants Against Carter Page - The 412 pages of documents turned over in response to a lawsuit included the initial October 2016 surveillance application and three applications for its renewal.
Daily Wire Report: Whistleblower Who Found Information Showing Feds Ignored Hillary's Dealings With Russians Has Home Raided By FBI
Chicago Tribune Commentary: The double standards of the Mueller investigation
Western Free Press Judge "Investigates Mueller" After FBI Misconduct Explodes
Federalist DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them
WSJ Checking Robert Mueller - The sentencing judge brings to light dodgy FBI conduct in the Mike Flynn case.
Daily Caller POWELL: New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse The Solution To the Russian Problem
True Pundit FBI: Hundreds of Bureau Agents Took Bribes from CNN, NY Times, NBC News and More; Wray Looks the Other Way to Protect Media Partners
Federalist 7 Big Takeaways From Andrew McCabe’s Planned Coup
Daily Wire Fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Claims DOJ Discussed A COUP Against Trump
Daily Wire James Clapper Claimed He Didn’t Lie, But Misunderstood A Question. Democrat Senator Destroys Him.
Federalist Bruce Ohr Revealed Political Operatives Got The FBI To Investigate The NRA
American Thinker Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good
Geller Report DOJ Won’t Pursue Criminal Charges Against Andrew McCabe
Washington Examiner Trump considering 'full pardon' for Michael Flynn after FBI 'lost' records
Daily Caller The FBI DELIBERATELY IGNORED ‘Golden Emails,’ Crucial Abedin Messages And More
Powerline Deep rot at the FBI (and the Times)
mrc tv Son Of A BleachBit? Mueller Investigative Team Allegedly Wiped Phones In Potential Felony – And Few Reporters Care
True Pundit FBI: Hundreds of Bureau Agents Took Bribes from CNN, NY Times, NBC News and More; Wray Looks the Other Way to Protect Media Partners
PJ Media Shocking New FBI Texts Reveal Panic Over Handling of Trump Probe
mrc tv Anti-Flynn Judge’s Delay Ends Up Revealing More Incredibly Biased FBI Conduct
American Thinker Stunning! New Floyd Case Exhibit Confirms Witness Coercion
3% Nation F.B.I. Finds NO EVIDENCE That Trump Supporters Organized January 6th Riots
YouTube SHENANIGANS! Can Americans Trust The FBI Anymore? | Louder With Crowder
mrc tv FBI Cyber Chief Admits He Doesn’t Know Where Hunter’s Laptop Is

Crime - FBI Criminal Activity - James Comey
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Big League Politics Citizen Files FBI Complaint Against Comey For ‘Two Separate Felonies’ For Memo Leak
Lew Rockwell Comey Thought He Knew of Obstruction Of Justice in Hillary Case - Furthered the obstruction instead of reporting it
Zero Hedge The Comey Testimony Is Great For Trump, Terrible For Democrats
WND Government watchdog in court again over Comey's memos - Scandal centers on fired FBI chief's released notes of conversations with Trump
Daily Wire Bombshell Report: FBI Never Examined Vast Majority Of Emails On Weiner's Laptop, Despite Comey's Claims - "There was no real investigation and no real search."
Real Clear Investigation Despite Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined
Daily Wire Comey Admits Damning Fact About Anti-Trump FISA Warrant Abuse In Closed-Door Testimony
Federalist FISA Court Confirms The Government Lied In Every Spy Warrant Application Against Carter Page

Crime - FBI Criminal Activity - Coverup of Hillary Clinton Crimes
99.99% of the FBI agents give the rest a bad name.
Project Veritas Undercover Video Exposes Early Clinton Email Witness Who Was Never Interviewed by FBI
Breitbart Fitton: Judicial Watch Uncovers FBI Knew of Hillary’s Abuses
mrc tv More Evidence Surfaces Of FBI Misconduct During the Clinton Email Investigation
Daily Wire Chuck Grassley Rips Comey: You Missed Key Evidence In Clinton Investigation. I’m Going To Find It.

Crime - When it is against the law to protect yourself, your only alternative is to flee the country.
Yahoo! News Countless Juarez residents flee 'dying city'
Mises Institute Are You Authorized to Defend Yourself?

Crime - Support For Illegal Drug Usage
rumble Things That Need To Be Said: Is That You, Hunter? Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Crime - Drug Wars - War on Drugs - Drug Laws - Prohibition
Has anybody noticed that authorities can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons? How can making our entire society a prison solve the problem? - Ron Paul
In any war, the first casualty is common sense, and the second is free and open discussion. - James Reston
The War on Drugs is a price support system for terrorists and drug pushers. It turns ordinary, cheap plants like marijuana and poppies into fantastically lucrative black market products. Without the War on Drugs, the financial engine that fuels terrorist organizations would sputter to a halt. - Ron Crickenberger
Alcohol didn't cause the high crime rates of the '20s and '30s, Prohibition did. And drugs do not cause today's alarming crime rates, but drug prohibition does. - US District Judge James C. Paine, addressing the Federal Bar Association in Miami, November, 1991
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse You Are the Victim of Drug Prohibition.
Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Drug prohibition: A thought experiment.
Mises Institute The Special Interests Behind Marijuana Prohibition
Mises Institute The DEA: A Good Place to Cut the Federal Budget
Stop The Drug War
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Whiskey and Gunpowder The Evils of the Drug War Prohibition = Violence: The Drug War points the finger-but has three more pointing back at itself.
Mises Institute What Motley Crue Can Teach Us About Drug Legalization.
Mises Institute Another Plea to End the Insanity
Mises Institute Prohibition vs. Private Solutions at the Electric Daisy Carnival
Mises Institute Welcome to Needle Park
Mises Institute Obama on Drugs
Mises Institute Prohibition Caused the Greatness of Gatsby
Mises Institute Mises Explains the Drug War
Mises Institute How the Drug War Makes Drugs Less Safe
Mises Institute An International View of Drug Prohibition: An Interview with Mark Thornton
Mises Institute The War on Drugs Was Born 100 Years Ago
Mises Institute Guns, Drugs, and Booze: The Bipartisan Support for Prohibition
Mises Institute How Legal, Branded Heroin Would Make Drugs Safer
Mises Institute Trump Won't Stop the Drug-Legalization Movement
Mises Institute The Drug War: Will the Trump Administration OD on Authoritarianism?
Mises Institute The States Are Revolting Against the War on Drugs Prohibition = Violence: The Drug War points the finger-but has three more pointing back at itself.
Yahoo! News Y! Big Story: Mexico’s six-year drug war behind the Mother’s Day massacre
L. Neil Smith's Down With Power Some Random Thoughts About the War on Drugs
reason 3 Accounting Tricks the Obama Administration Uses to Hide the Cost of the Drug War
Marijuana Policy Project 2012 Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users
Vote No On Question 3 In Massachusetts
Daily Reckoning Misconduct Prevention Workshop
Daily Reckoning The Election Topic Nobody’s Discussing
wikipedia List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use Who Was Killed in America's Drug War Last Year? [FEATURE] US Has 330,000 Drug Offenders in Prison
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education The Cost of the War on Drugs [video]
YouTube Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray
Pro Libertate "Damned from Memory": When the Drug War Turns on its Own
Conservative Review The media willfully ignores the connection between killer drugs and illegal immigration

Crime - Police State (Big Brother)
Federal Bureau of Investigation training - the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others.
The NSA Video
Cato Institute Botched Paramilitary Police Raids - An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"
Yahoo! News Ex-CIA Interrogator: Obama's War on Terror Is Less Ethical Than Bush's
Scribd National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) For Fiscal Year 2012
Truthout Why I’m Suing Barack Obama
Truthout Why Are SWAT Teams Answering Routine Police Calls?
Long Island Lwayer Blog Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport
Mises Institute The Police State Is Personal
Mises Institute The Flame of Oppression
Mises Institute Legalize Drunk Driving
Mises Institute The Police State Abolishes the Trial
Mises Institute Decriminalize the Average Man
Mises Institute Martial Law vs. Market Law: Reflections on Boston
Mises Institute Does Government Cause Crime?
Mises Institute Abolish the FBI
Mises Institute Don't Confuse "Private" Prisons with Free-Market Prisons
Mises Institute There Are Now So Many "Criminals" in America, Uber Wants to Hire Some
Mises Institute Dismantle the FBI, and Give its Money Back to the State
The Circle Bastiat Prison Nation Going Broke
Mises Economics Blog The American State and the Postal Service’s Arsenal
Daily Reckoning Louisiana Law
Daily Reckoning We’ve Crossed the Rubicon
Daily Reckoning "Power Corrupts ..."
Daily Reckoning Feral Drones ... and Other Invasive Species
Daily Reckoning Okay, Grandma’, It’s Your Turn in the Pokey
Daily Reckoning The Drones Are Watching and Waiting
Daily Reckoning The Reality of America
Daily Reckoning A Web of Collaborators
Daily Reckoning How Much Surveillance Can We Accept?
Daily Reckoning When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over
Are You A Criminal In Praise of 'Rogue' Cops
The Freeman Watch the Watchmen
CBS Boston Charlton Library Sends Police To Collect Overdue Books From 5-Year-Old
Wall Street Journal You Commit Three Felonies a Day
Big Journalism D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home
dot tech Government of Canada financially supports The Pirate Bay ...
dot tech FBI does not need warrant to access data of Google users, says US judge
TorrentFreak UK ISPs Must Censor The Pirate Bay, High Court Rules
reason America, the Law-crazed
reason This Dog Can Send You to Jail
Photography Is Not A Crime California Man Jailed Four Days for Recording Cops
Yahoo! News 'What?' Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ
Yahoo! News Woman gets $81 ticket for parking car with windows down
Yahoo! News - Good Morning America Ind. Officer, Wife Could Face Jail for Saving Deer
Yahoo! News Icelandic girl wins right to use her given name
Yahoo! News - Good Morning America 7-Year-Old Handcuffed Over $5, Says Suit
Yahoo! Finance Jailed Seniors Cost Americans $16 Billion Per Year
Gary North - Tea Party Economist War Games in Your City: Preparing for Civil Unrest
Sovereign Man 5-year old girl labeled ‘terrorist’ in American police state The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)
The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston
American Thinker When You Have to Shoot, Shoot; Don't Talk
Electronic Frontier Foundation NSA Spying On Americans
Natural News Big Brother is tapping your mobile phone: Obama admits NSA routinely spying on all Verizon phone customers in the USA
Natural News Alert: Obama administration aiming to arrest local sheriffs who back Second Amendment
Center For Investigative Reporting License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers
Breitbart 911 Audio: Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Surrounds 20-Year-Old for Buying Bottled Water
Clash Daily The Militarization of American Cities Fourth Amendment Dead in Los Angeles Cops Now Enforcing Anal Probing On Americans Routinely - As second horror story emerges, doctors face being banned from practicing medicine
Canada Free Press Licensed to Kill: The Growing Phenomenon of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens - "Trigger happy" cops, NSA surveillance, drones
Canada Free Press Welcome to the United Police States of America, Where Police Shoot First & Ask Questions Later - If ever there were a time to de-militarize and de-weaponize local police forces, it’s now
Canada Free Press Refusing the California Fruit Nazi Checkpoint & Driving Away
GigaOM Satire is dead: Cops question German after he jokes about NSA on Facebook
Ben Swann Exclusive: NSA Using Copyright Claims To Crush Free Speech?
Computer World Lying, prying and spying: Is the NSA worth it?
WND NSA 'goes after man who mocked agency' - 'The only part of government that actually listens' Cleveland police suspend 63 officers over deadly chase
The Rutherford Institute Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions
gawker Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead
CBS Minnesota Sauk Rapids Graphic Artist Challenges National Security Agency
The Guardian Russell Brand: Philip Seymour Hoffman is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws - In Hoffman's domestic or sex life there is no undiscovered riddle – the man was a drug addict and, thanks to our drug laws, his death inevitable
The Rutherford Institute Jesus Lived in a Police State
The Rutherford Institute The U.S. Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State
Personal Liberty Digest Congressman Mulls Legislation To Defund Armed Federal Bureaucrats
Pro Libertate The Vampire State Draws Blood
New York Times 2 Teenagers Were Eager to Shovel Snow. Then the Police Paid a Visit.
American Thinker Canada's Ontario goes for a police state in the name of COVID suppression
American Thinker The National Subterfuge Agency
YouTube Dan Bongino: Has America quietly become a police state?
Dan Bonigo Show Dan Bongino: We're No Longer Living in a Constitutional Republic

