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Computer Links
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V Communications, Inc. makers of System Commander, multi-OS boot management software, PC Upgrade Commander (migrate software settings from one PC to another), ...

V Communications disassembly tools, information and links.

v lite Vista Lite - remove the Vista components you don't want.

Vector Development or Vector Development, maker of Dial-up Network Connection Enhancement (DUNCE) dialer/connection manager.

Vector Magic The Online Tool For Precision Vectorization

Vega Technologies Buddy System, a ISA card that allows 2 keyboards + monitors + mice to be attached to one computer, so that it can be used by two people.

Veign Link200 - cross browser link validator

VersionCheck A site that tracks version updats of thousands of software packages.

ViaSoft makers of software to check PC-and workstation-based applications to ensure that they are Y2K-compliant.

Vicky's Cool Softwares ShutDown After 1.0 - Schedule win shutdown by ShutDown After

Video Cards
ATI video & DVD hardware
Creative Labs DVD video
Creative Technology Ltd. 3D Blaster Voodoo2 video card
Canopus 3D video
Diamond Multimedia 2D/3D video
Gillemot International video card
Hercules Computer Technology, Inc. Thriller 3D video card
Hi-Val wireless DVD video
Intergraph/Electronic Arts Distributor 2D/3D video
Jazzman Multimedia 2D/3D video
Matrox 3D video
Megabyte Inc. video card
Real3D, Inc. Starfighter AGP video card
STB Systems 2D/3D video

Video Cards/information
DisplayMate Technologies video diagnostics

Video Conferencing (software and services)
White Paper on h.323 (video conferencing)
The Future Of Web Conferencing
isoMatic UK European Commission WideBeam Project multimedia (audio and video) conferencing tools for Windows.
Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory (LBLN) Network Research Group (NRG) MBone Tools: multimedia conferencing tools for unix, and other projects.
CU-SeeMe or CU-SeeMe World web based audio/video/chat conferencing
FireTalk audio only chat site (free).
FocusFocus chat/audio/video conferencing
Intel Business Video Conferencing System
Microsoft NetMeeting (whiteboard,, chat, file transfer, program sharing, remote desktop, audio/video conferencing)
PlaceWare web conferencing (group meetings and large events).
MyPlaceWare free web conferencing.
Picture Tel or Picture Tel LiveLAN, LiveManager, LiveGateway (application sharing, whiteboarding, chat, file transfer tools,...)
VisiTalk videoconferencing service (uses NetMeeting or CU-Seem software)
White Pine Software Meeting Point Conference Server, CU-SeeMe

Video Downloading Software
Orbit Downloader freeware video downloader
save2pc freeware video downloader
UltraGet Video Downloader freeware video downloader
VDownloader freeware video downloader
YouTube To iPod How to download Youtube video to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, Cell phone for free
Aimersoft How to download free youtube, yahoo, google, stream video for free?
ImTOO Download YouTube Video (freeware)
Kiss YouTube video downloader
KeepVid streaming video downloader
dotTech Two tools from Master Nirsoft to help you download streaming videos (and audios) off the internet
dotTech TubeMaster++: automatically download, and convert, streaming media (audio and video) off the internet
Free YouTube Video Downloader
y2mate Download Video and Audio from YouTube
Online Video Converter
Digiarty VideoProc What Happened to OnlineVideoConverter
save from net
YouTube Video Downloader Online

Video Editing Software
Avidemux freeware
Free Video Converter
Machete Video Editor Lite
AVCHD Editor (Blu-Ray Video Editor)
WinX DVD Author
The Film MAchine
Free Video Converter
Format Factory
iWisoft Free Video Converter
DVDVideoSoft Free Studio
Pazera Video Converters Suite portable
DVD Video Software FreeStudio.exe

U.S.A. Today Microsoft's Silverlight Heats Up Fight For Online Video Players

Video DVD Maker Freeware

VideoHelp.com DVD Player Hack List
VideoHelp.com Guide, How To, Tutorial and Article list - DVD backup

V S O Software convert X to DVD and burn

ViewSonic Corporation makers of monitors, "Flat Panel" displays, ...

Vinca Corp. File Commander or CopEase (NLM gives various DOS commands to NetWare server for DOS and NetWare partition), Snapshot Server for NetWare, Standby Server Many-to-one, ...

