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Computer Links
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Pablo Software Solutions FTP server, mail server, web server, ...

packet-level.com analysis, training, tutorials, books, tests, ...

Pacific Custom Cable buy custom or standard premade cables.

PACT Software's, 12 Ghosts Windows Utilities (application launcher, user profile saver, backup utility, ...)

Palick Soft hard drive temperature monitorins software

Palindrome Corporation - Backup Director (Seagate) Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

Paragons Software free and fes software for hard drive maintenance, partition, backup, NTFS reader for Win 98, ...

Partridge Software FileSplit (split/join files), QuickRun (quick launch utility), CopyEx (copy files to floppy)

PassMark Software makers of BurnInTest (software for testing your hardware), ...

PatchLink.com manage patches for your OSes.

Patton makers of ethernet extesnion devices (hardware), ...

PC Phone Home Brigadoon Software - software tracks and locates stolen PCs and laptops when they connect to the internet.

PC Top Tips hints, tips, news, shareware, freeware, ...

PC World You Must Obey: The Unwritten Laws of Technology

Peachpit Press publishers of books on various computer subjects.

PaZip cross-platform archiver

PentaWare, makers of PentaZIP (compresson shell), ...

Personal Area Network (PAN) - wearable computers:
MIT Media Labe - Speech Interface Group Nomadic Radio - Obtrusive Audio Computing
MIT Wearable Computing Web Page Personal Area Network (PAN) (wearable computer)
Charmed Technology Personal Area Network (PAN) (wearable computer)
SCOTTeVEST a jacket designed to carry a personal area network

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Palmtop Computing, Handheld PC (HPC):
Planet PDA, annual (?) expo for PDA users, develpers, ...
Palm Computing, makers of Palm (hardware and software).
Palm.net, internet access for Palm users.
PalmOS Web Clipping site (display web sites on Palm)
Palm Computing, Palm Portable Keyboard
Palm Computing, newest version of the Palm Desktop Software
PricePDA.com price comparison engine for PDAs, accessories, software, ...
Matias Half Keyboard for the Palm
Fellowes Manufacturing PDA Pocket Keyboard
Textware Solutions, FitalyStamp (program and overlay stickers)
Palmtop Freeware
Palm Infocenter, news, commentary, forums, ... on hand held devices
AMS Software, maker of memory expansion options for the Palm
JKS Technologies, maker of memory expansion options for the Palm
TRG Products or TRG Products, makers of TRGPro (Palm Computing clone) with additional features, including support for Compact Flash2 (CF-2) slot, ImagePro Deployment Manager (software), InstallPro Application Guard (software), ...
CIC selling software for for Palm Computers
HandAndGo formerly Palm Central, your source for all computing things hand held.
Palm Computing resources for developers
Palm Computing the complete book: Palm Programming: Developers Guide, by Neil Rhodes and Julie McKeehan.
PalmGear.com commercial software, shareware, freeware, ..., FAQs, news, mailing lists, ...
PalmGear.com info on palm devices.
PilotGear.com palm software.
Palm.net, applications for the Palm.
Palm VNC
Certicom movianVPN
PDA Defense Standards password protection and data encryption
AvantGo mobil-sync solution, web browser, ...
Cutting Edge Software, Inc., makers of QuickOffice (spreadsheet, word processor, ... for the Palm)
Firepad, makers of Mobile Application Platform (convert files to make easier to work with on Palm OS)
Launcher desktop manager
The Palmtop Network Super Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository (S.U.P.E.R.), a large collection of small programs (DOS and HPLX).
Claudia Schiffer (supermodel) is working with Palm to develop/market/sell the Palm Vx Claudia Schiffer Edition
ShopForAComputer.com handheld computers for sale, and extensive links to web resources.
HandAnGo software for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE, RIM handhelds, ...
Palm Open Source software for Palm
Patience 15 solitare games
PDAmart Palm, Visor, Psion, Rex, ...
PDA Panache PDA styli, FAQs, ...
PDAstreet reviews, software, tips, news, ... for Windows CE, Palm, Visor, Psion, RIM, ...
PeanutPress e-book Palm Reader
PocketMovies.net movie trailers, shorts, animated, live action, ...
PocketTV video player (supports multiple formats) for Pocket PC
StylusCentral styli, cases, ...
The Gadgeteer review, message boards, ...
Vexed game
PricePDA.com price comparison engine for PDAs.
iBix Technology, makers of small portable keyboards for Palm (and other hand held computing devices)
LandWare, makers of small portable keyboards for Palm (and other hand held computing devices)
Think Outside, makers of fold out keyboards for Palm (and other hand held computing devices)
Tucows.com palm software.
Actual Software makers of MultiMail, an internet mail client for use with the Palm OS
Chapura, makers of PocketMirror (sync palm data with your desktop PC)
DataViz, makers of Desktop To Go (document viewing, sync palm data with your desktop PC)
Puma Technology, makers of Intellisync (sync palm data with your desktop PC)
Rex a credit card sized PDA from Xircom
Empower Technology makers of Linux DA (OS for Palm PDAs)
Gmate makers of Yopy, a hand held computer (4" color screen, Linux OS, infrared, serial, USB, Flash memory, ...)
Samsung Yopy (linux PDA)
Jimmy Software JS Landscape (allow Pocket PC to view screen landscape, and change resolution)
Century Software Linux that runs on iPQA
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 (Linux PDA)
Savaje Technologies, makers of Savaje XE (OS for PDAs)
Handspring Visor (PalmOS)
Casio: Cassiopeia (WinCE)
Microsoft: Windows CE
Microsoft: PocketPC
Microsoft: Handheld PC software
HPC.net Windows CE: shareware, discussion boards, news, networking, ...
WinCE Online: product announcements, software, reviews, news, networking, ...
HP Jornada 430 (WinCE)
MyWizard software for the Sharp Wizard (SharpOS)
ars technica - open forum Guess What One Of Our Senior Exec's Did To His Palm (pic's inside)

Paltron Industries Inc. makers of ergnomic devices - wrist supports for keyboards.

Paradise An Internet audio technology capable of delivering FM-radio quality sound over the Web.

Parallel Storage Solutions - BounceBak 4 Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

Parsons Technology (owned by Broderbund) makers of Email 2000 (free software), ViruCide, ...

Partition Resources:
The Partition FAQ, information and links to partition managers, and multi-os boot managers.
Why Partition Your Hard Drive?
Hard Disk Partitioning: Why and How
ZDNet hard disk partitioning information
Fdisk Information, undocumented fdisk, links
Undocumented FDISK
Kzin Homeworld info and software for partitioning/boot sectors (DOS, Windows, CP/M, ...), utilities, PC History, old versions of DOS and Windows, old programming languages, ...
DiskInternals Data Recovery Software (files, partitions, ...)
PCfreunde.de EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition
easeus Partition Manager (free and fee versions)
effitek PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) - backup and restore disk partitions
Data Rescue partition table recovery
Linux - Mandrake Diskdrake, a GUI disk partitioning software project
Miray HDclone (free and fee versions)
aeFdisk.com Advanced EFDISK is a flexible command line hard drive partitioning utility.
MasterBooter Boot manager and partitioner
Svend Olaf Mikkelsen partition table utilities
Paragon Software Partition Manager
Paragon Software Hard Disk Manager 8.5 Special Edition (free and fee versions)
Parted Magic live CD
Partition Logic OS independent free partition manager
Partition Saving DOS utility for saving FAT and NTFS partitions
The Partition Resizer, change your partition size without formatting hard drive.
PhysTechSoft PTS-DOS 2000 (DOS, boot manager, ...), DiskEditor, ....
PowerQuest makers of Partition Magic (DOS, Win 9x, ServerMagic (partition software for NetWare, Linux,NT).
Quarterdeck, Partition-It (dynamic disk partition software)
Ranish.com Partition Manage
Ranish Partition Manager, BootManager, (w/src)
Ranish Partition Manager, with FAQ, info, links, mailing list, ...
Mikhail Ranish
r-tools technology r-drive image
Smart PC Tools partition recovery (and other data recovery and system maintenance utilities)
TeraByteUnlimited hard drive management software (partition, multiboot, backup, ...)
Undocumented FDISK
V Communications, Inc. makers of System Commander, multi-OS boot management software.
Bombich Software Carbon Copy Cloner (for Mac)

TestDisk step by step recover a missing partition and repair a corrupted one.
gizmo's freeware reviews of free partition software
TheFreeCountry.com Free Data Recovery, File and Partition Recovery, Undelete and Unformat Utilities
dotTech[.org] review of 7 freeware partition cloning programs
PC World Save Time and Protect Your Data With Three Next-Generation Tools

Passive Optical Networking (PON) Resources:
Full Service Access Network (FSAN) has section on Passive Optical Networking (PON)
Converge Network Digest section on Passive Optical Networking (PON)
Light Reading has several articles on Passive Optical Networking (PON)
Quantum Bridge white paper on Passive Optical Networking (PON)
Terawave white paper on Passive Optical Networking (PON)

Password: recovery
Microsoft Product Support Services Error Message: Your Password Must Be At Least 18770 Characters And Cannot Repeat Any Of Your Previous 30689 Passwords (Q276304)
D.O.E.SysWorks computer security, encryption and cryptoanalysis.
elcomsofr Advanced Archive Password Recovery
The Elder Geek create password reset disks (for Windows XP)
LostPassword.com password recovery software
NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, ...
PC Login Now is a tool to reset local accounts' passwords on Windows system.
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor reset your Windows 2000 login password.
ophcrack open source Windows password cracker.
LastBit password recovery tools.
NirSoftware password recovery tools.
ashtonsoft ZIP Password Finder.

