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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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r2 studios various useful utilities.

RadGameTools Convert QuickTime Videos to AVI for Free
Pain in the Tech Convert QuickTime Videos to AVI for Free (tutorial)

Ragula Systems, makers of FatPipe (Win 95/98/NT) a program that enables workstations to combine up to 4 phone lines (or 2 ISDN lines) into a single high speed internet connection.

Rainbow Software JPG Clean (remove text from JPG files), Hardware Monitor, ...

Rainfinity makers of Rainwall (gateway cluster that provides load balancing), Rainweb (fault tolerant web server cluster), ...

Raymond 12 RAM Disk Software Benchmarked for Fastest Read and Write Speed

Ramp Networks, Inc. makers of WebRamp (internet sharing device / hub), ...

RAMPage monitor and/or free up ram for Win 95, 98, 00, NT systems. Other DOS and windows software.

WinRAR RAR compression program, DOS and Windows versions.

RAR Labs RAR compression program, DOS, Windows, Linux versions.

RASPPPOE PPP Over Ethernet Protocol - let's you configure a DSL/Cable Modem connection just like a regular modem connection.

Raxco Software, makers of PerfectDisk 2000 (hard drive defragger for Win 95/98/NT/2000).

ReadPlease2000 a text to speech application

ReactOS, an open source operating system that is compatible with most Windows XP and 2003 drivers and applications.

Real Audio ??? or ??? or ??? Get the Real Audio player here.

RealEndUser.com site performance rankings.

RealSystems, Inc. web based sound delivery system.
BBC RealPlayer v8 (spyware and adware free)

Real Solutions makers of DLL Explorer (diagnostic tool to examine .EXE, .DLL, .OCX).

RealTimePublishers.com currently is currently offering free downloads of eBooks on Windows Server management

Recall Toolbar search engine for Internet Explorer for the web pages you have already visited

Rebol Technologies, makers of Rebol, a platform independent (17+ OSs) Internet Messaging Language (scripting). Distributed Network Applications For The X Internet

Recourse Technologies, makers of software to protect your web server.

Refurbished PCs
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Yahoo! listing of small dealer/refurbishers.

Registry Search and Replace (Win 95/98).

Remote Access / Remote Control / Remote Desktop
LifeWire 17 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools (2024)
comparitech The Best Free Remote Desktop Software for 2022
Tech Radar Pro Best remote desktop software of 2022: Paid and free choices for businesses
Droid Guy 6 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools in 2022
g2 Top Free Remote Support Software
Lost In Technology Best Free Remote Desktop Alternatives
I Love Free Software 5 Free Software to Remotely Connect to Your Computer
NetworkWorldFusion Nutter's Help Desk: Remote Access and VNC (DocFinder: 1563)
NetworkWorldFusion Telework Security Made Easy (DocFinder: 2761)
Gecko and Fly 13 Free VNC ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ For Windows, Mac And Linux
About - Tech 16 Free Remote Access Software Tools - Remotely Access Computers for Free With These Programs
mashable 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
Online Tech Tips 6 Free Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Solutions

Attachmate Corp. RLN Plus (remote control)
Artisoft, Inc. CoSession Remote (remote control)
Avalan Technology, Inc. Remotely Possible/32 v3.2
Avalan Technology was purchased by Computer Associates International, Inc.
Candle Corp. Candle Command Center (remote control)
Cisco Systems Cisco 3640 Modular Multiservice Access Platform (midrange remote access server)
Citrix Systems, Inc. WinFrame (remote control)
Citrix Systems, Inc. WinFrame (test drive)
Cross Loop
CrossTec Corporation or CrossTec Corporation or Danware Data A/S or NetOpUSA NetOP - Windows, OS/2, DOS (remote control) (network, modem, ISDN versions)
Ericsson Datacom Networks Tigris Multiservice Access Platform (remote access system)
Ericsson Datacom Networks Tigris AXC 623 (remote access system)
Fresh NetSoft Remote Assist (remote control)
Remote Assist was purchased by Knozall, Inc.
Funk Software, Inc. WanderLink (remote access)
GoToMyPY fee - web based remote control of your computer
GoToAssist fee - web based remote control of your computer
iRemotePC free and fee remote desktop
LANVisor view screens on other computers on your network.
LogMeIn.com fee - web based remote control of your system
LogMeIn.com fee remote desktop
Lucent MAX TNT (remote access system)
Lucent MAX 6000 (midrange remote access server)
Markham Computer Corp. NetSupport For Windows, OS/2, DOS (remote control)
Network Associates, Inc. (formerly McAfee) Remote Desktop 32 (remote control)
Perle Systems, Inc. Perle 833 (remote access server) Windows 95, 98, NT and Linux
Quarterdeck Corp. Procomm Plus 32 for Win 95/NT and RapidRemote.
Renex Corp. RASter (remote access server)
Remote Desktop Control
Runtime Software RemoteByMail (control your computer via email)
ShowMyPC.com fee and free - web based remote control of your system
skyfex free and fee - web based remote screen viewing.
Splashtop remote support
Stac, Inc. ReachOut (remote control)
Symantec Corp. pcAnywhere 32 v8.0
Symantec Corp. pcAnywhere v12.5
Symantec Corp. pcTelecommute
Team Viewer free and fee versions.
3Com Total Control Multiservice Access Platform (remote access system)
Traveling Software Inc. LapLink for Win 95/NT v7.5
Traveling Software Inc. LapLink Tech
Xcellenet, Inc. RemoteWare Managed Client (remote access server)

yuuguu free and fee - web based screen sharing.

