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Computer Links
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Cable Testers (Category 5) (and information):
WhatIs.com IT Specific Encyclopedia Categories Of Twisted Pair Cabling Systems
Black Box premise wiring tech information
Datacom Textron
Psiber Data Systems
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
WireScope.com wiring standards
InfiniBand Trade Association
TIAonline.org Standards Formulating Group (for information on Cat 6 copper cabling)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) (for information on Cat 7 copper cabling)
Fiber Optics LAN Section fiber optic cable information
3 Com fiber optic cable information
Transition Networks resource page on media conversion.
Network Computing Sorting Out Cabling Standards

John Morris' Home Page -- Programming Tutorials Index to C Programming Class C programming class outline / tutorial.

Cabview graphically shows the contents of the *.CAB file, allowing you to point and click to retrieve one or more files. CAB is the new compression method used on the Win 95 distribution files.

Caching (local and internet)
Caching.com how caching works, vendors, white papers, ...
CacheFlow white papers, ...
Web-Caching.com how caching works, vendors, content distribution services, white papers, market stats, ...
Squid-Caching.com open source caching software

Alteon vendor, with white papers, ...
Alteon CacheDirector - switching
CacheFlow CacheFlow - dedicated appliance
CacheWare Content Manager - software only solution
Cisco Systems Cache Engine - dedicated appliance
Cobalt Networks Cobalt CacheRaq - caching server (based on Red Hat Linux)
Dell Computer PowerApp.cache
F5 Networks Edge-FX - cache product
IBM WebSphere Performance Pack Cache Manager - cache manager
InfoLibria DynaCache - caching appliance
Inktomi Traffic Server, Content Delivery Suite
Intel NetStructure 1500 Cache Appliance - works with Inktomi's Traffic Server
Lucent Technologies WebCache - caching appliance
Mangosoft Cachelink - caching software
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server - integrated firewall/cache
Netscape Proxy Server - caching and ...
Network Appliance or Network Appliance NetCache - caching appliance
Nortel Networks BayStack Web Cache Appliance - caching
Novell Internet Caching System - caching software, BorderManager FastCache - caching/proxy server
Persistence Software Dynami - caching software
Quantex Microsystems WebXL
Radware Cache Server Director - cache-management, ...
SpiderCache Spidercache - software

Cacheman manage the disk and file cache on your Win 95/98 machine.

CacheSentry or CacheSentry Internet Explorer/Outlook cache manager (it deletes oldest files first, Internet Explorer deletes files randomly so that at times the back button won't work).

Caelo Software Nelson Email Organizer (NEO) (plug in search tool for various versions of Outlook)
Network World Fusion - Gearhead docfinder: 4928, Mitigating Messaging

Caldera main page or download page or ftp or Caldera: DR System Builder Kit, a DOs/internet OEM developer kit (includes DOS and DOS web browser) or
makers of OPENDOS shareware/freeware DOS. Based on Novell DOS 7.0.
- Caldera WebSpyder (HTML 3.x-level, DOS-based, graphical Web browser).
- Caldera View (DOS-based, graphical application launcher).
- Caldera SoftKeyboards (enables joystick and/or remote control devices).
- with Built-in Modem Dialer (provides user with modem control).
- with Novell TCP/IP Protocol Stack (interoperabilty with the Internet).
- with PPP/SLIP Support (transparent connectivity to Internet provider or ISP).
makers of NetWare for Linux (three user version available for download).

Calendars/PIM (personal information manager) (web based).
* indicates top 6 Calendar/PIMS from the May 10, 1999 review in InfoWorld. All these are FREE, ad based online services.
Abrio Confluent, Inc.
Ants.com service to keep contact informationup to date.
* AnyDay.com AnyDay.com, Inc.
* AppointNet AppointNet, Inc.
Bullwhip Extranet Bullwhip Solutions, Inc.
calendars.net free online web calendar
DayTimers Web Calendar/PIM
Day-Timer Digital Day-Timer Digital, Inc.
Easy Diary Ruskin Software Technology, Inc.
* Jump Jump Networks Inc. (? 5/99 being purchased by Microsoft ?)
KoolGo.net KoolCal, portable mini-calendar
LifeMinders.com, not a calendar, but an e-mail reminder service.
Magical Desk Magically, Inc.
My Time Lycos, Inc.
pcReminder.com e-mail prescheduled notes to yourself.
PlanetAll.com Amazon.com
ScheduleOnline Jintek, Inc.
SuperCalendar SuperCalendar.com, Inc.
TimeTrade.com real time, onlione appointment scheduling.
Uniplanet Uniplanet Inc.
* Visto.Briefcase Visto Corp.
WebCal Corp. free, web-based personal calendar service.
* When AOL Inc. (5/99 purchased by AOL)
Xtime Scheduler online scheduling system designed to schedule real time appointments.
* Yahoo Calendar Yahoo, Inc.
Zkey.com Zkey Personal Information Manager (PIM) with calendar, address book, ... and 50mb of web based drive space. Sold this part of business to Ants.com.

Network Calendars
ABS Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.
Brown Bear Software network and internet calendar
Code Two Share Outlook Calendars for Free, calendar sharing software
Duality Software CalendarScope persoal and network calendar
Efficient Software Efficient Calendar Network
E Z Schedule Appointment Manager
MultiCalendar personal and network
Office Tracker
OrgBusiness Software personal and network calendars
Schedule It

Calluna Technology makers of PC Card, type III hard drives.

Calmira Online a Windows 95 shell for Windows 3.1/3.11
Abandoned Zone Calmira XP 4.0 - make your Windows 3.1 look and act like Windows XP.
Calmira XP 4.0 make your Windows 3.1 look and act like Windows XP.

cambs.com, download page and antispy.zip utility to deal with Aureate Spy software.

Camtech 2000 shareware and freeware

Canon Software, makers of Video, (movie creation), eJay MP3 (audio converter + DJ), ...
Cannon Software WebRecord and WebRecord Pro

Canyon Software makers of Drag and View (allows viewing of file formats without having the software that created them), Browe and Zip (view contents of online ZIP files without having to download them) ...

