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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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B-coolWare CPU detection and clock function software

BabelSoft Media Preview

Backup Software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks, and other operating systems.
Linear Tape Open new high density data storage tape backup technology created by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Seagate and licensed by many others.
Network Computing The Emerging Tape Backup Market
Network Computing Interactive Buyers Guide: Single Tape Backup Drives
Active @ Disk Image DOS, Win backup and restore software.
Adaptec ReZOOM (disaster recover softeware for personal PCs)
Advanced Digital Information Corp (ADIC)
Aiwa Computer Bolt (based on Travan) ATAPI.
Amdahl Global Solutions STARvault (per server) (NetWare)
Conner Backup Exec (Seagate)
ATL Products
Backburner, a collection of Perl scripts to backup/restore any Unix mountable file system.
BackBurner Stream Based Archiving Software (collecting of Perl scripts for backing up aLinux system to a CD-RW)
BackUpPC back up Linux and Windows desktops to a Samba server (written in Perl)
Bakbone Software or Bakbone Software NetVault (multi-platform LAN free backup and recovery software)
Benchmark Storage Innovations or Benchmark Storage Innovations tape back up solutions (DLT, ...)
Breece Hill Technology
Bytecode Technologies Inc FileSitter (continuous backups to removable cartridges or file servers, keeps multiple versions of files)
clonezilla a backup tool for saving and restoring one or more partitions, hard-drives, and other storage media. OS independent.
CMS Automatic Backup Solution (ABS) (designed for laptops)
Cobain Backup free backup utility (donationware)
Columbia Data Products SnapBack Live (backup) (also includes NetSizer which allows resize of netware partition without losing any data), SnapBack Dup (clone HD), SnapBack Free True Image Toolkit...
CommVault Systems Vault98 (per client)
Computer Associates ARCserveIT (per server) (NetWare)
Connected Corp. Connected Network Backup (per server)
CT Software Safety Net Pro software
Cybernetics hardware mfg
Dantz Development Corp backup software for workstations (for Windows, Mac, Linux, ...) and serversRetrospect Server Backup software
Data General Corp. Clariion SAN Backup (per server)
DATMAN makes a DAT (4mm DDS tape) drive behave like a disk drive (freeware and shareware versions).
Datrim Software File Genie 2000 (workstation backup to server software)
Disk2Disk Back Up (to multiple kinds of media, including CD-R, ...) (software)
Double Image backup software
Drive Snapshot disk image bacup and restore
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups With Linux and Rsync
Exabyte Corp. hardware mfg (tape libraries)
Fuji Photo Film, USA, Inc. hardware mfg
Genie Software Backup Manager (back up to any device: CD-RW, DVD-RW, ...) (backup Windows, or just Outlook or Outlook Express)
gfi.com free and fee backup
Hicomp Software Systems Hiback/Hibars software
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Colorado Tape Software / Hardware & OmniBack
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Colorado 8GB tape drive
Hewlett-Packard (HP) autoloader tape solutions
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Ultrium
Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP OpenView OmniBack II (per server) (NetWare)
SCH Technologies HYPERtape v2.3 - supports multiple OSs
IBM or IBM storage solutions
IBM Corp. StorWatch (per server) (NetWare)
Knox Software Corp. Arkeia (per server) (NetWare)
Legato systems, Inc. Networker
Philips LMS data storage solutions
macrium disk imaging software (free and fee versions)
MediaLogic ADL DLT automated tape libraries
SourceForge Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec) makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image, including backups of the linux system to the same CD-ROM if space permits, or to a multi-volume CD-ROM set. (Linux)
NovaStor NovaBackup v5.0 - supports multiple OSs, BackupNet, NovaNet (Windows, Linux, NetWare, ...), InstantRecovery, ...
Network Integrity Inc. LiveVault (per server)
Nexsan Technologies hardware mfg
Network Specialists, Inc. Double Take (server mirroring)
NovaStor Corp. NovaStor Backup Server (per server) (NetWare)
OnStream (tape drives-FireWire)
Overland Data or Overland Data storage solutions (tape drives, loaders, libraries, ...)
Palindrome Corporation Backup Director (Seagate)
Paragon Software Paragon Backup & Recovery (free and fee versions)
Partition Saving DOS utility for saving FAT and NTFS partitions
PCX Software BakupWiz
Quarter Inch Cartridge Drive Standard info on QIC format tapes.
Qualstar data storage solutions (hardware-tape libraries and software)
Quantum Corp. hardware mfg
Quantum Corp. DLT tape
Quantum ATL hardware mfg (tape libraries)
Seagate Software Backup Exec Software & Hardware
Shaffstall Corporation QuickTape NLM
Sony Electronics, Inc. hardware mfg
Spectralogic hardware mfg (tape libraries)
St. Bernard Software open file support agent for most OSs.
Runtime Software DriveImage XML - free
Stac Replica Network Data Manager (per server) or Stac Replica (Disaster Recovery Software) or Stac Backup Software or Stac Backup Software
Sterling Commerce Inc. Connect:Remote (per server)
Storactive LiveBackup (server based backup)
StorageTek REEL Software (per server-NetWare), CAM Software (per server-NetWare) (hardware-tape libraries and software)
Sun Microsystems, Inc. StorEdge Enterprise NetBackup (per server)
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Solstice Backup (per server)
Syncsort Inc. Backup Express supports multiple OSs
Syncsort, Inc. Backup Express (trial software)
Tandberg Data, Inc. or Tandberg Data, Inc. hardware mfg
Techmar Technologies makers of backup hardware, ...
TeraByteUnlimited hard drive management software (partition, multiboot, backup, ...)
The Kernel Group Bare Metal Restore (data recovery software solution)
2BrightSparks syncBack (sync file, folders, drives, ....)
2 Bright Sparks freeware utilities, including backup
Ultrabac.com UltraBac (per server)
UniTrends Software Corp. CTAR, CTAR:NET, PC Parachute (per server) (Linux)
UniTrends Software Corp. Backup Professional (per server) (NetWare)
Veritas Software Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare (per server), Veritas NetBackup for Linux, ...
Vinca Corp. Snapshot Server for NetWare, Standby Server For NetWare (per server) (NetWare)
V Communications AutoSave (automated backup utility)
WinBackup 1.86 - Backup Made Easy (free)
xxclone free and fee versions
Yosemite Technologies, Inc. TapeWare (per server) (NetWare)

