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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Last updated by Steven Libis & Associates on 01/15/2010

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March 12, 2001. I am adding the Google search the web/search my site feature to my Tripod site (and hopefully the other sites as they get indexed).

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com

March 6, 2001. Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site. As per their useage agreement that I signed to get their free space, they are not required to notify me that they don't like what I am doing, or give advance notification (or notification of any kind) about my removal from their site. So I was quite taken by surprise when I tried logging in one day and no longer had a web site.

The last stats Tripod gave me were 9,000+ visitors per month. Since my site is so popular, I have decided to keep it going, in spite of this major setback. I continue to work on modifying the web site for relocation to FreeServers.com. Modifcations to this web site include removal of all web pages no longer needed, including QWK networks that have ceased to function or have merged into larger networks, the radio show which ended in 1998, the Tripod search engine, Guest Book, ...

The music site I helped with decided go with CommandLine.net to host their new ChromeOxide.com. I wish them the best of luck.

October 22, 1999. The Earthquake City BBS web site hit the big time! And I didn't even know it.

Tripod stats showed that this web site had more than 4,000 unique visitors last month (September 1999). Because of that, Tripod has increased my web space from 11mb to 50mb.

And now a brief comment about the search engine available on this site.

PicoSearch indexes this site whenever I request it (normally about once per month). Therefore you won't be able to find the newest additions to this site using it. However, it displays the results much nicer. Not only does it show you what page it found the item on, it also displays the surrounding context. And, you can click on the link to get there.


June 9 1999 Just the usual additions, corrections and deletions, including removing some duplicate entries, and fixing most (maybe all?) of the html code errors.

May 2, 1999 Along with all the usual additions, corrections and deletions, I have added a few new special link groupings, including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Dictionarys, Writers Resources...

September 26, 1998 I changed the layout slightly. Now, each alphabetical section on this page has a complete alphabetical index. This makes the page slightly larger, but that should be offset by the added ease of maneuvering on the page.

September 26, 1998 I added a What's New section to highlight major changes made to this page.

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I haven't had a chance to double check all these address yet. When I do, I will correct any listing that needs it. If you beat me to it, please let me know what corrections are needed.

This is a collection of URLs that might be of interest to computer users, science fiction fans. This list of URLs is in a vaguely alphabetical order. Any additions/corrections/deletions to this list will be greatly appreciated.

Text Browsers (Lynx), the / forward slash will all you to search this page for specific text.

Graphical browsers (Netscape, IE, ...) you should have a menu option that allows you to search for specific text on this page.

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AARP.org American Association of Retired People. Information, discounts, ...

Absolut Vodka supposed to have a lot of interesting animation as featured subject.

Abyss and Apex online science fiction magazine
Abyss and Apex In The Season Of Blue Storms by Jude-marie Green

Academy Of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films annually giving out the Saturn Awards.

Forrest J Ackerman or Forrest J Ackerman a unique science fiction resource. If you are in the Los Angeles area, tours of the Ackermansion occasional Saturdays) available by appointment only. (213) MOON-FAN.

Active Research Inc. a free consumer information service to help shoppers find products and services that best match their needs.

USA Today.com Ad Campaigns For Your Tiny Cellphone Screen Get Bigger

USA Today Racy 'Get a divorce' billboard removed after a week

Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams, play Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy online
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Index
ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Appreciation Society (conventions, newsletters, pub crawls, ...)
QuoteGeek.com, quotes from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Robert Adams author

Sam Addams Alliance and Foundation Common Sense - Government Censors Aren't The Only Yahoos, September 12, 2007 (Google, Yahoo and others help the communists censor the internet)

adbusters.org Watch Or Go To Jail (students locked up after refusing to watch channel one)

Afterworld multi-platform sci-fi series for the web

Brian Aldiss author

Alibris book search, book store, book publisher [Manifold Destiny (the guide to cooking on your car engine) (now you know how to dispose of road kill :-)], ...

AllAboutSex.org Information You Have A Right To! (Mormon Masturbation Prevention - Steps In Overcoming Masturbation)

AllPizza.com, a web portal where you can buy pizza online from all the major chains.

Almaden Computer Science Research (from IBM) adding perception abilitys to computational devices.

Information Please Almanac
Farmer's Almanac
Old Farmer's Almanac

AltCulture encyclopedia of contemporary culture.

Alternative Energy Solutions
ratecut.com solar electric power generation
Solar On Sale or Cheap Solar alternative electric power generation (solar, hydro, wind, ...)
Home Power The Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power
Electronic Parts On Sale including alternative electric power generation (solar, hydro, wind, ...)
Real Solar Inc. solar electric systems for home and business.
Xantrex Technology makers of power inverters and other parts needed for alternative power generation.
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) to prevent mind control (anti-psychotronic). MindGuard anti-psychotronic software for Linux or Amiga

Amazing-Bargains.com deep discounts on many different kinds of products.

Amazon.com selling books, music, ... amazon.com Search Inside The Book (look for a book by searching the contents of the book) outlet store with discounted prices on books, CDs, ... clearance sale items, ballot style web site navigation

anti-amazon 1 click and affiliate site patents
amazon-books.org 100s of bookstores that believe in boycotting amazon for the patent (explainations, links, ...)
noamazon.com do Amazon.coms legal practices threaten the internet?
NoWebPatents.org boycott Amazon.com for their patent on one click shopping and affiliate sales.
NoWebPatents.com for people who are unhappy with Amazon.coms web patent lawsuites. (information, links, editorials, news, ...)

amazon.com How To Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarky? or Effective Way?

America's Most Wanted now you can catch criminals via help from the internet.

American Cinematheque has annual science fiction film festival (watch them again on the big screen).

American Council on Exercise

American Family Imnmigration History Center database of immigrants through Ellis Island (1892-1924 as of May 7, 2001)

Americans For Legal Immigration

American Civic Literacy Our Fading Heritage: Americans Fail A Basic Test On Their History and Institutions.

AmIHotOrNot.com singles rate each other photo site.
AmIGeekOrNot.com geeks rate each other photo site.
AmIGothOrNot.com goths rate each other photo site.
MonkeyHotOrNot primates rate each other photo site

Brendans On-Line Anagram Generator, english language, with links to downloadable, as well as foreign language versions.
Internet Anagram Server see what your favorite phrase can be converted into.

And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible

Poul Anderson author
Poul Anderson read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

AnimalCam view your choice of animals view web cams.

angryman.com, don't get mad, get angry.

Animation Nerd's Paradise A place for grownup fans of animation. An online animation magazine with news, reviews, articles, commentary, and an animation art gallery.

Annals of Improbable Research the journal of record for inflated research and personalities.

Piers Anthony author

anti-aol.org a site dedicate to explaining why AOL is bad.

Any Day In History This Day In History, but you get to choose which day.

AnyBirthday.com look up anyone's birthdate with only a name and zip code (if they are in the database)

lifehacker Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks
Wired Top 10 April Fools' Pranks for Nerds.

AOL CD Preservation Guild and Museum

Apocalyptic Sites: (It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine)
Apocalyptic and Dystopic Links
Post-Apocalyptic Media
Post-Apocalyptic Books

Appraisal Industry resource directory.
Eppraisals.com get an appraisal of your stuff online.

Argonaut Foundation, film restoration and preservation company. Current projects include: The Time Machine, ...

Art Sites: (cover those walls)
Art.com selling framed and unframed posters.
ArtNoise.com online portfolio/gallery
barewalls.com selling framed and unframed posters.
Corbis sells posters (printed for you from 137,000+ image library)
PaintingsDirect.com buy (or sell your original) artwork online.

Arthur's Classic Novels free eBooks

Artificial Life Online

Arthritis Foundation see what you can do to help yourself. Estimates are taht 1 of every 6 U.S.Citizen has arthritis.

Arts & Letters Daily a compendium of great writing and thinking on a wide range of the day's and week's publications.

The Fantastic In Art And Fiction

Asian Wolf security devices and systems

Isaac Asimov Home Page prolific author (500+ books) of science fiction, science, ...

Robert Asprin author

Astounding trading cards 50 cards, magazine covers from 1930s and 1940s

Astronomy Picture Of The Day Earth At Night

Atheists United

Atheists Of Silicon Valley

Auction Sites:
Auction Universe
buy.com specializing in computers, peripherials and network hardware.
Christie's offline auctions also.
Excite Auctions
Free Markets
IAO Auction
ITparade.com specializing in refurbished computers gear
Live Auction Online
MSN Auctions
office.com specializing in computers, peripherials and network hardware.
Paradigm Online
Police Auctions Online bid on stolen property where the owner can't be identified.
uBid.com where many bids start at $9.00, and they don't let you pay more than the full retail price for an item you bid on.
Up 4 Sale
Yahoo! Auctions

Auction Sites (collectables):
Sotheby's online and offline auctions
Sotheby's joint venture with Amazone.com
ArtNet.com art portal with auctions.
Butterfields Great Collections auction site (owned by eBay)
iCollector.com London based site hosting 650+ auction houses, deaalers, galleries, ...
GavelNet.com (purchased by Tangible Asset Galleries)

Auction Sites Tracking:
Andale Inc, software to track/manage your online auctions.
AuctionRover.com, trackig activity on 100+ auction sites.
Auction Update Pro acution tracking software
Auction Watch, track all those auction sites.
Bidder's Edge, an auction portal, that tracks activity on multiple other auction sites.

Reverse Auction Sites (buyer tries to set price)
Top Ten Links reverse auction listings
Accompany group buying site. (builds ad hoc blocs of buyers who team up to secure volume discounts on products. Kind of like an online auction in reverse.)
BazaarE.com group buying site. (builds ad hoc blocs of buyers who team up to secure volume discounts on products. Kind of like an online auction in reverse.)
Bottom Dollar search for the lowest price for a product.
eWanted reverse auction site
Hagglezone.com negotiate your price.
Mercata group buying site. reverse auction
NexTag.com reverse auction
PriceLine reverse auction
Respond.com reverse auction
Shop2gether group shopping
Zwirl group shopping

Auction Sites - sell excess/surplus inventory: (business to business-B2B, or business to consumer-B2C)
AssetTRADE marketplace for B2B (used industrial equipment).
Bid4Assets.com buy all kinds of assets, including your favorite failed dot com (discounted excess and obsolete equipment).
DoveBid Inc. marketplace for B2B (discounted excess and obsolete equipment).
FreeMarkets Inc marketplace for B2B.
HiTechCafe discounted excess and obsolete equipment.
ITParade.com marketplace for B2B (discounted excess and obsolete equipment).
Liquidation.com Inc marketplace for B2B, surplus goods, ....
TradeOut.com marketplace for B2B
R.L.Rasmus Auctioneers discounted excess and obsolete equipment.
RetailExchange.com handling excess capacity of retail goods (like clothing and appliances).

TeamExcess discounted excess and obsolete equipment.
Ubid, Inc. auction site for B2B and B2C.
ZoneTrader.com Inc marketplace for B2B (refurbished computer hardware and telecommunications gear-other equipment for other industries to follow shortly).

Auction Sniper: eBay Sniper and eBay Bidding snipe, bid sniping for eBay

myEZsale.com ship your items to them, and they will manage the auction for you.

Half.com buy/sell new/used items that have Universal Product Codes (UPC)

Open Ratings buyers and sellers can rate each other.

tradesafe.com make auctions safer for both parties.

DisturbingAuctions.com for the sale of bizarre and tasteless items.

honesty.com external web site that searchs ebay

USATODAY.com EBay takes Web ads to next level

eBayFraud.com someone unhappy with consumer protection on eBay (there isn't any)

eBay Shutdown.com, silly auction item of the day.

Surfer Sam eBay the World's Online Marketplace, Not just a virtual yard sale We've Got the Famous Auctions, the Weird Auctions, The Most Expensive Auctions Ever

audible.com spoken word entertainment.

Audio Books

Audio Book Club

Audio Adventures, Inc. online store for rental (or sale) of audio books.

AudioHighway site provides audio content for listening offline or online.

What Color Is Your Aura?

AuthOrama library of books you can read onlne.

Automobile Purchasing Sites:
AutoByTel.com use search engine to learn about vehicle, then buy car online (referral service).
AutoTrader.com buy/sell used cars.
AutoVantage automobile service
AutoWeb.com search referral service for auto dealers
Bank Of America auto loan payment calculator
CarFax.com look up history of car
CarPoint.com read multiple reviews of each car, look at features, ...
Cars.com, buy a new or used car online
carscene.com, car enthusiast site.
CarsDirect.com, buy a car online, and have it delivered to your door.
CarSmart.com, buy or sell a car online, research, ...
DriveItAway.com sales of off lease vehicles.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide or Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide lists new and used cars with bluebook prices and reviews of cars, ...
Fuel Economy what kind of gas mileage does that vehicle get
iMotors.com, buy a used car online, research, ...
Kelly Blue Book research vehicle prices
OnStar look for features to add to your new car
PeopleFirst.com apply for, calculate, ... car loans
The Truth About Cars offers car reviews and auto editorials from insightful and knowledgeable automotive experts.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Buying A Safer Car
Yahoo autos

Electrical Cars: Pros and Cons
Car StuffElectrical Cars & Alternate Feul Cars - links

xpel car protection film - protect your car from minor road hazards.

telegraph.co.uk Women and gay men are 'worst drivers'

Lost America night photography of the abandoned west (things with wheels)

Autocourse, Inc. Caterham Cars (cars you build from kits, but which are street legal)

Autry Museum of Western Heritage

Tex Avery Tribute Cartoon pictures.

The Awesome List, worthwhile web sites.

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Babylon 5:
Babylon 5 Official Home Page
Babylon 5 Links Page
The Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5
The Zocalo for news about Babylon 5 and Crusade.
Gwarbco.com Babylon 5/Crusade parody, ...
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning feature length Star Trek / Babylon 5 parody

Archie McPhee's Novelties bacoon / meat
Archie McPhee's Novelties Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon
Archie McPhee's Novelties Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo
Boing Boing Web Zen: leftover bacon zen (bra)
MSNBC Bacon makes everything better, even... chocolate?
spike Bacon-Flavored Alarm Clock
NYC Food Guy Turbaconducken
Think Geek Squeez Bacon
ContraCostaTimes.com Piggin' Out On Bacon At San Francisco's BaconCamp
Marini's Chocolate Covered Bacon
animated bacon
Daily Mail Online Bacon and eggs could help pregnant women boost their baby's intelligence

Bad Fads Museum fashions, collectibles, activities, events, ...

Scientific Proof That Barney Is Satan
B'harne Is Satan
Proof That Barney Really Is Satan

Banned Books Week Celebrating the Freedom to Read!
American Library Association Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Project Bartleby Archive offers the complete texts of works by Agatha Christie, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Thomas Paine, ... Also look at the New Bartleby Library

How Singing Fish Work
Marsette Vona: Boogie Bass Hack hack your singing fish wall plaque (description, explaination, links, ...)
The Singing Dumb Ass Bass virtual singing fish

1966Batmobile.com everything you ever wanted to know about the Batmobile.

WebBattleship, like the old board game Battleship, but playable on the internet.

BeerChurch.com beer news, events, ...

99 Bottles Of Beer One Program In 283 Languages

International Belt Sander Drag Racing

Ultimate John Belushi Tribute Animal House, Saturday Night Live (SNL), Blues Brothers, ...

Bembo's Zoo (flash sound/animation)

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Berkeley System makers of After Dark screen saver, have free as well as cost modules.

University of California, Berkley Digital Library

Best Web Sites:

Bibliomania, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Ulysses, The Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith), Thomas Jefferson, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, ...

Biblio (as of Sept 2005) listing of 3000+ booksellers, new / used book search, ...

Bigfoot Research Organization

Bijou Cafe, new (original) and old (rare) online videos.

The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice

Bitter Waitress what they are saying about you after you leave the resturant (both positive and negative).

Bitter Lawyer Ten Things to Love About Being a Lawyer
Bitter Lawyer Lawyers & Hookers: Great Bedfellows

BizVida, database of information (newspapers, journals, magazines, ...)

electronic Bill Paying
govWorks.com pay bills online (parking tickets, property taxes, utility bills, ...)
ezgov.com pay bills online (parking tickets, property taxes, utility bills, ...)
BlueGill Technologies view and pay bills online (single biller).
Sun-Netscape Alliance (iPlanet) view and pay bills online (single biller).
CheckFree process bills from multiple billers at a single site (consolidate multiple billers).
TransPoint process bills from multiple billers at a single site (consolidate multiple billers).
CyberBills customer bills sent to service provider rather than to consumer
Paytrust customer bills sent to service provider rather than to consumer
MessagingDirect e-mail invoices link back to billers site.
Brinkman Technologies e-mail invoices link back to billers site.
Billserv.com service bureau - provide connections ot major consolidators.
Derivion service bureau - provide connections ot major consolidators.
e.bill magazine devoted to Internet Bill Presentment and Payment (IBPP).
Billing World magazine devoted to billing technologies
Ecom World electronic magazine devoted to billing, extranets, vertical markets, ...

A Software User's Bill of Rights

Billboard Liberation Front, you deserve a billboard today.

BioKite new technology for kites.

World Birthday Web get you name and e-mail address listed here on your birthday.

Technorati blog search engine

Bohemian Ink, with links to writers.

Bolide Software catalog programs for movies, books, software, ...

Bonsai Kitten dedicated to preserving the long lost art of modification in house pets.

bonus.com a super site for kids (games, ...)

