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Computer Links
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MAC computers
Apple / MAC OS software updates for MAC OS.
Apple / MAC OS software updates for MAC OS.
MacFans.com downloads, events, articles, news, ...
MacUser Magazine
MacWeek Magazine
MacWeek Online
MacWorld Magazine
MacFixIt troubleshooting solutions for the Macintosh.
Mac Evolution
TidBITS MAC oriented online magazine.
MAC It Works
MacOS Rumors
Umax makers of low cost MAC clones.
MAC in Touch news source + other resources.
GraphicPower.com Apple Bullies The Mac Press
eWeek.com Can Apple Stop The Presses?
ThinkSecret Apple Denying Expo Press Access To 'Rumor' Sites, Dangerous Game
AppleLinks Comments: Media Press Carckdown At Mac World New York
MAC Evangelist mailing list and archives.
MAC Directory links to 44,000 products + ...
MAC Central product oriented news focus.
Extreme MAC news software releases, news, ...
Version Master lists software updates, downloads, ...
MAC CNN news, vendors, ...
MacNN Reality
MAC Fever reviews, editorials, classifieds, ...
MAC Times messaging, chats, 4,000+ articles, ...
GB's MAC Watch Canadian slant on MAC news, ...
The Fly On The Mac news, sources, discussions, ...
MAC OS Roumors news, links, ...
O'Grady's PowerPage news, links, ...
ResExcellence Mac shareware, help, links, ...
ResExcellence editorial re: Apple.com fighting apple shareware developers
MacThemes tools to make different desktop themes for your mac (unless apple.com sues them out of existance for making theme editors)
Thursby Software, makers of Dave and MacSOHO (software to network MAC with Windows machines)
Intego internet security solutios for the Mac
WebIntosh message board, ...
MAC Jedi
VersionTracker.com American Flag screen saver (needs MAC OS X)
Bias Peak (pro audio software-Mac)
Apple iTunes (digital music organizer/player)

Apple MAC OS X (based in part on FreeBSD v3.2 open source code)
Apple Built For Max OS X (300+ applications)
Apple OpenStep OS
Apple source code for Darwin OS.
Apple source code for Darwin OS X.
Apple Darwin (based on FreeBSD and Mach 3) X86 (for PCs) version of Mac OS X
The Unofficial Darwin FAQ
X on Darwin
Brian Hill BrickHouse (free, GUI for configuring firewall of Mac OS X)
Bare Bones Software BBEdit (text editor, FTP client, ...)
PineHill Products CreativePage (web creation tool, AppleScript support, FTP client, ...)
Computer Systems Odessa (flowchart/diagramming software)

MAC/PC computers - links
Apple Links 1,000+ links to other mac sites, ...
MAC Addict links to other mac sites, ...
MAC Cognoscenti Web ring or MAC Cognoscenti Web ring links to other mac sites, ...
RobGalbraith.com - site for digital photojournalists In Pro Digital Photography, Megahertz Matters
Signamax configuration for VGA to MAC adapter so that PC monitors can be used with the MAC
Linux Beacon mini vMac emulator (run any OS up to 7.5.5)

MAC/PC computers - shareware
Macdownload.com from ZDNet.
MyperArchive Mac Shareware
Creo makers of Six Degrees (desktop management/organization)
Insider Software makers of FontAgent (font management software)
AppleJack open source trouble shooting assistant for Mac OS X

MAC/PC computers - integration
Computer Associates (CA) PC - Mac network - PC MacLAN - network PCs and MACs
Macworld Online
Mac-PC Troubleshooting
MediaFour maker of MacDrive (read any Mac removeable media on your Windows machine)
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac
USATODAY.com Souping up a Mac Mini with XP took 3 hours, about $200

Linux for the Power PC (MAC)
Connectix, makers of Virtual PC (allows you to run Red hat Linux on your MAC)
Apple MkLinux for the MAC.
LinuxPPC, Inc. Linux/PPC
Linux/PPC Project Linux/PPC
Linux for the MAC from Apple.
MkLinux Project
Pacific HiTech TurboLinuxPPC
Prime Time Freeware, Inc. MkLinux
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. or Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. Yellow Dog Linux
Tenon X Window server and tools for MAC OS X (for use as server, i.e. Apache, ...).

PC World Steve Bass's Tips and Tweaks - Switching To A Mac: Is It A Trend?

Washington Post Battery And Assult - When His iPod Died, This Music Lover Tackled Apple.

MAC 95 make your Win 95 machine look like a MAC.

Macmillan Computer Press now allows you to read some of their books online.

Macro / script / automation tools
Advanced Systems Concepts makers of ActiveBatch (distributed job management and scheduling system, that supporst execution of batch jobs across a heterogeneous set of platforms).
CD Software, makers of QuicKey, a utility that records keystrokes and mouseclick sequences (for later playback).
Insight Software Macro Express 2000
Macro Express, a macro language the works with/for ALL your Windows programs.
MJMSoft Design Limited makers of KeyText 2000 (keyboard macro and windows automation).
SmartBoard Clipboard (with enhanced and expanded capabilities)
TypeItIn a macro program (for filling out forms)
Unisyn Corp. makers of Automate (scripting language for Win 95, NT), Macro Magic (scripting language for Win 95, NT), ...
UserLand Software maker of scripting tools
Wilson WindowWare or WinBatch Windows equivalent of DOS Batch files (automation), but with hundreds of Windows functions, compiler, ...
WinMacro a simple Macro recorder/player for Windows
Windows Script Host (WSH), a Windows replacement for batch files (automation).
Winkey - Windows Keyboard Enhancer a macro program (for use with the Win Key)

MacroMedia makers of ShockWave player of streamed audio and video, Dreamweaver, a visual HTML authoring tool, 30 day trial, ...

