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Earthquake City BBS

Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Kana Solutions Wallpaper Changer
Kana Solutions Kana Reminder (set for specific time)

Kansman Corp. makers of LittleBrother Software a Web/FTP/newsgroup monitoring utility with blocking capability. User configurable.

KB Alertz receive e-mail notification when Microsoft publishes new Support or Knowledge Base Articles

KeeBoo, makers of KeeBoo electronic publishing tool (freeware, for publishing Word, Excel, ...)

Kemma Software BridgeTrak Help Desk Software - Free Demo! Versatile tracking software for help desks, customer support centers, IT departments, or software development teams.

Karen Kenworthy's Power Tools Newsletter with freeware

The Kermit Project multi-platform communications software, from Columbia University

keyboard lock enable and disable your keyboard and mouse

KeyLabs makers of LanExpert workstation building software, ImageBlaster, hard drive cloning software, RapiDeploy or RapiDeploy workstation building / cloning software, ...

Lee Killough personal web site of software engineer (optimizing compilers and their libraries), of interest to video graphics programmers, DOOMers, ...

KillWin quick Windows shutdown and quick close ALL open programs

Kingsoft Security PC Doctor
dotTech review of PC Doctor

Kingston Technology makers of various hardware including RAM, network cards, PC Cards, ... They also have a server memory requirements calculator available online.

Kiraly Enterprises console internet utilities

Kiss Software makers of Undo-it (a desktop undo/recovery utility), ...

kiXtart logon script processor and/or enhanced batch language for Windows

Knozall Systems, Inc. makers of software for Novell NetWare (and Windows NT) file servers,
Automation and Job Scheduling
- NLMAuto (server automation software)
- NLMAuto Professional (server automation software)
- NLMerlin (server scheduling, synchronizing, automating, ...)
Multi-Platform Storage Management
- FileWizard Desktop (find/manage files on desktop)
- File Wizard IV (find/manage files on server)
NetWare Storage Management
- File Wizard (find/manage files on server)
- Corporate File Wizard (find/manage files on server)
- HSM for NetWare servers
- ZipWiz (PKZip compatible compression for the server)
- Wizard's Tool Belt (find/manage files on server)
- File Auditor (file and directory activity reporter on server)
Client Management
- NodeVision Wizard (configuration management capabilities)

Peter Koch, makers of MultiIE (allow multiple instanes of Pocket IE to run and switch between them).

Komodo Digital Newt network information retrieval

Jan Kratochvil: Captive NTFS: The first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/Linux

Kryptonite, makers of Kryptonite KryptoVault (device to make it physically impossible to open a laptop).

KVA Software DoHide (hide program from screen/taskbar, [alt]+[tab])

Kzin Homeworld, web site devoted to PC Information (including: boot sectors, partitions, DOS, pre 1995 software, ...).

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Computer Links
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