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Computer Links
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JACo Watermark

JafSoft makers of AscToHTM for Win 95/98/NT (convert plain text to HTML web pages)

Jam Software makers of TreeSize (hard drive space manager), ...

Javacool Software Spyware Blaster, Spyware Guard, ...

Java and JavaScript Development Tools
Who Is Hosting This? Java: Introduction, How to Learn, and Resources
java verify java version (installed on your computer)
java tool to uninstall older versiions of java
from an article in Byte Magazine May 1998
and other later articles.
Java.com Download Java Software
The Java OS (JOS) Project a Java based Operating System (OS)
ActiveServerPages.com server side VB (Visual Basic), and Java scripting.
The Dangers Of JavaScript
Cafe au Lait Java FAQs, APIs, ...
Cosmo Software Cosmo Code
Eclipse a JAVA based IDE for developing JAVE, ...)
The Hungry Programmer Japhar (freeware JVM) (Java Virtual Machine)
IBM or VisualAge (Java IDE)
IBM JCentral "The Ultimate Resource for Java Developers"
IBM Java developer resources
IBM Developer Kit For Windows, Java Technology Edition (includes Java Virtual Machine (JVM)) (freeware)
IBM alphaworks (products in process)
IBM alphaBeans (free downloadable JavaBeans).
Instantiations JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Intel VTune
JavaScript Source
JavaScript.com tips, tutorials, scripts, advice, links, ...
JavaSoft's third-party solution guide.
Java Linux (JDK)
JBuilder Java development software from Borland.
Inprise Jbuilder (Java IDE)
Java Coffee Break Tutorials designed for the beginner.
Java Developer.com, large searchable list of web javascripts and javaapplets.
JavaScript Warehouse, list of many JavaScripts
Java Applet Review Service database of 100s of Java applets
Java Apache Project
Java Center
Java Lobby
JavaShareware links to development tools, downloadable applets, ... Tips and Tricks for JavaBeans, servlets, Java Classes, Java Applications, ...
JavaWorld Bookstore or JavaWorld Bookstore has magazine, online catalog, courseware, utilities, info, ...
Sun Microsystems JavaServer Product Group (sdk) division
JavaScript World resources, references, ...
Java Applet Card Trick
Java Community Process
jboss EJB Open Source Container
JOnAS Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) server
jPOS.org jPOS (open source Java class libraries for Point Of Sale (POS) systems).
Kada Systems allow you to create and install Java applications on handheld devices.
KL Group
Lotus BeanMachine
Lutris Technologies open source application server (with servlet debugger, ...) J2EE server, ...
Matt's Script Archive
Matt's Script Archive web page counters
Metrowerks maker of CodeWarrior (Java IDE), with help available at CodeWarriorU
Canadian Mind Products Java Cheat Sheet
NetScape Javascript
NetScape DevEdge Online Documentation
NewMonics JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Microsoft Visual J++ (Java IDE)
Oracle Java developer resources
O'Reilly & Associates Java books
O'Reilly & Associates OnJava development tools, resources, articles, ...
OpenEJB Open Source EJB Container Project
ParaSoft Jtest (java code testing software)
Preemptive Solutions
Patriot Scientific
ScriptSearch.com large collection of Java scripts.
SilverStream Software Extend Workbench (J2EE)
Sun Microsystems Download Java software for various OSes.
Sun Microsystems JavaChips
Sun Microsystems Sun Java Studio
Sun Microsystems Java Dynamic Management Kit
Sun Microsystems Javasoft division
Sun Microsystems Forte For Java - Community Edition
Sun Microsystems Java Platform Debugger Architecture
Sun Microsystems Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) for Solaris
Sun Microsystems Java Information
Sun Microsystems Java Beans (samples)
Sun Microsystems Java Solutions Page
Sun Microsystems The Java Tutorial
Sun Microsystems Java books
Sun Microsystems Java White Papers
Sun Microsystems specifications for Java Servlets
Sun Microsystems specifications for JavaServer Pages
Sun Microsystems home of Java Servlet and JSP Specifications
Sun Microsystems Java developer resources
SuperCede SuperCede Java Edition
Sybase, Inc. PowerJ
Symantec or Symantec Visual Cafe for Java
Symantec Visual Cafe for Java
Tower Technology JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Transvirtual Kaffee OpenVM (GNU license)=JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Tower Technology JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
VB2Java.com migrating from Visual Basic to Java programming language.
wdvl.com JavaScript tutorial
WebDeveloper JavaScript tutorial
WebGain WebGain Studio, VisualCafe (Java IDEs)
WebReference.com javascript
WebReference.com java books
WebReview JavaScripts, ...
WebTeacher Javascript for the Total Non-Programmer, also Perl, CGI, ...
Website Abstraction General Javascript Tutorials
Guru99 Java Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Java Data Objects (JDO)
jcp.org's JDO Specification
Sun's JDO Public Access Page
PrisimTech's OpenFusion JDO
Sun''s Forte For Java (download) (IDE) free and fee versions.
Sun''s Forte For Java (download)
Sun''s Forte For Java (tutorial)
TechTrader's Kodo JDO
Thought's CocoBase
CastorJDO (open source)