Network World Fusion - Downloads DocFinder: 3948, Backup (brief descriptions and links to software)

Backup Software (tape and ...), for Linux operating systems.
SlashDot discussion on backup scheme for Linux & other OSs
slashdot Making Users Back Up Important Information?
amanda Advance Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (AMANDA) backup software
afbackup handle multiple OSs
Enhanced Storage Technologies (EST) BRU
Backup Professional
PC ParaChute
Legato Networker Linux client
Legato Networker server
Merlin Software Technologies PerfectBACKUP+
ZDNet look for: Backup To CD-RW

Backup Software (tape and ...) (articles, ...)
dotTech review of 4 popular backup softwares.
USATODAY.com Consumers get online options for PC backup utilities
CNET Back Up Tips
Internet Week A Better Recycle Bin
Internet Week Watch Your Back And Your Data
The Register Stealth Plan Puts Copy Protection Into Every Hard Drive
ZDNet How To Back Up Your Computer
PC Pro Product Reviews:Macrium Reflect 4.2
PC World review of Titan, and links to other backup programs.

Bandwidth Blog Microsoft buys 2% of Facebook for $240 Milllion.

Banyan Systems Inc. makers of Banyan Vines network operating system (discontinued as of 12/31/99).

Baranof Software makers of software - ModemCheck, IP.Check, ...

Barefoot Productions', Windows AutoShutdown (schedule date/time, perform tasks, ...)

Barry Press Utilities, use to sort out DLL Hell.

BartDart various GUI and command line utilities for all versions of Windows.

Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) Bootable Live Windows CD/DVD

Basta Computing: Software Products

Bay Networks makers of network hardware.

BBC News Warning of data ticking time bomb (accessing old file formats).

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources:
slashdot Are BBS-like Communities dead?
slashdot BBS Documentary Starting To Film
BBS Documentary
slashdot The BBS Documentary: A One Year Report
slashdot Every BBS That Ever Was
slashdot The Find Your Old BBS Buddies Database
slash dot The 25th Anniversary Of The BBS
salon.com When 300 Baud Was The Bomb (article about dial up BBSes)
The BBS Ring web ring devoted to BBSes.