Magellass makers of WinBoost (boost Windows performance), NetMaster (boost download speeds) ...

Mainstay makers of JustMail (web based private email), JustAddress Book (web based personal adddress book), JustEdit (browser based web page editor), ...

Magazines (print) (computer related)
Advisor annual back issues on CD
Mark Bunting's Home Page
Buyers Guide (products reviewed)
C|Net News.Com
Cobb Group
CMP Magazines
Communication News
Communications Week
Computer Currents or Computer Currents
Computer News Daily
Computer User
Computer Games Strategy Plus
Computer Life
Computer Shopper or Computer Shopper
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Go Inside On-line
Handheld PC
Home PC
The Industry Standard news and analysis
Information Security
Information Week
Intel Secrets E-zine
Inside NetWare, published by Element K Journals
Interactive Age
Inter@ctive Week
Internet News
Internet Week
Internet World
IT World.com (ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, NetowrkWorld, SunWorld, ...)
Journal of Linux Technology (JOLT)
Just Linux, discussion groups, registry, news, ...
Kuro5hin, technology and culture, from the trenches (news, software release announcements, advocacy postings, ...)
LanTimes Buyers' Directory
Linux Journal
Linux Live news, resources, forums, downloads, directories, ... from ZDnet.
Linux Today news, events, features, ...
Linux Weekly News
Linux World a web only magazine with links, news, case studies, ...
Larry Magid's Home Page
MacWeek Online
Maximum Linux
Mobile Computing
Novell Connection (name change as of January 1, 2001) or NetWare Connection or NetWare Connection
Network Magazine product index and information request service
Network World, preregistered (subscribers), e-mail newsletters (technology: hardware and software), Reseller info, Tech Update
Network Computing or Network Computing or product links or Tech Library (white papers, research reports, ...) or Network Computing Site Search
Networking Solutions
New Media
Offhand Remarks links, quotes and commentary
Other Voices from IBM
PC Computing
PC Gamer (free CD in every issue)
PC Week or PC Week
PC World
Pen Computing
Publish RGB
slashdot News for Nerds about the stuff that matters. Techie news with much stuff regarding Linux.
Geeks in Space Real Audio discussion site.
Software Development
Sys Admin magazine for Unix users.
TidBITS MAC oriented online magazine.
Web Developer
Web Review
Web Techniques or web or FTP
Windows Developer's Journal
Windows Magazine
Windows NT Magazine
Windows Sources
Yahoo Internet Life
Ziff-Davis Magazines
Ziff-Davis News Network

Make A Shorter Link use this site, to create short URLs from long URLs
MakeAShorterLink credits

MakeZine.com Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC

Malek's Tips help, tips, ... including using DOS in Windows.

Management (software):
Gartner Group Research Note on network management and capacity planning
The Network Management Server, information about network management, archive for comp.dcom.net-management), FAQs, reports, shareware, ...
Network Management All in One Page links to management sites and projects.
Trellis Network Services calculator for estimating the software and hardware costs of desktop, mail and network OS migration
University of Twente, Netherlands public domain company and software and links for network management and monitoring.
Adkins Resource, makers of: Hyena (NT administrator aid)
Altiris EXpress
Avocent, makers of: Avocent DS1800 (Keyboard-Video-Mouse KVM switch that uses IP)
AXENT Technologies Intruder Alert for NetWare (NDS enabled)
Bindview Development Bindview Enterprise Management System (EMS)/NOSadmin (NDS enabled)
Birch Grove Software, makers of: ScreenPass (enhanced security screen saver)
Blue Lance Software LT Stat
BMC Software Resolve
Caldera Volution (Linux open source network management software)
Callisto Software Orbiter
Castle Rock Computing SNMPc Workgroup Edition (midrange SNMP software)
Cisco Systems CiscoWorks, Cisco QoS Policy Manager
Computer Associates Unicenter TNG
Check Point Software Technologies Meta IP (IP address Management System)
Cognet Cognet, myITware, ...
CrossTec Corp NetOp (remote control)
DVS Network Monitor (real-time monitoring of network traffic)
DVS WanSpy (monitor load on WAN port of router)
EMC EMC ControlCenter
HP OpenView Network Node Manager (enterprise management system)
HP OpenView Desktop Administrator (software delivery)
Intel Intel LANDesk Management Suite
IPHighway Open Policy System
Ipswitch, makers of: WhatsUp (network monitoring), WhatsUp Gold (midrange SNMP software), WS_Ping ProPack (low level IP diagnostic tool kit), ...
Kansmen SyncComplete
Lecointe Ludovic maker of Loriot (network node manager-SNMP, ICMP, ...)
Loran Technologies Kinnetics
Metrix WinWatch
MG-SOFT Net Inspector (midrange SNMP software)
Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) (software delivery)
Netegrity Inc SiteMinder (NDS enabled)
net-snmp manage SNMP protocol and devices
Nortel Networks Optivity NetID (IP Address Management System)
Network Telesystems Shadow IPserver (IP address Management System)
Novell ManageWise (NDS enabled), ZENworks
Orchestream Enterprise Edition
PatchLink.com (formerly HiTecSoft) WebConsole (NDS enabled)
Protocom SecureConsole (NDS enabled)
Random Minds Monster Ping (combination of ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, port scan, monitor server, whois, ...)
Rebel.com NetWinder (web serving, internte access, VPN support, firewall, e-mail delivery, printer sharing, web discussion, ...)
RedSiren 1st Watch, stView, ...
sec event correlator, for managing network devices and applications.
SHAMAN network management by distributing management functions on the nature and urgency of the task
Software Pursuits SureSync (software delivery)
Stac Software ReachOut Enterprise (remote control)
Sterling Software Solve
Sun Microsystems Sun Management Center
Symantec Corp pcAnywhere (remote control)
Talley Systems NetCensus, TS.Census, TS.Ready (inventory control/software distrbution/self-healing/remote control/...)
Tivoli Systems IT Director, Enterprise (enterprise management system)
Vector Networks LANutil32 Suite, PCduo, ...
Veritas Software Veritas NerveCenter (enterprise management system)
WebTrends WebTrends Enterprise Suite
Winternals TCPview (network monitoring tool - TCP, UDP, ...)

