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Computer Links
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Dachshund Software software to optimize, accelerate and improve Windows.

Daemon Tools virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator

Darim Vision makers of PC Snoop (combines digital video capture and motion detection).

Data Becker, makers of Power Cleaner (6-in-1 uninstaller suite: uninstaller, net-watcher, win-conditioner, registry check, soft mover, conflict manager).

DataIP FileGen Program - This program is used to create a file of a given size and defined content.

Data Junction or Data Junction makers of multi-platform data conversion software, XML Junction (XML enable any application or data source), ...

DataPerfect UserGroup support files, and discussions, ...

YouTube "Super Hidden" Files in Windows (Even Experts Don't Know About)

Data Destruction sites: (erase, wipeout, shred, destroy, wipe drive,...)
lifewire 42 Free Data Destruction Software Programs - Completely Free Disk Wipe and Hard Drive Eraser Software Utilities
Communication Technologies No*Trace (data removal and security program-permanently delete data from PC)
ZDNet look for: East-Tec FormatSecure (erase drive, and make data unrecoverable)
Eraser permanent erase.
eraser works for various versions of Windows, as well as DOS. Open Source
Jetico Inc makers of BCWipe (secure file delete)
Sure Delete
Darik's Boot and Nuke securely wipe hard drives.
SourceForge DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN is appropriate for bulk or emergency data destruction.
cezeo Disk Redactor is a WIPE utility that lets you securely erase any old ( deleted ) files and prevent them from being recovered.
Google search - secure erase drive
hub pages Free Secure (Destructive) File and Disk Deletion Tools

Data Recovery web sites:
Advanced Data Solutions service provider
Adroit Data Recovery Centre ADRC service provider
CBL Data Recovery Technologies service provider
Computer Solutions of America service provider
Data Recovery Labs service provider
Data Recovery Services, Inc recover data from multiple media (hard drive, RAID, tape, ...) with multiple locations world wide.
DriveSavers service provider
Eco Data Recovery service provider
Free RAID Recovery
Ontrack service provider (also has end user software)
Pandora Recovery software to recover deleted files
Raid Data Recovery service provider
data recovery net - hard drive recovery services
DIY Data Recovery to recover files, partitions, ...

File Recovery web sites:
DIY Data Recovery
PGSoft, Inc. Save Butt, windows undelete utility that recovers files even after the recycle bin has been emptied.
PowerQuest makers of Lost and Found, a file recovery utility.
Hot Files - ZDNet Software Library search for RecoverNT, a shareware unerase program for all versions of FAT and NTFS.
ZDnet AnchorDesk Fret Not Over Deleted Files - Three Ways To Recover
Network Undelete for Win NT server
Undelete for Win NT/2000 workstation and server
PC Inspector File Recovery, data deletion, clone drive, ...
PC World Free Hard Disk Utilities: Recover Deleted Files and Lost Data

System Recovery (Win 9x) web sites:
Duomark makers of 9Lives, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility (intercept and review ALL file system calls) (firewall for files).
Kiss Software makers of Undo-it, a desktop undo/recovery utility.
Ontrack makers of EasyRecovery (supports FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS)
PowerQuest makers of Second Chance, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility.
WildFile makers of GoBack, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility/time.

DataReel a free, cross-platform database and communication toolkit.

Data Storage web sites:
Advanced Computer & Network RAID,
Adaptec Ultra 2 SCSI
Aiwa America RAID, tape,
Avatar Peripherals removable, (shark 250mb diskette)
Box Hill Systems fiber channel,
Castlewood maker of ORB removable diskdrives (internal EIDE Ultra Wide SCSI and external - parallel, SCSI, USB)
Data General/Clariion fiber channel,
Distributed Processing Technology RAID,
Exabyte tape,
Fujitsu removable,
Imperial Technology, Inc. MegaRAM-4000 Solid State Disk Product (data storage system-no moving parts)
Inline RAID,
Iomega removable,
Land-5 RAID,
Micro Solutions removable, tape,
Nikon Optical Storage removable,
MTI Technology fiber channel,
Nomai USA removable,
nStor RAID,
Olympus America removable,
Panasonic removable,
Philips Electronics
Pinnacle Micro removable,
Pioneer New Media removable,
Plextor removable,
Raidtec fiber channel,
Seagate Technology tape,
Solid Data Systems makers of Excellerator 800 Ultra (a solid state hard drive-no moving parts)
Sony Electronics HiFD, a 200mb floppy
Sony Electronics removable, tape, ...
Digital Equipment RAID, removable, tape,
Storage Dimensions RAID,
Storage Technology RAID,
Sun Microsystems fiber channel,
SyQuest Technology removable,
Terapin Mine (10G-byte hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand)
Toray Optical Storage removable,
Toshiba America removable,
Unisys fiber channel,
Western Scientific RAID,

hard drive spec info:
IBM - SMART Specifications
IBM - SMART Specifications
Seagate - SMART Specifications
Adaptec - Disk Subsystem Performance
Quantum - Disk Subsystem Performance
Intel - Disk Subsystem Performance
S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) tools

data storage solution providers
Arsenal Digital Solutions
Creek Path
Managed Storage International (MSI)
Storage Networks

storage/RAID/Fiber Channel/iSCSI... info/FAQs/...: Redundant Array of Independent Drives (RAID)
technical paper on Fibre Channel
Fibre Channel Loop Community Industry Trade Association (FCLOOP)
Fibre Channel Industry Association
Institute for Information Storage Technology
iSCSI Storage - IP Storage Network Trends iSCSI Storage Manufacturers
National Storage Industry Consortium (NSIC)
NetworkWorldFusion IP Storage Standard Set To Roll
Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA)
1-800 TECHNOS How to create CD-Rom Raid-0 under Linux
Linux Software Raid HowTo
A Case For Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) by Patterson, Gibson and Katz
RAID Advisory Board
The Register Stealth Plan Puts Copy Protection Into Every Hard Drive
Storage Networking Industry Alliance (SNIA)
Storage Management Solutions Magazine article on migration strategy between SCSI and Fibre Channel.
SCSI Trade Organization
SGI setting bandwidth performance record with fibre channel.
SearchStorage.com a search engine for storage related topics.
Storage Review Hardware Research offers The Storage Review, an online publication devoted to hard drives, disk arrays, and other storage devices. with a Benchmark Database
ExtremeTech External Drive Shootout: Maxtor One Touch vs. Seagate External
ars technicaWhy new hard disks might not be much fun for XP users

PCWorld.com Hassle-Free PC: New Uses for Old Hard Drives

Data Robotics drobo data storage devices.

