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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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Safetynet, Inc. makers of VirusNet PC (anti-virus), StopLight (multiplatform PC security software), ... Yes2K (Y2K hardware compliance checking utility-DOS, Win, ...)

San Jose Mercury News no longer charging subscription fee.

Santa Cruz Operations, makers of SCO Unix OS, UnixWare OS, Tarantella (thin client), ...

Scanner resources: Flatbed Scanners listing from Internet Magazine - January 1998, volume 2, issue 1 - Ziff Davis Publications Review liked Astra 1200S the best, but PaperPort 3000 was also considered a good choice.
Fujitsu Computer Products of America ScanPartner 600c - SCSI-2
Hewlett-Packard or Hewlett-Packard or Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6100c - SCSI
Info Peripherals ImageReader ISA - ISA proprietary
Microtek Lab or Microtek Lab ScanMaker V310SCSI or EPP
Pacific Image Electronics ClikScan 1.0 - EPP
SPOT InnoScan DynoTak-6P - EPP
UMAX Technologies Astra 1200S - SCSI
Visioneer PaperPort 3000 - EPP

Scanners not covered in the review:
Computer Shopper reviews of flatbed scanners, August 2001
Agfa SCSI, IDE and USC scanners.
Canon U.S.A. D2400UF (USB)
Epson America Perfection 1240U Photo (USB), Perfection 1640SU Photo (USB, SCSI)
MAG parallel port, SCSI, IDE and USC scanners.
Mustek parallel port, SCSI, IDE and USC scanners.
Wizcom Technologies QuickLink Scanner Pen (pen sized scanner with OCR, dictionaries, translate languages, ...)

Digital Scanner Guy covers digital imaging technology (scanners/printers/digital cameras) in Plain English.
ScanTips.com how to get better results from your scanner. Scanning basics, tips, hints , FAQs, ... software special offer
Ed Foster's Gripe Log Umax Charging For Drivers

scrounge.org site devoted to low cost computing (hardware and software)

SciTech Software makers of software, Display Doctor (a universal video driver) (for Win 95 and Linux)

Screen Capture
WritersUA Review of Screen Capture Tools
Gizmo's Freeware December 5, 2011 review for free screen capture programs.
lifehacker Five Best Screen Capture Tools
FastStone FS Capture
Donation Coder Screen Shot Captor
PicPick free and fee versions
dotTech [Windows] Best free screen recording program (aka best free video capture program) [2nd Edition]

SCSI information
160mb/sec SCSI
SCSI FAQ look for: "gfield/scsi/scsi-faq.part*"
The SCSI Page

SCSI Reset Homepage make SCSI devices hot swappable under Win 95/98/NT SCSIreset.exe

ScumWare.com protecting the web from scumware (internet traffic hijacking)
JavaCoolSoftware SpyWareBlaster - prevent installing of ActiveX-based programs, block tracking cookies, restrict actions of dangerous sites (recommended by PC World)
merijn.org software to clean out back doors and browser hijack software
PestPatrol search database of known spyware.
PC World A Two-Pronged Spyware Defense - Keep The Torrent Of Snooping Software Off Your PC Before And After It Strikes
PC World.com Invasion of the Browser Snatchers (web sites that hijack/reset your browser)
PC World Spyware Stoppers - review of products
Webroot Software Spy Sweeper (spyware removal), Spam Shredder, Pop-Up Washer, Desktop Firewall, ...
Sunbelt Software anti-spyware 15 day trial
Sunbelt Software CounterSpy (beta) (anti-spyware)
Sunbelt Software infrastructure and security tools. CounterSpy (anti-spyware), Double-Take (real-time data protection), File-Rescue Plus (unerase), iHatePopups (popup blocker), iHateSpam (spam blocker), ...
Sunbelt Software Blog Defining Adware and Spyware
Sunbelt Software Blog Security on the cheap
WebRoot Software SpySweeper anti-spyware free trial
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)
BBspot Microsoft's AntiSpyware Tool Removes Internet Explorer
New York Times July 2005 - Corrupted PC's Find New Home in the Dumpster

SD Software makers of "Useful Gadgets" for Windows 7 as well as other freeware.

Seagate - main page, Seagate - SeaTools DOS, Windows, Linux tools for testing your hard drive, Seagate - hard drive configurations Seagate Software Store (online buying software), Seagate - Technical Support makers of hardrives, tape drives, software, ... Seagates Backup Exec for Win95 is the base of the backup system to be included in Win98 and WinNT 5.0

Ed Foster's Gripe Log Warranty Service Gets Lost In Seagate-Certance Shuffle

Sealed Media, uses encryption and digital certificates to publish content online.

Smashing Magazine 25 Text Batch Processing Tools Reviewed.

search tools
Aquila Software examine32 - text search (shareware)
ask labs File Search Assistant (30 day trial)
Copernic text / e-mail search (free and fee)
dtSearch text search (30 day eval)
exalead desktop search (free and fee)
GetPDF Inc. Document Finder - text search (30 day trial)
GetPDF Inc. PDF Search - text search (30 day trial)
google desktop includes search
Harddisk Search & Stats text search (freeware, portable)
InfoRapid Search annd Replace (freeware)
isys Search Software
Meta diskMETA - hard disk search engine (free and fee)
Mythic Software Agent Ransack - text search (free and fee)
Nissoft, Lab. File Searcher - text search (30 day trial)
si-tex Advanced File Finder - text search (trialware)
VoidTools everything - search for files by name on NTFS drives (freeware)
WrenSoft Zoom Search Engine - desktop or web search engine (free-50 page limit and fee)
X1 Enterprise Search desktop and network search (30 day trial)

SecurityXp0loded free and fee tools

SeeConnect provides a blinking object on the desktop so you can see if Microsoft DialUp Network is in use.

SD Secure Design or SD Secure Design makers of QView Pro-Print Queue Management Software.

Semiconductor Industry Association, background info and research on computer chip industry.

Server Appliance (easy to install/setup)
Network World Review, May 21, 2001, scores of 1 - 5 with 5 = best.
4.15 Cobalt Cobalt Qube 3 Professional Edition (hardware and software)
4.00 Rebel.com Rebel NetWinder 3100 (hardware and software)
3.65 eSoft InstaGate EX2 (hardware and software)
3.40 Celestix Networks Celestix Aries Server Appliance (hardware and software)
Cybernet Systems, makers of NetMax Professional (software) (create Linux-based network appliances from off the shelf hardware components)

Server Sharer - Control Multiple PC's, Sparcs, MAC's with 1 Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM).
Avocent Corp. control multiple machines using ethernet and IP.
C-C-C Group
Cybex Computer Products Corporation
Lightwave Communications, Inc. PC ServerSwitch
Network Technologies Inc. or Network Technologies Inc.
Protec Microsystems Inc.
Raritan Computer, Inc.
Rose Electronics
Server Technology Inc. or Server Technology Inc.
StarTech Starview (the one I use on my 4 line BBS)
Tron International, KVM White Paper
Vive Synergies, Inc. TeleSwitch II

Servile Software Web Site, FTP site, dedicate to artificial intelligence software.

SerWizz Comm Featuring one of the best and most complete DOS terminal programs availible. Works in Win95! Has a CD Player, Mini-BBS (a REAL one), FAXing abilities, QWK packet reading/sending and allows Rockwell-based modems (WinModems, RPI modems) upload.

Sheridan Software DiskCataloger (for Win 95) is software that catalogs ALL removable media, and displays them in the All Folders display of Windows Explorer all the time.

SIIA trade association for the software and digital content industry.

SightSpeed World's Best Video and Voice Calling - SightSpeed Turns your Computer into a Video Phone

SimWare, Inc. and Novell are giving away RexxWare Migration Tool (RMT) to ease migration from Netware v3.x to IntranetWare (4.x).

Single Search Engines:
Search engine tips.
when searching for words, assume case sensitivity
+(must include)
-(must exclude) (without spaces after the sign
use "..." quotes for an exact phrase
title: (search only web page titles)
t: (search only web page titles)
host: (only search one web site)
site: (only search one web site)
domain: (only search one web site)
When using boolean commands, they must be all upper case.
AND=must contain all words
OR=must contain at least one of the words
AND NOT=must not have the words
NEAR=words close by
ADJ=words must be adjacent
*=wildcard search
How do I ... for natural language searchs (when available).
Search Engine Watch PowerSearch, a more indepth explaination of how different search engines work.
Internet Search FAQ
USA People Search How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory

top 10 search engines per Information Week, June 12, 2000 (data from Media Metrix, March 2000)
1 Yahoo! 2 Lycos adding 7,000+ searchable databases to their site.
3 InfoSeek.go.com 4 Excite 5 AltaVista 350 million pages indexed. November 2000
6 Snap (popularity engine) July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 7 with 278 million pages indexed.
7 Ask Jeeves OR Ask Jeeves OR Ask Jeeves, a metasearch engine that uses human editors to organize information and responds to natural language questions.
8 LookSmart A search engine with 750,000+ sites cataloged by human editors. NO pornography or violence oriented sites. (popularity engine)
9 GoTo.com (idealab!) search service.
10 iWon.com search service. July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 1 with 356 million pages indexed.
Centipede Nation DuckDuckgo’s CEO cucks out - Here’s a list of search engines you should switch to ...
text-mode front end for many popular search engines
Scroogle Google and Yahoo scrapers (provide search results without the ads)
Eureka, a standard input form for 80+ search engines, critique of search engines, treatise on promoting your site.

