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Computer Links
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H45 Technologies QuickDrive (parallel port, PCMCIA, USB data storage devices)

H.Oda!'s homepage, a site for CPU ID software.

HACE Mmm Free - context menu editor

HackerWacker.com computer monitoring software (logging, screen captures, key stroke logging, url loggging, ...)

HalfDone.com things that can co wrong with computers.

J.W.Hance, maker of Netswitcher, a software network configuration manager for Windows.
NetSwitcher, manage multiple networks on one machine (download from ZDnet)

Hardware resources:
Anand's Hardware Tech Page
slashdot AMD's 64-Bit Chip
Benchin' Software Review hardware and software reviews
Brotherhood of the CPU
CPU Speed Comparisons speed tests on processors.
FCC Hardware Database just enter the FCC ID printed on the board and now you know who the mfg. is.
FCC Hardware Database just enter the FCC ID printed on the board and now you know who the mfg. is.
SBS Direct's FCC ID Look-up Useful for identifying hardware via its FCC code
Future I/O (FIO)
HardSeek or HardSeek listings of hardware manufacturers on the web.
The Hardware Book (informations about computer hardware - not only IBM PC)
Hardware Central for information on hardware, tips, tricks, hints, trouble shooting, ...
Motherboard Database, old 486 info achived here
Motherboards.com tech specs, pictures, reviews, ...
MotherBoard HomeWorld
Next Generation I/O (NGIO)
PC-Disk (harddisk layouts, jumpers,...)
PC Hardware Links (informations about almost every piece of hardware)
PC Mechanic
PCGuide IDE information.
PCI Special Interest Group (PCI)
ReviewBooth, hardware and software reviews.
Rufus BIOS Page (in German language)
Sandpile (informations about 80x86 processors)
System Optimization Info product reviews, message boards, guides on various topics, ...
System Optimization PC Hardware Ratings Surveys
System Analyzer or System Analyzer a system info/benchmark program by Hans Niekus
Spumador's Hardware Page software tools to test or benchmark your system, links to 1,300+ mgfs, FAQs, ...
The View, reviews of hardware products.
technick.net hardware information, utilities, programming libraries, links, ...
Tom's Hardware Guide for technical information on all kinds of chips, CPUs, RAM, ...
3DNow! NOW Page

HarvardNet "How Many Hops" (maps the path you took to get to this site) did it take you to get here?

Kay Haden Software, makers of software patch update kits for DOS, Win, OS/2, Linux, ...

HDCOPY HDcopy, an improved hard drive copy program

HD Tach, a program to test hard drive performance (including DMA).

HeadSpace, Inc. WebSound and music authoring software.

Heat Sinks/Cooling Devices
Heatsink Guide
The Heatsink Guide: main page
The Heatsink Guide: Case cooling
Step Thermodynamics mfg CPU cooling units.

Heat Sinks/Cooling Devices (for hard drives):
The Tech Zone Hard Drive Cooler Roundup
StorageReview.com Hard Drive Coolers Review

Heat Sinks/Cooling Devices (monitoring):
Hardware Sensor Monitors monitor the heat inside your computer (related links).
Podien's Homepage or Podien's Homepage CPU heat monitoring program, ...
Motherboard Monitor
SiSoftware Sandra system information and diagnostic utility (Win 95/98/NT/...)
review of SiSoft Sandra system information and diagnostic utility

Heat Sinks/Cooling Devices (where to buy):
Computer Nerd USA Store PC cooling and other hardware upgrades.
Just Cooler PC cooling products
1CoolPC fans, heat sinks, ...
PC Power & Cooling or PC Power & Cooling sells PC power and cooling devices. PC cooling products, Power Supply Selector
Plycon heat sinks, specialty cases, ...
QuietPC.com makers of SilentDrive (sound reduction enclosure for hard drives), Ultra-Quiet Power Supply, and cooling devices.
The Card Cooler fans, heat sinks, specialty cases, ...
3DCool.com fans, heat sinks, ...
3DfxCool specializing in cooling devices for the PC
3DfxCool video card coolers, and other PC cooling devices.
2CoolTek articles, message board, news archive, ... Also sells heat sinks, fans, other cooling devices, ...

Helios Software, makers of PCShare (Windows compatible file and print server that runs on Unix based servers).