Vintage Computer Festival

PCworld.com Before They Spoiled The Software (older can be better)
OldVersion.com because newer is not always better.
OldApps.com providing older versions of useful programs.
old-Versions.net because newer is not always better.

VintageOS 9.8.5 (vintageos.org)

Virtual Desktop
Codeplex Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager
Desktop.com, a free web-based GUI desktop that resembles Windows (end user focus)
Dexpot utility for Virtual Desktops (free for personal use)
Giage WebSpace
HalfBrain (web spreadsheet)
Microsoft Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (including: Virtual Desktop Manager)
MyWebOS (business user focus)
RadVWM Virtual Window Manager
SimSoft Microdesk
StoragePoint web-based utilities and file storage.
ThinkFree Office java based office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics) (with 20mb of online storage space) (advertising supported)
VirtuaWin Virtual Desktop Manager (freeware)
Virtual Desktop (freeware)
WebOS.com HyperOffice office suite

cnet news Workers Edge - Add virtual desktops to Windows XP, Vista - reviews of 3 Virtual Desktop programs
gizmo's freeware reviews of 5 Virtual Desktop programs
dotTech.org Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (review, plus reviews of 4 other Virtual Desktops.)

Virtual Computer
Connectix, makers of Virtual PC (allows you to run Red hat Linux on your MAC)
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (for older Microsoft operating systems)
Oracle Virtual Box - Windows, Mac, Linux (freeware)
Shadow Defender run PC in virtual mode, thus prevent changes made by any software (virus)
swsoft virtualization and automation software
VMware (Linux and Win NT) software that allows loading AND running multiple OSs on a single machine.
Xen Source virtualization products
swsoft virtualization and automation software
StarWind Software V2V Converter - convert from one virtual machine format to another

Virtual CD-Rom Drive
Raymond 10 Free Software to Mount CD or DVD ISO Image File as Virtual Drives
MakeUseOf 3 Simple Free Virtual Drive Tools to Mount Disks & ISO Images
My Digital Life How to Mount and Open ISO, BIN, IMG, MDS and Other CD or DVD Image File in Windows Vista
I Love Free Software 6 Free CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drive Emulators
Virtual CDROM Virtual CDROM: Technology Explained : ISO format
Alcohol Software free and fee versions
Daemon Tools free and fee
MagicISO freeware
Paragon Software CD-ROM Emulator Personal (freeware)
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive (freeware)
Tech Recipes XP: Small, Free Way to Use and Mount Images (ISO files) Without Burning Them (freeware)
Virtual CD workstation and server versions. 30 day trials
ISOdisk freeware
Fantom DVD Virtual Drive
PhantomBility.com Phantom CD
SysProgs WinCDEmu - the easiest way to mount an ISO. And more...

Virtual Private Network (VPN) numbers are ratings from 10 to 1 (10 best-1 worst) from Network World December 11, 2000 review
Aduronet IP VPN Service
7.3 Alcatel VPN (Alcatel 7137 SVG) (7137 VPN Gateway)
Ashley Laurent makers of VPCOM (Virtual Private Communications - a VPN Suite)
Check Point VPN
CIMI Corp. Special VPN Report
Cisco Systems VPN (Altiga, Compatible Systems) (7140 VPN Router, 3000 VPN Concentrator)
Cisco Systems Intranet and Extranet VPN Business Scenarios
CoSine Communications white papers, ... on VPN
Fortress Technologies M-Series VPN
6.4 Foundry Networks VPN (ServerIron XL)
J. Helmig - World of Windows Networking Virtual Private Networks (VPN/PPTP)
Imperito Networks InstantVPN
Indus River Networks RiverWorks VPN
Intel VPN (Shiva)
Internet Week VPN Source Page, from Internet Week.
Internet Week VPN And The Kitchen sink
Internet Week The Incredible Shrinking VPN
Internet Week No Small Fry
Lucent VPN (Ascend)
Microsoft Technet - PPTP Provides Secure Connectivity to Your Corporate Network.
Microsoft Windows NT Server - Remote Access Features
Microsoft Seminar Online - Virtual Private Networking
7.5 NetScreen Technologies VPN (NetScreen-100) (NetScreen-500ES)
Nokia VPN (Network Alchemy)
9.0 Nokia VPN (CryptoCluster 2500)
Nortel Networks VPN (New Oak)
Nortel Networks Products and Services - Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Nortel Networks Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Questions and Answers
OpenReach.com Online VPN service (free software, fee service)
Perle Systems IOLINK-520
7.0 Radguard VPN (cIPro 5000)
7.3 Rainfinity VPN (RainWall)
RedCreek Ravlin 7160 VPN
Shew Soft donation ware VPN client.
V-One SmartGuard VPN
Sonic Wall VPN
Spring Tide IP Service Intelligence At The Edge (white paper)
7.4 Stonesoft VPN (StoneBeat FullCluster)
Symantec VPN
3Com eNetworks
WatchGuard VPN Manager, Firebox II Fast VPN