Book Publishers:
Random House books
Baen Books
Baen Books - Free Library Home Page read books online, or download and read offline.
read the various articles in Prime Palaver, where author Eric Flint notes that sales of his books (paperrback and hardback) have been improved by posting of free electronic copies of his books on the internet.
Cyber Reading Room the Baen Books CDs

Ballantine Books/Del Rey books
Bertelsmann AG the German media conglomerate that owns the Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group is planning on opening Books Online in 1998.
1stBooks Library ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered)
Donald Grant Publisher
GreatUnpublished.com ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered)
IndyPublish.com print-on-demand publisher
IndyPublish.com ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered)
iPublish.com ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered) (from Time Warner Books)
iUniverse.com ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered)
Lulu.com self publishing (books, CDs, DVDs, ...)
Simon & Schuster book publishers
Time Warner book publisher
Tor book publisher or MySpace Tor.com
uPublish.com print-on-demand publisher
Wildside Press print-on-demand publisher
Xlibris.com ePublisher (electronic books) and Print On Demand (POD) (print copies as ordered)
An Incomplete Guide To Print On Demand (POD) Publishers

Book Stores:
ISBN.nu not a bookstore, but a place to price compare or search online books by ISDN catalog number.
American Wholesale Booksellers Association
AbeBooks.com book search service.
Bookradar.com book search service.
Compendium of online book club services
AddAll.com book search and price compare at 41 online bookstores. (new and used books)
1BookStreet.come large selection of discount books.
abebooks.com 17 million used, rare, out-of-print, network of 7,000+ independent booksellers.
Alibris book store
Amazon.com the World's largest bookseller. 400,000-plus titles in stock. Various discounts.
Advanced Book Exchange, Inc. network of independent booksellers featuring rare, used, antiquarian, out-of-print, ...
Another World Comics & Books
Barnes & Noble or Barnes & Noble Booksellers 400,000-plus titles in stock. Various discounts. Book search engine.
BiblioFind database of 3,000+ stores that specialize in rare and hard to find books and help you find rare books.
Books And Stores Online
Books'em online mystery bookstore.
Book Market
Books Now online bookstore. 1.5 million titles, with 650,000-plus titles in stock. Various discounts.
Book Pool
Book Sense find an independent book seller near you
Book Stacks Unlimited boasts 365,000 books in stock. Its Web site is also quite spectular. There are articles about new releases, with some reviews. Author events happen regularly in the Book Cafe. And it has Real Audio poetry readings to listen to. Finally, it has an "on this day in history" about literature.
BooksAmillion.com online bookstore with weekly specials, links to book sites, ...
Book Wire main page, or Book Wire Authors on the Highway a searchable listing of upcoming readings and book signings nationwide.
Borders Inc. online book and music store with a three million item searchable database.
Brave New World Comics
Chapters Online
Clay's Comics Hayward's largest comic book store.
Creature Features, Burbank, CA
Dangerous Visions 13563 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3825 voice: (818) 986-6963, fax: (818) 341-7354, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/... bookstore.
Delta Systems
Duttons Bookstore
Exchange.com used and rare books and music.
FatBrain Bookstore online technical bookseller (recently purchased by BarnesAndNoble.com)
Future Fantasy Bookstore
Future Fantasy Bookstore Online book catalog, place orders, store newsletter w/links to bookstore catalog, directions & map to store, links to other science fiction stores & sites on the Internet.
Golden Apple Comics 7711 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046 (213) 658-6047, (3 1/2 blocks east of Fairfax)
Hi De Ho Comics and Books with Pictures 525 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 394-2820
Monsters In Motion, Placentia, CA
Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, specializing in Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, ...
netMarket's Book.com. Lowest prices of any online bookstore? 700,000-plus titles in stock. Various discounts.
NextPlanetOver.com bookstore, posters, videos, gaming, ...
Powells large book store, and their entire new and used inventory is online in a catalog.
Renaissance E Boosk eBook seller
Science Fiction Book Club
Things From Another World
Time Travelers, Culver City, CA
Virtual Books 2,000 books online.

Book Biz Fifteen pages of information, including How to Open and Manage a Bookstore plus links to other resources of booksellers and publishers.

Bookins Book Exchange swap books at minimal cost.

BookSwim online book rentals since May 2007.

FNProgramvare BookCAT (software to track/manage your own book library).

Bolt Gallery creatures made out of metal parts.

Mike Bonell's Computer Wallpaper, nice collection of commercial images.

Bongo's Fallout Shelter, outrageous commentaries

Borg Web SiteMusic video Trekarena It is a quicktime movie of various Next Generation episode clips humorously set to the music of the hit song Macarena.

The Boring Institute spoofing celebrities, movies, television, ... Clearinghouse of information on boredom, and how to overcome it or avoid it.

Leigh Douglass Brackett read some of her stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Bradbury Building, 304 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

Marion Zimmer Bradley read some of her stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Brain.com educational site about the human brain, with 5 minute IQ test, ...

BrainGirl flash animation series

TheBrain.com organize and display information on the web in a visual manner.

BreakupNews.com to help you when your relationship falls apart.

Eddie Breen's Piggyback Art adds his content to existing paintings.

Brilliant Digital Entertainment makers of multi-path movies, animated stories that allow users to choose the direction of the story line.

BBC News Warning of data ticking time bomb (accessing old file formats).

The New York Times World's Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home.

Broderbund, makers of various software, including the Complete Mad Magazine, 7 CD set of 500 issues of Mad Magazine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce with bio notes, sound clips, trial coverage, images, ...

John Brunner author

Bud Plant Comic Art

Algirdas Jonas Budrys (aka: John A. Sentry) read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

BugMeNot get registraion information for many public websites.

Bulfinch's Mythology, Greek and Roman legend.

Edgar Rice Burroughs read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Mark Butler's End Node of Fun No links, just information. Doc Savage, Conan The Barbarian, comics, books, games, more.

BuyCoolShirts.com humor (as well as other t-shirts)

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Cable Tie Fan Page 1001 uses, pictures, sounds, links, ...

Camarila's Fantasy Galleries
Camarila's Artists Gallery List
Camarila's Fantasy Image Galleries

John W. Campbell, Jr. read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

USATODAY.com Camcorder evolution takes next step: Hard drives

Canada Postal Service track a package

Canada Sucks
Canada Sucks

Candesa Interactive Makers of a cool screen saver (Win 95 and Win 3.1) based on the book "Voyage Of The Basset".

Captain America

CardTrack.com your source of news and information about credit crds.
CardTrack.com Make Your Mortgage Payments With Your Credit Card.
CardTrack.com January 2008 - Consumer Debt Continues To Grow.
CardTrack.com Virus Scam
CardTrack.com Geezeo Mobile (check you bank account balance by cell phone-a new way to encourge identity theft).

Terry Gene Carr read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

USA Today - cars Driver beware: Your commute could be killing you.
USA Today - cars Car weight limits are a big, fat problem.
USA Today - cars Ford's navigation systems take a turn for better.
USA Today - cars 3-wheeled Aptera aspires to car-pool lane
aptera aerodtynamic car
Cartoon Web Site Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, Disney and many many more pictures!

Cartoon Classics an authorized Warner Brothers art gallery. Many pictures.

Cartoon Network view interactive cartoons online.

Cat Purrsonality Test


Cat Scan what does your cat look like on a flatbed scanner?

Catalog City is a compendium of thousands of catalogs, 450+ of them currently accept orders from them.

CDpost remote CD burner - download to their CD burner (small fee)

Retro CB Museum pictures, vintage ads, articles, ...

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Homepage For Kids.

Chaosium gaming company. Includes links to net gaming resources.

American Cancer Society
American Forests Organization planting trees in North America
American Red Cross donate blood, disaster relief, volunteering, ...
Community Foundation Silicon Valley (CFSV) charity funded by people and companies in the computer industry.
eActivism.com online community for activists. news, resources, ...
EcologyFund.com learn how to preserve wilderness land.
Energy Star
National Charities Information Bureau look up a charity to find out what it is really all about.
GuideStar.com database of 700,000+ United States nonprofit organizations.
GreaterGood.com currently closed
Habitat For Humanity build affordable housing worldwide
HungerSite.com currently closed
National Foundation for Cancer Research
NetAid.org poverty relief, human rights, ....
npo.org Non Profit Organizations (NPO)
Nonprofit Tech helps nonprofit organizations with their technology questions
The Nature Conservancy or The Nature Conservancy
RainForestSite.com currently closed
SERVEnet for those who prefer to dontate time, rather than money.
U.N.Childrens Fund
The Hunger Site donates to U.N.World Food Programme
Working Assets' ShopForChange

Click To Donate (support various charities)

Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert's Journal - The gathering Dark Age (the dumbing-down of America)

Psychology Today Freedom To Learn
Psychology Today "Why Don't Students Like School?" Well, Duhhhh... Children don't like school because they love freedom. (School is like prison)
Times Online We're cruel to fill their little heads with dreams of fame.

USATODAY.com Christmas spending will hit almost $800 per person, group says
Merry Christmas with music, snowman, falling snow, ...
Bill's Antique Christmas Light Site
Month2Month Rockin' Santa
NORAD Santa.org Track Santa Claus (with help from NORAD) from the North Pole as he delivers toys to all the children on Christmas Eve.
Yahoo News November 14, 2007 Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women
YouTube Carol Of The Bells (claymation video)
YouTube Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - California Raisins (claymation video)
YouTube We Three Kinds (claymation video)

How To Improve Your Chess
U.S.Chess Online! Ten Tips To Winning Chess
The Basics Of Chess

cinespia cemetery screenings. - watch movies in a cemetery in Hollywood.

Cinema Lego movie scenes created out of Legos (Matrix, Monty Python's Holy Grail, ...).

Internet Classics Archive includes hundreds of Greek and Roman texts translated into English. Homer, Virgil, Plato, Ovid, ...

ClassicYears.com online entertainment site.

Brittney Cleary, a 12 year old singer, who performs a song about Instant Messaging (and other internet features) I.M. Me

Clicket Products from Star Trek, Star Wars costumes and gifts to personalized Christmas cards and Santa suits.

Cliche Ideas Amazon Customer Service Phone Numbers

Internet Clock
Death Clock, how long do you think you have to live?
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Oregon Scientific, makers of a clock that synchs itself with the atomic clock for perfect time keeping.
clock made from computer hard drive

Club the Seal?


CodeTroop.com interesting selection of photos, newspaper articles, ads, ... Like: Hackers Can Turn Your Home Computer Into A Bomb ... & Blow Your Family To Smithereens

Coelacanth: A Fish Out Of Time

collectorz databases for collectors (movies, books, music, games, ...)

College Resources:
CampusEngine.com sells advertising to student run web sites.
BigWords book store.
School Sucks many features including: search engine for term papers, ...
Student Advantage membership program that offers discounts at many locations for it's members.
Textbooks.com book store.
VarsityBooks.com book store.

College Resources (financial aid):
FinAid! guide to financial aid, grants, scholarship lotteries, ...
U.S.Department of Education Student Financial Assistance
FastWeb! grants, scholarships, ...
TRIinfo.com one stop resource center for college students.
Online Degrees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships information on virtual colleges and related information

College Resource and Instructor Support Program (CRISP) a place where new Unix faculty can find syllabi, learning objects, ideas, methodology, support, ...

Columbia Journalism Review Who Owns What (major media companies)



The Commercial Archive 700+ hours of your favorite television (TV) commercials.
AdCritic.com critiques of current commercials, 1,600+ commercials online for your viewing pleasure, ...
Commercials I Hate

CommonDreams.org The Hippies Were Right! Green homes? Organic food? Nature is good? Time To Give The Ol' Tie-Dyers Some Respect

CompuMentor where computer professionals can donate time to charities. see also TechSoup.org

Computer Therapist a Javascript style Eliza clone (for onnline computer psychoanalysis).
Artificial Intelligence Repository, at Carnegie Mellon University, Classic AI Programs
MIT's The Media Lab, the latest in artificial intelegence and medir research
Claude (a shareware clone of Racter)

Condiment Packet Museum

convert case did you type an article in all upper or lower case, this is the place to convert it back to what it should have been.

Rick Cook Wiz 6 - The Wizardry Capitalized (unfinished book)

Cool Site of The Day

Liverpool John Moores University copyright advice
Liverpool John Moores University copyright advice - films - what can I copy?

Corbis digital images company, with free downloads of screensavers, desktop artwork, ...

Corkscrews (helixophile):
Corkscrew.com essentials of good corkscrew, illustrates the major types, ...
CorkscrewNet online meeting place for collectors.
Virtual Corkscrew Museum exhibition hall, story room, library, club room, movie theater, corkscrew collectors society, ...
Alf Erickson's World Of Corkscrews combination corkscrew and balloon site.

Corporate Computer Consultants Ltd. Jargon Buster (plain language definations of high tech terms)

Corporate Anthems review, news, ... of corporate anthems.

Corpses For Sale buy your very own hand crafted, suitably grotesque special effects corpse.

Kinuko Y. Craft artist.


Crazy Fads

Creation Science or proof positive that there is no intelligent life on this planet.
Inner Monologue Creation Science Opens.
Parallel Divergence Creation Museum Madness.

Creative Entertainment sells CD collections of Science Fiction, fantasy, comic book art, ...

The Crime Library read all about it.
Dumb Criminal Acts
USA Today Police: Kids steal crayons, Play Doh from day care
TorrrentFreak Australian Police Caught Pirating Movies

Critical Thinking:
Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources
Evaluating Information Found on the Internet
Evaluating Quality on the Net
Evaluating Web Resources (tutorial)
Evaluating World Wide Web Information
Thinking Critically About Web Information
Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources

Critters Writers' Workshop for science fiction, fantasy or horror writing.

Crooks and Liars John Amato's new On-Line, Virtual Magazine.

SourceForge Crossfire RPG game is graphical multi-user 2d tile-based role playing game similar to Moria, Angband, Omega, Nethack, Rogue, Gauntlet, and Muds. The bulk of the game is based on predefined maps, however some areas are randomly generated. (Windows, Linux)

Crossword Express create your own crossword puzzles.

Brent Crowe personal home page. Check out the cheat sheet/navigation page for an example of good web design. Per review by Rez@???.???)

Ctein's Online Gallery artist, author, photographer, ...

Tony Curtis Virtual Art Gallery the actor, who also is an artist.

CyberLife Eternal Foundation internet imortality (get your biography listed here).

CyberSource accept electronic checks on your web site.

CyberStalking resources: from an article in Network World magazine May 29, 2000 (use DocFinder 8322).
Resource list for cyberstalking issues
Depart of Justice 1999 report on cyberstalking.
National Center for Victims of Crime state by state guide on stalking.
National Center for Victims of Crime state by state guide on stalking.
Earliest cyberstalking prosecution in 1996
$10 million lawsuit filed against a pair of cyberstalkers.

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Daily Reckoning literary economic perspective, global market analysis, and contrarian investment ideas.

DanaSoft free graphic with custom text quotes

Dangerous Machines BattleBots

Avram Davidson read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

d8 Magazine FRP magazine/web site.

DarkSites.com links to interesting web sites.

Data Doktor'N Hard Disc Defraggle.

DaveNet Dave Winer, web journalist, articles on many subjects, including many that are not happy with Microsoft (see articles in 2001 and elsewhere)

Sue Dawe Fantasy Illustration/Art.

Dead Media Project, technologically obsolete technology.
Computer Museum History Center
Computer Museum History Center Message board for obsolete computers
Computer Museum History Center Osborne 1
Honeywell H316 General Purpose Digital Computer (kitchen computer)
Obsolete Computer Museum Ever wondered what those obscure computers looked like?
obsolete computers helpline
Vintage Computer Festival or Silicon Valley, Vintage Computer Festival, links to sites covering historical computers, ...

Dead Or Alive
Dead People Server
Dead People Server
Dead People Server, find out if your favorite celebrity is still breathing.
Who's Alive and Who's Dead
Find A Grave database of dead people, and location of where they are buried.
Death Clock, how long do you think you have to live?

Roger Dean artist

ChickenHead Dear John Letter Generator

Death by Jargon are you using too much jargon ?

Rootsweb Social Security Death Index listing of more than 70 million deaths compiled from the Social Security Administration records.
Cemetery Records Online lists more than 3.8 million records at more than 7,800 cemeteries
Declaration Of Independence

Definitions and Quotations Page

Pablo Defendi artist

Lester del Rey read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Delivery Services:
Airborne, order delivery service.
Consolidated Freightways, order delivery service.
CSX, order delivery service.
Danzas/AEI, order delivery service.
Kozmo.com, web order delivery service.
Roadway Express, order delivery service.
Ryder System, order delivery service.
Sameday.com, web order delivery service.
Shipper.com, web order delivery service.
Union Pacific, order delivery service.
United Parcel Service, order delivery service.
Urbanfetch.com, web order delivery service.
VillageValet.com, shop local online stores, and they deliver for you (Los Angeles, and ???)
Yellow, order delivery service.


Dictator and Debt, see what dictators owe
Guess The Dictator, try to stump this online program
Gil's Dictator Gallery, see what they look like.
Dictator Online

Dictionary sites:
300,000 English Word Dictionary
About: Hebrew Language: Yiddish Slang Dictionary
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Computer Currents online High-Tech dictionary
Computer Language Company, Inc. makers of a computer language dictionary that explains the terminology.
Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms
Dictionary.Com Writer's Resource
Dictionary.com Dictionaries on the Internet
Dictionary.com ...
Funk & Wagnalls
Glossary of Selected Social Science Computing Terms and Social Science Data Terms
List Of Yiddish Woords and Expressions
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
NetLingo online dictionary that specializes in internet technology.
One Look A site that offers links to a wide number of online dictionaries.
Oxford English Dictionary
Usenet Acronyms Dictionary
WWWebster Dictionary
Web of On-Line Dictionaries has links to 350 dictionaries of over 100 different languages.
Web of On-Line Dictionaries has links to 350 dictionaries of over 100 different languages.
WhatIs Computer Dictionary

Tom Digby Member of L.A.S.F.S. Mostly text, minor amounts of graphics.

DigitalMe.com from Novell. Create and manage your online identity.

2-pop Digital Filmmakers Resource Site (with discussion groups, ...)
Robert Ian Axford's Desktop Video Production (with reviews, forums, ...)
John Beale's Using The Sony DCR-TRV900 Camcorder (digital video information)
Richard's Place information on digital video, how camcorders work, ...

Dinotopia book, mini-series, television (TV) series, ...

Directions (maps) sites:
Google Maps, find get directions, ...
MapBlast Search engine for directions to/from any location.
MapInfo Search engine for directions to/from any location.
MapQuest Search engine for directions to/from any location.
MapServer view, print, e-mail nautical charts and topographic maps online.
Microsoft's terra mapping site
RouteMAP IMS Search engine for directions to/from any location.
Yahoo Maps for point to point driving directions.
Zip2 Direction Finder Search engine for directions to/from any location.
Garmin maker of GPS navigation systems.

Portals/Information for the Disabled:
CanDo.com focus on people with mobility problems (but does deal with other disabilities)
Freedom Scientific Jaws for Windows (text-to-speech screen reader)
GW Micro Window-Eyes (text-to-speech screen reader)
HumanWare.com BrailleNote (portable console for blind)
iCan Online news, polls, pop quizzes, resources, ....
National Association of the Deaf
National Federation of the Blind
National Library For The Blind And Physically Handicapped
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative

Do It Yourself (DIY) DIY home building projects

DOBOT homepage Artificial Intelligence chatting program.

Doctor Who new online only audio drama, from the BBC

Don't Click Here!

The Internet Movie Database (imbd) Doorways a made for televison movie from 1993 that is worth checking out, but was buried at the time.

Dr. Mangos Nude Celebrity Thumbnails

Debora Doyle's SF Genre Rant
Debora Doyle The Girl Cooties Theory of Literature

Draac's Gifs 123 thousands of graphic (GIF) images.

David Drake read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks.

DreamBank see what dreams other folks are having.

Duct Tape Guys, see the uses for duct tape, including Duct Tape Fashion, ...

DUCTI makes wallets out of duct tape

Dudeism the religion with the answer for everything.

Dudley Do-Right Emporium (and Jay Ward Productions) (home of Rock and Bullwinkle, George Of The Jungle, Dudley Do-right, Superchicken, Tom Slick, ...), 8218 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA

Dull Men's Club test, FAQs, activities, calendar, links, jokes, books, ...

The Dumb Network Dumb Laws

Dumb People:
Darwin Awards news stories about people who have tried to improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it.
Official Darwin Awards people who improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it.
morons.org stories about morons in the news, and commentary about morons.
UtterlyStupid.com a look at the world through geek eyes.