Carvin' a snowboarding game for DOS/Windows.

Cace Technologies The Network Toolkit (and other software)

Catalog City is a compendium of 17,000+ catalogs, 2,400+ are online, 650+ allow online sales of product.

NoNags Catalog tools (music, software, pictures, ...
Inside Cat disc cataloging software (free and fee)

Catalyst Development Autopad 97, a new random information manager.

CCleaner.com CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool

CD Software, makers of QuicKey, a utility that records keystrokes and mouseclick sequences.

CD and DVD Authoring information
Wikipedia book type
Wikipedia compact disc manufacturing
How Stuff Works How CDs Work
Ad Terras Per Aspera How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media
CDfreaks.com How to combine few DVDs into one
DimaSoft DVDReMake - combine multiple DVDs into a single DVD.
VideoReDo forums / FAQs.

CentralOps.Net advanced online internet utilities: Domain Dossier, Domain Check, Email Dossier, Browser Mirror, Ping, TraceRoute, NSlookup, AutoWhois, TCPquery, AnalyzePath

cFos Software Gmbh, Bonn cFos (DSL PPPoE / ISDN CAPI Fossil - virtual com port) (DOS, Win 3.1, Win 9/x, Win NT, OS/2)
cFOS increase functionality of your broadband internet connection (translate modem commands into broadband commands).

Circuit Systems makers of CD-Quick Cache (CD cacheing software), ...


Chat (internet chat, instant messaging, ...)

ChangeDetection.com track web pages for changes.

Anastasis Chatzioglou tools for engineers and DVDs.

Chicago Map Corporation makers of GPS interactive maps (USGS topographic maps)

Chicago-Soft makers of DLLaGator (allow various software to run various versions of .DLLs, .OCX, ..).

Chime various multimedia utilities, including: TrayPlay
PC World.com TrayPlay (audio player)

ChimeNote a post-it note-style web application that you can access from any web browser


CIO.com How To Read A Press Release

Cisco Systems makers of various network hardware, ... Cisco Systems - Technical Support

Citadel Computer Systems, Inc. NetWare NLM software, including: NetOFF, NetCONSOLE, NetQ, NetWATCH, NetPURGE, CPR (Crash Protection and Recovery-includes server protection, scripting, logoff, screen capture) ...

Classic Software NovCron-NLM that performs specified tasks at scheduled times. CSTime-NLM that resets system to to retrieved time via modem call.

Classic Video Games and Computers featuring games: Trade Wars, Magic: The Gathering, ... computers: Arati, Commodore, ...

Clear & Simple, makers of DiskJockey (Win 98/2000 file manager, with file viewers, ZIP, FTP client, audio file player, ...)

ClearForest information search and management tools

clevertools network tools and utilities

ClickAbility.com brand transparent tools to enhance web site traffice and branding.

Click Bot HTTP analysis tool

Click To Convert, a windows based tool that converts Word or Excel into a HTML document.

PC World.com Clip'n'Save Data (ClipBook Viewer - improved clipboard viewer)
PCWorld.com ClipBook Viewer - clipboard enhancement/replacement
google search free clipboard tools
alternative to ClipDiary
Blue Mars ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager
clipdiary Clipboard Manager
Clip Magic
ControlC online clipboard
ditto Clipboard Manager
Donation Coder Clipboard Help+Spell
Ditto clipboard manager
GCB Project Global Clipboard (network sharable clipping)
inteleXual YC3 - Yankee Clipper 3
janzeman Clipboard Manager
JoeJoe's Freewaare ArsClip
Jumping Bytes Software Clipboaord Master
M8Software Multi-Clipboard
mem turbo ClipTrakker - clipboard enhancement/replacement
NirSoft Clipboardic (network sharable clipping)
Thorn Software ClipMate Clipboard Extender
Nakashima Tomoaki CLCL (clipboard caching utility)
xNeat Clipboard Manager

ClockBand, an improved Windows TaskBar Clock.

Clones site for help with older IBM PC clone hardware/software.

U.S.A. Today Cloud Computing Looms Larger On Corporate Horizon.
Extreme Tech Megaupload’s demise: What happens to your files when a cloud service dies?

Cluetrain Manifesto, source of the Cluetrain Manifesto (a set of 95 theses - what the internet is and isn't).

Clustering (High Availability Servers)
Beowulf Project parallel-processing solution (clustering)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) MC/ServiceGuard
IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP)
Legato Systems (cluster)
MangoSoft makers of Medley (Win95 / Win98) fault tolerant clustering software for pooling network resources (hard drives, modems, ...).
Novell High Availability Server (clustering)
Sun Microsystems Cluster
Veritas Software (clustering)

Cobblestone Software makers of PaperDisk (encodes printing on normal printers, for retreival by scanners).

codecs.com audio and video

CodeWelt Image MetaData Stripper v1.0 Freeware

Collaboration Software:
Convey Systems virtual call center
DocumentForum.com LegalForum (collaborative office applications)
ERoom Technology eRoom (online collaboration product)
First Virtual Communications Click To Meet For Exchange (collaboration tools)
Lotus SameTime
Microsoft Exchange Conferencing Server
NuoMedia.com file sharing and collaboration tools
Parlano, Inc. MindAlign (collaboration tool)
Spartacom Technologies WebDemo
Visto collaboration tools, office intergration, ...
Command Line ss64 Command line reference: Database and Operating Systems.
Command Line King Fu Linux, OS X, Windows.

Computer Associates International, Inc. Cheyenne Software, Inc. InocuLAN/PC Virus - prevention, detection, removal software, ARCserveIT backup software, FAXserve fax software, ...

CDP or CDPI Columbia Data Products - SnapBack Live (backup), SnapBack Dup (clone HD) (DOS) Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

CMD Tools Win32 command line tools, by Dave Navarro

CNetUSA makers of various hardware including SinglePoint (internet sharing hub), ...