Hello IM for photos (shave photos via online chat-peer to peer file sharing)

J. Helmig, World of Windows Networking website with detailed answers on how to do many things with Microsoft Windows porducts, including:
Connecting from a DOS-system to an NT4 Server (also works with Windows 9x)
Connecting from a Win 9x machine to a DOS machine, using Microsoft Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS DOS-based Microsoft Network Server.
Connecting from a DOS machine to Win 9x, using Microsoft Network Client v3.0 for MS-DOS and TCP/IP.

Help Desk Software:
Blue Ocean Software Track-It!

Remedy HelpDesk express
HelpDesk Kit online help desk solution
Help Desk Technology Corp.

Help systems:
Blue Sky Software makers of software RoboHelp help-authoring tool, ...
eHelp RoboHelp Office (web help), ...
ForeFront makers of ForeHelp Premiere (software to create WinHelp or Microsoft HTML Help files)
WexTech Systems makers of software Doc-To-Help help-authoring tool, ...
Internet Week Point And Click HTML
Internet Week One Man Code Pod

Help organizations:
Association for Services Management International (AFSMI)
Help Desk Institute
Service Industryy Association
Information Technology Services Training Association
Network Professionals Association (NPA)
TSANet Consortium

Help resources (bug reports):
Bugnet or Bugnet or free alerts or Bug Finder Want to know about any known bugs in the software you are using? This is the place to go.
Bugtoaster.com tracking system crashes and reporting them to the author and the world.
Bugtoaster Top 50 Crashing Applications
Spanbauer.com, links to all of PC Worlds recent Bugs and Fixes columns.
Princetion's Secure Internet Programming Team bug hunters
Karsten Sohr (German) bug hunter
Juan Cuartango (Spain) bug hunter
Georgi Guninski (Bulgaria) bug hunter
Microsoft Security Bulletions e-mail bugs
Netscape Security Solutions e-mail bugs
Qualcomm Eudora Pro Security Alert e-mail bugs