Crime - Organized Crime
Daily Reckoning Oil’s Piracy Premium

Crime - Rape
CNN Raped, pregnant and ordeal not over

Crime - Liberal - Political Correctness - Protecting The Rights of Criminals and Oppressing the Innocent
Mises Institute PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette
Chicks On The Right Political Correctness Now Trumps The Safety Of University Students. Because YOU FREAKING RAAAACIST!
Truth Revolt French Government to Travelers: Don't Make Sexual Comments in U.S. - "Comments, behavior, and jokes, which might be harmless in Latin countries, can lead to criminal cases."
Truth Revolt Report: U.S. Soldiers Disobeying Orders to Ignore Afghan 'Allies' Raping Boys - Told to look away: "It's their culture."
American Thinker San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills
PJ Media Confirmed: Demoralized Cops Equal Higher Crime
Chicks On The Right Here’s How Anti-Police Rhetoric Has Affected How Officers Go After Criminals
Daily Wire Pastor Lobbies For Murderer's Release. Murderer Marries Pastor's Daughter. What Happens Next Is Horrifying.
Conservative Review Washington couple sue Seattle for releasing career violent criminal who savagely beat them
Conservative Review Horowitz: Virginia Dems seek to release murderers from prison … while restricting guns for law-abiding citizens
Louder With Crowder Suspected killer declares he's trans and wants to change his name, so they're postponing his murder trial

Crime - Colorado please don't hurt the feelings of criminals
nrc tv It Hurts Their Feelz: Colorado Kills Term ‘Sex Offender’

Crime - Police Privilege
Louder With Crowder 'Get the f*ck out of the way': Female officer demonstrates the absolute worst policing has to offer

Crime - Humor
YouTube Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police!
YouTube Dave Chapelle: why terrorists won't take black people as hostage
Babylon Bee 911 Will Now Require White Callers To Press 1 To Check Their Privilege
Glorious American LeBron: ‘It’s Getting To The Point Where A Rapist Can’t Even Resist Arrest Anymore’
YouTube Christmas Shoplifting in California!
Babylon Bee FBI To Begin Raiding Homes Of Those Who Criticize FBI Raid
Babylon Bee Sharpie Scores Huge Endorsement Deal With FBI
Babylon Bee FBI Storms Convent To Arrest Group Of Dangerous Pro-Life Extremists
Babylon Bee Batman Unable To Keep Up With Rising Crime As Gotham City Elects Another Democrat
Genesius Times op Ten Signs Your House Will Be Raided By the FBI
Babylon Bee FBI Stops By Antifa Riot To Ask If They’ve Seen Any Dangerous MAGA Around

Critical Drinker
YouTube Oscars Ratings Disaster - An Open Letter To Hollywood (April 27, 2021)

CynicalPessimist666 speaking the truth others dare not even think about.

Climate Change Fraud

Climate Realists Congressional Directory (searchable by name, state, committee, ZIP code, ...)

Congressional Accountability Project

Louder With Crowder One Reporter's Road Trip Nightmare Proves the Electric Vehicle Skeptics Right

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D'Souza Media podcasts, videos, films, books, ...
D'Souza Media rumble videos

Daily Caller
Daily Caller Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot?
Daily Caller Mark Levin: You lay one damn hand on a WWII vet, I’ll bring half a million people to DC [VIDEO]

Daily Reckoning
Daily Reckoning Who's Anti-American?
Daily Reckoning The Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead
Daily Reckoning The Greater Good: Relative Value and the Endowment Effect
Daily Reckoning Wake-Up Call: Top 10 Trends of 2011
Daily Reckoning Generations of Wealth
Daily Reckoning Bubble to Bubble, Dust to Dust
Daily Reckoning Morons and the Economic Elite
Daily Reckoning Climax Time: The Top 12 Trends for 2012
Daily Reckoning Depression-Proof Banks
Daily Reckoning How Digits Are Reinventing the World Order
Daily Reckoning The Coconut Wars
Daily Reckoning An Odd Way To Play America’s Crumbling Roads
Daily Reckoning Coming Soon: The Next Industrial Revolution
Daily Reckoning Turmoil Coming: How to Survive and Thrive
Daily Reckoning The Dark Side of Technology
Daily Reckoning The Idea of America
Daily Reckoning Winners and Losers in the Battle of Economic Stupidity
Daily Reckoning A Federal Program that Could Turn Your Town into a Warzone
Daily Reckoning The Shock Doctrine: When Order Trumps Personal Freedom
Daily Reckoning In the Year 2024
Daily Reckoning Collapse, Part 2: The Nine Dynamics of Decay
Daily Reckoning Does "Creative Destruction" Include the State?
Daily Reckoning The American Disease: I Deserve to Get Away With Anything and Everything
Daily Reckoning Following in Ancient Rome's Footsteps: Moral Decay, Rising Wealth Inequality
Daily Reckoning When the Aristocracy Leaves the Commoners in the Dust, the Empire Is Doomed
Daily Reckoning The System Has Failed
Daily Reckoning America's Ruling Classes: No Fear, No Caution, No Prudence
Daily Reckoning Why Super Tuesday Voters Were Wasting Their Time...
Daily Reckoning This Country is So Screwed Up
Daily Reckoning Trump, Hillary and the American Autumn
Daily Reckoning Dark Dynamics
Daily Reckoning Sizing Up the Endgame
Daily Reckoning The Ruling Elite Has Lost the Consent of the Governed
Daily Reckoning The Deep State Panic of 2016
Daily Reckoning Iran Sinks U.S. Fleet

Daily Wire DC 'Dyke March' BANS Israeli And Jewish Pride Symbols, Refuse Entry To Marchers Carrying Star Of David Flag

Daily Wire WALSH: I Disavow The Daily Wire

Daily Job Cuts


Charlie Daniels soap box.

Data Hound a list of products and services that respect your privacy

3D Printing
Defense Distributed defend the civil liberty of popular access to arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court, through facilitating global access to, and the collaborative production of, information and knowledge related to the 3D printing of arms; and to publish and distribute, at no cost to the public, such information and knowledge in promotion of the public interest.
defcad files for the Defense Distributed printed gun.
Daily Reckoning 3D Guns: Your Move, State
dotTech There is a new 3D-printed gun, and its cheaper and more powerful than the Liberator
dotTech NASA funds research for 3D printer that will print food - food you can eat
Wired A Landmark Legal Shift Opens Pandora’s Box for DIY Guns - Cody Wilson makes digital files that let anyone 3-D print untraceable guns. The government tried to stop him. He sued-and won.

Parents Defending Education fighting for the average citizen

Democracy Is Not Freedom Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

Department Of Justice Department Of Injustice - Upholding Only The Laws The Left Supports - Prosecuting The Innocent - Protecting The Guilty
mrc tv Ya Don't Say?! GOP Sen. Claims 'Highly Credible Whistleblowers' Say 'Widespread Effort' in FBI & DOJ to Downplay Negative Hunter Biden Info
Mises Institute DOJ: Freedom Means Taxes and Jailing Foreigners
Mises Institute DOJ Kidnapping, False Imprisonment Scheme Succeeds
Mises Institute DOJ Orders Company to Make Improvements Delayed by DOJ Lawsuit
American Thinker Federal judge chastises DoJ in noncitizen voter registration
Truth Revolt AG Lynch Dodges Questions About Clinton Prosecution - Mum's the word.
Daily Wire CROOKED: DOJ Shut Down FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation
Daily Wire 3 Justice Department Field Offices Wanted to Investigate The Clinton Foundation. The DOJ Refused Anyway.
mrc tv Obama's DOJ Is Preventing the Prevention of Illegal Alien Fraud
mrc tv Ironic: The DOJ Just Busted a Guy For Keeping Classified Info At Home
Legal Insurrection Prosecutor of George Zimmerman Loses Bid for Re-Election
American Thinker Rudy Giuliani responds to FBI search warrant raid and goes on the offensive
Louder With Crowder Biden's DOJ Warns American Banks Not to Reject Illegal Immigrants’ Loan Applications

Department Of Justice Department Of Injustice - War On Police - War On Citizens
Truth Revolt DOJ: Criminal Background Checks Are Barriers to Police Applicant Diversity - Because people with a badge and a gun shouldn't be vetted.
mrc tv Denver Sheriff's Dept. Fined for Not Hiring Non-Citizens
mrc tv DOJ Condemns Cops Coast-to-Coast: ‘Broken Systems and Unconstitutional Policing’

Department Of Justice Department Of Injustice - Support For Protecting Democrat Crimianls
New York Post Judge calls out blatant double standard when it comes to Biden’s Justice Department and Hunter

Mark Dice
Mark Dice YouTube Channel
Mark Dice YouTube Channel Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously! Watch!
Mark Dice YouTube Channel People Sign Petition to add Soylent Green to School Menus for Michelle Obama's Lunch Program
Mark Dice YouTube Channel Selling 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 (when it's worth over $1,500)
Mark Dice YouTube Channel Americans Don't Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!
Truth Revolt VIDEO: Liberals Sign 'White Privilege Tax' Petition
Truth Revolt VIDEO: Men & Women Eagerly Sign 'Male Privilege Tax' Petition - Liberals being sexist to defeat sexism!

Dirty Spending Secrets

Discover The Networks

Dissecting Leftism
Until you accept that the aim of Leftists is to hurt, not help, none of their actions makes sense
Leftism, Liberalism, Progressivism are all words for the politics of hate. They hate the world about them.
And with motivations like that behind them, principles pass them by like a fart in a breeze

Dog Face Ponia It's not fake news, it's fairy tale news.

