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Computer Links
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iAmaze, online slide show creation software. More products expected.

IBM - main page makers of hardware, software, ... Netfinity Servers IBM Business Partners PartnerInfo Small Business Center IBM - Technical Support IBM - Research anti-virus hype alert section Year 2000 Resources network computing security storage (new micro drives-fit in Flash Type II slots) IBM Microdrive PC Card hard drive AlphaWorks (software products in process) Software Main Page IBM DeveloperWorks tools, code and education for open standards-based software development, developer network Developer Connection IBM PartnerWorld For Developers Solution Partnership Centers (SPC) Technical Seminars and Workshops Linux or PC DOS OS/2 or OS/2 OS/2 Warp or OS/2 Warp Server downloads
ftp:PC IBM TCP/IP (DOS, OS/2, ...)
IBM FTP site allfiles list
IBM Almaden Research Center

ICE Graphics free and fee utilities

Identity (online) companies trying to get you to store your online identity at their site.
Ants.com service to keep contact information up to date
DigitalMe from Novell
Passport from Microsoft
Yodlee your information aggregator (manage all your online information in one place.

Zkey.com sold this part of business to Ants.com.

IDG publishers of books, magazines, ...

iHide Network Resources (downloads, tutorials, links, ...)

Ilium Software for PDAs and hand held cdevices.

Illumix Webspector (internet research tool-monitors web pages for content changes) (free and fee versions)

Instant Eyedropper display the HTML color code of any color on your screen

Internet Radio
I Love Free Software 5 Free Software to Record Internet Radio
StreamWriter listen and record internet radio, installable and portable (freeware)
NexusRadio listen and record internet radio (freeware)
RaimerSoft listen and record internet radio, installable and portable (freeware)
Radio? Sure! listen to internet radio
Screamer Radio listen and record internet radio (freeware)
TinyWebRadio listen and record internet radio, portable (freeware)
Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) online service to listen and record internet radio

imagine LAN makers of RecoverySafe (browser based registry and configuration manager-works with FAT, FAT32 and NTFS).

Infinite Technologies InfiniteMail Server, Connect2..., (Windows, DOS emails servers, clients, utilities, ...)
Info Select, maker of Personal Information Manager (PIM), ...

Infocom information about the company that originally created Zork.

Information Week Web Site Of The Week (spotlight on useful sites)

Infoseek Ultraseek Server search engine for your web site.

Information Modes makers of "Little Big LAN," which is capable of networking with Darn Near Anything -- serial, parallel, modems, even Real network cards like 3Com & such.

InfoNow Corporation makers of FindNow (Internet Mapping Service).

InfoWorld Hot sites archive of older listings InfoWorld Hot sites current listings.
InfoWorld Gripe Line (recent articles)
InfoWorld GripeLine

InfoZIP or InfoZIP

Infraworks Sanitizer (secure multiple file/disk drive deletion), Shredder (secure single file deletion).

inKline Global makers of software: PC Booster, Modem Booster, Stay Connected, organizers, entertianment, ...

Innovative Routines International, Inc. makers of:
1) COSORT Sort/Merge/Report for Unix and NT (for mainframe migration, database loading, data warehouse tranformation, application development)
2) netCONVERT Intelligent, Cross-Platform Data Conversion
3) x-PRESS Cross-Platform Compression

Innovative Software distributors of Ghost Software, a workstation cloning tool.
SureData, an ICS company distributors of GhostPlus Software, a workstation cloning tool.

Innovative Solutions and Technologies WebPosition (check how your site ranks in search engines).

InPhase Technologies working on holographic data storage devices.

Inprise (formerly Borland) is adding Linux support to ALL their programming languages. January 2000, Inprise announced that the newest Borland C++ compiler and command line tools are available for download.

Inside Cat disk cataloging software. free and fee

Insight Software Solutions' Windows SmartBoard (a smarter multi-clipboard)

InstallShield Software Corp. InstallShield (software to install software)
Wise Solutions Inc. Wise For Windows Installer (software to install software)
Ninite install or update multiple apps at once.
Pick Me App transfer installed applications from one PC to another.