Dungeons and Dragons Resources (and FRP):
SourceForge Role Playing Tools for traditional role playing games. Current tools: DiceTool, a die rolling tool that supports complex dice expressions. MapTool, a simple to use internet enabled battle map replacement. TokenTool, for easily creating MapTool tokens. (Windows, Linux, ...)
SourceForge PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20 sytems). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns.
Blaize O'Glory's Post Mortem Hall Of Fame (If You're Gonna Go, Go Swinging), a cause of death, and epitaph listing for your favorite FRP character.
Blaize O'Glory's Post Mortem Hall Of Fame (Momentary Lapse Of Reason), a cause of death, and epitaph listing for your favorite FRP character.
Hero Machine create your a hero for your FRP game, Info, links, ...
Raiders of the Lost Dungeon
Visit: Rage's D & D/AD & D Site
d n d page
Freeware RPG Crypt program available
random magic item table
magic item table roller 800 x 600
magic item table roller 640 x 480
Alta Vista listing of netbooks
Blue Troll or Blue Troll location to download AD & D program called "The Tome of Vast Knowledge" and others.
Blue Troll
Blue Troll mirror site for above site.
net book
net book
net book
Netbook of Heretic
web site location to download AD & D program called "The Tome of Vast Knowledge"
AD & Dgen is a very basic Character, Gem, Treasure, and Scroll generator that follows 2nd edition DMG and PHB rules.
Digital Alchemy home of Adventure Writer.
Saurial Netbook Nostradamus treasure generator, ...
RPG Web Page
NetRPG has some mapping programs.
GRID is a freeware hex-based mapping program
NBOS home of Fractal Mapper, useful for game map creation.
Raiders of the Lost Dungeon floorplans, campaign material, more!
Campaign Cartographer has a random dungeon generator for download.
web site random dungeon, world, island, tavern generators
web site CharGenPro is an AD & D character generator.
web site dice program
web site dice programs, and more to follow.
D & D utilities and dice roller
Olik's web page Monstrous Database (Access 7.0) Win 95 front end.
d n d
D n D utilities including: CampaignScribe, MonsterScribe, SpellScribe...
d n d
T.S.R., Inc.
Doppleganger Inc. d n d related
Banthor's Pagesnew web site dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons.
B-Ware gaming related stuff
Dungeons & Dragons: A Canadian Web Site has links to hundreds of fantasy role playing net books, programs, web sites, and more.
Primordia Online explore Fantasy & Sci-Fi Gaming Worlds. Also links to similar sites.
Wilbur V1.21 a height field/terrain mapping tool/generator.
D & D Utilities some utilities, some modules and other D & D and AD & D stuff.
CharGen 2.0
DnD / FRP materials
"official" TSR site for user-created tools
extensive list of DnD tools
java based utilites online and available as shareware
ProFantasy Launch Pad fantasy fonts.
D N D DOS DM combat utilities DOS dice roller program
RPG Archive Web Page listing of many RPG related Websites
Yo Yo Dyne Technologies, a source for RPG utility software

Text Adventure Games:
Interactive Fiction Archive public domain and shareware games, development tools, game solutions, programming examples, ...
Interactive Fiction Archive old site
Activision/Infocom owners of Zork, one of the original text adventure games.
Adventure, aka The Colossal Cabe, aka Adventure in The Humongous Cave available at: 1 2 3 4
Adventure Game Toolkit (for making the above game or variants thereof): 1 2 3 4
? collection of large number of text adventure games.

Dungeon Master a live action fantasy role playing experience - a play on stage with cast and audience member participation. Santa Monica, CA

RPGrealms.com, makers of Generic Role-playing for Internet Players (GRIP) is software to help you put your text based adventure game online.

Dynamist.com The Future And It's Enemies, by Virginia Postrel

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The Early Eyeball Gaternal Marching Society A celebration of Ernie Kovacs.

Easter Eggs (little trick and jokes hidden just about anywhere).

Eastgate Systems makers of Storyspace software for authors who want to create non-linear stores (using hypertext).

EatBug.com the other protein
Bay Area Bug Eating Society mailing list, recipes, annual BBBQ, ...
Fluker Farms sells bugs (in bulk, or chocolate coated)

At The Movies with Ebert and Roeper weekly reviews
Ebert and Roeper audio and video clips of the reviews from the weekly television (TV) show of movie reviews.

Ed's Comic Image Collection New images weekly. Comic pictures.

Edge Foundation non-profit organization to promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic and literary issues as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

G.C. Edmondson read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Edupage e-zine

Education - online
Barstow College
CollegeLearning.com search for various education programs
Distance Learning Guide - about.com information and resources, ...
Eduport.com links to 100s of online learning programs
FundWell.com learn fund-raising
Jones International Univesity online university (with accreditation)
McGraw-Hill Online Learning
MindEdge search engine for all kinds of educational programs
North American Travel School lean to become a travel agent
Ninth House Network
University of Phoenix Online

The Fantastic Art Of Bob Egglton

The Ancient Egypt Site by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer. Resources on over 3,000 years of Egyptian history, information on hieroglyphics, Saqqara -- City of the Dead, ...

Electric Sheep original online comics

Electronic Books (eBooks, e-Books)
Download the Stephen King e-novella Riding The Bullet from Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com or ...
Philip and Alex's Guide to web publishing, a book you can read online, or buy a hardcopy.
Adobe technology
Amazon.com fee and free books
BarnesAndNoble.com eBook publisher (Michael Crichtons's Timeline, 15+ Star Trek novels, ...)
Baen Books Baen Free Library - eBooks
Books24x7.com eBook publisher (business to business content).
Books Online, the classics (content)
eBookAd technology
eBookCity.com fee and free books
eBook Connections resource directory.
eBookHome technology
Etext Archives (content)
Fatbrain.com eBook publisher (original content).
FictionWise.com free and fee eBooks.
Franklin technology
GemStar e-book technology
GoReader technology
iBooks.com starting out with information technology books (content).
ipublish.com electronic publications from Time Warner (content)
iSiloFree e-book reader for Palm
KnowBetter.com technology
MemoWare.com eBook sales
Microsoft technology
MightyWords.com eBook publisher (original content).
Netlibrary.com eBook publisher (academic and business books).
Renaissance E Boosk eBook seller
NuvoMedia Rocket eBook (hardware)
Franklin Electronic Publishers Rocket eBook (content)
PalmGear CSpotRun e-book reader for Palm
Peanut Press an electronic publisher of e-books (content).
Glassbook Glassbook Reader (hardware)
SoftBook Press Softbook Reader (hardware)
WordSmith e-book reader and writer

Harlan Ellison, Help Harlan Ellison Fight Internet Piracy

Catska & Cory Ench sci-fi/fantasy illustrators/artists

EntreWorld.org search engine for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)

Lew Rockwell Environmental Hysteria Exemplified - Watch Penn and Teller manage to convince hundreds of leftists to sign a petition to ban water.

Eon-4 Project SF Story Home Page

The Vaults Of Erowid online library containing thousands of pages of information about psychoactive drugs, plants, and chemicals, including entheogens, psychedelics ...

M.C.Escher Dutch artist fond of skewed drawings of space and dimension.
World Of Escher sell posters, t-shirts, merchandise, ...

essential.org non-profit, tax-exempt organization to encourage citizens to become active in their commmunities (resources, links, ...)

Etch A Sketch, you can now use it online.

everypoet.com Genuine Haiku Generator

Everyone's A Director see new short videos online (or submit your own).

Exploratorium see the solar eclipse

Extra Ugly shirts with attitude (something to offend everyone)

EyeWeb.com buy your eye glasses online, and see what they look like first.

Exyte Farscape and Anime online store.

E-zine list John Labovitz's list of 1,400+ e-zines

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FactCheckedEd.org for when you want to know the truth.

Family Search genealogical database.

Fandom.com a fantasy/science fiction/horror site.

Fandom Directory (On-line edition). Get yourself listed as a member of fandom. Listings expire after 1 year.
or fandom directory

FanGalaxy.com chat, discussion boards, fan profiles, calendar, link engine, book/author database, film/television (TV) database, merchant directory

Fanish E-Mail Directory if you are a science fiction fan, get your listing here.

Fantastic Fiction bibliographies for over 20,000 authors, and information on over 270,000 books.

Fantasy Book Spot news, reviews, interviews, links, forums, ... anything relating to fantasy.

The Fantasy Film Worlds

Philip Josť Farmer read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Fast Food Toy Museum

Feed Magazine cultural and social commentary on modern life.

Feedback Direct, helps you locate feedback enabled web sites and provides feedback forms.
PlanetFeedback.com, helps you locate feedback enabled web sites and provides feedback forms.
Ugripe.com, helps you locate feedback enabled web sites and provides feedback forms.

Mark J. Ferrari on-line gallery of fantasy art

FightAIDSatHome.org distributed computing project, similar to SETI at Home (ie, they need a lot of computing power to help with AIDS research project)

Fight the Bull Bullfighter - remove jargon from your documents

FILK - Newsgroups/Resources:

FILK - websites:
ConChord, annual west coast (Los Angeles) filk convention
ConChord 13 10/2-4/98 filk convention

Live365 internet radio - programmed by Filk.com

Finance / Stock Market:
Center for Financial Learning 10 independent financial experts and consumer education advoctates explain what you need to know.
Investopedia definitions of 2,000+ financial terms, ...
AmeriTrade online brokerage.
Bankrate.com database of prices on banking services (loans, cavings accounts, ...).
Brill.com mutual funds interactive
CardWeb.com comparison of credit card features.
Chicago Board Options Exchange options trading, ...
Company Sleuth compiling news, insider trades, registrations of internet domains, trademarks, patents, ... (free)
CorporateInformation links to industry data, links to 350,000+ company profiles, earnings estimates, analyst reports, 15,000+ research reports, 12,000+ message boards, ...(free and fee)
Datalink.net investment advice.
Datek Online online brokerage.
Direct Search a list of hidden web pages (free)
Dismal Scientist economics
DLJDirect online brokerage.
Dreyfus Brokerage Services online brokerage.
E-Loan.com mortgages and loans.
E*Trade online brokerage.
EDGAR Online filings, quarterly and annual reports, ownership statements, insider trades, mergers and acquisitions, ... (free and fee)
EoMonitor tracks changes in selected web pages (free and fee)
Financial Find financial search engine
Gomez.com ratings and customer review of e-commerce sites.
Hoover's Online information on 50,000+ companies and industries (free and fee).
IPO Monitor
ipoPros, upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) Calendar, historical database of deals, FAQ, ...
Merrill Lynch online brokerage.
Money Management International nonprofit free help for people with financial problems
Motley Fool investment advice.
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online online brokerage.
Morningstar mutual funds interactive mega-site, investment advice, ...
Mortgate Professor, information on amortization, temporary buydowns, ....
Multex Investor information on stock/business activity, investment advice, ...
National Discount Brokers online brokerage.
NetBank internet banking and financial services.
NetMind Mind-It tracks changes in selected web pages (free and fee)
Online Trading Inc. online brokerage.
PandaMoney money management software
Prudential Securities internet banking and financial services.
Quicken.com stock sales calculator, ...
Quote.com get quotes on stocks, ...
Raging Bull investment advice.
Renaissance Capital
Schwab online brokerage.
TheStreet.com investment advice.
Techdirt rumors about the market.
Thomas Register listing of U.S. Manufacturers and their products.
Wall Street City investment advice.
Ziff Davis Interactive Investor investment advice.
PC Magazine PayEmOff (credit card management/analysis utility)

CardTrak.com Comfort Zone, June 5, 2007 debt survey summary
USATODAY.com Healthy lifestyle helps fiscal fitness, too

Online Stock Trading - Direct Access Systems (DAS)
The Island
Level 2 Trader
Net Trade Online
Niphix Investments

Find Sounds search engine for audio files.

FindTutorials.com a tutorials search engine

Scott M. Fischer art and illustration

The Art Of Seth Fisher

Flatulence Filter

FleaMarketGuide.com source for offline shopping of the interesting kind.

Ultimate Flintstones Site An unofficial site dedicated to the greatest cartoon ever!

Flix Productions animated educational software (for all ages)

Flux outrageous commentaries.

www.FLYINGOMELETTE.com video game reviews, faqs, music downloads, ...
www.FLYINGOMELETTE.com Flying Omelette's Video Game MP3 and WMA Downloads

Flypower fly powered airplanes

AkFontViewer view samples of fonts in their own type faces
The Font Thing displays installed fonts, add, remove, print, copy, delete, group, ...
Meracl FontMap view samples of fonts in their own type faces, move fonts among your programs, ...
ProFantasy Launch Pad fantasy fonts.
Font Emporium collection of shareware fonts
Web Fonts

Food.com enter your zip code, and find out what resturants are closest to you.
USA Today.com In Trend Toward Vanity Food, It's Getting Personal
USA Today.com At restaurants, takeout takes off

Forest Lawn Museum Exhibits and Educational Series

ForeThought.com online funeral planning service (funeral planning guide, links to funeral homes, ...)
PowerSolutions has written PreNeed funeral planning software (What will they think of next?).

Forgotten Books which you can read online

Fork In The Head, a fill in the blanks form to let a webmaster know you don't like their web site.

Eric Fortune artist

Fossil Farms Ostrich for an exotic select of meats to eat.

Jon Foster artist

Frappr Maps Group Maps for Online Communities

Frank Frazetta artist

CyberRebate.com online rebate manager/hub
Ebates.com cash back on all kinds of online purchases
FlamingoWorld.com meta site for online coupons or other incentives
Free After Rebate
Free Bargain
Free Forum or Free Forum, a place to see what is available for free.
Free Internet Services Portal games, software, email filters, ISPs, images, chat, radio, ... With search engines, ...
FreeLotto sweepstakes sites
The Free Site links to offline and online freebies (including: software, web sites, e-mail, ...)
iWon.com use this portal and have chance to win cash.
iWin.com sweepstakes sites
Lucky Surf sweepstakes sites

FreeShipping.com find out what sites are offering free shipping (via their search engine).

Freedom Ship a soon to be (10+ years) 4,320 foot long city on the sea.

Fresh Yarn

FreudNet: The A.A.Brill Library, New York Psychoanalytic Institute's online library.

USA Today.com People With Pals At Work More Satisfied, Productive

frieze.com - Contemporary Art and Culture Word Perhect, online word processor (with personalization features)

Fry's Electronics Sucks and links to other folks with similar experiences.

DotComFailures a dotcom death watch site.
F***ed Company a dotcom death watch site. A dead pool for dot-com companies.
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
TheCompost.com reporting on industry troubles, and dot-com death wish poll.
WebMergers source of info for online companies in crisis (find out what your favorite company is up to-or down to).
slashdot.org Former Dot-Com Workers Crowd Homeless Shelters

The Origins of the "f***" word

funny2.com what are the odds (of things happening)

Furby Autopsy
Hack Furby Challenge info, links to other furby hacking sites, ...
Hack Furby Contest Winner Jeffrey Gibbons
Furby Upgrade Store to make your Furby programmable
Furby Upgrade Board

Can't Get Enough Futurama info, downloads, ...

Future Phone free long distance calls

Horace Brown Fyfe read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

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DavidGaddis.com original online comics

Galactic Art Star Trek, Star Wars, Starscapes, ...

The Gallery of Advertising Parody

Gallery Of Computation artwork created on the computer.

GAME Mailing List check out the weird web site disclaimer (about halfway down the page)

Game.net with links to online/offline 6,000+ games sites, 21,000+ cheats, ...
Gamers.org what is Doom?
Game Scoop news, cheats, demos, previews, ... Updated daily.

Online Games Directory
pogo.com online games
Sony Online Games Site
Microsoft Online Games Site or MSN Gaming Zone
Yahoo Games
Wired Lounge dreamcast, game boy, nintendo 64, {C, PlayStation, PS2, ... reviews, message boards, archive of cheat codes, gaming news, ...
Aimutronics Online Games Developer
CompuExpert.com vendor for games for PC and MAC.
Network World Fusion DocFinder: 6342, The Ultimate Guide To Hosting a LAN Party

S.M. Tenneshaw (aka: Randall Garrett) read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net
Gordon Randall Garrett read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

CheapGas.net find out where to buy lower cost gasoline for your car.
GasBuddy.com local real-time gasoline price information.
MSN.COM - Autos enter your zipcode and get the local gasoline prices
Ludwig von Mises Institute The Oil Follies, by William L. Anderson

Gothic Gardening just when you thought it was safe to go back into the garden.
Topiary-Art.com carved shrubs
John Evans And His Giant Vegetables How large can they grow?

First Annual Geek Pride Festival held in Boston, October 1-3. 1999.
Geek & Guru Celebrating Geek Culture & News.
Sexiest Geek Alive annual contest

consumerist VIDEO: Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Stealing PornFrom Customer's Computer (and reader responses).

National Genealogy Society
Cyndi's List 80,000+ genealogy links, ...
FamilySearch large databases onliine, ... (run by Mormon Church)

GenoChoice.com create your own genetically healthy child online

geocode.com enter your address and get information on your location: longitude and latitude, postal information, census information.

GetMyArticles.com: Free Web Site Articles and Content

The Get Smart Page, the spy spoof television (TV) show by Mel Brooks, with Don Adams, ....
Would You Believe The Get Smart Page - information on the DVD release
TimeLife Get Smart: The Complete Collection
$199.95 free shipping, 25 DVDs, (includes all 5 seasons, plus bonus material)

Getty Images owns 70+ million pictures and 27,000+ hours of film which sells/licenses.

GhostSites links to dead web sites.

Donato Giancola artist

GiftCertificates.com buy gift certificates from 700+ vendors

Giga Information Group research service.

H.R.Giger artist, who did design work for movies: Aliens, Species, ..., art books Necrinomicon, ...

Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

The God and Devil Show

GM - EV1 The Electric Car (GM EV1)

Tom Godwin read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Robin Good's Master New Media Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Mainstream Media Won't Tell You.

Dan Goodman is a LASFS member, and his page is full of interesting links. (per Rez)

Good Reads for book lovers

google search engine, Google checkit online shopping, Google webmaster tools, new owners of You Tube, FoxNews.com Google to Announce Cell Phone Within Weeks

Googlism find out what google.com thinks of you.

Grammar Checkers:, and other online writing tools
Clear Writer Clear Edits (grammar check and a whole lot more)
English Software grammar, punctuation and spell check. (7 day trial)
Ginger grammar checker (14 day trial)
Grammar Check Anywhere grammar and spell checker (7 day trial)
Grammar Slammer (21 day trial-from zdnet)
Language Tool open source language checker
lingucomponent grammar checking software for open office.
Spell Check Anywhere grammar and spell check (with dictionary and thesaurus) (7 day trial)
Spell Check Plus online spell and grammar checker
Spell Checker online spell and grammar checker
Ultralingua dictionary, translation and grammar software
White Smoke online spell, grammar and writing checker.
White Smoke purchasable writing tools
Wintertree Software Grammar Expert Plus (grammar, spell check, thesaurus) (30 day trial)
Writers Super Center StyleWriter (style and grammar)
Writers Software software, articles, tips, ...

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grandpa's Marijuana Handbook

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages for all things outdoors.

