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Computer Links
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LS-120 drive and media have been discontinued.
O.R.Technology makers of LS-120 for Compaq (a 120mb floppy drive-backward compatible).
Imation also makers of LS-120 (a 120mb floppy drive-backward compatible).
also known as: SuperDisk
Maxell and Mitsubishi are making a PC-card version of Superdisk for laptops.

O.S.Opinion forums, news, links, ... on operating systems and other computing subjects.

Oak Road Systems Shareware 16and 32 bit versions of: compare, grep, ...

OBJIX Systems Development The Task Tool, gives you Win 95 start button/task bar for Win 3.1.

OCR/scanning software resources:
Optical Character Recognition listing from Internet Magazine - January 1998, volume 2, issue 1 - Ziff Davis Publications Review liked Presto! OCR Pro 3.0 the best.
FreeOCR.net FreeOCR.net is a list of totally free OCR (Optical character recognition) software packages available to download.
Adobe Systems Acrobat Capture 2.0
Caere or Caere OmniPage Pro or OmniPageWEB
Cognitive Technology Corp. Cuneiform OCR 3.1
Free Online OCR upload image or PDF and convert to editable file.
JetSoft Development scanning software
NewSoft Presto! OCR Pro 3.0
Prime Recognition Prime OCR 2.70 or Prime Recognition
Xerox TextBridge Pro 98
Xerox ScanSoft Inc. PagisPro, or
ScanSoft Inc. PagisPro. ScanSoft Inc. just bought OmniPage Pro from Caere.
Visioneer ProOCR 100, PaperPort

OCX Dump OCX File Archive

OEMailRecovery.com recovery tools for many file types.

Office Suite:
USATODAY.com Google goes after Microsoft with software suite
New Deal Office Complete Office Suite (word processor, web browser, spreadsheet, etc) based on GeoWorks OS.
ThinkFree Office java based office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics) (with 20mb of online storage space) (advertising supported)
WebOS.com HyperOffice office suite
Corel Corel Office Suite
OpenOffice.org cross platform open source office suite (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X)
SSuite free WIN32 API office suite, no java or .net needed
Star Office Suite or Star Office Suite or Star Office Suite (for multiple platforms)
602Pro PC office suite a shareware office suite for Win 95/98

OfficeNet makers of Niagara mail server for NetWare.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor reset your Windows 2000 login password.

OldVersion.com because new is not always better.

Olicom makers of network hardware and software.

Omen home of DSZ, GSZ, ... ZModem file transfer protocol.

OnBaseTech makers of DragNet: which sucks bookmarks out of your browser and classifies them, and backs them up and allows you to print or export them at will.

One Look A site that offers links to a wide number of online dictionaries.

O&O Software makers of defrag, disk copy, data recovery, ...
O&O Software Free antispy tool for Windows 10

Open Consult LLC presents, Intranet Road Map, a guide to creating an intranet.

The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows!

Open Watcom C/C++ and Fortran

On-Site LaserMedic Woodland Hills, Santa Ana.

OnStream, makers of high speed, low cost Digital Tape Drives priced for the consumer/home user.

OnTrack data recovery specialists, and makers of Disk Manager, and new owner of Mijenix, and all thier software, ZipMagic 2000, a multiple compression manager utility, ...
Data Recovery News Stay informed on the topics of data storage, security, back-up and recoverytechnology.
Mailbox Management News The latest news for Exchange Administrators, tips and tricks to make your job easier, and discussions and dialogue on email management issues.

Opalios Software ApalisRobot (event-scheduling tool for Windows NT), ...

Operating System (OS) resources:
Usenet - comp.os.misc
Review of Operating Systems
Review of Operating Systems
Paul Hsieh - Other Operating Systems
Alt.Sys - dedicated to alternative operating systems. Features news, reviews, and links.
Index Of Alternative Operating Systems news, discussions, links, resources (applications, games programming, administration, usage, ...), ...
AltOS Practical Alternatives to Microsoft Operating Systems
OS News
OS Opinion daily computer and operating system news and opinion, commentary, submit your Opinions, ...
UltimateOS.com devoted to operating systems news and reviews.
Yahoo's OS Category
Be, Inc. BE OS
Disk Operating Systems (DOS)
Microsoft (OS and applications)
Network Operating Systems (NOS)
NewDeal Inc. makers of a GUI based on Geos, that works on ANY 286 or better computer with 640kb of ram, and designed for accessing the internet.
Novell (NOS)
OS News MacOSX Week: Tales Of a BeOS Refugee
ReactOS Project React Operating System is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows XP compatible operating system.
Operating System Comparison
Interactive OS Comparison Charts
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Gallery
Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
Tool of Objective Truth (TOOT): Solid as a Rock Just how stable is your operating system? ZDnet UK finds out.
old OS info, files, ... on older OSes.

Operative Software Products

O'Reilly Books publisher of computer/software books
O'Reilly Books Open Books (read online or download)

O'Reilly Network Hub portal site for developers, focusing on platforms, programming languages, operating systems (OS), ...

OS/2 resources:
IBM OS/2 or IBM OS/2 IBM OS/2 Warp Server downloads
The OS2 Webring
Warpstock International OS/2 Users Convention.
Warp X - The future of OS/2 Warp
OS/2 Warp News and Rumors frequently updated, information, files, links, software, ...
Aaron Williams OS/2 site with links to source code, programming hints, tips, ...

Ornetix Network Products main page and CD related makers of CD server hardware/software, ...

Osborne Book publishers (division of McGraw Hill).

Osiris Development Battery Bar, a better battery guage for your laptop.

The OSSwin Project Open Source for Windows!

Natan Osterman maker of FastExit (a better way to shutdown Windows 95/98/ME.

Otex LAN, a network operating system (NOS) that runs on DOS and all versions of Windows.

Otaku Software Top Desk - bring the look and feel of Windows Vista to Windows XP

Slipstick Systems Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
Slipstick Systems Duplicate Remover Tools
Slipstick Systems Repair a large Outlook Personal Folders File (over 2GB)

Outlook Express 5 FAQs including back up, settings, saved mail, ...
vaita Outlook Sharing Add-in and Synchronizer (for Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003)
Microsoft Windows 98: Using Windows 98: Outlook Express identities
outlook store share Outlook without Exchange Server

The Book Of Overclocking

Overclockers Anonymous explainations, software, links, ...

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Computer Links
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