Communication Intelligence Corp, makers of Handwriter Recognition System (handwriting recognition software)

A T & T Research papers by Andrew Odlyzko on Communications Networks and Related Topics (including: Content Is Not King, ...)

Computer Information Center

Computer Network Technology, makers of Storage Area Network (SAN) products including SAN Over IP, ...

Comfort Point makers of ergnomic devices - wrist supports for keyboards, mouse, ...

Command Prompt
PowerCMD a command prompt replacement.
PromptPal a tabbed command prompt for the XP age.

Command Software Systems, Inc.
- F-PROT Professional File Downloads Section
- F-PROT Professional for DOS and Windows
- F-PROT Professional for NetWare
- List of other interesting links.
Virus - F-PROT, prevention, detection, removal software.
Files also available at: ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/virus/fp-???.zip, ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/virus/fp-???.zip http://www.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/virus/fp-???.zip.

CommTouch Maker of Pronto 97 e-mail client software.

Compex makers of various network hardware including NIC (Network Interface Cards) hubs, ...

Component Software makers of CS-RCS (Revision Control System-for managing changes to software) (Windows)

CompuMentor where computer professionals can donate time to charities. see also TechSoup.org

Computer Language Company, Inc. makers of a computer language dictionary that explains the terminology.

eric's Computer Tech, Tricks & Tips

Computer Peripheral Systems hardware solutions for: rebooting and remote AC power control RS-232 products (Sync or Async) (including: modem sharing, port sharing, ...) Dial Security Products Telephone Line Sharing (including: internet access, ...)

Computer Redistribution Team gives free computers to needy people and non-profit groups arouund the world.

Computer User Groups in Southern Californa
Los Angeles Windows User Groups April 1 meeting.
@LA Computers in Southern California: a directory of organizational links for Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County
Association of C and C++ Users
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
California Southland Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Meetings are the third Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm
Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), Los Angeles Meetings are the second Thursday of the month, 6:00pm
ComputerUser.com world wide user group listings
ComputerUser.com list of So. Calif. user groups
Inner City Computer Society (ICCS) Meetings are the fourth Sunday of each 3rd month (quarterly), 2:00pm
International Interactive Communications Society (IICS), Los Angeles Meetings are the first Saturday of the month, 10:00am (WebSpinners SIG)
Internet Society (ISOC), Los Angeles Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm
Institute for Network Professionals (INPNET)
LANet (Los Angeles Novell User Group) NetWare Users International, Los Angeles (LANet) Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm
Los Angeles Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm
Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month (September-June)
Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE) Meetings are the last Thursday of the month, 7:00pm
Los Angeles Macintosh Group (LAMG) Meetings are the fourth Thursday of the month, 7:30pm
NaSPA (Network and Systems Professionals Association) - web site and FTP site
Network Professionals Association (NPA), Los Angeles Meetings are the third Thursday of the month, 6:15pm
Novell User Groups - general info
NetWare Users International hosting local user groups, ListServ, ...
NetWare Users International Novell
San Diego NetWare Users Association newsletter, message board, links, ...
PIBMUG (Pasadena IBM Users Group), files, internet sig, directions Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm
Power Graphics User Network (PCUN) Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm
Santa Clarita Valley's PC User Group or Santa Clarita Valley's PC User Group
Southern California Wireless Users Group
TUG-NET (Technical User Groups NETwork)
Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society
User Group Network
Valley Computer Club
Venice Interactive Community Meetings are monthly (see web site for details), 6:00pm
Webgrrls International, Los Angeles Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of the month, 8:00pm

WINdows usERS Southern California Region User Groups (SCRUG) - list of user groups in Southern Caifornia

Linux Computer User Groups
Linux International Users Group
rebel-OS.com Linux / Open Sourceadvocacy group.
Linux Users, Los Angeles (LULA)
Los Angeles Linux User Groups Linux User Group meetings
Install Fest come install Linux at this monthly event sponsored by the Linux Users of Los Angeles (LULA).
Linux at LAX
The Linux Labs User Group, located in the San Fernando Valley.
Long Beach Linux User Group
Los Angeles Linux User Groups
San Fernando Valley Linux User Group (SFVLUG)
San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group
San Gabriel Valley Linux User Group (SGVLUG)
San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group
San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group (LUG) Meetings are the second Thursday of the month, 7:00pm
Santa Barbara Linux Users Group Meetings are every two weeks.
Santa Clarita Valley Linux User Group (SCVLUG)
Simi/Conejo Linux User Group (SCLUG)
tux.org east coast USA Linux user groups
UCLA Linux Users Group
University of Southern California Linux User Group
LinuxMafia Bay Area Linux Cabal (user association)
North Bay Linux Users Group (NBLUG)
Linux Cabal
Linux Organization for Women (LinuxChix)
Linux Users of Northern Illinois
Bay Area Python User Group

New England NT Users Group

Computer User Online - UserWeb, East Coast User Group resource

PC Guide What Happened to Compaq.com?

Computer Recycling
PC World.com Hardware Tips: What Should You Do With Your Old Computer?
Dell Exchange 4 ways of disposing of your old computer system
PCdisposal.com How to dispose of your old computers.
TechSoup.org recycling computer information

Computer Shows & Expos
Guerrilla Guide To High-Tech shows, an insiders guide to high tech trade shows.
TechVenue.com, listings of IT business events (trade shows, conferences, user groups, professional groups, ...)
Computer Telephony Conference Los Angeles Convention Center
Spring Internet World Los Angeles Convention Center
NetWorld+Interop Las Vegas, NV
AIIM Anaheim Convention Center, CA
Los Angeles Expo Center monthly Consumer Computer and Electronics Show (downtown Los Angeles)
LinuxWorld Expo San Jose Convention Center.
Linux Expo Duke University, Durham, NC
Legal Tech or Legal Tech or Legal Tech
NetWare Conference Disneyland Hotel & Conference Center
ICE - Internet Commerce Expo L.A.Convention Center
ISPcon Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas
Comdex Las Vegas Convention Center
Tech Expo L.A.Convention Center, West Hall
Trade Show Central Site Listers
Trade Show Site Listers
PC World Comdex Fall 2001: Picks and Pans
Business Week Online Comdex' Toubles Not Just Tech (Parent company, Key3Media, may be heading for bankruptcy)
google.com search on Key3Media Comdex for more articles on failing computer shows