Management (Laptops)
Network World Glogal Test Alliance testing of laptop management software (for over the network). Scale 5 to 1. 5 = best, 1 = worst.
4.00 Mobile Automation Mobile Automation 2000
3.80 Callistro Orbiter
3.78 Swan International Vision64
3.60 Xcellenet Afaria
3.50 Synchrologic iMobile Suite

Management Articles
Internet Week An Eye For Trouble
Internet Week Eye On The Net
Internet Week Keeping An Eye On Active Directory
Internet Week Management Software: Just The Facts
Internet Week Good Citizewnship At Work
Network Computing Network Management That Works
Network Computing Network Management Solutions Lack Clear Leader
Network Computing Putting Simple Back Into SNMP
Network Computing File Distribution Across The WAN
Network World Fusion - News docfinder: 4923, The Price Is Right: 10 Free Management Tools
Network World Fusion - Downloads docfinder: 4922, Management On The Cheap (free and low cost network systems management tools)
slashdot Security Hole in SNMP

MangoSoft or MangoSoft makers of Medley (Win95 / Win98) fault tolerant clustering software for pooling network resources (hard drives, modems, ...), Cachelink Pro (share stored web content), MangoMind (internet file storage that appears as a local drive), ...

matousec.com test / review security software.

MaximumPC Ghetto PC Shushing: world's cheapest computer case (cardboard and duct tape)

Maximum Software WebCopier (download entire web sites for later review offline)

Maxtor makers of hardware, ... Maxtor - Technical Support, MaxAttach - Network Attached Storage (NAS)

McGraw-Hill, Inc. Book Publishers

MDE Software MDE Infohandler (multipurpose information manager-notes, documents, internet links, e-mail, news messages, ...)

MediaFour maker of MacDrive (read any Mac removeable media on your Windows machine)

meebo.com internet chat, without the chat client. Interface for instant messaging for AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ, Jabber

MeeSoft makers of Commander (improved explorer), font view, image analyzer, ...

meikel.com FreeMem (display memory status), folder synchronization, unpacking shell, ...

MemeCode Software, small, fast efficient utilities for Windows and Linux

Mercury Mail Server, a freeware mail server that runs as a Netware v3.x or v4.x NLM.

Memory Optimization (Win 95/98):
Experts Exchange 512mb memory limitation in Windows 9x
Is your PC too slow? Try these tricks. article on Win 95/98 memory optimization (with links to shareware) by Steve Bass
Radsoft blacklist of Win 95/98/NT software that doesn't release memory when you exit program.
Microsoft Windows Memory diagnostic

download.com look for RAM Idle
MemTest86 A Stand Alone Memory Diagnostic (DOS/Windows/Linux)
MemTest86 A Stand Alone Memory Diagnostic (DOS/Windows/Linux)
MemTurbo defragment system memory and recover memory leaks as your Win 95/98 machine is running.
Freeware Home Memory Trax II (clear RAM and cache for Win 9x - memory optimization)
meikel.com FreeMem (display memory status)
Gold Memory PC Memory Diagnostic Tests
RAMCHECK memory tester
Total Idea WinRAM-Booster (clear RAM and cache for Win 9x - memory optimization)

PC World.com Let My Resource Go (Optimizing Windows article)
PC World.com Remove Unwanted Icons From Your System Tray (Optimizing Windows)
Resource Management find out what is loading at startup and what you really need to load at startup.
Pacman's Portal find out what is loading at startup and what you really need to load at startup.
Mike Lin's StartUp Manager a utility that runs transparently and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup. (Win 98, NT 4.0, Win 2000)
PC Forrest's Streamlining Startups
Startup Cop manage what programs are loading at startup

mesh synchronize all your electronic devices (computers, phones, ...).

MemTurbo memory enhancement for Win 9x, ClipTrakker clipboard enhancement/replacement, ...

Meridian Data, Inc. makers of Snap Server (network attached storage) CD/hard drive Server hardware/software, ...

Message Services: receive voice-mail and fax transmission in your e-mail in-box

MetkuMods interesting looking modifications to computer hardware.

Metrowerks makers of CodeWarrior, a multiple platform development tool (Linux, ...), CodeWarrior Professional Development Kit (PDK) for Novell NetWare, ...

MGI Photosuite 4 Platinum Edition (image editing, ...)

MGui Morello Graphic User Interface - cross-platform graphic user interface (DOS, Windows, Linux ...)

Micro Computer Systems, Inc. makers of software-Inetix connects Novell NetWare (NLM) clients to the internet. Versions for various servers, and workstations.

Micro 2000 Inc. makers of Micro-Scope (OS independent diagnostic software) and PostProbe (Power-On Self-Test card ISA and PCI), and Centurion (8 bit ISA card that provides a year 2000 fix Y2K).

Micro House TechCrawler - search engine makers of tech support software: Technical Library, Hard Disk Technical Guide, DrivePro, EZ-Drive, SupportSource, TechCrawler, Support On Site, The Network Technical Guide, The Hard Disk Technical Guide, The Modem Technical guide, ImageCast (drive duplication), ...