Java Application Servers
Blazix application server (fee)
Enhydra or Enhydra servlet-based Java/XML application server (free)
Jakarta Tomcat Java servlet and JSP engine (free)
JJBoss/Server EJB application server (free)
Locomotive middleware server (free)
Resin Java servlet and JSP engine (fee)
BEA Systems WebLogic ((fee)
Borland AppServer (fee)
Hewlett-Packard Total-e-Server (fee)
iPlanet iPlanet Application Server (fee)
Oracle Oracle 9iAS (fee)
Orion Orion Application Server (fee)
SilverStream Software SilverStream Application Server (fee)
Sybase EAServer (fee)

Java Security References
IETF's Common Authentication Technology
Sun Microsystems Java Security FAQ
Sun Microsystems' Security In Java SDK 1.2
Sun Microsystems' Java Cryptographic Extensions 1.2
Sun Microsystems' Java Secure Socket Extension.
Sun Microsystems' Java Authentication and Authorization Service.
slashdot Security Hole Lets Lycos Run Arbitrary JavaScript
Network Computing Magazine Writing Secure Java Programs

JASC (web site) and JASC (FTP site) makers of Paint Shop Pro (image editor/paint program/screen capture/image thumbnail browser/image conversion/...), QuickView (file view with 175+ file types), Image Robot (multiple conversion), ...

KeyLabs list of certified 100-percent pure Java applications.

jdownloader java based downloader for you web browser.
OnLIneHowTo Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

JE Software makers of Print Screen Deluxe which allows you to print, fax or email anything you see on the screen of your Win 3.1, 95, NT computer.

Jela OnlyYou (secure access without use of passwords) (Win 9x and NT)

JerMar Software Corp. productivity tools and utilities for the Windows family of operating systems.

Jetico Inc makers of encryption software (DOS, Win, ...), BCWipe (secure multiple file/disk deletion), ...

Jimbo's Home Page - Jim Lawless shareware author of command line utilites for DOS and Win32

Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video-from your computer to anywhere.

Joel OnSoftware Rick Chapman Is In Search Of Stupidity

JoeWare Tools lots of command line tools fore various Windows OSes.

Bret Johnson freeware DOS TSR software utilities)

JonasJohn.de R.E.D. - Remove Empty Directories - a freeware tool to batch delete empty folders

Jonathan's Tool Bar & Grill reviews of interesting software

Jotter Technologies makers of Jotter, software that stores/manages your personal profile for the internet.

Journyx makers of journyxTime multiuser timekeeping software

Joy Software mostly software for the AtariST/TT/Falcon (but some PC software-Parallel Copy: File copy via parallel port, ...).

JP Software makers of text based scripting tools for Win 95/98, NT, OS/2, and GUI based for Win 95/98/NT.

JSB makers of MultiView (use legacy applications in a hosted environment).

Hedgehog's Blog Jumplist-Launcher
dotTech review of Jumplist-Launcher

Just Say No to Microsoft mini reviews and links to non microsoft software that does the same, only better and cheaper

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