Computer Swap Meets
American Mega Computer Show
National Productions Computer Fair

Computer Vendors
1-800-Batteries (800) 228-8374
Aberdeen custom systems, ...
AberBid auction of parts
ArcaMax discounted older versions of many popular programs
Apple hardware, software, ...
Beyond.com software, ...
BigClearance.com discounted current software.
Black Box 412-873-6820
Boffin 800-248-5328
Buy.com software, ...
BuyComp + Digital River buy software online and download purchase.
BuyCheapSoftware.com 300+ programs
BuyDirect.com buy software online, then download it.
Cable Express (800) 318-2695
Cables To Go all kinds of cables, connectors, ...
The Card Cooler fans, heatsinks, ...
Compaq Factory Outlet
Corporate Systems Center hard drives
CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse (800) 664-4239
Computer Show a Los Angeles area computer store that specializeds in reburbished Dell computers.
Compuvest new, used, refurbs, ...
chumbo.com software, ...
Club MAC (800) 258-2622
Club PC (800) 258-2721
CompUSA (800) 768-1957 or (800) 266-7872
ComputAbility (800) 554-9951
ComputerESP find the lowest cost for any product.
Computer Surplus Outlet overstocks, closeouts, ...
Computer Books & Software 4 Less large selection older software / books.
Computer Connection refurbished networking equipment.
Comp-U-Plus peripherials
Computer Geeks discount computer outlet. With links, drivers libarary, ...
Computer Geeks CD-Rom drives (IDE and SCSI)
Contact East Networking (800) 282-1800
Corporate Systems Center sells data storage devices
Cyberguys! computer supplies, ...
Dalco Electronics
Dartek Computer Supply Corp. (800) 832-7835
DataComm Mall (800) 898-3282
Data Comm Warehouse (800) 650-2153 Data Comm Warehouse - software
Delkin Devices, Inc. (800) 637-8087, Distributors for specialty memory (laptops, fax, laser printer, digital cameras, ...)
Dell or Dell Technical Support (800) 571-3355 now sells servers with Linux pre-installed.
Dell Factory Outlet
Dirt Cheap Drives sells anything that holds data.
Disk-O-Tape, Inc. name brand data storatge media (tapes, CD-R, CD-RW, ZIP, Jazz, ...)
DLL.Star OEM commercial software, for the cost of shipping (selection of software changes regularly).
DriveGuys.com new and used hardware and software.
DynoTech buy software online then download.
eBatts.com batteries: laptop, UPS, mobile phone, camcorder, ...
E-Warehouse buy software online, then download OR snail mail it. Also has Free Zone for freeware and trial software.
Eagle Electronics (800) 992-3191
Egghead.com online store online, no retails stores.
Elek-Tek (800) 473-1302
Electro Mavin small selection of low price somputer parts/accessories
eLinux.com rack-mountable servers, programming books, community tools (articles, newsletter, discussion groups, ...)
Essex Portable Solutions (800) 463-7739, Distributors of laptop accessories.
First Source International (800) 428-9866
Gates/arrow Distributing (800) 332-2222
Gateway Gateway - Technical Support
Gigabuys hardware, ...
Global Computer Supplies (800) 845-6225
Go Battery (888) 462-2883
HardDrive.com IDE, SCSI, FireWire. Cables, cases, ...
Hello Direct (800) 444-3556
HOTlinx, all things Linux.
HP hardware, ...
iGo.com mobile technology.
Industrial Computer Source (800) 459-7442
Ingram Micro (800) 456-8000 reseller
Inmac (800) 477-7805
Insight.com (800) 618-4444
Internet Shopping Mall computer superstore. check out the Hot Deals Central and the Specials & Rebates.
Intol Computers
Intranet Warehouse networking products (good prices on NetWare)
Jem Computers sell refurbished and excess inventory.
JustDeals.com new and refurbished computers and accessories
LanBlvd.com specializing in network products
Laptop Travel electrical adapters, modem converters/couplers, security accessories, cases, RAM, add-ons, ...
Linux2order 10,000+ open source applications.
Linux Central all things Linux (systems, peripherals, software, ...)
LinuxMall.com all things Linux (systems, peripherals, software, ...)
Linux Systems Labs selling all major Linux distributions. Reasonably discounted.
Liquidation Station.com new and refurbished computers and accessories
The MAC Zone (800) 248-0800
MegaHaus storage solutions (hard drives, DVD, RAID, CD-mastering, ...)
MEI-Micro Center (800) 634-3478, including bargain bin, ...
MemoryDealers.com, Inc. USA - all kinds of ram, for all kinds of devices/computers
MemoryDealers.com, Inc. UK - all kinds of ram, for all kinds of devices/computers
Memory Man
Merisel (800) 637-4735 reseller
Micro Warehouse (800) 378-9082
Micron Micron - Technical Support
MobileMania.com digital camers, PDAs, cases, adapters, ...
MobilePlanet handhelds, notebooks, PDAs, wireless communication, travel-size printers and scanners, ...
Mobile Planet (800) 675-2638 (mobile computing)
Monorail discontinued and refurbished computers at factory outlet
Multiwave Dorect PC parts and peripherals
NCE Storage Solutions (800) 767-2587
Network Generations online seller of older versions of Novell products
999central.com, all software $9.99. 500+ porograms, 200+ DVDs.
999software.com, all software $9.99
NotebookSuperStore.com 100+ laptop models, from 9+ manufacturers.
Notebook Drives Outlet
npsoft.org software discounted for non-profits and academic institutions
On Technology's Editors Choice Catalog (800) 381-5686 or main page or main page (ZAC) (800) 476-3892
Optical Laser Storage Systems and Supplies (800) 776-9215
Outpost.com hardware, ...
Pacific Business Systems (800) 258-2721
Pacific Custom Cable for networks, computers, power, ...
PC Cables Etc... (800) 429-5900
PC Connection (800) 600-8257
PC Liquidator (310) 374-7448 1706 Aviation Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA
PC Mall (800) 555-6255
PC Zone (800) 258-2088
PCs Compleat - CompUSA (800) 581-7904 (see CompUSA above)
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
Port (800) 242-3133 (stock current batteries), ...
Power Computing (800) 952-8641 - MAC hardware
PowerWarehouse batteries for all your power needs
The Programmer's Super Shop (800) 421-8006
Qualix Direct (800) 455-9273 unix
Recompute remanufactured PCs.
Road Warrior International (800) 274-4277 for laptops
Roger's Systems Specialist (800) 366-0579
Seneca Data (800) 227-3432 reseller
7-24.com Outlet Store computer hardware and electronic closeouts.
ShopForAComputer.com The A To Z Online Computer Shopping Directory.
Soft Warehouse (800) 451-7638
Software Buyline buy software online and download it immediately.
SoftwareForResellers.com wholesale prices for wholesale quantities.
Software Spectrum (800) 787-1166
Software.net buy software online, deliver by snail mail.
Software Clearance Outlet (800) 230-7638 (older/discontinued software)
Sony hardware, software, ...
Specialized Products Company (800) 866-5353
Surplus Computers hardware and software
Surplus Direct (800) 753-7877 (older / discontinued software)
Tech Data (800) 237-8931 reseller
Tech Depot an Office Depot company
TigerDirect - Power UP (800) 335-4055
Tiger Software (800) 888-4437
UniDirect unix software (800) 808-9063 or (800) 613-1679
Used Computer Solutions
Worldnet Computers
XDR II Co. (877) 700-7425, (818) 701-7425 blank media (floppies, CDs, Zip Disks, Tapes, ...)

