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Earthquake City BBS

Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Qflex Corporation makers of: LANBatch-32 (distributed Batch Job Processing).

Qode maker of Qoder, a portable bar code scanner (that you buy and use hoowever you want to).

QNX Software Systems or QNX Software Systems makers of: bootable floppy disk that contains an 32 bit graphical operating system, a Web browser (400kb code) that supports frames & animated GIFs, and a Web server (14kb code), TCP/IP, and more in only 1.44mb. get (download or buy) QNX Realtime Platform QNX Developers Network

Qualcomm makers of Eudora mail reader. Eudora Pro (30 day trial) Eudora Light Eudora (Light and Pro have been combined into one product - advertising supported). INI settings

Software Quality Assurance and Code Inspection web resources:
Institute for Zero Defect Software (articles/information)
Quality.org software quality assurance resource.
Reliable Software Technologies (articles/information)
Software Testing and Quality Engineering magazine (articles/information)
Software Testing Institute resource guide, newsletter, handbook, discussion forum, ...
ADDSecure.Net appSQA Service
Geodesic Analyzer (for Windows)
LCLint Tool (service/tool)
qa-systems.com Qstudio Service Tools
Reasoning Inc. InstantQA Service (automated source code inspection)
S2I Inspection Service (service/tool)
Software Developmetnt Technologies ReviewPro Tool/Service
slashdot Why Are Businesses Willing To Spend More For Software
slashdot How To Make Software Projects Fail

Quarterdeck or Quarterdeck or Quarterdeck makers of CleanSweep, Hijaak, MagnaRAM, QEMM, SpeedyROM, WINProbe, InternetSuite, IWare Connect, WebAuthor, WebCompass, WebStar, WebTalk, Partition-It (dynamic disk partition software), ProComm, Remove-It, Desqview, and other network and internet related software.

Quantum - main page and dlt tape products makers of backup hardware ...

Que Publishing computer and software education
Que Publishing Managing Access To Shared Folders in Windows XP Professional (sample chapter from book)

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Computer Links
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