Pat Dollard - The War Starts Here
Pat Dollard - The War Starts Here New Hampshire Fires First Shot Of Civil War - Resolution Immediately Voids Several Federal Laws, Threatens Counterstrike Against Federal "Breach Of Peace"

The Dollar Vigilante surviving and prospering during and after the dollar collapse

Down With Power

downsize DC reduce the size of government

Downsizing the Federal Government

Down Trend because that's the direction of our economy and freedoms.

Drudge Report news aggregator

Drug Policy Alliance Drug War Statistics

Duffel Blog

Dumb Laws

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Socialism is the abolition of rational economy. - Ludwig von Mises
The governments view of the economy can be summed up in a few short phrases. If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan
An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today. - Laurence J. Peter
... if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. - Barack Hussein Obama
If you are a failure, you didn't get there on your own. Your government did it to you. - Cynical Pessimist
When did "Too Stupid to Succeed" become "Too Big to Fail?"
The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. - Thomas Sowell
Bernanke giving politicians advice about fiscal stability is "about as useful as an arsonist’s lecture on fire prevention. His radical zero interest rate policy has destroyed the bond market, crushed the yield curve and eviscerated any resolve to address the deficit on Capitol Hill." - David Stockman
What the doctrine of balancing budgets over a period of many years really means is this: As long as our own party is in office, we will enhance our popularity by reckless spending. - Ludwig von Mises
When the government spends more, the public spends less. Public works are not accomplished by the miraculous power of a magic wand. They are paid for by funds taken away from the citizens. - Ludwig von Mises
You shouldn't go around touting that you balanced your budget when your deficit is $44 billion. - Sheila Weinberg
Did you ever think that making a speech on economics is a lot like pissing down your leg? It seems hot to you, but it never does to anyone else. - Lyndon Johnson
The government's War on Poverty has transformed poverty from a short-term misfortune into a career choice. - Harry Browne
In any war, the first casualty is common sense, and the second is free and open discussion. - James Reston
Tooth Fairy Economics - The belief that taxing private businesses out of existance and the government spending like a drunken politician will fix an economy. Even though since the dawn of recorded time it never has fixed an eeconomy and never will fix an economy.
Bonner’s Law: In the hands of economists, the more precise the number, the bigger the lie. - Bill Bonner
Main Street economy is failing while Washington is piling a soaring debt burden on our descendants, unable to rein in either the warfare state or the welfare state or raise the taxes needed to pay the nation’s bills. - David Stockman
Easy to create lots of new jobs. Just cut wages and benefits. Slavery was a full-employment system. - Robert B. Reich, former Secretary of Labor in the President William Clinton (D) administration and now professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley
Being an economist must be interesting since they are paid handsomely to be wrong most of the time. - Mike Huckabee
It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a 'dismal science.' But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance. - Murray Rothbard

Economics - links
Mises Institute Ten Fundamental Laws of Economics
Mises Institute The Free Lunch Is Over
Mises Institute Economics vs. Politics
Mises Institute Economics Is Dead, and It Is Being Killed Again
Mises Institute Why We Don't Need Macroeconomic Data in a Free Economy Deck the Halls with Macro Follies
Money News Trump Says The Way President Obama Is Running The Country Is "Stupid"
Economists For Romney
The Daily Caller More than 500 economists, 5 Nobel laureates back Romney’s economic strategy
BBC Viewpoint: Why the young should welcome austerity
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education Economics In One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt (read online, or download PDF)
Measuring Worth U.S.Consumer Price Index 1774 - 2009 What does one TRILLION dollars look like?
Uncommon Wisdom Why All the Double-Dip Talk Is Pure B.S. ...
The Business Insider Bear Market Cliff-Diving: 1929 All Over Again
The Business Insider Crash Of 2008 Now Worse Than Crash Of 1929
Daily Reckoning Economic Irony: Creating Bubbles to Maintain Stability
Daily Reckoning How the Fed Keeps Feeding the Financial Crisis
Daily Reckoning US Debt Crisis: What NOT to Do When Your Country is Broke
Daily Reckoning Print, Print and Print
Daily Reckoning Faber: Dollar Will go to a Value of Exactly Zero Eventually
Daily Reckoning Dollar Down... So Why is the Euro Falling Too?
Daily Reckoning Unsustainable Economic Activity
Daily Reckoning An Economy on Life Support
Daily Reckoning The J.P.Morgan Effect.
Daily Reckoning Fixers Aim to Fix Fixes With Another Phony Fix
Daily Reckoning Consumer Credit Has Fallen Off a Cliff
Daily Reckoning An Overdue Collapse of Money
Daily Reckoning The Foreclosed Upon are Increasingly Moving Into Homeless Shelters
Daily Reckoning Son of a Bubble
Daily Reckoning Legislating "Too Big to Fail"
Daily Reckoning Peak Oil - The Risks
Daily Reckoning Legislating Wall Street
Daily Reckoning The Fiscal Plight of the "Man on the Street"
Daily Reckoning How the "Disturbing" Rising Market Shreds Hope
Daily Reckoning The Fed's Real Objective in Keeping Rates Near Zero
Daily Reckoning Major Companies Hoarding Cash, Preparing for Second Wave of Financial Crisis
Daily Reckoning When the Borrowers Stop Borrowing
Daily Reckoning The Two Things That Really Matter
Daily Reckoning Berlin Wall Street
Daily Reckoning The Biggest Financial Deception of the Decade
Daily Reckoning How Zombies Get Rich and Drive the US Economy
Daily Reckoning Water is Too Cheap!
Daily Reckoning Another Warning Shot for Bond Investors
Daily Reckoning The War on Small Business
Daily Reckoning Emerging Markets: Working Hard While Others Hardly Work
Daily Reckoning Money Printing: How Counterfeiters Saved the World
Daily Reckoning Plaza II
Daily Reckoning Largest 15 US States are Spending Over 220% of Their Tax Revenue
Daily Reckoning Plumbers Crack
Daily Reckoning Worlds Apart: A Firsthand Look at Emerging Market Growth
Daily Reckoning Tolerating Deception for the Sake of Economic Growth
Daily Reckoning Why Central Bank Secrecy is Detrimental to Free-Market Capitalism
Daily Reckoning A Global Glut of Deepwater Oil ... With One Major Exception
Daily Reckoning US Continues Deficit Spending With No End in Sight
Daily Reckoning Rising Food Prices Through the Scope of Quantitative Easing
Daily Reckoning Budget Deficits, Pension Plans, and the Seeds of Rebellion
Daily Reckoning Japanese Markets: Trendsetters in the Global Economy
Daily Reckoning Making the Chicken Run
Daily Reckoning How Quantitative Easing Has Paralyzed the US Economy
Daily Reckoning Consumers and Investors Seek Protection With Guns and Gold
Daily Reckoning The Central Bank Stock Market Indicator
Daily Reckoning Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case
Daily Reckoning Economic Growth in the Internet Age
Daily Reckoning Imperial Suicide
Daily Reckoning The Effects of a Financial Repression
Daily Reckoning Not Like 2008
Daily Reckoning Multiplying by Zero
Daily Reckoning What to Do in the Event of an Out of Control Money System
Daily Reckoning Handout Nation
Daily Reckoning Zombie Wars
Daily Reckoning Break On Through
Daily Reckoning A Perversely Perfect War
Daily Reckoning Educated Guessing Game
Daily Reckoning World’s Biggest Zombies
Daily Reckoning Economic Recovery Without the Pain of De-Leveraging
Daily Reckoning The Illusion of Choice
Daily Reckoning A Crisis Veiled in Public Spectacle
Daily Reckoning About the New Book
Daily Reckoning Too Much of a Good Thing
Daily Reckoning Too Much of a Good Thing, Continued ...
Daily Reckoning The Downside of Mathematics
Daily Reckoning Could the Government Get a Mortgage?
Daily Reckoning Measurable Improvements
Daily Reckoning Disaster Area
Daily Reckoning Clothing for All: The Slow, but Relentless Revolution
Daily Reckoning Should You Be Hoarding?
Daily Reckoning The Irreversible Plight of the Aging Welfare State
Daily Reckoning Marginal Steps Toward a Better Life (marginal utility)
Daily Reckoning How Business "Recesses" Itself
Daily Reckoning Is It Fixable?
Daily Reckoning A Wobbly Table Built on Unsound Legs
Daily Reckoning And the Natural Result of "Planned Obsolescence" is ... (Drumroll) ... Bankruptcy!
Daily Reckoning The Empire’s Next Effort to Extract Your Wealth
Daily Reckoning Federal Wimps Have Ruined U.S. Credibility
Daily Reckoning 4 Basic Truths to Help You Navigate the Financial News
Daily Reckoning Platitudes, Hypocrisies and "Pimpocracy"
Daily Reckoning Pope Francis Takes the Zombie Side
Daily Reckoning Mogambo Guru: Of Course We’re Freakin’ Doomed!
Daily Reckoning The Return Of Zombie Wars
Daily Reckoning The Systemic Failure of High Finance
Daily Reckoning The World Economy Wreckers of Beijing
Daily Reckoning Can Trump Really Win the Election?
Daily Reckoning Simple Math Shows America Is Headed for an Economic Disaster
The Freeman Gun Control: An Economic Analysis
The Freeman Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse - By Thomas E. Woods, Jr. - Reviewed by: Steven Horwitz
The Freeman Why the Government Fails to Maintain Anything - By Jim Powell, October 2009, Volume: 59, Issue: 8
cnbc Here's Why the Fed Plan Is Failing: We're All Austrians Now
Mises Institute The Economic Irrationality of the State
Mises Institute Economics and the Citizen
Mises Institute Evonomics
Mises Institute Crystal Ball or Creditcard Bill
Mises Institute PPI Jumps - Talking Heads Say All is Well
Mises Institute Leading Economic Indicators (and food stamp use) rising
Mises Institute Auntie Beeb Looks at the Bright Side
Mises Institute While Politicians yammer, enterprise does work
Mises Institute Shrinking Motown
Mises Institute It’s Not Just the Sand States Anymore
Mises Institute Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit
Mises Institute The Penny Slot Economic Indicator
Mises Institute Faculty Spotlight Interview: Paul T. Prentice
Mises Institute Why Get For Free What You Can Pay For?
Mises Institute Who’s Suing Whom in the Telecom World
Mises Institute Used car prices up: who would have guessed?
Mises Institute Live by IP, Die by IP: Poetic Justice for Mattel
Mises Institute The Most Evil Column Ever
Mises Institute Where do they get this stuff?
Mises Institute Why the Crisis Hasn't Ended
Mises Institute Meltdown's Monetary Heresy
Mises Institute Rothbard Vindicated
Mises Institute Joseph, Secretary of Agriculture
Mises Institute Greedy-Bastard Economics
Mises Institute A House Regulated Cannot Stand
Mises Institute Extending the Recession Indefinitely
Mises Institute Free the Clogged-Nose 25!
Mises Institute Rich Uncle Pays Your Mortgage
Mises Institute The Broken Window
Mises Institute How the Fed Helped Pay for World War I
Mises Institute Obama and the Aqueduct
Mises Institute Menger the Revolutionary
Mises Institute Secrets of the Most Successful Touring Band of All Time
Mises Institute Fiscal Euphemisms
Mises Institute What's Cost Got to Do with It?
Mises Institute The Myth that Laissez Faire Is Responsible for Our Present Crisis
Mises Institute The Bigotry of the Literati
Mises Institute Does Favoring Free Enterprise Mean Favoring "Business"?
Mises Institute Bust Looms As China Booms
Mises Institute What Is Your Plan for the Day After Tomorrow?
Mises Institute Guerrilla Hoarding
Mises Institute Fear the Boom, Not the Bust
Mises Institute The Road to Taxi Serfdom
Mises Institute The Myth of Natural Monopoly
Mises Institute Five Ways to Create a Monopoly
Mises Institute The Importance of Capital Theory
Mises Institute The Broken-Window Fallacy
Mises Institute Occupied by Government
Mises Institute The Rich Aren't Dispossessing the Rest
Mises Institute Shadow Labor
Mises Institute Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism
Mises Institute The Fallacy of the "Public Sector"
Mises Institute Post-Sandy: A Man-Made Disaster
Mises Institute The Unseen Consequences of Zero-Interest-Rate Policy
Mises Institute Frédéric Bastiat’s Economic Sophisms Is Now More Important Than Ever
Mises Institute Price Controls May Be On the Way
Mises Institute Jeff Bezos Got Rich By Giving His Customers What They Want
Mises Institute Economics Is Like Birdwatching - You Have to Know What to Look For
The Circle Bastiat Turning Rich Natural Resources Into Scarcity
google 23 Quadrillion Dollar Bill
Wall Street Mess Welcome To Zombieland USA
Cato Institute Fiscal Reality Cntral
Hot Air politicians say all kinds of things, find out what they really mean.
Hot Air U.S. Postal Service reports major losses ... again
Rolling Stone Obama's Big Sellout
Rolling Stone Wall Street's Naked Swindle: A scheme to flood the market with counterfeit stocks helped kill Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and the feds have yet to bust the culprits U.S. to Lose $400 Billion on Fannie, Freddie, Wallison Says Obama Plus Congress Equals Economic Chaos.
Mackinac Center For Public Policy Too Big to Succeed?
Big Government The Pork Report: October 19, 2009
Keith Hennessey The long term budget problem begins now
Yahoo! News Several mortgage firms getting federal funds have spotty records
Yahoo! News Consumer spending falls in September, incomes flat
Yahoo! News Census: Near-record level of US counties dying
Yahoo! Finance In Prison Interview, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’
Yahoo! Real Estate Cities Where Things are Getting Worse
Real Clear Markets Stimulating Failure
The Examiner Scott Ott's Examiner Scrappleface: Obama Main Street tour reveals shocking ignorance The $787 Billion Flop economic commentary
The Wall Street Journal The Coming Deficit Disaster
Crossville Chronicle STUMPTALK: Washington's war on the American citizen
Enter Stage Right A nation of whiners and panderers
The Reformed Broker The Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers - 128 Top Finance Blogs You Should Check Out
kitco Zimbabwe: A Fresh Start
kitco Using the Same Economic Recipe means getting the Same Tragic Results
kitco America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship
kitco The Dollar Rally is Hugely Bullish for Precious Metals
kitco Why is the U.S. Government Protecting BP?
kitco The 100% "Certain" Forecast From the Guy Who's Been Wrong 100% of the Time
Whiskey and Gunpowder The Economy Has Six Months to Live
Washington Times EDITORIAL: Obama is killing the economy
green faucet Goldman's Global Oil Scam Passes the 50 Billion Madoff Mark!
24/7 Wall St. 24/7 Wall St. Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2011
24/7 Wall St. The Ten Brands That Will Disappear In 2010
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quora In Fifty Days, Payments Innovation Will Stop In Silicon Valley
Forbes Skyscrapers Are A Great Bubble Indicator - They tend to go up before the economy goes down. Will Congress Declare a Trade War Against China? Economic Apocalypse Goes Mainstream: Meltdown in Two to Three Weeks; It Will Spread Everywhere; Most Serious Financial Crisis Ever; Worse Than Great Depression
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The Lid MUST WATCH Romney Video Just Released,Gives Face to Small Businesses Hurt By Obama
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Canada Free Press Money For Nothing & Your Kicks For Free (Fact . . . we are becoming, or maybe have become, a welfare nation)
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Canada Free Press Dumbest idea ever: Tip-free restaurant is ‘a bit of socialism’
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The Economic Collapse 25 Facts About The Fall Of Detroit That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head
Personal Liberty Digest States With Democratic Governors Raise Taxes; Those With Republicans Lower Them
Kansas City Star Sex trade in eight cities, including Kansas City, is worth nearly $1 billion
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Contra Corner Central Banks Have Shot Their Wad- - -Why The Casino Is In For A Rude Awakening, Part I
Real Clear Markets When Billionaires Build Stadiums, Taxpayers Get Whacked
Truth Revolt Prager U: Why Are Restaurants' Profit Margins So Low? - Five things you didn't know about the restaurant industry.
Affluent Christian Investor African-Americans Are Among The Richest People On The Planet
Bigger Pockets What Can U-Haul Rates Tell Us About U.S. Migration Patterns?
mrc tv Report: Average Salary Nowhere Near Enough to Live in Major U.S. Cities