4 Internet Index
All Area Codes phone and area code search
Internet Archive lists / links of web sites.
Alexa 6,000gb of public web sites, archived seim-regularly.
AnswerLogic a search engine that takes you to the correct spot on the page for what you are looking for.
Any Search Info - Internet Search Engines
Anzwers July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 10 with 108 million pages indexed.
SeekHelp.comoverview of search engines.
about.com search engine
Alta Vista (digital) created Raging Search, a more uncluttered search engine that is more configurable.
Alta Vista or Alta Vista (digital) Find text in web site or newsgroup. Also offers free e-mail, ... July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 3 with 331 million pages indexed.
Alta Vista
AlphaSearch High-Quality Reference
American Business Information
AnyWho.com business and consumer telephone listings combined with net based contact information, as well as reverse lookup, ....
AOL Search
AT & T 800 Directory
BigBook by GTE, an online Yellow Pages and White pages.
BigFoot.com phone number look up.
Big Hub search engine/portal
Big Yellow Pages An information source.
Bing a new search engine from Microsoft
Clickey search by domain name.
Cyber411 Web Searching query multiple search engines from this one site.
CyberFreeway search engine.
DirectHit usefulness of site determined by amount of time spent on page (popularity engine).
Direct Hit search engine/portal
Direct Search
Ditto.com search engine/portal
Encyclopaedia Britannica's eBlast (an intellectual's search engine.
Excite or Excite search engine. A websearch tool. Online service with a search engine. July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 8 with 159 million pages indexed. Also offers free e-mail, ...
Fast Search & Transfer July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 4 with 327 million pages indexed.
Fast Search search engine/portal
FindSame search for sites with quoted text.
FindSounds search engine for sounds.
Find That File search enginve for files.
FindTutorials.com a tutorials search engine
First Search search engine/portal
What's New A generic search engine.
GoneSilent peer-to-peer search engine technology
Google Search Engine, usefulness of site is determined by how many links to it (popularity engine). May 2001 Internet Week reports 1.3 billion pages indexed. Uses Open Directory for its search features/capabilities.
masswerk Google BBS Terminal (text interface)
Google Advanced Search (now includes image searches)
Google Toolbar plugin for Internet Explorer to make searching Google and web sites easier.
Google Desktop Search plugin for Internet Explorer for searching the web or your won computer (Win XP (any version) or 2000 Service Pack 3).
Google Search Engine has added foreign languages, such as Pig Latin, Elmer Fud, Bork Bork Bork! (muppetts swedish chef), ...
google.com Our Search: Google Technology (how they do it)
google search features
soople.com easy expert search (simplify using google's search features)
HotBot or HotBot A generic search engine (parallel computing based). July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 6 with 280 million pages indexed.
HotBot (owned by Lycos) (popularity engine)
GoTo.com (idealab!) search service.
iAtlas Corp, search engine focusing on internet businesses (8 billion+ listings from multiple other search engines), with extensive customizable filters, ...
inquiry.com Publication Searching
IBM Infomarket Search A generic search engine.
Infonautics' Electric Library.
InfoSeek, Express (search multiple engines simultaneously from your desktop).
InfoSeek Net Searching
Go / InfoSeek or InfoSeek or InfoSeek or InfoSeek or InfoSeek or InfoSeek Ultra
search engine (spider based). I have multiple listings for InfoSeek. Also offers instant messaging, ... (50 million pages indexed-Search Engine Watch 06/00)
InfoSeek.go.com Inktomi or Inktomi search engine (spider based) (500 million pages indexed-Search Engine Watch 06/00).
InterNIC's general search page (for DNS & other internet domain name stuff).
InterNIC's registration of domain name.
It! One-stop site for searching major Web databases.
ixquick a search enginge that respects your privacy and doesn't track your searches
JumpStation A generic search engine.
WorldFree Corp KnowAll (a smarter search engine technology).
lii.org Librarioan's Index top the Internet
Library of Congress A source of information.
LookSmart A search engine with 750,000+ sites cataloged by human editors. NO pornography or violence oriented sites. (popularity engine)
Lycos or Lycos or Lycos (50 million pages indexed-Search Engine Watch 06/00) Also offers free e-mail, free home pages, ...
Magellan - McKinley Internet Directory A generic search engine. (Purchased by Excite in 1996).
MoreOver search service for news feeds.
MSN Search (owned by Microsoft) (popularity engine) July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 9 with 110 million pages indexed.
The Mining Co. Index
MetaCrawler A generic search engine.
NetGuide A directory of URLs.
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index Netscape Search Northern Lights or Northern Lights (new) or Northern Lights (old) is a free search engine. However, if you chose to purchase a document from their Special Collection, (information from over 1,800 journals, books, magazines, databases and newswires not available on any other search engine) there is a charge between $1-$4. If you are not satisfied with the document purchased, they do have a no questions asked refund policy that is done on-line. July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 5 with 282 million pages indexed. 310 million pages indexed. November 2000
Oingo search engine that deduces the meaning of a query
dmoz.org The Open Directory Project (ODP) has 20,000 volunteer editors organizing entries into their database of web sites. (per June 2000 Computer User Magazine). Used by Google for its searchs.
Search Devil search the Open Directory (dmoz)
Open Text Index.net
Open Text Index.com Pinpoint.com index web sites relevant to your needs.
Portal Juice search engine/portal
poWer search human power search engine
Privado Blog Keep all your searches private.
qbSearch create one large search results page from up to 20 normal size pages.
Quickbrowse.com an advanced search engine (can use multiple other search engines). (metasearch engine)
Raging Search a non portal search engine from Alta Vista.
RealNames.COM search engine
Reference.COM Newsgroup and Mailing List Searching
Scour.Net a search engine that specializies in web sites that offer multimedia (graphics, sounds, streaming video, ...)
Scrub The Web search engine (that requires lots of personal information to submit to it). However, it does have a meta tag analyzer.
Search Beat
Search Systems links to 20,000 sources of public records.
SmartEngine meta-search technology, web-based email, free internet access, news, ...
Snap (popularity engine) July 2000 Search Engine Showdown # 7 with 278 million pages indexed.
StartPage a search enginge that respects your privacy and doesn't track your searches
Starting Point Searching
teoma search engine (analyzes search results for you)
Thunderstone Searching metasearch engine
Thunderstone Searching Webinator (customize your interface to a search engine).
Twirlix search engine (verifies links, reviews links, ...)
Vivisimo search engine (analyzes search results for you)
WardGroup or WardGroup or Web spiders info on Web spiders and a list of some known spiders.
(Purchased by Excite in 1996).
Webcrawler A generic search engine (spider based).
WebSitez Domain and Web Address Searching
WiseNut search engine (analyzes search results for you)
Whole Internet Catalog A generic search engine.
Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine
Worldfree.net Inc. KnowAll (natural language search engine)
World Wide Web Wanderer the first Web spider (created in 1993).
X2Search search engine that displays images of web pages it finds
xRefer search for inforrmation, including dictionary terms, famous quotes, ...
Yahoo! Web Searching Yahoo Personal Information Searching or Yahoo Personal Information Searching Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle! Sites indexed: 370 thousand (11/98). Also offers free e-mail, instant messaging, ...
ZenSearch Searching
Zip2 online Yellow Pages and more ...
Yahoo Search Engine List

Search Engine Management Software/Tools from Information Week September 13, 1999 (and other sources)
CUI Software Tools To Access Information Servers meta-search engine tools for your desktop.
American Systems makers of Internet EZ Search (searches 49 Web search engines simultaneously) for Win 95 and Win NT.
AnalogX TrackSeek
Copernic Technologies makers of Copernic, a software that manages multiple search engines on your desktop (free and fee versions).
FerretSoft home of WebFerret (web page search engine), EmailFerret (email address search engine), NewsFerret, FileFerret, PhoneFerret.
Ht://Dig open source search engine for your server
Inforian Inc. makers of Quest98, a software that manages multiple search engines on your desktop.
IntelliSeek or IntelliSeek, makers of BullsEye (desktop software that can search and analyze 700+ search engines and databases) (runs on your computer) (freeware).
KCSL, makers of X-Portal, a smarter software that manages multiple search engine searches on your desktop (as of April 1999, only worked with Internet Explorer).
Solway's Internet Search
Transcom Software makers of Beeline, a software that manages multiple search engines on your desktop.
UdmSearch open source search engine for your server
Webforia Organizer, Reporter, ...
Wild Cow Publishing makers of Data Grabber
Worldfree.net makers of KnowAll
Zurf home of ZurfRider intelligent search utility that uses artificial intelligence to reduce search time.

Alternative Web Engines Information Retrieval from LanTimes March 2, 1998
Inference CBR Content Manager intelligent information retrieval.
Soverign Hill Software InQuiry intelligent information retrieval.
Fulcrum Technologies SearchServer intelligent information retrieval.
Verity Search intelligent information retrieval.
Excalibur Technologies RetrievalWare knowledge retrieval.

Alternative Web Engines from PC Week January 19, 1998, Volume 15, Number 3
AT-1 ? searchs the invisible web ?
Disinformation subculture search engine.
Lycos Top 5% formerly Point's Top 5%.
NetPartners Company Locator uses domain name registry to find companies.
WebRing OR WebRing (aka: RingWorld) subject-based collection of sites.
ZenSearch criteria for rating web site content.

Multiple - MetaSearch Engines:
Search Engine Watch metasearch utilities
Ask Jeeves OR Ask Jeeves OR Ask Jeeves, a metasearch engine that uses human editors to organize information and responds to natural language questions.
Beaucoup Search Engines, lists more than 1,000 search engines
DogPile metasearch engines.
Fact City Facts On Demand (not a search engine, it answers your questions).
Go2Net search several search engines simultaneously.
Inference Find Metasearching or Inference Find or Inference Find metasearch engine (parallel computing based).
InfoSeek, Express (metasearch engine) (from your desktop).
Internet Sleuth
Mamma Search Engine Consolidation Searching metasearch engine.
MetaCrawler search several search engines simultaneously.
MetaSearch metasearch engine.
Netscape search tools page various kinds of search tools
OneSeek.com view multiple search results simultaneously.
ProFusion metasearch engine.
ProFusion metasearch engine.
Queryster metasearch engine (for more than 25 other search engines).
Search.com metasearch engine.
ValleyNet Master page of other search engines.
Vality not a search enginge, but technology to improve site search
Virtual Reference Desk Master page of other search engines.
HelpnHand's EZ Search Page Master page of 100 other search engines.
SavvySearch OR SavySearch OR SavySearch Master page of 24 other search engines.
SavySearch metasearch engine.
Galaxy A compilation of search engines (I think).
Search Broker
W3 A compilation of search engines (I think).
All-in-One Search Page OR All-in-One Search Page, a search for for the hundreds of search engines listed on this site.
Thumbshot Ranking compares results from multiple search engines.
ZapMeta metasearch engine (uses 7 search engines, and displays snapshots of web pages).

Meta-Search Agents:
Network World - March 17, 1997 test of personal Meta-Search Agents rated on a scale of 10 being best, and 1 being worst.
8.8 Quarterdeck Corp. Web Compass 2.0
8.2 Symantec Corp. Internet FastFind 1.0
6.1 ForeFront Group, Inc. WebSeeker 2.2
5.3 Iconovex Corp. EchoSearch 1.07

Search Engine - Catalogs Online
Argus Clearinghouse, a catalog fo other subject catalogs
Internet Public Library,
The Mining Company
World Wide Web Virtual Library

Search Engine Reviews
Amdahl Corp. list of web search engines
CUI WWW Search Engines listings of search engines, help, ...
I-Search Discussion List
Multimedia Marketing Group top 100 search engines.
Mining Co review of 5 commercial search utilities
PC World Home Office: The Skinny on Web Searching
PC World Home Office: A Cure for File-and-Forget
ResearchBuzz internet research news and information (on search services).
SearchIQ reviews and tips on search strategies, tools, guides, ...
Search Engines In Review listings of search engines, how to get listed, ...
Search Engine Forums
Search Engine Showdown
Search Engine Showdown Search-L (discussion group for users of search engines)
Search Engines Galore meta-search enginge (searches up to 9 other search engines)
Search Engine Watch webzine that follows developments in search engines (tips, reviews, resources, ...).
Search Engine Watch standards, an attempt to get all search engines to use the same way of conduction searchs.
Search Engine Watch PowerSearch, a more indepth explaination of how different search engines work.
Search Engine Watch reviews of search engine software.
SimpleImp.com search engine submission service, with listing of search engines.
Network Computing Magazine reviews of search engine technology.
WebMaster World
slashdot Online Document Search Reveals Secrets (How to steal hidden files <g>)
slashdot Online Document Search Reveals Secrets (How to steal hidden files <g>)

buzzle.com Great Site Ranking in Google The Secret's Out
USATODAY.com How to get Google to notice you
USATODAY.com Microsoft goes after search ads hard

Search Tools for your local drive
Google Desktop search your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac).
Google Desktop search PDF files with Google Desktop.
Foxit PDF iFilter - index / search your PDF files.
Adobe iFilter - index / search your PDF files.
wikipedia Windows Search
Jam Software UltraSearch search hard drive for files or folders

securitysoftware.cc freeware applications

Security (And Virus) Resources (web sites).
Daily Wire Teen Hacks Apple, Steals 90GB Of Secured Files, Stores Them In Hilariously Titled Folder
According to an editorial in Internet Week, June 18, 2001, the average computer connected to the internet is scanned dozens of times per day. NetBIOS scans 17 times per day. A standard Windows 98 system with file sharing-enabled, was hacked 5 times in 4 days.
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute top ten security weaknesses
Information Security Magazine ICSA and Global Integrity Corp study on online security.
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) trying to standardize the names of security vulnerabilities
Rootshell.com consolidated information security vulnerabilities
Infilsec Vulnerabilities Engine
TrustworthyComputing google.com search for Microsoft and flaws/holes
thefreecountry.com: Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources
Yahoo! Finance For the first time, hackers have used a refrigerator to attack businesses

Security - Cell Phones
Cell Phone Deals curity and Your Phone: What are the Risks and How to Stay Safe

Security And Virus Resources (newsgroups).