Password: management
AL Tools ALPass - Free Web Site Login/Password Manager
CloakPass scrambles your clear text password into a random set of letters, symbols and numbers.
KeePass the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
LastPass is an online password manager and form filler.
Moon Software Password Agent is an easy-to-navigate password management program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, secure database. (free and fee versions)
PassDB Win Database to store and manage your Accounts, Usernames and Passwords, your URLs and Projects, MS Windows Version.
Password Gorilla is a cross-platform Password Manager.
Password Safe Simple and Secure Password Management
RoboForm password manager, form filler.
SecureSafe Pro password storage, and password generator
Sticky Password password manager

Password: news / articles
dot tech For years, Microsoft has been secretly limiting online passwords to 16 characters despite leading users to believe otherwise
Yahoo! Finance If You're Using 'Password1,' Change It. Now.
How Safe Is My Password test how strong your password is.
Password Meter test how strong your password is.
cnet Are passwords our best security option?
Sophos Top 20 website passwords you shouldn't be using
Jimmy Ruska's Blog Most common passwords list from 3 databases
Yahoo! Finance Hacker-Proof Your Password

Patterson Design Systems TweakDUN (Dial Up Networking) to improve performance.

PC-Tools.net or PC Utilities by Jem Berkes Freeware and Shareware for DOS and Windows '9x/NT, links, ...

PCWorld.com Full Disclosure: When Services Die --A Survivors Guide
PC World.com Comdex Fall 2002 Pans and Picks
PC World.com Steve Bass's Tips and Tweaks - Sell Your Old PC (or Other Devices) to Costco - January 2, 2008
PCWorld.com Before They Spoiled The Software (when old versions are better than the new versions).
PCWorld.com Keep Your Hands Off The Mouse (for more efficient computing).
PC World.com Home Office articles

PCX Software LinkWiz (desktop cloning software), BakupWiz (multiple OS versions), PortaTape (portable tape backup), ...

Jesse Petrilla (game programmer) Quest For Al-Qa'eda, ...

petri.co.il Download Free Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools

PIBMUG - Pasadena IBM Users Group

PDF: Portable Document Format
Adobe Acrobat (create your own PDF files)
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows XP SP2 or SP3
AccessPDF.com PDF Tools
CutePDF PDF printer, form filler, ...
PDF Zone tools for PDF conversion to/from other file formats.
FM PDF convert PDF to images
Foxit Software PDF reader, creator, editor, ...
Free PDF to Word Converter
Nice PDF compressor, converter, creator
pdf995 utilities for creation and editing PDF files.
PDF-o-matic convert any web page into a HTML document.
Document Automation Developers MakePDF (plug-in for Microsoft Word)
HelloPDF PDF to Word converter
Media Convert online file conversion.
Native Winds Tomahawk PDF+ (word processor / PDF creator)
NitroPDF convert, create, edit, ...
NitroPDF PDF Hammer (free online PDF editor)
OCRterminal onvline conversion PDF to Word or image to text.
OmniFormat document conversion utility (including PDF)
PDF24 creator, converter, ...
PDF Candy free online tools
PDF to HTML Converter
PDFfill editor, writer, ...
PDFforge PDF Creator (printer), fly2PDF (converter).
PDF Preview
PDF-XChange Viewer PDF Reader, also annotates, mark-ups, converts, extract, ...
PrimoPDF create (print to). freeware and fee versions.
SourceForge PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.
SourceForge PDFedit - edit your existing PDF documents.
SourceForge briss - crop your PDFs
ScanSoft PDF Converter for Microsoft Word
SomePDF.com PDF converters for Windows XP/Vista/2000/NT/2003
Sumatra PDF Reaer freeware
Top 5 Software PDF Software
xPDF open source PDF reader
PDF Converter Free PDF to Excel Converter Online
google search - convert to PDF.

Portable Software: no need to install
p-apps.com convert any installable program into a portable program.
MakeUseOf.com 100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (both for Mac and Win)
Dirk Loss Windows-Tools on CD-ROM (or USB stick)
PortableApps.com Portable Apps Suite for your USB Stick.
The Portable Freeware Collection
Everything USB Ceedo - Another Portable USB Apps Platform
Tom's Hardware Windows In Your Pocket - run Windows XP of a portable bootable device.
ngine software Installing and booting Windows XP from USB drive -- Guide

Peer To Peer (P2P) Networking Resources:
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Working Group formed by Intel, to develop standards and protocols for peer-to-peer (P2P) networking applications
O'Reilly Network Peer-To-Peer DevCenter (P2)
O'Reilly Open P2P.com articles, weblogs, books, ...
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Yahoo! Directory
USATODAY.com File-Sharing Barons Face Day Of Reckoning
ZeroPaid.com the peer to peer file sharing (P2P) network.
AgentWare Inc Syndicator (managing web sites, ...) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
AppleSoup.com peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
BearShare.com peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Datasynapse peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
Engenia Software peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
Entropia peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
Eroom Technology, makers of peer to peer file sharing software (P2P)
FolderShare file transfer and real time mirroring (share files from your PC across the internet)
freenet distributed system for publishing information over the internet - peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Furthur Network (P2P) file/music sharing software
GoneSilent peer to peer search engine technology (P2P) (recently purchased by Sun)
Gnute internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
Gnutella (Windows - Gnutella) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
Gnotella (Windows - Gnutella) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
HornShark internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
JBlurb internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
JXTA Project internet based peer to peer networking (P2P) (features of JXTA include: peer monitoring, security, distributed search, instant messaging, ...
KaZaA Lite just like KaZaA but without the spyware/adware
Lavasoft PC-Mac-Net FilShare
MyGnut (BeOS - Gnutella) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
MacTella (MacOS - Gnutella) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
NeoModus Direct Connect (peer to peer (P2P) file sharing - client and server software).
NextPage NXT3 internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
Hagelslag (Linux - Gnutella) internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
GoToMyPC web based remote access system
Groove Networks, makers of Groove internet based peer to peer communication and content sharing (P2P) (uses central database which tracks online users)
Hotline Communications, makers of peer to peer file sharing software (P2P)
iKimbo, makers of peer to peer file sharing software (P2P)
iMesh client software for sharing music, audio, video, ... - peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
LightShare.com peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Mangosoft peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Napster.com connect your computer to the internet to become a music server (Windows only) - peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
NextPage.com NXT peer to peer content sharing (P2P).
Macster.com connect your computer to the internet to become a music server (Mac only) - peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
myCIO.com Rumor (designed for software updates-antivirus , ...) - internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
oth.net web based peer to peer technology (P2P)
OnSystems private, secure Peer To Peer (P2P) Networking (Peer System).
Pointera.com peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Popular Power peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
Porivo Technologies peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
Sandia National Labs Intelligent Agents Challenge Computer Intruders
SETI@home Project peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
SoftWax.net peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
Spectrum Web Studio File Leech (P2P) file sharing
SpinFrenzy.com peer to peer file sharing (P2P).
ToadNode internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
United Devices or United Devices peer to peer CPU sharing (P2P).
WorldStreet Corp net (manage buying and selling in financial industry) - internet based peer to peer file sharing (P2P)
Zden.com napster like file sharing, but costs money.

Pegasus Mail E-mail package formerly bundled with Novell NetWare (NLM) v4.1.
Chuck Foster's Pegasus Mail
Helper Applications for Pegasus Mail for Windows
Pegasus Mail Add-ons List
Pegasus FTP The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

PeopleLink, makers of PeopleLink's Online Ready-to-Chat (PORCH) Light software, that allows web surfers to know who else is currently viewing the same web page.

PGSoft, Inc. Save Butt, windows undelete utility that recovers files even after the recycle bin has been emptied.

phantomline ultimate stealth, cloaking, stealth, anti-spam, admin tools, ...

