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Earthquake City BBS

Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

Earthquake City BBS focuses on Rock and Roll, Science Fiction, and computers among other things.

Last updated by Steven Libis & Associates on 10/24/2006

Steven Libis

The Spammers Win again. update: October 24, 2006

A few spammers have started forging my domain as part of the sending address. Since I am tired of paying to receive spam, much less receive the bounced messages the spammers have sent, I will be shutting down my mail server, and terminating my domain for e-mail addresses. Anyone wanting to contact me can still reach me through my current online spam collecting account at:

Steven Libis

Or I can be contacted at:

Steven Libis
P.O.Box 8106
Mission Hills, CA 91346-8106
(818) 368-8025

The Spammers Win. update: February 19, 2005

The volume of virus and spam messages contiune to rise. I am tired of watching a large number of messages coming into my server. I am now switching back to a clickable online e-mail address. Let Yahoo deal with the spam.

The Spammers Win. update: March 18, 2004

I am in the process of testing 1and1.com web hosting. They have a lot of nice features, including mail forwarding. So at this point, I have created some e-mail address that should forward the message to my real addresses. I have done some testing, and they seem to work.

The Spammers Win. update: April 19, 2003

electronic mail address: In an effort to avoid spam I am no longer posting my email address on my web site.

Steven Libis
P.O.Box 8106
Mission Hills, CA 91346-8106
(818) 368-8025

The ListServ is no long active, as I am no longer using my domain for e-mail. Anyone wishing to sign up for the Insect_Surfers, Boardwalkers or Raw Power Rangers will need to sign up with the appropriate Yahoo Group.
Insect Surfers
Raw Power Rangers

The Spammers Win.

I am now officially abandoning my e-mail address of the last seven years.

I had been using the same e-mail address/sub-domain from February 1997 until March 2003. When I first set up my web site, I thought it would be helpful to visitors to my web site to have a clickable e-mail address. Unfortunately, it was even more helpful to the spammer robots/harvesters than legitimate visitors. Before switching to a new ISP and new domain in April 2003, I was receiving twenty plus spam messages per hour. Even though I have a spam filter, it is not perfect, and I still need to review the log files. Reviewing the log files (spammer address and subject line) got to be a very time consuming (and depressing) job. I am also tired of paying for an account that the spammers use more than I do.

Steven Libis
April 11, 2003


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I am using 1and1.com to host Earthquake City BBS web site. I am happy with their service and performance, so I am posting an affiliate link for them.

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Last updated by Steven Libis & Associates on 10/24/2006