Datacom Technologies, Inc. makers of cable testing equipment (cat 5, Cat 5+, Cat 6, ...)

DataViz makers of software that lets Mac users read Windows floppies, and Windows computers read Mac floppies.

DATMAN makes a DAT (4mm DDS tape) drive behave like a disk drive (freeware and shareware versions).
DATMAN XXCOPY, an improved copy program, ...

Dachshund Software utilites to help fix software problems and improve system performance.

Dave Central a source for web mail programs.

Daylight Saving Time
PC World Daylight-Saving Change Requires Easy Fixes
IntelliAdmin.com: Unofficial Windows 2000 Daylight Saving Time Patch
Microsoft How to configure daylight saving time for the United States in 2007
Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center
Microsoft Office Outlook Tool: Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office Online Prepare Outlook calendar items for daylight saving time changes in 2007 - Outlook

DCSI 32bit terminal emulation (includes FTP client, and TCP/IP utilities)

dd-wrt.com DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems.

DealsGuy time bound announcements of discounts/deals on computer hardware and software

D-Link makers of network hardware.

Declutter Your Desk by Van Mardian (pegboard computer)

Deerfield.com software, including, FTP Voyager FTP client, InterQuick connection optimizer, FTP Serv-U FTP Server, MDaemon POP3/SMTP server WebPOP for MDaemon, RelayFax email/fax gateway, WinGate VPN
new company name, new URLs
visnetic.com software, including,
WinGate firewall/proxy, ... WinGate VPN
VisNetic AntiVirus
VisNetic Firewall
VisNetic FTPClient
VisNetic FTPServer
VisNetic MailCast
VisNetic MailServer
VisNetic MailFlow
VisNetic SafeFile
VisNetic WebSite

Dependency Walker scan any Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, ...) to find out what other modules required and what functions used.

Desktop Utilities:
restore desktop icons
google windows save desktop layout
PCHell.com Save and Restore Windows Desktop and Icons
midi-ox Desktop Restore (save the layout of your desktop)
Solway's Software Page Solway's Desktop Icon Layout Saver
Virtual Desktop Manager
Gizmo's Freeware Best Free Virtual Desktop Manager
Ashton Shell
Finestra Virtual Desktops
Microsoft Windows SysInternals Desktops
Otaku software Deskspace
Sim Soft MicroDesk
Virtual Dimension
Wikipedia Comparison of desktop application launchers
Remote Desktop Access
Remote Access/Control

Desktop Customization Options including: LOGO.SYS Replacement Files, Seamless Background Tiles, Animated Cursors

zdsnet Why we don't trust Devil Mountain Software (and neither should you)

Diamond Software Group development and support for Paradox (DOS and Win).

DiamondCS security software, GUI and DiamondCS console apps.
DiamondCS anti-worm/anti-trojan tools (and other tools)

Digital Photogaphy Review Eye-Fi (digital wireless S.D.Card) Review, Phil Askey, November 2007

Disk Defrag:
I Love Fre Software review of 5 disk defrag programs
php-nuke listing of 7 disk defrag programs
Auslogics Disk Defrag (free and fee)
Diskeeper or Diskeeper (hard drive defragger) for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000. (trial and fee)
Golden Bow VOPT (trial and fee)
IObit Smart Defrag 2 (free and fee)
MyDefrag GUI
MyDefrag scripts
Jeroen Ksseels JKdefrag, is now MyDefrag (free)
O&O Software trial and fee
Piriform Defraggler
Puran Software Puran Defrag (free and fee)
Raxco Software, makers of PerfectDisk 2000 (hard drive defragger for Win 95/98/NT/2000).
Symantec Corp. makers of Speed Disk (drive defragger for DOS/Win 95/98/NT)
Golden Bow Systems makers of Vopt, disk defag utility for DOS, Win 3,1, Win 95.

Data Doktor'N Hard Disc Defraggle
Internet Week Disk Defrag That Really Works

Desktop Sidebar a free way to manage your programs and data on your computer.

Desktop Customization Options LOGO.SYS Replacement Files
Desktop Customization Options Seamless Background Tiles
Desktop Customization Options Animated Cursors

Developer.com development tools, information, ... on multiple programming languages.

Device Bay possibly a new standard for swapping parts in / out on a PC.

google - search burn-in diagnostic software

Diamond Cut makers of software for audio restoration, as well as a record label for old Edison recordings (cylinders, ...). Tracer Technology provides sales and support for Diamond Cut software.

Didro Software graphical menu program for DOS, with macro creation/edit/run ability, ...

Digi International makers of multiport serial ports, ...

DigitalCandle makers of Label Magic (software for all kinds of labels, including cards, CDs, DVDs, ...)

Digital Equipment Corp. makers of many things including PCI-to-PCI bridge chips.

Digital Image, makers of OpennetView (internet video camera/server).

Digital Inspiration Useful Windows XP DOS Commands and Tricks

Digital Millennium Windows Power Tools (optimize Windows performance), Windows Disk Space Recovery Wizard, Windows Security Toolkit, ...

Digital River, makers of eBot (desktop robot for internet searches)

Digital Volcano TextCrawler - Seach and Replace Files

DigiTimes Hard Drive Recall

Directory Services x.500, LDAP, NDS, ADS, ...
IETF Standards and RFCs
LDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols (ldup) Working Group
Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) a combination od eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Directory Services (DS).
Novell Novell Directory Services (NDS)
Netscape Netscape Directory Server
Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS)

Active Directory tools
Aelita migration wizard, server consolidation wizard, enterprise delegation manager, enterprise directory reporter, ...
BindView admin for migration, admin for Windows 2000, control for Windows 2000, control for Active Firectory, ...
FastLane administration, manger, reporter, consolidator, ...
NetIQ migration assessor, migration administrator, directory/resource administration, file and storage administrator, ...

Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) Working Group

Disaster Recovery web sites:
American Red Cross disaster recovery information
BMC Software disaster recovery information
BMC Software disaster recovery information
Comdisco disaster recovery information
Connected disaster recovery information
FEMA disaster recovery information
Hewlett-Packard disaster recovery information
IBM Business Continuity And Recovery Services - disaster recovery information
Institute For Business and Home Safety disaster recovery information
Sanrise disaster recovery information
Storability disaster recovery information
StorageNetworks disaster recovery information
SunGard disaster recovery information
Tivoli Systems disaster recovery information
Tivoli Systems disaster recovery information
Tivoli Systems disaster recovery information

DiscusWare, makers of Discus (free, web-based (CGI) discussion board).