Computer Vendors (used)
Alltronics new and used hardware/software.
baber.com used/refurbished laptops, ...
BuySellXchange.com for used/refurbished gear.
Computer Connection Corporation (612) 884-0758 buy/sell new/used.
Computer Renaissance, specializing in used/older equipment.
Dell Factory Outlet
Electrified Discounters desktops, laptops, peripherials, ...
Halted Specialties new/used (800) 442-5833.
Liquidation Station desktops, laptops, peripherials, ...
PC Planet laptops, ...
RefurbDepot.com computers, electronics, office equipment, ...
Underground Computers, sells used laptops, ...
Universal Computers, sells new and used laptops (and desktop) computer hardware and software.
Used Computer Mall refurbished computers from major manufacturers
Used-PCs.com desktops, notebooks, accessories, ...
USoX buy used software online. Or sell your used software.
WeirdStuff Warehouse new/used hardware / software.
Comtrol Corporation - web site and FTP site, makers of Rocketport: multiport serial boards.

Concord USA Charlotte: manages, catalogues & categorizes web sites you have visited.

Condrey Computer Consulting AuditLogin (NetWare NLM)

ConfigureSofter software to control/manage/install Microsoft bug fixes/patches.

Conner - Backup Exec (Seagate) Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

Consolidated Servers reviewed by Network World - August 18, 1997 and rated on a scale of 1 - 10.
6.2 ChatCom, Inc.
5.8 CommVision Corp.
7.7 Cubix Corp.

Contact Plus Central More Space, SpamBuster, Task Plus, Contact Plus, ... software for small businesses

Convert Word Documents To Clean HTML online converter. Free.
Text Fixer convert Word To HTML online. Free.
PDF DOC Converter free download.
Doc File Converter free download.
File Wiggler online file conversion, audio, video, ...
OmniFormat Convert over 75 different file formats. Download.
Click To Convert Word Document To HTML or PDF. Download 15 day trial.
Soft Interface Document Conersion Utility. Download trial.
Word Cleaner convert Word Document To HTML. Download, trial.
Word To HTML convert Word Document To HTML. Download, trial.
Convert Zone convert various file formats.
MyMorph doownload and install - free file conversion
You Convert It online file converter
zamar online file converter from DOCX, XLSX, ... to multiple other formats.
Microsoft download: Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

CoolHotNot What's best, wanted and worst in consumer electronics.

Coolware or Cool-Ware makers of various software including BrowserSwitch (Win95, Win98), ...

Copernic makers of Copernic search engine search tools, WinKey The Windows Keyboard Enhancer (reprogram the WinKey), ...

Corel Corporation - main page, customer service / technical support, events, trade shows, ... user groups, galleria, Training Partners, Solution Partners, Service Bureaus, license program, academic programs, Corel Graphics, Word Perfect Office Suite (DOS, Win 31., Win 95, Java, Unix, Corel WordPerfect Office Suite for DOS Linux or Linux, ...), SCSI software, CD Server software, Web Authoring Suite, CD creation software, PIMs, ... ftp://ftp.corel.com download patches, older product, ...

Corel Computer Corporation makers of Linux based servers (and soon workstations) based on Red Hat Linux.

WordPerfect for DOS Updated new printer drivers, Euro Symbol Support, ...
WordPerfect for DOS Updated new printer drivers, Euro Symbol Support, ...

Corporate Systems Center makers of a floppy drive 10x faster than current models.

Countdown Clock

Cove Manufacturing makers of Ad-A-Drawer (a drawer that fits in a 5 1/4" drive bay on your computer).


CPUindex tool for testing performance of CPU

CPU Speed Comparisons speed tests on processors.

cpu id.com online resources for x86 technical information (FAQs, software, ...)

Crash Guard
Alexander Lan, Inc. Automatic crash recovery software for Novell NetWare networks
Citadel Computer Systems, Inc. CPR (NetWare Crash Protection and Recovery)
CyberMedia FirstAid: Guardian and AutoFix
Network Associates recently purchased CyberMedia.
Network Associates (formerly McAfee) Nuts & Bolts: Registry Wizard and Bomb Shelter
Symantec Norton Utilities includes CrashGuard, DiskDoctor, ...
PowerQuest SecondChance (Windows system recovery)
Adaptec, GoBack, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility/time based versioning software.