Phil & Moke's Secret Useful Tools freeware Windows tools.

Photodex digital content manager (image file viewers and editors) (DOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, ...)

Picasa find and organize the pictures on your computer (free-from google).

Ping utilities:
Ping Tutorial
Opnix's Internet Traffic Report, look for Systematic ping utility
Infix Technologies, makers of PingGraph (graph ping samples)
Ipswitch, makers of WS_Ping ProPack (ping, and a whole lot more)
Mike Muss, the original author of ping software.
Peter Ness, maker of PingPlotter (graph ping samples)
TracePing packet loss tool (look for it)
Network World Fusion - Gearhead docfinder: 4836, Two Cool Utilities That Extend The Usefulness Of Ping

Pinnacle Micro makers of CD hardware (readers/writers), Magnetic Optical drives, ...

Piper Resources a guide to government-sponsered internet sites.

anti-Piracy Resources:
ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals
BSA - Business Software Alliance
SIIA - Software & Information Industry Association anti-piracy site.
SPA - Software Publishers Association
www.NoPiracy.com news and information from the Business Software Alliance (BSA).
Software Protection
Software Piracy: How Far Is Too Far?
Software Piracy
PC Webopaedia Definition and Links - Piracy
Microsoft's Licenses and Piracy
E-mail Piracy
Scott & Scott defending your business against the BSA

Pixel Co. makers MySpace, a software that uses screen space that Windows doesn't.

PKWare makers of PKZIP file compression for DOS, Win, ....

Planet Crafters Plug-In For Windows 3.1, similar to Plus Pack, but for 3.1.

PLASMA online hardware specific online database

Platinum Technology, makers of Network Monitor, eTrust (network Intrusion Detection), AutoXfer, AutoXfer Inventory, AutoAnswer, AutoConfigure, ...

home page plug & play BIOS explained

Universal Plug and Play Forum

PlusDeck 2 is an internal cassette drive that is easily installed in any 5.25 inch bay of your computer like a CD Drive.

science audio how to download podcast audio
podcaster matrix compare, choose and discuss podcasters
PodCastAlly podcast portal
iPodder directory of podcasts
juice podcast receiver

PolyServe, maker of Understudy (software solution for server redundancy and load balancing) (Windows NT, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, ...)

PolyBytes, maker of PolyView (file view for graphic images), ...

PortForward free help for setting up your router or firewall

poodwaddle free flash applets for your web site.

Power On Self Test (POST)
Post Code Master PC BIOS Power On Self Test POST Codes and Diagnostic Beep Codes (for most BIOS)
Post Code Master Products (Mini-PCI Type III, PCI, ISA)

Jerry Pournelle computer columnist for BYTE magazine, ...

PowerArchiver supports multiple compression programs (ZIP, ARJ, CAB, ...).

Power Paper makers of paper thin batteries.

POWERLan (network), POWERsave (backup), ... is now freeware

PC Power & Cooling Maximum PC Magazine Article - You Got The Power (how power supplies effect your system)

slashdot Power Up problems

slashdot ACPI Forced On & Option Disabled in WinXP-Certified Motherboards

slash dot another reason why not to buy Dell: non-standard power supply
slash dot another reason why not to buy Dell: non-standard power supply

PowerQuest makers of Partition Magic (DOS, Win 9x), ServerMagic (for NetWare, Linnux, NT), Drive Image, Drive Copy, Guardian Angel (application change management), Easy Restore, Lost and Found, SecondChance (Windows system recovery), ...
PowerQuest Command Line Switches for Drive Copy

Practically Networked provides easy to understand, help for getting your computers networked, internet connection sharing How To's, networking product reviews, ...

Price Watch(tm) Street Price Search Engine (compare prices).

Price Scan Street Price Search Engine (compare prices).

Primera Technology, makers of Signature III CD Color Printer, Bravo Disc Publisher (combination CD/DVD duplicate and color printer), ...

PC World.com Print Directories (15 day trial)

PC World.com Home Office: Pinch Some Pennies While You Print

Print Servers from Internet Week Magazine.
HP Jet Direct Print Server
Intel NetPortExpress Print Server
Lexmark Marknet Print Server

PrinterShare free and low cost solutions for remote printing over the internet.

Free Color Printers, check here for the details.

Privacy Resources: see also Security Network
';-- have i been pwned Check if your email or phone is in a data brea
InfoWorld Windows 7, 8, and 10: Now all collecting user data for Microsoft
Reset The Net privacy pack (software to prevent the government from spying on you)
Directive on Data Protection European Union privacy law (July 1, 2001).
enonymous.com, as of October 1999, has ratings for privacy policies for 10,000+ sites.
Americans for Computer Privacy industry backed organization.
Americans Civil Liberties Union
Americans Civil Liberties Union Privacy In America: Electronic Monitoring
and.doxdesk.com e-enabling the disinformation age
AT & T Labs' Research Beyond Concern: Understanding Net Users' Attitudes About Online Privacy
Crowds prevents web server knowing closer information about your web client and yourself
Better Business Bureau (BBB) OnLine U.S.based coalition devoted to enhancing online privacy.
CalPIRG or CalPIRG (310) 397-3404
cambs.com antispy.zip utility (anti spy software) to deal with Aureate Spy software.
Center for Democracy and Technology demo of server side scripting to generate a custom page with information about you and your internet account.
Center for Democracy and Technology
Center for Democracy and Technology Opt-Out
Computer Bytes Man information on privacy, security, biometrics, computer industry dirty laundry, ...
Computer Freedom and Privacy Conference
Counterpane.com Security Pitfalls in Cryptography (home site of Crypto-Gram Newsletter)
Counterpane.com papers on cryptography
Counterpane.com mistakes made when implementing cryptographic solutions
Counterpane.com analysis of Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
Counter Exploitation protect your rights - pro consumer, anonomize your e-mail or web browser, anti-spam, pop-up blocking, firewalls, cookie crunchers, links, ...
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility focusing ont the technological issues of privacy in the digital age. Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Chris Hibbert's - FAQ on SSNs And Privacy
Cryptome crypotography news, articles, links, ...
Cyber Rights
Cyberpunks privacy discussion group
Cyber Law Journal (N.Y.Times Online) Privacy Plan Likely To Kick Off Debate - Questions Over Wether Cable or Telephone Standards Should Be The Privacy Baseline.
Echelon Watch tries to keep tabs on secret surveillance systems run by government spooks (CIA, MI6, ...)
Electronic Frontier Foundation, Privacy, Security, Crypto & Surveillance archive
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) or Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) privacy news, privacy resources, archive of site policies, Bill Track for following legislation on privacy and cyber-liberties, ...
EPIC Online Guide To Privacy Resources (organizations, information, tools, web sites, newsgroups/mail lists)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a regulator of business practices.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) How To Protect Your Privacy
FTC - Report To Congress Self-Regulation and Privacy Online.
FTC - Consumer Credit File Privacy alert
Privacy and the Top 100 Web Sites: Report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Georgetown Internet Privacy Policy Study
MS-NBC story on RealNetworks response to Steve Gibson article.
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Internet Privacy Coalition
Identity Theft Resource Center
info-law.com Guide To E-Mail And The Internet In The Workplace
info-law.com Creating An Online Privacy Policy
JavaScript and JavaScript demo of java scripts that log everything from your e-mail address to your browser version and your screen's size and resolution.
Koops' Crypto Law Survey Web Site
Lavasoft Ad-aware (antispy software)
Lawrence Magid, a computer columnist has a section on his site with links to privacy.
Microsoft, NSA and You, an article about Microsoft building a back door into Windows 9x and NT so the NSA (National Security Agency) can easily access your computer.
Onion Routing Network demonstration of seperating routing from identification.
Online Privacy Alliance
Personalization Consortium European site with extensive educational material on privacy protection
PEW Internet and American Life Project explores the impact of the internet on children, families, work, ... PEW online privacy study
PrivacyBot privacy statement generation service, ...
Privacy Commissioner of Canada an enforcer of Canada's privacy legislation.
Privacy Foundation
Privacy Journal
Privacy.net The Consumer Information Organization. Information on how you are being tracked on the internet (and elsewhere) and what you can do about it. Test your privacy.
Privacy Ratings how private is your information on various web sites.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse a publisher of consumer fact sheets
Privacy Rights
PrivacyScan Report see if your identity is in use by others
Privada use dedicated network, modifies browser proxy settings rather than IP stack. Requires Java 2 virtual machine.
RSA Laboratories Cryptography FAQ
Richard M. Smith Internet privacy pages
Richard M. Smith article on RealJukeBox trojan horse
TRUSTe U.S.based coalition devoted to enhancing online privacy.
United Kingdom Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act 2000 c.23 (privacy? what privacy! And you thought the United States was bad!)
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
The Web Robots Page
W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P)
W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) - working draft
W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) - Validator
W3C - Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) or Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Which? WebTrader
CNN's robot text.
Yahoo's robot text.
Yahoo! Privacy Center why you have no privacy if you any of Yahoo!s services.
ZDNet's robot text.
HTML E-Mail read receipt demo info generated with embedded HTML code
EAST Technologies privacy and security products and solutions.
Cool Tech Zone 55 Ways to Save Money on Internet Safety: The DEFINITIVE Guide
Cool Tech Zone Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students
ID Strong Internet Privacy & Security: How to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Privacy - SpyWare:
Adware, Spyware And Other Unwanted Malware - And How To Remove Them explainations, articles, forums, links, ...
Gibson Research Corporation - Shields Up The Anatomy of File Download Spyware - Steve Gibson's article on Netscape and RealNetworks Spyware software
Gibson Research Corporation - Shields Up The Anatomy of File Download Spyware - RealNetworks initial response Steve Gibson's article on them.
No SpyWare List Of Known Spyware Infested Software
Privacy Power information on spyware/privacy/...
salon.com A Law To Protect Spyware
Privacy & Spying On The Internet C-Dilla! - Copy Protection Or Spyware? (look for cdac11ba.exe in task manager)
Mind Flight Systems C-Dilla? A New Snoop/Spy Proggy?
slashdot The World's Most Annoying IE Toolbar
and.doxdesk.com Xupiter, Parasites And Other Nasties
SpyCop anti-spyware software
TBO.com "Spam King" Agrees To Stop Invading Computers Until FTC Lawsuit Is Resolved