Micro Logic makers of various softwares including InfoSelect (PIM) (as of 8/5/96 DOS version no longer available), DiskMapper (graphically display disk usage by file type), ...

MicroProse FTP site game company, with extensive game demos, hints, patches, along with and misc utilities, patches, drivers, ...

Micrografx makers of graphics applications.

Micron PC boot disk library (DOS, Win 3.x/95/98/NT)

"[Microsoft is] a company with an institutional disdain for both the truth and the rules of law that the lesser entities must respect." Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson
per Microsoft Corporation (as quoted in Information Security Magazine), the number of days you can expect to run Microsoft OSes before crashing: Windows 2000 - 90 days, Windows NT v4.0 - 7 days, Windows 95 - 2 days.
per Jim Allchin (a senior Microsoft Corporation executive - from article in eWeek), testifying before the federal court, some Microsoft Code is so flawed it could not be safely disclosed.
Microsoft's claim that Vista will be the most secure version of Windows is like saying that the new operating system will prove safer than the Titanic. Edward C. Baig, Cyberspeak, USAToday.com, August 16, 2006
The name goes on before quality goes in. After all, what is the point of quality if the consumers will pay for beta products. The Cynical Optimist
The Microsoft Mission: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Or is that Embrace and Extend (Deform)?
W2K will be a bigger disaster than Y2K Scott McNealy, Sun Chairman and CEO, referring to Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 2000 operating system.
Instead of worrying about wether or not the government will stop Microsoft from innovating in the future, the head honchos in Redmond ought to spend some energy trying to figure out what force has prevented them from innovating over the past decade. Nicholas Petreley, Down To The Wire, InfoWorld Magazine, December 20, 1999.
Microsoft left a lot of bodies lying around--that's the difference between street gangs and professionals Carey Heckman, law professor at Stanford Law School and co-director of the Stanford Law and Technology Policy Center
Indeed, the disdain that Gearhead has for the stability - or rather lack thereof - of Windows in all its wretched forms, is closer to disgust and loathing than simple criticism. Mark Gibbs, Gearhead, Network World, January 24, 2000
Asking Microsoft for tech support is like asking the cat. You might get an answer, but it's probably not right. John Welch, MAC/PC administrator for AER, Inc.
Wirht's Law: Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster. Nicklaus Wirth, a Swiss professor
If a system is of sufficient complexity, it will be written before it's designed, implemented before it's tested and obsolete before it's debugged.
What Intel giveth, Microsoft taketh away.
Failure is not an option, it comes bundled with your Microsoft software.
And now for an interesting rumor, from The Open Source, by Nicholas Petreley, Infoworld, November 27, 2000
Microsoft is rewriting Linux source code to use in Windows - in violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
J.S.Wurzler Underwriting Managers, is starting to charge higher premiums, if you run your server on Microsoft Windows NT. Why? Their studies show that system administrators working on open source systems tend to be better trained and stay at their jobs longer than their counterparts at companies who use Windows. per article, Insurer Considers Microsoft NT High-Risk, by Robert Bryce, in Interactive Week, May 28, 2001

United States Department Of Justice (DOJ) vs. Microsoft Final Judgement
United States Department Of Justice (DOJ) vs. Microsoft Conclusions Of Law and Final Order
United States Department Of Justice (DOJ) vs. Microsoft Conclusions Of Law
United States Department Of Justice (DOJ) vs. Microsoft
U.S.Department Of Justice Information On United States v. Microsoft settlement
United States District Court for the District of Columbia Findings Of Fact On Microsoft
Microsoft ruled a monopoly - Federal judge says software firm possesses operating system monopoly By Staff Writer John Frederick Moore, November 5, 1999
IBM Exec Testifies against Microsoft, a New York Times article DOJ case.
Could Microsoft open source code to settle? CNET news story. Now who is the bigger liar, Bill G. or Bill C.?
slashdot MS Oversight Committee Hopeful Stephen Satchell Answers
Andover News Network news story on the Caldera/DR-DOS Antitrust lawsuit vs. Microsoft
Caldera Inc. Antitrust lawsuit vs. Microsoft
Bristol Technology Antitrust lawsuit vs. Microsoft
cnet news.com Microsoft Resolves Class-Action Lawsuit
USATODAY.com Microsoft ordered to pay $1.5Billion to Alcatel
USA Today Iowans can get up to $29 for copy of Microsoft software (Iowa Class Action Lawsuit against Microsoft for Illegal Monopolization and anti-competitive conduct.)
SeattlePi.com Microsoft must 'change its illegal behavior' European Union (EU) antitrust ruling could affect other large companies
smh.com.au Microsoft stung as Europe upholds antitrust decision, by Todd Bishop, September 19, 2007
SeattlePi.com Microsoft can't sell Word anymore (patent infringement)
dot tech Microsoft under the gun (again) for not properly giving users choice of browser in Windows
dot tech EU expands Microsoft browser choice probe to include Windows 8