Disk Image (clone):
Top Ten Reviews 2014 Disk Imaging Software Review
Freeware Genius The best free disk imaging program: a comparative analysis (updated)
Tech Republic Five free and reliable cloning tools
Eizo's Freeware est Free Drive Cloning Software
Altiris, Inc. PC Transplant Pro
Altiris, Inc. RapiDeploy, Altiris Express
Binary Research Universal Image Utility
KeyLabs ImageBlaster (now owned by Altiris)
Columbia Data Products SnapBack Dup
Farstone Clone Your Hard Drive With Drive Clone 2
GHOST - General Hardware Oriented System Transfer
Symantec Corp. Ghost
Symantec Corp. Norton Ghost (for PCs)
Symantec Corp. Norton Ghost (for PCs)
Symantec Corp. Norton Ghost (for NetWare, NT, ...) or Norton Ghost for NetWare
Innovative Software or Innovative Software Ghost Software (purchased by Symantec)
g4u ("ghosting for unix") Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs
Innovative Software Ltd. ImageCast IC3
Intelligent Computer Solutions Image MASSter, ImageCast IC3
Lexun Freeware software for Windows XP and 2000 (drive image, drive clone, reg edit, ...)
Micro House International ImageCast IC3
Miramar Systems Desktop DNA
Miray Software HDClone
StorageSoft ImageCast IC3
PCX Software LinkWiz (desktop cloning software)
PowerQuest Migration Manager
PowerQuest Drive Image
PowerQuest Drive Image Pro
Quarterdeck Corp. DiskClone Corporate 1.0
SureData, a subsidiary of Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) FlashClone 1.1
SureData, an ICS company distributors of GhostPlus Software, a workstation cloning tool.
TRG Products, makers of ImagePro (cloning flash ROM of Palm-OS devices)
Tranxition Personality Tranxport Professional
V Communications DriveWorks
PC World.comSymantec Updates Ghost Utility

DisplayMate DisplayMate Multimedia Edition (diagnostic utility for comparing and adjusting LCD displays), ...

Dive Into Mark articles about web programming, as well as source code, ...

DLL Archive
DLL Star
TopFile.com DLL Archives

DMW Worldwide, makers of HostCHECK (host-based security assessment).

Dr. Dobbs Journal The New Adventures Of Verity Stob - Computer Cruft

Document Management:
Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat Capture (scanning/OCR software)
Documentum 4i eBusiness Edition (web updating and management)
eBusiness Technologies
Excalibur Technologies RetrievalWare (indexes and searches 200+ document types)
FileNET Panagon (web updating and management)
Hummingbird Fulcrum KnowledgeServer (web updating and management)
Interwoven TeamSite (web updating and management)
Lotus Domino.Doc (web updating and management)
Mindwrap Optix (workflow and document scanning)
NCompass Labs NCompass Resolution (web updating and management)
Openpages ContentWare Suite (web updating and management)
OpenText Livelink (web updating and management)
ScanSoft TextBridge Pro Millennium (scanning/OCR software)
Treev DocuTreev (workflow and document scanning)
UpdateThis.com ASP that provides web updating and management
Vignette StoryServer (web updating and management)

Domain Name System (DNS):
Domain Name System (DNS) DNS Resource Directory DNS software (look for DIG, DNSWalk, ...)
web based Dig for DNS lookup problems.
Hootieben's Connectivity Resource Domain Name System (DNS) query page (written in pure HTML).
Internet Software Consortium
Internet Software Consortium Berkeley Internet Domain Domain (BIND) info on DNS and routing. BIND v4.x and v8.x BIND v9.x
OpenDNS DNS services
UltraDNS offering managed DNS (enhanced, high-availability services for a monthly fee).
Network World DNS/DHCP tools review (on a scale from 1-bad to 10-good)
8.00 Lucent QIP Enterprise DNS/DHCP tools
7.05 Nortel Networks NetID DNS/DHCP tool
6.95 Network TeleSystems Shadow IP Server S50 and IP Server software - DNS/DHCP tool
6.90 Check Point Software Meta IP DNS/DHCP tool
5.85 Process Software IP AddressWorks DNS/DHCP tool
5.20 Novell NetWare (includes DNS/DHCP tools as part of the OS)
4.45 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (includes DNS/DHCP tools as part of the OS)
DHCP.org basic information on DHCP, and links to additional information.
DHCP-Handbook.org FAQ
Internet Software Consortium reference implementations of a DHCP server, client and relay agent.
djbDNS.com replacement for DNS/BIND with links, articles, ....
DHS Domain Host Services (URL redirector) (fee)

Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS):
Google Web Directory list of Dynamic DNS Services
Direct Update dynamic dns updater running as an NT service
dyn.ee Dynamic Domain Name Service (free and fee service).
DynDNS Dynamic DNS
dynIP Dynamic Domain Name Service (fee)
No-IP Dynamic Domain Name Service (free and fee)
No-IP Dynamic Domain Name Service (free)
Technopagan Dynamic DNS Providers List (with prices and user comments).
Zone Edit Dynamic Domain Name Service (as well as other services)

DomeWorks Software's, Windows DeskShow (file manager/graphics viewer/slide show applet)

DonationCoder.com freeware and donationware
DonationCoder.com Screenshot Captor (free screen capture software)
DonationCoder.com Find and Run Robot, find items on your computer by typing.

Disk Operating System (DOS) related web sites:
dot tech This is what Wikipedia would have been like in the 80s, running on DOS [Video]
Microsoft-Watch DOS On It's Deathbead? (DR-DOS v8.0 Released)
R*KOM Automotive and Accounting Software Advantage Of Our DOS Automotive and Accounting Software
SoreHands.com DOS Ain't Dead
DOS Internet WebRing
SurvPC Mailing List a mailing list for old or low resource PC and DOS Internet. Archives, links, webrings, ...
A Dinosour's Garden Great site with lots of DOS information and links.
Canadian Mind Products various small useful utilities written for DOS in C, C++, Pascal, Java, ... (and include source code).
Console Based (command line) Internet Applications for DOS/Windows
CWE DOS utilities
DOS Software Development
DOS Software Library
Utilites for DOS and Win 95
comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ (136K but fast)
links to MS-DOS 7.0 resources
DOS Games.com Listing of many FREE Games (with descriptions) for DOS! (and links to other DOS games sites).
DOS Games Archive 165+ DOS games, and how to run them on modern computers.
DR-OpenDOS Utilities
The DOS Operating System batch files, tips, command line options, fallacies, humor, links, ...
FeuerSoft various DOS programs and utilities
Free Software For DOS or Free Software For DOS links (with extensive reviews) to 500+ freeware/shareware DOS programs
Garbo PC collection Extensive collection of DOS programs
RealmSpace for DOS Links to various DOS utilities for the web.
ComputerCraft assembling a PC
ComputerCraft shareware DOS/Win utilities
DOS Enhancements (new address)
ISIS, an install program for DOS (uses script file for display and questions)
MicroElectronics's old DOS files, hardware drivers, utilities, ...
obsolete computers helpline
Interesting DOS Programs links (and brienf explainations) audio, graphics, utilities, applications, programming, ... links
Pixel 32 DOS software
DOS PDF reader and tools
X PDF: A PDF Viewer For X PDF converters for DOS, Windows, Linux, ...
Simtel Large well known collection of DOS programs
Step by Step Guide to Building an ATX PC
Over 450 Pieces of DOS Freeware
TKPS' DOS Software
DOS programming tips and tricks with source code
What's Up, Dos? Categorized Links to Download Unique Gaming, Internet, Multimedia, Multitasking, Programming and Virus Protection Software for DOS.
DOS Links Page
Simtel.net DOS disassemblers
Hiren Useful Dos Files - usb, scsi, ... drivers for DOS
Dr. DOS Betamax DOS Websites