Ashampoo BLOG: Free VPN for everyone? Not so fast!
boingBoing The Deeper Connect Nano is like the VPN of the future, without the monthly fee
Network World VPN Hardware Reviews
Network World VPN Software Reviews

VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP)

VirtualPlastic.net collected tweaks and links to change Windows.

fccHandler MPEG-2 Upgrade for VirtualDub (video capture/processing utility)

Viking Components makers of computer hardware.

VideoLAN Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS! (video player with multiple codecs built in)

Virus - prevention, detection, removal software.
CompariTech The ultimate data driven antivirus comparison
tech spot Microsoft Security Essentials fails AV-Test certification ... again
dotTech Microsoft Security Essentials vs Avira vs avast! vs AVG: Best free anti-virus/anti-malware program for Windows [3rd Edition] December 18th, 2011
dotTech Submit files for manual malware analysis by 31 antivirus companies with X-Ray
dotTech 7 free online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
virus.org online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
VirusChief online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
VirSCAN.org online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
NoVirusThanks online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
MetaScan Online online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
Jotti online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
VirusTotal online multi-engine antivirus/antimalware scanners
Network Computing December 2000 comparison of the top 18 antivirus server and gateway products.
C|NET Comparison of 5 different anti-virus products.
PCWorld.com February 2006 - The New Virus Fighters by Tony Bradley - Today's antivirus programs have no trouble stopping familiar intruders, but how safe are you from the unknown? Our tests of ten contenders reveal a new Best Buy.
e-mail virus weather report one persons tracking of virus activity.
listing of commercial antivirus software (look under virus protection)
Microsoft and 9 participating vendors are giving 90 day versions of anti-virus software (during the Y2K year end) for download from here and the individual vendors sites (until December 31, 1999).
About.com anti-virus portal.
Y2K Virus Watch Web site
Aladdin Knowledge Systems eSafe Desktop smart anti-virus, runs suspect program in quarantined environment (free version available)
Antidote Super Lite (commercial and freeware)
AntiVir Personal Edition free anti-virus for private and individual use.
alwil software Avast Anti-Virus v4.5 Home Edition - free for home users (but requires registration)
Bit Defender (commercial and freeware, Windows, Linux, MS-DOS Edition, ...), BitDefender Anti-Virus virus removal tools
BitDefender Anti-Virus - Free Edition v7
Bit Defender online virus scanner
BitDefender LinuxDefender Live! CD launched at LinuxConf 2003
Central Command anti-virus program (formerly AVP) AVP anti-virus or AVP anti-virus
Central Command Inc.
Citrix System Inc Digivity anti-virus software.
Computer Associates International, Inc. or Computer Associates International, Inc. InoculateIT (free for personal use until May 2001), MailWatcher, eTrust Content Inspection Personal Edition, Vet Anti-Virus for Windows NT (command line antivirus tools)
Computer Associates International, Inc. or Computer Associates International, Inc. Computer Associates International, Inc. InoculateIT for NetWare (eval)
Computer Associates International, Inc. InoculateIT for NetWare (information)
Cheyenne new owners of Cheyenne Software, Inc. InocuLAN/PC
Command Software Systems, Inc. F-PROT
Command Software Systems, Inc. AV Scanner (DLL-based antivirus tools)
Command Software Systems, Inc. Command AntiVirus for NetWare (eval)
Command Software Systems, Inc. Command AntiVirus for NetWare (information)
Frisk Software International F-PROT or F-Prot (command line antivirus tools) (DOS, Windows, Linux, ...)
F-Prot download DOS, Windows and Linux anti-virus