Institute of Advanced Development Strategies (IADS) System Crash Tracking Facility

Evil Inside?, a selection of sites of people unhappy with Intel.
FACE Intel Former And Current Employees of Intel, a group of people unhappy with Intel business practices (can you say sucks).
Boycott Intel re: ID in pentium III CPU from Intel.
Big Brother Inside re: ID in pentium III CPU from Intel.
Intel Secrets detailed reports of Intel processor bugs and misbehaviors.
Zero Knowledge, ActiveX control that enables Pentium III PSN (serial number)

Intel makers of hardware (CPUs, motherboards, network cards, print servers, video conferencing, ...), software, (antivirus, desktop management, ...), QuickWeb (caches web images to local drives), Intel Driver Update Utility Graphics
AnyPoint Home Network, networking via your existing phone lines, ... Performance Specs, Pentium III, Intel Support, IA-64 Linux Simulator, Intel Bus Master IDE Controller driver, CPU Identification Utility, Power Monitor Utility shows which applications are using most battery power.

Intellectual Property Exchange
Intellectual Propery Exchange
Intellectual Propery Technology Exchange
IBM Intellectual Propery Network (IPN)
The Patent and License Exchange

IntelliAdmin Remote Administration For Windows
IntelliAdmin News, Product Information, and Tips

Intelligent Firmware

Intelligence Services software for investigation and change.

Intelligent Services text search tools (grep)

Intellimax Systems, makers of LanExplorer (software protocol analyzer)

interact! Direct Software store. If the software comes on a CD, they carry it. They also buy back/sell used software (as long as it is on CD-Rom).

Interactive Media Corp. makers of KanguruPCMCIA (external hard drive for laptops).

InterfaceLift GUI enhancements for Max OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux

Interleaf makers of IXtreme PE a document to proprietary HTML conversion software. Beta available for free download.

InterMute shareware program (written in Java) that can stop animated GIFs, kill all graphics, silence background sounds, snuff ads, control cookies, ...

International Organization for Standards ISO

International Electrotechnical Commission

the Internet Advisory Corp, a web design and hosting company, created a skin for Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Internet Archive storing 1 billion+ web pages

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Jon Postel original paper defining Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Steve Deering RFC 1256 which defines Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) router discovery messages
information on RFC 1812 which describes Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) behaviour on IPv4 routers.
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) listing of types and code values.
Ofir Arkin's paper on generally unrecognized Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) tricks.

Internet Freedom Rally to protest passage of HR 1291 (yet more unneeded/unwanted regulation of the internet).

Internet Mail Consortium (IMC) BEGIN:VCARD ... END:VCARD Internet Mail Consortium (IMC) list of sponsors supporting the VCARD specification.

Internet Operating System Counter survey of what web server software and OS most sites are running.
NetCraft survey of what web server software and OS most sites are running (regularly polling 17 million sites).
Netcraft The Netcraft Web Surver Survey

Internet Pictures iPIX technology (used to display images on the internet)

WebSnapshot.com internet research, tools, trends, news, traffic, ...

Internet Society's A Brief History Of The Internet.

The Internet Tour Bus newsletter about computers and the internet.

Internet2 next generation internet
Next Generation Internet
University Of Alabama Internet2
Kansas State University Internet2
Georgia Tech Internet2
John Hopkins University Internet2
Corporation for Research and Eduicational Networking (CREN) Internet2
IBM Internet2

InterNIC domain name registration services
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
ICANN list of accredited registrars
RegSelect list with reviews/comparisons
Domain Buyers Guide list with reviews/comparisons
ICANN cartoon from someone uinhappy with the lousy job they are doing at introducing new high level domains.
InterNIC Registration Services
InterNIC Domain Name Searching
BulkRegister alternative (low cost) domain name registration
catalog.com low cost domain registration, web hosting, ...
GoDaddy.com low cost domain registration (8.95) (plus other services).
OpenSRS (operated by tucows.com) alternative (low cost) domain name registration
Caprica low cost domain registration and hosting
directNIC low cost domain registration
DomainDirect.com low cost domain registration
DomainPrice Wars compare fees for domain name registration service providers.
DomainNotes.com domain name resource (news, articles, discussions, ...)
DomainBook.com online exchange for internet domain names.
Domain Direct or Domain Direct domain name registration
dotster.com low cost domain registration
Dreamdomain.net free subdomain pointers, free e-mail, ...
eNom domain name registration.
GreatDomains.com auction marketplace for domain nams.
joker.com low cost domain registration (europe)
ghandi.net low cost domain registration (europe)
Melbourne IT alternative (low cost) domain name registration
Names4ever domain name registration.
NameStake Service allows you to do free searches for exact domain names, plural forms of a name, and punctuation matches.
NamesDirect domain name registration.
NewRegistrars.com another place you can buy your domain names.
register.com low cost domain registration
Registrars.com domain name registration.
4Domains.com free domain registration.
NameZero use a domain name (advertising supported), no cost to you, but you don't own it.
tucows.com alternative (low cost) domain name registration
UnclaimedDomains.com look for expired registrations.
SnapNames web site for back ordering domain names (monitor status of domain names in use).
new.net enable your browser to see private label domains (.shop, .family, ...)