Rick Griffin artist (posters, comics, album covers, ...)
Laguna Art Museum Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin's Transcendence - SOLD OUT

Griffith Observatory, located in Los Angeles, CA.

online Grocery Shopping:, you need never leave the house now! :-)
Farmers Market Online, an online grocery store.
Fruit Over Night.com
GourmetMarket.com, an online grocery store.
Groceries Express
GroceryWorks, an online grocery store (July 2001 Safeway bought 50% ownership).
HomeGrocer, an online grocery store (purchased by WebVan which went bankrupt July 2001).
HomeRuns, an online grocery store.
iGourmet.com, an online grocery store.
Intemperantia - European Designer Chocolates or Intemperantia - European Designer Chocolates
NetGrocer, an online grocery store.
Only Gourmet, an online grocery store.
Peapod, an online grocery store.
Priceline.com is starting to sell groceries online.
Omaha Steaks here's the beef.
Streamline, an online grocery store.
VirtualGroceries.com, an online grocery store.
WebVan, an online grocery store (bankrupt-closed July 2001).
With A Twist, an online grocery store (gourmet food).

CWE - graphic images

Project Gutenberg Books On-Line started May 1971 Michael Hart, there are now thousands of public-domain texts available for reading online or for download.
Project Gutenberg started May 1971 by Michael Hart, (and as of October 1991 still run by him) there are now thousands of public-domain texts (books, poems, plays, epics, treatises, ...) available for reading online or for download (by Jack London, Joseph Conrad, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G.Wells, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, ...), and 30 to 40 are added each week.

Project Gutenberg started May 1971 by Michael Hart, (and as of October 1991 still run by him) there are now thousands of public-domain texts (books, poems, plays, epics, treatises, ...) available for reading online or for download (by Jack London, Joseph Conrad, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G.Wells, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, ...), and 30 to 40 are added each week.
Project Gutenberg Science Fiction (Bookshelf)
Project Gutenberg Australia
Project Gutenberg Australia S.F. Project (science, speculative, suprhero, swords, sorcery, supernatural, , ...)

FedWorld, a gateway to the executive branch of U.S.Government.
FedNet.net coverage of the United States Senate, House of Representatives, Congressional Hearings, news conferences ...
Federal Gateway federal government portal
FirstGov.gov or FirstGov.com access to government information and services.
Google/UncleSam search engine for government information.
GovernmentSpot.com anything government that is online (news, information, links, ...)
GovSpot a federal government portal (news, information, services, agencies, links, ...)
GovernmentGuide a federal/state/local government portal (news, information, services, agencies, links, ...)
National Partnership for Reinventing Government
PlanetGov.com news, information, ...

James E. Gunn read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

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The Hacker Crackdown Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier by Bruce Sterling.

Hall of the Big Bad Barbarian scripts for "Star Wars", "Aliens", "Terminator", "Blade Runner", "Interview With The Vampire", "Batman Forever" .... available online.

Trix's Halloween-o-Webbery This looks like it has links to every Halloween Web site in the universe, along with an appropriately garish orange background. Use this as your broom-launching site for Halloween sounds and music, pictures, paintings and even screen savers.
Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Halloween
BassFiles Carvings That Are Cool (different ways to carve and display your pumpkin)
Great American Haunted House List
Grimmstone Cemetery
Haunted America virtual haunted house, create your own haunted house, look up local haunted house in database.
Haunted Halloween
Haunted Knightmare Mansion Halloween Event 21440 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Claria, CA 91351
Hallowed Haunting Grounds
Halloween (The Globe.com).
Halloween, tribute to holiday by Universal Studios.
Halloween 1999, tribute to holiday by Universal Studios, Universal City, CA.
Halloween Horror Nights, show at Universal Studios, Universal City, CA.
Halloween at 6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA.
Hollywood Toys & Costumes, a place to find Halloween costumes.
Covenant of the Goddess find out more info on Wiccan.
Spells.com do it yourself spells.
Spook-A-Thon, Halloween film festival in Los Angeles, CA.
Spooky House, a haunted house at 6264 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA

Happy Happy Joy Joy Web Site Classic Ren & Stimpy fans should check this out. Remember when R & S was good? We do.

HardieHouse Plan Your Epitaph Day (get a free epitaph if you are on death row).

Harry Harrison read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Hasbro the toymakers has com out with a Star Wars verion of monoploy with original locations replaced with locations and characters from the Star Wars series.

Hats Of Meat

Heartless Bitches International Being In Total Control, Honey

Robert A. Heinlein site dedicated to the author.
Robert A. Heinlein Society site dedicated to the author.

Antny's Place songs about Internet hell
The Web Page From Hell
Internet Hell

The Helicopter Page, photos, technical explanations, ...

Frank Patrick Herbert read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

USAtoday.com Leona Helmsley's dog gets $12 million in will.

OneDayHikes.com find out all the details you need to know about hiking trails near you.

Historic Films Inc. Stock Footage Library

History Channel this day in history, ...

Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX)

Holy Church Of Moo mooism.

Home Distillation or Home Distillation information, links, ...

Home Improvement
Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Homebid.com bid and counter bid for homes online.
Expeditrix facilitate home buying (connect title, mortage companies, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, ...).

The Horror Blog

HotAuthors.com, for a small donation, you can read unpublished works by Stephen King and other authors.

HotSpots see the top 30 war zones.

HistoryWired: A Few Of Our Favorite Things, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History

(Mike Hodel's) Hour 25 The Science Fiction Radio Talk Show is now on the internet.

Clark Howard consumer advocate

Robert E. Howard read many of his stories online, from Project Gutenberg Australia
Robert E. Howard read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net
Robert E. Howard The Hour Of The Dragon (read online)

Marshall Brian's HowStuffWorks

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
UselessKnowledge.com What are Hot Dogs really made of?
Epicurious.com recipies foor preparing hot dogs


HumanEvents.com An Affair to Remember

Humor - computer and otherwise.
As of November 3, 2007 all the links to humor sites have been moved to my humor site located at Internet Humor Pages

The Hungry Software Web Page silly games

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I Am.com online portfolios for actors, dancers, models, musicians, ...

I-Escrow online escrow for use when buying products online

DekareSearch.com creator of IBOT technology (next generation wheelchairs)
Independence Technology (from Johnston & Johnson IBOT (developing commercial product)
MS-NBC News news story on IBOT

Idealist lists 20,000+ noonprofit and community organizatons in 140+ countries that are looking for help (volunteer to help).

Ine reports on antigravity, cold fusion, ...

Identity Theft Center how to prevent it, what to do if it does happen, ...
Wall Street Journal Gap Laptop With Data Stolen.
USA Today TJX data theft leads to money-laundering scam.
BankRate.com Detecting synthetic identity fraud

Dean Charles Ing read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Intuit QuickBase find a human (for tech support).

Improv Everywhere HQ We Cause Scenes.
Improv Everywhere Writers Against Piracy
Improv Everywhere Writers Against Piracy Web Site

InfoUSA Business Information.

InkBlog: The Random Musings of David Weller check out the disclaimer

Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration (tool for thinking visually-writers tool), ...

Insult Generators
Personalized Shakespearean Insult Service Just enter a name, push a button, and see what the bard might have said.
Instant Shakespeare Insult Generator, ...

Intellectual Whores why men and women can't be friends.

Open Letter Intelligent Design - Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) aka: Pastafarians
International Space Station White Papers, Movies, Brochures, Assembly Sequence Highlights.
J-Track Satellite Tracking

Internet Archive moving media (video), text (books, articles, ...), software, audio

Internet Superstore

Intuit.com, makers of Quicken, QuickBooks, Turbo Tax for the web (prepare your tax return online), QuickBooks for the Web, ... online support

Ed Foster's Gripe Log Canadian QuickBooks Customers Face Deactivation

Totally Absurd Inventions

InVisio makers of eShades (view your computer screen on your own eyeballs via this pair of shades.

USATODAY.com Jobs unveils long-awaited iPhone
USATODAY.com Cisco sues Apple over iPhone trademark

Ironman Competition swim 2.5 miles, bicyce for 112 miles and then run for 26.2 miles.

iShoes battery powered shoes that go up to 13.5mph.

iTulip.com, a perfect dot com company, no product, no employees, no plans, ...

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Jadis 2701 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA (310) 396-3477. A store where you can't buy anything. However, you can look. At an amazing collection of props from science fiction movies.

Laurence Mark Janifer read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Musical Parody "Java - The Musical Parody"

JOHO's CoolTxt Stereogram Builder

Jello interesting selection of things you can make with it.

Bruce Jensen artist

JigZone.com assemble jigsaw puzzles online.

JPL Jet Propulsion Labratory

Jokes (see humor)

Mike Jittlov film maker (The Wizard Of Speed And Time, ...), ...

Jeffrey Jones illustrator of fantasy and science fiction.

Jones International University, get your MBA by attend classes online.

jnd.org Toilet Paper Algorithms: I didn't know you had to be a computer scientist to use toilet paper

Journal of Mundane Behavior studyof events in everyday lives that typically goes unnoticed.

JumpTheShark.com discussion groups on your favoriate television (TV) shows.

Robert Jung extensive cute icons for your web site, Atari archives, Japanimation, ...

Junk Food News

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The Art Of M. W. Kaluta

Kansas Reconsiders Teaching Evolution, news story from USA Today

Andy's Audio Funhouse Andy Kaufman archive of sound clips.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

The Stephen King Website buy his latest electronic works online.

The Stephen King Library Website listings of books available, offers of gifts, ...

Download the Stephen King e-novella Riding The Bullet from Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com or ...

Kingdomality Test what job did you have in your past life?

Kiss My Freckled Ass Good-bye: Words for the Boss, Both Said And Left Unsaid. research for book about employees quitting (and the letters they write).

Gunther Klaming, a DOS programmer, with pages on stuff of interest to science fiction fans.
Damon Francis Knight read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Kopi Wuwak interesting process of creating coffee.

Michael Komarck Illustration

C.M. Kornbluth read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Kunstpedia is a knowledgebase containing articles and essays on the fine and decorative arts, popularly stated arts and antiques. The articles are both in English as well as in Dutch.

Penguin Putnam Books The Age Of Spiritual Machines (When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence), by Ray Kurzweil

Henry Kuttner read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

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L.A.Cacophony Society a local guerilla art and cultural provocateur group, This Months Events

L.A.S.F.S. Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. This worlds oldest Science Fiction Club. Meeting every Thursday evening at 8:00pm.

L.A.County Coroner's Office Gift Shop Unofficial Home Page get stuff with the logo on it (toe tags, t-shirts, ...

Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) Rising Fears That What We Do Know Can Hurt Us

L.A.Weekly review of play: Puppetry Of The ...

Mercedes Lackey read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks.

Lamest Home Pages

LangMaker.com information on many fictional languages (including Klingon, Ferengi, Furbish, Elvish, Toslyani, ...)

PC World - The Last Page On The Internet

Last Words: A collection of famous last words, epitaphs, obituaries, farewells, and last stands

John Keith Laumer read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net
Keith Laumer read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks

Leap Year information from the:
Royal Observatory of Greenwich and U.S. Naval Observatory

LeavingCal.com website devoted to reasons why you should leave California

Stan Lee Media, creator of Spider Man, Daredevil, X-Men, Silver Surfer, Hunk, ...

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator generate name, skills, ...

Legal Resources
The U.S.Constitution Online
AccessLaw, online legal research (fee).
Advice Company, free legal advice.
American Legal Net online legal research (fee).
Blawg Search search throughlaw-related web logs
Business Filings Inc. online incorporation services
ClickNSettle, online claim resolution.
The Company Corporation online incorporation services
CounselConnect virutal community/message board for attorneys.
Curiae Project search slected Supreme Court records and briefs
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia, a portal site with links to information about Canadian and American legal issues.
CyberSettle.com, online claim resolution.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) a "non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media."
FedLaw the General Services Administrarion's legal and regulatory research resource.
John Marshall Law School Cyberspace Law Subject Index Excellent source for tracking down case law by subject.
Jurisline.com online legal research (free).
JuriSearch.com online legal research (fee).
Law.com a portal to all things relating to the law.
Law Talk an online law/technology column sponsored by Corel.
Lexis/Nexis law library (fee)
Lexis, a service that includes case law, statutory law, administrative law, tools for citing, ... (fee)
Loislaw, online legal research (fee).
Nolo Press, publishers of legal self help books and software.
Online Mediators online listing of mediators
Social Law Library, a legal megasite with links to lots of online legal resources.
TheLaw.com, free legal advice on the internet.
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet, a gateway to the legislative branch of the U.S.Governament, ...
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet, a gateway to the legislative branch of the U.S.Governament, ...
United States Code courtesy of Cornell University, this site provides access to the complete legal code as of 1996, and links to updated information.
U.S.Department of Justice The starting point for federal regularions and statutes.
West Group offline and online legal research (fee).
Westlaw law library (fee)

Dumb Laws

Fritz Leiber, Jr. read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Murray Leinster (aka: Will F. Jenkins) author
Murray Leinster (aka: Will F. Jenkins) read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net
Murray Leinster (aka: Will F. Jenkins) read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks

Letter Generators
Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
Mark's Apology Note Generator
Cyrano Server generate a mad lib style love letter.
Gorsky's Super-Duper No-Nonsense Love-o-Matic Love Letter Generator

Liberty-Tree.ca Famous Quotations / Quotes

American Library Association
Association of Research Libraries
Council on Library and Information Resources
Tech Law Journal Library of Congress Will Not Digitize Books (article).
Internet Public Library listing of 12,000+ books (searchabe by title, author or Dewey Decimal system)
Internet Public Library
HyTelnet, telnet to library catalogs.
Los Angeles Public Library
New York Public Library
Online Books Page, listing (by author or by title) of complete books posted (for free) on the internet, with links to them.
U.S.Library Of Congress or U.S.Library Of Congress
U.S.Library Of Congress American Memory Project
WebCATS, a research tool for locating library catalogs online.

LibraryThing create an online catalog of your books. Social networking for book lovers.

Index Librorum Liberorum
Index Librorum Liberorum A Rocket a Day Keeps the High Costs Away

CNET Internet Lie Detector Test, assess your ability to tell the truth from lie.

Lies People Tell, welcome to the truth about lies.

LifeLock Stop Identity Theft. Guaranteed.

google search for text, link, pricing
Dot Sauce what is a text link on your site worth?
WebConfs.com Link Price Calculator
SEO Chat Link Price Calculator
Marktet Leap lionk popularity check

Linked In LinkedIn brings together your professional network (social networking)

Live Science Sarcasm Seen As Evolutionary Survival Skill.M

Sandra Lira, Sculptor sci-fi/fantasy sculpture, jewelry, animation, visual FX, digital and stop motion

ListVerse 10 Free Science Fiction Books Online

LiveManuals.com, a clearinghouse for simulations of consumer electronics products.

Living Social for book readers and collectors.

Loch Ness, Scotland. Can you find the Loch Ness Monster? There are a bunch of web cams focused on the Loch.

Loch Ness Research Center

Christopher Locke's Heartless Machine sculptor, artist.

Todd Lockwood artist

Frank Belknap Long read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Look At This F?cking Hipster

Lost America Night Photography Of The Abandoned West

Lost In Space television (TV) show.
Robot B9 buy your own life size replica of the robot.
B9 Robot Builders Club build your own life size replica of the robot.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft read some of his stories online
the onion Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum.

LowerMyBills.com search for the lowest cost for services/products you use. (comparison shop)

LucasArts Web Site

Land Of The Lunchboxes
YesterdayLand Lunchboxes (1950s - 1980s)
Quantum Mechanics Of Sandwiches In Lunchboxes

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Patrick MacNee, find out what the former star of The Avengers is up to now.

MacroMedia, makers of Shockwave (computer animation), have signed (January 2000) director Tim Burton to create some animated shorts for them.
Macromedia download newest version of ShockWave Player
Activison Holiday Greeting - Macromedia Shockwave
Snowball Fight Macromedia Shockwave Game
Greeting Cards Macromedia Shockwave Game

Mad Martian Plastic Eyball Museum

MagMyPic.com fake magazine covers with your photo!

MakeAnOffer.com, bid on a house, wether it is for sale or not.

MakeStuff.com, learn how to make all kinds of things

Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine.

Magazine Publishers of America and Custom Publishing Council

Magellass card magic trick.

TimeLife The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Complete Collection
$249.00 shipping 19.99, 41 DVDs, (includes all 4 seasons, 2 bonus DVS, and carrying case)
not available until 12/7/2007
not available in stores until 12/2008

Gregory Manchess artist

ManyBooks.net read books online.

Mardi Gras
MardiGrasNewOrleans.com (information, links, ...)
Mardi Gras Terminology Mardi Gras explained
MardiGras.com Mardi Gras (informatnion,links, webcast, ...)
MardiGrasDay.com Mardi Gras (information, links, ...)
FatTuesday.com Mardi Gras (information, live webcast, ...)

MarketSite, a place for companies to buy nonproduction supplies from companies.

Marlin Software makers of Virtual Tour of the Ackermansion.

Marry an Ugly Millionaire Online Dating Agency the place to find your fairytale prince and beautiful princess.

Marshmallow Peeps
Bunny Survival Tests pseudo-scientific experiments
Voyage Of The Peep-o-nauts a box of Peeps attached to a weather balloon
Can A Giant Peep Really Save Your Life? giant Peep fall test calculator
Peep Art Peeps shaped into expressionist works of art

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) information on Mars.
National Air and Space Museum Exploring The Planets: Mars.
Mars Society, establish a colony on Mars.
Martian Consulate, own a piece of this rock?

Stephan Martiniere artist

Marvel comics, videos, news, ...

MarvelOnLine.net ISP with a focus on Marvel comics for server space and e-mail addresses.

The MASIE Center a think tank dedicated to exploring the intersection of learning and technology.

Master Bate For Peace

Mathematical Fiction listing of stories and novels which include math.

The Max Headroom Chronicles
slashdot Back On TV: Max Headroom
TechTV Max Headroom episode guide - short lived television (TV) series

Archie McPhee & Company outfitters of popular culture.

Robert R. McCammon author of books and short stories (some online), including: Nightcrawlers (Twilight Zone episode)

meez Build and animate your own 3D avatar. Free.

Me Human, You Alien: How To Talk To An Extraterresterial by Jonathon Vos Post

meat.org an anti-meat/pro vegetarain site.

Mechanical Hit Counter

MediaConnection Online news, reviews, previews on entertainment (movies, comics, books, toys, ...)

The Medicore Web Site

mEmail (electronic newsletters) animations

Mediaguru e-zine

Medieval Times resturant. Buena Park, CA

Medical/Health Care
Hippocratic Oath
American Medical Association (AMA)
Internet Healthcare Coalition (IGC)
California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF)
drkoop.com news, virtual communities, interactive tools, ...
Go Ask Alice Columbia University's Health Question & Answer Internet Service
U.S.Department of Health and Human Services Healthfinder information, library, links, ...
Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide Diagnostic Tests
Health Hero Network
Health Magic
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis or Mayo Clinic Health Oasis information, library, glossary, ...
MDhub.com a better way to communicate with your physician.
Mede America
Medicine Online
MERGInet Medical, Emergency, Rescue and Global Information Network, news stories, information, links, ...
MyLifePath.com health care information from Blue Shield
OnHealth Network
Physicians Online online community for physicians.
PlanetRx.com (financial difficulties)
Healtheon/WebMD professional medical news organization, news updates, ...
The Virtual Hospitalaa digital library of health information

ergonomic information for prevention of repetitive stress problems
UCLA ergonomics resources
American Occupational Therapy Foundation
International Chiropractors Association

online drug stores
CVS/Online Pharmacy

WebMD Exercise Trumps Diet for Weight Loss
USA Today Open wide: Hardee's offers 920-calorie burrito
Times Online Cockroach inspires £1,500 heart created by Indian doctor Sujoy Guha

Online Medieval & Classical Library Chaucer, Icelandic sagas, song cycles, ...