Privacy - Internet Privacy Seal and Standards Setting Organizations:
CPA WebTrust
Health On the Net (HON)
Personalization Consortium

Privacy - Enterprise Class Privacy Products:
Curion Password Courier and ProfileBuilder
iDcide PrivacyWall Site Monitor
IBM P3P Policy Editor
PrivacyRight TrustFilter
Tivoli SecureWay Privacy Manager

Privacy - cookies:
Computer Bytes Man Internet Explorer SuperCookies bypass P3P and cookie controls
Computer Bytes Man SuperCookie Demo page
Andy's Cookie Notes how cookies work, and how to use them on your web site.
CookieCentral what cookies are, how they work, how to avoid them, ...
CookieCentral cookie FAQs
Netscape FAQs
Cookie Crusher lets you select which cookies to always accept or reject.
First Monday (Internet Journal) article by Bill Helling
iDcide Internet Explorer add-in that can block cookies.
InterMute shareware program (written in Java) that can stop animated GIFs, kill all graphics, silence background sounds, snuff ads, control cookies, ... Proxy Server for windows clients that filters ads, cookies, referer information, ...
Junkbusters how to selective enable/disable cookies.
Kookaburra Software, makers of Cookie Pal (cookie monitoring/management software that works with most browsers)
Netscape cookie standard
WRQ @Guard (personal firewall/ad blocker/cookie blocker/safer surfing/ ...) now owned by Symantec/Norton

USA Today article on Cookies.
Computer Currents article on Cookies (monitor/block).
PC World.com Supercookies: You Are Being watched (MS's Media Player does it to you)
USAtoday.com New Fingerprint Requirments At Airports

Privacy - anonymous web browsing:
cavency online tool which finds out how anonymous the proxy you're using really is.
Lists of public proxy servers
Anonymizer: free web proxy, CGI proxy list, free anonymizers and list of web anonymizers
Junkbusters anonymous browsing and banner-ad/cookie filtering proxy software (site to help you protect your privacy)
Junkbusters Internet Junkbusters Proxy (disable cookies and banner ads, log HTTP traffic, ...).
Junkbusters list of resources
Aixs dedicated anonymous proxy server
AT&T Crowds (special proxy that hides your requests to a web server in a crowd of others)
@nonymouse.com anonymous web surfing (hide your IP address, ...)
Anonymicer free and anonymous proxy access
Anonymizer anonymous web surfing (fee and free)
COTSE computer professionals resources (anonymous web browsing, ...)
CyberArmy Allows you to surf the web anonymously.
Freedom (gives you untraceable e-mail pseudonyms) protects your IP address (and other information) while you surf the net, chat, use newsgroups, ... (fee based service)
Guardster anonymous web surfing proxy (fee and free)
HideMyAss free anonymous web-proxy
Janus free anonymous web-proxy
kProxyfree anonymous web-proxy
Proxymate (formerly Lucent Personalized Web Assistant (LPWA)) proxy based anonymizing service.
The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant (LPWA) using personalized Web services while providing privacy, convenience and account security... combating junk emails
MagusNet Public Proxy Server free anonymous proxy service
Orangatango's VirtualBrowser(TM) Provides Consumers with a Portable, Private and Personal Internet Experience (server based web browsing-enhanced privacy)
PrivacyX anonymous web browsing and anonymous e-mail.
Proxys 4 All list of accessible tested proxys for HTTP, FTP, TELNET, SOCKS, GOPHER, SECURITY & WAIS.
Proxys List Generator List of accessible autotested free public proxys for web, http, https & ftp ProxyWeb.net anonymous web surfing
SafeWeb.com advertising based free anonymous web surfing.
Secure Shell (SSH) secure alternatives to FTP and telnet.
Secure Telnet
ShadowBrowser anonymous web surfing proxy (fee and free)
TAMOS Proxy Info Will tell you whether or not your proxy shows an X-Forwarded IP. Also lets you do a quick IP lookup of your proxy IP.
The Cloak free (and fee) anonymous web surfing
WebWasher client proxy that eliminates pop-up ads and referer data (Windows and Mac)
Whois.com.au Australian free of charge anonymous proxy service
Zero-Knowledge Systems or Zero-Knowledge Systems software for anonymity on internet
Zero Knowledge Systems or Zero Knowledge Systems, makers of Freedom software (gives you untraceable e-mail pseudonyms) protects your IP address (and other information) while you surf the net, chat, use newsgroups, ...
The Anonymizer Window Washer (clean up registry, temp files, recycle bin, ...)
SurfSecret clears browser's cache and history, block cookie readers, ....
Fortify for Netscape what level of encryption does your version of Netscape support.
What info Browsers give out.
How You Can Access the Facts and Cover Your Tracks
Tor Project protect yoour privacy with this freeware software

Privacy - anonymous e-mail:
Anonymity on the Internet article on anonymous remailing and technology
bogusmail.cjb.net send bogus (anonimous) e-mail online (use whatever from address you want)
Community ConneXion This is an e-mail remailer. Changes your name when it remails.
COTSE computer professionals resources (anonymous e-mail, ...)
InsultPro.com send a piece of your mind with peace of mind (fee based anonymous insult generator (e-mail and snail mail))
Remail anonymous remailer via WWW interface
PrivacyX anonymous web browsing and anonymouse e-mail.
Privida.com disguise identity of e-mail user (rather than encrypt e-mail).

Privacy - anonymous web purchasing:
iPrivacy.com disguise identity, but still allow use of your credit cards online.

Privay - Disappearing/Secure E-mail:
Authentica e-mail that automatically becomes unreadable after a set period of time.
Disappearing e-mail that automatically becomes unreadable after a set period of time.
HushMail.com server based secur e-mail
Infraworks InTether, e-mail that automatically becomes unreadable after a set period of time.
Interosa, maker of QVtech e-mail that automatically becomes unreadable after a set period of time.
ZipLip.com e-mail that automatically becomes unreadable after a set period of time.

Privacy - web based e-mail using encryption:
Counterpane Internet Security look for an article about 2/3 of the way down the page on: Web based e-mail systems and the relative robustness of their encryption methods.
Custom Tracks ZixMail
The Park
QV Tech
Spam Mimic hide your encrypted message in spam.

