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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

Last updated by Steven Libis & Associates on 04/19/2003

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March 12, 2001. I am adding the Google search the web/search my site feature to my Tripod site (and hopefully the other sites as they get indexed).

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March 6, 2001. Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site. As per their useage agreement that I signed to get their free space, they are not required to notify me that they don't like what I am doing, or give advance notification (or notification of any kind) about my removal from their site. So I was quite taken by surprise when I tried logging in one day and no longer had a web site.

The last stats Tripod gave me were 9,000+ visitors per month. Since my site is so popular, I have decided to keep it going, in spite of this major setback. I continue to work on modifying the web site for relocation to FreeServers.com. Modifcations to this web site include removal of all web pages no longer needed, including QWK networks that have ceased to function or have merged into larger networks, the radio show which ended in 1998, the Tripod search engine, Guest Book, ...

The music site I helped with decided go with CommandLine.net to host their new ChromeOxide.com. I wish them the best of luck.

April 12, 0000. Added links for the rants The Cynical Optimist has been writing for Bongo's Fallout Shelter in the Friends Home Pages section, even though the The Cynical Optimist doesn't have a home page yet. But I trying to convince him that he need to do a site.

October 22, 1999. The Earthquake City BBS web site hit the big time! And I didn't even know it.

Tripod stats showed that this web site had more than 4,000 unique visitors last month (September 1999). Because of that, Tripod has increased my web space from 11mb to 50mb.

And now a brief comment about the search engine available on this site.

PicoSearch indexes this site whenever I request it (normally about once per month). Therefore you won't be able to find the newest additions to this site using it. However, it displays the results much nicer. Not only does it show you what page it found the item on, it also displays the surrounding context. And, you can click on the link to get there.


September 19, 1998. I added a web site map link to the top of each of the pages for Earthquake City BBS.

September 6, 1998. To add a bit more consistency between pages, I have taken some of the informal intro / rational for this page, and moved it to its own section, now called Intro.

November 6, 1998. The location of GRAPHIC IMAGE 'link to Bongo's Fallout Shelter, Bongo's Fallout Shelter changed. Old server is getting out of the business.

August 20, 1998. An additional location of GRAPHIC IMAGE 'link to Bongo's Fallout Shelter, Bongo's Fallout Shelter added.

August 17, 1998. Location of GRAPHIC IMAGE 'link to Insect Surfers page, Insect Surfers Official Web Site has changed. New location, new layout, new webmaster.

August 17, 1998. To add a bit more consistency between pages, I have added a What's New to this page so that changes to this page can be highlighted.

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As a service to the callers of Earthquake City BBS, we have an online listing with links to their web pages.

I also have links to my friends web pages as well.

If I have accidentally left your listing off my site, please e-mail me your URL and a brief one or two sentence description that you would like to see here.

After all, who I am, and what I am, is based in part on the help and support from many other people. This is my way of trying to return a part of the help and support I have received over the years.

Thank you.

So many URLs. So little time. :-)

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Steven Libis & Associates Computer Consultants includes:

Armchair Generals also sysop their own local conference on the BBS. For your viewing pleasure, Armchair Generals and Bob's Bunker, are providing you with GRAPHIC IMAGE 'OmahaBeach.zip', a BMP of Omaha Beach (present day with artificial harbor in back ground) for use as Wallpaper for Windoze95.

Chrome Oxide A music collector. 60's rock to 90's alternative, and all kinds of things in between. Specializing in rare recordings. A supporter of Earthquake City BBS.

XSUS (when it is running) is the home page of James Kachel (a supporter of Earthquake City BBS). He also has DOS Web Browsers Page, Linux Distribution List (LDL) 145+ Linux distributions and counting, and MacWorking a Mac-related networking site.

Visit Ky in The Twilight Asylum, A supporter of Earthquake City BBS.

Sharon's home page, A supporter of Earthquake City BBS.

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GRAPHIC IMAGE 'link to Insect Surfers page, Official Insect Surfers Web Site, sessionography / discography by Chrome Oxide. Insect Surfers are modern surf band with a hard rocking edge. Read reviews, view images, download songs, see their upcoming show schedule.

GRAPHIC IMAGE 'link to Bongo's Fallout Shelter, Bongo's Fallout Shelter where web surfers go express opinions on many different subjects.
Bongo's Fallout Shelter just created an Ossama bin Laden JPG for your target shooting pleasure.

The Cynical Optimist is back, with a new name (Cynical Pessimist), and a new location, CynicalPessimist666.blogspot.com and a fresh interest in commenting on the events of the day.

And while you are at Bongo's Fallout Shelter, be sure to check out The Cynical Optimist. Proof positive that once you know all the letters of the alphabet, eventually you will be able to form words with them.
12/07/98, Demon From Hell, or just a plain old Robber Baron? (Microsoft/Bill Gates vs. DOJ)
01/18/99, How do we love thee Macro$lop? (Office 2000)
02/19/99, Make War, Not Love. (corrupt politicians)
various, Toxic Waste Dump? a collection of one liners, some by The Cynical Optimist.
07/08/99, Ode to a Spammer.
07/08/99, The new 3 r's of Education. (ready, release, reload)
09/07/99, Mattell Promotes Homosexual Lifestyle. (functioning Barbie, emasculated Ken)
09/10/99, The U.S.Government Encourages Mass Murder. (Drunks r' Us)
03/27/00, If It Ain't Dead, Kill It. (Novell)
04/04/00, Does NetZero really want customers? Free ISP, you get what you pay for.
04/10/00, Lies, Damn Lies, and anything that Microsoft says.
04/14/00, That's Not A Bug, It's A Feature. (Microsoft-Office 2000 and Active Directory)
05/18/00, Eye gots a gooder edukation, y does whe knead moore lokal skool bonds? yet another ballot initiative to make it easier for government to waste your money.
12/12/00, Don't Ox My Gore Freedom of speech for politicians, and no one else.
03/30/01, Tripod versus webmasters Why is your web sit not your web site.
03/30/01, Yahoo versus WebRing Is this any way to run a business?
07/06/01, Here is a slightly (?) sick rant Spam, spam, spam, spam, ...

Kelly Green a science fiction fan, part time student, full time employee. Where does she get the time? :-)

Selina Phanara, artist, science fiction fan, LASFS member, ...

Joe Zeff The Page With The Sideburns, by the guy with the sideburns.

Gorgotek Greg Keto consulting, specializing in Linux, BSD, System 5 variants, MAS 90. Also does web site design, ...

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