DataLight ROM-DOS, with large hard drive support, long file name (LFN) support, FAT32 support, ... (free for home users)
DOS Command Reference
MS-DOS 7.0 Commands online in HTML.
MSDOS Reference Documents every MSDOS command and most commands in PCDOS/DRDOS.
Caldera: DR-DOS/OpenDOS
Caldera: DR-DOS/OpenDOS
Caldera/Lineo DR-DOS
DeviceLogics makers of DR-DOS v8.0, DR-Linux (run Linux from DOS), ...
DR-DOS.net FAQ, mailing list, install, documentation, forum, downloads, links, netring, ...
DR-DOS.com where you can download DR DOS v7.03
Club DR-DOS links, features, bugs, tips, downloads, FAQs, history, ...
The DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project support for: 4gb FAT16, FAT32, LFN, USB devices, ...
Dark Logic FreeDOS, links, files, ...
Lief Ekblad's Home Page, programmer working on: RDOS, 486 CPU emulator, embeded OSs, ...
FreeDOS, an open source replacement for M$ DOS. FreeDOS Links
SourceForge The FreeDOS Project - This is the CVS home for the FreeDOS Project. FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system.
slashdot Interview with Jim Hall (FreeDOS) (and discussion)
FreeDOS Software Available on the Internet
Install FreeDOS without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media
Extreme Tech FreeDOS 1.1 released after 17 years
GDOS GUI alternative to Windows
Real/32 Multi-user, multi-tasking, 32 bit DOS-compatible OS.
Real/32 upgrades check out readme
DR Multi-User DOS and Real/32 multi-user and multi-tasking software.
MultiDOS Server is a multitask graphical application which suports the majority of updated Operating Systems and partition types (NTFS, EXT, FAT, HPFS, ...)
RxDOS a DOS designed for embedded systems, support LFN and FAT32, source code is available.
Russian PTS-DOS Project
PhysTechSoft PTS-DOS 2000 (DOS, boot manager, ...), DiskEditor, ...
S and H A 32 bit multi-user, multi-tasking DOS.
Theos Software's 32bit DOS.
Unofficial Seal FreeDOS/DR-DOS Project news, links, ...
Yet Another anti-Microsoft Oriented Oracle (YAMOO) links ot other operating systems.
NewDos.exe a DOS command shell that includes a scrollable screen command prompt.
Download DOS from DosOS.com many versions of DOS, and a few DOS utilities
zebor technology ZDOS is a 32-bit real time OS for the X86 CPU family, written entirely in assembly language for maximum performance.

DOS Emulators:
DOS Box DOS Emulator for Windows, Liunx, Mac, OS/2, BeOS, Risc OS, ...
DOS Box a x86 emulator with DOS - run your old DOS software in Windows XP
SourceForge DOSBox DOS Emulator - emulates a full x86 pc with sound and dos. It's main use is to run old dosgames on platforms which don't have dos (win2K/XP/linux/FreeBSD)
DOSEMU - DOS EMulator run your old DOS software in Linux
DodGE DOS Game Emulator - run your old DOS software in Windows
QEMU open source processor emulator
VMware virtual machine (computer emulator to allow you to load your favorite OS)
VMmanager open source tool for editing VMware virtual machines.
VMmanager open source tool for editing VMware virtual machines.
EasyVMX Create virtual machines for VMware Player

DOS Developers:
DJGPP DOS 32-Bit protected mode c/c++ compiler
EhBasic source code for ARP, ICMP and TCP/IP
FreePascal DOS 32-Bit protected mode Pascal compiler
Allegro graphic and sound lib for DOS (c/c++)
watt-32 tcp/ip watt-32 is a library for making networked TCP/IP programs (c/c++)
GraphiX game lib for pascal
file format information
Beginners DOS Game Programming Course (c/c++)
DOS source code (c/c++)
DOS Programming, Undocumented DOS, and DOS Secrets (c/c++)
WDOSX DOS extender/sever

DOS Tutorials (learn):
Dos7 Commands - Index Page
DOS - title page
DOS Class: Introduction to DOS
DOS instruction
A Description Of MS-DOS Commands
MSDOS - The Commands - An Introduction
EasyDOS Internet Guide To DOS
EasyDOS DOS Command Index
EasyDOS guide learn how to do various commands in DOS.
DOS Command Index
Russell D. Hoffman's Unauthorized and Unsanctioned Net Guide to DOS
ITH203 - Using A Commandline Interface
MalekTips.com tips, trick, hints on using computers (Windows and DOS).
MSDOS 6.2 commands, disk, diskettes, batch, macros, ...
MSDOS 7.0 commands, networking, disk, diskettes, batch, macros, ...
MS-DOS Commands Introduction A Brief Guide for Users.
MS-DOS 6.22 Help
MS-DOS Reference
MS-DOS help and commands, including undocumented
MS-DOS Tutorial
MsDos 7.0 from Windows 95
OS100: Operating Systems; MS-DOS Introduction
Shhh! The Undocumented DOS commands
Undocumented and obscure features in various MS-DOS versions
Who Is Hosting This? The History and Impact of MS-DOS