Help resources:
32-bit Software Archive support forums
ActLikeAnOwner.com, business portal for entrepreneurial IT professionals.
Advanced Web Programming news, information, articles, ...
All.com live technical support (requires proprietary chat client-currently free)
AnswerWorks plain language tech support search engine by WexTech Systems
AskMe.com get answers from experts.
BrainBuzz.com (formerly ExtraCheez) for IT professionals, coders, ... tech info, links, ...
BuddyHelp (software used by Expert City) (fee)
CleanComputerHelp.com with links to Anti-Spyware Tools, Anti-virus Tools, Firewalls, Online Scanners, ...
CMPnet resources for IT professional.
ctips.com Computer Technical Information Pages
Computer Tips and Tricks
Computing.net free online technical support for most major operating systems.
Computer.com help site for computer users.
Computer Information Center information on just about every type of computer manufacturer, distributor, reseller, consultant, internet service provider (ISP), training center, trade organization, user group, ...
ComputerCraft FAQs, reference, links, downloads, ...
COTSE computer professionals resources (anonymity, tools, references, news, ...)
CrashProofPC or CrashProof PC
Cyberwalker tech support/how to/trouble-shooting tips and tricks for computer users
Directory Of Computer Hardware and Software Technical Support Sites On The Web
Richard Smith's list of email reader holes
Excite@Home (fee)
Expert City free and fee based help
Experts Exchange
FileWatch tracks new software, fixes, updates, patches, service packs, ... (by PDQ Information Systems)
Free Help advice on HTML, Java, Perl, graphics, hardware, modems, memory, operating systems, ... Also on web site promotion / site submitter, DNS lookup, banner exchange program, ...
GetWinTips Windows NT and 2000 hints, tips, tricks, ...
GuruNet free software, that runs on your desktop, and queries online music sources.
Help! (from ZD)
CNET's help.com
HelpMe portal for IT service and support professionals
Help-Site guide to tutorials, online manuals, primers on multiple polatforms, development languages, operating systems, networks, links, ...
HelpWeb help for the new users.
Info Masters help site with links to manufacturers web sites, phone numbers, ...
Information Technology Professionals' Resource Center
Inquiry.com, answers for high tech professionals
Institute for Network Professionals
Institute for Network Professionals tutorials.
ITsquare.com helps companies find and select software development firms.
JimPrice.com Tech Stuff, Web Surfing, Fun Stuff, Daily News
Keen free and fee based help
Mr. Driver
Motive Communications (fee)
MVPs.org - Sandi's Site troubleshooting: troublesome programs, spyware/Hijack/Pop-Up Ads, ... (uninstall info, reference links, ...)
My Desktop Network offers information to configure a new computer.
MyHelpDesk.com how to fix computers, and how to use them more efficiently.
NetSquirrel.com How To Use MSConfig.
sysinfo.org Startup Applications List (thousands of items on list)
Networking References guide to educational sites on all aspects of networking, including FAQs, links, ...
Netscape patch site
NoWonder Support Board advice on Mac, Windows, Be, Unix, OS/2, Web, HTML, ... (fee based)
NT FAQs Windows NT
PatchLink one-stop site for all the latest patches (with direct links) for popular OSs, Win 3.x, 95, 98, NT, NetWare, Linux, OS/2, DOS.
PC 911 plain language computer help, PC911 How To Create Registry Backup, PC 911 downloads.
The PC Guide PC reference information.
PC Hell hints, tips, tricks for happier safer computing.
PC-Help help, tips, tricks, DOS trace route, ...
PC Help help site
PC Help Online help site with links to manufacturers web sites, phone numbers, ...
PCsupport.com live technical support (free)
PC-Disk information on hard drives, CD-Romdrives and controllers. FAQ, Forums, links, ...
PC World.com Interactive Tools And Services
PC World.com PC Pest Control - Exterminate your system's bugs with this essential toolkit.
PC World.com Troubleshooting Tips, Part III (startup problems)
Practically Networked network help
Scott's home page
Scott's Tutorial Hotlist
SelfHelpDesk, help desk portal for supporting desktops, networks and distributed environments.
Service 911, PC help desk.
ServiceWare, technical support database that and knowledge management tool.
ServiceWare, Win2000 web help (free 15 day trial)
SG's Web Site Windwos Help, FAQs, ...
Anand Lal Shimpi's Tech Page news, trends, reviews, ...
SoftHelp links to software drivers, hardware drivers, patches, updates, HTML advice, ...
SuperFiles.com: Hardware Drivers
Support.com (fee)
Support Tech Driver Search Index
Support City
Support Help help site with links to manufacturers web sites, phone numbers, ...
System Optimization, how to increase performance with reviews, benchmarks, ...
Techies.com, one stop resource for tech job leads, articles, training, ...
TechKnow-How.com (fee based help)
TechRepublic, IT community hub
TekHeads Forums
Tech Support A tech support site.
Tech Support Alert help you find appropriate tech support site. Reviews of other sites, HowToo's, ...
TechTarget.com links to sites in many industries, search engines, ...
Tek Tips A tech support site.
Trish's Escape From Hardware Hell network help
Useit.com: Jakob Nielsen useable information technology.
WebHelp.com assisted web-search service (with real live person) (ad banner supported)
Whatis.com, is an online reference guide, definitions, concepts, tutorials, news, ...
WhatIs.com IT Specific Encyclopedia
Woody's Office Watch newsletter with various bits of helpful information.
Windows Annoyances
Windows Help
Windows, DOS and MAC help help resources, FAQs, links, ...
ZD Net DriverFinder

Help Articles:
IT Papers 18,000+ white papers on hardware, software, web, ... complete with search engine
Planet IT The Cost Of Help Desk Help
Information Week More Help For Beleaguered Help Desks
InternetWeek MSPs a Valuable Option Over Outsourcing
PC World.com How To Solve the Weirdest PC Mysteries

High Criteria, makers of Total Recorder, multiple format sound/audio recording software.

High Technology Software Corporation web site or FTP site makers of:
- NetBasic (NLM programming/scripting languague with IDE, compiler, ...)
- WebConsole For NetWare (network management tool via web browser)
(WebConsole v2.11b got good review in InfoWorld, July 27, 1998)
- NetBasic WebPro (with web server and associated stuff)
- Database modules
- Backup modules (Backup Exec and ARCserverIT)
- FAX component
- UPS component (American Power Supply and Exide Electronics)
- SNMP component
- FTP component (send and receive files via internet)
and other network utilities for Novell NetWare v3.x and v4.x.

Hilgraeve Inc. makers of HyperTerminal, DropChute which allows direct file transfer petween PCs via TCP/IP rather than FTP.

Hipbone makers of Hipbone Co-navigation (software that links 2 or more web browsers together for web surfing in real-time).