Melissa Data free lookups for maps, zip code, area code, addresses, people, ...

Stanley Meltzoff artist

Merchandise.com store for television (TV)/movie/pop culture stuff.

Middle Earth a game by Sierra, based on "The Hobbit" and "The Lord Of The Rings" that is currently in production and expected to be released by the year 2000. Expect 10,000 simultaneous players, 20,000 regions to explore, ...

MightyWords.com buy and sell written content online.

Millenium Falcon pc

Mind Tools, tools to help you think.

The Misanthropic Bitch

Mojave Airport soo to be Mojave Spaceport

MIT, you think you are wired, checkout their Laundry Server, Bathroom Server, ...

Monkey.org FAQs

money.co.uk 13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers


The Fantastic Typing Cyber Monkey can a monkey type the complete works of Shakespeare?

USATODAY.com New Monopoly version drops paper money, adds debit card
USATODAY.com Debit card overdraft fees hit record highs

Marilyn Monroe

Monster.com interesting job listing

MortgageLoan.com rates, news and advice.

Movies - science fiction/fantasy/horror/...
Ain't It Cool News fan movie review site.
American Film Institute
AdmitOne.org how to make a movie (aimed at kids)
Anarchy monthly short film competition, for the annual Slamdance festival.
AntEye.com submit your video for ...
Astounding B-Monster-Movie Page Profiles on cult film stars. B-Movie reviews. Archives of graphics.
Atom Films distributing short films and animation online.
B-Movie Theater
Big Star Entertainmnet, Inc. hopes to be the movie lovers' superstore offering more than 100,000 movies and television programs in VHS, laser disc and digital videodisc (DVD).
Bige.Hollywood.com store with movie merchandise.
BMWfilms 6 short films made by top directors
broadcast.com (aka: broadcast.yahoo.com) on demand webcast of audio and video.
CheckTheGrid.com movie reviews, ...
Cinema Confidential news on upcoming movies
CinemaNow.com watch movies (from Lions Gate Entertainment) over the internet
Classification And Rating Administration (CARA) moving ratings, with explanations why ratings were awarded.
ClickMovie.com, watch movies online (if you have a high speed connection)
Columbia House Sales of your favorite Science Fiction Television (TV)/Movie episodes. Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Beauty & The Beast, The Prisoner, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Classic Tales of Science Fiction, Tales From The Crypt, The X-Files, various Star Trek series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Battlestar Galactica, Lost In Space, The Best of Japanese Animation, ...
ComingSoon.net information on upcoming movies
Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Site movie memorabilia
Criterion Collection films for sale on laser disc
Cyber Film School Online film school
Dark Horizons movie reviews, ...
Digital Entertainment Network video entertaniment online.
D.Film offers films for download, and soon to offer streaming films.
Disney.com Daily Previews of films, videos, and music
DreamWorks movie studio
DVD Price Search comparison shopping for DVDs (list 8 lowest prices on any item)
DVD Angle DVD ... from a different point of view. news, reviews, previews, ...
DVD City
DVD Express California based DVD seller
DVDfile.com news, reviews, previews, forums, ...
DVD Review news, reviews, previews, interviews, links, chat, ...
DVD Shrine news, reviews, previews, articles, forums, chat, links, ...
DVD Talk news, reviews, previews, forums, chat, ...
DVD Talk discussions
DVD Verdict news, reviews, previews, articles, ...
Eveo submit your video for ...
Express DVD, movies, video games, music, ... (formerly known as DVD Express and Maximum Holdings before merger)
___DVD Anywhere___ This device beams a DVD signal from your PC to the TV X-10.
DiscShop.com DVDs.
E! Online buy movie tickets online
School of Visual Arts Eighth New York Digital Salon: Computer Animations
Facets Video 50,000+ titles
Film 100 Influential film folks
Film.com movie reviews from various critics
FilmMaker.com how to make a movie (with information, links, message boards, ...)
Film Scouts Lots of clips, reviews, commentary
Filmson reviews, search engine, ...
FilmThreat fan movie review site.
For Movies buy new and used videos, ... Database of 160,000 videos at 9,000 stores. (Video rental portal?)
Golden Raspberry Award Foundation (Razzies)
The Godfather Trilogy
Highways Movie Goer's Review Page fan movie review site.
Hitoshi Doi's Anime Pages thorough anime page
Icebox.com develop animated programming for the internet and cable television (TV). Check out Murray Wilson, Rock And Roll Dad
iClips submit your video for ...
Ifilm.net video entertaniment online (150+ films online).
iFilm distributing short films and animation online (6,000+).
Imagine movie studio
Internet Movie Database or Internet Movie Database
Jeb's Film Reviews fan movie review site (rating sytem: how many beers must you drink to enjoy a movie).
MeTV.com, watch movies online (if you have a high speed connection)
MCA/Universal Cyberwalk
Media 100 free software to create, edit and show videos online
MGM will be streaming short movie clips, trailers, behind the scenes footage, ...
Miramax Films (a division of Disney) movie studio
Moletown store with movie merchandise and memorabilia.
Joe Bob Briggs and MonsterVision all the news that's fit to eat.
Mose Eisley Multiplex fan movie review site.
Movie Buff West Coast Video's online hhome video superstore
MovieConnect.com movie preview, trailers, ...
Movie Critic
MovieFlix.com broadband movie provider (watch movies online)
MovieFly.com watch movies (from Sony) over the internet
MovieFone or MovieFone buy movie tickets online, view trailer, find out where playing, ...
MovieHead watch movies online using Microsoft's viewer, or RealPlayer.
MovieJunkie.com movie reviews
MovieLink.com online movie listings.
Movies.com watch movies (from Disney) over the internet
MoviesOnline.com, watch movies online (if you have a high speed connection)
Movie Quest online movie listings and reviews.
Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE) (search) Engine with 160,000+ reviews covering 20,000+ movies.
Mr. Cranky Rates The Movies
Movies Unlimited 38,000+ titles
NetFlix, Inc. DVD sales and rentals.
Oh The Humanity! the worst movies ever witnessed by mortal eyes.
The Orange Project a company working with George Romero (on a new show)
Planet Krulick, web site of directory Jeff Krulick
Siskel & Ebert movie reviews
Sun Times Roger Ebert movie reviews
Sundance Channel info about/from the film festival.
Sundance Online Film Festival
The Sync video entertaniment online.
Pseudo video entertaniment online.
The Reel a movie matcher based on a questioniare you fill out, also movie thesaurus. Sells DVDs, bi-weekly film commentary, ...
RentMyDVD.com DVD sales and rentals.
Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews, ...
Mr. Showbiz movie reviews, ...
SCI-FI Empire video/DVD news, reviews, ...
Showtime's Alternative Media Festival
SightSound.com movie sale/rentals/downloads, ...
SpotLife submit your video for ...
20th Century Fox
Turner Classic Movies
UndergroundFilm.com online film community with 250+ short films in their library
Universal Pictures
Universal Studios Store
Warner Bros. Home Page A world of cartoons and music
Warner Bros. Studio Store merchandise

XploitedCinema.com all your favorite exploitation flicks from around the world are now available.
Yahoo! Movies Online Shorts search, view, ...
YesVideo transfer your home movies to DVD.
YourFreeDVDs.com perform required actions, and earn points towards free DVDs.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence check out this site, or use google to search for Jeanine Salla
Blair Witch Legend
Chicken Run claymation animation movie
Dinosaur Disney animated movie about dinosaurs
Final Fantasy new animated movie based on the game.
Galaxy Quest Star Trek and Trekkies parody, movie site.
Galaxy Quest (movie) parody television (TV) show fan site.
Harry Potter
Kong is King.net King Kong remake by the director of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Apple quicktime trailer for: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
The Matrix, (the movie)

Muppets From Space (movie)
Mystery Men (movie)
The Ninth Gate movie trailer
Planet Of The Apes movie by Tim Burton
Rocky And Bullwinkle the famous animated moose and squirrel in a live action movie.
Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Web Site Lets do the time warp again.
Spider-Man Hype! your source for all things spiderman (movie, comics, products, ...)
Titan A.E. animated movie

MP3 rewards program. Get various products (software, DVD, accessories, ...) for only the cost of shipping and handling.

Shocked And Amazed: On And Off The Midway

msgeek.org an interactive news/commentary site

MUD Resource Collection (Multi User Dungeon)

MultiCity.com chat room, instant messaging, message boards, ... all with on the fly language translation

Rob Keller's Mummy Museum

Muppets World
Muppet Central Fan Site all things muppets: news, products for sale, ...

The International MPEG Bizarre 1st Film Festival

MuseumCompany.com online retailer of museum related merchandise and gifts.
MuseumNetwork.com, links to 33,000+ museums.
Museum Tickets Online

Museum of Television and Radio

Museum of Bad Art
Museum of Bad Art exhibit at the Lawlor Gallery.
BadArt.com see the worst in art work (images, links, commentary, ...).

Museum Of Jurassic Technology

Museum of Modern Art Online Store

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices -- has been replaced with:
Consumer Injury Lawyers Fraud Hall Of Fame.

Music (demented) - Newsgroups/Resources:
As of November 3, 2007 all the links to humor sites have been moved to my humor site located at Internet Humor Pages

MyCereal.com from General Mills, allows a select group of beta customers, to order custom breakfast cereals.

MyHeritage face recognition (upload your photo and find out which celebrity you most resemble)

MyLackey.com Spend too much time at the office? Get someone to help you out!

MyRemoteControl.com, a placed to replace your lost or destroyed device.

Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 mocks bad science fiction movies.

The Mystery Zone for aspiring mystery writers, with biographical pieces about writers.

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Welcome To NaDa (Bernard Belanger) software that is compatible with every program and OS because it does nothing.

Naked Dancing Llama Homepage presidental candidate, advice giver, music, t-shirts, ...

Name That Candybar by looking at a cross section.

Name Generators
AppleWood Books Pilgrim Name Generator (convert your name into a Pilgrim name)
Evangelist Name Generator (ENG)
Instant Tough Name Generator Sopranos Mob Name Generator
Surrealist Domain Name Generator
White Lesbian Name Generator

N.A.S.A. archive of Astronomy Picture Of The Day (from June 16, 1995 through today)
N.A.S.A. The Year In Pictures - 2006
Science@NASA Watch Out for Spaceships
NASA - Send Your Name To Mars NASA is trying to get over a million names on a CD that will be put on the Mars 2001 Lander (and consequently sent to Mars). You can be a part of history simply by submitting your name.

National Center for Science Education (NCSE) defending the teaching of evolution in public schools.

National Geographic now has all 108 years of the magazine available on a 30 CD-ROM set.
National Geographic: Egypt Pyramids

National Union of Idiots for the last minority without benefits or rights.

National Priorities Project The War In Iraq Costs (running total of costs)

Natural History Museum Dino Directory

netpublished.net publishing books, music, art, scripts, ... online.

YouTube Network - movie with Peter Finch, the I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore! speech

Network World docfinder: 4851, Wacky WebFinds

Happy New Year (flash sound/animation)

News Broadcasters
ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
CNN News
Fox News
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBC NewsWorld Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
BBC News British Broadcasting Corporation

KnightRidder.com owner of lots of local newspapers throughout the USA
Los Angeles Times archives (back to 1990)
San Jose Mercury News
New York Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

U.S.News & World Report
Wired News

Wire News Services
US: Associated Press (AP)
US: United Press Internationl (UPI)
UK: Reuters
France: Agence France Presse (AFP)
Russia: TASS
Japan: Kyodo
China: Xinhua

News Resources
AJR NewsLink American Journalism Review (links to other news sources)
FeedRoom.com news site directory
StartingPage.com news site directory
TotalNews, extensive links to other news sources.
WorldNews.com news site directory
Yahoo! News news site directory
Zatso.com news site directory
Kessing's Worldwide international news service.
Newspapers Online, extensive links to other news resources.
NewsLibrary, search 36+ newspapers archives.
NewsHub, coverage of news sites on the internet.
Wired Magazine NewsBot, search (last 2 weeks) general and international news.
NewsIndex, links to todays edition of 100s of newspapers.
Excite NewsTracker
Net.Journal Directory, listings for Web-based periodicals.
Electric Library, look for publications and search them.
NewsHound, search the Knight-Riddder news chain.

News Updates
NewsPage, personalize your news.
Inquisit, create personal agents to track your interests.

Alternative Press News Resources
The Drudge Report
The Onion news satire

Internet News Resources
FizzyLab search engine for news stories
CyberSkeptics Guide to Internet Research aka: Fulltext Sources Online, find out if an original or reprint copy (of any book or article) is available.

Database and Online
Information Today
Net Happenings
Netsurfer Digest
Search Engine Report and Search Engine Watch
Seidman's Online Insider

Weird/Alternative News Resources
APB News independent newswire that covers crime and justice that mainstream press tends to ignore
CopWatch what are the police up to now?
Corporate Watch multinational coorporate news
Counterpunch radical muckraking newsletter and web site.
Disinformation.com guide to hidden information (police-state tactics, conspiracies, extremism, corporation creeps, radicals, revolutionaries, ... complete with search engine
The Emperor's Clothes alternative views on NATO and U.S.Foreign policy
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting media watchdog group.
Federation of American Scientists
Fortean Times weird news (stories that defy explaination and/or belief)
Freedom Forum daily reports on free speech in the United States
Free Speech Internet Television independent vido documentaries, guerrilla coverage of IMF activities, ...
GettingIt online magazine updated daily. Unusual/weird/twisted/... look at politics and culture
Haiku Headlines get your news in haikus.
Human Rights Watch atrocities, massacres, disappearances, suppression, ... worldwide.
Index Online global perspective on free speech and freedom of the press
The Konformist conspiratorial look at daily news
NameBase index of 250,000+ citations from 750 newspapers magaazines and books on CIA agents, Cold Warriors, mafioso, politicians or multinational corporations
News Of The Weird
OpenSecrets follow which politicians are getting money from what sources
Strange But True
USA Today weird news

News A Rama.com Saudi Cleric Places Fatwa on Mickey Mouse.

Newsweek The Predators' Ball - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have helped defang laws that might have prevented the subprime mess.

The Official Ninja Webpage

Larry Niven read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks

Country Calling Codes help callers find international dialing codes.
North America Numbering Plan Administration (phone numbers), includes an area code look up feature.
Area-Code.com area code, zip code, county, city look up
AmeriCom area de-coder (area code look up)
555-1212.com telephone numbers information, includes an area code look up feature.

No Compromise When You Are Right A Blog For Those Who Take Reality Seriously.

NoMarriage.com web site explaining why no man you should marry, especially an American woman.
TimesOnline The shortest showbiz marriages

TheNoNonsenseMan.com the truth about relations between men and women.
TheNoNonsenseMan.com articles by Marc Rudov

Andre Norton author
Andre Norton read some of her stories online, from ManyBooks.net
Andre Norton read some of her stories online, from BaenBooks

(The Customer Is) Not Always Right

Alan Nourse read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Nova's Ark slide show presentation

Nuclear Information and Research Service information, news, links, ...
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) site devoted to problems associated with nuclear proliferation.
Committee For Nuclear Responsibility (CNR)

Number Watch All about the scares, scams, junk, panics, and flummery cooked up by the media, politicians, bureaucrats, so-called scientists and others who try to confuse you with wrong numbers. Working to combat Math Hysteria.


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Oaksterdam University quality training for the cannabis industry
San Frasncisco Chronicle Marijuana 101: School teaches ins, outs of pot

Oanda currency conversion

ObitDetails.com get your obituary listed here forever (for a fee)

OfficeClippy.com what will happen to the dancing office clip helper now that default is turned off in office XP.

OneName.com eXtensible Name Service (XNS)

Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum
Olympic Collectors Commission

Online Conversion distance, currency, temperature, length, speed, volume, weight, area, density, pressure, force, power, clothing, cooking, ASCII/Decimal/Hexadecimal/Binary, ...

OnlineFandom news and perspectives on fan communication and online social life.

Online Film Festival March 22 - 23, 2000

The Open Culture Foundation trying to be a library for releasing content into the public domain.

OpenTable.com, a way to make a resturant/dining reservation online.

Opinions (web reviews):
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Better Business Bureau (BBB) online merchant ratings service
BizRate.com online merchant ratings service
Consumer Reports, now has ratings for online stores (in addition to all the other things they review).
ConsumerReview.com 200,000+ reviews, ratings, ...
DealTime comparison shopping
Epinions.com they pay you if someone reads your review (with search engine).
evenbetter.com comparison shopping
Gomez.com online merchant ratings service
MySimon shopping comparison engine and portal site.
Price.com comparison shopping
ResellerRatings.com customer evaluations of online vendors.
The Complaint Stqation
Why.com puts internet users opinions in a searchable format.

The 'Possum Pages an internet homage to America's only marsupial.

optical illusion Young Woman or Old Woman?

Oregon Scientific, makers of a clock that synchs itself with the atomic clock for perfect time keeping.

Orion's Arm including:
Encyclopedia Galactica - Human (Anglic) Revised 351st Edition

OtherPower.com The Cutting Edge Of Low Technology.

The Outer Limits Home Page (the new television (TV) series).

Overlawyered Chronicling the high cost of our legal system.

Overstock.com buys and resells surplus merchandise.

Owl's Ghost Stories

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John Jude Palencar artist

Palladium Interactive Inc. makers of Microshaft Winblows 98 (parody of Windows 95 & 98).

Don't Panic customize hot keys to shut down software.

Parabon Computation Frontier Technology pay end user to use their CPU cycles while on the internet.

U.S.Patent Boolean Search Page

Internet Patent News Service

Wacky Patent Of The Month

Free Patents Online search patents online

LewRockwell.com's archives of articles by Ron Paul.

web based Payment systems
Beenz.com digital cash
Western Union BidPay.com person to person e-commerce payment system.
BillPoint.com person to person e-commerce payment system.
CitiBank c2it.com person to person e-commerce payment system.
CyberSource Internet Commerce Suite
dotBank free to users
Dynamic Transactions digital cash
eCash Technologies
eCount digital cash
Flooz.com digital cash
Metavante e-Pathway
PayByCheck.com Internet Checking
PayPal.com (merged with X.com), and purchased by eBay.com
Princeton eCom
ProPay.com person to person e-commerce payment system.
VeriSign Payflow
vendio smart services for smart sellers
X.com free to users. (merged with PayPal.com)

USATODAY.com Google offer takes on PayPal

PC Accelerator Magazine gaming magazine, with hints, tips, tricks, shareware, demos, utilities, ...

PeaceFire.org people for young peoples freedom of speech.

Peeping Tom Homepage links to online cameras.