Adaptec support for GoBack, Adaptec uppgrade GoBack.
WildFile, GoBack, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility/time based versioning software.

Crazy Inc interesting scripts written in AutoHotkey

Creative Labs web site web site FAQs Online Knowledgebase makers of Soundblaster sound cards.

FTP site with older Creative Sound Blaster drivers

Crystal Software, makers of TextPipe (search and replace across multiple documents) (Windows)

CT Software makers of Safety Net Pro for Windows which backs up key system files including *.INI, Registry and Startup files.

Cricket tool for monitoring network traffic loads.

Cross International Corporation makers of CD server hardware/software, message board, pager, screen-to-screen messageing and phone notes, ...

Crucial makers of hardware including SDRAM, ...

CyberMedia makers of software - Oil Change (automatic software update), FirstAid, Uninstalller, GuardDog...
Network Associates recently purchased CyberMedia.

CD Servers Hardware/Software.
Axis Communications makers of CD server hardware/software, print servers, ...
Axonix Corporation makers of CD server hardware/software, ...
Castelle OfficeConnect CD-Rom Server
CMS Enhancements or CMS Enhancements (800) 327-5773
Corel Corporation Corel Graphics, Word Perfect Suite, SCSI software, CD Server software, Web Authoring Suite, CD creation software, ...
Cross International Corporation makers of CD server hardware/software, message board, pager, screen-to-screen messageing and phone notes, ...
Cutting Edge or Cutting Edge CD servers, ...
Meridian Data, Inc. (800) 767-2537 makers of CD Server hardware/software, ...
Micro Design (800) 228-0891 makers of SCSI Express
MicroTest, Inc. (800) 526-9675 makers of CD Server hardware and software, network testing equipment, ...
Network Storage (800) 532-2224
Ornetix Network Products and CD related makers of CD server hardware/software, ...
Perisol Technology enterprise networking storage solutions, ...
Pinnacle Micro makers of CD hardware (readers/writers), Magnetic Optical drives, ...
Plextor (800) 886-3935
Procom (800) 800-8600 x 414
Realm Info. Technologies (770) 446-1332
Ricoh (800) 955-3453 makers of CD hardware readers/writers), ...
SCINET (800) 653-1010 x 140 makers of CD server hardware/software, DiscJockey (4 quad minichangers), SciNet CD-Manager, ...
Stac Electronics, Inc. CD server software
TAC Systems (800) 659-4440
Todd Enterprises (800) 445-8633

CD-R - makers of CD-R hardware/software.
Adaptec or Adaptec has links to CD recorder manufacturers.
Adaptec CD recorders
Adaptec Direct CD (data copy software)
Adaptec Easy CD Creator (software) (music or data)
Adaptec ThreadMark benchmarking software
Adaptec's CD Recorder [hardware] Information Database
Aplix Corporation WinCDR (CD-R/RW software)
Artmedia CD-RW RWI-6220BI (hardware)
Ashampoo Burning Software (v6 is free)
AVI2VCD freeware rendering program produces whitebook-compatible MPEG1
Burn To The Brim utility to fill CD-R (software)
CD Mate CD-R/CD-RW software
CD Speed 99 measures performance of your reader(s)
CD Wave or CD Wave software to create cue sheets for your audio files (for CD-Rs)
CeQuadrat WinOnCD (software)
Creative Digital Research CDR Publisher HyCD (software)
Compaq makers of (hardware)
Computer Shopper's NetBuyer product search for Recordable CDs (hardware)
copy-hd-ripper.com AnyDVD ripper
CD Dupe-It!, the stand alone CD duplication system (with external SCSI port) (hardware)
CDR Diagnostic a program for rescuing 'lost' data
Digital Domain tips and tricks from a mastering engineer
DVD Styler DVD authoring software (freeware)
Dynatek makers of (hardware).
Eastman Kodak makers of (hardware).
Elaborate Bytes CloneCD (software)
Elektroson or Elektroson makers of Gear (software).
Feurio or Feurio multi-language audio CD-R creation software.
Glory Logic ISO Workshop (freeware)
Golden Hawk commercial CD-R software for DOS, 3.1, 95, NT, ...
Golden Hawk freeware CD-R software for DOS, 3.1, 95, NT, ...
DOS CD Roast freeware CD-R software for DOS (ie. without Windows)
Hamstersoft Hamster Free Burning Studio (freeware)
Hi-Val CD-RW (hardware)
Hewlett-Packard Co. SureStore CD-Writer Plus - CD-RW (hardware)
Hewlett-Packard online support (click on "Contacting Us")
InfraRecorder (freeware)
JVC Information Products makers of (hardware).
KoyoteSoft Free CD DVD Burner (freeware)
KoyoteSoft ISOpen ISO Burner (freeware)
MicroTech Conversion Systems makers of (hardware).
MicroTest, Inc. QuickTOPiX (software)
Millenniata write once, read forever
Mitsubishi makers of MCA-CDVR4 CD recorders (read 1x, 2x, 4x - write 1x, 2x, 4x) (hardware)
Mitsumi makers of (hardware).
Mitsui Toatsu makers of (hardware).
NECX Direct product search for Recordable CDs (hardware)
Nero makers of (software).
NewTech Infosystems, Inc. CD-Maker Pro (software)
ntonyx makers of various audio software program, including: virtual audio cable (redirect any audio stream from one device to another-ie. from audio player to recorder).
Olympus makers of (hardware).
Pacific Digital makers of (hardware).
Panasonic makers of (hardware).
Philips Electronics N.V. EasyWriter 2600 - CD-R (hardware)
Pinnacle Micro makers of (hardware).
Pioneer makers of (hardware).
Plasmon makers of (hardware).
Plextor makers of (hardware).
Philips Professional Solutions makers of (hardware).
Prassi software
Primera Technology makers of Composer Optical Disc Duplicator, ...
Procom makers of (hardware).
Ricoh makers of (hardware).
Rimage Corp Producer Prostar (unit with multiple printers and CD-R/DVD-R in one deivce) (hardware)
Rocket Divison
Rocket Divison StarBurn CD / DVD / Blu-Ray / HD-DVD software
Roxio Easy CD Creator (formerly owned by Adaptec)
Roxio information, tutorials, forums, ...
Roxio UDF reader and updates for Easy CD Creator, Take Two, Soundstream, Direct CD, Jewel Case Creator, ...
Samsung makers of (hardware).
Shaffstall Corporation Orient CD-11
Smart And Friendly CD Rocker (8x write, 20x read) (hardware)
SmartDisk VST CD-R/RW (FireWire)
Smart Storage Win NT, NetWare, Unix CD-R software.
Smart Storage FloppyCD software (win95), allows you to treat a CD like a floppy, and just copy data to it.
Sonic Foundry Sonic Forge (software)
Sony Electronics or Sony Electronics makers of (hardware).
Sony Spressa CSP-960S, Spressa CDU928E/C - CD-R (hardware)
SUPER Blank erases up to seven drives concurrently and can erase fouled discs.
Turtle Beach Systems makers of (hardware).
TDK or TDK makers of (hardware).
Teac makers of (hardware).
Todd Enterprises makers of (hardware).
Verbatim makers of (hardware).
Yamaha or Yamaha makers of (hardware).
YMI makers of SimpliCD (software).
Taio Yuden makers of (hardware).
CD Burner XP