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: lists
BBS List Keepers BBS webring
The BBS List
800 BBS List
BBS List
BBS Awareness BBS Listings
The BBS List
R.G.Computing World Wide BBS List
Chicago BBS List
DIAMOND MINE'S "THE BBS CORNER" Home to the largest UPDATED telnet BBS listings.
Underground BBS Databases
USBBS List North American BBS Lists
TextFiles.com Historical BBS List
slashdot Every BBS There Ever Was
Banana Programming BanannaComm (modem software, ...)
BBS Links Database
BBS Mates dialing up the past

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: sysop support sites
the bbs organization archives, resources, message boards, ...
the bbs organization - BBS Archive doors, utilities, ...
BBBS multi-platform Internet/FidoNet ready BBS (and terminal software).
COCA - Council for Online Community Alternatives who's primary mission is the promotion of BBS's.
Council for Community Based Online Communication Options (CCBOCO) The BBS Corner - main page
BBS Heaven Your links to the Sysoping world.
BBS Mates is now offering web mail.
BBS Direct Online store where Sysops can purchase BBS software and Doors. Also contains mailing lists and numerous BBSing links.
BBSRef Your source for BBS Software. Links to many bulletin board software home pages, and links to some of their 3rd party authors.
Fusion Linux MajorBBS (MBBS) clone designed to front end DOS door games
Brave GNU World # 26 GNU Pipo BBS (Linux/web based BBS software)
GNU Pipo BBS (Linux/web based BBS software)
Mystic BBS BBS Software
Eris Information Systems home of Renegade DOS BBS
sysop help site with links to BBS link exchange, ...
Sysops Corner, BBSing resources on the internet.
Sysops' Corner BBS resources on the internet.
Santronics Software BBS the new owner of Wildcat! BBS software, and home of Platinum Xpress for Wildcat! v4 (DOS) front end-scanner/tosser/editor/... PX13TD.ZIP is test drive version.
Wildcat BBS BBS Software (DOS/Win), (has DOS Wildcat v4.x Y2K patch)
Via Software makers of DOS/WIN addons for Wildcat BBS (has DOS Wildcat v4.x Y2K patch)
Telegard BBS BBS Software
WWIV BBS BBS software
WWIV BBS BBS software
Bulletin Board Systems resources directory of Bulletin Board Systems related websites.

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: put your BBS on the internet
The Guide to Internet BBSs
The BBS Corner how to connect your BBS to the internet (including dynamic IP addresses)
Just Linux Dynamic DNS service, ...
CrafTech BBS door for surfing the internet.
PPPBBS DOS BBS software for connecting to the internet
Multiboard Communications writers of DOS/Internet connectivity software for BBSs.
KSP Software - web site KSP Software - FTP site for KSP DOS utilities to connect to the internet.
Allen Software, makers of NetModem/32 (allow DOS BBSs to run on the internet)
Tactical Software, makers of modem sharing software for Win and Unix (DialOut/IP includes COM/IP (virtual com port)).
Internaut BBSnet (from MurkWorks) NetWare Loadable Modules (NLM) that helps a NetWare v3.x server connect a DOS BBS to the internet.
Google.com search for BBSnet + Murkworks

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: BBSs on the internet
A SearchLight BBS on the internet, being run on a TRS80 BBS.
ArtiBBS FTP site
Cereal Port BBS shareware (OS/2, DOS, Windows (3.x/95/NT), Java, Amiga, Commodore, CP/M, ...)
Chemistry RBBS, file base RBBS, UUCP, fidonet, ...
Classic BBS Web Site online BBS with inter-BBS games, echo mail, ...
Connecting People BBS FTP site
The Dark Corner BBS files, messages, ...
Evans BBS and internet provider for Greenville, MI
Fanciful BBS, with local dial in from San Diego, CA.
Fonix Internet BBS telnet access to BBS.
Fonix Internet BBS (web site) and home site of ILink QWK network.
Fonix Internet BBS (telnet) and home site of ILink QWK network (Lots of files).
Galileo Informatica Internet Services/BBS file libraries, telnet, ...
ILink echomail network
Mysteria BBS
The On Ramp BBS and Webserver
River Canyon Road BBS message boards, files, links, ...
Rusted Shut BBS or Rusted Shut BBS
Santronics, new home of Wildcat BBS software, and the Wildcat Navigator clients
Internet Rex fido to internet transport software (ftp site)

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: QWK readers
QWK & Y2K testing (offline readers) and results.
Tag Lines Alphabetical Listing
Beemail(tm) Home Page Fido mailer
Cutting Edge Technologies Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader
SkyReader offline mail reader
Sparkware 1st Reader (offline mail reader)

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: UUCP / utility programs
Steven Libis & Associates has some utilities for UUCP accounts (MIME2UU, UUCPcheck, UUCPSpamFilter) and Wildcat v4.x BBS (wcFileGate, wcInternetName, wcDoorRunner, wcOfflineIndividualMessagePoster) that are available for download at File Areas
crosspoint QWK/Fido/UUCP utilities