Intranet Resources
Extranet: A Reference Page
Intranet Applications
Intranet Design Magazine

Intrak, Inc. Novell NetWare (NLM) file server monitoring/management software: ServerTrak, TrendTrak, ...

iolo Technologies System Mechanic (tools to search for, diagnose and solve problems on Win 95/98/NT/2000 computers).

iPlanet, the alliance between AOLs Netscape and Sun Microsystems.

IrfanView freeware 32bit graphic viewer (edit, resize, crop, ...). For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) resources
ISPCON.com annual conference for ISPs.
OpenNetCoalition.org supporting affordable high speed internet access
The Internet Service Provider (ISP) FAQ, the old ISP FAQ is also here.
Internet Service Providers or Internet Service Providers or Internet Service Providers A list of ISPs courtesy of Computer Currents Magazine.
Internet Service Providers or Internet Service Providers A list of ISPs courtesy of Boardwatch Magazine (search, area code look up, ...).
Internet Service Providers A list of ISPs courtesy of CMP.
ISP DataBase from Computer Currents
ISP Finder from PCWorld
herbison ISP list
ISPList a directory of ISPs with performance statistics and other info.
ISP-Planet, resources for ISPs
Matrix Information and Directory Services (MIDS) ISP comparisons (using statistis), internet weather reports, web-based TraceRoute, ...
The List or The List or The List a searchable listing of 3,000+ Internet Service Providers (ISP) courtesy of Mecklermedia.
Online Connection, a comparison of ISP and online services.
Sumo Inc a searchable listing of ISPs.
Ultimate ISP Guide from C|Net
Ultimate Web ISP List searchable by area code, ...
AllConnect Find internet providers by address
AllConnect The best internet deals of March 2024

ISP (free-ISPs) (advertiser sponsored, or ...) (beware, some free ISPs are having financial difficulty and will get bought out or fold)
My Move How to Get Free Internet
FOXGLOVE.co.uk The World's First Free Call International ISP. :-)
Free Internet Services Portal ISP listings
Guide To Free Internet Access listings with review, feature comparison, ...
About.com listings of free internet access.
dotNow listings of free internet access.
FreeDSL Free DSL internet access. Starting April 2000. Plus the usual (and unusual) service charges.
CNET story: FreeDSL service opens its doors
Slashdot article debunking the Free DSL
Jupiter Communications story on expected free internet service provider market
Staruni is fee based now, but is planning on offering Free DSL internet access sometime in 2000.
1stUP.com advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
address.com free and fee internet access.
AltaVista or AltaVista advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
BlueLight.com (ISP) and K-Mart advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
Excite@home with 1stUp.com advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
Excite@home/Freelane/Freeworld with 1stUp.com advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
freeDEM.com provided by the Democratic party (advertising bar)
freeI.com/Freeinternet.com or freeI.net advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar) (requires IE5.0+)
FreeWeb and/or Freewwweb (was just purchased by Juno.com)
freeInternet advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar) (requires IE5.0+)
Gratis1 advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar) (Latin American ISP)
Internetive fee based service (but monthly fee waved if you sign up 2 fee paying members)
Juno Online now offering free internet access (formerly just free e-mail) (Just bought Freewweb.com)
link1communications.com planning on offering free DSL (sometime soon).
MicroPortal (ISP) and WorldSpy advertiser supported (but NO advertising/navigation banner/bar) (requires IE4.0+)
MillionEyes.com teams up with businesses to provide free internet access
NetZero.net or NetZero.com advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar)
RhinoPoint will pay for your internet access, if you fill out a survey monthly.
spinway allows organizations to provide free internet access.
Tritium advertiser supported (advertising/navigation banner/bar-as a frame on browser window)
WorldShare advertiser supported (fill out a survey once per month)
WorldSpy advertiser supported (but NO advertising/navigation banner/bar) (requires IE4.0+) (was just purchased by Juno.com)
Xoom no longer offers free ISP connections.
Bradesco Brazil
IFX Latin America
Internet Gratis Brazil
Telefonica (Peru)
Terra Livre (Brazil)
Terra Networks (Peru, ...)
Libertis.net first Mexico, then Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezulea, ...
British Telecom (England)
Freeserv or Freeserv (England)
FreeNet (England)

ISP (cable modem-ISPs) Cable Television Modems (CTM) (see also Modems)
Charter Communications Pipeline
Cox Communications (Orange County)
MediaOne (Los Angeles)
MediaOne Connect
TCI@Home cable modem service.
Time Warner/Media One Road Runner cable modem service.