Economics - Common Sense
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Economics of Thinking One Step Further

Economics - Collapse
Daily Reckoning The Structure of Collapse: 2016-2019
American Thinker Uh, Hillary, Your Hubby Caused the 2008 Recession
Federalist We Cannot Destroy The Country For The Sake Of New York City
Fox Business Americans struggling to make car payments is highest since Great Recession - Car repossessions grow as Americans still struggle with high car prices and inflatio

Economics - You Didn't Build That
When does "You Didn't Build That" become "You Can't Build That?"
Truth Revolt You Didn't Build That! Pelosi Claims Feds, Not Apple, Invented iPhone - Anything to tout the all-wonderful government and its abuse of taxpayers.

Economics - You Shouldn't Own That - Tax Refugees
Fox Business High-tax state exodus accelerates as more Americans flee to Florida, Texas
Dan Bongino Show Report: California and New York Lose $1 Trillion Each in Managed Assets Due to Financial Firms Fleeing

Economics - Success Stories = liberal failures - Liberal Policies
The Daily Signal Progressive Paradise Lost
The Daily Signal The ‘Mini Greece’ of the United States
The Daily Signal Puerto Rico: America’s Greece
mrc tv 'Rich States, Poor States' Report Finds Poorest States have Dem. Governors
Liberty Nation Connecticut Up to Its Neck in Red Ink
Daily Wire Panera's Socialist Pay-What-You-Want Restaurant Implodes: Students, Homeless Mob The Place

Economics - Wealth
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education Dear Ultra-Rich Man - An ultra-middle-class man’s letter to Nick Hanauer
Forbes Six Waltons Have More Wealth Than the Bottom 30% of Americans
The Freeman Wealth, Poverty, and Natural Disasters. Prosperity saves lives.
Mises Institute Trade Creates Wealth. Protectionism Destroys It.
Daily Reckoning The Increasingly Fragile Upper-Middle Class

Economics - Share The Wealth
YouTube Penn & Teller: OBAMANOMICS EXPLAINED: Spreading the Wealth
Daily Reckoning US Wealth Distribution: Where Zombies Go to Feast
Daily Reckoning The Disconnect Between Household Wealth and GDP Growth
Mises Institute The Fantasy of Wealth Redistribution
Mises Institute Mises, Kant, and Welfare Spending
Larry Elder So What If Taxing Rich Hurts the Economy?
Canada Free Press Why the federal government cannot fix the economy - As far as Obama and the Democrat Party are concerned, the economy actually has to remain broken so they can try to "fix" it by putting government bureaucrats in charge
Canada Free Press The federal government has us in economic slavery - Shackles and chains
American Thinker How Social Justice Crashed the Economy
mrc tv Harvard Prof.: Immigration Is 'Just Another Redistribution System' of a Half-Trillion Dollars
Daily Reckoning Dear Government: Leave Me the Hell Alone

Economics - Middle Class
Daily Reckoning The Rise and Fall of the American Middle Class
Daily Reckoning Central Banks Have Pushed the Middle Class Down into Neofeudal Serfdom
Daily Reckoning Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class
Daily Reckoning The Cultural Contradictions That Have Crippled the Great American Middle Class
InfoWars 44 Facts About The Death Of The Middle Class That Every American Should Know
Of Two Minds Endangered Species: The Self-Employed Middle Class - Including the professional class, perhaps 3% of the workforce is truly independent.
Larry Elder Taxman to Middle Class: 'Bend Over'
Capitalism Institute WSJ: Obama Worst President for Middle Class ‘in Modern Times’
Yahoo! Finance How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class
Yahoo! Small Business Advisor An Obituary for the American Middle Class
Market Watch How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class
Canada Free Press Killing the Middle Class - The Federal Reserve signs on to more of the same policies that have exacerbated the wealth gap
Truth Revolt Disappearing Middle Class: First-Time Homebuyers at 28-Year Low - In the Obama economy, this hardly comes as a surprise.
Mises Institute The Myth of a Middle Class
American Thinker The O-Conomy: How President Obama's Economy is Crushing the Middle Class

Economics - Poor - Poverty - War on Poverty - War On Poor
Washington Times NUGENT: Poor parental choices make poor children
Mises Institute The Poor
Mises Institute Starving the World's Poorest
Mises Institute Resource Prosperity & Reducing Poverty
Mises Institute State Splendor and Public Poverty: From Rome to Washington
Mises Institute The Many Ways the State Taxes the Poor
Mises Institute Soaking the Future Poor
The Ornery American America Unplugged! Obama's Cruel Tax on the Poor. Obama's "ideological" energy plan would cripple U.S. economy
Yahoo! News America's Poor: Where Poverty Is Rising In America
Yahoo! News Census: Number of poor may be millions higher
International Liberty The War on Poverty Has Been a Disaster for Taxpayers…and for Poor People
International Liberty The Moocher Hall of Fame Welcomes its First Danish Member
Canada Free Press The War on Poverty-$21 Trillion Late - The big fat leftist failure. Now where is the mea culpa?
Daily Reckoning How Free Money Leaves Everyone Poorer
Eric Peters Autos Dracula and the Dawning Sun
Louder With Crowder California Wants to Add 1% Surcharge on Restaurant Bills to Combat Climate Change

Economics - Poor - Poverty - Feed The Poor
Truth Revolt Feds Spend $1 Million to Fix Chicago... With URBAN FARMS! - Because nothing says lay down your weapons like feasting on lead-poisoned carrots.
Armstrong Economics 90 Yr-Old Threatened with 60 days in Jail For Feeding Homeless People

Economics - Education
Daily Reckoning Economics in 99 Pages
Mises Institute How Saving Grows the Economy
Mises Institute Why Economics Matters
Mises Institute Ignorance Is More Costly in Politics than in Markets

Economics - Ethanol
Mises Institute The many evils of ethanol
Daily Reckoning Fill It up With ... Deathanol!
Canada Free Press New Study: Ethanol costs one million jobs - Ethanol does little to reduce U.S. greenhouse emissions, but diverting grain from to fuel is ramping up survival costs for the poor across the world
USA Today What will ethanol rule change mean to you?