Linux/Unix Tutorials For DOS Users:
BigNoseBird.com UNIX Primer (similarities and differences with DOS)
DOS to UNIX translation
Electrocution Technical Publishers Linux For DOS Users
Linux Documentation Project From DOS/Windows to Linux HowTo
Red Hat Linux for DOS Users
scrounge.org Linux for MS/DOS Users
PC Quest Linux for DOS Users
Cornell Sternbergh Linux for DOS Users
Geek-Girl.com - Unix Help For Users, UNIX Commands For DOS Users
UNIX Help For Users, UNIX Commands For DOS Users
Win2Linux Linux Guide For DOS Users
YoLinux Information Portal Linux for DOS Users / UNIX For DOS Users
LTOOSLS software to allow DOS to read and write to Linux extended 2 filesystems
OPENetwork Berkeley Utilities - unix utilities ported to DOS

DOS Utilities for NTFS:
NTFS products, including DOS NTFS reader
Winternals Remote Repair (DOS software to boot an NT server and connect via TCP/IP for remote repair), NTFSDOS, NTFS Win98, ...
Avira NTFS4DOS Personal Full access to NTFS with read and write authorization

Utilities for DOS Programs Printing In Windows
DOSPRNallows you to use old DOS program with new printers irrespective of their types (USB, network printers, print-servers, and PDF-printers) as well as OSes that don't normally support DOS printing
Peter Lerup PrintFile: a Windows Printing Utility
The Database Managers Connecting an MS-DOS Application to a Printer on a USB Port on Windows 2000
DOSPRN 1.78 Print to windows printer from a dos program
Bhaktee Software DOS2USB: Print from, DOS (LPT1 or PRN), to any USB/Windows, printer
lpt-driver.com LPT drivers for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP to access your parallel port hardware
Free Download Manager DOS 2 USB Printing

DOS Batch Files:
DOS Batch Language: A personal view
Batfiles or Batfiles, the DOS batchfile programming handbook. (With links, downloads, ...)
Batch File FAQ
Tom Lavedas' DOS batch file applications extensive tutorial with utilities, links, ...
Clay's Utilities for DOS a set of small utilities for batch files.
Horst Schaeffer utilites for DOS batch files. Other DOS programs.
Marc Stern Batch Tips & Tricks.

DOS CD Audio and MP3 players sites:
Harmony Central Various MIDI (audio) software for DOS.
Hitsquad Various music software for DOS (MIDI, MOD, MPG, MP3, translators, etc)
MPXPLAY, a DOS MP3 player with integrated file browser and spectrum analyser
DOSAMP, DOSAMP is a freeware command-line MP3 player.
DAMP, Free DOS MP3 Player. Displays synchronised graphics when playing MP3 files.
DAMP, Free DOS MP3 Player. Displays synchronised graphics when playing MP3 files.
SJGPlay Easy to use freeware Audio CD Player with Lyrics and playlist for each CD.
CDPTSR, CDPTSR is a memory resident CD Player; uses only 3.5K resident and other DOS software.
RealAudio and Player for DOS, Source code and now several executables are now available
Megamid, Graphical MIDI Player for DOS. Also supports playing of Karaoke MIDI files
CDPlayer, Audio CD player which looks like the Win95 CD Player. Source code included. DOS Programming, Undocumented DOS, and DOS Secrets.
XTCPlay, Graphical audio player of MP3, WAV, S3M, MOD and more.
setID3, Command line tool that Writes/modifies ID Tags (Title, Artist, Year, etc) of a MP3 file.
GSPLAY, A freeware MIDI player. Can also play Karaoke MIDI files.
CD2WAV, Read audio CD tracks directly to WAV files
WAVPLAY, DOS command line WAV file player for Sound Blaster 16 compatible soundcards, and other DOS audio software.
Rio Upload/download files to/from your Diamond Rio portable MP3 music player.
Musical Inspirational Development & Generic Entertainment Tool (MIDGET) Freeware DOS MIDI music program.
Golden Hawk commercial CD-R software for DOS, 3.1, 95, NT, ...
Golden Hawk freeware CD-R software for DOS, 3.1, 95, NT, ...
DOS CD Roast softwareto use IDE CD-RW under DOS (ie without Windows)

DOS digital camera utilities:
CAMWORK DOS program that downloads images from Agfa, Olympus and Epson digital cameras.
PhotoPC software Software for DOS and other OSes to control Epson, Agfa, Nikon digitial cameras

DOS Utilities for USB:
DOS USB or DOS USB commercial product
Computer Access Technology Corporation USB 4 DOS drivers
DarkeHorse.web.com DOS Drivers for USB for various devices
DarkeHorse.web.com PC Stuff (links to DOS boot disks that support LFN, DOS GUI Program Managers, DOS USB Drivers, DOS Multitasking, DOS LFN, Desqview/X, ...
Darkehorse.web.com USB Resources (for DOS)
PockeTec DOS drivers for Pockey USB 2.0 portable drive.
Programming MS-DOS With Power DOS Programming, Undocumented DOS, and DOS Secrets (info, source code, links, ...)
Programming MS-DOS With Power USB in DOS
google.com search for DOS + USB + Driver
The Inquirer Yes, There Are USB Drivers For DOS

DOS graphics editors (drawing programs):
TRStudios DeluxeDraw
NeoSoft NeoPaint

DOS graphics viewers:
PictureViewer view/convert many graphic formats.
SEA viewer/converter/image manipulator
Pixel32 Photoshop-style graphics editor
LXPIC view many graphic formats
QuickView DOS multimedia (audio and video) viewer
QuickView DOS MultiMedia Viewer (MPEG, AVI, MOV, ...)
PicView DOS picture viewer and converter
Acidwarp Fractal generator
Display views/converts many graphic formats
MPEG player
XNView DOS/multiplatform graphic image viewers (support more than 120 formats)

DOS file viewers:
Infopal design and browse databases and generate reports
VIEW view WordPerfect, Word 97, and other word processor formats
Holgers Homepage DOS software written in assembly (HTML viewer, memory viewer, DOS clock)
IBM Magellan (DOS shell-with file viewers is now freeware)

DOS editors:
DOSED Freeware DOSKEY-like program but with filename completion like the Bash shell in Linux
Edlin - Main Page; Use edlin on any MS-DOS version without setver.exe
Welcome to the Friendly Edlin Page!
EDITV Freeware DOS editor with the look and feel of Borland's IDE editor
PEDIT freeware DOS editor. Includes spell-checker, thesaurus, ...
VIM Editor/OffLineNewsReader