ISP (DSL-ISPs) - Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)(see also Modems)
Ruby Ranch Internet Cooperative Association a group of people in Colorado who are becoming their own DSL service provider because nobody else wants to.
Broadband Report
DSL Reports information on all things DSL.
DSL Reports DSL look up page (can you get DSL?)
DSL Life DSL look up page (can you get DSL?)
xDSL Resources information on DLS, links, ...
GetSpeed.com look up availability and speed in your area.
Covad Communications lines deployed: 57,000+, service-ready central offices: 1,100+, metropolitan subscriber areas: 51+ (as of december 31, 1999
Internet Connect
NorthPoint Communications or NorthPoint Communications lines deployed: 23,500+, service-ready central offices: 1,027+, metropolitan subscriber areas: 62+ (as of december 31, 1999
Pacific Bell
Rhythms NetConnections lines deployed: 12,500+, service-ready central offices: 1,225+, metropolitan subscriber areas: 67+ (as of december 31, 1999
2wire DSL vendor with look up, bandwidth meter, information, ...
Pathetic Bell gripe site for unhappy PacBell DSL customers
point topic analysis of business issues concerning broadband internet access (DSL)

PacBell ISDN

ISP (Satellite-ISPs)
Tachyon 2 way satellite communications

ISP (fiber optic-ISPs) (none yet, but these are working on it.
Sierra Pacific Power Company laying cable in southern Nevada
Palo Alto Fiber Network Palo Alto, California

ISP (news stories/articles
Computer Currents Magazine articles on free ISPs
Computer Currents Magazine What Price Free Access (article on free internet access)
New York Law Journal Internet Provider Not Liable For Defamation

Information Services
Acxiom DirectMedia
Ask Jeeves
Automated Info Retrieval Systems
Christian Science Monitor
Dow Jones
Intelligent Life
Knight Ridder
Mayhill Publications
National Geographic
OneSource Information
Thomas Register
US Search

Interlogic Industries Maker of single board computers.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group

Internet Pager: (aka: Buddy List, people browsers, presence servers, instant messaging (IM), internet relay chat (IRC), Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP)).
meebo.com internet chat, without the chat client. Interface for instant messaging for AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ, Jabber

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol
Presence and Availability Management (PAM) Forum Lucent and Novell
Jabber Project open source Instant Messaging (uses distributed servers)
Jabber Project commercial Instant Messaging (uses distributed servers)
freeIM.org devoted to open access of IM
Rendezvous Protocol (RVP) draft specification.
AOL or AOL or AOL Instant Messenger (IM infrastructure). (free)
Activerse or Activerse Ding!
Ask Jeeves Instant Messaging Presence Protocol (IMPP)
bTask bTask (uses AOL IM license)
BuddyTalk PC to PC, ...
Chatango Add Free Live Chat to any Webpage
CU-SeeMe or CU-SeeMe World web based audio/video/chat conferencing
DocumentForum.com LegalForum (collaborative office applications)
ERoom Technology online collaboration product
Eyeball Chat video chat
FaceTime Communications Instant Group (uses AOL IM license), IM Director (business to business messaging)
FireTalk audio only chat site.
LanTalk NetSend
Multitude Firetalk (create a voice chat room on your web site)
FusionOne FusionOne (synchronize all connected devices with IM)
Gizmoz e-mail enhancemenet technology
HearMe audio only chat site.
Hello IM for photos (share photos via online chat-peer to peer file sharing)
Hypernix Gooey service (allows users to identify and exchange messages with others on the same web site.
KOZ.com makers of ichat (designed for IM communities).
Ichat or Ichat Ichat Pager.
Infoseek offers instant messaging, ...
IRC Chat
ICQ, Inc. or Mirabilis or Mirabilis ICQ (I seek you) (personal messaging). (free/fee) (requires NT to run server software)
Lotus or Lotus SameTime (real-time business communciations). (fee) (requires NT to run server software)
MSN Instant Messenger
Microsoft or Instant Messenger or Microsoft Messenger Service (personal messaging). (free)
Multimate.net Instnat Rendezvous (private-label IM for business)
NetLert NetLert (instant messaging). (fee)
Novell DigitalMe/InstantMe (InstantMe works with AOL's Instant Messager).
Odigo Odigo (doesn't use AOL IM license)
OnLive Technologies LiveList.
Oz.com mPresence
Parlano, Inc. MindAlign (collaboration tool)
PeerChat PeerChat is a peer to peer chat for your Local Area Network (LAN)
PeopleLink, Inc. or PeopleLink, Inc. PeopleLink.
PowWow Tribal Voice or Tribal Voice (doesn't use AOL IM license) using PowWow (personal messaging) online client chat software (integrate with most major Instant Messaging clients). (free) (requires NT to run server software)
SoftBase Systems' NetLert (java based instant messaging software)
Visitalk.com video chat (over the internet)
WiredRed e/pop or Winpop Plus instant messaging for networks. (fee)
Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! Pager offers instant messaging, ... (free)
Zaplet by FireDrop
c|net download.com Killer Download - Chat Clients
dotTech REVIEW: Facebook finally rolls out Facebook Messenger for Windows - but there’s a catch
Atlassian - HipChat free and fee