Microsoft vs ...:
Information Week EU Win Over Microsoft Gives Ball To Linux - Can It Run With It?
The Age (Total Cost of Ownership) TCO Study: Linux Wins Again
N C World Magazine The re-emergence Of Unix threatens to modify the future direction of NT.
SUN Also Rises: Solaris Vs. NT Standish Group comparrison of the two OSes.
Windows NT vs. CP/M
The Fog of War - SYSTEM PLATFORMS - Unix Vs. NT, from CIO Magazine July 15, 1998
The Unix versus NT Organization
The Unix versus NT Organization The Kirch Paper (Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus Unix), and extensive article (with links) explaining why Microsoft is NOT ready for the enterprise, and may never be ready.
Robustness Testing of the Microsoft Win32 API PDF
lobby 4 linux blog One Small Business Gladly Gives Microsoft the Boot
Microsoft Halloween Papers Microsofts' analysis of the Linux threat to the M$ monopoly.
Microsoft Attacks Linux
Microsoft Get The Facts On Windows And Linux
dirty tricks list see what Micro$oft considers fair business practices.
Salon Magazine Article debunking the Mindcraft M$ vs. Linux test.
Network World Fusion Microsoft Disputes Research About Win 2000 (running slower on gigabit ethernet than Windows NT)
slashdot vs Microsoft - Kerberos open standard or not.
Network World Fusion - News docfinder: 4948, Microsoft Uses Open Source, Despite Critical Stance
Network World Fusion - News docfinder: 4946, User Queries Prompt New Microsoft Attack On Open Source
Bruce Perens response to Microsoft/Craig Mundie press release claiming that Open Source is un-American
Microsoft Investments And Acquisitions (who do you want to own today?)
slashdot Microsoft May Sanction The "Switcher" PR-Rep
Michale Horowitz Linux vs Windows (a comparison)
The Register Windows v Linux security: the real facts
The Register Security Report: Windows vs Linux
PBS.org I, Cringely . October 23, 2003 - Unplugged: How Microsoft's Misunderstanding Of Open Source Hurts Us All.
ZDNet Australia News: Software : Microsoft denies role in Birmingham Linux flop - November 24, 2006
ZDNet Australia News: Software : Criticism mounts over Birmingham's Linux project - November 20, 2006
Free Software Foundation Dear Microsoft: fsf.org is not a "gambling site"

Licensing Issues:
Consumer Project on Technology Is it possible to buy a PC without Microsoft Windows on it?
Goeffrey Bennet Is it possible to buy a PC without Microsoft Windows on it? Or get a refund if they won't sell it without Windows installed?
Microsoft Pricing Plan For Windows 2000 (Win2K), to be released February 17, 2000 (you now need user licenses for web surfers who need secure login)
C|NET News.com Microsoft To Keep Software Meter Running. (article on change from perpetual software license to a limited license-expireware)
$oftware Licensing your business is at risk
InfoWorld Gripe line - Micro$oft Volume Licen$ing and $oftware A$$urance
ZD-NET/eWeek Microsoft Volume Licensing Changes In The Pipeline. (article on change from perpetual software license to a limited license-expireware)
slashdot Software Transferability? (or the lack of it)
slashdot Under The Surface Of The BSA Anti-Piracy Campaign
slashdot Shakedown: How The Business Software Alliance (BSA) Operates
Microsoft Orders Virginia Beach To Prove Software Ownership

Removing Internet Explorer (and other technical issues):
how to boot to MS-DOS 7 command prompt, and avoid the GUI mess
Subject: Kill IE in Win98
Brooks Innovations 98 Lite - custom installer for Win 98 that removes internet explorer (and other non-essential parts-reduce 180mb install to 16mbs).
Brooks Innovations 98 Lite - manually remove internet explorer from Win 98
Brooks Innovations 98 Lite now works on Window ME
How To Restart from Windows Millennium Into Windows 98 DOS Mode
SG's MVP Windows Help Site Win-ME DOS, FAQs, links, drivers, ...
remove Internet Explorer from Windows 98, just go to the Windows 98 section of downloads.
w95boot fix the MS dual boot bug introduced in OSR2
Bushmann osr2fix.exe (fix many bugs that MS introduced into Win 95B, like dual boot, ...)
Using the Win 98 Update after removing IE from Win 98
Windows Annoyances TweakUI (a Windows utility not included with all versions of Win 95/98 that should have been)
PC World.com How To Fix The Biggest PC Annoyances

Palladium / Trusted Computing:
Trusted Computing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) / Palladium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
iAfrica.com - CoolTech Microsoft Dominance A Security Risk
TechTarget.com Experts Say Microsoft Monopoly Poses National Security Risk
DesktopLinux.com Microsoft Poses Danger To National Security, Claims Expert Panel
Computer Business Review Online Microsoft Monopoly Is National Security Risk, Rivals Say
cnet news Report: Microsoft Dominance Poses Security Risk
Yahoo! Finance Microsoft Monopoly Represents National Security Risk, Say Internet Security Experts
Win NT Magazine Report: Microsoft Monoculture Is A National Security Risk.
pbs.org I Told You So - Alas, A Couple of Bob's Dire Predictions Have Come True, by Robert X. Cringely
pbs.org Stream On - As Bob's Online Video Premiere Apoproaches, He Is Beginning To Have Delusions Of Grandeur. Also, Stupid Microsoft Tricks. by Robert X. Cringely
zdnet Microsoft: Palladium Not Just For Windows
slashdot MS Palladium Patent