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: door programming
DDPlus BBS door programming kit (full source code).
FKFossil BBS door programming kit (no source code but good documentation).
SharkWare BBS door writing software.
SharkWare - WEB BBS door writing software.
SharkWare - FTP BBS door writing software.
QuickBasic source code for games, ...
Darktech programming info for BBS doors.
NCSSA programming info for BBS doors.
door programming Download BBS door programming kits for C++,Turbo Pascal,QuickBasic.
RMDoor door programming kit (full source code)

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: door games
BBSfiles BBS Software, doors (downloads, register, ...), resources, ...
DoorMUD new BBS door (Multi User Dungeon MUD) for DOS and Windows BBSes.
Doorgames.org source for a lot of door games.
Doomsday Technologies programming
Sunrise Doors ftp site 1 ftp site 2 ftp site 3 ftp site 4
BBS doors Murder Motel w/Star Trek maps
haliphax | shadowsoft productions BBS Doors
BBS doors
BBS Doors
Infidels Productions doors and utilities
Simpsons Trivia Door Game and others.
RPG2100 doorware BBS doors
Michael Adams Computer Center doors and utilities
Omen Files Archives Zmodem software, and others
Jason Hendriks Software doors and utilities
Lincware or Lincware Door games/utils
Seth Able doors LORD, TEOS
UNIServe Online doors, and other BBS files
University of Oklahoma FTP Site allow uploading as well as downloading
Show Me You Care Software doors and utilities
Magic Designs doors and utilities
BBS Development doors and utilities
TKC Door Game and help pages
El Bucanero Software doors and utilities
Definite Solutions FrontDoor software
Insomniac Software doors and utilities
High Mountain Software doors and utilities
Official Unofficial Wildcat! Web Page (old)
Official Unofficial Wildcat! Web Page (new)
Mike Jordan BBS doors - FLPFOP (othello variant).
Official Ace Armstrong Home Page doors and utilities
Interactive Software Systems ZChat door
Shiningstar Software BBS doors)
BBS doors or BBS doors & contests main page
Anti-Spam wcx for WINS/WC CLEANEWS.ZIP, including a KILLFILE.LST.
Advanced Entertainment door authors
PCIMicro shareware
PCMicro BBS Archives
BBS Doors
Fzsoft Support Doors doors
Argus BBS utilities
W4KGU's Pass-the-Buck SoftWare Page doors and utilities
Banana Programming
BBS Doors or BBS doors software
The BBS Corner for doors (including source code).
BBS Corner Telnet BBS List David Perrussel, Webmaster - The BBS Corner. The #1 resource for Bulletin Board Information on the Internet.
Spider Gate BBS doors
The Simon Laven Page dedicated to Shampage, classic AI program.
BBS Doors
Sysops Corner - annex or files
Wishing Well Sysop's Corner
Bob Dalton, BBS door developer
Bob Dalton
Zippy's Lounge Software - web site or Zippy's Lounge Software - ftp site
Classic Video Games and Computers featuring games: Trade Wars, Magic: The Gathering, ... computers: Arati, Commodore, ...
slashdot A Little Bit Of BBS Nostalgia (Trade Wars-BBS door game ported to the net)

BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) resources: door games and utilities
Anthro-Morphs Midieval Warfare
Archon Computing Software IGMs for Lord (Violet's Cottage), Planers, TEOS, ...
Arena of the Ancients Home Page door game
Azmodan Enterprises Inc. Prophecy of the Apocalypse
Battle of The Arts & Primal Chaos Home Page door games
BBS Doors Home Page many doors and utilities
BGFAX Home Page fax software that works with BBSs
Blazing Fire Software ROK (Realm of Kisom), Avalon, The Realms, and WS-ROK, ...
Brainex System Headquarters door games and utilities
Chat 'n' Files BBS an online chat server with a large file library for downloads
Chris Jagger - Creative Services animated wcCODE for Wildcat v4.x.
Clans Central The Clans
Colors and The Hunt door games
CorpSoft's Home Page door games
Cothran Software door games, IGMs, ...
Crazy Larry's Online Art wcCODE applications for Wildcat v.?.
CyberMagik Official Unofficial Webpage door game (and door game engine)
Dark Technologies - BBS Programming and BBS doors
DavisWare Software door games
DEKM Software, Inc. door games
DDS - DoorWare Distribution System, lots of doors
Dirt Cheap Doors door games
Doors Galore, lots of doors
DreamWARE Software door games and utilities
Dumb Fighter WebSite door game
Dwsoft's Homepage door games, and LORD IGMs
Eagle Capital Software door games
ECI Software Exitilus door game
Edhanced Software door games and utilities
Escape Velocity Press Escape Velocity and W & W doors (games and utilities)
EUROPA FTP Site, lots of doors
eXodus Net Software door games
Farmers and Kings Homepage door game
FPS Soft LORD IGMs, door games, utilities, ...
Franz's Home Page door games, utilities, ... (NY2008 freeware)
Fred Kantor author of FWKCS an addon file manager for BBSs. Search for dupe files inside compressed files, ...
G.A.C. Computer Services LORD IGMs, door games, utilities, ...
Gamekeeper Doorware door games
Gargoyle Productions Arrowbridge and Arrowbridge II door games
GuTTeRBoWL door game
Ice Tiger's Site of BBS Stuff and Other Oddities door games, utilities, ... (Jedi Knights and other Star Wars games)
Iezzi Software door games (Gunz=gun runners), ...
Imperium, War Game of the Millenia door game
I.M.S.C. Software StarDock Loco and World Of Tears and other door games
Infinity Software door games
Interstellar War Home Page door game
ISMWare Home Page doors and utilities
Jason Brown Software LORD IGMs, ...
Jibben Software door games
John Dailey Software Dungeon Master (game construction set), Global War, Global Backgammon, ...
JNS Software card door games
John Kristoff's Home Page door games, utilities, ... freeware, and include source)
Kewl Produkshunz door games (Hacker, ...)
Kingdoms Canadian Support & Registration door game
KOGS Support Knights of the Golden Sword time travel RPG door game
, L & K Software Yankees & Red Necks door game
Locatha Industries online scripting language, door games, ....
Legend Of the Red Dragon II IGM Official Archive IGMs
Livewire Software trivia, games, ...
LostHope Lodge Murder Most Foul door game
Lounge Software door games
M & S Software Doors door games, utilities, ...
Mace Software, Inc. Shareware Games
Matchbox - WC v4.2 wcCODE or Matchbox - WC v4.2 wcCODE
Magic Gate Online Game medieval FRPG door game
Magus Software door games, utilities, ..
Mamoosoft Programming LORD2 IGMs
Med-Soft's Home Page logon door, ...
MindField Utilities Sorcery door game
Multiboard Communications makers of various utilities for BBSs (including TransX mailer, ...).
N-E-Ware: Home of Lunatix, Time Port (freeware), ...
New Dimension WC 4 wcCode & internet suite
New Realms Interactive LORD IGMs, ...
One Step Beyond freeware doors
Parlor City Software Doors door games, utilities, ...
Prime Base Doors (William Rountree) door games
Quality Shareware door games
R & R Software Velociraptor, Star Wars Trilogy, ...
Rhodes' Ramshackle Roost LORD 2 IGMs
RT Soft (Robinson Technologies software) door games (LORD, TEOS, LORD2 & T-LORD), ALL sold to Metropolis
SaltySoft Software Homepage doors and utilities
Scott Baker's LOD/SGW Home Page Land Of Devastation door game
Scrabble Door Home Page door game and utilities
ShadowSoft LORD2 IGMs
SHARKware freeware and shareware door games, utilities, door writing kits, ...
ShehkTech Software door games
Simmons Software LORD IGMs
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection BBS 'door' interfaces
Shining Star Software LORD IGMs, door games, utilities, ...
Snellasoft Franchise Sports door games
SRGames WWW Games SRE, BRE, FE, ... door games
SDD Software Betrayal Of the Obsidian Baboon (B.O.O.B.) door game
ShroomTrip Software LORD IGMs, ...
ShroomTrip Software LORD IGMs, ...
Stahlhood software RIP door games
Stancliff Spectrum Ltd, Homepage door games (with source code)
Star Wars Trilogy Trivia door game
Sunrise Door Software (Al Lawrence) 40+ door games
Sunrise Door Software (Al Lawrence)
Sysop's Magical Hall of Doors large archive of downloadable doors
T & J Software (FTP) BBS Doors
T & T Software door games and utilities
Talon Software door games
Tech 'N Software lord IGMs
TiefTech Productions door games
TinySoft freeware door games and utilities
Todd Carlton BBS Door Author
TopCop! door game
Tradewars 2002 Official Site
Tradewars 2002 extenders, tools, links
TrentSoft LORD IGM's and utilities
UltraSoft Product Support Home Page door games (backgammon, sports games, card games, ...)
Usurper Unofficial Homepage door game
WCS Software door games
Weasel's Den (Pete Nelson)
Weasel's wcCODE Archive
Weird Al Walker's Weird & Wacky Web Page doors and utilities
Whirlwind Software BBS software, door games, utilities, ...
Wilson Ware 50+ door gams and utilities
WiseGuy Software LORD IGMs
Woodruff Software Systems 32bit fossil, ...
WoodyWare BBS Doors and Shareware Software Web Page door games