Management/Monitoring of Internet Pager: (aka: Buddy List, people browsers, presence servers, instant messaging (IM), Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP)).
FaceTime Communications

InterProphet Silicon TCP fast ethernet card with tcp/ip built in.

Intuit Quicken, QuickBooks, ... accounting for individuals and businesses.
QuickBooks To QuickBooks Data Transfers
Big Red Consulting Transaction Copier

Inventory (hardware):
Attachmate NetWizard
Bindview Development NetInventory
ClickNet ClickNet Professional
Comdisco ComPlete Buyer, ComPlete Asset Manager,
Computer Associates AimIT, ShipIT, Unicenter TNG
Global Data Security LANauditor
HP Hewlett-Packard OpenView Desktop Administrator, AssetView
InControl Software AuditWizard
Intel LanDesk Workgroup Manager
Janus Technologies Argis
MainControl MC/Empower
Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
Multima NetKeeper LAN Inventory
NetBalance IT Ledger
Network Associates, Inc. (formerly McAfee) LAN Inventory, Zero Administration Client (ZAC)
Novell ManageWise, Z.E.N.Works
ON Technology ON Command CCM
Peregrine AssetCenter
Platinum Technology AutoXfer, AutoXfer Inventory, AutoAnswer, AutoConfigure
Seagate Software WinLand, WinInstall, Desktop Management
Symantec Norton Administrator for Networks
Tally Systems NetCensus, CentaMeter and WINinstall
Tangram Asset Insight
Tivoli Systems TME 10 Framework, TME 10 Inventory and TME 10 Software Distribution, Inventory Module,
Utopia Technology Partners Utopia/Inventory
WRQ Express

Invisible Software makers of Invisible LAN networking software for DOS, Win 3.x, Win 9x, ...

Iogear makers of ShareView (allow 2 people to use one computer-add extra keyboard, monitor and mouse)

Iomega makers of the ZIP drive (100mb + 250mb), the JAZ drive (1gb + 2gb), floptical drive, Click PC Card Drive (40mb), ZipCD (CD-Rewriteable 650mb)... The new ZIP and JAZ are backward compatible with the lower density media. drivers, IomegaWare, QuickSync, ...

PalmZip.sys iomega zip drivers for older computers

iOpus PC/Internet monitoring, PC/Internet Security, macro/automation software, AC-Plug (keep internet connectin alive), password recovery, ...

IP Telephone Resources Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
The Computer Telephony (CT) Portal for info on computer telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP).
The IP Site central clearing house for IP Telephony
The OpenPhone Project
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group on The FTP Specification (RFC-1889)
The RTP Site by Henning Schulzrinne
Telephony Signal Encapsulation in RTP Data Types
OpenH323 Project
The SIP Home Page by Henning Schulzrinne
The MGCP Specification
General Linux Telephony
Voxilla - The Definitive Source Repository for Linux Telephony
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group on IP Telephony
protocols.com (protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications) a source of information on Voiceover IP (VoIP) with tech papers, links, message board, ...
Network Computing Network Design Manual: Voice Over IP
Network Computing Translating Menus at the VoIP Cafe
Network Computing The Future Is SIP