Security Suites
Center for Internet Security will be publishing (and updating) tools to make securing your system easier.
Check Point Software Technologies Firewall-1, Enterprise Management Console, RealSecure
Check Point Software Technologies partners
DominoSecurity.org for Lotus Notes/Domino
WebTrends Fire Wall Suite (OPSEC certified)
SurfControl SuperScout for FireWall-1 (OPSEC certified)
Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall (OPSEC certified)
Network Computing Multisite Firewall Management: Not Enterprise-Ready
Network Computing Best Practices in Network Security
Network Computing Best Practices in Network Security
Network Computing Hammering Out a Secure Framework
Network Computing Trend InterScan Secures Top Virus Protection Spot
Computer Associates International eTrust Intrusion Detection, eTrust Firewall, eTrust Content Inspection, Inoculate IT, Snare, Unicenter TNG
Network Associates WebShield E-ppliance, Event Orchestrator, CyberCop Scanner, Net Tools PKI Server, Gauntlet Active Security Firewall Suite

Security - Trusted OS
Argus Systems Group or Argus Systems Group PitBull Foundation (add features of a trusted OS to an existing OS)
Sun Microsystems Trusted Solaris
Computer Associates International eTrust Access Control (add trusted OS functions to your current OS)
Hewlett-Packard VirtualVault (trusted version of HP-UX)

Security Desktop see also Privacy
Computer Currents March 2000 review of Firewall software, ratings of 1 to 5, 5 being best.
Citadel Technology makersof WinShield Secure PC (desktop security and control)
CyberMedia GuardDog
4 Dynamic Solutions NukeNabber (port monitor/blocking)
2 eSafe Technologies, Inc. Protect Desktop (application security and firewall)
C|net eSafe Desktop (anti-vandal software-"sandbox" quarantine for unknow applets)
Finjan, Inc. SurfinShield
SurfinGuardPro upgrade - SurfinGuard Pro 5.6, build 257
Network Associates ActiveShield
3 Network Ice, makers of BlackIce Defender (firewall/filter and Intrusion Detection System (IDS))
Online Armor firewall
Scot's Newsletter Blog The Best Firewall Software of 2008: Online Armor
Panda Software Panda Security (desktop security)
Protect Data Security, Inc. Protect (32bit PC security product) (encrypt your hard drive)
Security7 SafeGate and UltraGate
SecureIt Pro system tray resident, system password protection software.
5 Signal 9 Solutions makers of ConSeal PC (firewall for desktops).
4 Symantec Norton Internet Security Suite (firewall, application control, ...)
4 SyberGen Networks, Inc. Secure Desktop (firewall)
Tiny Wall firewall for Vista and 7 (better management for built in firewall)
5 Umax Technologies UGate (router/firewall/gateway)
PC World Magazine: Secure Your PC From Thieves
File and Printer Sharing (NetBIOS) Fact and Fiction
Novatix: Intelligent Zero-Day Security Technology Cyberhawk Security Software

test your security (vulnerability testing)
AirMagnet (test your wireless networks security)
AuditMyPC Firewall Test, Port Scan and Internet Security made easy - Spy Ware, Audit and Tools
Shields Up, a site from Steve Gibsons to test the security of your Windows networked computer (10 port scan).
Shields Up, how to fix Windows NetBIOS sharing problems (use NetBEUI instead).
Shields Up Opt Out - from Steve Gibsons to test/remove SpyWare software from your computer.
Shields Up NanoProbe Technology Internet Security Testing for Windows Users
grc.com ID Serve - Internet Server Identification Utility (find out who/what you are trusting your information to)
Can You See Me test your ports for visibility to the internet.
No SpyWare List Of Known Spyware Infested Software
HackerWacker computer security/privacy news, links, testing, ...
HackerWhacker test your machine for vulnerabilities (2,000 port scan). Also info, ...
Kitchen Wisdom: Gourmet Software traceroute/network diagnostic software
Secure-Me.net shield probe to test your desktop computer.
DSL reports Secure-Me automated security testing
SecuritySpace.com My Desktop Audit
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) run the Security Snapshot to see if your computer to attack.
sover.net test your system
symquest test your system
TrojanScanner free online port scanner
Privacy.net demo of what personal information your browser sends to the server.
Snoop! demo of what personal information your browser sends to the server.
Browser Spy, how much of your information is open to the internet.
Internet Explorer "OpensCookie Jar" Cookies stored by IE for Windows can be read by any web site.
PC Help MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains
HTML E-Mail read receipt demo how little privacy do you really have?
Center for Democracy and Technology demo of server side scripting to generate a custom page with information about you and your internet account.
MyCIO.com (from Network Associates) free Zombie Scan (is your system infected with DDoS?)
Network Associates Sniffer Wireless (test your wireless networks security)
NetStumbler (test your wireless networks security)
Lumeta Discovery Suite (vulnerability assessment)
Shavlik Technologies EnterpriseInspector (vulnerability assessment software)
St. Bernard Software UpdateEXPERT (vulnerability assessment software)
WildPackets AiroPeek (test your wireless networks security)
GetNetWise Spotlight on Spyware

spyware detection & removal software
Spybot Search & Destroy
PC Hell Essential Tools for Removing Spyware, Adware, and Malware
PC Hell Spyware and Adware Removal Help

Security Laptop
Caveo Anti-Theft (motion sensor based security)
Computer Sentry Software CyberAngel (like LoJack for laptops)
Kryptonite, makers of KryptoVault (device to make it physically impossible to open a laptop).
Lucira (like LoJack for laptops)
Secure-IT IT-Woofa (laptop alarm-motion sensor)
zTrace Basic (locate stolen laptop) or Gold (locate and recover stolen laptop)

Security - Air Gap
Market Central SecureSwitch (network switcher)
Owl Computing Technologies Secure Directory File Transfer System (one way link)
RVT Technologies Stop-It (real time switch)
SpearHead Technologies AirGap (real time switch, one way link)
Voltaire 2-in-1 PC/2-in-1 Net (network switcher)
Whale Communications e-Gap (real time switch, one way link)

Security Network / System * = best info security news sources, from article in Information Security Magazine December 2000 issue.
* Security Focus security portal, with Bugtraq Vulnerability Database, incidents (response and forensics), ...
* Security Portal look for Kurt's Closet (Unix issues/information), Buffy Overflow (Q and A), ...
* PacketStorm information security database, ...
* Vmyths information about real and imagined virus threats (with search capability), ...
* IBM antivirus research, white papers, ...
* Counterpane Internet Security newsletter, links, articles, ...
* Cigital software reliability testing company, with papers, articles, links, ...
* Dave Dittrich University of Washington IS guru, security resources including articles, links, ...
* System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute original research, certification, ...
* VNUnet British site with current and archived news, search capability, ...
@Stake security consultancy.
Atelier Web security testing tools
Argus Systems Group or Argus Systems Group PitBull (harden Solaris and other OSes), ...
Axent Technologies, makers of NetRecon security scanner
Baltimore Technologies SelectAccess (access control), UniCERT (PKI based), ...
Bastille Linux Project an open source security project (harden Solaris, Linux, ...)
BindView Corp, makers of HackerShield or HackerShield (security scanner testing tool), NOSadmin (vulnerability scanner), ...
Blockage Systems Extended Access Control (EAC)
David Brumley writer of papers and programs on intrusion detection, with links to similar techie stuff.
C2 certification explaination
Cerberus Information Systems
Cerberus Information Systems advisories page
Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)
CERIAS Hotlist security portal
Certicom Corp creators of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption algorithm, also use PKI based products
Check Point Software Technologies Firewall-1
Church Of The Swimming Elephant security news, information, articles, online tools, ...
Church Of The Swimming Elephant tools (trace tools, lookup tools, ...)
Cisco Systems PIX
Cisco Secure Consulting Services study on how secure the average web site/network is.
Fred Cohen & Associates Strategic Security & Intelligence
Fred Cohen & Associates Deception Toolkit (serve pretends to have popular vulnerabilities-then tracks probes/attacks)
Counterpane Internet Security Crypto-Gram (e-zine)
CyberCrime.gov U.S.Department of Justice (DoJ).
CyberCrime Law References state
CyberCrime Law References federal
CyberCrime Law References National Association of Attorneys General
Cryptome crypotography news, articles, ...
doshelp.com intrusion and attack reporting center (information on firewalls, anti-virus, security testing, trojan ports, OS patches, security news-books-sites, ...)
Entegrity Solutions AssureAccess (access control)
Entrust Technologies GetAccess (web access control), Authority (PKI based), TruePass (PKI based), Entelligence (PKI based), ...
eSecurityOnline security portal by Ernst & Young International (with latest vulnerabilities, database of vulnerabilities, ...)
Federal Bureau Of Investigation National Infrastructure Protection Center information on Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
National Infrastructure Protection Center information on security issues.
The Free Fire Project free solutions for IT security (tools, resources, ...)
GeoTrust True Credentials (PKI based)
Global Technology Associates GB-100
Gradient Technology NetCrusader/Web
HackerWatch.org anti-hacker online community
Hewlett-Packard (HP) harden your HP-UX
Honeynet Project learn how to do detailed forensics after a compromise
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) a consortium of high-tech companies sharing security related information and provide early wrning system.
InfoSysSec Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals
Internet Security Advisors Group
ITsecurity.com The Encyclopedia of Computer Security (database of IT and secruity products, provides feedback, links, ...)
GFI LANguard - sniffer, block TCP/IP traffic, detect unauthoprizde users, ...
L-3 Network Security Retriever (vulnerability scanner). Now owned by Symantec Corp.
Microsoft Product Security Notification Service (security vulnerability mailing list)
Netlock Technologies Netlock server/workstation security
Netegrity SiteMinder (web access control)
Network Associates/PGP Security CyberCop Scanner security scanner
NTsecurity.nu source of information and tools on security vulnerabilities for Windows NT.
NTBugtraq source of information and tools on security vulnerabilities for Windows NT.
Oblix NetPoint (web access control)
Network-Tools.com ping, lookup, trace, xwhois, DNS records, Network lookup, URL Unencode, URL encode, HTTP headers, e-mail validation
OpenNetwork Technologies DirectorySmart (web access control)
Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) open source tools for evalluating the security of web applications
Qualys security experts
Qualys Security Alert - Remote Shell Trojan
The Risks Digests Forum On Risks To The Public in Computers And Related Systems
RSA Security Keon (PKI based)
RSA Security creators of RSA encryption algorithm
World Wide Web (W3) Security FAQ
Securant Technologies ClearTrust SecureControl (web access control)
Security Administrator's Research Assistant (SARA) security scanner
Security Server listing of many web-based security systems
SecuritySpace.com security portal
Security Watch security portal
Secure Telnet
Seven Locks Software security, ...
Symantec Corp. Webthority (web access control)
True North Software Internet Tooolkit (ping, trace route, NS lookup, finger, whois, ping scan, port scan, name scan, service scan, spamblock check, ...)
En Garde T-Sight, IP-Watcher, ...
HP DomainGuard
Internet Security Systems (ISS) scanner, RealSecure, ...
ISS or ISS database of computer threat and vulnerabilities
ISS consolidated information security vulnerabilities. Security Alerts, searchagble database of alerts, links to useful sites, presentations, ISS product manuals, mailing lists, ...
ISS Security list FAQ
ISS library
ISS Internet Scanner security scanner
Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
Todd Miller sudo (Superuser do) allows controlled access to root (Unix/Linux systems)
Official file of FAQ about internet firewalls.
Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) promotes interoperability between security applications.
Nessus Project security scanner (open source security tool)
Novell security information
The NT bug-tracking-list home page.
Marcus Ranum's security page presentations on firewalls and security.
Web-security list of FAQ how to set up a web server safely.
Recourse ManTrap/ManHunt
Reliable Software Technologies Java-security and active content page with info on hostile applets.
Reliable Software Technologies ITS4 (open source code tool) designed to identify potential security problems.
Peter Guttman's page of crypotography and security related links and computer and network privacy.
A non U.S. site to download PGP from.
DMW Worldwide Host Check software
Lincoln Stein's Web Security FAQ
Dan Farmer's report on Web vulnerabilities
Dan Farmer & Wietse Venema's paper on network security
Market Central, Inc. makers of Data Deadbolt Network/Internet Switch (automatically or manually disconnect network connection when phone connection in use)
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) security checklist
Stefan Norberg paper, and tools for creating a secure NT system.
Newark Electronics is the national distributor of Data Deadbolt Network/Internet Switch
Network Associates or Network Associates or Network Associates CyberCop Scanner (testing tool), Gauntlet, WebShield, E-ppliance, ... Computer Vulnerability Emergency Response Team (COVERT) security advisories, ...
PGP free for personal use
Network Security
porcupine.org web site of Wietse Venema (security expert), with: tools, papers, forensics, auditing, The Coroners Tool Kit TCT is a collection of programs for a post-mortem analysis of a Unix system after break-in), ...
Purdue University Computer Sciences department
Purdue University Computer Sciences department
Purdue University Computer Sciences department consolidated information security vulnerabilities
Paper on CIFS/SMB attacks
Siemens Nixdorf Ballista scanner.
The Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software To Avoid.
Trusted Systems Windows NT security Guide
Joe Peschel's Key Recovery Page listing broken encryption products that use proprietary algorithms or poor implementations.
Sharp Technology makers of Hack Tracer (try to trace who is hacking into your system)
SonicWall makers of SonicWall internet security appliance, white papers, ...
Neil Johnson's Steganoography Page
TruSecure Corporation internet security assurance (news, ...) ICSA Labs (product testing, buyers guides, white papers, ...)
Triden Data System NetRisk
WatchGuard Firebox internet security appliance, AppLock/Web (web server security), ...
Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse (CSRC) or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Computer Security Resources Clearinghouse (CSRC)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) search engine for the CVE database
Network Computing Magazine harden your Novell NetWare
www.ncsa.com Virus Certification Statistics
Cryptonym Corporation, makers of internet security software.
Securant Technologies ClearTrust SecureControl
script for hardening Solaris servers
SuraSoft.com security news, FAQs, ...
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute, Security Reading Room, site search engine, script for hardening Red Hat Linux servers., ...
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute harden your Linux
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute harden your Microsoft Windows NT
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute harden your Sun Microsystems Solaris
Systems Advisory Group Enterprises (SAGE) BRICKHouse Appliance
VisualWare Internet Security and Performance Tools (including: VisualLookout-realtime TCP port monitoring and alerting tool, VisualRoute-visual traceroute utility, ...)
Vigilante.com security company (security assessment over the internet)
Dave Dittrich information on Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
Marcus Ranum Security Site Internet Firewall FAQ
nfr.net technical forum discusses firewalls and other security related issues.
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) basic firewall information, and list of certified firewalls.