Security/Reliability Issues:
LinuxPlanet:.comment: The Weakest Link commentary on Microsoft's lack of security.
c|net news.comSecurity Problems Open Microsoft's Wallet
Counterpane Internet Security Microsoft And Trustworthy Computing
slashdot Backdoor in Microsoft Web Software?
TrustworthyComputing google.com search for Microsoft and flaws/holes
PC World.com Microsoft Details IE Flaw - Browser users urged to upgrade IE 5.5, 6.0 with service fix to plug hole.
cnn.com Windows XP Vulnerable To 'Serious' Attacks
CNN.com/Sci-Tech Microsoft Word Flaw May Allow File Theft
Computer User Severe Security Hole Discovered In Microsoft XP
Online Solutions Oy Microsoft Internet Explorer Contains A Serious Security Bug (with links to other articles)
AP News Microsoft Program Tracks User Information
The Register Who Needs Hackers When You Have Microsoft?
Microsoft, NSA and You, an article about Microsoft building a back door into Windows 9x and NT so the NSA (National Security Agency) can easily access your computer.
SecurityPortal Linux vs. Microsoft: Who Solves Security Problems Faster?
Software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water | GCN July 13, 1998
Internet Explorer "OpensCookie Jar" Cookies stored by IE for Windows can be read by any web site.
ComputerUser Microsoft Warns Of BrowserCookie-Eating Attack
c|net: review of Windows Millenium Edition (ME) (Microsoft removes support for DOS, ...)
Network World Active Directory Fix To Require Significant Upgrade (bug known for 12 months before release, and not expected to be fixed for another 12 months after release).
slashdot MSIE Uber-patch Of The Month (yet another discussion of another patch to another Microsoft Product)
NetSquirrel.com Internet Explorer URL Spoofing Ability
SearchSecurity.com Microsoft patch delay may contribute to early exploit
Secunia Vulnerability Report - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
Woody's no-bull news, tips and help for Windows and Office Microsoft Patch Reliability Ratings
Sophos Guest blog: XP mode - demonstrating that security is never Microsoft's first priority
Sophos Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses
PC World Wait! Don't Buy Microsoft Windows Vista
PC World Answers to Vista Users' Nagging Questions
The Inquirer Microsoft admits Vista failure
Bad Vista What's wrong with Microsoft Windows Vista? Digital Rights Management (DRM)
pc mag Quick Fixes for Five Nasty Vista Problems
USA Today Cyberspies exploit Microsoft Office
USATODAY.com Security feature in Microsoft's new Windows Vista could drive users nuts
USAtoday.com Europe threatens new Microsoft fines
USAtoday.com Microsoft Sees No Reason For Vista Shipment Delay
USATODAY.com The long and winding road (Windows Vista Upgrade Challenges)
USAtoday.com Microsoft Alters Strategy To Reach Emerging Markets
USA Today Hackers set traps on broad websites

Other Issues:
anti-microsoft webring
The Microsoft Boycott Campaign
Boycott Microsoft
Boycott Micro$oft.org
Boycott Micro$oft, saying no since 1996
Boycott Microsoft
Windows 7 sins The case against Microsoft and proprietary software.
kmfms.com What's So Bad About Microsoft?
Paul Graham Microsoft Is Dead
Windows Annoyances
Bill Gates / Microsoft Bashing
Micorsoft Windows Rules the Univrese
Boycott Microsoft updated to include Vista.
New York Times Et Tu, Intel? Chip Giant Won't Embrace Microsoft's Windows Vista
msnbc Microsoft bottom line unaffected by Vista
ZDnet UK Microsoft: Users May Have To Pay For Security
TechRadar.com Final hours for Microsoft's Windows XP ...sort of, but not really
The Register WinXP Activation: What Happens Under The Covers
The Register Small MS DVD Privacy Invasion, Not Many Dead
The Register Win-XP Search Assistant Silently Downloads Files
The Register Win2K SP3, The 'Snooper License' And The Workaround
The Register How To Defang Win2k SP3's Auto Updating.
Market Watch Microsoft takes dubious position against Google, By John C. Dvorak, September 28, 2007
cnn.com Gates 'Opens' Windows XP In New York
PC World.com The XP Verdict
pbs.org Stream On - How Microsoft, On The Brink Of Defeat, Could Still Win The Streaming War (also, brief story on www.mailinator.com)
Kuro5hin What The Future Holds For Microsoft - Interview with Adam Barr, former Microsoft developer
PC World Microsoft Checks Leaky Windows
PC World Wait! Don't Buy Microsoft Windows Vista
PC World Farewell Vista, Hello XP
kuro5hin We Are Morons: a quick look at the Win2k source
Richard's Why I Hate Microsoft Page
Why I Hate Microsoft
Well, I'll be Damned The top ten reasons Eternal Damnation is better than Windows Software Development
NTK's CEO of The Dance Page (Steve Ballmer)
James Gleick A Bug by Any Other Name("Design Side Effect"? "Known Issue"?)crash course in MicroSpeak.
Just Say No to Microsoft mini reviews and links to non microsoft software that does the same, only better and cheaper
USATODAY.com Vista Struggles To Bust Out As Business Customers Snub It
USATODAY.com An Early Look At Vista Finds Desktop Search, More Parental Control Options
USATODAY.com Microsoft says EU is giving its rivals a 'free ride'
USATODAY.com Microsoft Hints At Delay Of Vista In Europe - American may not care about Microsoft's monopolists practices, but it looks like Europe does.

WatchingMicrosoftLikeAHawk.com all the news about Microsoft, good and bad.