Economics - Capitalism
Capitalism Institute Capitalism Institute: Rise Up and Defend Your Country.
Mises Institute Wealth Must Be Created Before We Can Give It To the Poor
Mises Institute Capitalism at the Farm Stand
Mises Institute When Capital Is Nowhere in View
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Daily Reckoning The Elves of Capitalism
Future of Freedom Foundation Free Market Capitalism vs. Crony Capitalism

Economics - Regulation (including price controls) (why things don't work)
When you treat people like idiots, they'll behave like idiots. - Hans Monderman
More research is needed to understand what policies allow people to move up the economic ladder and what holds them back. - Janet Yellin, fed chair
Janet Yellin translation: I a moron and I don't know what I'm doing. However, I am willing to believe anything that fits my narrative as long as it doesn't fit reality. - Cynical Pessimist
Federal Register Agency List - 430 Agencies Found
Daily Reckoning Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs
Daily Reckoning The Attack on the Washing Machine
Daily Reckoning The Folly of Intellectuals
Daily Reckoning How Employment and Economic Growth are Hindered by Politics
Daily Reckoning A Big Oops at JP Morgan!
Daily Reckoning Storm Economics in One Lesson
Daily Reckoning How the State Will Die
Daily Reckoning The Entitlement Cliff
Daily Reckoning The Gas Price Story of Hurricane Sandy
Daily Reckoning Laws Tie Moving Companies in Red Tape
Daily Reckoning The Cost of Not Acting
Daily Reckoning The Good, the Bad, and the Unhealthy
Daily Reckoning The Hidden Cost of Gov’t Protection
Daily Reckoning Be Your Own Manufacture
Daily Reckoning Black Markets Aren’t Just for Pimps and Drug Dealers
Daily Reckoning Vice, Hypocrisy... and Money
Mises Institute Up with Vietnamese Catfish
Mises Institute Legalize Milk, Real Milk
Mises Institute Scandalous Regulators
Mises Institute Virginia Is Not for Small Businesses
Mises Institute How Blessed Is the State That Thus Destroyeth the Car
Mises Institute The Hand-Sanitizer Martini
Mises Institute The Candlemakers' Petition
Mises Institute Scandalous Regulators
Mises Institute Statistics: Achilles' Heel of Government
Mises Institute The Dating Market: Anarchy in Action
Mises Institute Clean Water, Scarcity, and Market Prices
Mises Institute How to Make Goods More Expensive: Target Trucker
Mises Institute Ten Economic Blunders from History
Mises Institute What Romance Can Tell Us About Government Regulation
Mises Institute Without Government, Who Would Force a Men's Barbershop to Cut Women's Hair?
Mises Institute "Discrimination" Isn't About Religion, It's About Private Property
Mises Institute Court to Bakery Owners: You Have No Property Rights
Mises Institute Price Controls May Be On the Way
Mises Institute FTC Cracks Down on Sponsored Content
Mises Institute Price Controls Are Disastrous for Venezuela, and Everywhere Else
Mises Institute Interventionism: Government's War Against Consumers
Mises Institute Feds to Ban Leaf Used in Herbal Teas
Mises Institute "Sharing Economy" Reveals that Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down the Competition
Mises Institute How Regulation Protects Established Firms
Mises Institute Latest Regs Show "Consumer Protection" Can Justify Pretty Much Anything
Mises Institute Federal Meddling in Dairy Farms Hurts Both Consumers and Producers
Mises Institute New York Declares War on Homesharing
Mises Institute Making Sugar a Delicacy
Mises Institute Government Regulators Drive Legal Marijuana Underground
Mises Institute New Overtime Rules Will Make Life Much Harder for Young Workers
Mises Institute When Cannabis is "Legal," But There's Nowhere to Smoke
Mises Institute State Regulators Deny the Homeless a Free Meal
Mises Institute Europe's War on Tobacco
Mises Institute We Shouldn't Have to Ask the State's Permission to Work
Mises Institute Janet Yellen on Workforce Development
Mises Institute Net Neutrality and the Problem with "Experts"
The Circle Bastiat JP Morgan Loses $2 Billion trading, FDIC says no more TBTF (Too Big To Fail)
The Circle Bastiat A Seedy Business
Scribe - Bluey Reports Feds to Trucking Company: You Cannot Fire Alcoholic Drivers
Forbes Twelve-Year-Old's Green Tea Stand Shut Down in Massachusetts
Forbes Airbnb At The Tip Of The Spear Of The Regulatory State Versus Innovators
Forbes It's Easier To Become A Bounty Hunter Than A Barber In Idaho
American Thinker Regulators Gone Wild
American Thinker How Detroit Almost Killed My Business
Whiskey and Gunpowder They Wrecked Our Mowers
Whiskey and Gunpowder The Case of the Missing High-Mileage Car
Laissez Faire Books Death by Regulation
Yahoo! Shine Health Risks of Soda: Is it Really so Bad?
Yahoo! Finance ank of America finds a mistake: $4 billion less capital
Town Hall The Chicago Shakedown: Why it's Impossible to Run a Business in the Windy City
The Daily Caller Michael Bloomberg’s double standard: 68 hot dogs good, 32 oz. soda bad
Whiskey and Gunpowder Business Begging for Life
reason Chicago's Disgusting New Food Truck Regulations
The Daily Caller Environmental regulations hit manufacturing hardest
The Daily Caller Magnets attract harsh regulation
The Daily Caller GOING ROGUE: Idaho wants to nullify all EPA regulations
The Daily Caller California dairy farmers tired of getting milked
DNA Lounge Wherein the Permit Apocalypse is revealed.
Laissez Faire Today Regulators Destroying Your Home Appliances
Canada Free Press Are all Laws Necessary? With more laws than any one person can read in multiple lifetimes, it is fair to say America is over-regulated 6,125 Proposed Regulations and Notifications Posted in Last 90 Days--Average 68 per Day Subway 'Wouldn't Exist' If Started Today Due to Regulations: Founder Deluca
Gary North - Tea Party Economist Here Come the Salt Police!
Gary North - Tea Party Economist New York Gun Manufacturer Moves to Pennsylvania. "Catch Us if You Can."
The American Myths of American ‘Cowboy Capitalism’
Human Events Victims of government
The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers ...
Fire Andre Mitchell Canadian relief for Oklahoma tornado victims denied at border
Power Line Manufacturing Drops-Unexpectedly!
New York Times A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold
Yahoo! News NY fights site listing homes for tourists to rent
Karenstan - Stunning Quotes & Photos From Around The World collecting rainwater now illegal in many states
Karenstan - Stunning Quotes & Photos From Around The World Feds To Parents: No Lunches From Home Without Doctor’s Note, School Lunch Only
Yahoo! News Mom fined $10 by daycare for packing ‘unhealthy’ lunch
Yahoo! News California Town Bans Smoking in Condos and Apartments That Share Walls
International Liberty Which Nation Has Dumber Bureaucrats and More Political Correctness, the United States or United Kingdom?
Acting Man Protecting Rent Seekers by Curtailing Competition
reason Let’s Hear It for Price Gouging - Government has no business dictating prices in the first place.
Power Line Is There a Market For Stupidity?
Laissez Faire How Government Wrecked the Gas Can
Open Market CEI’s Battered Business Bureau: The Week in Regulation
Open Market Red Tapeworm 2014: U.S. Regulation Compared to the World’s Largest Economies
Motorcycle Info and Accessories Airbags are Evil
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education How Physician Licensing Hurts Medicine and Helps Pseudoscience
El Paso Inc. Dry California tries to stop private drilling for water
Truth Revolt Bill Whittle: Tie-Dyed Tyranny
Truth Revolt Report: U.S. Regulations Now Tenth-Largest Economy - Almost $2 Trillion in 2014
Truth Revolt Prager University Video: What's Killing the American Dream? - Spoiler alert: it's the government.
Truth Revolt Thousands of Homeless Almost Had Free BBQ Until the Gov’t Soaked it with Bleach - They know what’s best for us.
Truth Revolt Farmer Fined $2.8 Million for Plowing His Own Field - I don't think this is a very cost-effective way to grow crops.
Vegas Inc Uber arrives in Las Vegas today; battles with taxi companies loom
Nestman The Raisin Administrative Committee Strikes Back!
American Thinker Administration's efforts to reduce red tape results in $16-billion increase in costs
Intellectual Takeout Without the State, Who Will Handcuff Teens for Selling Water Bottles? - Or children selling snow cones?
mrc tv Gone To the Dogs: NYC Requires a License To Dog-Sit
FEE - Foundation for Economic Education How Government Wrecked the Gas Can
NY Daily News Cuomo to announce new regulations on work schedules for hourly employees
Seeking Alpha Did The Supreme Court Potentially Bankrupt Tens Of Thousands Of Small Online Businesses?
American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Ride Sharing and the Absurdity of "Protecting" Workers Out of a Job
AIER - American Institute for Economic Research The True Cost of a Hamburge
AIER - American Institute for Economic Research Decriminalizing Cannabis Won’t Stop the Black Market
rumble Biden Admin Poses As Savior For Baby Formula Shortage Caused By Government
Louder With Crowder Woke energy company locks customers out of setting their 'smart' thermostats and too bad if you don't like it
Louder With Crowder Watch: Barstool's Dave Portnoy goes berserk on "pink-haired, crazy liberals" looking to ban wood-fired pizza
mrc tv Study: DC Mandates Cost Small Biz $50K PER EMPLOYEE in 2022