Penn & Teller will be writing an online column twice monthly for Excite

P.E.T.A. (People Eating Tasty Animals)
uncyclopedia People Eating Tasty Animals
Politico PTA miffed at President Obama's Fly execution
explodicon Things Destroying the Fabric of the Universe: PETA

FamilyWonder Personality Test

Perpetual Kid Bacon Wallet

Petersen Automotive Museum 6060 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Pez Central everything you always wanted to know about Pez ... (history, view artwork, request replacement parts, find out about available flavors, ...)
Burlingame Museum Of Pez Memorabilia
Prozac-Pez wouldn't you rather have Prozac than Pez oin that little dispenser?

Philosophy Research Base

John Picacio illustration and design

PictureFrames.com buy frames for your pictures online.

Picture View A collection (index) of all the pictures and movies from all the newsgroups for the last 10 to 14 days (280,000+).

The Hired Gun's Pink Slip Party

PinStruck.com send digital voodoo curses

Pirate Archie McPhee (pirate products - t-shirts, flags, mugs, ...)
International Talk Like A Pirate Day September 19th

Virtual Pizza

PhoneSpell What does your phone number spell?
Phone Number Conversions text to words and back.

Phone Company Complaints complain about your problem to the phone company and the regulatory agency at the same time.

BusinessWeek.com The Phone Companies Still Don't Get It

Photograph Sharing Sites:
ShortCourses.com, short courses on many photo/digital image subjects.
ShortCourses.com Free Photo sharing web sites reviewed
Adobe, ActiveShare.com photo sharing software and site.
ClubPhoto photo sharing site (put your photo on all kinds of products) (unlimited storage space)
DotPhoto photo sharing site
eMemories photo sharing site
GatherRound.com photo sharing site (50mb storage space)
Kodak PhotoQuilt of the Millennium
MSN Communities
Moment Of Fame post your photos here, for free. Older pictures get cycled off.
MyFamily.com photo sharing site
Ofoto.com convert digital images to print photographs//photo sharing site
Online Photolab.com upload your photos to share online, and then edit/modify them.
PhotoAccess photo sharing site
Photo.net discussion forums for everyone from newbies to experts
PhotoNet.com photo sharing site (from Kodak)
PhotoPoint photo sharing site (unlimited storage space)
PhotoWorks photo sharing site (unlimited storage space)
PicServe photo sharing site
Shutterfly convert digital images to print photographs/photo sharing site (unlimited storage space)
Snapfish film developing/photo sharing site (60mb storage space)
WolfCamera.com develop film, and post online, sales of cameras, all things photographic.
Zing photo sharing site (unlimited storage space)

Photograph Development Sites: upload images, get photos delivered.
Print@Kodak convert digital images to print photographs

Photograph Software Sites:
ImageFocus image editing software (crop, rotate, color balance, ...)
Digital Camera Enhancer image editing software (crop, rotate, color balance, ...)
20/20 image editing software (crop, rotate, color balance, ...)

Photograph Hardware Sites (Camera):
Steves-digicams digital camera information and news
Digital Photography Review or Digital Photography Review news, reviews, information, comments, ...
Digital Camera Resource Page FAQ, buyers guide, message boards, reviews, ...
PC Photo Review.com
PC World article on digital Cameras.
ZDNet's Digital Camera SuperCenter
Beach Camera vendor of cameras, photo printers, ...
Kodak Kodak DC4800 (and others)
Kyocera Optics FineCam S3 (very small camera) (and others)

Olympus Olympus Camedia C-3030 Zoom (and others)
NikonUSA Nikon CoolPix 880 (and others)
Ricoh Ricoh RDC-7 (and others)
Sony Sony DSC-P1 (and others)
Toshiba Toshiba PDR-M70 (and others)


H. Beam Piper read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

PlanetHollywood.com movie trailers, chat with stars, view footage from events, bid on items, ...

PlanetPinkSlip.com a place for the laid-off, fired, downsized, rightsized, and otherwise unemployed. Including a store, humor section, sympathy cards, ...

Plan4Ever planning for life and beyond.

PPlausibly Deniable Five Geek Social Fallacies

The MondoGlobo Network podcasts

PodProdcuer the podcast creation tool - freeware

Interactive Poetry Pages participate in cooollaborative works of verse.

Politics (issues, candidates and politicians):
All politicians should be limited to two terms. One in office, and one in prison.
* = considered some of the better sites in the articles I read.
OneDemocracy.com keep you informed on the issues.
C-SPAN.org Congressional Directory (searchable by name, state, committee, ZIP code, ...)
Congressional Accountability Project
Cal Tech Internet Surveys of American Opinion
California Home Page
California Legislative Analysts Office has detailed analysis of all the propositions and bills.
California Secretary of State
California Secretary of State Campaign Finance Information
California Secretary of State Cal-Access Campaign Finances search area, who contributed, and who much.
California Secretary of State Online Voter Registration
California State Assembly
California State Senate
California Voter Foundation information on California issues and candidates
Center for Responsive Politics (opensecrets.org) the online source for money in politics data
CNN AllPolitics.com (political coverage)
Congress of the United States
Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee find out what congress thinks about the internet (when it thinks at all)
Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Democracy Network a project of the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the Center For Government Studies
America 2000 The Democratic National Convention August 17-17, 2000 Los Angeles, CA
FECinfo Federal Election Campaign Contributions (who paid who off)
Federal Election Commission, Guide for Citizens learn the rules and regulations for financing a campaign, or elections and voting in general. Go to Search Campaign Finance Data to find out who is paying how much..
gop.com political information, news, polls, message boards, links, ...
GoVote.com information on candidates and issues.
* grassroots.org information about politics, elections, political action and impact, ...
Libertarian Party, a political party that believes in minimizing government.

LobbyForMe.com get former members of Congress to lobby for you. Issues and politicians positions, ...
PoliticalWag.com, interective chats, polls, discussions, ...
Politics 1 information on local and national elections (debates, voting results, ...). California Resources and Issues
politics.com candidates, news, issues, ...
PoliticsOnline.com fundraising and internet tools for politics.
Project Vote Smart aka Voter's Self-Defense System (find out who the candidates/politicians really are).
* Vote.com poll visitors and help them communicate with each other and their elected reps, as well as provide information about voting online.
VoteHere.net information about voting online.
VoteNet.com information on campaign contributions.
* Voter.com information on officials, issues, ...
The Voting Integrity Project news, information, ... on the procedure of voting.

Poorly Written Sentences humor and creative writing magazine.

The Post Crescent Crashed computer boots local man into jail. Owner takes out frustration with a sledgehammer.

Postage: for those still using non-electronic delivery methods (snail mail)
Pitney Bowes Postage Meters digital mailing systems (including buying your postage online).
Simply Postage NeoPost Online/SnapStamps, buy your mail postage online.
Stamps.com buy your mail postage online.

Virtual Greeting (Post) cards:
Greeting Card Association
Amazon.com virtual post cards
American Greetings virtual post cards
Art.com virtual post cards
ArtMigick not your standard art images, virtual post cards, with audio tracks.
Awesome Cyber Cards virtual post cards
Blab.com virtual post cards
Blue Mountain Arts or Blue Mountain Arts virtual post cards
Bristo's virtual post cards
eGreetings.com virtual post cards
Hallmark virtual (and real) post cards
iCards virtual post cards
Love This Site, a gallery of postcards (humorous & serious) and Java Pages.
MessageMates.com virtual post cards
PaintingsDirect, art gallery and greeting card sales
Postacard.comvirtual post cards.
Reguards.com virtual post cards
SharedGreetings virtual post cards
Sparks.com virtual post cards
Webmania virtual post cards
Yahoo greeting card service

Harry Potter books, movie, ...

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head (potato)

Powers Phillips, P.C., Attorneys At Law home of the Bitches From Hell newsletter, ... (a law firm with a sense of humor)

Frederik Pohl read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Jerry Pournelle
Jerry Pournelle read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks

PrettyStrange.com. Yup, they find it for you.

iPrint.com create and meet all your printing needs online.
Kinkos.com create and meet all your printing needs online or offline.
Sir Speedy create and meet all your printing needs online or offline.

Project EBE Online source for sci-fi happenings and accessories.

Project: Denny's an attempt to visit every Denny's Resturant every built (and collect free stuff from each one).

Prolific Publishing, Inc. Serene Screen Aquarium Screen Saver, ...

PsychoExGirlfriend breaking up can be hard to do.

PublicRadioFan.com find out what is happening with public radio.

Pulse a pen that records audio as you are writing down on paper, and links audio with text.

PySol free, open source solitare game with 298 distinct games.

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Query Letters I Love blog of story ideas for movies that have not (and probably will not) get made

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Radio's Golden Age - Old Time Radio

Rampt.com broadband search and directory (specializies in web sites that offer multimedia (graphics, sounds, streaming video, ...))

LifeHackers Ransom Note Generator
Josh Uarey Ransom Note Generator

ratbags.com home of Quintessence Of The Loon (deluded souls with bizarre ideas), The Millenium Project (lunatics and theri web sites), and Full Canvas Jacket (people who rant and rage incoherently at length), links, commentary, ...

Rate Your Students

RB59.com Software Coin Collector Database

Rating Your Online Presence
Media Metrix

The Times - Ray Guns are here!

Real Myst newest version of Myst game.

RealAge calculate your health from your actions

reason.org, a site devoted to promote public policy based on rationality and freedom.

Reasonably Clever see what can be built with Lego blocks.

Unofficial ReBoot Home Page web site and FTP site Morning cartoon television (TV) Show - done with computer animation. Puns and in-jokes. Episode Guide. Card list. GIF & JPG pics.
DMF Comics The Art Of Reboot
DMF Comics The Art Of Reboot and The Art of Rebot Plug-ins
Alphanumeric! a ReBoot portal (and other Mainframe Entertainment).
ReBootniks the ultimate Reboot reference guide
The ReBoot Archive FAQs, links, ... (plus links to the ReBoot web ring)
The Hollywood Reporter July 2007 Early CG TV Gets ReBoot (? soon to be a trilogy of movies ?)
reboot DVDs
reboot DVDs

Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Live Oak Renaissance Faire and Midsummer Market
Ojai Renaissance Faire
Dragonvale Fantasy Festival

ReplayTV internet connection and VCR capability to computer style devices.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) sensory deprivation.

Retro Future what the future looked like in the past.

Return Your online Purchases
e-RMA company that helps business build return sites.
The Return Exchange third party provider for returns for many online merchants.
The Return Store third party provider for returns for many online merchants.
ReturnBuy.com third party provider for returns for many online merchants.

Revbox info on 55,000+ products from 4,000+ manufacturers to register or look up warranty information.

Riddler, web games.

Ring World or Ring World, find a web ring for almost any tastes.
WebRing un-yahoo status.

rinkworks book-a-minute s f / f

Rhode Island Soft Systems or Rhode Island Soft Systems makers of American Flag screen saver, Holyear vs. Teethson screen saver (parody of fight), Liverdance dancing livers, and "Hey Macroni" screen saver.

slash dot Roadside Assistance System Used For Eavesdropping

RHZ radio set up your own 100 milliwatt radio transmitter (no FCC license required)

Robotics Internet Resource Page FAQs, links, ...
Aibo or Aibo Artificial Intelligence Robot (robotic dog, with personality, programable, trainable, ...).
iRobot Corp makers of iRobot-LE (robot with camera)
RobotBuilders.net a site devoted to people who like building unique robots.
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory, University of the West of England robots, links, ...
idg.net ROBODEX - Sony Unveils Latest Prototype Humanoid Robot
Sanyo press release on 500 pound robotic watchdog
R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid
RoboToys.com battery powered robotic sea life for your aquarium.
Japan Today New Robot Fido Doubles As A Dildo

Robot Models

roddenberry all things Star Trek.

RogueSynapse has an interesting collection of movie props and arcade video games

Unofficial Joel Rosenberg fan site
Unofficial Joel Rosenberg fan site Slovotsky's Laws (and other Walter quotes)

Rosetta Stone multi-language document from ancient times.

rotten dot com The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see.
rotten dot com biography of L.Ron Hubbard

Luis Royo artist

rpgnow.com resources for indie RPGs.

Running Of The Nudes: Out With The Old-In With the Nude!

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Fred Saberhagen
Fred Saberhagen read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks

San Mateo Daily Journal Pushing All The Wrong Buttons (cross walk buttons that don't work)

said the random sentence generator

Sand a sandbox you can play in on your computer.

Dos Santos artist

Save Our Sounds Smithsonian Institute project for restoring and preserving original recordings of America's sonic heritage.

Scam O Rama The Lads From Lagos (wasting the time of Nigerian scammers).
Scam O Rama The Lads Meet Paul Bunyan

Science Fiction Art art prints, posters, ...

Science Resources:
National Technical Information Service (NTIS), one of the core databases for serious research in science and technology.
SciCentral, gateway to 50,000+ online resources in the sciences.
Science News
EurekAkert, by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), resources for science.
Meredith Huestis Science World resources.
LewRockwell.com Government Science: An Oxymoron?

The Science In Science-Fiction

Science Fiction Newsgroups/Resources:

Science Fiction Resources.
Chaz Boston Baden web site Science Fiction Resource Guide Maintainer,
Smofs and Fans Page
Worldcon Bids Page
SFF Net Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, ... Resources for authors and writing organizations, including chats, bookstores, search, links, web sites, discussion boards, ...
SF-Lovers Convention List
Science Fiction Resource Guide
National Fantasy Fan Federation

Science Fiction Magazines
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine
On-Spec Canadian science fiction magazine.
Virginia Tech Online Specul;ative Fiction Project putting contents of old magazines online.

Science Fiction Conventions
LosCon convention calendar
Ben's Hammer the original paper convention listing is now a web site.
AgamemCon science fiction convention with emphasis on Babylon 5, ... held annually in Los Angeles
Comic Con Internation held annually in San Diego.
Comic Book And Sci Fi Convention, monthly vendor show at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
Creation Entertainment professional (for profit) conventions.
ConChord filk convention
Cult Movies Magazine convention
Rising Star
Slanted Fedora
Westercon Home Page West Coast Science Fiction Convention
WorldCon - L.A.Con 3 Web pages for the 1996 World Con in L.A.

Science, Optics and You interactive java tutorial. Start viewing us from 100 million miles away (Milky Way), and watch as it zooms from macroscopic to microscopic (a proton).

wikipedia Seattle Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

Scientific American Magazine online

Science Fiction on the Radio

Science Fiction Round Table info, writers workshops, fandom, conventions, science and technology, legends, chaos, chats, web resources, ...

Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List as well as pointers to other areas of interest to fans.

SciFi Central Home Page

Dominion (Sci Fi Channel) cable television (TV) web site.

James H. Schmitz read some of his stories online, from BaenBooks
James H. Schmitz read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

SciQuest, a site where companies can buy scientific products from 100+ companies.

Scott's Privy Page privy excavation news source

Scour.Net a search engine that specializies in web sites that offer multimedia (graphics, sounds, streaming video, ...)

ScreamFest Los Angeles Horror Film Festival.

Screen Saver a place to get all your favorite screen savers.

seanbaby.com Hostess Page (superheros and Hostess brand food products)

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) or SETI, download their software, and become part of the search team analyzing the radio telescope information. download the software here. (distributed computing)

Second Nature screen savers, include scieence fiction and fantasy artists.

Secrets Sites
APB News G-Files crime and justice news service (posts declassified documents on celebrities, ...)
Big Brother's Watching declassified FBI documents retrieved using Freedom of Informationn Act (70,000+ pages)
The Black Vault documents retrieved using Freedom of Informationn Act (UFO, WWII, Apollo space program, biological weapons, cloning, ...)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Electronic Documents Release Center documents that the ATF thinks are acceptable for public viewing.
Central Inteligence Agency (CIA) Electronic Documents Release Center documents that the CIA thinks are acceptable for public viewing.
Cryptome daily posting of new declassified documents
Digital National Security Archive 35,000+ (hundreds of thousands of pages) declassified documents
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Electronic Documents Release Center documents that the FBI thinks are acceptable for public viewing.
Human Radiation Experiments (HREX) Information Management System a searchable database of 250,000+ pages of documents from federal agencies on governmental and nongovernmental experimentation on humans since 1940s.
National Security Archive private, nonprofit organization that collects declassified documents
Parascope extensive material on shady activites (assassinations, government drugging, UFO sightings, pyschic research, ...)
Parascope's Dossier Documents Library governament documents on CIA interrogation, Clinton scandals, Korean War POWs, Roswell, ...
Parascope's Freedom of Information Act Help Center learn how to request declassified document by filing your own FreedomOf Information Act (FIOA) requests.
The Smoking Gun embarassing documents (celebrity arrest reports, strange lawsuits, search warrants in high profile cases, ...)
Tobacco Archives 26 million+ pages of documents from several tobacco companies

The Second Coming Project (clone Jesus)

Secular Web community of non-believers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and tolerance.

Self Defense a basic human right.

ServInt FreeNet System provides free web space and e-mail for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations (volunteer to help).

Seusswear, for all things Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss Went To War A catalog of political cartoons from 1941-1943 by Dr. Seuss

Sexiest Geek Alive contest

S F Signal news, reviews, ...

Shattered Scene Webzine

Shakespeare Bookshelf, his books online.

Dumb Sheep

Kurt Shintaku's Blog Information for my Enterprise customers about Microsoft (look for Schools In Crisis)

MPTV The Hollywood Stock Photo Resource

Robert Sheckley
Robert Sheckley read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Shelfari social network for people who love books.

Macromedia ShockRave Games, toons, music and more. State-of-the-art fun.

SPIFF Short Pictures International Film Festival.

Sideshow Toy makers of 8" tall action figures from your favorite horror/science fiction movies of the 30s, 40s, ...


Tour a decommissioned abandoned underground missile complex (Silo)

quasi official Robert Silverberg web site author

Sidney Sime Edwardian fantasy/horror artist.

siggy random signature generator for your favorite e-mail program.

The Silverfish Gallery 160+ artists painting/drawing/... silverfish.

Clifford D. Simak read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

SimplyQuick organize and rate air-travel search sites and airlines, online shopping sites, ...

Sincity web site of the silent half of Penn and Teller

Skeptic Tank when belief is not enough, try thinking.

SkyRage, a site dedicated to covering the increasing number of incidents of violent passengers behavior on airlines, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

slashdot Migor's Journal

SlangSoft web based multiple language support.

Sledge Hammer!, the short lived cop comedy television (TV) show. (now available on DVD)

Sliding Block Puzzle Page, java applet games.

Slurpee Tribute Site

Smart Money My Outsourced Life

Robert Ringer Coping With Our Fraudulent World, Part I (wherein H.P.America hires H.P.China to do work for them, and H.P. China then outsources work to H.P. America)

Smileys punctuation art.

George O. Smith read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Smogg's Lair 400mb of fantasy artwork.

SmugMug easy way to display photos online

SneakyLeaker.com for people that can't be bothered to use a restroom.

Snitchster.com report any individual you have had negative experiences with.

snood.com Snood (puzzle/game)

Social Networking
FaceBook a social utility that connects you with the people around you.
Linked In LinkedIn brings together your professional network.
MySpace a place for friends.

SoYouWanna.com how to's for all kinds of things.

Softwear ties with circuit board images. Hi-Tech wear.

SoloTrek XFV, looking for basic transportation, try a flying jet pack (just like Buck Rogers).