Microsoft, Inc.
Windows XP: A thirty-two bit extension and GUI shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor and sold by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.
As of December 31, 2001, Microsoft is no longer supporting:
Windows 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, Windows For Workgroups, DOS 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.xx, Windows 95.
As of June 30, 2003, Microsoft is no longer supporting:
Windows NT 4 Workstation, Windows 98.
As of December 31, 2003, Microsoft is no longer supporting:
Windows NT 4 Server.
As of January 2020, Microsoft is no longer supporting:
Windows 7
Microsoft How To Tell If Your Media Is Genuine
Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center
Microsoft 2007 time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems
Microsoft search Microsoft web site
Microsoft Research (MSR) technical papers, downloads, ...
Microsoft Research (MSR) Operating System Directions For The Next Millennium
Microsoft Research The Ticket Service (proposal to charge for each e-mail message sent).
MicrosoftWindows Security Update CD
Microsoft TechNet It's Time To End Information Anarchy, by Scott Culp
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 (tool for securing your server)
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-006), (patch for Windows 2000 (released January 31, 2000) being released before the product even ships (February 17, 2000)).
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028, Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution (833987)
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-017: Vulnerabilities in GDI Could Allow Remote Code Execution (925902)
Microsoft How To Update Your Computer With The JPEG Processing (GDI+) Security Update
Microsoft Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (requires Windows 2000 or XP, Internet Explorer 5.1 or more) scans your Windows systems for security vulnerabilities
Microsoft Security Developer Center (MSDN)
Microsoft Security Developer Center (MSDN) including: Baseline Security Analyzer, Windows Update
Microsoft Security & Privacy Home Page
Microsoft Windows Update Page (not useable unless you are using Internet Explorer)
Microsoft Windows Update Page (not useable unless you are using Internet Explorer)
Microsoft updates - online interactive
Microsoft updates - catalog - download and install later
Microsoft A Parent's Primer To Computer Slang
Windows 95
Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 98 Download: Windows Update
Windows 98 service packs
Windows 2000
Windows 2000 service packs
Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools for administrative tasks
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers
Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview
Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download (320mb)
Microsoft Technet - Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Windows 2000 technical resources.
Windows 2000 Readiness (for upgrade) Analyzer
Windows 2000 Readiness (for upgrade) Analyzer
Windows 2000 certified applications
Windows 2000 search for hardware/software drivers
Windows 2000 search for hardware/software drivers
Windows 2000 search for certified applications
Windows 2000 compatibility packages (BIOS upgrades & drivers not included in Windows 2000)
Windows 2000 training
Windows 2000 command line migration tool from NT and 9X to 2000.
Windows 2000 Terminal Services (resources, benefits, uses, ...)
Windows 2000 development related information
Windows 2000 certification specifications.
Microsoft 48-Bit LBA Support for ATAPI Disk Drives in Windows 2000 (use hard drives larger than 137gb)
Microsoft Download or Order Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition forFree
Windows XP Tips
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1a Network Installation
Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Service Pack 2 (SP2), Release Candidate 2 (RC2)
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview
CRN Test Center Review - Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care
Windows XP Managing Automatic Updating And Download Technologies In Windows XP (white paper)
Windows Server 2003 (and XP) Resource Kit Tools explaination and download
Microsoft Windows PowerShell - Command Line Shell and Scripting Language (Windows XP-SP2, 2003, Vista, 2008)
Microsoft download Windows Vista Beta 2 (English 32-Bit Edition, English 64-Bit Edition)
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft he Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7
Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview (ISO)
Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview (EXE)
Microsoft Windows Update Site
Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable
Microsoft Shared Access Computing With Windows SteadyState
Microsoft Windows Defender - Protect Againsst Spyware, popups, and slow performance
Microsoft Windows Search 4.0
SQL Server
Microsoft Office 2013 preview edition
Microsoft Office Online updates, downloads, assistance, add-ins, converts, viewers, tutorials, ...
Corporate Solutions Pilot Description
Business Solutions
Business Solution Product Guides
Case Studies
Consulting and Professional Services
HCL Hardware Compatibility List for NT4.0
Internet Explorer v5.5 now available (larger size than v5.0) ... free download
Internet Explorer v5.0 preview code (alpha?) ... free download
Internet Explorer for Unix-Solaris free download
Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit.
Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 7
Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Windows Resources for UNIX Professionals
Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 Downloads
Microsoft download Windows Media Player (and other programs)
Windows Media Player only works on Win 98, 2000 and ME (not 95 or NT)
MSN Instant Messenger
Microsoft DirectX
MS Developer Network (MSDN) Libarary CD-ROM
Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL)
Hardware Tests
Microsoft FTP
Microsoft How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP install
Free Downloads
Windows 95 Downloads look for Power Toys (Tweak UI), or Kernel Toys
IE5 Tools
WinTop part of Kernel Power Toys (for monitoring/tweaking your system)
Using the Win 98 Update after removing IE from Win 98
RegClean (download)
Microsoft Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
Win 95 TweakUI Win 98 TweakUI came on CD with OS.
Win 95/NT TweakUI Win 98 TweakUI came on CD with OS. (Win 95 and Win NT didn't)
Win XP TweakUI
Microsoft Windows PowerShell - command-line shell and task-based scripting technology
Microsoft Windows XP Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys Wallpaper Changer
MSN Spaces The Road to Know Where: FREE Microsoft Software for Download
Microsoft Windows Memory diagnostic
Windows Media Player
Microsoft How to enable and configure the fax service in Windows XP
Port 25 Communications From The Open Source Software Lab At Microsoft
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft free download of Virtual PC 2007
power manager troubleshooter pmtshoot.exe
RegClean fix registry problem
RegMaid fix OLE project problems with Visual C++ and MFC
Microsoft Product Support Services Using FTP Batch Scripts
Microsoft Product Support Services Fatal Exception OE with Multiple MS-DOS Device Names In Path
Microsoft Product Support Services Sometimes Barney Starts Playing PeekABoo On His Own
Microsoft Product Support Services Kitchen: Selecting Blendolini Causes Choco-Banana Shake Hang
Microsoft Product Support Services Error Message: Your Password Must Be At Least 18770 Characters And Cannot Repeat Any Of Your Previous 30689 Passwords (Q276304)
MS Knowledge Base
MS Press Books and Interactive Training Software
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2000 viewer (files with a *.PPS extension) (download)
Microsoft Excel 97-2000 viewer (files with a *.XLS extension) (download)
Microsoft Word 97-2000 viewer (files with a *.DOC extension) (download)
Microsoft Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data (and collaborative data) (from Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Microsoft Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data (and collaborative data) (from Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Microsoft Windows Help and How-To - Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots (Vista)
Product Pilot and Evaluation
Security Advisor
TechNet a monthly CD with white papers, integration case studies, evaluation guides, resource kits, technical tips, configuration guides, utilities, drivers, service packs, ...
Technical Support Services
Training and Certification
MS Troubleshooting Information
Microsoft Win 3.1, Win 3.11, WFW updates.
Year 2000 Resource Center (Y2K)
Year 2000 Resource Center (Y2K)
Year 2000 Resource Center (Y2K)
Win 95 Y2K required for compliance. (download)
Microsoft Network Diagnostic Tool (KB914440)
Network Security Hotfix Checker (HFNetChk.exe) Tool (commmand line tool for assessing security status of systems)
Shavlik makers of HFNetChk, HFNetChkPro, EnterpriseInspector, ...
Microsoft Online Crash Analysis Windows Memory Diagnostic Users Guide
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-058 - Cumulative Patch For Internet Explorer (IE)
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-59 - Unchecked Buffer In Universal Plug And Play Can Lead To System Compromise
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-008 - Flaw In Windows Script Engine Could Allow Code Execution
Microsoft TechNet Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026 - Buffer Overrun In RPC Interface Could Allow Code Execution (RPC - Remote Procedure Call - MS Blast Worm)
Microsoft Blaster Worm: Critical Security Patch for Windows XP
Microsoft TechNet - The Ten Immutable Laws Of Security
Microsoft TechNet - Walkthrough: Create a Custom Windows PE Image
Windows Product Activation (WPA)
WPA examines and stores values for these 10 items.
Change 4 or more of these, and Windows XP needs to be reactivated.
However, if there are exceptions if configured as a dockable computer:
1) CPU type
2) CPU serial number
3) boot drive
4) boot drive serial number
5) network adapter
6) RAM amount range
7) display adapter (disabled for dockable machines)
8) IDE adapter (disabled for dockable machines)
9) SCSI adapter (disabled for dockable machines)
10) CD or DVD drive
User Groups
Volume Pricing
Windows Live Ideas try out beta software from Microsoft
Microsoft Office Live - Small Business (web hosting)
Windows & .net Magazine Microsoft Security Strategies Roadshow
MSDN Events
Microsoft TechNet Briefings
Microsoft TouchPoint Series seminars
Microsoft Events & Webcasts
Microsoft Southern California District
Microsoft Southern California District: Calendar Of Events
Microsoft Events listing of upcoming events
Microsoft Southern California Events listing of upcoming events
Microsoft So.Cal.Events presentations
Microsoft How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP
petrico.il Change System Drive Letter in Windows XP
PC Hell: How to remove Windows Messaging on Windows XP
TechTips4u Unmountable Boot Volume Win XP