CD-R - utilities/sources/...
CD Media World everything you wanterd to know about CD-Rs.
CD Media World CD-R Technical Information
CD Media World OverSize/OverBurn CD-R's
BurnC Programs to compare the files and structure on the CD-R with the source
CDCheck a utility to see if CD is still readable by your computer.
CDR Identifier Identify your CDR Media
CD-ROM Productions CD-R Inspector, CD-R Diagnostic, (utilities to test/recover data from CDs) ...
CD Roller CD / DVD data recovery
CDSPEED.com CD/DVD tools/utilities
CompTree Programs to compare the files and structure on the CD-R with the source
CD-R Label catalogues a data disc
Digital Armor, makers of CD Armor, a protective casing for CDs that stays on CD while it is in use.
DISCUS a program for printing on discs, labels and inserts
Drasbek, makers of DiskIndex (a file catalog utility for tracking files on your removeable and fixed media)
Esprit Development, makers of CD Repair (make your old scratchy CDs readable again).
Fargo Direct-to-disc printers
ItsMyCD.com, upload your music/data files and they make the CD for you.
SmartProjects.net ISO buster (figure out the contents of an ISO before burning to CD)
CD-World CD Recorders, CD Replicators, and blank CDs.
CD Stomper makers of CD Labeler Kit (stick on labels).
Neato LLC makers of CD Labeler Kit (stick on labels).
Rimage Direct-to-disc printers
PoikoSoft Easy CD-DA Extractor (ripper, converter, burner), Power Encoder (ripper, converter), CD Ripper, Copy To CD/DVD
StripWave analyzes and corrects anomalies in the header
StreamBox.com Real Media capture
Total Recorder allows you to capture to file anything which can be heard from your sound card.
Trace Affex CD-R duplication and printing
Tracer Technologies denoising software and related products
Wave Corrector denoising software (audio filters to remove clicks, pops, hissing, ... from *.WAV files)
Online Tech Tips 6 Free Blu-ray Disc Burning Software Apps
LifeHacker Five Best CD and DVD Burning Tools

CD-R - blank media
CD-DVD-Supplies.com sells blank media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, floppies, ...)
CD-Recordable Factory Store manufacturer of CD-R, sell CD-Rs and accessories
CD-DVD-Supplies.com sells blank media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, floppies, ...)
CDR Rack CD / DVD media and cases
Disk Market sells blank media, as well as high speed duplicators, CD label printers, storage, mailing supplies, ...
GotMedia.com sells blank media, accessories, supplies, as well as duplication devices
Media Source sells blank media (CD-R, optical discs, Zip, Jaz, DAT, floppies, data cartridges, ...
Media Supply sells blank media (CD-R), disc duplicators, ... Services include: CD-R duplication, printing, silk-screening, ...
Cassette House sells blank media (DAT, cassette, MiniDisc, CD-R, VHS, S-VHS, Mini-DV tape, ...)