Remote Desktop iPad to Windows
How To Geek emote Desktop to Your Windows Computer From Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
google Remote Desktop iPad to Windows
Apple Store Remote Desktop Lite RDP
Apple Store iTap Mobile RDP
Apple Store Jaadu Remote Desktop for Windows
Apple Store WYSE PocketCloud
Team Viewer free and fee versions.
Apple Store Remote Desktop (RDP) for iPhone and iPad
make use of The Best Free Remote Desktop Apps for Your iPad
zdNet Control your Windows 7 PC remotely through the iPad with Desktop Connect app
iPad Forumns Best Remote Desktop App

Remote Reboot (remote controlled power switch-reboot)
BayTech makers of DS-RPC (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
Belkin, makers of PC OnCall (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
Computer Peripheral Systems hardware solutions for rebooting and remote AC power control
Dataprobe makers of (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
Pulizzi Engineering Inc makers of remote controlled power switch-reboot, ...
SEC Systems Enhancement Corporation makers of Power Administration (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
Server Technology Inc makers of Sentry (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
USA Communications makers of TeleBoot (remote controlled power switch-reboot), ...
Vive Synergies, Inc. makers of Autoreboot, Remote Reboot, ...
Western Telematic makers of various products including remote controlled power switches (remote reboot).

Research Pro (from Canon Software), web research assistant, organizer, printing utility, ...

Rescue Disk
Lifehacker Five Best System Rescue Discs

Research (where new technology is coming from)
allEC.com e-commerce new, information, special reports, ....
AT&T Labs Research research IP + broadband + wireless networking, artifical intelligence, OSes, databases, programming languages, security, ...
Bluetooth Special Interest Group wireless networking
@Brint.com business and technology research portal (news, articles, research papers, ...)
Center for Information Systems Research working papers, seminars, ...
Center for Research in Electronic Commerce articles, working papers, links to research cneters, journals, ...
CIO Research Centers articles, case studies, white papers, books, ... on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, infrastructure, data warehousing, knowledge management, ...
COMMfusion news and information on voice and data convergence, research articles, white papers, web seminars, ...
IBM alphaWorks alpha-code technologies for early adapter developers, latest software evaluation, ....
IBM Research news, information, technical papers, ... related to IBM research in all areas of Information Technology (IT)
ITworld.com news and information (including white papers and analyst reports) from InfoWorld, Computerworld, Network World, CIO, ... on application development, enterprise applications, IT management, networks, security, ...
Microsoft Research news and information reguarding Microsoft research in computer interactivity and intelligence, systems architecture, programming, mathematical methods and algorithms, ...
MIT Artificial Intelligence Labs abstracts and information aout MIT's theoretical and applied research in artificial intelligence, robotics, computational models, ...
MobileInfo news, analysis, technical information relateed to wireless network and mobile computing (links to vendoors, trade associations, academic sites, ...)
Stanford Research Institute International info about next-generation technologies in computer science, machine intelligence, systems design, speech software and human/computer interaction
TechTarget.com portal and search engine to IT specific web sites
TechnologyEvaluation.com news and analysis of technology trends, vendors and products, ...
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) news and info about PARC projects.

ReviverSoft Start Menu (for Windows 8)

Review Finder, an index with links to thousands of products.

Rhode Island Soft Systems makers of ICL Builder, 32bit utility for creating icons from bitmaps, converting icons to bitmaps, and assembling icon libraries, Ovation Studio Pro multimedia development product (Win), ...

Ricoh makers of CD hardware readers/writers, ...

RiT Technologies makers of PatchView Scanner (SNMP module for your rack system for bnetter management/understanding of your wiring setup)

RIT Research Labs makers of The Bat (e-mail program), ...

River Front Software makers of WebDrive (Win 95) software that allows you to map a network drive to a web site.

RJL Pranks make your computer do all kinds of weird stuff

RMSoft (flat) real-mode programs for assembly and C++

RoadKil freeware Windows and Linux utilities.

Robocopy improved copy for NT/2000/XP

RoboForm web form filler and password manager

RoseCitySoftware tweak your internet connection and/or tweak your windows setup, ClipCache (a better Clipboard), ...

RosettaNet business consortium trying to build XML-based trading document specifications for use in business-to-business e-commerce.

Roxio makers of CD Spin Doctor, DirectCD, Easy CD Creator, GoBack, Jewel Case Creator, WinOnCD, UDF Reader (allow any CD-rom drive to readCD-RW disks), ...
Roxio UDF reader and updates for Easy CD Creator, Take Two, Soundstream, Direct CD, Jewel Case Creator, ...

runAware.com test software in your browser without downloading/installing it to your computer.

Runtime Software Captain Nemo (DOS Novell Cross Platform File Manager), backup, data recover, ...
Runtime Software DriveLook Forensic Disk Investigation Tool
Runtime Software WinPE/BartPE Support

rws betas support for any/all beta software.

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Computer Links
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