Sound America thousands of sound clips and sound effects. Also links to sound utilities.

SoundPortraits.org archive of audio profiles (listen to them, or read the transcripts), from National Public Radio and other places.

Spaceships - My Passion maker of unique model space ships.

Space Sites
International Space Station White Papers, Movies, Brochures, Assembly Sequence Highlights.
Kennedy Space Center located on Cape Canaveral, Florida. Learn about recent launches, plans for future launches, ...
Kennedy Space Center webcam of the 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft undergoing launch preperation.
National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) current projects, past projects, general resource for space (black holes, space weather, sun, ...)
Nasa space pictures archive.
The Nine Planets pictures and information about planets in our solar system.
Jeff Hall JPL employee web site with links to lots of space information
SPACE.com find out about space. News, research, science in popular culture, ... Multimedia coverage of NASA missions, scientific breakthroughs, commercial and historical information, online chats, ... As well as Science Fiction information. Internation Space Station.
SpaceDaily information on Mars, space commerce, space technology, news, ...
National Geographic Virtual Solar System (includes: 3D tour of solar system, pictures, facts about planets, moons, asteroids, comets, ....
China Space View information on Chineese space program
Bad Astronomy site designed to help eradicate misconceptions people have about space and general science.
Earth At Night - Astronomy Picture Of The Day for November 27, 2000 panoramic view of the world from the space station

Austin Osman Spare artist

Sparrow single seat electric (battery) powered vehicle.

spawn.com makers of 8" tall action figures from your favorite horror/science fiction movies/rock bands/...
SpeakOut.com news, politics, current events, ... and opinion site on a wide range of topics.

Spectrum Virtual University, online school.

wikipedia spite house
New York Times A Tiny, Beloved Home That Was Built for Spite
blurt itWhat Is A Spite House?

Sportsman's Guide interesting product: Toilet Monster

Speed Trap Exchange find out where they are located, and how to fight the tickets.
Speed Trap Exchange California Speed Trap list
The WWW Speedtrap Registry, where are those speedtraps located?

Stadium Pal and/or Stadium Gal for people too busy to use the restroom.

Stammtisch Beau Fleuve

Stamp Collecting
About.com stamp collecting forum
American Philatelic Society
American Stamp Dealers Association
Liberty Street Software software to manage your stamp collection
Linn's Stamp News
United States Postal Service
Virtual Stamp Club

Josh Heston's Starbucks Sucks web site.

3D Starchart view the universe from any point in it.

St. Patrick's Day
101 Least Lucky St. Patrick's Day Toasts.
Crown Liquor Saloon Belfast, Northern Ireland - beer cam.
Lucky Leprechaun's Lane Blarney Stone.
St. Patrick's Day Disco dancing pigs and limericks, ...

The Supergate SG-1, Atlantis - news, articles, ...
Stargate Atlantis television (TV) series.
Stargate SG1 television (TV) series.

Starport news/updates on science fiction television shows, books, movies, ... Reviews, articles, ...

Starship Dimensions drawings of various space ships, and their relative size

Starship Modeler news, resources, community, references, ...

Star Trek television (TV) and movies
Star Trek Web Site or Star Trek Web Site Official site. Read news about the show, biograpies of actors, trivia tests, find locations of Star Trek attractions, ...
The James Kirk Search Engine, a Star Trek based search engine.
Klingon Language Institute, lean the Klingon language. Read Klingon translations of Hamlet and The Epic Of Gilgamesh. Newsletter, dictionaries, tapes, books, ...
HotSoft Star Trek parodies.
???? or ???? or ???
Star Trek: Original (classic)
Star Trek: Next Generation (lite)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (ninny)
Star Trek: Voyager (lost in space ? trek? )
Star Trek: The Experience live action/motion simulator adventure ride at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.
Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton
Star Trek Free Online Comic A Star Trek comic takeoff is now online: called "To Politically Correctly Go!", it's a very unpolitically correct look at Star Trek.
Holodeck 3 Star Trek Home Page
Star Trek: Voyager
Transporter 2 Star Trek LCARS based listing of 1000+ useful sites on the net.
Starfleet Command Star Trek products from CD Now.
SlashDot Wil Wheaton Responds To Questions
Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning feature length Star Trek / Babylon 5 parody

Star Wars
Star Wars.com (official web site) download your movie trailers here. (11mb to 25mb) Star Wars: Episode 1 due in theaters May 1, 1999.
StarWars, DarkSide Prequel Rumors
StarWars, The Original, and the Prequel.
StarWars Costuming Tips
FoE is Forces of the Empire, a Star Wars role playing club.
TheForce.net a Star Wars fan site
TheForce.net TROOPS, a parody (78mb) done using COPS as the basis.
Counting Down Park Wars: The Little Menace, a parody done using South Park as the basis.
Mos Eisley Multiplex, with links to 30+ parodies.
Atom Films, home of Hardware Wars parody.
Crew Of TwoStar Wars inspired movies Duel and Duality
iFilm, The Unofficial Star Wars Showcase (Star Wars parodies)
Mark Hamill fan site
JediNet.com fan site, also has some parodies.
Star Collector,a Star Wars Action Figure Collector web site.
StormTroopers.com a Star Wars fan site. This particular page has a nice collection of silly awards (GIF format)
Order Of The Grey Jedi fan site with original content, links, ...
Star ASCIImation Wars

Starting (and running) A New Business: Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
ABC's Of Small Business articles, newsletters, news, tutorials, ...
bCentral help start and promote your new business, management, ...
BizLand.com help with building e-commerce web sites, ...
Entrepreneurial Edge tips, advice, examples, articles, ...
EntreWorld advice, articles, ... for the starting business
Garage.com opinions, advice, information, ...
HotPaper.com document templates, ...
iPing.com free internet based notification service (paging, e-mail, ...).
NetLedger small business accounting and management system
Nolo Press, publishers of legal self help books and software.
Online Woman's Business Center how-to's, articles, resources, ...
PR Newswire FAQs, how-to's, newsletter, market research news service, ...
the Service Core Of Retired Executives (SCORE) advice, resources, links, ...
SmallBusinessDepot how-tos, examples, events, ...
SmallOffice.com articles, links, search engine, ...
SOHO America articles, ...
Startups what you need to know to start a business
Visto collaboration tools, office intergration, ...
Working Solo articles, FAQs, events, links, ... for the small business owner.

StartUpFailure.com learn to bounce back from your start up failures.
DotComFailures.com learn to bounce back from your start up failures.

The Steampunk Workshop
Datamancer prestidigital datamancery and paraphernalic technofetishism (more steampunk)

Sterling a place to get a free downloadable screensaver that counts down for the year 2000.

Stickam Broadcast Yourself LIVE! (put audio and / or video on your web site

Stiffs.com looking for a dead pool game?

Stilyagi Air Corps Convention Page

Amazon.com Cliff Stoll's - The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking A Spy Through The Maze Of Computer Espionage

Stop Alien Abductions by wearing thought screen (mind control) helmet (learn how to build one here). Find out more about aliens, resources, links, ...

StopBreathingNow.org go blue!

StopTheJunkMail.com fee based site that tries to get you off of snail mail junk mail lists.

Stop The A.C.L.U.

Stuff White People Like

Stupid Videos Yup, you can send in your videos for the whole planet to laugh at.

Sugar Stacks how much sugar is in that product?

Swaps - you only pay shipping
Paperback Swap swap your books with other people.
Swap A DVD swap your DVDs with other people.
Swap A CD swap your CDs with other people.
Swap Tree books, video games, DVDs, CDs
Book Mooch books
bookins books
Whats On My Bookshelf books
Novel Action books
Title Trader books, CDs, DVDs, ...
Library Thing is starting to work with book swapping sites.

Sword And The Stone 723 North Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA (818) 562-6548 This store specializes in sales/rentals of historical and fantasy armour and costumes.

Suck commentary, ...

Suki Ewers links to lots of interesting space related web sites.

Sunless.com information on sunless tanning products (now you never need step outdoors again).

SUNET Swedish University Network's FTP archive (with good selection of pictures / images)
SUNET's Index of /pub/pictures
SUNET's Index of /pub/tv+movies/spacebattles

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

SwitcHouse.com bartering site (CDs, books, ...)

The Royal Swedish Academy Of Sciences Images And Movies From The Nature Article Data Set

Raymond Swanland artist

Contest.com sweepstakes (win freebies)
FreeLotto sweepstakes (win freebies)
GroupLotto sweepstakes (win freebies)
iWon sweepstakes (win freebies)
LuckySurf.com sweepstakes (win freebies)
MyPoints.com sweepstakes (win freebies)
MySweepstakes.com sweepstakes (win freebies)
The Winners Club sweepstakes (win freebies)
WinDough sweepstakes (win freebies)

Darrell K. Sweet science fiction / fantasy and western artist.

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health play the Catch The Sperm (game)

System Administrator Appreciation Day, Advice To Employees On The Proper Use Of The System Administrator's Valuable Time

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Talon Member of L.A.S.F.S.

TargitMail.com, for those people who don't get enough spam already, you can opt-in (sign up) for this e-mail marketing service.

tarzan.org home site of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, ...

Top Ten U.S. Tax Sites (per Internet Week, May 7, 2001)
1 IRS.gov
2 Quicken.com
3 FedWorld.gov
4 Intuit.com
5 TurboTax.com
6 USTreas.com
7 TaxCut.com
8 HRBlock.com
9 IRS.com
10 TaxAct.com
Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington D.C. based antitax watchdog organization.
National Taxpayers Union news and information about taxes and anything that effects taxes.
We The People Constitutional Education and tax information.
WorldWideWeb Tax, information, FAQs, tax tables, forms, publications, IRS phone directory, tax calculators, discussion groups, IRS links, ...
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Online now you can pay various federal taxes online.
Internal Revenue Service - web site
Internal Revenue Service - FTP site where you can get the forms as well as instructions.
Internal Revenue Service Forms and Publications (download, print fill out, mail.)
Internal Revenue Service Forms and Publications (download, print fill out, mail.)
Internal Revenue Service Links to State Tax Forms.
Internal Revenue Service Tax Information For You (links to useful info).
Internal Revenue Service Tax Trails (interactive deduction and credit finder).
Internal Revenue Service W4 Calculator
Internal Revenue Service Tax Information For Small Businesses
Internal Revenue Service Business Library (forms)
Internal Revenue Service paperless filing pilot program.
Internal Revenue Service or Internal Revenue Service list of approved e-file partners
Internal Revenue Service Taxpayer Advocate (your rights and problem resolution)
Internal Revenue Service IRS Appeals and Dispute Resolution
Internal Revenue Service - order forms and publications - voice: (800) 829-3676
Employment Development Department California payroll tax
FreeAdvice Tax Law
1040.com tax information (including federal and state forms, state links, ...)
SalesTax.com, find out the sales tax rates of various states.
eSalesTax.com application service provider for sales tax calculations
Baker, Shore & Associates table of State Government On-Line Sales Tax Information
Block Financial Corp, TaxCut (PC software)
CardTrak.com Tax Credit Card (use credit card for tax payments)
CardTrak.com Warning Labels On Credit Cards, May 25, 2007 The government has determined that making minimum payments on your credit cards could be hazardous to your wealth, cause anxiety and could lead to bankruptcy or worse.
eCommerceTax.com resource for online taxation information.
Drake Software software for tax preparers (1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 709, 990, ...)
ExtremeTech TurboTax: So What Do I Do Now? (DRM / copy protection problems)
Taxing Subjects, newsletter by Drake Software
Intuit, TurboTax for the web (prepare your tax return online or at home)
H.D.Vest Technology Services, Tax Works for the web (free online tax return preparation)
H.D.Vest Online, tax returns for the web (prepare your tax return online)
H & R Block, tax returns for the web (prepare your tax return online)
2nd Story Software Inc, TaxAct (PC software)
TaxAct, free tax return software.
Taxes4Less, prepare your tax return online.
TaxLink Autotax Individual (free to download, fee to print or file)
Tax Sites, find out what information is out there.
TaxPlanet tax guide for investors
Income Tax Return for Recently Laid-Off Dotcom Employees With No Real Experience or Talent
SFgate.com Tax scofflaw's $200 million has buoyed state's cash flow

Silicon Valley Tarot Deck computer symbology instead of traditional images.

Jiffi Condom ad from RBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency.

Tasty Bits from the Technology Front e-zine

USA Today Taxi riders get choice: Paper or plastic? (now taking credcit cards

Travis Tea author (say the name real fast) of Atlanta Nights (a work considered acceptable by PublishAmerica).

Tech Crunch Wipe The Slate Clean For 2010, Commit Web 2.0 Suicide

TechQuarium turning old MACs into aquariums

TechWeek Techie Cuisine: Pop-Tarts and Poutine?

TekHeads Forums How To Fry An Egg On An XP

International Telework Association & council
International Homeworkers Association
About.com Telecommuting.
AT&T on Telework (benefits, tips, ...)
Electronic Guide to Teleworking Issues and Policies white paper on remote access programs at work.

Gil Gordon Associates telwork, the virtual office, ...
June Langhoff's Telecommuting Resource Center.
Work At Home Success info on telecommuting, ...

National Do Not Call Registry
Californians Against Telephone Solicitation listing of federal laws regulating telemarketers.
Enigma anti-telemarketing software.
JunkBusters anti-telemarketing script
Californians Against Telephone Solicitation
Karen's Anti-Telmarketing Page
Kill The Calls (.com) news and information about fighting back when telemarketers call
It's also a treat reading the advice an attorney gives telemarketers:
Defeat Telemarketers For Free
CBS News Do Not Call is law
PC World.com Unclog the Net: Eliminate Web Ads
PC World.com High-Tech Tricks to Stop Pesky Telemarketers
PC World.com I Declare War on Telemarketers
Brian Ristuccia letterst to telemarketers, and checks back from them.
MS NBC FTC Creates A National 'Do Not Call' List

Television (entertainment news & listings)
AV Science Ultimate Forum home theater buffs (with message boards, news, assistance, tips, hacks, ...
About.com British TV.
ClickTV TV program database.
iCraveTV, watch Canadian TV on your computer (if you are in the 905 area code, and in Canada).
International Channel Networks
Marc's TiVo Experience news, commentary, price comparisons, buying tips, ... on the digital video recording industry.
Nostalgic TV Land
ReplayTV digital video recorder
TitanTV online TV listings
TiVo.com digital video recorder (television set top box based on Linux).
USATODAY.com New TiVo service to measure its ad-zapping fallout
TV Classics
TVGrid.com a grid listing of whats on TV, with links to... Also personalized search services for your favorite upcoming movies on TV.
TV Guide Online
TV Quest type in your zip code, and get your local listing for next 2 weeks.
TV Shows: Shows and Series fan sites for various TV series.
Ultimate TV Inc. Microsoft's digital video recorder
Ultimate TV list
Yahoo TV Listings
Gist Communications Inc.
AsSeenIn.com behind the scenes virtual tours of some current TV shows.
Television Without Pity news, reviews, ...
Wacky Genre TV check out all your favorite short lived shows.
wwitv World Wide Internet TV (watch TV online)
Radio Enthusiast The End of TV Audio Reception

TerraFly virtual flights anywhere in the United States

TerraServer Satellite Images
Satellite Images of Earth
Microsoft TerraServer Satellite Images

Text From Last Night forward your favorite textings.

TheFence 270+ message boards waiting for your opinions.

The Late Show News Broadcast Museum, more than you ever wanted to know about late night television (TV).

The Learning Channel

The Live Feed PaleyFest: Whedon talks 'Dollhouse' survival chances.

TheColor.com online coloring for children. Many images. Save colored images. COPPA compliant. ...

Theme Parks (entertainment)
Disneyland Anaheim, CA Disney - family center
Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef Australia
Knott's Berry Farms Buena Park, CA
Paramount's Great America Santa Clara, CA
Raging Waters San Dimas, CA & San Jose, CA
Sea World San Diego, CA
Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia, CA
Universal Studios Hollywood Universal City, CA
surfinglinks.com theme parks search site
recreationusa.com theme parks search site
Yahoo Theme Park Listings theme parks search site

The Thinking Man's Minefield

3Dsavers.com screen savers.

TIGHAR Home Page The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery

ThisIsBroken.com, a web site devoted to things that aren't the way they are supposed to be.

This Is True Randy Cassingham. Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Because Fiction Has To Make Sense.

Nene Thomas Fantasy Art online gallery of fantasy artist (prints, stickers, notecards, mugs, ...)

thumb.com presentation of thumbtanic (Titanic, but with thumbs instead of actors).

TightWad.com track scam alerts, news about free samples, waste-not-want-not tips, ...

Timbuk2 Designs serious maker of messenger and computer bags (including design your own bag), with a humorous web site

idee Tin Eye
Tin Eye search engine for graphic imags

ThingWorld.com animated digital characters for web sites.

ThinkGeek.com gifts for the more brain enabled.

3rd Eye Entertainment sells CD collections of Science Fiction, fantasy, comic book art, ...

ThisIsCool.com bingo for multiple OSes/platforms (Palm, Win, ...).

13th track internet radio that only broadcasts Halloween spooky sounds.

The Three Stooges Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

ThunderClimb zero gravity wall climber toy car

Official United States Time
Times Around the World
Time Zone Converter

Timewasters Page :) Chris Carline has turned wasting time into a science. Start off with an introduction to wasting time, then get promoted to advanced timewasting. If you're skeptical, read the defense of timewasting-and if you still need convincing, check out the Top Ten Timewasting Internet Sites.

Toaster Museum Foundation
A Moron's Guide To Toast formerly A Moron's Guide To Toast including: how to guide, history, FAQ, ...
Our Lady Of Toast, Mother of Toasters a religion devoted to toast and toasters
The Toast Bible
The Toast Dictionary

ToddlerWatch.com view your children at nursery school over the internet.

To Do with Bla-bla List: Simple sharable to-do lists. To-do list, todo list, task manager, task list, todo task, easy list, simple todo, free todo list manager. Remember The Milk manage your tasks, to do list, ... - online
Ta-da List To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable
voo2do: simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists

The J.R.R.Tolkien Information Page everything you want to know about Tolkien-on the internet.
Tolkien Trail

Lord Of The Rings Secret Diaries

Toon Link Site Find links, or get your site listed here.

toonopedia A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge

The Top 10 Everything top 10 lists.

Top 500 Supercomputer Sites

Topics Entertainment 1,000 Hikes in North America, ...

Toronto Star The Digital Home Of Tomorrow (the house of the future has no bathroom)

Bill Totten's Weblog The Day the American Empire Ran Out of Gas, Chapter Three of Imperial America (Nation Books, 2005) by Gore Vidal

eTour tour the internet.
spoton tour the internet
spoton turbo software to design and share your own internet tours
Thoughtshare Communications software to design and share your own internet tours
Placeware Web Conferencing web conferencing tool
WebEx web conferencing tool

Toy Stores
Toy Manufacturers of America
eToys, an online toy store. (bankrupt March 8, 2001)
FamilyWonder, an online toy store.
KBkids.com online toy store.
SmarterKids, an online toy store (educational toys).
Time Tunnel Toys A collectable and vintage toy store in San Jose.
Things From Another World comics, toys, merchandise, ...
Toys R Us, now you can get all your toy needs online.
ToySmart, an online toy store. going bankrupt
ToyTime, an online toy store. going bankrupt
ZainyBrainy.com educational, nonviolent toys for kids 12 and younger.

traderonline.com classified ads, ...

