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Earthquake City BBS

Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

Last updated by Steven Libis & Associates on 04/19/2003

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March 12, 2001. I am adding the Google search the web/search my site feature to my Tripod site (and hopefully the other sites as they get indexed).

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March 6, 2001. Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site. As per their useage agreement that I signed to get their free space, they are not required to notify me that they don't like what I am doing, or give advance notification (or notification of any kind) about my removal from their site. So I was quite taken by surprise when I tried logging in one day and no longer had a web site.

The last stats Tripod gave me were 9,000+ visitors per month. Since my site is so popular, I have decided to keep it going, in spite of this major setback. I continue to work on modifying the web site for relocation to FreeServers.com. Modifcations to this web site include removal of all web pages no longer needed, including QWK networks that have ceased to function or have merged into larger networks, the radio show which ended in 1998, the Tripod search engine, Guest Book, ...

The music site I helped with decided go with CommandLine.net to host their new ChromeOxide.com. I wish them the best of luck.

October 22, 1999. The Earthquake City BBS web site hit the big time! And I didn't even know it.

Tripod stats showed that this web site had more than 4,000 unique visitors last month (September 1999). Because of that, Tripod has increased my web space from 11mb to 50mb.

And now a brief comment about the search engine available on this site.

PicoSearch indexes this site whenever I request it (normally about once per month). Therefore you won't be able to find the newest additions to this site using it. However, it displays the results much nicer. Not only does it show you what page it found the item on, it also displays the surrounding context. And, you can click on the link to get there.


November 2, 1998. Are you looking to join a Wildcat v4.x BBS to participate in any/all of the message bases that they carry? Do you want to avoid long distance calls? Do you have internet e-mail? Do they have a UUCP account? If the answer to ALL of the above is yes, now there is a way. With the release of wcfg12.zip, now all it takes is some setup on the part of the sysop, and the rest is automatic.

Just send a message to: bbs for a help file, and to see how this works.

September 19, 1998. I added a web site map link to the top of each of the pages for Earthquake City BBS.

September 9, 1998. All mail and messages can be responded to offline via standard QWK/REP packets and your favorite offline mail reader. Either by direct dial-up, or via internet e-mail.

September 6, 1998. To add a bit more consistency between pages, I have added a What's New to this page so that changes to this page can be highlighted.

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One of the typical features of a BBS is the message areas. Earthquake City BBS has a number of different message areas. When I started this BBS, I started out with just local message bases. As I have been learning the software, and expanding the features of the BBS, I have also been adding message areas at the request of the users. Both local message areas (not echoed/mirrored elsewhere) as well as networked message areas.

Previously you had to dial into a BBS to participate in the conferences. This is no longer true. On October 24, 1998 I finished writing a program that allows someone who has joined a BBS to participate in any of the conferences via QWK/REP packets and internet e-mail.

Just send a message to: bbs for a help file, and to see how this works.

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Arena (text/BBS based F.R.P. game) - conference sysop: Nine Cents
Armchair Generals (WWII gaming) ---- conference sysop: Armchair Generals
Bombastics (the creativity game) --- conference sysop: Hilary Glazer
Cool Web Sites/Internet
Dead Poets Society ----------------- conference sysop: Payam Emrani
FRP/Online/Offline Gameing
General Public Messages
HackMan's Help -------------------- conference sysop: James Kachel
Hardware/Software-Reviews/Talk ---- conference sysop: Ky Moffet
Junior Statesman of America ------- conference sysop: Payam Emrani
Ky's Korner ----------------------- conference sysop: Ky Moffet
Mr. KABC -------------------------- conference sysop: Todd Afshar
Music ----------------------------- conference sysop: Frank Jimenez
Outdoor Sports
Politics/Current Events
Private E-Mail
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Suggestion Box (comments ...) ----- conference sysop: Steven Libis

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February 1, 1997 added Internet E-Mail.

Internet usenet newsgroups added and removed as requested.

October 16, 1997 added ILink international echo mail network.

February 21, 1998 added U'NI-net international echo mail network.

As of August 1998, U'NI-net has been merged into the Rime international echo mail network.

June 19, 1998 added Intelec international echo mail network.

August 10, 1998 added Rime international echo mail network.

October 15, 2001 dropped ILink international echo mail network.

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