IP Telephone Resources - vendors and services
Aplio Inc. Aplio/Phone - IP Telephony Provider
BigRedWire.com free long distance calls as long as you surf their web site and zap the online bill (for calls of $5.00or less).
Callmefree.com IP Telephony Provider
Cisco Systems, Inc.
CommuniTech, makers of a telephone that plugs into a sound card.
Delta Three IP Telephony Provider - d3box - free combined voicemail/fax/e-mail mailbox. (free and fee versions)
DSG IPStar (lets your phone dial via internet).
ePhone Telecom iGate (lets your phone dial via internet).
Global Gateway Group Service Provider Consortium
ICG Communications IP Telephony Provider
InnoMedia Inc. InfoTalk - IP Telephony Provider
ITXC Service Provider Consortium
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. Click2Talk, Net2Phone
Inter-Tel InterPrise (IP Telephony Provider)
Jfax Unified Messaging Provider
Lucent Technologies, Inc. Definity IP
MediaRing Talk 99 voice over IP (Internet Phone)
MediaRing Talk 99 voice over IP (Internet Phone)
Microsoft NetMeeting IP Telephony Provider
Multitude Firetalk (create a voice chat room on your web site)
Net2Phone IP Telephony Provider
NetSpeak IP Telephony Provider
Nortel Networks, Inc. V/IP phone/fax IP gateway
Pretty Good Privay Fone (PGPfone)
PSINet Fax-over-IP Provider
Qwest Communications IP Telephony Provider
Quicknet Technologies Inc. Internet PhoneJACK - IP Telephony Provider
SilverSoft Network, makers of Softfone for Internet Telephone
StarVox, Inc. StarGate Server
Talk.com Inc. web based conference call service
Telepost Unified Messaging Provider, RingMeNow, ...
Trillium Digital Systems
UUNET Technologies Fax-over-IP Provider
VIP Calling IP Telephony Provider
Visitalk.com video chat (over the internet)
VocalTec Internet Surf & Call (IP Telephony Provider)
Voice over IP Primer (VOIP)
ZeroPlus.com internet telephone.

IP Telephone Resources Voice-over-DSL (VoDSL)
ADSL Forum information on ADSL, including Voice over DSL (VoDSL), ...
CopperCom Voice over DSL (VoDSL)
Copper Mountain information on DSL, (VoDSL), ...
DTI Networks Voice over DSL (VoDSL)
Jetstream Communications Voice over DSL (VoDSL)
TollBridge Technologies Voice over DSL (VoDSL)

IP Telephone Resources Voice-over-Broadband (VoB)
International Softswitch Consortium promotes standards and applications for platforms that link phone networks with IP networks
Multiservice Switching Forum works for standard protocols and interfaces between switches in networks that handle voice as well as data.
National Convergence Alliance promotes networks running voice and data on a single network
Open Voice over Broadband (OpenVoB) catalyzes the adoption and deployment of interoperable Voice Over Broadband technologies.
SIP Forum promotes the Session Initiation Protocol's (SIP) ability to set conferencing, telephony and multimedia on the internet.

Ipod Sync / Management (software): for the Windows Computers
Simple Help 10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod
Copy Trans backup your iPod to your Windows computer, trialware
iPod to PC tutorial for Copy Trans
Copy Trans Manager - iTunes replacement, freeware
floola manage your iPod, portable, freeware
GetSharePod.com iTunes replacement, freeware
Ipod Touch Copy for the iPod Touch, trialware
Media Monkey freeware
MGTEK dopisp - The ultimate iPod plug-in for Windows Media Player (30 day trial
Red Chair Software, Anapop Explorer (use iPod as external hard drive)
Songbird manage your iPod, freeware
WinAmp manage your iPod
YAMIpod (Yet Another Manager) iPod Manager, portable, freeware

Ipswitch maker of software WS_FTP Pro (manage your web site), IMail (e-mail server for Win NT), What's Up (network monitoring) WS_Ping ProPack (port scans, forward and reverse Doman Name System Lookups, grabs raw HTML pages, handles SNMP, performs traceroute, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Network Time Protocol, Whois queries, Finger queries, ...) ...

ISO Recorder CD and DVD ISO burning natively in Windows XP and 2003

Isys Information Architects, software design company, with a Hall Of Shame (poor designs) and Hall Of Fame (good designs)

iTwin remote file access

IVT: VT220 Emulator for PCs. telnet application (DOS, Win) that supports scripting, ....

iWare makers of uWare (task bar application to manage Windows and web sites, search multiple search engines, search multiple shopping sites, ...).

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