f-prot make stand alone diskettes for DOS F-Prot.
Cybec Pty. Ltd. Vet NetWare Server
Data Fellows F-Secure Anti-Virus (DLL-based antivirus tools)
Dr. Web AntiVirus for Windows, Linux, NetWare, DOS, ...
EliaShim, Inc. ViruSafe MultiLAN or EliaShim's ViruSafe WEB
eSafe Technologies, Inc. eSafe Protect Enterprise
EsEt NOD32 anti-virus for DOS, Windows, NetWare, Linux, ... (30 day trials)
F-Secure F-Secure Anti-Virus (Win 95/98/NT)
F-Secure info on LOVE BUG
F-Secure free anti-virus program for PalmOS platform.
Finjan, Inc. SurfinGuard "smart anti-virus", runs suspect program in quarantined environment (free version available)
Finjan, Inc. SurfinGate, SurfinShield
Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus System (commercial and freeware)
Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus - Free Edition (for home users)
AVG - Grisoft's free anti-virus
IBM or IBM or IBM Anti-Virus division.
In-Defense or In-Defense anti-virus that doesn't need updating. It monitors activity.
InoculanIT anti-virus
Integralis, Inc. MIMEsweeper
Intel LAN Desk Virus Protect
Iris Software Iris Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Labs or Kaspersky Labs Anti-viral Toolkit Pro
McAfee Associates or McAfee or McAfee information or Network Associates, Inc. Viruscan & NetShield or McAfee Free Product Evaluations
Network Associates, Inc. Viruscan & NetShield
McAfee Associates NetShield for NetWare
NCSA Virus Certification Statistics
Norman Data Defense Systems, Inc. Norman Virus Control (DLL-based antivirus tools)
Novatrix CyberHawk - zero-day security tool (finds virus by looking for suspicious activity)
Okena antivirus that monitors software behavior, rather than looking for virus files.
Ontrack Vet Enterprise Anti-Virus Software
Panda Software International 24h-365d Anti-virus Insurance
Panda Software International PQRemove, free downloadable utility to remove viruses.
Proland Software anti-virus for DOS, NetWare, Windows, ...
Proland AntiVirus for Windows, Linux, NetWare, DOS, ...
RAV Reliable Anti-Virus versions for: DOS, Linux, Windows, NetWare
Safetynet, Inc. VirusNet PC
SecureNet Technologies, Inc. Avast!
Security-7 Software Inc
Simtel - Web Simtel - FTP
Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit or Dr. Solomon VirusScan (command line antivirus tools)
Dr. Solomon Anti-virus FTP site.
Sophos, Inc. Sophos Anti-Virus (Sweep) (DLL-based antivirus tools) and anti-virus help site. AntiVirus for Windows, Linux, NetWare, DOS, ... (requires registration to download)
Stiller Research
Symantec Corp. or Symantec Corp. Norton Anti-Virus (NOVI) (DLL-based antivirus tools)
Symantec Corp. Norton AntiVirus (Corporate Edition)
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center LiveUpdate (updates weekly) or Symantec's Antivirus Research Center Intelligent Updater (updates daily)
Symantec Security Response Removal Tools Page
Symantec Security Response Virus Definitions Download Page
Thunderbyte or NovaStor-Authentex Corp. ThunderBYTE or Authentex/Novastor Software Corp. ThunderBYTE
TEGAM International Anti-V
Touchstone Software PC-cillin
Trend Micro, Inc. smart anti-virus, runs suspect program in quarantined environment (download)
Trend Micro, Inc. or Trend Micro, Inc. Virus protection for desktops, file servers, E-mail, groupware, Internet traffic (now has a Linux version for servers).
Trend Micro, Inc. ServerProtect for NetWare (eval)
Trend Micro, Inc. ServerProtect for NetWare (additional information)
Trend Micro SysClean anti-virus program (stand alone executable (requires Virus Pattern Files)
Trend Micro download anti-virus program
Trend Micro download virus definations
Trend Micro online virus scanner (House Call)
Trend Micro, Inc. observer ServerProtect for NetWare running in the Virtual Lab
Dave Central anti-virus shareware site.
GeCAD srl Romanian Anti-Virus (RAV)
AVDisk software to aid in creation a boot disk for various DOS antivirus programs
Zone Alarm combination firewall and antivirus, fee and free versions.