Be, Inc. now has a version of the BeOS for the Mac and Intel hardware platform. Features include premptive multitasking (with pervasive multithreading-for dynamic loading/unloading of device drivers), 64 bit file system, ... BEos - free download (about 45mb), PC support, BeOS - VESA graphic card support, PowerPC support
BE, Inc. software, includes NetPeguin (FTP client), programming languages (C, Python, Perl, Rebol, ...)... BEos Wine Project Wine is Not Emulator (WINE) (get Win 32API to work on BS OS)
coffeeBEan (Java alternative) Opera web browser OpenTracker software and source code for desktop explorer. OpenDeskbar software and source code for taskbar.

The BeOS Tip Server, site with information, links, web-ring, ...

Belkin Components makers of all kinds of accessories for the PC, including: remote power management devices, connecting cables (parallel, serial, USB, ...), USB hubs, ...

Bell Lab Plan9 OS.

Adaptec ThreadMark benchmarking software
Benchmark Factory benchmark software.
Futuremark video and CPU benchmarking software
Intel benchmarks.
Intel benchmarks.
Kornerstone benchmarks (for Unix Servers).
Netperf (Network Performance) networking benchmark for testing your network.
Nullstone benchmakring links
Dave Sill's FAQ on benchmarks.
SPEC's benchmarks (for OSG-Open Systems Group, GPC-Graphics Performance Characterization, HPG-High-Performance Group).
Spumador's Hardware Page software tools to test or benchmark your system, links to 1,300+mgfs, FAQs, ...
Storage Review has a Benchmark Database feature allows users to compare test results for dozens of hard drives.
TPC's benchmarks.
ZD site to download ZD CPUmark32 to benchmark your CPU speed.

Berk-Tek (an Alcatel Company) makers of cable for all your networking needs.

BigWords new/used bookstore.

C|NET Download Billy (Artificial Intelligence (AI) program)

Biometrics Security: from article in Information Security Magazine February 1998. (and elsewhere)
Biometric Consortium articles, news, research, links ...
International Biometric Group
BioAPI Consortium
Biometric Access Corp. SecureTouch
AuthenTec FingerLoc AF-S1 Sensor (biometric-fingerprint) (authentication devices)
BioNetrix Authentication Starter Kit, Authentication Suite (biometric-face, voice) (authentication devices)
Card Technology Magazine news, articles, ...
Chrysalis-ITS Luna CA3 (security token) (authentication devices)
Cogent Systems, Inc. Delta-S
CryptoCard RB-1 Challenge-Response Token, KF-1 Key Fob Token, PT-1 Palm Organizer Token (security token) (authentication devices)
Cyber-SIGN Biometric signature Verification (biometric-signature) (authentication devices)
Dialog BioID (biometric sercuity using regular PC audio and video equipment.
Digital Persona U.are.U (biometric-fingerprint) (authentication devices)
Eyedentify 2001 EyeDentification (biometric-iris/retina) (authentication devices)
First Access VicinID Card (security token) (authentication devices)
I/O Software, Inc. Sony FIU
IdentAlink FaceMail (recognizes faces before decrypting e-mail)
Integral Technologies Inc. FlashPoint Intrigue Lite
International Computer Security Association ICSA Biometrics Certification Program
IriScan, Inc. Iris Recognition Technology, PC Iris (biometric-iris/retina) (authentication devices)
Miros, Inc. TrueFace
National Registry, Inc. SAF/NT
PenOP Signature Series, PocketSign (biometric-signature) (authentication devices)
Printrak International, Inc. Capture!
Recognition Systems, Inc. HandKey
SAC Technologies, Inc. SACcat
SAFthLatch SAFthLatch (voice pattern recognition for Win 95/98)
Secure Computing SafeWord Silver 2000, SafeWord Platinum Card (security token) (authentication devices)
Silanis Technology ApproveIT for Office
Startek Engineering, Inc. FingerPrint Verification
Thonson-CSF Semiconducteurs Specifiques FingerChip
Unisys Corp. BioWare
Vasco Data Security Digipass, Vacman Optimum (security token) (authentication devices)
Veridicom FSP100 Fingerprint Sensor, 5th Sense (biometric-fingerprint) (authentication devices)
Veritel Corp. CVS for Windows NT
VeriVoice Speaker Verification Technology (biometric-voice) (authentication devices)
Viisae Technology, Inc. Digital Identification
Visionics FaceIt (biometric-face) (authentication devices)