World Wide Digital Security System Analyst Integrated Network Tool (SAINT) security scanner (commercial software based on open-source software)
xploiter.com web site devoted to programming and security (or insecurity) of Windows systems
xploiter.com listing of various trojan programs, and the port and protocol used.
SonyStyle (look for "fingerprint")
VeriSign Managed PKI Service

RootKit information
SourceForge St. Jude Project (harden your kernel to defeat kernel-level rootkits)
Sysinternals Freeware RootkitRevealer
Frank Heyne Software FAQ: NTFS and ADS
slashdot Windows Rootkit Wars Escalate
PC World Security Freebies Fight Rootkits And More
PC Hell Rootkit Removal Tools and Help

SECSH Internet Drafts (SSH)
SSH Connection Protocol
SSH Transport Layer Protocol
SSH Authentication Protocol
SSH Protocol Architecture
Generic Message Exchange Authentication for SSH
SSH File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Using GSSAPI Authentification for Key Exchange in Secure Shell
SECSH Public Key File Format
Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange for the SSH Transport Layer Protocol
Storing SSH Host Keys in DNS

SSH Vendors, Specifications and Technical Assistance Sites
FreeSSH SSH implementations, news, resources, advisories, ...
OpenSSH open source project implementation of SSH, with information about other implementations
Secure Shell (SSH) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ for all SSH implementations.
O'Reilly SSH: The Secure Shell, The Definitive Guide (the book) - sample chapters, links, ...
SSH: The Secure Shell, The Definitive Guide (the Web Site) - online resources, protocol documents, tools, SSH implementations, ...

SSH Implementations
SSH Secure Shell commercial versions of SSH client for Windows and *nix.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) FiSSH
F-Secure, Inc. SSH Client and Server
OpenSSH/OpenBSD open source implementation of SSH client and server for *nix/BSD based systems
Silicon Circus PenguiNet - shareware telnet and SSH client for Windows
Simon Tatham PuTTY, a free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.
Robert O'Callahan or Robert O'Callahan TTSSH client extension to Teraterm Pro (open source terminal client)
Van Dyke Technologies VShell-commercial SSH-2 servers and clients for Windows, Secure Shell (SSH) (Windows 95/98/NT version SecureCRT)
EmTec IOOnnovative Software ZOC - shareware terminal emulation client for Windows
SSH Communications (web site) noncommercial Secure Shell (SSH)
SSH Communications (ftp site) noncommercial Secure Shell (SSH)
Data Fellows commercial Secure Shell (SSH)
Mind Bright commercial Secure Shell (SSH) (Java version that runs within a browser)

anti-DDoS software and information (Distributed Denial of Service)
HackBusters LaBrea - tar pits scans and worms
Arbor Networks Peakflow (sensor based anti DDoS tool)
Asta Networks Vantage System (sensor based anti DDoS tool)
Bindview or Bindview Zombie Zapper (free, open source). security advisories, papers on vulnerability classification and DDoS attacks, NT and Unix tools, utilities, links, ...
Bindview advisory about resource depletion attacks
Captus Networks CaptIO (in-line based anti DDoS tool)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Report on DDoS attack tools
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) advisory about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) advisory about resource depletion
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) advisory about Stacheldraht Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Incident Note relating to DoS attacks.
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Incident Note relating to Break-in techniques
Dave Dittrich information on Distribuited Denial of Service (DDoS)
Dave Dittrich tool to scan for Distribuited Denial of Service (DDoS) programs
Dave Dittrich Trinoo Analysis
Dave Dittrich Tribal FloodNet Analysis
Dave Dittrich Stracheldraht Analysis
Federal Bureau Of Investigation/National Infrastructure Protection Center tool to scan for Denial of Service (DoS) programs
Internet Society information on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
ISS information on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
landfield.com Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which Employ IP Source Address Spoofing (egress filtering)
MyCIO.com (from Network Associates) free Zombie Scan (is your system infected with DDoS?)
National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) software to check if you were a staging area for a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack.
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute free anti-DDoS tools (outbound filter information)
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute article on how to avoid DDoS
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute Intrusion Detection FAQ on ports used by Trojan horse programs.
Techtronic.com links to tools and information on how to prevent DDoS attacks.
Top Layer AppSafe (in-line based anti DDoS tool)
RFC 2267 Defeating Deinal of Service (DOS) Attacks which Employ IP Source Address Spoofing.

Vendor Specific Security Information
Apache vendor security information.
Builder.com Using Apache And chroot To Trap Hackers
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. vendor security information.
Cisco Systems
FreeBSD Project
FreeBSD Project
FreeBSD Project vendor security information.
Hewlett Packard (HP) vendor security information.
IBM vendor security information.
IBM vendor security information.
International Business Machines (IBM) Patch and Exploit Information
Linux (general) vendor security information.
Linux (Caldera) vendor security information.
Linux (Caldera) Linux (The Debian Project)
Linux (The Debian Project) vendor security information.
Linux (Red Hat) vendor security information.
Linux (Red Hat)
Microsoft vendor security information.
Netscape vendor security information.
Novell vendor security information.
Open BSD Project vendor security information.
Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) vendor security information.
Silicon Graphic Inc. (SGI) vendor security information.
Silicon Graphics, Inc. Patch and Exploit Information
Sun MicroSystems, Inc. vendor security information.
Sun MicroSystems, Inc. vendor security information.
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems security bulletins
Sun Microsystems patch page

Vendor Specific Security Patches
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. patches
Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) patches
Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) patches
FreeBSD Project patches
HP patches
IBM AIX patches
IBM RS6000 patches
Linux (Caldera) patches
Linux (The Debian Project) patches
Linux (Red Hat) patches
Linux (Red Hat) patches
Microsoft NT patches
Open BSD Project patches
Santa Cruz Operations patches
Silicon Graphic Inc. patches
Sun MicroSystems, Inc. patches
Sun MicroSystems, Inc. patches

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Information Security magazine September 1999 review of Intrusion Detection software
Information Week Cisco Preps Artillery of Security Products
Information Week Network Associates Unveils New CyberCop
Network Computing Intrusion Detection, Take Two
Network World Fusion DocFinder: 1622 listins of 30+ IDS products
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) white paper on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
Network Security Wizards papers and articles on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) IDS checklist
Axent Technologies, makers of NetRecon (network vulnerability assessment tool-vulnerability scanner), NetProwler, Intruder Alert (network intrusion detection), Raptor, WebDefender, SWAT TEam security advisories, ...
Purdue University Computer Sciences department Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) - intrusion detection
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Intruder Detection Checklist.
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Intruder Detection Checklist.
COAST TAMU, intrusion detection tool
Cisco Secure IDS
Computer Associates SessionWall-3 (log analysis)
Computer Associates International eTrust Intrusion Detection Engine
Computer Associates, makers of eTrust (network) Intrusion Detection
Computer Security Institute intrusion detection resource page
Courtney intrusion (SATAN/SAINT scanner) detector (freeware)
Courtney intrusion (SATAN/SAINT scanner) detector
Courtney intrusion (SATAN/SAINT scanner) detector
CyberSafe or CyberSafe, makers of Centrax Log Analyst(network intrusion detection)
Enterasys Networks IDS Dragon
Information Security Magazine intrusion detection technology
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) Intrusion Detection Consortium - intrusion detection information
International Computer Security Association (ICSA) run the Security Snapshot to see if your NT server is vulnerable to the RDS attack (aka: MDAC Hack). run NetLitmus to see if you are vulnerable to DoS attack.
ODS Kane Security Monitor
Internet Security Systems (ISS) RealSecure Guard (IDS)
IntruVert Networks IntruShield (IDS)
Intrusion Detection, Inc. SecureNet PDS, Kane Security Analyst (vulnerability scanner)
Intrusion Detection FAQ
IETF Intrusion Detection Exchange Format Working Group - intrusion detection information
Gabriel www site or Gabriel ftp site - intrusion detector
Lawrence Livermore Laboratories' Network Intrusion Detector.
National Infrastructure Protection Center information on Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
NetScreen Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS)
Network Flight Recorder NFR Appliance (an intrusion detection and analysis system).
Network Security Library resources on Iitrusion detection technology
Purdue University Computer Sciences department Scan_detector - intrusion detector
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute SHADOW (Secondary Heuristic Analysis System for Defensive Online Warfare)
Perfecto Technologies AppShield
Reflex Security Interceptor (IDS)
Snort open-source Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
System Administration Networking and Security (SANS) Institute Securing Linux Step-by-Step (report)
SWATCH log-watching program
SWATCH SimpleWATCHer or SimpleWATCHdog - log-monitoring program
TheoryGroup Remote Intrusion Detection (tool for detecting DDoS agents)
Top Layer Networks Attack Mitigator (IDS)
WebTrends WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs (log analysis)

Public Domain Security Tools
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) tools
Purdue University Computer Sciences department
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Tcp_wrappers (access control and logging)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) TCP Wrappers (enforce network access control)
Latro check for Perl web site misconfiguration
Finjan's JavaScan - check Java applets for improper attributes
cgiwrap run CGI programs as the user they are installed under.
Tripwire Open Source Project intrusion detection and prevention software
FreshMeat loook for lsof (tool that looks for suspicious port usage)

Commercial Security Tools
PC Help tests Lockdown 2000 (a very insecure security program).
ByteTight Computer Security Corporation HackerProof98
AirDefense security and management appliance to monitor and protect wireless LANs.
Cisco NetRanger
Department of Defense - Cooperative Intrusion Detection Evaluation and Response (CIDER) SHADOW (Secondary Heuristic Analysis System for Defensive Online Warfare)
EAST Technologies privacy and security products and solutions.
Internet Security Systems (ISS) RealSecure (IDS), Internet Scanner, ...
Network Flight Recorder
SRI International New Intrusion Detection Expert System (NIDES)
Stiller Research Integrity Master (file integrity checker)
Purdue University Computer Sciences department TCP Wrappers (enforce network access control)
Purdue University Computer Sciences department Tripwire
Tripwire Inc. or Tripwire Security Systems or Tripwire Security Systems Tripwire intrusion detection (file integrity checker), reports on unauthorized changes, ...
Tripwire Security Systems Tripwire
Tripwire Open Source Project intrusion detection and prevention software
Tripwire Inc. Tripwire for Web Pages (protect web pages from being defaced)
Nuke Nabber

more Security Tools
Big Brother (info), Big Brother (download) system monitoring tool (disk space, CPU usage, services, ...)
Cheops (info), Cheops (download) maps a network, shows what OS and services are running, ...
EPAN (info), EPAN (download) protocol analyzer, show utilization rates, ...(supports multiple OSs and protocols)
Ethereal (info) Ethereal (download) protocol analyzer (runs on Unix), filter out packets, look for specific transactions, ...
Netperf (info), Netperf (download), tool for benchmarking, measure throughput, end-to-end latency, ...
Ntop (info) Ntop (download), shows network usage, what hosts connected, top talkers, ... (Unix and Win).
Real User Corporation, makers of PassFace (select from lineup of mugshots, instead of passwords to log into a system)
SolarWinds IP Network Browser (info) SolarWinds IP Network Browser (download-purchase), IP Network Browser discovers and maps a network, querries via SNMP, ...

Incident Response and Security Associations
Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AUSCERT)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) security practices and evaluations, vulnerabilities incidents and fixes, training and education, ... (computer security)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Advisories (web)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) FAQ for turning off Active Scripting.
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) dangers of Active Scripting.
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Advisories (FTP)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) Advisories (FTP)
Computer Incident Advisory and Emergency Response
U.S.Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
SATAN and a collection of Unix security tools.
On-line SATAN documentation.
TITAN or TITAN auditing tool/hardening script for security problems (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris).
Coroner's Toolkit forensic tools for uunix/linux
Defense Information Systems Agency Center for Automated System Security Incident Support Team (ASSIST, for DoD sites)
Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC)
Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC)
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) a coalition of computer security incident response teams from government, commercial, and academic organizations.
The German Research Network Computer Emergency Response Team (DFN-CERT)
The German Research Network Computer Emergency Response Team list of European CERTS
Hacker Emergency Response Team (HERT)
High Technology Crime Investigation Association
IBM Emergency Response Service
NASA Incident Response Center (NASIRC)
NetAnalysis.org trace files of attacks and typical communications.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation/National Infrastructure Protection Center
Federal Bureau Of Investigation/National Infrastructure Protection Center
list of European CERTSs
Internet Security Alliance
Yet Another Solaris Security Program system hardening script for security problems (Solaris).