DOS - DESQview/Multi-Tasking:
slashdot Desqview/X: Night Of The Living Dead Codebase
OpenDV/X OpenDV/X (sourceforge.net project) create a new version of Desqview/X which is binary and API compatible with Desqview/X 2.1
DESQview/X Technical Perspective, Table Of Contents
DESQview the definitive source for DESQview and DESQview/X: downloads, links developer information, ...
Software DESQview, DESQview/X, QEMM, ... and related files
Software FTP site, with Desqview, Desqview/X, QEMM, and related Quarterdeck files.
simtel.net DESQview
FreeMM.org petition for Free Desqview/QEMM Memory Managers for DOS
Tripple-DOS a pre-emptive multi-tasker for DOS

other DOS programs/utilities sites:
DOS/4G Run Your 32-bit Program under DOS with DOS/4G
Access graphical DOS menu. Supports SVGA, built-in CD player; can use Windows icons, ... (English and Dutch)
BeTTeR Software DOS boot manager, exchange drive letters, ...
Phoenix Technologies, freeware DOS Plug and Play testers
Intel Desktop Boards general information, and various utilities including ISA Configuration Utility (ICU) for DOS machines with PnP cards.
DOS Tools including software power off ATX, adjust video refresh from DOS, ...
BLACKOUT Gives DOS a graphic startup screen like Win 9x using your own GIF
C-Shore makers of MaxDir, an improved DOS DIR replacement.
Devore Software & Consulting Didro Software graphical menu program for DOS, with macro creation/edit/run ability, ...
CauseWay, the 386 DOS extender for Watcom C and C++ is now freeware (binaries and source code)
Cute Mouse Driver mouse driver for both AT and PS/2 mice uses only 7K of memory
Cubix misc files have some useful small DOS utilities.
DeskWork DOS desktop explorer, with audio/video players, ...
Disk Volume Serial Number and Days And Dates, a couple of freeware DOS programs.
DOS Navigator DOS shell
Necromancer Navigator Norton Commander clone
The DOS Utility Page or The DOS Utility Page shareware, freeware, ...
Gerhards Home Page DOS and command line tools for DOS and Windows
Inkutils Freeware suite of eleven DOS, 4DOS and Windows 95/98 DOS utilities.
Interesting DOS Programs, audio, visual, utilities, applications, programming, internet, links, ...
LCARS 98, GUI menu system for DOS
Labyrinth Software Services, Inc. Dela v3.01: TSR Scheduler/Reboot
NeoBasic cut and paste programming
PC-CONFIG 9.11 Detailed system information/benchmark tool.
Text Tools Freeware DOS programs for processing text tables and general text filtering
Trane Francks, GPL DOS software: Which (find software in path)
Win95Boot Changes the boot code in Win95 OSR2 so you can boot to DOS
Marc Stern XSET: Put anything in environment variables.
Short Stop's Free Software For DOS
Stomper (supports serial port sharing under plain DOS through INT14 support)
SuperDIR enhanced DIR command
Unix-like Commands for DOS
UnixDos for Windows95/NT/3.11 and MS-DOS
The Valuable DOS Freeware Page
XSET Put anything in environment variables (eXtended Set)
The Dark Corner BBS DOS Downloads

DOS Long File Name (LFN) Support:
SourceForge.net LFN Tools for DOS
RxDOS a DOS designed for embedded systems, support LFN and FAT32, source code is available.
Another Change Directory (ACD) DOS/Win with Long File Name (LFN) support
DOSuser Home page DOS utilites (including LFN for DOS, ...
DOSuser Home Page DOS Utilities - LFN DOS (a TSR to support the LFN API from command prompt startup), NetCopy (peer to peer copy over DOS IPX connection), DDL (load device drives from DOS command line rather than config.sys), ...
DOS LBACK Longfilename Backup Restore
Graphic Vision DOS file manager that supports LFN
Henrik Haftmann various windows utilities, and some DOS utilities including LFN support.
LFNDIR PC Magazine utility allows you to view Win95 LongFileNames in plain DOS.
Odi's Homepage - Ortwin Glueck (LFN) LongFileName for DOS, and other DOS software.
LFN Tools for DOS
Star LFN DOS Long File Name (LFN) support (proprietary format)
LFN Emulators DOS

DOS/Internet related web sites:
ADSL, Internet and ISDN Communication Software For Windows and DOS.
Vladimir Alexiev archive of DOS internet software
Vladimir Alexiev links page
Michael Bernardi's MS-DOS Applications for Internet Use FAQ
Cisco TFTP client for DOS
CNET Shareware Win32 port of Lynx (text) web browser
DOS BOA a DOS web server.
Crynwr Software DOS drivers for many network cards, as well as PLIP.ZIP parallel port.
CRYNWR (FTP) older Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers
packet drivers for Ethernet cards
Dan Lanciani shim interface for many Ethernet cards.
Cform DOS command line utility to convert URL encoded files
CQvert Converts the output from a WWW Form to something more readable.
DOS Internetpage
DOS Email The BareBones Solution by James Chapman
DOS Email Setting up DOS Email by Michael Glover
DOS Email Pegasus Mail for DOS v3.22 and PMPOP v1.1 extension by David Harris, freeware
SMTPOP written by Alfredo Cole smtpop11.zip
POP3/SMTP module for Pegasus Mail/DOS (96KB) pmpop110.zip
Pegasus Mail for DOS 3.22 (811KB) pmail322.zip
DOS Email Discussion Forum Post your troubleshooting questions here
KLOS has a 15 minute time limit per session. (219KB)
KLOS pppdemo.exe This demo of the retail version