BIOS Survival Guide
AMI BIOS Survival Guide v3.1
American Megatrends (AMI) home page.
AMI Setup, an external setup program for 386/486/Pentium PCs.
AMI Setup, an external setup program for 386/486/Pentium PCs.
Award BIOS
Award Documentation and Whitepapers, An abundance of very useful technical info, including documents to download
Award BIOS Modifications tools, links to manuals, hacking tools, ...
BIOS Optimization Guide, by Adrian Rojack
Chiplist (LOTS of information about microprocessors).
CTBIOS, program that identifies the manufacturer of your motherboard
Electrocution (the best BIOS manual available).
IBM SurePath BIOS home page.
Getting beyond the ATA 8.4 GB limit (An IBM whitepaper)
Microsoft NT fix for 8.4gb limit.
Instructions on how to change the EPA Logo of your Award BIOS (by Fabio Iannelli)
Intel Corporation Web site
Matrix Technologies BIOS web site info on BIOS settings
Matrix Technologies BIOS web site What all those numbers in your BIOS id string really mean
Microid Research (Mr Bios)
Micro Firmware, developer and distributor of Phoenix ROM BIOS Upgrade products
Misc. BIOS files & manuals
PC Webopaedia
Jan's PC Upgrade problems Page (BIOS IDE Harddisk Limitations)
Phoenix BIOS home page.
Phoenix BIOS listings.
Phoenix BIOS error beep codes
Scott Wainner's computer hardware info.
Installing Win95 with Award BIOS 4.50G
Tom's Hardware or Tom's Hardware Guide or Thomas Pabst's computer hardware info.
plug & play BIOS explained.
The overclocking FAQ.
Toast Files (warning some potentially dangerous programs up there)
TweakBIOS, allows you to change setup options unavailable in your BIOS (for various chipsets)
Unicore, sells BIOS Upgrades for all kind of systems (is part of Award)
Wim's Bios Page, info on motherboard BIOSes, files, links, ...
ZDNet Links

Birch Grove Software Link Launch software for mapping drives,.

Biscom FAXCOM Faxserver (NLM) for NetWare, with clients for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, MAC, OS/2, ... It can convert faxes to text with OCR software. It can handle inbound and outbound faxes.

Bit 3 Computer Corporation makers of PCI bus expanders - hardware/software for Win95, WinNT, AIX, UNIX.

bitsum JunctionMaster (create drive / foler links), ...

Black Viper Windows hacks, tweaks, tutorials, ...

Blogthings List of Blogthings (quizzes)

Bloodshed Software freeware programming aids for C, Pascal, ..., AVI creator, Install Generator, ... (Win 95/98/NT), links to compiler sites, ...

BlueLance, makers of network auditing software (NetWare, ...)

Blue Sky Software makers of software Web Doctor (Win 95 & Win NT) an automated diagnostic tool that checks all the links of a Web site and generates reports, RoboHelp help-authoring tool, ...

eHelp RoboHelp Office (web help), ...

Bluesky Innovations makers of ZppA, a software only solution that makes a 100MB Iomega Zip drive bootable. The company also makes a hardware add-in that does this without software.

Bochs or Bochs Emulator runs on win 95/NT and is a x86 emulator for Unixes/Linux and BeOS that allows you to run any x86-based operating system on another platform - i.e., you can run a Win95 session in X Window. The above link, however, allows you to do the opposite: you can run Win95 or Linux in Win95/NT. It's pretty cool, but for now there's major speed concerns - I hear it runs with the blazing speed of a turnip on a PPro 225.
SUSE DOS Emulator which is pretty much the same as Bochs but is still in beta and doesn't have a Win32 port or is shareware (Bochs is shareware, but includes source)

Bookmark (URL) management/offline browsing
Anawave Software Maker of WebSnake (offline browser/site grabber)
Elektroson makers of WebGrabber (offline browser/site grabber)
EliteSys makers of SuperBot (automated download of web site)
GoTo Software makers of MemoWeb (offline web browser/web data capture)
MilkTruck (offline web browser/site grabber).