Economics - EPA - Regulation (including price controls) EPA - Environmental Pollution Agency (why things don't work)
Powerline Federal Judge Denounces EPA As Rogue Agency
Truth Revolt Internal Documents at Energy Dept Scrubbed of Climate Change So Trump Won’t Cut Programs - Time to smoke out the moles.
Truth Revolt Retired Geologist Predicted EPA Spill Week Prior, Says It Was Intentional for Money - A "superfund blitzkrieg"
Truth Revolt Malkin: Obama's Toxic Environmental Pollution Agency - Protecting the environment has become a full employment racket for green crooks and cronies.
Truth Revolt EPA Insiders Knew 'Blowout' Risk of Contaminated Water Inside Mine, Did Nothing - Documents reveal repeated acknowledgement of the potential disaster
Truth Revolt EPA Hates Trees: Spends Millions on Wooden Furniture - "It’s Herman Miller furniture for the bureaucrats, but Ikea for the taxpayers."
Truth Revolt Govt. Report: Colorado Spill Was EPA Fault - Three million gallons of waste.
Truth Revolt EPA Knew About MI Water Contamination for Months, Said Nothing - Do we need more proof that government bureaucrats aren't here to help?
Truth Revolt EPA Regional Chief Resigns over Flint Water Crisis
Truth Revolt WATCH: EPA has No Answer Why They Didn't Inform Public About Lead Water 1 Yr Ago - That's a big uhhhhhhhhhhh... ..
Truth Revolt EPA Stalling on Underground Fire Near Nuclear Waste Dump - We're from the government, and we're here to help.
Truth Revolt Irony: San Francisco EPA Workers Fight Poisonous Air Quality ... at Their Own Building - And the unions aren't happy, either.
Truth Revolt Malkin: Tale of Two Tribes: 'Climate Refugees' vs. EPA Victims - While meddling liberals conspire to displace one tribe in the name of saving the planet, another is begging for help.
Truth Revolt Dramatic Footage of Toxic Water Spill Courtesy of the EPA: ‘What Do We Do Now?’ - And the DOJ refuses to prosecute anyone!
Truth Revolt What? EPA Hiring ‘Diversity and Inclusion Specialists’ - Never mind all the toxic spills they caused! Diversity is where it's at!
Truth Revolt EPA’s Head of ‘Environmental Justice Office,’ Whatever That Is, Just Resigned - Who? What?
American Thinker EPA Corruption and Scandal
American Thinker A word from a toxicologist who defected from the federal junk science army
Fox News Armed EPA raid in Alaska sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions
Hot Air New EPA regulations would require 230,000 new bureaucrats to administer
Canada Free Press The EPA’s Planned Destruction of the U.S. Economy
Canada Free Press President Obama, Affordable Energy Killer - Carbon dioxide emissions, Coal, Environmental protection agency, EPA, Obama, Power Plants
The Daily Caller The EPA’s new mandate: Flying unicorns powered by pixie dust
Competitive Enterprise Institute CEI Releases Global Warming Study Censored by EPA, The Public Shouldn't Be Kept in the Dark by an Agency Supposedly Committed to Transparency
Quartz A new suspect in bee deaths: the US government
Personal Liberty Digest EPA Conducted Toxin Tests On Human Subjects Without Disclosing The Health Risks
Personal Liberty Digest Inspector General: EPA Potentially Basing Costly Regulations On Fraudulent Data
Personal Liberty Digest ‘That’s Enough’: Farmers Protest EPA’s Water Takeover With ‘Frozen’ Parody Five Years of Gas-Can Hell!
Breitbart Obama's EPA Pleads with Employees to Stop Pooping in Hallways
Fox News More missing emails, crashed hard drives, this time at EPA
mrc tv EPA Chief Admits ‘Low-Income Minority’ Families Will Be ‘Hardest Hit’ by New Climate Regs
mrc tv Senator Accuses EPA of Stacking the Deck on Air Quality Panel
Patriot Post Environmental Protection Army?
American Thinker EPA wants to force Volkswagen to build electric cars in US
American Thinker McCain wants criminal charges against EPA officials involved in toxic spill
Mises Institute Did Free Markets Cause the Flint, Michigan Water Disaster?
mrc tv Rep. Chaffetz Eviscerates EPA Head McCarthy Over Agency Inaction in Flint Water Crisis
WND Supremes join Trump to dismantle Obama power grab - 'A victory for the rule of law and for accountability in government'

Economics - Supply and Demand
mrc tv Public Figures Were Wrong to Chide Uber for Higher Prices After Manhattan Bombing
Truth Revolt Pepsi Laying Off 100 Philadelphia Workers after Only Two Months of Onerous Soda Tax - Keep the government out of our vending machines!
Daily Wire BACKFIRE: Philadelphia Implemented Soda Tax, But It Didn't Go As Planned

Economics - Drugs
Mises Institute Colorado’s New Cannabis Economy
Mises Institute The Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic

Economics - Stimulus (SwindleUs) - Covid-19 - Chinese Flu - Kung Flu - Winnie the Flu, WuHuFlu, plandemic, Scamdemic, Covidiocy,...
Boston Herald Feds: Stimulus money sent to 4,000 cons
Daily Reckoning Stimulus is Only Stimulating "Economic Misery"
Daily Reckoning The Successful Failure of US Money Printing
Daily Reckoning How to Stimuluate Inflation and a Weak Dollar
Daily Reckoning How Central Banks Attempt to Prop Up the Economy
Daily Reckoning Worse Off in a "Better Than" Economy
Daily Reckoning Financial Diabetes
Daily Reckoning Great Expectations
Daily Reckoning Maintaining the Illusion of Stability Now Requires Extremes
Daily Reckoning Don’t Be Fooled... "Helicopter Money" Is Already Here
Mises Institute Stimulus: Fail
Mises Institute Can Fiscal Stimulus Revive the US Economy?
Mises Institute How the Stimulus Racket Works
Mises Institute Operation Twisted Logic
Mises Institute Cash for Clunkers: A Personal Look
Mises Institute Why Central Bank Stimulus Cannot Bring Economic Recovery
Mises Institute Gee, why the sudden shortage of used cars?
Mises Institute Does the UK Need Even More Stimulus?
Yahoo! News Whoops-'Cash for Clunkers' Actually Hurt the Environment Stimulus Failure By The Numbers (a one year after review)
Fox News Tax Delinquents Collected Billions From Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan, Report Shows
Doug Ross @ Journal Star Trek: The Stimulus Doomsday Machine
PJ Media Another Obama Greendoggle Bites the Dust
Daily Caller Obama hikes subsidy to wealthy electric car buyers
Daily Caller Analysis: Real stimulus spending is at least $2.5 trillion since 2008
Washington Times Tax cheats got $1.4 billion in stimulus loans
Canada Free Press Another Electric Car Company Falters - Coda Holdings Inc., an electric car company
Conservative Review Horowitz: Congressman discovers coronavirus shutdown check sent to Norwegian citizen in Norway

Economics - Stimulus (SwindleUs)
Louder With Crowder Donald Trump Excoriates Congress for Disastrous COVID Relief Bill

Economics - GDP - GDP - Government Destruction of Property, GDP - Grotesquely Delusional Programs
Daily Reckoning Downside: After the Returns Stop Diminishing, Part II
Chris Martenson Crash Course Chapter 16: Fuzzy Numbers
Gold Money Lies, damn lies and GDP statistics
Daily Reckoning Nothing's Over: The Top Reason GDP Does Not Show Recovery
Daily Reckoning The "GDP Fraud"
Daily Reckoning 5 Big Reasons for You to Doubt the GDP Growth
Daily Reckoning Pyrrhic Stimulus
Daily Reckoning How the Fed is Destroying Capitalism
The Business Insider - Clusterstock CHART OF THE DAY: Cash-For-Clunkers MASSIVELY Distorted GDP
Mises Institute Should We Believe the GDP?
Mises Institute Austerity as Economic Liberation
Mises Institute How Reducing GDP Increases Economic Growth
Mises Institute Why the Government Hasn’t Yet Managed to Destroy the Economy
Mises Institute These Feminist Economists Are Right about GDP
Shadow Stats Have you ever wondered why the CPI, GDP and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting.
Wall Street Journal Larry Schweikart and Burton Folsom: Obama's False History of Public Investment - Entrepreneurs built our roads, rails and canals far better than government did.

Economics - Recovery - BLS - Bureau of Labor Statistics - BLS - Bureau of Lies and Subterfuge
Daily Reckoning Statistics: The Bureaucrat’s Weapon
Daily Reckoning There is No Food Inflation; the BLS Made Sure of That
Daily Reckoning More BS from the BLS
Mises Institute Manipulation: The Phony Job Recovery
Louder With Crowder Biden Employment Reports Exaggerated, US Overstated Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs In 2023

Economics - Recovery
Affluent Investor Gallup-ing Criticism: Job Stats Don’t Add Up
American Thinker Study: 93% of US counties have not recovered from recession
alt-market Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses
The Gold Report John Williams: How to Survive the Illusion of Recovery
Black Listed News 25 Questions To Ask Anyone Who Is Delusional Enough To Believe That This Economic Recovery Is Real - The Daily Web Log for prepared Individuals Living In Uncertain Times Twenty-Two Reasons Why this Recession is Different and Why it Will Endure
Financial Armageddon The Sum Total of All That Is Wrong
Las Vegas Review Journal Extending the recession indefinitely
Daily Reckoning Misconceptions About the Consumer’s Role in a US Recovery
Daily Reckoning No Hope for a Consumer-Driven Economic Recovery
Daily Reckoning The Economic Recovery Fantasy
Daily Reckoning From Employment to Housing: "Reality" in a Great Correction
Daily Reckoning Zombie Spending on Things Already Consumed
Daily Reckoning How to Benefit from Depressed Housing and a Declining Dollar
Daily Reckoning The Continuing Delusion of Economic Recovery
Daily Reckoning PIIGS, Presstitutes and the Global Meltdown
Daily Reckoning Visions of Phony Economic Growth
Daily Reckoning More Debt for Your Money
Daily Reckoning The Developed World Shifts from "More" to "Better"
Daily Reckoning Why Economic Growth Will Continue to Disappoint in 2012
Daily Reckoning Misguided Faith in an Economic Recovery
Daily Reckoning Economic Recovery Education
Daily Reckoning US Unemployment and the Ubiquitous "Zombie Job" Market
Daily Reckoning Borrow-As-You-Go Politics
Daily Reckoning The Internet Is a Dud
Daily Reckoning Trickle Down Stagnation
Daily Reckoning I’m in the Mood for Cash
Daily Reckoning The Return of the Worldwide Crack Up Boom
Daily Reckoning Phony Growth From Higher Debt
Daily Reckoning The Trouble With The U.S.’s Return to "Prosperity"
Daily Reckoning Danger! Exploding Wealth Gap!
Daily Reckoning Diminishing Returns on Central-Planning Policy Extremes = 2016 Crash
Daily Reckoning Why Bubble Finance Will Fail
Daily Reckoning One Part of the Economy is Booming: the Undergroung/Cash-Only Sector
Daily Reckoning America's Factories Are in Recession
Daily Reckoning Look Out Below: The Real Economy Just Hit Stall Speed
Daily Reckoning Why This Sucker Is Going Down... Again!
Daily Reckoning Our "Star Wars" Economy: The Fed-Farce Awakens
Daily Reckoning 2016 Global Economic Turmoil Is Just The Beginning
Daily Reckoning The World is Getting Crazier, But We No Longer Notice
Daily Reckoning Good for Donald, These Clowns Need to Be "Rattled"
Daily Reckoning Washington’s Fiscal Hypocrisy Is Too Rich for Words
Daily Reckoning What’s Coming Is Going to Be a Mess
Daily Reckoning The New "Big Short" - This Is THE Crisis of 2017
Daily Reckoning The Day the Malls Went Silent
Yahoo! Finance Americans’ financial difficulties increase sharply
Yahoo! News Calif dairies going broke due to feed, milk prices
Yahoo! News Share of young US adults who move hits 50-year low
Market Watch The next, worse financial crisis
Mises Institute Happy Talk Replaced by Grim Forecasts
Mises Institute 80% of Americans Say Economy Stinks
Mises Institute Stabilization Is Chaos
Mises Institute Printing and Swapping
Mises Institute The Austrians Were Right, Yet Again
Mises Institute How Canada Escaped the Global Recession
Mises Institute Regime Uncertainty: Some Clarifications
Mises Institute The Keynesian Endgame
Mises Institute Shinzo Abe and the Three Magic Arrows
Mises Economics Blog Productivity Declines, Fewer Startups, and Regime Uncertainty
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Washington's Blog No, Millions of Americans Have NOT Dropped Out of the Labor Force Just Because They’re Retiring Baby Boomers BLS: In 20% of American Families, No One Works Women Not in Labor Force Hits Record High
Zero Hedge Workers Younger Than 55 Lost 259K Jobs In April
Zero Hedge Almost 3 Times As Many People DROPPED OUT of Labor Force As Joined It
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Economics - Depression
The Gold Rport Escaping the Great Depression, and Extending the Greater Depression
American Thinker The Great Depression II
Daily Reckoning Reliable Account of the Great Depression
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Economics - Inflation
TruFlation US Inflation Rate: Aggregated
U.S.Inflation Calculator
Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator
Shadow Stats Alternate Inflation Charts
National Inflation Association Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation
National Inflation Association Mainstream Media Hijacking Tea Party Movement
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New York Times Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags
YouTube National Inflation Association - Unintended Consequences of Government Meddling.
applet-magic The Hyperinflation in Brazil, 1980-1994
Forbes Why More Money Printing Will Increase Unemployment
Laissez Faire How Inflation Picks Your Pocket
Affluent Investor Yield Purchasing Power: $100M Today Matches $100K in 1979
mrc tv Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Says People Are Pawning Wedding Rings to Make Ends Meet
mrc tv Ill'egg'al Immigration? Black Market for Eggs Growing at Southern Border, Seizures Up 300%

Economics - Deflation
Daily Reckoning Rationalizing the Fight Against Deflation
Mises Institute Deflation Disaster in Memory Prices
Mises Institute Deflation's Inflationary Source
Mises Institute What's So Scary About Deflation?