Privacy - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) information
IETF RFC 2527 (CP & CPS Framework)
IETF standard on X.509v3 PKI certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
National Institute of Standards (NIST)
National Institute of Standards (NIST) guidelines for security requirements for PKI implementers.
National Institute of Standards (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for cryptographic modules
European Telecommunications Standards Institute Security Technical Committee
Counterpane Internet Security PKI risks, by Carl Ellison and Bruce Schneider
American Bar Association (ABA) Digital Signature Guidelines tutorial
Steven Klem's PKI Links Page list of Certificate Authorities (CAs)
Perkins Coie Digital Signature Resource Center
Michael Baum Technology Neutrality and Secure Electronic Commerce
Risks Digest Risk Management Is Where the Money Is (1998 talk by Daniel Greer, a senior strategist for CertCo)
Michael Froomkin The Essential Role of Trusated Third Parties in Electronic Commerce (1996 paper)
E-Business Forum look for Privacy Policy Toolkit, they are working on guidelines for PKI usage.
Network Computing Magazine Certificate Revocation: When Not to Trust, article by Mike Fratto
McBride, Baker and Coles (Chicago law firm) regularly updated summary of e-commerce and digital signature legislation
American Bar Association (ABA) Security and Authentication Library
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the Law
Digital Signature Trust Web Page PKI tutorial
Baltimore Technologies UniCert (PKI) (vendor)
Baltimore Technologies KeySteps Service
DataKey Model 330 PKI Smart Card (authentication device) (vendor)
Entrust Technologies Entrust (PKI) (vendor)
OpenCA Project open-source toolkit for deployment of PKI
RSA Security Keon (PKI) (vendor)
VeriSign OnSite (PKI) (vendor)

Privacy - encryption software:
Mary had a crypto key, she kept it in escrow, and everything that Mary said, the feds were sure to know. Sam Simpson, July 9, 1998
Aladdin Systems, Inc. makers of Private File, file encryption software
BSA Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric Ciphers To Provide Adequate Commercial Security.
Cyber-Ark PrivateArk Network Vault (securing/encrypting data in your private network)
Encryption Policy Resource Page
Rep. Goodlatte's Encryption Page news about pending encryption legislation.
Gnu Privacy Guard
IntarTechnologies makers of encryption software InThePicture
Jetico Inc makers of encryption software (DOS, Win, ...), BCWipe (secure delete)
RSA Security RSA FAQ
MIT Distribution Center For PGP PGP Freeware for Windows, Mac, Linux, ...
OpenPGP - Pretty Good Privacy
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) (personal edition) is available for download and it supports many e-mail plug-ins.
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) (personal edition) is available for download and it supports many e-mail plug-ins.
International Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) (free version of PGP)
International Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) download page
December 15, 1997 PGP purchased by Network Associates (merger of McAfee Associates and Network General)
PGP free for personal use
PKWare is including PGP as part of the new version of PKZIP
International PGP Home Page
Non U.S. site to download PGP from.
Possible Attacks on PGP
Securing Keys
PC Guardian Encryption Plus Hard Disk (encrypt your hard drive)
Protect Data Security, Inc. makers of Protect disk encryption software (Win 95/98/NT)
Protegrity makers of data encryption software
Scramdisk hard drive encryption
SoftWinter makers of seNTry2020 file encryption software.
Utimaco makers of SafeGuard Easy disk encryption software (DOS, Win, OS/2, ...)
W3 Internet Services makers of DataGuard encryption software.
Windows Privacy Tray GUI for Gnu Privacy Guard

Privacy - strong cryptographic solutions outside the U.S.: SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
SSL Proxies
SSL Proxies
SSL International Servers
GnuPG, GNU Privacy Guard (for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ...) (128 bit encryption, uses no patented algorithms, developed outside United States, software is public domain), not subject to export restrictions by ANY countries.

Privacy - FAQs/articles/...
Broadband Search Privacy in the Digital Age: What's At Stake and How to Protect Yourself
Daily Reckoning US Intelligence Agencies Now Spying on Your Tweets and Social Media
USA Today.com Internet Brings 'Increasing Bewilderment' About Concept Of Privacy
salon.com The Pop-Up Ad Campaign From Hell
slashdot FBI Wants To Tap The Net
The Register AV Vendors Split Over FBI Snoops
Top Ten Signs You Are About To Get Ripped Off article about spam offers
Concept Labs The Alice And Bob After Diner Speech (April 1984 Zurich Seminar) (coding theory)
FBI Investigation of Hackers
MSNBC.com FBI Software Cracks Encryption Wall
USA Today.com AOL's Data Sketch Sometimes Scary Picture Of Personalities Searching Net
USAtoday.com Chinese hackers seek U.S. access (attacking)
Greg Sadetsky AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts Of Private Data
slash dot AOL Releases Seearch Logs Of 657,427 Users
USA Today Personal data at risk in lost I.R.S. laptops (this is how the U.S. Government protects personal / private information)
WhatIsMyIPAddress 5 Internet Privacy Tips to Help You Protect Your Identity

dyndns.org show your current IP address.
myIPaddress displays your external IP address
Super Dynamic DNS - showmyip.com show your current IP address.
show your current IP address.
Tri-Tech Solutions show your current IP address.
WhatsMyIpAddress.com displays your external IP address
CMyIP.com display your current IP address.
IP addresses listed below are for internal use only are not routable across the internet. is normally used for loopback tests (ping this address to test your network)
But depending on your network, any number between to may be used. - Net 10 address groups - - -
Use subnet mask

 The following S.S.N.s are fakes, and only used for advertising.
 They will never be issued to real people.
Big 3 Credit Bureaus
Equifax: (800) 685-1111, Equifax Fraud unit: (800) 525-6285
Experian: (???) ???-????, Experian Fraud unit: (888) 397-3742
TRW: (800) 682-7654
TransUnion: or Trans Union: (316) 636-6100, Trans Union Fraud unit: (800) 680-7289

CreditReports.com find out about your credit history
ConsumerInfo.com find out about your credit history

PrcView or PrcView ProcessViewer shows what processes are ACTUALLY runnin in your Win 95/98/NT system

Procom Technology makers of CD drives, hard drives, tape drives, ...

ProCompetition, The Project to Promote Competition and Innovation in the Digital Age.

The Productivity Works makers of pwWebSpeak, a speaking web browser.

Professional Software Systems, makers of YnixDOS Toolkit (common Unix commands for the Windows environment)

Programmers Paradise software reseller specializing in hard to find programming and development tools

Extreme Programming (two programmers work on single project)
xprogramming.com XP general information
ExtremeProgramming.org XP general information
xprogramming.com Pair Programming General Information
c2.com Pair Programming General Information
members.aol.com/humansandt/ Pair Programming General Information
c2.com Virtual Pair Programming
xprogramming.com magazines

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources from WWWiz Magazine May 1999 (and other sources)
Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Development Portals
Guide To Computer Training Resources for Programming Languages
ComponentSource.com source for programming components, classes, ...
Collab.net developer marketplace, hosting, ... (for open source projects)
SourceXchange marketplace, ... (for open source projects)
NetBeans IDE written in Java, that supports Java, ...
Flashline.com JavaBeans, EJBs, Microsoft COM components, quality assurance testing, auction based outsourcing, open component registry, programming articles and resources, ...
Weird Programming Languages with brief explainations, links, web ring, ...
wrox.com information by programmers, for programmers.
Interface Hall Of Fame good software interfaces
Interface Hall Of Shame bad software interfaces
slashdot Open Source Programmers Stink At Error Handling
The Code Project Debugging And Testing Tips For Win 9x
thefreecountry.com: Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources
99 Bottles Of Beer One Program In 283 Languages
Code Academy learn programming with interactive web site.
Code Year learn programming in a year

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - PowerBasic, Qbasic, Visual Basic, GWBasic, ...
O'Basic97 desktop script language for Win95
PowerBASIC programming language formerly know as Turbo Basic and formerly owned by Borland.
PowerBasic PowerCode - SourceCode
PowerBasic Forum for PB Questions and Answers
PowerBasic Console Compiler - manual
PowerBasic Quick Starts
Gary Beene PowerBasic Information Center
Don Schullian's page some PowerBasic/DOS stuff
JazzAge Software PowerBasic COM Wizzard
FreeBASIC open source 32 bit Basic for DOS, Windows, Linux.
BasicGuru.com Dave Navarro's Page - PowerBasic Programming
BasicGuru.com Don Schullian's Page - author of Nutz & Boltz for PowerBasic
The Powerbasic Archives
Berggreen Service
Rob Ellis' Page GIF decoder for PowerBasic
BasicGuru.com Egbert Zijlema's page - some PowerBasic routines here
Don Dickinson's page - PowerBasic/DLL programming
Atomic Software PowerBasic games
PBWinADP PowerBasic/DLL Page
Lance Edmonds - PB-FAX2 FAX Software for Power Basic
Thomas Gohel - PowerBasic Sound Page PBSound, PB-FAQ, etc.
Wiebe's Page PowerBasic sources
Utilities in PB various utilitiess with PowerBasic sources
Provantage PowerBasic reseller
740 Enhanced Basic
BasicGuru.com with support for everything from ASIC basic to Zbasic and everything inbetween, with help, code archive, links, FAQs, ...
The QBasic Site
The Qbasic Page programs + source.
The QBasic Resource Index
NEOZONES-QBasic site
Connor's QBasic Links
Microsoft Visual Basic Training
searchVB.com visual basic specific search engine (search, news, help, links, ...)
Visual Basic Online Magazine
Ask the VB (Visual Basic) Pro
Cary & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
The Visual Basic Cell includes links to Microsoft Knowledge Base.
VB (Visual Basic) Bookmark.com
VB2Java.com migrating from Visual Basic to Java programming language.
Visual Basic for Linux
SourceForge FreeBASIC Compiler - Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compiler, with the syntax the most compatible possible with MS-QuickBASIC (incl. the GFX statements), but that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline-asm, a pre-processor and many others. (DOS, Windows, Linux)