NetJumper.com makers of Linkzilla, which allows a web site to add URLs to the bookmark file on your computer.
OnBaseTech makers of DragNet: which sucks bookmarks out of your browser and classifies them, and backs them up and allows you to print or export them at will.
SurfSaver, a database for storing web links and pages (includes search functions).
Traveling Software makers of WebEx (offline browser/site grabber)
URL Organizer, manage (categorize, annotate) your bookmarks (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera)
WebWhacker (offline browser/site grabber)

Bookmark (URL) management (online)
AM-DeadLink detect dead Browser Bookmarks (most browsers) (freeware)
BackFlip.com store/organize/manage/search your bookmarks online.
Blink.com store/organize/manage/search your bookmarks online. Compares your bookmarks with others stored online.
BlinkList The Smarter Way to Surf the Internet! (shares, save, ...)
del.icio.us keep, share, discover bookmarks
Furl Your Personal Web File (find, save, share)
HotLinks store/organize/manage/search your bookmarks online. Search index based on users' ratings of sites.
Log-me-on.com store/organize/manage your bookmarks online. Keep them private.
Mybookmarks.com store/organize/manage/search your bookmarks online.
Net Mind or Net Mind URL minder.
URL Minder Change Notification Use this web site to monitor changes to your favorite web site.
Spurl.net Free online bookmarks with (search engine and) so much more...
StumbleUpon browse, review, share, ... your favorite bookmarks
StumbleUpon for Firefox, Mozilla and SeaMonkey

Boot Disks
bootdisk.com, boot disks for DOS 5.0, 6.22, Win 95, 98, as well as FAQs, tips, tricks, hints, ...
Ultimate Boot CD as of May 30, 2006, v3.4
UltimateBootCD.com, boot disk with shareware and freeware utilities for system diagnose and repair.
MSFN Forums - Windows 98 Seven Years Later Ed. Boot CD
GAG, The Graphical Boot Manager multi-OS boot manager.
Windows 98 on CD boot and RUN Windows 98 from a CD.
Whirlpool Freeware Boot Discs
Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) Bootable Live Windows CD/DVD
Hiren's Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows UBCD4Win is a bootable recovery CD that contains software used for repairing, restoring, or diagnosing almost any computer problem.
Net Boot Disk DOS floppy based TCP/IP network boot disk
BlueNet Blue Net FREE Universal Network/CD Boot Disk!

dot tech [Windows] Edit your Windows Vista or 7 bootloader with Visual BCD Editor
Easy2Boot make a USB flash drive multi-os bootable

Linux To The Rescue: A Review Of Three System RescueCDs

Borland organized links to lots of useful information, computer and other.
Borland software museum, where you can download early releases of Turbo C (v1.0, 1.5, 2.01) and Turbo Pascal (v1.0, 3.02, 5.5)
Inprise/Borland Launches Free Borland C++ Compiler (press release)
Inprise/Borland free download of C++ compiler.

BotSpot metasite for "bots", intelligent agents, knowledge discovery, ...

BounceMail a program that allows you to return mail, and make it look like it was bounced by the internet for invalid address.

BP Technologies APriontDirect (output file and directory information to the screen, printer or text files) (Win 98/NT)

James Bray, maker of WinKill (monitor and kill processes in win 95/98/NT)

Brian Apps Sizer (easily resize window)
Brian Apps Saver Starter (eaasily start / stop screen saver)
Brian Apps Hot Key Plus (easily add keyboard shortcuts)

Brians Buzz On Windows XP Service Pack 1 breaks USB, Outlook Service Pack 2 Interferes With E-Mail

Dan Bricklin's Web Site co-creator (with Bob Frankston) of VisiCalc (now freeware), Trellix, ...

Briggs Softworks Software, makers of various DOS and Windows utilities.

Ralf Brown or Ralf Brown, maintainer of the interrupt list, software and book author, assembly libraries, DESQview utilities, ...

Stan Brown links to FAQs, articles, tutorials, ... on various subjects (CD-Rs, programming, mathematics, shareware, ...)

BrowserTune98 benchmark your browser.

PC Magazine's BHO Cop manage (identify, disable, ...) your Internet Explorer plug-ins (Browser Helper Object - BHO).

Brutus Brutus lets you log off, restart, or shut down a computer running Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 with a single click.

BulletProof Corp, makers of JDesignerPro (Java based programming tool that works well witn Novell's NDS).

BumpTop e-d desktop

Burning Void Publishing Infrequently Asked Questions - FAQs, HowTos, ... on obscure technical problems

Burton Computer's, Windows ClassiFile (store and organize compressed files).

BySoft FreeRAM-free memory manager, Free Network Monitor, StayAlive Pro-Keep connection alive and don't get disconnected, InternetPal-Internet connection monitoring (speed, transfer, IP, averages...)

ByteScout Internet Research Scout, Flash Movie Extractor Scout, ... products to make it easier to save images and animations from web sites.

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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