Economics - Ben Bernanke (Economist?)
the bad economist pursues a small present good that will be followed by a great evil, while the good economist pursues a great good to come, at the risk of a small present evil. - Frédéric Bastiat
The Daily Beast 10 Reasons Bernanke Should Be Fired
Canada Free Press Welcome to Bernankeville, the City of Jokernomics
Daily Reckoning Bernanke-Savant Syndrome

Economics - Economists (other)
the bad economist pursues a small present good that will be followed by a great evil, while the good economist pursues a great good to come, at the risk of a small present evil. - Frédéric Bastiat
We will not have any more crashes in our time. - John Maynard Keynes in 1927
I do not expect insolvency or near insolvency among major financial institutions. - Ben Bernanke, December 2007
Counter Punch Deceptive Economic Statistics, While Economists Lied, the Economy Died
Daily Reckoning The Folly of Intellectuals
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mrc tv Twitter/X Finally Flags Celeb 'Economist' Paul Krugman For Lies on Bidenflation

Economics - Savings
Mises Institute We Need the Pain that Comes with More Saving

Economics - Banking - Central Banks - Federal Reserve
Daily Reckoning What The Federal Reserve Really Is
Charles Hugh Smith How The Fed Has Failed America, Part 2
International Man Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse
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naked capitalism 34 Banks Miss TARP Dividends And Almost No One Notices
Washington Post At rescued banks, perks keep rolling: BOSSES BENEFIT AFTER BAILOUT: Fringe compensation rose 4 percent last year Geithner Aides Reaped Millions Working for Banks, Hedge Funds
Rapid City Journal Geithner and Goldman are thick as thieves
Bloomberg Banks Shut in 4 U.S. States, Pushing 2009 Bank Failures to 89
Yahoo! News Bank failures top 100, only part of industry woes
Yahoo! Finance Say goodbye to traditional free checking Bank failures stack up: Now 106 for 2009. Banks in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin, were shuttered, costing the FDIC an estimated $356.6 million.
Yahoo! Finance Banks in Ga., Mich., Minn., Mo., Calif. closed. Regulators shut banks in 5 states; marks 120 US bank failures this year
Prison Planet Commercial real estate maturities will peak in 2012 - $350 billion in loans coming due and hundreds of additional bank failures. Bank lending in the CRE market collapsing
Kitco Gold, a Hedge Against the Financial Predators of Our Society.
Daily Reckoning Ben Bernanke’s Paper Dollar Embodies Systemic Risk
Zero Hedge Switzerland Next: Swiss Banks Set To Foward Confidential Bank Client Data To U.S. Officials
Daily Reckoning Deja Vu ... All Over Again!
Mises Institute Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession
Daily Reckoning The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is Clueless
Daily Reckoning The Fed Chairman’s Oath
Washington Times Gov. Perry: Texas wants its gold back from the Federal Reserve
South China Morning Post Kunming mother sues US central bank over shrinking cash - She claims Federal Reserve has allowed her deposit of US$250 to lose a third of its value
American Thinker The Federal Reserve's Century of Failure
Mises Institute The Fed Obliterates the Savings Ethic
Louder With Crowder Report: Senate Republicans Reveal China Infiltrated Federal Reserve

Economics - Banks - Cyprus
Yahoo! Finance Why the Cyprus Bail In Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think
Canada Free Press Cyprus and the European Union Excesses - Technocrats and their lavish pensions, Confiscation of private property initiated by the socialist governments
Canada Free Press EU theft of private bank accounts a "sacrifice" to mainstream media - Meanwhile, pray that what is happening in Cyprus this weekend is not precedent setting for other nations
Canada Free Press Cyprus wealth confiscation scheme: It could happen here - It's not yours. It's theirs. Just ask them
Canada Free Press Road to Serfdom: Eurocrats to Seize Citizen Money from Bank Accounts - Cypriots are getting a firsthand look at what happens when EU elitists, "run out of other people's money to spend"
Canada Free Press Life’s Little People always Ripped off First by Socialist Governments - It was never "the seizure of a percentage" but the seizure of the cash
Daily Reckoning In Gold, Not Cyprus, We Trust
Daily Reckoning Deposit Taxes: Should We Prepare?
Daily Resource Hunter Just When You Thought Central Banks Couldn’t Get Any Dumber ...
Zero Hedge Is Spain Preparing For Its Own Deposit "Levy"?
Mises Institute Lessons from Cyprus
The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery

Economics - Interest
Daily Reckoning Why Interest Rates Are Never Going Back to Normal

Economics - Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)
Bloomberg Negative Interest Rates - Less Than Zero
Daily Reckoning Why Negative Rates Can't Stop the Coming Depression
Daily Reckoning If You Have a Bank Deposit, You Will Be Charged to Save Money
Daily Reckoning The Deep State is Coming for your Savings
Daily Reckoning Banks Are Now Paying People to Take Out Mortgages

Economics - Debt
We don't have a Debt Crisis, we have a Dickhead Crisis - meaning there are way too many of them running around Washington not doing what they're supposed to do. - Joshua Brown
Daily Reckoning Everything You Need To Know About Debt
Daily Reckoning Debt Is the Third Benjamin Franklin Certainty
Mises Institute It's Not Really about the Debt
Mises Institute Repudiating the National Debt
Mises Institute The US National Debt Load is Second-Worst in the World
The Reformed Broker
U S Debt Clock
wikipedia List of sovereign states by public debt
Daily Reckoning Bad Debt
Daily Reckoning How Much Government Spending is Costing You Per Day
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Daily Reckoning A Shrinking Distinction
Daily Reckoning Now What?
Daily Reckoning The Path to Debt in America
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Daily Reckoning Borrowing Your Way Out of Debt and Other Normal Abnormalities
Daily Reckoning Opposing Trends in Debt and GDP Growth
Daily Reckoning What the Greek Rescue is Really About
Daily Reckoning Over Their Dead Bodies
Daily Reckoning Serial Bubble Blowers
Daily Reckoning The Hurricane Whisperer
Daily Reckoning Wipe the Debt From the Books
Daily Reckoning The Making of a Modern Debt Slave
Daily Reckoning Life in a Modern Debtor Nation
Daily Reckoning A Growing List of Lies in the Debt Ceiling Debate
Daily Reckoning $205 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities
Daily Reckoning Economic Doom on Ice
Daily Reckoning How to Shield Yourself from the Next US Debt Crisis
Daily Reckoning Platitudes, Hypocrisies and "Pimpocracy"
Daily Reckoning Attention to Deficits Disorder
Daily Reckoning The End-Game of Debt-Fueled "Growth"
Daily Reckoning Fiscal Stimulus: Just an Excuse to Grow Government
Mises Institute Lower the Debt Ceiling
Mises Institute Repudiation Is an Option
Mises Institute The Ethics of Repudiation
Mises Institute Day of Reckoning
Mises Institute People Deleverage While Government Ramps Up Debt
Mises Institute How Central Banks Are Bleeding the Middle Class Dry
The Circle Bastiat When Bubbles Pop
Northwood Univrsity - In Defense of Capitalism & Human Progress Debt Reduction Delusions and the Menace of Big Government
Ask Heritage What is Washington Doing About America’s $15 Trillion Nightmare?
Yahoo! Finance iggest Holders of US Government Debt
Forbes Trade Deficit Data Belies U.S. Recovery
Just Facts National Debt Facts
CNBC US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones ... Again
zero hedge Putting America's Tax Hike In Perspective
Gary North - Tea Party Economist $11 Trillion Increase in Federal Debt in One Year
Canada Free Press Don’t be fooled: So-called shrinking deficit means nothing - Debt still rises
Financial Sense Professor Kotlikoff: Government Conspiracy to Hide True Debt Burden
Truth Revolt SCHAPER: Big Fat Greek Default - Greece, the womb of Democracy, may in turn become its tomb.

Economics - Bankruptcy
governing Bankrupt Cities and Municipalities Map
governing Mapping Municipal Bankruptcies U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It CIT Files Bankruptcy; U.S. Unlikely to Recoup Money (Update 3)
U.S.Courts Bankruptcy Filings Per Capita
Mises Institute The Knee-Jerk Government Reaction
Mises Institute How to Bully a Country into Bankruptcy
Mises Institute A Short History of US Credit Defaults
Mises Institute The First Step to a Free Detroit: Let Them Work
Mises Institute News Flash: U.S.P.S. is broke
Daily Reckoning Why 119,874 Consumer Bankruptcies Should Worry You
Daily Reckoning Economic Zombies Shuffle Toward Bankruptcy
Daily Reckoning Government Spending: A Lesson in How to Go Bankrupt
Daily Reckoning US Road to Bankruptcy Runs Parallel to France
Daily Reckoning When All Roads Lead to Default
Daily Reckoning Two Ways for the US to Go Broke
Daily Reckoning The End of an Era
Daily Reckoning Give Collapse a Chance
Daily Reckoning Confusing Gradual Bankruptcy with Economic Recovery
Daily Reckoning Default Therapy
Daily Reckoning A Greek Debt Crisis Recap
Daily Reckoning Goodbye, Motor City
My Budget 360 Bankruptcy Filings Spiking: Chapter 7 Booming and 8 Years of Credit Card Industry Lobbying and $100 Million in Fees.
The International Forecaster Obama Presiding Over The Bankruptcy Of The United States
Yahoo! Finance 16 U.S. Cities That Could Face Bankruptcy in 2011
Yahoo! Finance Alabama Town's Failed Pension Is a Warning
Yahoo! Finance A Path Is Sought for States to Escape Debt Burdens
Yahoo! Finance 9 American Cities and Counties Going Broke
Yahoo! Finance Eight Retailers That Will Close the Most Stores
Yahoo! News San Bernardino, California, files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts
Yahoo! News Detroit Cash Woes Prompt Emergency
The literary term for what's happening in Detroit right now is foreshadowing.
Yahoo! News Detroit files for bankruptcy protection
Yahoo! News Judge: Detroit eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy - Judge says Detroit eligible for bankruptcy, clearing way for city to fix billions in debt
New York Times on MSNBC Plans being drawn up to let states declare bankruptcy
The New Yorker Living By Default
American Thinker California town pioneers in fiscal irresponsibility
reason Stockton, California Went Bankrupt. Is Your City Next?
True / Slant U.S. government, on its way to bankruptcy, Part 1
PBS Obama Says We Must Never Default, But Would It Really Hurt Us If We Did?
Tea Party Ecoonomist Liberal PBS Runs an Article on Government Default
Tea Party Ecoonomist $11 Trillion Increase in Federal Debt in One Year

Economics - Foreign Workers
Truth Revolt Malkin: The Myth of H-1B Job Creation - It remains an article of faith among Big Business flacks and Beltway hacks that H-1B fuels miraculous job growth.