CD-R - newsgroups/FAQ/information/...
CNN.COM/Sci Tech "Copy-Proof" CDs Cracked With Marker Pen
Special Interest Group for CD Applications and Technology.
Optical Storage Technology Association
The CD Information Center
Data Longevity on media
longevity of CD-R media TDK CD-R Technology
longevity of CD-R media Kodak Writeable CD and Photo CD Media
Standards Published on Permanence of Electronic Materials
CD-DA summary with list of drives and DAE capability
U.S.News Online Whoops, There Goes Another CD-Rom (Storing Information On Disk And Tape IS Convenient, But How Long Will It Last?
Clive Backham: Transferring LPs to CDR: Some Advice (This is also somewhat applicable to other forms of audio input.)
Best CD-R Burning Software tutorials, news, links, reviews, ...
CD Media World news, reviews, articles, links, ...
CD Media World CD-R Quality
CD Page DVDs, CDs, CD-R, CD-R/W, ... news, articles, software, tutorials, links, ...
CD-Recordable FAQ
CD-R Tutorial
CD-ROM Digital Audio (CD-DA) introduction
CD-RW Central news, reviews, tips, walk-throughs,...
CDR-Info news, reviews, links, ...
CD Speed Windows software for testing accuracy of digital-audio extraction.
The Coaster Factory CD-R(W) Information. News, archives, software, hardware, tutorials, articles, glossary, links, ...
The Coaster Factory CD-R(W) Information. News, archives, software, hardware, tutorials, articles, glossary, links, ...
EAC tutorial
Computer Shopper Modernize Your Music Collection
Computer Shopper CD recorders and recording (reviews, articles, ...)
Computer Shopper - downloads look for: CD Audio Information Downloader (info about music CDs), CDex (convert CDs to WAV and MP3), CoverPro (create CD covers and labels), DART CD Recorder (make music CDs from MP3, WAV, MIDI, ...)
CDex (sourceforge.net)
SourceForge CDex is a CD-Ripper, extracting digital audio data from an Audio CD. The application supports many Audio encoders, like MPEG (MP2,MP3), VQF, AAC encoders. (Windows)
Dear Myrtle (genealogy web site) Q & A: What is the life span of a CD
Dicks CD-R page unofficial Exact Audio Copy (EAC) Page and CD-R Trading Resources. Articles, links, FAQs, covers, software, ...
eMedia Live The Speed Of Sound: How Safe Is High-Speed CD-Audio Recording?
Files for CD-Recordable
IDG Books Recordable CD Bible (book) by Mark L. Chambers
Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ
Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ Subject: [3-12] How do I transfer my records or cassettes to a CD?
CD Recording FAQ
cdrecord Linux software compatibility with recorders.
Ed Mullen musician, with information about Music On The Computer, songs to download, ...
HP FAQ from Greg Volk
Octave's CD-Recordable Handbook
Online Inc. Incremental writing problems with CD-R.
Online Inc. CD-R Packet Recording.
Online Inc. Review of various CD-R software.
PC AV Tech Sound Card Technical Benchmarks reports, comparator, links, ...
PCBuyersGuide.com CD-R Reliability Reports
PC World - Going Digital or PC World - Going Digital Tired of spinning those old LPs? Use your PC to turn your analog music into CDs or MP3s.
PC World - LP to CD: Music Soothes Savage Bass or PC World.com Home Office: LP to CD--Music Soothes Savage Bass (transferring audio to CD)
PC World - LP to CD: Music Soothes Savage Bass Adventures in converting an LP to a CD.
PC World - How It Works: CD-R, CD-RW
PC World - Create Your Own Music CDs
PC World - Top Ten Music Management Utilities
PC World - Audiograbber: Copy digital audio from CDs to your PC (software)
PC World - Diamond Cut 32: audio restoration software
PC World - Dart Pro 98: audio restoration software
PC World article: How It Works: CD-R, CD-RW
PC World article These Discs Are Made For Burnin'
SCSI/IDE issues (for all devices)
slashdot How Many CDs Can You Burn At Once?
TDK info on digital recording
Mike Richter or Mike Richter CD-R recording primer
The Unofficial Ricoh CD-ReWritable Page
CD Oddities Page how to create hidden tracks, ...
Useful Addresses for CD-R links to FAQs, tutorials, software, hardware, ...
VCDhelp.com everything you want to know about DVDR, VCD, SVCD, ...
Canada's Bill C-32 tax on blank CD-R/CD-RW media
GEMA German Court Decision - CD-R/CD-RW manufacturers must pay extra taxes on each unit sold.
ZDNet Reviews The Video CD Revolution (do it yourself)

CD-R/DVD/VHS/... duplication services
CTEX Mass Disk Replication CD/DVD/VHS duplication/production services
Dub-It Media Services CD/DVD/VHS duplication/production services

CD-R newsgroups

Comparison Shopping Sites.
eSmarts compares the comparison shopping sites.
American Computer Exchange publishes a used computer price index (compare prices).
Bottomdollar.com shopping comparison engine and portal site. Indexes 2,000+ sites.
BizRate.com search 1,400+ sites, consumer reviews and ratings, ...
Call Compare, a place to compare prices/costs of telephone services
CNet Shopper
CompareNet or CompareNet Product Locator and Comparison a free comparison and information service that lets consumers search out the best products. (compare prices).
CompareNet Buyers Guide allows you save specific items. The site sticks the items into a grid allowing quick and easy comparisons. It e-mails you the results.
computers.com from C|Net
DealNews buyers guide with low cost specials in web stores
dealspotr find promo codes for your favorite stores
DealTime comparrison shopping service
Decide.com, a place to compare prices/costs of telephone services
DVD Price Search comparison shopping for DVDs (list 8 lowest prices on any item)
ITWorld.com - KnowledgeStorm product finder (compare IT providers, software, service solutions, ...)
Jango - Excite Product Finder (goes across auction and classified sites).
KillerApp extensive database of pricing information for computer products and consumer electronics, reviews, comparisons, ....
MySimon shopping comparison engine and portal site. Indexes 2,000+ sites.
NexTag.com buying service that helps to find lowest price for a product.
PriceGrabber searchs for best prices available from e-tailers for various products.
PriceScan.com Street Price Search Engine (compare prices). Lots of listings including companies without web sites.
Price Watch(tm) Street Price Search Engine (compare prices).
Respond.com forwards your request to appropriate vendors
Shopping Directory from HotBot
CNET Shopper (comprehensive)
Shopping Lane: New, comprehensive, and confusing.
Value America: 50% off up to $100 on orders paid by Visa (check for applicable dates).
dash power shopping preference monitoring (on line shopping companion-fill in forms, remember passwords, ...)
gator.com preference monitoring (online shopping companion-fill in forms, remember passwords, ...)

Compass Corporate Systems makers of Smart Monitor, a disk monitoring and diagnostic sofdtware utility.

http://info.elf.stuba.sk/ multiple compression programs in multiple languages for multiple platforms.

Computer Geeks Discount Outlet misc drivers page.

Nico Cuppen Software writer of software that does: file manager, site monitor, fax software, ...

Customizer optimize Windows 9x/2000/XP performance

Cybernet makers of Zero Footprint PC (a computer that fits inside a keyboard).

CyberSource makers of Enterprise Risk Management Solution software (help prevent credit card fraud online).

Cyberspace HQ makers of AddWeb (multiple search engine URL submitter), ....

Cygnus, maker of eCos, a free open source real time operating system (RTOS).
? or ?
Cygnus, maker of GNUPro Toolkit, Source-Navigator, Cold Fusion (IDE - Integrated development environment), ... opensource develoment software.

Cygwin get linux functionality in Windows

CZ Solution print management software.

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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