Virus - anti-virus for the MAC
google antivirus mac
PC Tools iAntiVirus

Virus - link testers
Check Short URL
Norton Safe Web (link tester)
URL Void
Scan /a>
Virus Total link tester

Virus - online virus scanners
Ahn Labs's MySpyZero
Bit Defender online virus scanner
Command On Demand free online internet virus scanner
Ewido Online Scanner
F-Secure online virus scanner (for Windows 2000/XP and Internet Explorer 6.x and Java and Active X)
McAfee Free Scan (free, online virus scan)
Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare
Panda Software ActiveScan (online virus scanner)
Panda Software's ActiveScan
Panda Software ActiveScan (online virus scanner)
Panda Software Anti-Virus - scan your computer for viruses without installing any software.
Symantec Security Check free online internet virus scanner (needs ie 5.0+ and ActiveX)
Trend Micro pc-cillin House Call - free online internet virus scanner
Trend Micro HouseCall (online virus scanner)
TrendMicro HouseCall (an online virus checker)
Trend Micro Anti-Spyware for the Web
VIRUSTOTAL - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan (you upload file, and it uses multiple scanners to test file).

Virus - specific virus killers
The Cleaner a trojan seeker and killer
Proland Software Win32/MyParty Worm remover
Network Associates MS Blast Worm (W32/Lovsan.worm.a)
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center removal tools for individual virus threats
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center sulfnbk.exe warning (not a virus, but a hoax)
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center Teddy Bear Virus jdbgmgr.exe warning (not a virus, but a hoax)
idg.net Hoax Calls Java File In Windows A Virus
Malware Tips Remove "file contained a virus and was deleted" (Removal Guide)

Virus - testing/reviews
Checkmark certified anti-virus products
ICSA Certified anti-virus products
Virus Bulletin anti-virus industry and testing publication
Virus Center at the University of Hamburg anti-virus product testing
dot tech Microsoft Security Essentials vs Avira vs avast! vs AVG: Best free anti-virus/anti-malware program for Windows [3rd Edition]
dot tech Avira vs avast vs AVG vs Panda Cloud vs BitDefender vs MSE, review of best free anti-virus for Windows [4th Edition]

Virus - information sites (articles, reviews, FAQs, ...) walkthroughs, links, ...
Malware Tips
Emsisoft The Flame Trojan (spread through Windows Updates)
sophos IBM distributes USB malware cocktail at AusCERT security conference
anti-virus links
Virus Encyclopedia (in HTML) that you can download.
AntiViral Toolkit Pro information on a virus that attacks phones
Sophos virus tech support
Sophos Latest vulnerabilities analysis
Sophos Graham Cluley's Blog - Anti-Virus Products Compared In Proactive Test
ClamWin Anti-Malware Resources (online scanners, live Rescue CDs, ...)
Dr. Solomon All About Viruses
Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC), info on computer viruses, hoaxes, security breaches, ...
CAIDA Analysis Of Code-Red Worm
Federal Trade Commission info on software that claims to be one thing, but is actually another.
Hitchhikers.net anti-virus resources
Computer Economics' release on Love Bug damages.
Computer Economics' release on Love Bug damages.
Gibson Research The Register, Vmyths & My Code Red Advisory
Lapto-LCD-Screen Protecting Your Laptop: A User's Guide to Viruses and Other Malicious Programs
MS NBC Blaster Still Worming Around The Net
Week SoBig Causes Spam Woes
HackFix tools for fighting trojans (Back Orifice, NetBus, ...), virus, ...
IBM Research anti-virus hype alert section
ICSA anti-virus buyers guide
McAfee Associates Virus List
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center
Symantec Corp online Virus Encyclopedia - search for viruses alphabetically
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center computer hoaxes
Symantec's Antivirus Research Center VBS Stages virus information.
Trend Micro online Virus Encyclopedia Search
The Register Trojan Writers Exploit Outlook Express To Get Around Content Filtering
The Register Hacked US Treasury websites serve visitors malware
The Register AV Vendors Split Over FBI Snoops
The Register JavaScript worm targets Yahoo!
PC Pitstop The State of PC Security
PC World Recovering from the Flawed McAfee Update
PC World.com Klez: The Virus That Won't Die
PC World.com Klez's Path Of Infection
PC World.com How to Trick the Anna Worm
PC World.com Virus Hoax Makes You Do the Dirty Work (SULFNBK)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT)
Consumer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) virus information.
International Computer Security Association
International Computer Security Association Certified Anti-Virus Products
Computer Virus Myths home page
VirusList.com virus encyclopedia
The Virus Encyclopedia
Stiller Research myths
Trend Micro virus information
TrendMicro World Virus Tracking Center
Secure Computing's 1998 Anti-Virus Review
Virus News web site.
vMyths.com learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, ...
Joe Wells Virus Encylopedia
The Wild List or The Wild List reports viruses sighted worldwide by at least 2 contributors to the list.
USA Today CyberSpeak: Keeping your computer safe from Internet nastiness
NewsBytes New Linux Backdoor Virus Gains Smarts
Wired News OS X Trojan Horse Is a Nag
slashdot FBI Wants To Tap The Net
U.S.A. Today Anti-Virus Software Isn't The Only Computer Security Tool
U.S.A. Today Malicious-software spreaders get sneakier, more prevalent
BBC News Computer viruses make it to orbit.
Graham Cluley's Blog Tored - a lame email worm for Mac OS X
Graham Cluley's Blog More Mac OS X malware discovered
dotTech Prevention, detection, and cure: 12 programs that will provide the best all-around security for you and your computer - for free
dotTech New malware (ransomware) locks your computer claiming you violated the law under SOPA, asks for $200 if you want your files back
dot tech Court orders developer of scareware programs to pay $163 million
dot tech FTC takes aim at fake tech support from India, shuts down more scareware operations