Economics - Hiring
Heat Street Connecticut Company Offers ‘Snowflake’ Test to Vet Potential Employees

Economics - Parental Leave
Mises Institute The Problem with Paid Parental Leave

Economics - Work
Daily Reckoning What Happens To Our Economy as Millions Lose the Habits of Hard Work?
Mises Institute We Don't Need to Create Jobs - We Need to Create Value

Economics - Work - Gender Pay Gap
Breitbart Whoops! Vox Just Disproved the Gender Pay Gap By Accident
Forbes Don't Buy Into The Gender Pay Gap Myth
Louder With Crowder Google Searches for Gender Pay Gap, Finds it’s Underpaying Men

Economics - Minimum Wage (causes unemployment and other problems)
Washington Free Beacon Study: Seattle Minimum Wage Increase Led to More Restaurant Hygiene Violations
CBS News Minimum wage doesn't cover the rent anywhere in the U.S.
Daily Wire Study: The Negative Impacts Of California’s Min Wage Increase On The Restaurant Industry
Louder With Crowder McDonald's Slams New 'Draconian' California Fast-Food Laws: "Devastating financial blow"
Louder With Crowder Bernie Sanders Proposes New Minimum Wage Hike, Guess How Many Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs It Would Kill
Louder With Crowder Viral video shows fully automated McDonalds, a glimpse of the future the Left wants with their minimum wage hikes
mrc tv Seattle 'Higher Meal Delivery Pay' Mandate Predictably Backfires

Economics - Minimum Wage (causes unemployment) - Liberal Hypocrisy
American Thinker How Our Leftist Government Gets Its Minimum Wage Hike without Legislation
Truth Revolt Bernie Sanders Won't Pay Interns 'Living Wage' - Do as I say, not as I do -- the socialist mantra.
Truth Revolt Dems in Congress Want Big Corps Paying $15/Hour, Not So Much in Own Offices - Standard hypocrisy here.
Jewish World Review Dear Jane Fonda: Minimum Wages Destroy Jobs
Louder With Crowder Dan Crenshaw Exposes Bernie Sanders' Dirty Secret About a Minimum Wage Hike
David Harris Jr. Vanita Gupta Supports $15 Minimum Wage While Family Business Pays Mexicans $1.30 an Hour

Economics - Minimum Wage (causes unemployment)
People deserve a living wage or have no right to work.
People deserve a living wage or no wage at all (no chance at employment).
Higher minimum wages for everyone make economic sense. Let's force the evil employers to pay $100,000 per hour so that unskilled, uneducated, unmotivated workers can afford the same things that highly skilled, educated and motivated workers get. - Cynical Pessimist
The American Spectator Liberalism’s Simple-Mindedness on Defiant Display - It's now taken minimum-wage law insanity to the next level.
Truth Revolt Gov. Jerry Brown: $15 Minimum Wage Makes No Economic Sense, But Makes 'Moral Sense' - The left's utopianism in a nutshell.
Truth Revolt Seattle's $15/Hr Wage Increase Had 'No Effect on Workers' Earnings' - You mean they ended up working fewer hours and couldn't find other jobs? Shocking.
Rod Martin Truth Hurts: Minimum Wage Hike’s Victims
Daily Reckoning A Fine Time to Raise the Minimum Wage?
Daily Reckoning The Claptrap Behind the Minimum Wage Debate
Breitbart Obama Denies Economic Science Behind Minimum Wage
American Thinker Why Not a $100 Per Hour Minimum Wage?
American Tinker California reaches deal for $15 an hour minimum wage
reason The Push For a Higher Minimum Wage Ignores Economic Reality
Mises Institute Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage
Mises Institute Elizabeth Warren's Unwarranted Wage
Mises Institute How Special-Interest Groups Benefit from Minimum Wage Laws
Mises Institute Even the Feds Admit Minimum Wages Cause Unemployment
Mises Institute The Unseen Costs of the Minimum Wage
Mises Institute Baltimore’s Unemployed and the True Cost of Minimum Wages
Mises Institute The Failed Moral Argument for a "Living Wage"
Mises Institute The Minimum Wage: Taking Away the Right to Work
Illinois Review The Minimum Wage: A Maximum Distortion of the American Way
Cafe Hayek Maximally Mysterious
Forbes The Apple Boycott: People Are Spouting Nonsense about Chinese Manufacturing
Forbes The Apple Boycott Graphically Explained
Canada Free Press A $15 an hour minimum will force fast-food chains to replace humans with robots - Good intentions do not repeal the laws of economics
Canada Free Press You Want Fries With That? - Fast food chains, Demanding increase of the minimum wage to $15.00, Living Wage
Daily Reckoning Burger Machines to Replace Workers
Daily Caller Report: Minimum wage hike backers rarely pay interns
Daily Caller Krauthammer: Obama admin ‘robbing the people it says it wants to help’ with minimum wage hike [VIDEO]
The Future Of Freedom Foundation Why Do Progressives Hate Black Teenagers?
4th St8 Raising minimum wage is nothing but a giant income redistribution scheme
Personal Liberty Digest Study: Mandatory Minimum Wage Increase Will Lead To Layoffs, Hiring Freeze
Personal Liberty Digest Government Turns Vermont Business Owners’ American Dream Into Nightmare
Personal Liberty Digest Minimum Wage Laws Kill Jobs
The Minority Report McDonald’s hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers
Mercatus Center Does the Minimum Wage Increase Worker Productivity?
U S News A Higher Minimum Wage Harms the Economy - Public sector intervention won't reduce poverty or boost wages.
U S News Obama's Misleading Minimum Wage Statistics - Don't buy the argument that a higher minimum wage enhances job creation.
Young Conservatives McDonalds’ response to Democrats threatening to raise the minimum wage is incredible!
Conservative Opinion The Forgotten Flaw in the WalMart Wage Argument
Bloomberg Not Everyone Can Work for Costco
Idiosyncratic Whisk Teen Employment and the Minimum Wage, 60 years of experience
Borderland Books How Could Borderlands Stay Open?
Bookworm Room Mike Rowe on high minimum wage laws and their bad unintended consequences
The Federalist Papers Project Brilliant Explanation of the Minimum Wage in One Cartoon
Viral Buzz Seattle’s Minimum Wage Crash: $15 to ZERO! Profits Tumble!
YouTube Raise the Minimum Wage to $50!
Forbes Mother Jones Proves To Us, Once And For All, That The Minimum Wage Destroys Jobs
The Right Scoop MSNBC moron host BEWILDERED by business that SHUT DOWN because of minimum wage hike
Louder With Crowder The Real Fallout of L.A.’s $15 Insane Minimum Wage...
Curbed Every Single Part of Los Angeles is Unaffordable on $15/Hour
Truth Revolt LA Unions Who Demanded $15 Minimum Wage Now Want Exemption - "This provision gives the parties the option, the freedom, to negotiate that agreement."
Chicks On The Right This Is What Happens When You Demand $15 An Hour For Flipping Burgers
Motley Fool $15 Minimum Wage: You Can Change the Wage, but Not the Laws of Economics
mrc tv This is What Happened to Chipotle’s Menu After the SF Minimum Wage Hike
mrc tv Seattle Confused Why $15 Minimum Wage Leads to Restaurants Closing
NFIB Seattle Restaurants Closing Their Doors Ahead Of Minimum Wage Increase
mrc tv Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill for $15 Minimum Wage, Pays Staff Only $12
mrc tv This is What Happened to Chipotle’s Menu After the SF Minimum Wage Hike
mrc tv Guess What? San Diego County's Minimum Wage Hike...Is Hurting Jobs!
mrc tv 'Progress'? McDonald's Is Making a Massive Move to Automation
Gateway Pundit McDonald’s Announces Its Answer to $15 an Hour Minimum Wage - Touch-Screen Cashiers
Fox News Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage, as other cities follow suit
Young Conservatives CEO Raises Salaries to $70K for EVERY Employee, Now has to Rent Out his Own Home to Make Ends Meet
Truth Revolt Seattle CEO Pays Higher Minimum Wage, Loses Employees - Who didn't see this coming?
Truth Revolt Fast Food Workers Believe They Deserve More Pay Than Paramedics - "I work, I sweat, I want my $15!"
Truth Revolt Report: D.C. Restaurants Hit Hard by Minimum Wage Hikes, Losing 8 Jobs a Day - 1,400 jobs lost in the last six months alone.
Truth Revolt Prager U: How Does the Minimum Wage Work? - Prager U gets an upgrade.
Truth Revolt Former McDonald’s CEO to $15 Wage Strikers Replaced by Automation: ‘Told You So’ - "The push for a $15 starter wage has negatively impacted the career prospects of employees who were just getting started in the workforce while extinguishing the businesses that employed them."
Truth Revolt Here’s What Your $15/Hour Wage Demand Gets You: a Burger-Flipping Robot - They asked for this.
Truth Revolt McDonald's Hits All-Time High After Replacing Cashiers with Kiosks - Thanks, minimum wage activists.
Truth Revolt Seattle’s $15/Hr Fight has Cost Jobs - Shocking to no one with half a brain.
Truth Revolt Shock: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Hurting Low-Level Workers - It's basic economics...
Truth Revolt Prager U: Who Does a $15 Minimum Wage Help? - Sounding caring, compassionate and concerned is all well and good. But having a job is better.
Truth Revolt California's Sky-High Minimum Wage Set to Hurt the Poor as Jack in the Box Automates - "It 'just makes sense' to replace people with robots if wages rise."
Jewish World Review $15 Minimum Wage: Women, Blacks Hurt Most
Chicks on the Right McDonald's Staffed By Robots? If Minimum Wage Hikers Get Their Way, That Could Be Next...
American Thinker Minimum Wage for Thee, But Not for Me
American Thinker NY State nears political deal to saw the bottom rung off the economic ladder
American Thinker How to Stop Losing the Minimum Wage Issue to the Democrats
The Daily Signal Seattle Voted to Hike the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour. Here’s What Happened to Seattle’s Job Market.
Of Two Minds Why I Will Never Hire Anyone, Even at $1/Hour
Washington Post District leaders furious Walmart breaking promise to build stores in poor neighborhoods
Human Events Minimum Wage Dishonesty
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