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - NeoBasic
NeoBASIC (new URL) NeoBASIC Cut and Paste Programming

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Assembly
Assembly Language FAQ Available in HTML and text format.
Assembly Language tutorials and demos divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Assembly Language Journal online magazine covering assembly language programming techniques.
Netwide Assembler (NASM), a cross platform assembler (supports most hardware and OSes)
Assembler for the Beginners
A collection of links to assembly language tutorials

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Pascal
Free Pascal.org 32 bit compiler for DOS, NetWare, Windows, Linux and other platforms. Semantically equivalent to TP 7.0
Free Pascal 32 bit compiler for DOS, Linux and other platforms. Semantically equivalent to TP 7.0
Borland Pascal 7 Patch Fixes Runtime error 200 bug in Borland Pascal 7 compiled EXEs on fast computers
SWAG (pascal source code library and file format encyclopedia)
J.R.Stockton's Home Page programming (DOS/Pascal, Java, ....), Y2K and critical date information, general computer information

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - C and C++
C Language Tutorials 13 chapter tutorial from basic to more advanced concepts.
From The Ground Up: A Guide To C++, requires login name and password.
Pacific C Compiler Pacific C is a C compiler for DOS. Free for non-commercial use
delorie software home of DJGPP C++ Complete 32-bit C/C++, development system for 386 (and higher) PCs running DOS, Windows, ...
Karel The Robot teach / lear C/C++
John Morris' Home Page - Programming Tutorials
John Morris' Index to C Programming Class
John Morris' C programming class outline / tutorial.
Inprise/Borland free download of C++ compiler.
Ask The C++ Pro questions and answers
Snippets of C/C++ source code (many functions for many OS platforms - DOS, Windows, ...)
The Code Project free C++, C#, and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news, ...
Ted Jensen A Tutorial On Pointers And Array's In C
Open WatcomC/C++ and FORTRAN source code and/or binaries (supports DOS, NetWare, Windows, OS/2, ...).

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Cobol
Flexus Cobol Site shareware cobol compiler, tools, links, support, vendors, education, ...
The Cobol Center information on the web, articles, white papers, jobs, organizations, ...
Cobol Reports

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Zope Z Object Publishing Environment (ZOPE) - application server written in Python
Digital Creations 2, Inc. Zope Server (free), ZEO enterprise option (fee)
zope an extensible object oriented web application server. With Python based persistent CGI, akin to ASP (application server technology).
zope TinyTable for Zope
zope Solution Providers List
Appwatch.com an example of a function Zope server.
introduction to Zope

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Delphi
Delphi Super Page (delphi source and examples page)
DelphiFreeStuff.com freeware Delphi (with source code), including startup manager, ...

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - PowerBuilder
JustPBinfo PowerBuilder exam info, programming tips, news, links, job listings, ....

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Internet Programming
HTML Goodies, has HTML, Javascript, DHTML, ...
Dynamic HTML Resource

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - scripting languages (PERL, CGI, Python, ...)
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) 600mb+ of modules.
ActiveState Tool ActivePerl (GUI front end for Perl developers) (perl for NT), ActivePython, ...
ArsDigita server scripting language (based on TCL)
OpenACS Open ArsDigita Community
Developer Shed tutorial for OpenACS
Binary Evolution's VelociGen (server software) (removes inherent inefficencies in Web server API for running scripts)
CGI Documentation Perl, C++, TCL, Visual Basic, server side includes, imagemaps, ...
CGI Resource Index many scripts, links, ...
CGI - Free run your CGIs on this server
CGI Frequently Asked Questions
Dave's Perl Tools
CGI City resources include articles, downloadable scripts, tutorials, FAQs, references, documentation, SSI, ...
CGI Overview A complete introduction to CGI, the language used to write forms.
cgi-java resources
CGI Programming 101 learn CGI online (first 6 chapers from book) with samples, examples, ...
Code Magic universal IDE for Win32
Forms Tutorial Another thorough tutorial on CGI and forms.
IBM Cultured Perl: Fun with MP3 and Perl, Part 1 - manipulating and guessing MP3 tags with Perl
Matt's Script Archive perl cgi scripts (counters, guestbook, search, discussion board, animation, text clocks, ...)
Matt's Script Archive perl cgi scripts (counters, guestbook, search, discussion board, animation, text clocks, ...)
Microsoft Visual Basic Active Server Pages (ASP)
O'Reilly & Associates where you can get an OSS (Open Source Software) version of PERL.
Perl 2 EXE perl compiler
PERL--Practical Extraction and Report Language An overview of PERL, the language used to process CGI input and output.
PERL.com or PERL.org home page
perl.com Perl Reference Tutorials
PERL Windows resources
PERL tutorials
PERL.com security page (for fixing vulnerabilities in perl scripts).
PERL Help An introduction to PERL for the novice, with a useful FAQ.
Python a free, object oriented, cross platform, scripting language (VHLL very high-level language) (scripting language).
jPython Project python for Java
Python Server Pages (PS)
Bay Area Python interest group (wiht codesamples, tutorials, ...)
mod_python server scripting language for Apache Web Servers
Roxen Internet Software Pike - open source dynamic language (similar to C)
SQL based relational database (implemented entirely in Python).
PyWX server page scripting language
Resource Index CGI Resources: 2000+ CGI scripts (Perl, C, C++, ...), tutorials, educational resources, ...
Rexx scripting language.
Solutionsoft, Inc. makers of Perl Builder, a simulated Common Gateway Interface (CGI) environment in which to build Perl scripting applications
webdeveloper.com CGI pages
webdeveloper.com Dr. Website CGI FAQ page.
webresource.net Java, Perl, CGI, ..., tutorials, tips, development tools, ...
The Web Developer's Journal A place to learn about the latest developments in Web.
Neil Gunton documents, articles, perl utilities, ...
Scripting News a weblog about scripting and related discussions
earthlink CGI Scripting (mailto, appendto, counter)
Guru99 PERL Tutorial for Beginners - Complete Guide

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - PHP syntax similar to C, but includes aspects of Java and Perl.
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP or PHP3 or PHP4, Hypertext Preprocessor (aka PHP), a web script language (functional equivalent to VBScript or Active Server Pages) that is platform agnostic (application server technology).
Rasmus Lerdorf's Presentation, Advanced PHP Tutorial
PHPnuke.org web programming language
PHP Association
PHP Association The PHP Developer's Cookbook
PHP Association PHP documentation
PHP Association PHP FAQs
PHP Association high-profile PHP users
MySQL Extensions to PHP
Sablotron XSL Extensions to PHP
Curl Header Files
Nexidion Designer PHP editor/debugger
O'Reilly Associates PHP DevCenter
O'Reilly Associates Excerpts from the PHP Pocket Reference
PHPlib PHP Base Library
PHP Builders resources
PHP Builders Getting Started With PHP3 (PHP primer)
PHP Wizard web application development
Zend Technologies PHP encoder (create platform independent binaries), now has IDE for PHP development.
Zend Technologies Under The Hood of PHP4
Zend Technologies PHP tutorial
Zend Technologies code optimizer
Network Computing Beginning PHP4
Network Computing Beginning PHP4
Network Computing Beginning PHP4
Network Computing Writing PHP Programs

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - Tcl/Tk programming language
Scriptics Corp. Tcl development products (script language)
Visual Tcl

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - web programming APIs SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
CGI.pm Perl5 CGI Library
cgi-lib Perl45 CGI Library
Boutell's CGI Library for C
NCSA libcgi++ for C++

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - secure web programming tips SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
Advanced Web Programming news, information, articles, ...
Web Security FAQ
NCSA CGI Programming Guide
Perl Security

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - multiple languages
The Code Project tips, tutorials, soource code, ...
The Development Exchange languages and platforms (with FAQs, articles, links, e-mail lists, tip of the day, download of the week, site of the week, Q & A, news, ...
The Programmer's Source links, ...
Allegro Game programming library for DJGPP in a mixture of C and assembly.
Developer City links to free compilers, libraries, programming tools, documentation, stuff for web sites, ...
Dr. Bob's Programming Clinic covers many programming languages.
Dawgy Dawg's Language Compiler Page
Secrets about DOS programming Many source code programming in QuickBasic, Pascal and Assembly
DOS Help Magazine HTML ezine on DOS and DOS programming.
Euphoria Programming Language Interpreter/compiler for 32 bit DOS, Win9x and Linux.
Inquiry.com has free help forums for programmers.
Guenther Klaming's Homepage Low-level hardware programming in Watcom C/C++, Pascal and Assembly.
Novell's DeveloperNet, a resource site for programmers writing for the NetWare platform.
Plush 3D Page A freeware 3D graphics library written in ANSI C for DOS and other OSes
Programmers Forum
Programmers' Heaven, a programmers resource site.
The Programmers Vault programming in a variety of languages.
REXX Programming language whose interpreter has been ported to various OSes
WebKnowHow.net, a programmers resource site.
Wotsit's Format or Wotsit's Format, a programmers resource site.