Visioner - main page Visioner PaperPort vx scanner for scanning documents into your computer, PaperPort 6000 flatbed color scanner, ...

VisiPics duplicate photo finder

Visual Click or Visual Click maker of DSrazor (security, query and document your Novell NDS, eDirectory and NetWare file systems)

VisualWare Internet Security and Performance Tools (including: VisualLookout-realtime TCP port monitoring and alerting tool, VisualRoute-visual traceroute utility, ...)

Vita Nuova Holdings, maker of the Inferno Operating System, White Paper on the Inferno Operating System

VitalSigns Software Inc. makers of Net.Medic (Win 95 & NT) for diagnose internet slowdowns.

vixy.net FLV Online Converter

vMAC OS site A group of coders who have set out to re-create the Macintosh Plus on a handful of PC platforms.

vMac Application Site Lots of applications that will run on a Mac Plus. Handy disk images for that vMac thing. Everything from games to apps to System software. Even has WordPerfect Works!

VMware (Linux and Win NT) software that allows loading AND running multiple OSs on a single machine.
LinuxPlanet.com Review: Virtually Magnificent (review of VMWare Virtual Machine)
vKernel support tools for VMware

Voice Recognition Software
Information Week story on speech recognition.
Fluent Speech doing research and development on speech recognition.
Conversa, makers of Conversa Web (voice controlled web navigation), ...
Creative Labs makers of VoiceAssist

Dragon Systems, Inc. or Dragon Systems, Inc. or Dragon Systems, Inc. makers of PC dictation software: Dragon Dictate, Dragon Law, Dragon Naturally Speaking, (dictation, natural language commands)...
1st Voice Authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Dragon Systems software.
IBM VoiceType
IBM ViaVoice makers of Simply Speaking Gold, or ViaVoice (dictation software) which includes VoiceType for Netscape Navigator 3.0
IBM ViaVoice for Linux or IBM ViaVoice for Linux
Kurzweil or Kurzweil VOICE for Windows - voice recognition software. Personal edition comes with 30,000 word dictionary. Professional comes with 60,000 word dictionary.
Lernout & Hauspie or Lernout & Hauspie speech products, including Voice Xpress (dictation, language translation, desktop control).
Nuance speech recognition products, ...
One Voice makers of Voice Animated Navigator (voice controlled web browsing), IVAN interactive voice internet service provider for for searching the web
Philips makers of FreeSpeech Browser a voice activated web browser.
The Productivity Works makers of pwWebSpeak, a voice activated/speaking web browser.
SpeechWorks International speech recognition products, ...
Talkingweb makers of a voice activated (browser) internet navigation.
Verbex Voice Systems makers of Listen For Windows.

Voice Synthesis
4Developers Talking Stocks (using speech synthesis)
Fonix Corp makers of speech synthesis products
Microsoft Assistants

Talking Software
4Developers Talking Stocks (talking software).
Willow Pond Corporation WillowTalk (talking software).

Voice Information Systems Inc (VISI) computer telephony multi-platform voice/text editing tools.

Volcano LLC makers of Java-based chat rooms for Novell NetWare (NLM).

Volksware mobile and pen-based computing gadget online magazine.

VoodooFiles.com All Games, Tweaks and Screensavers! (drivers, tools, ...)

vortex.net news, commentary and community dedicated to internet, telephone, and television convergence.

Vypress Research messaging products

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