Security related web sites.
Bugtraq Archives a full-disclosure Unix security mailing list.
Bugtraq Archives a full-disclosure Unix security mailing list.
Computer Security Institute (CSI) the oldest international membership organization offering training specifically targeted at information security professionals.
Internation Computer Security Association (ICSA) an independent organization that strives to improve security and confidence in global computing.
Fred Avolio paper on tracing e-mail
Network Associates CyberCop Research Center
Systems Administration, Networking and Security Institute (SANS)
Earthlink Security Center news, information, tools, ...

Security related web sites - Heartbleed Bug
CNET Heartbleed bug: What you need to know (FAQ)
LastPass LastPass Heartbleed checker
Qualys SSL Labs SSL Server Test
CNET Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched - We compiled a list of the top 100 sites across the Web, and checked to see if the Heartbleed bug was patched.

Ivory Tower resources
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) a computer security research program at the Purdue University Computer Sciences department, with extensive archives.
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) a computer security research program at the Purdue University Computer Sciences department, with extensive archives.
UC Davis SecLab an academic Computer Security Laboratory.
UC Davis SecLab consolidated information security vulnerabilities

additional information
Sophos - Naked Security news, opinion, advice, research
Sophos - Chester Wisniewski's Blog Is Windows 7 safe? Sophos is ready, are you?
The Atlantic Homeland Insecurity
Attrition.org, defacement list (sites that have been hacked)
Computer Incident Advisory Capability(CIAC) information on outbound filtering.
Entercept Security Technologies White Paper: The Future Of Web Server Security
Shields Up - Gibson Research Corporation Windows Shares Worm (911 Worm)
Shields Up - Gibson Research Corporation The Strange Tale Of The Denial Of Service (DOS) Attacks Against GRC.COM
Shields Up - Gibson Research Corporation XPdite - Windows XP vulnerability and fix
TechTV information about the Windows XP Xploit
ComputerUser CERT Warns Of Deadly Security Hole In Internet Explorer
ComputerUser Microsoft Browser Slips Up On SSL Certificates - Report
Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
Michael Horowitz Assorted Links from Defensive Computing Class
Information Security Magazine Got Security? (article on security)
Information Week How Secure Are You?
InfoWorld Magazine list of additional links.
Internet Week Safeguard Your IT Assets
kuro5hin The Myth Of Open Source Security Revisited
LinuxSecurity.com Advisories: Redhat - Vulnerability In zlib Library
Microsoft Security At Home
MSNBC.com Microsoft sees rise in attacks on new flaw
MSNBC.com Microsoft issuing security patch
USATODAY.com TJX discloses largest data theft: 45.7M customers
MSNBC.com T.J. Maxx theft believed largest hack ever
MSNBC.com T.J. Maxx data theft worse than first reported
USATODAY.com Texas Attorney General sues RadioShack over ID theft law
USATODAY.com Personal data at risk in lost I.R.S. laptops
PC World.com Home Office: Wily Tricks To Thwart E-Thieves
slashdot Bug In zlib Affects Many Linux Programs
PlanetIT FBI: Innocent People May Have Unwittingly Helped Attackers
Systems Administration, Networking and Security Institute (SANS) PWL Files: The Achille's Heel Of Windows 9X Client Networks
slashdot McAfee Will Ignore FBI Spyware
Sophos Security Threat Report: 2010
Symantec How To Uninstall The Windows Scripting Host
SpyChecker.com SpyWare lookup database
TechWeb Hackers For Hire
World Wide Web (W3)Security FAQ
ZDnet InfoPacks/Security (likes to stories on internet security)
Digital Digital Equipment corp: How A Pioneering Computer Giant Met Its Demise

SecureWave SecureStack (protect you Windows NT/2000 servers from buffer-overflow attacks)

Sensiva makers of Sensiva (symbol-based coommand-and--control technology for internet navigation and using ALL software applications).

SequoiaView visual view of harddrive space in use

SkiSoft, Inc. makers of Web Publisher and Web Publisher Pro (automatic document conversion to HTML).

Shaffstall Corporation - QuickTape NLM Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks, and other operating systems.

Shareware - A collection of web sites where LOTS of shareware is located.
See also NetWare Shareware Sites
dotTech [Ask dotTechies] Best download website?
Gizmo's Freeware best freeware reviewed and rated
FreewareSeek.com sarch tool for freeware.
Freelance Works shareware and web site promotions
Atlantic Coast SWREG helping you sell your software online.
Shareware Australia Australian shareware distribution and registration service.
SelfPromotion.com shareware registration service service
Small Business Administration shareware library.
SBA Shareware Library
32-bit Software Archive
200 Shareware Links updated/changed regularly.
Allen's WinAppsList
AnalogX freeware (audio, network, system tools)
A+ Freeware guide to free software and freeware.
AppFinder.com DOS, Win, Linux, MAC, ...
Bear Bottoms Open Source And Freeware Research
Best ZIPs
BlueShareware.com Bluetooth shareware programs for PC
CANE Systems Freeware Utilities
Cereal Port BBS shareware (OS/2, DOS, Windows (3.x/95/NT), Java, Amiga, Commodore, CP/M, ...)
Channel 1 File Library 1st 10mb free, then ...
Charles Boley's Macintosh Internet Software Archive
Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory.
CMD/COMMAND Prompt Tools for 32-bit Windows - CMD.EXE
C|NET's Download.com or C|NET's Download.com, files for PC, MAC, Luinux, PDA, ...
Download.com The Best Free Software
C|Net Shareware.Com Archive, look for DMF=Microsoft 1.7 mb floppy formatter.
Chemistry RBBS, file base RBBS, UUCP, fidonet, ...
The Free Country free programmers', webmasters' and security resources
Completely Free Software
Completely Free Software
ComputerCraft programs to download (useful utilities for older systems)
Computing And Network Services - Kansas State University LAN Technologies Downloads
Computing And Network Services - Kansas State University Novell Clients, Patches and Utilities
CrossOSS: Cross Platform Software Database
DaveCentral lots of links to Windows and Linux software.
DiamondCS Freeware Console Tools for Windows
Download Astro shareware and freeware, with news and reviews
Download Squad hardware and software news
DLR FREeware and SHareware (FRESH) Software Archive Unix, Linux, PC DOS/Windows)
www.emm.ie freeware
Christopher Erickson file archives (omnibook, networking, drivers, ...)
Everything You Need to Surf the Net--for Free!
Faculty Of Electrical Engineering FTP site: drivers, ...
Fast FTP Search
File Mine
File Transit
PC World Online's FileWorld (shareware library)
files.chatnfiles.com lots of shareware CDs online.
firewall.cx networking information, downloads, links, ...
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
Foundstone, Inc (a division of McAfee): Free Tools for Network Security
Free Audio Video Software
FreeByte freeware / shareware listings
FreeLoader: Windows 95/98/NT Software
TheFreeSite.com links to free web sites, email, banners, counters, java, software, ...
FreeCode an archive of source code and files for personal or commercial use. Categories include HTML authoring, Web hosting tools, ...
Free Downloads freeware and shareware
Freehound Freeware
The Freeware Connection
Freeware Files: Windows Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Free Software.
Freeware Files.com links to popular Windows software.
FREEWARE GUIDE Your Guide to the Best Free Software and Freeware Sites!
Freeware Home
Freeware for Windows
Freeware Forever !
Freeware Guide freeware, shareware, freebies, links, ...
Freeware Hall Of Fame
FreeWare Home
Freeware Home
Freeware List
Freeware List portable apps
Freeware Plus
Freeware32 32 bit software for Windows.
FreewareWeb.com command line utilities
Freeware Zone
Galt Download Zone MP3s, screen savers, shareware, drivers, wallpaper, themes, ...
gHacks Tech News FreeWare
Goodies Domain Service (GDS) your source of open source software (Linux, Windows, DOS, MAC, ...)
Halycon File Archive
Hot Files - ZDNet Software Library search for RecoverNT, a shareware unerase program for all versions of FAT and NTFS.
Hot Scripts
HyperSpace freeware, Shareware
Indian Key shareware
TheInfoBox.com Portable USB Apps
InfoMagic - shareware collection
insecure.org Top 75 Network Security Tools
Internet Freeware
eConsultant I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved
JoeWare - Here are all of the free joeware tools (Win32 command line tools, ...)
Jumbo! Shareware Archive commercial, shareware, freeware, demos, ... Articles on backup up, sharing files, ...
Jumbo! Shareware Archive daily newsletter.
Last Freeware Version
LEO Software Archives
Liberated Games games which the original creators have made into freeware.
Dirk Loss: Windows-Tools on CD-ROM (or USB Stick) mostly small, mostly freeware, diagnostic, network and security tools (nice selection of command line tools)
AndyMadge downloads - small collection of useful files.
MajorGeeks.com Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities.
MarkTAW.com My Favorite Smallware
Mitsubishi Electronics/Insight BBS All Files.htm
Mitsubishi Electronics/Insight BBS - file area.htm

MyLinks links site that you can change how it looks.
Mysteria BBS file area
National Federation of the Blind NFBnet BBS File Areas (DOS, Windows, OS2, ...)
nedwolf Free Software - Windows Freeware
nedwolf Best Free Portable Software for Windows
Neowin.net Neowin's Freeware Alternative List
NetDownload.com shareware, freeware, ...
Network Computing ITPro Downloads (shareware, freeware, demos, ...) (networking software)
Network Bookcase services, information, shareware (Java, DOS, MAC, Win 3.1/95/NT, ...), ...
NetworkingFiles.com Enterprise and Home Networking Downloads
NightOwl shareware collections.
NirSoft freeware utilities: password recovery, system utilities, desktop utilities
NoNags Freeware Shareware World Center
No Nags
Norfolk Navy - Department Of Defense DOS and Windows 3.1 shareware (nice selection of older software)
ftp.noteclub.ru file library including browsers, network card drivers, fantasy images, ...
Novosibirsk State University FTP site BeOS, DOS, Linux, (drivers, utilities, programs, ...)
NSYSU FTP site of PC software, including: file compressors (packers), ...
OAK Software Repository Oakland University
OAK Repository
OldVersion.com because newer is not always better
Old-Versions.net because newer is not always better
Only Freeware (no shareware)
TheOpenCD collection of free and open source software
The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows!
The Otis Index
Palmtop Freeware
The Palmtop Network Super Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository (S.U.P.E.R.), a large collection of small programs (DOS and HPLX).
Pass The Shareware
PC World.com Downloads From PC World's February Issue.
PCWorld.com 101 Fabulous Freebies
Pigeons.net Freeware & Shareware
The Portable Freeware Collection audio, cdrom/dvdrom, education, folders/files, games, grapohics, internet, others, productivity, programming, publishing, security, system, video
PortableApps.com collection of freeware apps that install/run from a removable storage device
PricelessWare Freeware & Shareware
Program Files
rbytes reviews network monitoring software
SAC FTP shareware FTP site with a focus on anti-virus and security
SAC FTP shareware FTP site with a focus on anti-virus and security
Seetips Computer News, Tips, and Hacks: Best Freeware Guide
Seven Locks Software Shareware Security Software (file, disk, memeory, network, encryption, ...)
Shareware Australia
SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhan cements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie5
Short.Stop's Edition of Free Software For DOS 700+ programs and counting (shareware and freeware)
Simtel - DOS shareware
Simtel - DOS shareware
Simtel - DOS Shareware FTP Site
Oregon State University Simtel FTP mirror site.
ShareMe has been re-designed and is now: Any Windows Shareware
SoftPedia encyclopedia of free software downloads
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SoftPedia networking software
SoftPedia network / IP scanners
SoftPedia network testing
SoftPedia network monitoring
Software Cybersleuth freeware
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The SoftwareZone Games
Solways Shareware Page
Son Of Spy shareware/freeware (that is not SpyWare) for Windows and MAC (reviews, links, ...)
Tech Support Alert The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
TG Software shareware games and utilities
Crystal Software, DOS/Win shareware author.
ServerFiles.com formerly 32bit.com, the software directory for network admins and IT pros.
Stroud's Consummate WinSock (CWS) Applications or Stroud's Comprehensive WinSock (CWS) Applications downloads and reviews
Shareware and Freeware Collection clipart, Win 3.1, Win 95, DOS, Netware.
Shareware and Freeware Collection DOS
Shareware and Freeware Collection Novell
Shareware Shop
Software Center
Starting Point
SUNET Swedish University Network's FTP archive
Super Shareware
TeraByte Unlimited Freeware Utilities - Hard Drive Management
TinyApps.Org a guide to very small software for your PC. most programs (internet, text, graphics, system, files, misc, ...) listed here are freeware for Windows
Top Quality Freeware
Top File
Top Software Archive
Total Shareware
TuCows - shareware collection The Ultimate Collection Of WinSock Software (TUCOWS) for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Macintosh.
U.I.Archive University of Illinois file archives.
Ultimate Free Software Archive
University of Michigan file archives (DOS, MAC, Apple, Atari, ...)
University of Vaasa, Finland Shareware Library (extensive DOS programs)
Up To Down Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Useful Utilities (mainly freeware Win32 console utilities)
von StudentInnen, various OS (DOS, OS2) tools, utilities, programming, ...
VSL Home of Virtual Software Library (search engines for shareware) (database of over 160,000 files from 33 internet hardware and software companies).
VSL - browse by key words
Vienna University Of Technology, Austria Open Source Software and Freeware
Voodoo Files
Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Archive
Win95 The Freeware Publishing Site (links, ...)
WinApps List
Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET) shareware Hall Of Fame
Windows95.com device drivers, patches, links to vendors, shareware, ...
PC Windows 95/NT Shareware/Freeware Resource Center
The Windows Club links to shareware / freeware
Windows XP Freeware
WinSite shareware archive.
WinSock-L Web Site
Xiaomu's Freeware Winsock Applications
Xiaomu's Internet Apps
xtort.net complete freeware collection: alternatives to expensive software
Yahoo! Internet Life Daily Download
ZDNet/Computer Shopper downloads
ZDNet/PC Magazine downloads