Programming Language Tutorials/Resources - editors/...
RSC (Resident Scientific Calculator - useful for every programmer who uses Dos)
Programmers File Editor, for 16 bit Windows, 32 bit Windows and Windows on PowerPC
HIEW (Hacker's View - viewer and editor for text, hex and code)

Programming Language - debuggers, ...
Abraxas Software CodeCheck is a expert system analyzer of C++, ...
Gimpel Flexelint is a C and C++ source code for error checking, inconsistencies, redundancies, ...
ParaSoft Insure++ is a runtime error detector for C and C++, WebKing (detect and prevent errors in web pages), ...

Programming Language - others
IntelliAdmin .NET will be the downfall of Microsoft Windows

Project Managment Institute, learn to deal with the project from hell.

ProLaunch allow your bropwser to start on a different home page every time you use it.

Promise Technology, makers of IDE controller cards, ...

Protocol Analyzers
Network World review, July 9, 2001, with 5 = best, and 1 = worst
3.8 WildPackets Network Management Suitcase (EtherPeek plus utilities)
3.5 Agilent Technologies Agilent Advisor
3.2 Sniffer Technologies (business unit of Network Associates) Sniffer Portable
3.0 Network Instruments Observer
3.0 Shomiti Systems (a Finisar Corporation) Surveyor
EPAN (download) protocol analyzer, show utilization rates, ...(supports multiple OSs and protocols)
Ethereal free network protocol analyzer
Ethereal Win32
WinPcap free packet capture for Windows (needed by Ethereal Win32)
Intellimax Systems, makers of LanExplorer (software protocol analyzer)
NDG Software NetBoy protocol analyzers (Australia creator)
Sunbelt Software NetBoy Network Protocol Analyzer (U.S. distributor)

Protocom Development System or Protocom Development System SecureConsole v2.0 - NLM for v3.x and v4.x NetWare that monitors server console for authorized users and authorized commands.

Proxy Servers/Firewalls/Routers (for home or Small Office/Home Office) (share ISP on home LAN)
InfoWorld Security Watch picked Network Ice BlackIce Defender (firewall/filter and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)) and InfoWorld review of BlackIce Defender Tiny Software WinRoute, Tiny Personal FireWall (Windows) (router/firewall/proxy server/...) as their security products of the year 1999. (free for personal use)
Network World Magazine tested 6 personal firewall August 7, 2000 (10 .. 1 - where 10 is best).
According to an editorial in Internet Week, June 18, 2001, the average computerconnected to the internet is scanned dozens of times per day. NetBIOS scans 17times per day. A standard Windows 98 system with file sharing-enabled, was hacked 5 times in 4 days.
The Home PC Firewall guide tips and guidance for broadband (cable modem/DSL) and dial-up internet security hacker protection for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) computer users..
Planet IT Tutorial - Lesson 143: Firewalls
Robert Graham Intrusionn Detection FAQ
3com, makers of OfficeConnect
602Pro PC, makers of Share Internet Access
Acer (NeWeb Division) makers of SyGate (share modem/ISP connection)
Addonics makers of WebShuttle (internet sharing device for Ethernet networks)
Aladdin makers of eSafe Desktop (personal firewall - software)
AnalogX proxy server
Artisoft, Inc. makers of i.Share (proxy server/firewall)
Asante makers of FriendlyNet Cable/DSL Router (with firewall, ...)
Astaro Internet Security linux firewall
Axent Technologies, makers of Intruder Alert (network intrusion detection system). NetProwler or NetProwler (network intrusion detection system), VelociRaptor Firewall Appliance, ...
Biodata makers of SpinxWall (personal firewall - software)
BorderWare Office Gateway (gateway, firewall, proxy, ...)
Cayman Systems NAT/firewall/...
CNetUSA makers of SinglePoint (internet sharing hub), ...
Check Point Software Technologies, makers of Firewall-1, Host Inspection Module
Cisco Systems, makers of PIX Firewall
Citadel Technology makersof WinShield Secure PC (desktop security and control)
ClosedBSD firewall and network address translation (NAT) utility which boots off of a single floppy disk or CD-ROM. No hard drive required. Based on FreeBSD kernel.
Computer Associates, makers of eTrust EZ Firewall (personal firewall - software)
Computer Associates, makers of eTrust (network) Intrusion Detection
CoyoteLinux linux firewall
CyberMedia GuardDog
Fast Proxy Network online service
Cybernet NetMax Firewall (Linux) (commercial software based on open-source software)
CyberSafe, makers of Centrax (network intrusion detection)
D-Link makers of DI-701 (hardware firewall/router), DI-704, ...
Danu TermiNET (personal firewall - software)
Deerfield.com WinGate - firewall/proxy server/network address translation (NAT)
Digital Robotics makers of IFW2000 (firewall with suite of internet security tools)
Dynamic Solutions NukeNabber (port monitor//blocking)
e-smith.org server and gateway
emBDS Secure Systems stripped down version of OpenBSD for use as routing firewall on limited space drives (floppy, flash card, ...)
NW 5.85 eSafe Technologies Interceptor (hardware), eSafe Protect Desktop (firewall/anti-virus/ActiveX blocking/Java Blocking/application security/...)
eSoft Inc. InstaGate EX (commercial software based on open-source software)
F-Secure Corp. F-Secure Distributed Firewall (desktop firewall), F-Secure Policy Manager (distribution/central management)
Finjan, Inc. SurfinShield
download here.
FirePlug EDGE Router a Linux based firewall/router that fits on a floppy and runs in ram.
fli4l the on(e)-disk-router (a single floppy Linux-based ISDN, DSL and Ethernet router that runs on a 486 with 16mb of ram).
floppyfw Linux - static router with firewall capabilities (that fits/runs on a single floppy)
NW 4.50 Fortress Technologies NetFortress (hardware)
Freemont Avenue Software Inc. T.Rex (firewall) (commercial software based on open-source software)
Freesco (Free ciSco) linux router
NW 5.95 Global Technology Associates or Global Technology Associates makers of GNAT Box GB (hardware), GNAT Box (firewall that runs on 1.44 floppy & 8mb ram, no hard drive required), ...
Global Technology Associates GNAT Box or Global Technology Associates GNAT Box Lite (freeware version for multiple Operating Systems.)
Glucose Development Corp. Impasse (Mac-firewall)
Hawking Technology iRouter Internet Sharing Server
iNetPrivacy Software Anonymity 4 Proxy (proxy server)
InfoExpress or InfoExpress makers of CyberArmor Suite Enterprise Class Personal Firewall (CyberArmor [desktop firewall], CyberConsole [central management], CyberServer [central management], Policy Manager [distribution]), CyberGateKeeper (software policy enforcer)
Intego NetBarrier (Mac-firewall)
NetFilter/IP Tables Project firewalling, NAT and packet mangling (for linux)
NetFilter/IP Tables Project firewalling, NAT and packet mangling (for linux)
IPChains Linux firewall
IP Cop linux firewall
Core Force is the first community oriented security solution for personal computers. CORE FORCE is free and provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution for Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems.
review of iRouter Internet Sharing Server from Data Communications Magazine
InternetAppliance proxy/firewall/router for small to medium size businesses.
Internet Security Systems RealSecure Network Sensor (IDS), BlackIce PC Protection (Windows-firewall)
Lanscope StealthWatch (IDS)
LinkByte ComSocks - firewall/proxy server
Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router (hardware with firewall, NAT, DHCP, ...) (8 port, 4 port and 1 port version) (August 14, 2000 got good writeup in Network World Magazine), ...
(800) 326-7114, BEFSR11 v1.0 - 1 port hub/router, BEFSR41 v2.0 - 4 port hub/router, BEFSR81 v1.0 - 8 port hub/router, ...
Yahoo! Small business Linksys Vulernability Puts Home Users At Risk
Linksys firmware upgrade for Linksys routers (BEFSR11, BEFSRU31, BEFSR41 for routers using firmware prior to v1.42.7)
slashdot Vulnerability In Linksys Cable/DSL Router
Umax maker of Ugate 3000, ...
Linux Router Project FrazierWall Linux - runs on a 486 with 16mb ram, 2 NICs, and a floppy drive.
Microsoft ISA Server (firewall and web cache)
MidPoint MidPoint - proxy server
NW 6.05 McAfee.com maker of Personal Firewall (software only) (formerly Signal 9 solutions Conseal Conseal Firewall (personal firewall - software), McAfee Personal Firewall (Windows)
NeoWorx NeoWatch (personal firewall - software)
NetBSD/i386 Firewall Project requires 486 and to NICs.
Netgear maker of RT314, ...
Netopia maker of IDSL Router/Firewall/NAT (hardware)
NetScreen firewall/VPN appliance
Network Associates or Network Associates ActiveShield, Gauntlet Firewall
Network Designers, makers of Novix (TCP/IP Gateway/Firewall for Novell servers)
NW 7.45 Network Ice or Network Ice, makers of BlackIce Defender (firewall/filter and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)), ICEcap (central management/distribution), Install Pac (distribution) (software only)
Rob Keir ICEWatch complimentary product to BlackICE, and other Win95/98 freeware.
Nexland makers of Internet Sharing Box
Nokia gigabit firewall
Norman Personal Firewall (personal firewall - software)
Ositis Software or Ositis Software WinProxy - firewall/proxy server/network address translation (NAT)
Pliris Firewall X2 (Mac)
Progressive Systems Phoenix Adaptive Firewall (runs on Linux)
PGP PGP7 Firewall (personal firewall - software)
Port Detective Port Detective
Privacyware Firewall (personal firewall - software)
Protect Data Security, Inc. Protect (32bit PC security product) (encrypt your hard drive)
Protectix Inc. Protectix Prowall (firewall appliance) (commercial software based on open-source software)
Psionic Systems Port Sentry
Ramp Networks, Inc. or Ramp Networks, Inc. makers of WebRamp (router/firewall/proxy server), WebRamp 2000v (router/firewall/proxy server and voice over DSL)
Sauces Sofctware X-Proxy
Security7 SafeGate and UltraGate
Sentry Network Security Sentry Firewall CD (Linux)
SecurePoint Security Solutions SecurePoint Firewall (Linux)
NW 6.15 Signal 9 Solutions (now owned by McAfee), maker of Conseal Conseal Firewall (personal firewall - software)
Signal 9 Solutions makers of Conseal Conseal Firewall (personal firewall - software)
ShareTheNet router/firewall.
Soft4Ever Look'n'Stop (personal firewall - software)
Solsoft NSM Net Security Manager (open source Unix Proxy firewall with identification, authenticcation, content filtering, ...)
Sonic Systems or
NW 8.05Sonic Systems makers of SonicWall SOHO (firewall/NAT/proxy/anti-virus/VPN/filtering/...) (hardware)
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) Squid web proxy cache
SmoothWall.org SmoothWall GPL - a version of Linux designed to be a router and a firewall.
SnapGear SOHO+ (firewall-software)
SofaWare Technologies makers of HomeSecure (firewall), based on technology from Check Point Software
SOHOware BroadGurad Secure Cable/DSL Router
Software602 602Pro Internet Server Lite, Internet Server Pro, LAN Suite, (multiple users connect multiple computers to the Internet via a single dial-up or dedicated line), Pro LAN Suite...
Source Velocity PCViper (personal firewall - software)
StarTech makers of Internet Splitter
Stormix Technologies Inc. Stormix Firewall (commercial software based on open-source software)
Sustainable Softworks IPNetSentry (Mac-firewall)
NW 8.85 SyberGen Networks, Inc. Sybergen Mobile Workforce Solution (Sybergen Secure Desktop (desktop firewall), Sybergen Management Server (central management)) (software only)
SyberGen Networks, Inc. Secure Desktop (desktop firewall) Sybergen Management Server (central management) (trial/demo version)
SyberGen Networks, Inc. SyGate - gateway/proxy server, Personal FirewallTM (free for personal use) SyGate Personal Firewall (Windows)
Symantec Personal Firewall For Mac
Symantec Norton Internet Security Suite (firewall-formerly AtGuard Personal Firewall, application control, ...), (filter ads, cookies, pop-ups, ...), Desktop Firewall, Raptor Firewall Appliance (formerly Axent Technologies) (commercial software based on open-source software)
NW 6.50 Symantec Norton Personal Firewall 2000 (Security 2000) (software only)
Wietse Venema TCPWrappers (freeware)
Technologic/eSoft or Technologic Interceptor (hardware firewall)
Tiny Software or Tiny Software WinRoute - router/firewall/proxy server (Personal/SOHO Firewall/...) (free for personal use), Personal Firewall, ...
Trusted Information Systems Firewall Toolkit
Umax Technologies UGate (router/firewall/gateway/network address translation (NAT))
Vicomsoft Internet Gateway (router/gateway/...)
VirusMD.com Personal Firewall (personal firewall - software)
VSocks firewall/proxy server.
WRQ @Guard (personal firewall/ad blocker/cookie blocker/safer surfing/ ...)
NW 7.85 WatchGuard Technologies WatchGuard SOHO (hardware), BeadleNet (firewall), FireBox SOHO (VPN and firewall) (commercial software based on open-source software), ...
WebTrends Firewall suite (software)
NW 8.25 ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm (Windows) (block incoming/outgoing information) (freeware) (software only) Now partnered with Trend Micro, Inc.
Zone Alarm Forum v6.5 and older root certioficate problems as of July 16, 2009.
ZyXel Communications NAT/firewall/...