Hiren's Boot CD

HJ-Split freeware multi-platform file splitters (and joiners)

Hoax debunking resources:
Computer Associates Virus Information
Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability HoaxBusters
Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability hoaxes
Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability chain letters
Dr. Solomons Hoax Page
Don't Spread The Hoax! look up myths, legends, hoaxes, ...
F-Secure/DataFellows Hoax Warnings
F-Secure/DataFellows Hoax Warnings
Hoax Busters: The Big List
HoaxKill seperate real from hoax viruses, debunk urban legends, ...
IBM Research anti-virus hype alert section
ICSA Virus Alert Hoax Page
McAfee Associates Virus Hoax List
Network Associates, Inc. (formerly McAfee) Virus Hoax List
Network Associates, Inc. Virus Hoax List
Network Associates, Inc. Virus Hoax List
Jeff Richard's Virus Hoaxes and NetLore
Sophos Virus Hoax Information
Stiller Research hoaxes
Symantec Anti Virus Research Center
Symantec Anti Virus Research Center Hoax Warnings
Trend Micro Virus Hoax Information
Trend Micro Hoax Warnings
The Curse Of A Thousand Chain Letters An E-Mail House Of Horrors (and you thought spam from strangers was bad)
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Legends
Robert Rosenberger's Computer Virus Myths Home Page
Computer Virus Myths Home Page
vMyths.com learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, ...

Hoax debunking / critical thinking resources:
Evaluating Internet Research Sources
Evaluation of Information Sources
Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources

Hoax debunking / specific hoaxs/legends:
PC World The Top 25 Web Hoaxes And Pranks

Hoax Creation Sites / Fake News : actually, all the mainstream media lie all the time
Newsbusters Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers (find out how much and how frequently they lie)
AP News Fact Check
CNN Fact Check
New York Slimes
Washington Post Fact Checker

PC World.com Tragedy Triggers Tall Tales

Dr. Hoiby has some useful freeware programs (Who Lock Me, Lock Windows, GoTo Shared, ...)

Home PhoneLine Networking
HomePNA Home Phoneline Networking Alliance working on specs for networking using telephone lines.
ActionTec Electronics Inc. ActionLink Home Networking
AnyPoint Home Network (Intel) makes software for Home Phoneline Networking
Avio Digital Inc makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
CP Clare Corp makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
D-Link System DHN-910 Home Phoneline Network
Epigram Inc makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
HomeFree makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
NetGear Inc makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
Shark Multimedia, makers of Pocket USB Home LAN (56kbps modem and 10mbs telephone wire networking product).
3com makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking (HomeConnect Home Network PhoneLine Kit).
Tut Systems makes hardware for Home Phoneline Networking.
Ucentric makers of a server (firewall, hub, ...) for your home area network that integrates your: telephone, television, stereo, palmtops, personal computers, network appliances, ...
HomePlug Powerline Alliance home powerline networking
HomePlug Powerline Alliance news, bulletin board, additional information, vendors, ...
Network World Connections 2002 - The Status Of Several Home Network Technologies Are And Where They're Headed.

Home-Network-Help.com home networking tutorials.

Horizons Technology, Inc. downloads or downloads makers of software for Novell NetWare networks (NLM) including, LANExpert, LANAuditor, LANShadow, ...

TheHotFix.net Windows XP Service pack 3 (SP3) Preview Pack Download

HotFreeware, home of 20/20 graphic image viewer/editor/screen capture, ...

HP makers of all kinds of hardware and software, including scanners, PCs, servers, Colorado Tape Backup software, HP test drive various versions of Linux on your HP computers HP LaserJet II technical support HP LaserJet IIISi printing problems Network Printer Installer PrintSmart (web page printing) ... HP - Technical Support

Homogenic IRC Client and other windows utilities. Also check out miscellaneous for some humorous tails.

http-tunnel.com http-tunnel, ICQproxy, ... networking products for corporation communication

HTTrack Website Copier Offline Browser (freeware: Windows, Linux)

hugin - Panorama photo stitcher With hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.

HumanClick currently free (February 2000) web based text channel (chat, ...) requires no plugins.

HyperAct makers of a variety of tools for HTML and WinHelp developer.

HWiNFO Hardware Information (DOS and Windows) for figuring out exactly what that computer part is.

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Computer Links
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