Shareware - A collection of FTP sites where LOTS of shareware is located.
Hobbes FTP Server
Mitsubishi Electronics/Insight BBS FTP site
PC Company BBS shareware/freeware files (IBM mirror site with IBM files).
WinSock-L FTP Site

Shareware - Older Versions of Software
Old Apps
Old Versions
Old Ware
Last Freeware Version
Download Old Version
VetusWare.com abandonware

Shark Multimedia, makers of Pocket USB Home LAN (56kbps modem and 10mbs telephone wire networking product).

SharpeWare, makers of NetWatch (monitor servers - NetWare, UNIX, Windows 2000 and NT)

Shavlik Technologies Hotfix Reporter (freeware front end for Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (HFNetChk.exe) Tool (commmand line tool for assessing security status of systems))

Shell Accounts (free/low cost):
blekko.net - http or blekko.net - telnet Open free shell command line, ...
The Electra Project shell account with egg and irc client, ...
TakiWeb choice of shells, CGI, compilers, editors, newsreaders, ...
Freeshell.org choice of shell account, shell utilities, shell games, shell programs, e-mail, chat, secure connections, ...
unix-shells.com shell account, ...
PAUS Public Access UNIX System shell account, ...
Iprotection.com shell account, ...
Spunge.org shell account, ...
Ductape shell accounts, e-mail, ...
Marmoset.net shell account, programs, tools, compilers, e-mail, webspace, ...
Hobbiton.org shell account, lynx, webspace, e-mail, ...
Linuxshell.org shell account, webspace, e-mail, ...
ShellYeah.org shell account, e-mail, usenet, ICQ, ...
SilenceIsDefeat.org shell account, e-mail, ICQ, ...
Suburbia shell account, ...
TFZ.NET shell account, ...
NYX Nyx shell account, ...
Grex shell account, ...
Nether Net shell account, ...
Arbornet Projects M-Net shell account, utilities, compilers, chat, webspace, lynx, ...

Shadow Defender run PC in virtual mode, thus prevent changes made by any software (virus)

Shenandoah Software, Shensoft Power Launcher Plus (suite of 6 programs for launching and shutting down Windows software).

Signet Software RyamVM Integrator - slipstream newer Windows Service Packs into a Windows disc.

SimmTester.com sales of memory, memory diagnostics, ...

Singlepoint Systems, makers of AlarmPoint (critical event notification).

SIS makers of chips for computers.

SiSoftware Zone Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. It should provide most of the information (including undocumented) you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software.

Sitara Networks, Inc. makes of SpeedServer and SpeedSeeker, server and client products that speed delivery of content over the web. Win NT or Unix. Client plug-in is free.

skinz.org 11,000+ skins for various software programs.
hotbar.com 30,000+ skins for your menus and toolbars.

skwire empire lots of small interesting utilities

slash dot news for nerds.

SMAC Official Website tool for changing the MAC address In Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server
SMAC Official Website tool for changing the MAC address In Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server
NT Help Changing The MAC Address In W2K and XP

Smart Cards:
Smart Card Industry Association standards, events, newsletters, ...
Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI)
Smart Card Forum

Companies working on/with multifunction Smart Cards
ACI Worldwide
ActivCard ActivCard (smart card) (authentication devices)
American Express introduced smart card in September 1999
British Telecommunications
Bull vendor
CardBASE Technologies
Cards Etc.
Groupement Carte Bleue
Datacard Group
DataKey Model 330 PKI Smart Card (authentication devices)
Digital Courier
First Data Corp.
GemPlus GemSAFE Enterprise (smart card) (authentication devices) vendor
General Service Administration (GSA) of the United States Government
Giesecke & Devrient vendor
Hypercom Corp.
Infineon Technologies
MeritNordbanken Group
Microsoft OS for smart cards.
Mondex International, makers of Multos (a smart card operating system).
New Media Development Association
NTT Group
Oberthur vendor
ORGA vendor
Protopn World
RSA Security SecurID 3100 Smart Card, SecureID Key Fob (security token) (authentication devices)
Schlumberger vendor
Sonera SmartTrust
Sun Microsystems Java programming language used on many cards
Sun Microsystems Java for Smart Cards
VISA International

Smart Dust autonomous sensing and communication in a cubice millimeter

SmartCopy split and rejoin files that are larger than will fit on floppy

Snap-In Softools Inc. AutoAttendant for loading/unloading NLMs and scheduling routine tasks. For NetWare v3.x and v4.x. AutoBoot for automated rebooting server.

Maxtor makers of MaxAttach Desktop (network attached storage)
Quantum and/or Meridian Data, Inc. makers of Snap Server (network attached storage) CD/hard drive Server hardware/software, ...

SoftPerfect NetWorx - Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting

Software Metering
Sassafras Software KeyServer
WRQ Express Software manager
Elron Software SofTrack Software Meetering
Tally Systems CentaMeter
Funk Software AppMeter
ABC Systems and Development Lan Licenser

Soft Tahionic various interesting tools including: SysTrayTimer, ImageResizer, Pixel Ruler, Clipboard Helper, ...

Software Patch find patches for various OSes as well as various programs
Software Patch find downloadable service packs for various versions of Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Software Outlet A mail order company specializing in low cost software.

SPA - Software Publishers Association information on various software related subjects, including a white papers, "Competition in the Network Market: The Microsoft Challenge", ...

Software Pursuites, makers of SureSync (file synchronization for Win 9x and NT networks).

Software Vault a web site and search engine offering a variety of software for business and consumers.

Software602 602Pro Internet Server Lite, Internet Server Pro, Lan Suite, (multiple users connect multiple computers to the Intervet via a single dial-up or dedicated line), ...

SoftWatcher, track your software (look for updates). Version, get notified by e-mail the next time your software is updated. SoftWatcher/Versions, a combination of the above two sites.

Sony makers of tape media, ...

SoomSoom Name Oriented CompUSING (different way to organize data on your computer).

Sordum Windows Update Blocker

SortIt!.zip a program to sort alphabetically the items in your Start Menu, Favorites Menu, or both.

SoundBlaster makers of audio/sound cards, ...

Spacejock Software freeware and shareware

Spalding Software makers of DataImport, a data translation/conversion software for DOS and Windows.

anti-SPAM Resources: FAQs and information
According to an editorial in Internet Week, May 21, 2001, Earthlink says 25% to 33% of all incoming messages are spam.
According to an article in California Technology stated that 31% of all e-mail addresses are changed annually.
MailBait sign up for random email (spam)
Direct Marketing Association (DMA), an organization that believes that you deserve spam, and therefore lobbies against anti-spam laws in Congress.
Internet Alliance a subsidiary of Direct Marketing Association (DMA) that believes in self-regulation.
Direct Marketing Association (DMA), an opt out site where you can sign up and hope for reduced spam. Or maybe the spammers can use it to validate your address.
Direct Marketing Association (DMA), opt out of snail mail spam as well.
SpamCon Foundation information on spam laws, anti-spam tools, ...
SpamCon Foundation Law Center find out what is happening to spammers in the courts
SpamBattle fight spam
CDT.org, spam legislation in Congress.
Top Ten Signs You Are About To Get Ripped Off article about spam offers
Spam Recycling Center or Spam Recycling Center, don't just delete it, send it to where it might do some good.
Mad About Spam.org, sign a petition against spam.
World Research, Inc survey on what spam costs to deal with.
TechWeb how much spam costs your ISP.
Active State Field Guide To Spam (quarterly newsletter)
Cost of Spam in wasted productivity.
The Bad Taste Of Spam costs of dealing with spam.
Washington State Anti-Spam Law.
HotMail ANTI-SPAM policy
Help stop Scam Spammers!
Fight Spam, information, links, utilities, ...
alt.SPAM FQ or "Figuring Out Fake E-Mail And Posts" explaination with lots of links to resources to fight spammers.
Garbage Man anti-spam plug-in for AOL v4.x and v5.x
Maintainer of the SPAM-L FAQ
MetaDog's Anti-Spam Zone
SPAM Complaint Addresses (GoodGuys|Unresponsive|Foe)
Anchor Desk "Special Spam Fighting Edition"
Cabal Network Security Unified Privacy Policy anti-spam resources, and links to anti-spam resources.
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail The E-Mail Sanitizer anti-spam tools/information
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, and Telemarketers
Get That Spammer! tool for tracking down junk e-mailers, junk news posters and their ISPs.
The Groovy Organization spam and virus blocking and filtering services.
Junkbusters has low cost programs for inhibiting spam, and filtering junk.
http://ident.junkbusters.com Anti-Spam site - Are you being fingered for spam?
http://mph124b.rh.psu.edu/~gsutter/junkfilter/ junk filters
The Spam Archive
Mining Co.'s anti-spam information site.
FAQ's on mail filtering.
Spam Tracking 101 to track and report spammers.
U.S.Post Office report spam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Eudora Mail Servers
Netscape Mail Servers
Internet Engineering Task Force has several working groups active in ESMTP (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and SASL (Simple Authentication Security Layer).
Internet Mail Consortium includes reports on unsolicited commercial e-mail; hosts the IETF's SMTP mail filters mailing list.
Internet Mail Consortium Unsolicited Bulk Email: Mechanisms for Control
http://www.mids.org/nospam/ anti-spam site
http://www.mmgco.com/nospam/ anti-spam site
StopSpam.org anti-spam site
http://www.lyle.infini.net/spam anti-spam site
Qmail MTA (Message Transport Agents) with filtering
Sendmail MTA (Message Transport Agents) with filtering provides links to various resources on spam and methods of stopping spam, including message source authentication and details on the anti-spam features of Sendmail.
Sendmail Pro MTA (Message Transport Agents) with filtering (commercial software based on open-source software)
The Curse Of A Thousand Chain Letters An E-Mail House Of Horrors (and you thought spam from strangers was bad)
Omron Advanced Systems Mail Jail spam-fighting tools.
CSM-USA Internet Mail Scanner spam-fighting tools.
Bright Light Bright Mail spam-fighting tools.
E-Scrub Technologies Deadbolt spam-fighting tools.
Lyris Technologies MailShield spam-fighting tools.
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. MailFilter spam-fighting tools.
Vmailer MTA (Message Transport Agents) with filtering
Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines FAQ
The Voters Telecommunications Watch tracks many of the spam cases; announces new control attempts.
Spam filters/utils
Yahoo links to anti-spam resources
Napeague Letter's "Blivit" list Internet stocks-and-shares net-scam reports.
SpamCon Foundation protecting email for communications and commerce by fighting against spam
Novasoft SpamKiller (manage all your e-mail accounts (POP3 and MAPI) and filter out unwanted messages)
SpamCop IDs spammers and composes complaint letters
SpamCop or SpamCop spam reporting and filtering services.
SpamCop, trace spam back to its originator.
ToastedSpam.com anti-spam site
ToastedSpam.com Network Testing Services - send spam to the address listed on here, and you have requested to be hacked.
ToastedSpam.com Other Spam Fighting Sites
ToastedSpam.com FAQ
F.R.E.E. Forum for Responsible & Ethical Email
Crash-course in Header Reading
Anti-Spam techniques
Help stop Scam Spammers!
Complaint Addresses (GoodGuys|Unresponsive|Foe)
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, and Telemarketers
Pyramid Scams, and how to spot them, a Moneyweb Guide
Spaminator's Net-abuse, Spam and Fraud WebSite.
The Sendmail/MajorDomo frequently asked Questions list (mainly for sysadmins stadmins).
Wpoison - webscraper-baiting program.
The Net-abuse FAQ
JunkBusters, bust the Junk out of your life.
Fight Spam on the Internet!
The Fight Spam (Spam Boycott) page general references on filtering and blocking spam; lists "Responsible Sites," those internet service providers who clamp down on spam mongers.
Fight Spam on the Internet
Improve your spam-fighting skills
NetDemon anti-spam tools (onlline and downloadable)
Network Abuse Clearinghouse including convert single numbers back into IP address, ...
SpamHater software, helps work out who spammed you!
"Make Money Fast" hall of shame, sad people who participate in pyramid scheme!
More Information on Sanford "Spamford" Wallace
Sample .procmailrc file for spam-filtering
More procmail filters, spam header-analysis etc
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) trying to find a legislative solution to spam problem.
EuroCAUCE Homepage
CAUBE.AU Australia [CAUCE Partner]
CAUBE.AU Australia [CAUCE Partner] Spam Stats
The Inquirer Mail Tracker (copy and paste message header into online form)
Sam Spade (freeware to track spammers)
SpamCop FAQ, use SpamCop software to automate reporting spam.
The art of hunting spam
Sam Spade digs up the dirt on a spammer
Junk Email Resource Page
Spambook Notes culled from a spam-promo "report".
S.P.U.T.U.M. The Internet's Immune System
CancelMoose homepage, the #1 Newsgroup Spam canceller
Anti-SPAM (UCE/Junk E.mail) Introduction
Stop Spam Now! resources, links, information, ...
The Spamhaus Project news, database of know spammers, spammer friendly ISPs, spamware vendors, ...
FREE: The Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email
F.R.E.E. The Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email: The Great American Pink-Out.
Stop Spam FAQ
Torture A Spammer
Anti-Spam Intelligence Center Web clearinghouse for anti-spamming resources and information.
The Anti-Spam Home Page Resources for dealing with junk e-mail.
UXN Spam Combat A collection of anti-spam tools and information (including lookup, ...).
Dealing With Junk Email This document teaches you how to read headers in order to trace the origin of junk email, and includes detailed examples to show you how it is done.
Unsolicited E-Mail (SPAM) Issues links, tools, resources, ...
spam-l anti-Spam-related mailing list
How to Complain About Spam or, Put a Spammer in the Slammer. By Phil Agre
Bomb.Com Did NOT Send the Freakin' Mail, one servers response to having their address forged by spammers, including how the header was forged, how to read mail headers, how to lookup, ...
I Don't Like Spam by Jeff Johnson [CPSR]
Controlling unsolicited bulk e-mail SunWorld, August 1997
ORBS antispam site shut down (news story)
Vote against SPAM! - Petition to EU Parliament
CNET Features - How To - Can anyone stop spam? tips, techniques, lawsuits, legislation, ...
Spam Progress Report plus Spam-Busting Tips and Tools. Includes a progress report on anti-spam initiatives, from legislation to vigilante groups. From the Special Anti-Spam Edition of ZDnet.
Stanford (Spamford) Wallace is back ... and gone again.
Usenet Death Penalty (UDP) FAQ
Targeting Marketing of Santa Barbara Internet World Magazine Plays a Dangerous Game Game With Spam
SafeTeens.com Spam And What To Do About It. (anti-spam software, legislation, articles, resources, groups, ...)
Random Art IP Tracking Tutorial (including spam fighting information, articles, tools, ...)
War On Spam lookups, anti-spam tools, complaint addresses, black hole lists, resources, ...)
JohnHaller.com Spam Policy
Online Tech Tips How to track the original location of an email via its IP address