Proxy Servers/Firewalls/Routers - security articles, FAQs, ...
Advanced Labratory Workstation (ALW) System (from the Center for Information Technology, at the National Institutes of Health) security FAQs.
Steve Bellovin paper on distributed firewalls.
Steve Bellovin related papers.
Steve Bellovin talks on related subjects.
BSD Today Running a BSD-Based Firewall (FreeBSD vs. OpenBSD as a firewall platform)
Gibson Research reviews of personal firewalls.
Tim Higgin's or Tim Higgin's cable modem sharing page
The Industry Standard How To Prevent Web Attacks
ZDnet - Interactive Week Networking Vendors: Attacks Are Preventable
Interhack firewall FAQs.
Internet Week Spread The Broadband Wealth
Internet Week Switching Heat
Internet Week HP's Little Switch That Could
icsa.net security assurance for internet connected companies.
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) basic firewall information, and list of certified firewalls.
Information Security Magazine article on firewalls.
Information Security Magazine article on firewalls.
Information Security Magazine article on Securing DSL.
J. Joseph Max Katz How To Build an OpenBSD-Based Firewall
LinuxDoc.org Firewall and Proxy Server HowTo
Linux Firewall Tools Linux Firewall and Security Site
Bill Machrone proxy server info and product links (for sharing an ISP connection)
Cable Modem Help LAN connection
Network Flight Recorder (NFR) technical forum discusses firewalls and other security related issues.
PC World Magazine article. Arm Yourself Against Broadband Bandits
PC World.com Instant Internet Security (story on ZoneAlarm)
PC World Magazine Make Your PC Hacker-Proof (test of 6 personal firewalls).
PC World.com Stop Hackers Before They Attack
PC World.com Your Second Line of PC Defense
PC World.com Fortress PC (protecting your PC)
Safety Detectives How to Keep Your Mac Computer Secure in 2021
ZDNet News Study: (as of August 2004) Unpatched PCs Compromised In 20 Minutes. (PCs with high speed access compromised much faster.)
phoneboy.com Firewall-1 FAQ
Marcus Ranum Security Site Internet Firewall FAQ
Security Portal Linux Administrator's Security Guide (LASG)
slashdot GNOME, Security, Linux, and Cable Modems?
slashdot Smoothwall Firewall Review
slashdot Run Your Firewall Halted For Extra Security
slashdot Captain Crunch's New Boxes, Part II
slashdot IPCop 0.1.1 Review (firewall)
SysAdmin Halted Firewalls (shutdown a linux machine to use as a firewall)
see also: SecurityPortal Firewalls Discussion (thread)
UnixWorld: Firewall Performance Tuning
U.S.News & World Report 10/4/99 article on hacking home systems via internet.
V-One Internet Firewalls FAQ
WinInfo Newsletter article on Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) conflicts with personal firewalls.
World Wide Web (W3) security FAQ

Network Computing Network Address Translation (NAT): Hiding In Plain Sight.
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What Am I Seeing?) explains firewall logs and what port numbers mean.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) list of assigned port numbers
Network Ice Port Number Listings and what programs are running there.
Simovits Consulting Ports used by Trojans

Psilon Freeware Page Personal web page (Avery Lee) with interesting downloads.

Pure Networks network magic, ...

Puzzle Systems Corporation makers of Web Server, IPconnect (server attached modem) and other software for Novell NetWare (NLM). 14 day demos. Voice call for key: (408) 779-9909.

PX Technologies WinUtility (allow workgroups to organize, manage and share documents and e-mail messages)

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