TradeSafe online escrow for use when buying products online

sigalert.com freeway traffic conditions for multiple cities.
sigalert.com Greater Los Angeles Freeway Traffic Map.
traffic 411 freeway traffic conditions for multiple cities.
traffic 411 California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident reports for Los Angeles area.
Traffic.com freeway traffic conditions for multiple cities.
Traffic.com Los Angeles.
Traffic Advisory News Network freeway traffic conditions for multiple cities.
Official Web Site Of The City Of Los Angeles Los Angeles City Street Traffic

Tickt Toaster Traffic School
Superior Court Of California, County Of Los Angeles
google search for traffic schools.

Transit Innovation's Slalom 3 wheeled car.

TrailLink.com walking, hiking, biking, trails throughout the United States.

Travel (planning, transportation, ...)
Trip.com - Flight Tracker check domestic flight status (updated every 7 seconds-if airplane is in the air), all info relating to travel, ...
Trip.com Airport Maps And Guides
The Trip - Flight Tracker track the current status of any flight between major cities in the United States.
The Trip - Flight Tracker track the current status of any flight between major cities in the United States.
Trip.com The Trip - Flight Tracker track the current status of any flight between major cities in the United States.
F.A.A. provides status of flight on 40+ airports
How Far Is It? calculates distances between any 2 points on earth.
SimplyQuick organize and rate air-travel search sites and airlines
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory listing official visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, ... relating to travel information
National Recreation Reservation Service reserve camping space at 50,000+ facilities at 17,000+ locations
Alaska Air Group
American Express Travel and Entertainment
Boston Consulting Group a consortium of many f the major airlines.
CheapTickets, discount airline tickets and travel services.
Country Walkers information on walking tours of many countries (including maps, itinerary, difficulty rating, ...)
Delta Airlines or Delta Airlines
Discount Travel Wholesalers
Expedia travel guide, travel planner, aiorfare finder, .... (70% owned by Microsoft)
FairAir.com resell tickts you can't use
Gotta Go! Travel.com
Hilton Hotels
Hotel Reservations Network
HotWire.com airplane excess seat seller, hotel reservations, rental car services, ...
Intermedia Communicaciones
LastMinuteTravel.com aggregates deals on lodging, airfare, car rentals, ...
Mandalay Resort Group
Marriott International
Northwest Airlines
Orbitz.com access multiple airlines from one site. (with backing/support from American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines)
Pegasus Systems
Potomac Ventures
Pennsylvania Travel
Preview Travel
Priceline.com a site to get low cost airfare and hotel rooms.
Quickbook hotel reservations
Rail Europe Group
Sherpa Expeditions Inn To Inn Independent Walks (walks, but you don't carry your own luggage-it travels ahead of you)
SideStep.com low-fare travel search tool
Site 59 suggestions for spur-of-the-moment cultural, adventurous or romantic getaway ideas (last minute travel ideas), travel deals (airfare, hotels, show tickets, ...)
SkyAuction.com bid on airline travel, hotel stays, complete vacation packages, ...
Southwest Airlines
Starwood Hotels
Time Travel Research Center
Travelocity.com (majority owned by Sabre Holdings)
TravelScape.com search for and book airfares, hotel rooms, air-and-hotel packages, ...
TravelZoo.com find travel discounts here
United Airlines
Walking in Britain info on walking-stick tours of England

City Guides
CitySearch.com details on 65+ cities
CityVox details on 27+ cities
Digital City details on 60+ cities
Dizzy City details on New York City
MyCity.com details on ???+ cities
RealCities.com details on 40+ cities
10Best top 10 lists for 246+ cities
Time Out details on 34+ cities
Vindigo details on 20+ cities

TheSpec.com Please flush before flying: Bathroom breaks to reduce airborne weight: Japanese airline

Translate multiple languages
BabelFish.Altavista translate multiple languages (web based)
Dictionary translation services
e-Lingo translate to/from multiple languages
Free Translation.com translate multiple languages (web based)
GO Translator translate multiple languages (web based) (also has a desktop version)
iLanguage.com online translation
InterTran translate multiple languages (web based) (also has a desktop version)
iTranslator.com online translation (free and fee based)
Plus Translation.com translate multiple languages (web based)
FreeTranslation.com free on the fly language translation (currently 8 languages). Of words, sentences, paragraphs or single web pages.
MultiCity.com online translation
SysTranSoft translation services
Transparent the internet language community.
Transparent Language language learning and translation solutions.
T-mail.com translate e-mail messages into multiple languages (web based)
Viola translation services
WorldLingo.com free translation of e-mail, web pages, ...
Political Babble Generator translate plain text into political babble.
Dialectize translate a web page or user entered text, from English to RedNeck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, ...

Tumi makes and sells leather bags (small, large, computer, ...)

Truster, the voice analyzer for the computer.

truth dig America the Illiterate

tubcat.com/ for fans of fat cats

Alan Turing mathematician (Turing Test).

Harry Turtledove read some of his stories online, from Baen Books

TutorialFind find information on 2,500+ tutorial (learning/teaching) sites.

Twilight Zone Archives

Twinkie Art Gallery
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Twinkie Experiments
Twinkie Tour virtual tour of Twinkies factory, recipies, ...

Tymon's Try-B4-Buy Book Club Free access to Tymon's Tirades. Synopses, original books (250+ pages) on parenting, politics, science fiction, fantasy, programming.

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Uchronia: The Allternate History List

Ugliest Tattoos

Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper makes going outdoors much easier.

U.S.Naval Observatory time zone map. What time zone are you in?

U.S.Submarines makers of submarines for personal use.

UFO Series Homepage 1970 British science fiction show from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

uncreative separatists
uncreative separatists Sorry, no free iPods, TVs, or whatevers here
uncreative separatists LoneLiness: And There, Some Of Us Are Destined
uncreative separatists Online Dating: A Panacea For Nothing

Uniloc distributes shareware versions of many commercial products (music, software, ...)

United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service ZIP code look up
United States Postal Service track and confirm

The Universal Digital Library

Universal Life Church you too can become an ordained minister.

University of New Hampshire study of genetically manipulated organisms, aka Kentucky Fried Chicken?

USATODAY.com PC or TV? Each does double duty

The Useless Pages

USGS Astrogeology Research Program

The Usenet News Binary Archive A collection of all the binary files from all the newsgroups (including pictures and movies and ...).

Unleashing The Ideavirus by Seth Godwin free downloadable book on marketing

UselessKnowledge.com trivia, quotes, quizzes, this day in history, ...

UpcomingCons.com anime, science fiction, and gaming conventions.

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Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell artists, sculptures, ...

Valentine's Day Macromedia Shockwave animations.

Elsonet's Anti-Valentine's Day Central
The Al.Suicide.Holiday Valentine's Day Survival Kit
Mark's Apology Note Generator

Vampiric Clubs, Clothing Stores, Book Stores, ...
The Fang Club - 9575 W. Pico, Beverly Hills, CA
League of Vampiric Bards - (714) 894-6315 - Stephania, Mike, Julian, Pandora, Edward Fitch - Gothic poetry & performance
Los Angeles Hearse Society - (213) 227-9411 - Catrina - there is a Hearse Society web site, search on Hearse
Vampiricus (at Naga), 600 Queensway Dr. Long Beach, CA (562) 436-9886 gothic, industrial, vampiric - 18 & over, $5 cover, DJ's Dingbat & Jermz
The Goblin Market - 7162 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90046 (213) 857-1677 horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cult & exploitation, video & laserdisc rental & sales, soundtracks, magazines, collectors items
Dark Delicacies or Dark Delicacies North Hollywood, CA
e-mail Del & Sue books, gifts, collectibles, jewelry, clothes for the Horror lover
Retail Slut - 7308 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, 90046 (213) 934-1339
Mondo Video A-Go-Go & Archaic Idiot - 1720 N Vermont Av, Los Angeles, 90027 (213) 953-8896 - records, vintage stuff, cult videos & stuff

Vector Park games, ...

Video Game Graveyard

Videos (watch online, or download)
Intertainer online video guide
FasTV.com guide to streaming media programming
Yack.com guide to streaming media programming (150,000+ listings)
1ktv.com or 1ktvla.com for full screen streaming video via 28.8 or faster connection
Veoh Video Network Online videos: From home videos to premium internet television content
vimeo video sharing site
DivX Stage 5 video sharing site
YouTube online video sharing
hulu video sharing
TheStreet.com Google's New Foe: Hulu
blimp.tv video sharing site
Atom Films distributing short films and animation online.
Here Is AOL's New, True-To-Life Login Screens
Bad Day at the office (how to deal with computer hardware) (.mpeg).
BadDay at the office (how to deal with computer hardware) (.mpeg).
Barbecues video of how to start a barbecue with only 40 pounds of charcoal and 3 gallons of liquid oxygen.
CowDance.com web site with animated GIFs, music parodies, ...
Eric's Face Morph from a 20 something to a yoda something (QuickTime video) (.mov).
Farts a place where you can listen to the Fart of the Day.
Gwarbco.com Babylon 5/Crusade parody, ...
Babylon Park Babylon 5/South Park parody
Hamster Dance a web page with 300 animated gif of little dancing hamsters, with links to other dancing animals.
Lucas In Love a short video you can watch/listen to on the net.
Robot Bartender video clip (.mpeg)
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut QuickTime video trailer from movie (small 2.8mb) (.mov) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut QuickTime video trailer from movie (big 12.2mb) (.mov)
Winnie The Pooh worships Satan QuickTime video (.mov)
Whales video of how to dispose of a beached whale with only 1/2 a ton of dynamite.
The Wicked Witch Project Wizard Of Oz/The Blair Witch Project parody

USATODAY.com Disrupter Man goes after TV this time (internet video)

The View Askew Universe Kevin Smith, movie maker

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

Virtual Hospital

Virtual Stapler

Virtual Tours

VR Vacations

Voice Of The Shuttle large collection of intelligently chosen links, with brief explainations of sites

Voice Portal (get web information via telephone)
BeVocal.com weather, stock quotes, airline reservations, flight information, traffic reports, business locations and driving directions, ...
Internet Speech have web content read to you over the phone
Quack weather, traffic, movies, sports, stock quotes, resturants, ...
TelSurf Networks e-mail, sports, stock quotes, news, weather, radio, TV guide, movie reviews, horoscope, ...
TellMe.com resturants, movies, stock quotes, news, sports, weather, traffic, ...

Volcano World

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Mr. Wakeup log on to this site, and have it give you a morning telephone wake up call.
WakeMEUp let your PC play an MP3 or WAV at a preset time

Shelly Wankenobi artist and blogs about art

The War of the Worlds - Book Cover Collection

Warner Bros. Originals original online comics

FreeWarranty.com double the length of your normal warranty.

Washington Post Battery And Assult - When His iPod Died, This Music Lover Tackled Apple.

Wayback Machine see what the internet looked like in times past.

WattBug wireless connection that monitors electrical usage in your home (attach to fuse box)

Weather.com find out what the weather is like outside (for those that can't be bothered to look outside their window).
AccuWeather.com 10 day forcasts, real time radar, satellite pictures, maps, ...
Weather from JPL/NASA
WeatherStreet.com San Fernando Valley
Starstone Software Systems Eye Of The Storm (use the internet to download and watch information on hurricanes)

Sam Weber artist

Webreco.com exchange/sell assets of defunct web businesses.

web urbanist Master Blasters: Science Fiction Weapons To Die For

Weekly World News Groom Killed By Stripper's Boobs

Weird N.J. local legends and best kept secrets.

Dewey Webb Page Confidentail Quicktime clips of some of the schlockiest movies ever made. Dewey also showcases his bizarro book collection, his own paparazzi photos and more.

What's On The Net Web Cameras

USA Today.com What's Under The Hood - look for new diesel engines with better gasoline mileage, and less pollution.

Web Currency, online non-cash currency programs.
BigVine bartering system
CyberCash billing and transactions
CyberGold loyalty
ECash payments
Merchant Payment Services allow business and individuals to buy goods and services online just using a checking account.
MyPoints.com loyalty/direct marketing
Netcentives loyalty/rewards
Paypal payments

Web Trips Tyson Holyfield Parody Cartoon Animation of Tyson eating Holyfield. It requires the Macromedia Flash plugin.

Web Rewards, get paid to surf the internet (look at advertising).
Ad Resource reviews of online advertisers and marketing resources, articles, forum, advice, ...
CashReaper.com software that reviews rewards programs.
AffiliateForce.com find out more about affiliate sales programs.
Associate-It.net affiliate program
AssociatePrograms.com affiliate program
BClick banner ads that pay for clicks. Make money surfing the internet.
Burst Media, advertising for specialty web sites that generate more than 5,000 visitors per month.
Cash Pile affiliate program
Centrata, a company that will pay you to use your hard drive and CPU while you are on the internet (network unused computing resources).
ClickZ.com affiliate program
Comission Junction use your site for affiliate sales
FreeShop.com matching consumers with information
GoRefer, supply referals, and get paid.
LuckySurf.com, click on the banners for a chance to win prizes.
mValue.com get paid to share your information with selected web sites.
Popular Power use your CPU for their projects, and get paid a small monthly fee. (distributed computing)
Refer-It.com search engine and rating system for revenue sharing programs (affiliate, associate, bounty, referral, ...)
Reporting.net affiliate program
United Devices use your CPU for their projects, and get paid a small monthly fee. (distributed computing)
Web Marketing Today affiliate program
YesMail.com e-mail marketing company
YoYoMail.com free e-mail service that pays you to view ads

Stanley G. Weinbaum read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

Manly Wade Wellman read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

H.G.Wells read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

We The People USA where you can find out more about PETA (People Eagerly Terminating Animals) and other animal rights organizations and the politicians who support them.

Wet Planet Beverages, makers of Jolt Cola and other fine drinks. Have Jolt sent right to your doorstep, or buy stuff with the Jolt logo on it!

What's Going On, interesting events of the day.

Michael Whelan artist

Nicholas Whyte Hugo and Nebula winners lists and brief reviews.

WhyWork? Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS)

Wilhelm Imaging Research photographic and digital-image permanence.

Wired News Only News That's Fit To Link - aka Use A Link, Go To Jail

WhoWhatWhen place information about the past in historical context.

Windmill World The site covers every thing from historic mills to modern wind turbines to where to buy your very own.

WindowsMe.com the next generation of Mechanically Engineered high rise window cleaners.

wispid Acquiring wisdom from the stupid things we and others do.

WizardWorld.com price guides, buy sell, ... comics.

The Wizard Of Speed And Time! aka: Mike Jittlov


The Wold Newton Universe Chronology Central timelines for various mixed media series (television, books, comics, ...)

Women (resources for women and technology)
American Association of University Women awards scholarships, works for equal opportunity in education, ...
Association for Computing Machinery's Committee on Women in Computing
Catalyst resource organization devoted to the advancement of women.
GirlGeeks career training and mentoring community. The source for women in computing.
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Institute for Women and Technology partners with businesses to develop education and opportunities in technology
Webgrrls job postings, networking, ...
Women In Technology resources to help women obtain top technology jobs.
Women's New Media Alliance mentor programs, semnars, job listings, ...

Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Jim Woodring artist, cartoonist, animator, fun stuff, ...

Words An Australian web site with complete works online of various public domain authors. Including: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, H.G.Wells, ...

WorldPrints.com, free wallpaper and screen savers.

Eating Sago Worms

Worthless Page, links to worthless web sites.

Writers Resources
Authors look up authors and books, and links to other writing related sites.
Authors and Books writing related site, and links to other writing related sites.
Byline Magazine
The Fiction Network site focused on helping new writers.
For Writers The Fight For Copyright blog
Great Writers and Poets
Glimmer Train book and story suggestions, as well as other userful info.
Jobs for Writers
Ken's Corner writing related site, and links to other writing related sites.
Literati.net features todays leading authors.
National Writers Association job tips and other info.
Online Library of Literature writing related site, and links to other writing related sites.
Poets and Writers Online
Publish Your Book on the Web site focused on helping new writers.
SFWA Science Fiction Writers of America - advice to writers on a variety of important subjects
Telecommuting Jobs jobs for writers.
Write Market Webzine book and story suggestions, as well as other userful info.
Writers Contests
WritersNet lists of published authors and literary agents who migh help you.
Xlibris, writers resources, including publishing on demand (your book),news, chats, forums, ... 1 (888) 7XLIBRIS
Zeotrope book and story suggestions, as well as other userful info.
Eccentric Software A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes and Cliches (rhyming dictionary)

Writers Resources - Reference Libraries
Comic Book: research guide New York Public Library
Encyclopedia.Com (based on Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia)
Encyclopaedia Britannica or Britannica Online (fee based)or Britannica.com (free ad-based) or Encyclopaedia Britannica eBlast (an intellectual's search engine).
Encarta or Encarta (free)
Encyclopedia.com (free)
Etronica.com Encyclopedia Electronica
Grolier Multimedia or Grolier Multimedia
How Things Work
Microsoft's Encarta
Invaluable References dictionaries, maps, exchange rates, zip codes, ...
World Factbook, from the C.I.A.
The Virtual Reference Desk, from Purdue University
Virtual Reference Desk
World Book Online

Writers Resources - Style, ...
Strunk's The Elements of Style
Roget's Thesaurus or Roget's Thesaurus
Word and Phrase Originfor the etymology of words.

Writers Resources - Grammar
The Grammar Lady Online for help with grammar.
How's Your Grammar for help with grammar.

Writers Resources - Quotes
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (1901 edition) or Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Famous Quotes and Quotations
Mark Twain's Quotations
Ruth's Snappy Quotations Page

wwwaste.com a waste industry portal. News, information, links, ... (you can talk trash here. :-) Philip Wylie read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

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X-10 remote power control/management (via PC), home automation (via PC), monitoring (via PC), ... xe.com Universal Currency Converter (and other currency related utilities)

Xiao Xiao stick figureanimation at its finest?

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Yahoo! News Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin

Danny Yee's Book Reviews 600+ books (various subjects), listed by: Subject, Title, Author, Search, Latest.

Yesterland what Disneyland was like in the earlier days of the park.

YesterdayLand pop culture preserved.

Your Coffin Company, things to do with your coffin before you climb in and use if for your final resting place.

The Art Of Stephen Youll

You Stole My Time (or, can I have the last 10 minutes of my life back?)

Robert F. Young read some of his stories online, from ManyBooks.net

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ChristinaZ.com, writer of Witchblade (and other comic books), journalist, ...

ZapMedia, working on merging CD-Roms, DVDs, music Cds, ...

Zealot Sci-Fi, news, convention listings, games, features, chat, message boards, ...

Ziggurat Productions makers of audio only drams (science fiction, horror, ...)

Area-Code.com area code, zip code, county, city look up
Zombies On The Web anything having to do with Zombies (books, papers, articles, music, ...)

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test


Zooba.com delivering customized content (46+ subjects) to customers via e-mail.

Zot! Online original online comics

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