anti-SPAM resources: WhoIs look up (lookup)
StopSpam.org Reading Email Headers
American Registry For Internet Numbers (ARIN) One of the three regional Internet registries which control IP address block assignments.
Reseaux IP Europeans (European IP Networks) (RIPE) RIPE provides technical and administrative coordination for IP networking in Europe. One of the three regional Internet registries which control IP address block assignments.
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) One of the three regional Internet registries which control IP address block assignments.
Network Solutions or Network Solutions gives information on who owns what IP addresses (WHOIS).
Network Solutions whois look up
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
Internic domain related information.
InterNIC Domain Name Searching whois
BulkRegister WhoIs lookup
Department of Defense Network Information Center
Department of Defense Network Information Center Internet Protocol Routing NETwork information
Legion, an IP address lookup program.
ARIN whois database
APNIC whois database
Access WhoIs WhoIs Domain Name Search
RIPE whois database
LunarPages.com WhoIs lookup
ORBS open spammer relays database
Nslookup Gateway
NSLookup Gateway
Look up abuse.net reporting addresses
Quick'n'dirty IP-to-DWord Converter
Convert a number to a dotted quad IP address
SamSpade.org security site with multiple lookup tools to trace source of spam (whois).
SamSpade.org URLomatic (IP/DWord/octal conversion)
Kiraly Enterprises WhoIs/Finger/Host utility
Australian Network Information Center whois database
Register register or look up domain names.
PC-Help trace.bat, a command line lookup for site or ip address.
NeoTrace grapical traceroute (with integrated whois and ping).
UXN spam combat many look up tools on a single page.
Whois Source

anti-SPAM resources: newsgroups

anti-SPAM resources: Black lists of offending sources of spam
ORBS Open Relay Behavior-modification System - anti-spam / anti-relay "blackhole" list.
Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) database of blacklisted ISP that enable or support spammers
Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) Reporting E-Mail Abuse
Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) Realtime Blackhole List.
MAPS Mail Abuse Prevention System - Realtime Blackhole List.
MAPS Mail Abuse Prevention System - Dial-up User List.
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Macro Computer Solutions, Inc blacklist of smurf friendly networks.
http://www.abuse.org Blacklist of Internet advertisers.
spews.org Spam Prevention Early Warning System. FAQs, links, blacklist, ...
Open Relay Database blacklist
SpamHaus Register Of Known Spam Offenders

anti-SPAM resources: SPAM-Blocking Mail Servers
ActiveState filtering software
BrightMail anti-spam service (server based spam filtering).
ChoiceMail service that assumes all mail is spam unless proved otherwise
ClearSwift filtering software
CloudMark SpamNet
Computer Software Manufaktur Internet Mail Scanner server software
Elron Software filtering software
GFI Fax & Voice Mail Essentials server software
Lyuris Technologies MailShield server software
mail null forwarding service
Spamcop.net fee based spam filtering/reporting (server based).
SpamBouncer procmail recipes for use by people with Unix shell accounts
SurfControl filtering software
Spam Fence service filtration service
Vipul's Razor distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network.
Pyzor distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network.
VirCom filtering software
WebSense filtering software
Earthlink spam fighting guidelines
security pipeline Yahoo Developing Open Source Server Software For Spam-Resistant E-Mail

anti-SPAM resources: disposable e-mail addresses
SpamGourmet self-destructing disposable e-mail addresses
Spam Motel is an internet-based program that lets you give out an e-mail address without the worry of it being misused or sold.
Sheakemail The original disposable email service. Regain power over your inbox from commercial forces, and catch them spamming.

anti-SPAM resources: SPAM-Blocking Mail Clients and filters
convert your email address into an anti-spam email address
Active Spam Killer (ASK) use procmail to query each incoming from: if they intended to send that message.
BlackAnt Using Natural Language Processing To Filter Spam
Calypso Micro Computer Systems, blocks specified IP addresses; filters based on address and subject line.
ChoiceMail Free spam filter for your home. Free anti spam software.
Cloudmark Anti Spam and Spam Blocker Solutions (Outlook or Outlook Express)
Cloudmark Software SpamNet (spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express)
Cloudmark Software SafetyBar (spam filter for Outlook, and Outlook Express)
Communicator Netscape Communications blocks specified IP addresses; filters based on address, subject line and content.
Contact Plus Spam Buster (spam filter)
CyberSitter Anti-Spam Solid Oak Software uses a list of know spammers and tracking text to act as filters (claims of 95% accuracy).
despammed.com mail forwarding/filtering service.
DigiPortal ChoiceMail Desktop
Eudora Pro Qualcomm blocks specified IP addresses; filters based on address and subject line.
gazNET Anti-Spam Protection File (for: Outlook, Outlook Express, MailWasher, ...)
GiantCompany.com spam filter for Outlook, Outlook Express and AOL
MailBoxFilter.com a way of filtering mail at server (manage your mail, and fight spam).
Mail-Filters spam filtering solutions for enterprises
Rainbow Innovations Mail Snoop Pro
MailWasher Anti Spam Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker (block spam at server-don't download spam)
MsgTo.com new company, first product is a spam blocking software that works with your mail client.
Smith Micro Software SpamCatcher 4.0 - Take Control of Your InBox!
Spamihilator anti-spam-filter - freeware
Spam Assassin mail filter that tests mesage headers and body text
SpamAssasin or SpamAssasin spam filter - rules based mail filter
SpamBayes statistical anti-spam filter
SpamBouncer use procmail to send bounce messages to incoming spam.
SpamButcher anti-spam filter (web site has other anti-spam information, links, ...).
SpamFighter Free Spam Filter for Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and Thunderbird
Spamnix based on Spam Assassin - is an anti-spam program Eudora Mail users
SpamPal (for Windows) checks incoming mail before it enters your mail client.
Sunbelt Software iHateSpam - spam filter plug in for Outlook and Outlook Express
Sunbelt Software iHateSpam - Outlook and Outlook Express Spam Filter - Free Download
Tagged Message Delivery Agent spam blocking filter (requires verification from unknown senders)
Webster Image SpamScan (spam filter)
PC World June 2006 Spammers Find Pictures Better Than Words
PC World November 2006 Spam Levels Up by 80 Percent
PC World September 1998 review of spam filtering software.
PC World Steve Bass's Tips & Tweaks Stop Fuming, Start Filtering Spam

anti-SPAM resources: other anti-SPAM tools obfuscate your e-mail address, generate bogus addresses, ...
The Code Project (visual studio .net) NoSpamEmailHyperlink
creaBit.com HTML Protector - encrypt and compress your web pages
Email Assistant
Email address cloaking device
email protector generate an encrypted java script for your e-mail address
inner peace EScrambler - Webmaster Anti-Spam Utility (Email Address HTML Code Scrambler (uses javascript))
Mail Shield uni-code e-mail address encoder
Manas Tungare Prevent Spam (obfuscate your e-mail address)
Neil Gunton Stopping Spambots: A Spambot Trap - Using Linux, Apache, mod_perl, ipchains and Embperl
Ghost Mail
anti-spam: SSL display email address: SSL Only: Home
HTMLfixIT.com ASCII e-mail encoder
SugarPlum spam poisoner software
wPoison a CGI script to generate bogus e-mail address on the fly example
Whois Source e-mail protection
Bounce Bully Bounce Spam mail Back in Outlook and Outlook Express (14 day trial)
akismet spam blocker for blogs