EtherPPP from Clarkson University etherppp-new.zip
EtherPPP from Clarkson University etherppp-new.zip
EtherPPP from Clarkson University etherppp-new.zip
EZ-Nos a DOS based WWW and FTP server, with explanations, links to software, links to 8088 DOS web servers, ...
HTMCAL Generate HTML calendars showing upcoming events or meetings.
HTGET web page grabber
CAL Utility to generate an plain HTML calendar.
Dos and Windows Network Software
DOS InterNet Webring
DOSWeb a collection of DOS internet software, ...
DOS Web (WWW) Browsers Links to most DOS web browsers.
DOS Internet home page
DOS Internet Files, information and links
DOSINT DOS browser/internet distribution.
DOS Internet access and links to files (all of which fit an a 1.44 floppy)
DOS IRC clients
DOSPPPD a port of Linux's PPPD to DOS
UKA PPP mail and news transport
ComTool mini terminal program/command line dialer
DOS TCP/IP Basics page Tony Lopez
Howard Eisenberger DOS TCP/IP - brief explainations, links, files, ...
Elvis DOS HTML editor
EtherSLIP SLIP packet driver
FreeDOS Internet Services Host (FISH), a DOS web server (running on a 386sx25 with 4mb ram).
The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages-DOSLynx DOSLynx (DOS text web browser), a port of the unix text browser.
Lynx links
Lynx text web browser
Lynx current status of the text web browser
Dehanced for Lynx add content not graphics.
Lynx Manifesto or See how easy it is to make a page text friendly.
telnet to a public lynx client
The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages-Bobcat BobCat (DOS text web browser), a smaller version of DOSLynx.
The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages-Bobcat Lynx for DOS 386+ or Win32
Garbo PC collection Extensive collection of DOS programs, including: internet access software like conex71.zip DOS dialer and Telnet client.
GETNEWS and POSTNEWS Get and post messages to/from newsgroups.
List (unfinished) of PPP & Internet Applications for DOS Nigel Gorry
Home Page Generator DOS HTML editor
HTML Utilities
IPconfig (SLIP/PPP utils for DOS) by Frank Mohlzahn
IPCONFIG v0.11 (SLIP/PPP utils for DOS)
Internet Extender DOS Network Address Translating (NAT) Router
Internet Tools for DOS Lynx, telent, Yarn, FTP, ...
ftp:PC IBM TCP/IP (DOS, OS/2, ...)
IPRoute Online Configuration Assistant generates the IPRoute v1.18+ configuration file for you.
Connecting a LAN to the Internet - Info on using either IPRoute or WinGate, info on NAT, ISPA and more
IPRoute FAQ by Pekka Koski
IPRoute - A Router for the Rest of Us - More info, examples, etc, link to old shareware version
Another IPRoute Sample Setup
IPRoute Sample Script for use with modems
Daryl Banttari IPRoute
Eric Joihnson IPRoute
HelpIPR - small Visual C++ program to periodically give the IPRoute dos box focus. (if run unders Windows DOS Box).
HomeDNS DOS IPRouter discussion listserv
Jaffa WWW server for DOS a DOS http web server.
Javascript Parser Simon Waite's Page which list projects like a Javascript parser
JNOS,a DOS program that turnas any old x86 PC into a TCP/IP mail server.
Phil Karn - KA9Q NOS TCP/IP Package
Phil Karn - KA9Q NOS TCP/IP Package
KA9Q TCP/IP Package
IS Net Stuff including altered version of KA9Q to get web pages
KLOS TCP/IP software (DOS based) for connection, analysis, support, ... (PPPSHARE)
KLOS freeware ODI PPP Driver/Dialer
Knots graphic HTML viewer
Lynx Information DOS text web browser.
Mozilla For DOS, the Netscape attempt to port their browser to the DOS platform.
MS-DOS Applications for Internet Use, FAQs and links to software.
Networking Software for DOS and Windows 3.x
MICQ DOS port of MICQ, a text version of ICQ
Networking Software for DOS and Windows 3.x, how to, info, links, ...
Connecting from a DOS machine to Win 9x, using Microsoft Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS and TCP/IP.
Connecting from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server
Connecting from a DOS-system using TCP/IP
DOS-based Microsoft Network Server
The DOS Client for Microsoft Networks
Microsoft Client Software for networking in DOS
Microsoft LanMan Client for networking in DOS
Microsoft MSClient for networking in DOS disk 1 of 2 and disk 2 of 2
Minuet FAQ
Minuet WWW, Mail, News, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, Finger, Ping all in one program. The FTP client is Tree based. The Newsreader is not threaded and allows offline reading and replies.
NCSA Telnet/FTP client
Net-Tamer Home Page!
NetTamer, text based browser with integrated PPP packet driver. Multi-function client for DOS.
NetTamer Shareware DOS Internet Browser For Dial-Up PPP Connections! download page.
The Net-Tamer DOS PPP offline mail reader FAQ, links to DOS software, ...
Net-Tamer FAQ at RTFM, Net-Tamer FAQ at faqs.org
NOS BOX DOS Intranet server: provides SMTP, POP3, NNTP, HTTP and FTP services.
NuPOP POP, FTP, Telnet, Finger, and Gopher Client
Orb HTML preprocessor designed to simplify creation and maintenance of web pages
PC-HelpA DOS based trace utility
Pegasus Pegasus Mail for DOS.
Pegasus Pegasus Mail for DOS.
PPP & Internet Applications for DOS
Andrew Punch, maker of DOX a RTF, HTML, TXT file converter.
RARPSET by Mike Wright
Redbook: TCP/IP for MVS, VM, OS/2 and DOS: X Window System Guide
Setting up internet Email on a DOS PC
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection TCP/IP packet drivers
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Programs and utils for use on the Internet
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection HTML Programs and utils.
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Programs and utils for use on the Internet
SLIP Packet Driver for Novells SLIP_PPP.COM
Slipper DOS offline mail and news reader (with slip and PPP dialer)
Spin graphic browser/editor
Spin graphic browser/editor
TCP/IP Resources List
Toffee Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for DOS
TVDog's Internet Access Programs for DOS with links to many of the DOS SLIP and PPP software.
Tvdog's FTP Archive, links to lots of DOS internet programs, info, ... (including WATTCP, ...)
Trumpet Software International makers of Windows (and some DOS) applications for connecting with the internet.
Trumpet Software International makers of Windows (and some DOS) applications for connecting with the internet.
Trumpet Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client
Trumpet Newsreader
VOICE - Viper's Own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client v1.1b
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection TCP/IP/IPX/ODI packet drivers
UUdeview DOS UU and MIME encoder/decoder.
WATTCP Homepage
University Of Waterloo DOS TCP/IP utilities (WATTCP) (includes Telnet, FTP, ...)
WATTCP homepage, for free DOS based TCP/IP stuff (includes Telnet, FTP, ...).
WATTCP archives
WATT-32 for DJGPP2, Borland, ...
WWW Browsers for DOS
UUDeview Encoder and decoder for uuencoded, xxencoded, Base64 and BinHex data
Ulysses DOS web browser (under construction)
Web Help In The Net, DOS Internet Access explainations, software, links, ...
WebBoy web broser and e-mail client for PPP and LAN
Arachne 4 DOS open source version of Arachne
WebSpyder Caldera's version of Arachne graphical DOS browser
xChaos Software or Arachne Labs (formerly xChaos Software)makers of Arachne, a DOS graphical browser (and the basis for Caldera WebSpyder.
John Tomany's Arachne APMs
Guenter's Arachne Help Page, DOS freeware links
Bernie's Arachne stuff (look for APMs)
Fraser's Arachne stuff
Daves Arachne Stuff
Arachne Web-Ring
YARN, a DOS newsgroup reader, with links to other useful DOS/internet tools.