anti-SPAM resources: articles/information
the rules of behavior of spammers
Rule 0: Spam is theft
Rule 1: Spammers lie
Rule 2: If a Spammer appears to be telling the truth, see Rule 1
Rule 3: Spammers are stupid
Rule 4: The natural course of a spamming business is to go bankrupt
Rules-Keeper's Refrain: Spammers routinely prove the Rules Of Spam are valid.
Behind Enemy Lines A spammers luck runs out when she forges the wrong domain.
Spam Laws find out what you can do to fight spam using the court system.
Spam Laws California
sophos Evolution of spam: Explained
sophos China slides off list of top spam-relaying nations
sophos Spam shame continues for USA as UK exits dirty dozen, Sophos reports - April 2009 (97% of all business e-mail is spam)
sophos Only one in 28 emails legitimate, Sophos report reveals rising tide of spam in April - June 2008 (96.5% of all business e-mail is spam)
google.com cache Arts and Farces - Fun With Spammers
Spam Links everything youu didn't want to have to know about spam.
USAtoday.com Picture This: A Sneakier Kind Of Spam
USAtoday.com Spammers find new ways to slip through
USA Today Spammers find new ways to slip through
The Anti-Spam Home Page
Arizona Daily Star Fighting Spam - It's A War, And Spam Foes Are Losing (Part I) By Anick Jesdanun
Death To Spam overview of spam, and ways of controlling it.
Facebook Making Facebook Safe Against Spam
Fighting Relay Spam the Honeypot Way
James Gleick A Plague on E-Mail
James Gleick Hold the Spam
Houston Chronicle Spammed! Anti-Spam Tools More Aggressive But Frustrated By E-Mail's 'Dumb' Nature (Part III) By Anick Jesdanun
How To Block Spambots, Ban Spybots, And Tell Unwanted Robots To Go To Hell
Information Week Stop The In-Spamity
InfoWorld/Brian Livingston You Can Stop Spam - April 12, 2002
InfoWorld/Brian Livingston Sue A Spammer Today - April 19, 2002
The Inquirer Spam Fighters Osirusoft Pushed Off The Net
Internet Mail Consortium Unsolicited Bulk Email: Mechanisms For Control
New Architect Magazine Don't Tread On My Server (use tresspassing laws to sue spammers)
New Architect Magazine preventing spambots from harvesting e-mail addresses your web site
Larry's World Ban Spam From Your Email
Lenny.com Lenny's War On Spam (suggestions for how to fight back)
LinxNet Spam Files misc items related to spam, spamming and the war on spam.
LinxNet Michigan Man Uses Junk Fax Law To Sue Sears Over Spam
Microsoft Security: Fighting Unwanted E-mail Spam
MS-NBC Tracking Spam To The Source
The Nando Times AOL Glitch Blocks E-Mail Notices From Harvard Admissions Office
Network World What's With All This Spam? - November 2006
Oregonian Confessions Of A Former Spammer
rejo What You Get When You Buy A Spam CD (analysis of what you get when you buy a spammers e-mail address)
The Salt Lake Tribune Even With Anti-Spam Laws, Europe Plagued By Junk E-Mail - By Paul Geitner
The Salt Lake Tribune Spam Fattens Both E-Mail And Bank Accounts - By Jim Krane
Karen Hoffmann My response to the reporter who wrote the article: Spam Fattens Both E-Mail And Bank Accounts
slashdot Exposing Spammers For What They're Worth
slashdot Distributed Spam Detection
slashdot Usenet Death Penalty (UDP)
slashdot Fighting The Spammers Down Under
slashdot Feds Cracking The Whip On Spammers
slashdot Meet The Spammers
slashdot SpamNet: Razor For The Masses
slashdot Spamming Gets Expensive In Utah And Ohio
slashdot Spam Doesn't Work?
slash dot Spamming Trojan Proxy Guzu
TG Faily Spammer ordered to pay Facebook $873,277,200
USATODAY.com How to avoid spam avalanche
Spam Reaper to assist victims of spammers.
TBO.com Spam King Agrees To Stop Invading Computers Until FTC Lawsuit Is Resolved
Tech Dirt My Short Life As An Unintentional Spammer
WashingtonPost.com NewsBytes: Spammer Sues E-Mail List Providers
WebWord.com Growing A Spam Killing Community
Wired Wham, Bam, Thank You Spam
Wired Wham, Bam, Thank You Spam
ZDnet Kill Spam Dead--With These 3 tools
Zen And The Art Of Small Claims Suing telemarketers, junk faxers, and email spammers for fun and profit. With links to a guide, laws, links, media, case, misc.
PC World.com Former 'Spam King' Must Pay MySpace $6 Million
PC World.com Spammers Claim Rights Too.
PC World Mailblocks Finds Its Messages Blocked - Challenge / Response E-Mail Accidentally Marked As Spam By AOL and Earthlink.
The Freep (Detroit Free Press) Mike Wendland: Spam King Lives Large Off Others' E-Mail Troubles
Detroit Free Press Internet Spammer Can't Take What He Dishes Out
Wall Street Journal For Bulk E-Mailer, Pestering Millions Offers Path Profit (make 100 sales off of 10 million messages)
cnet news.com AOL Awarded Millions In Spam Case
TBO.com "Spam King" Agrees To Stop Invading Computers Until FTC Lawsuit Is Resolved
Diane Wilson About Trolls And Flamers
Sophos USA and Brazil battle for title of top spam-relaying nation (November 3, 2009)

Sparta A better file manager for Win 3.1

SpellChecker.net, add spellchecking to your web site.

tinySpell spell checker, free and fee

Spiceworks IT Desktop - freeware network manager

SpinRite v5.0 may be able to revive some Click Death Zip disks. Also makers of Chroma Zone (animated, Virtual Reality, Intereactive, screen saver construction set all in less than .3mb of hard drive space).

Spumador's Hardware Page software tools to test or benchmark your system, links to 1,300+ mgfs, FAQs, ...

Squared 5 MPEG streamclip for MAC and Windows. video converter, player, editor, ...

St. Bernard Software - open file support Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks, and other operating systems.

Stac Electronics, Inc. makers of Replica (Disaster Recovery Software), Replica 3 or Replica 3 backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems, disk compression software, ReachOut (remote control software), CD server software, ...

Stalker Software, makers of of an IMAP4 server, CommuniGate Pro (for Linux, WinNT, MAC, ...)

Standard Microsystems SMC makers of various hardware chips and cards including hot swappable PCI cards.
Standard Microsystems Corporation software and support documentation.

Stardock's, WindowBlinds (12 toolbar "skins"-customize the look of your desktop), Object Desktop (Windows desktop enhancement), ...

Starfish Software and cool stuff a software company that makes ...

Startup Inspector for Windows explainations for know programs that run at startup.
StartStop windows software to give you better management of background process that are otherwise normally hidden from the user.
ZDNet look for: StartUpRight (manage startup programs)
StartUp Cop manage the programs that Windows wants to start running every time you power up your system.
StartUp Cop manage the programs that Windows wants to start running every time you power up your system.
Startup Cop manage what programs are loading at startup
PC Magazine StartUp Cop (control what programs automatically load when you start Windows)
ZDNet.com StartUp Cop (control what programs automatically load when you start Windows)
StartUp Monitor program that lets you manage what programs run at startup.
Resource Management find out what is loading at startup and what you really need to load at startup.
Pacman's Portal find out what is loading at startup and what you really need to load at startup.
Mike Lin's StartUp Manager a utility that runs transparently and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup. (Win 98, NT 4.0, Win 2000)
WinPatrol dead program
Comparitech 8 Best WinPatrol Alternatives
PC Forrest's Streamlining Startups
PC World.com Let My Resource Go (Optimizing Windows article)
PC World.com Remove Unwanted Icons From Your System Tray (Optimizing Windows)

StarTech makers of various hardware including the Server Sharer I use for the BBS.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) white papers, general information, ...
Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) dictionary of storage networking terminology
StorageApps SANsuite (hardware/software that links any kind of storage device to any kind of host computer)
TrueSAN Networks online SAN topology-design utility

Storage Area Networks (SAN) Vendors
Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC)
Amdahl Corp.
Ancor Communications (Division of QLogic Interphase, QLogic switch
Antares Microsystems PCI Dual Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) Fibre Channel Host Adapter
AVI Systems Inc (substorage systems to fun SAN architecture)
Brocade Communications SilkWorm (8 to 64 port hub/switches) with Brocade Web Tools (management) - fabric switches
ConnectCom Solutions CSB (Fibre Channel PCI)
Computer Network Technology (CNT) storage over IP, ...
Dell Computer PowerVault (midrange SAN-8 and 16 port Fibre Channel switches), ...
EMC Corp. Enterprise Storage Network (ESN), storage array, CLARiiON, Symmetrix, ...
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. GSS (supporting NetWare, Windows 2000, NT, Solaris, UPO-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, ...)
Gadzoox white paper on storage-area networks.
Gadzoox Networks Capellix 2000G (8 port hub) with Ventana SANtools (management)
Gadzoox Networks SAN products, Capoellix Fibre Channel switchs, ...
Hewlett Packard (HP)
Hitachi Data Systems storage array, Freedom Storage Thunder Series, ... (supporting NetWare, Windows 2000, NT, Linux, UUNIX, IBM S/390, ...)
IBM Shark (disk array), Enterprise Storage Server, ...
INRANGE Technologies Corp. directory class switches, INRANGE Fibre Channel Director
Interphase SAN solution
JNI Compaq host bus adapter (for Sun)
ID array
McData Corp directory class switches
QLogic Corp. SANbox (8 to 128 port hub/switches) with SANsurfer (management) - directory class switches, SANblade QLA Series, SANbox Director, ...
StarWind Software free and fee iSCSI SAN software
Sun Microsystems StorEdge RAID array, ...
SWS Storagepath storage systems
Veritas Shark (disk array), Enterprise Storage Server, ...
Vixel Corp. products include 7100 switch (8 port FIber Channel hub), 7200 switch (16 port Fibre Channel hub) with SAN InSite 2000 (management), White Papers, ...
XIOtech Corp. MAGNITUDE (supporting NetWare, Windows 2000, NT, UnixWare, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, MacOS, IBM AIX, SGI Irix, ...)

Storage Area Networks (SAN) reviews and articles
Computer Reseller News Storage Vendors Take Stepos Toward Open SANs
Computer Reseller News Storage Area Network Speed
Network Computing Building Storage-Area Networks
VARBusiness SAN-in-a-Box: Pop-Up Storage
Internet Week IBM's File Appliance Does Windows
Internet Week Small Tower With Power
Internet Week Compaq's Tuned Windows File Server
Internet Week 4 Storage Area Networks
Internet Week Gigabytes On Demand
Internet Week Group Effort
slashdot The Amazing $5k Terabyte Array

storage pipeline HD DVD Format Wins Key Nod From Forum

SearchStorage.com storage specific search engine (search, news, help, links, ...)

Strand Associates Worst Customer Service Stories

Structu Rise makers of Kleptomania (Win 95/98/NT/2000 screen capture-if it is on the screen, this program can capture it.)

Sucks.com, a site which hopes to show that Corporate America Sucks.

Sun, makers of Solaris OS. Starting March 5, 2000, Solaris 8 will be available for free...
SunSolaris 9 12/03 Operating System, x86 Platform Edition plus Java Enterprise System Evaluation Software (free download)
sun The Sun[tm] ONE Application Server 7 (free download)

Sunbelt Software, Inc. distributor of Windows NT System Utilities, anti-spam software, ...

Top 500 Supercomputer Sites
Sandia National Laboratories Cplant open-source software for building Linux supercomputing clusters

Successful Software The Software Awards Scam

Sunbelt Software: network security, anti-spam, anti-spyware, ...

Super Simple Software, makers of Print Screen 95 (enable print screen in Windows 95, 98, NT).

The Supplies Guys toner cartridges for black and white as well as color laser printers

Support Help online search resource for technology industry.

SureHand Software ViCiouS Pro 32-Bit, Version control safety net for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. (discontinued January 1, 2000)

SurfControl monitor the internet usage of your network.

Surplus Direct A company specializing in low cost (older/discontinued) software.

Gordon Sweet freeware DOS and windows utilities, ...

SWYNK, system administrators' resources.

Sybase Inc.
OpenWatcom.org converting Watcom compiler to open source
Sybase support (including documentation for Watcom C/C++ 11.0, ...)
Sybase support pick list for product documentation (in PDF format)
Sybase User Group

Sybergen Networks, Inc., makers of SyGate, a Win 95/98/NT gatewary/proxy server (allow multiple people share one internet connection simultaneously).

Symantec Corp. makers of Norton Utilities, Norton Anti-Virus (NOVI), network management software, PCAnywhere-remote control software, WinFaxPro, Speed Disk (drive defragger for DOS/Win 95/98/NT), ... Product KnowledgeBases Interact Support System Internet Discussion Groups File Download Service PCanywhere (DOS) trialware FTP site for new and older products (including acquired products, FastBack, Central Point, Delrina, X-Tree, ...)

Syncronys Softcorp. makers of Big Disk (store software on remote drive, but make it think it is on C:).

Syncsort Inc. - backup supports multiple OSs Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

Synergy Share one mouse and keyboard across multiple computers with Synergy [Multi-Platform]
dotTech review of Synergy

Syntax NetWare Migration Services (migrate netware to Unix).

Syntrillium maker of Cool Edit (sound edit tool, noise reduction, custom filters, ...).

SyQuest Technology makers of removable drives, ... drivers.

Sysinfo Lab Astra (Advanced Sysinfo Tool & Reporting Assistant)

System Analyser or System Analyser System Info/Benchmark program.

SIV - System Information Viewer

System Mechanic optimize modem settings, ...

System Restore
How To Use System Restore
How To Use System Restore Tips, Fixes and FAQs
dotTech Tip: Free-up hard drive space by decreasing space used by Shadow Copy Storage (used for system restore)

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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