DOS/Internet/UUCP related web sites:
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Unix to Unix Copy for MS-DOS
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection (mirror) MS-DOS Unix to Unix Copy Program (UUCP)
Information Page for the UUCP Mail Protocol
Dog Ear'd Systems Home Page (FXUUCICO, FXUUCP)
Mysteria BBS file area (DOS UUCP)
Software Connections, Inc. fx-uucico
Software Connections, Inc. fx-uucico files
University of Pretoria UUCP Internals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
THURN MS-DOS UUCP package THURN is a derivative of Mike Lawrie's SNUUPM.
Waffle Software homepage DOS BBS/web server.
Waffle 1.65
Halcyon's Waffle archive (plenty of utilities)
Waffle BBS - File Contents
Faster UUCICO transfer engines
Waffle BBS - UUCP files
Waffle FAQ BBS/UUCP/mail/ and news package for DOS
comp.bbs.waffle Frequently Asked Questions guide in HTML

DOS-related newsgroups:

Download Managers (download files/web sites)
Download Accelerator Plus, download manager/speed up your downloads
EliteSys makers of SuperBot (automated download of web site)
FlashGet a faster way to download.
GetRight, download manager
GoZilla, download manager/speed up your downloads
Internet Download Accelerator with resume download, disconnect when finished, scheduler, ...
Magellass makers of NetMaster (boost download speeds) ...
NetSnippets download and organize your web research.
WellGet download manager (for faster downloads)
Maximum Software WebCopier (download entire web sites for later review offline)
WebTwin downloads Web sites and turns them into Help files.
WebWhacker offline browsing

Download - YouTube videos
Tech Radar The best free YouTube downloader 2018: the quickest, easiest way to save videos

DreamScene.org animated screensavers and management of screen savers and desktop images

Dr. Hardware PC test and benchmark software

Drive Size
JSI FAQ How can I determine a drive size and free space in a Windows XP batch?
JSI FAQ How can I display drive information from the Windows XP command-line?
DataMystic directory size (windows and DOS, command line)

Drivers (for various devices for various OSes)
DriverPacks.net update your XP CD with newest drivers.
DriverPacks.net - Projects - DriverPacks - Intro (ALL driver packs for Windows XP
cnet download.com drivers site
Drivers Headquarters is a drivers links page with links to most of the major manufactures and their driver sites.
The Driver Zone
Mr. Driver
Network Drivers find drivers for your older network cards
NIC Drivers find drivers for your older network cards
WinDrivers.com drivers links page is a page with links to most of the major manufactures and their driver sites, including Internet, BBS, email, snail mail and "Ma Bell" addresses and numbers. Also have a fairly extensive collection of hard drive info.
Download.com -- Drivers
Galt Download Zone drivers
Help Drivers a multilanguage, devoted to drivers
Hiren Useful Dos Files - usb, scsi, ... drivers for DOS
Jargon's Driver Archive
drivers links page lists all companies that have brought out updated Windows drivers and patches in the past seven days.
drivers links page lists all companies that have brought out updated Windows 2000 drivers and patches in the past seven days.
CD-ROM Drivers page, links to DOS/Win drivers for most CD-Rom drives.
The CD-ROM God boot disk 50+ common drivers
Gateway CD-ROM Driver Archive
russian drivers site older drivers (video, audio, monitor, mouse, scanner, ...): filenames, basic info, and FTP in English
ftp.320-8080.ru drivers for lots of middle-aged and newer hardware and peripherials
ftp.cvut.cz good collection of obscure drivers (including: DOS, Windows, Linux, ...)

Driver Magician Device driver backup software for Windows, driver update, software driver, drivers backup, backup drivers.

SourceForge.net DriverBackup!

Innovative Solutions Driver Max (freeware) XP and Vista drivers backup


dtSearch search utilities (dtSearch Web, dtSearch Spider, dtSearch Desktop, dtSearch Network, dtSearch Publish, dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine, ...)

ACASA/Shibasoku Corp Of America CD/DVD Jukebox
Cygnet Storage Solutions, Inc. CD/DVD Jukebox
Hitachi, LTD. DVD recordable Hardware
Matsushita Electric Corp. of America DVD recordable Hardware
Maxoptix Corp CD/DVD Jukebox
Micro Design International, Inc. CD/DVD Jukebox
NSM Jukebox Inc. CD/DVD Jukebox
Philips Optical Storage DVD recordable Hardware
Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. DVD recordable Hardware
Smart Storage, Inc. CD/DVD recordable Software Developer.

DVD rewritable software
Apple iDVD, DVD Studio Pro
Gear Software Gear Pro DVD
Pinnacle Systems Pinnacle Express
Roxio Toast 5 Titanium, Easy CD Creator
Sonic Solutions DVDit
Sonic software to play and record to DVD (including DVDit!-publish to DVD, ...).
Spruce Technologies SpruceUp
Ulead Systems DVD Plug-In for VideoStudio or MediaStudio Pro (video editors)
Vitec Multimedia DVD Toolbox, DVD Cut Machine
Pegasys or Pegasys Tsunami MPEG (TMPGenc) Compressor (for creating DVD-Rs) (one of the better DVD-R encoders) (MPEG2) (recommended by Steve Gibson)
Doom9.net DVD news, guides, downloads, links, FAQs, glossary, basics, forums, ...
DVD2One Latest state-of-the-art DVD re-authoring software.
DVD Decrypter DVD ripper download page
DVD Flick DVD Authoring Tool (open source)
Pinnacle Systems audio and video creation tools (including Studio v8 DVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy (CD and DVD), ...)
A+ Freeware Audio & Video - DVD Shrink 3.2 (last freeware version)
DVD-Rhelp.com/VCDhelp.com information on VideoCDs, SVCDs, DVDs, DVD Players, ...
DVD-Rhelp.com/VCDhelp.com How to author and burn a DVD using only freeware tools

DVD video authoring software
DVD Flick freeware / open source
DVD Styler freeware / open source
majorsilence DeVeDe - freeware
Ashampoo Burning Studio 6

DVD general information
DVD Entertainment Group industry consortium
DVD Lexicon DVD glossary
Jim Taylor DVD FAQs.
OpenDVD Group user consortium
Recipe 4 DVD video of major DVD formats, and how to create them.
nerd-out has firmware to make Aphex DVD player region free

DVD Specs and Standards
Dolby Laboratories Dolby Digital Standard
DVD Copy Control Association
DVD Forum
DVD+RW Alliance
Optical Storage Technology Association
RW Products Promotion Iniative

DVD-RAM rewritable

DVD-R(G) write once

DVD-RW rewritable

DVD+RW rewritable
Thompson Multimedia

DVD-ROM read-only
DVD-VIDEO read-only

Dx21 RunDLL32 Reference (hundreds of things to do with RunDLL

Dynamic Karma makers of Power Drawers (organize and access files).

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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