Exuberant Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) Service Pack 2.0.2
The Software Patch download Microsoft Service Packs for later install

MVPs.org Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Microsoft Watch Microsoft Bloggers

Windows (non-MicroSoft sites)

Ron Oglesby 10 ways to significantly optimize Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

Microsystems Software web site FTP site makers of various softwares including Cyber Sentry Cyber Patrol web security / monitoring software, ...

MicroTest, Inc. makers of CD Server hardware and software, Compas (network testing equipment), ...

Mijenix Corporation makers of ZipMagic (turn zipfiles into folders, read CAB files), PowerDesk Utilities 98 (a better Windows desktop), FreeSpace, Fix-it Utilities 99 (fix hard drive, registry, crash proof, virus protection, ...) ...

Svend Olaf Mikkelsen partition table utilities

MilkTruck (offline web browser/site grabber).

Millenium Falcon pc

Millennium Solutions Post-Probe PCI, POST code diagnostic reader card

mini-itx.com - projects check out the Waffle Iron PC, Bender PC, Millenium Falcon PC, ... Where nothing is too small to put a PC into it.

Minicom makers of a device that uses UTP Cat 5 cable to allow 2 users access to the same PC via monitor, keyboard and mouse.

MinoStudio.com audio and html software

Welcome to MIR MIR-OS is a 32-bit multi-tasking Operating System for the i386+ developed completely from scratch by a group of Indian programmers. Some of the OS's features include full software multi-tasking, Memory Management (slab allocator), Modularized kernel (ELF module support), Semaphores, FAT12 filesystem, VESA graphics and many other features.

Miralink Corp makers of NLMAlert for NetWare/IntranetWare (redirect server console messages to a workstation).

Miramar Systems Desktop DNA (migrate user settings from one PC to another), PC MAC-LAN (network software to connect MACs and PCs)...

Mirror Worlds Scopeware (new kind of search technology which presents data as a single stream of information)

MiteSoft, Ltd. CoffeeCup Software (HTML Editor, FTP client, GIF editor, ...)

Novell NetWare (NLM) based Server Mirroring
Full results of this test are at Network Computing Magazine
C+ Global Data Security Lan Shadow 4.6
A- Network Integrity LANtegrity 4.0 for NetWare
B- NSI Software Double-Take 2.6 for NetWare
A- Vinca Corp. Standby Server Many-to-one 2.12

Mo'Slo software to slow down computers, to enable playing of older DOS games/software.

Mobility Electronics makers of EasiDock (universal docking station for laptops, with ethernet port, USB port, CompactFlash reader, SmartMedia reader, ...)

Modem (56K and v.90) Online Resources
ModemHelp.com by BVRP Software, info on dial-up modems, ISDN, DSL, wireless, ...
BandwidthPlace lookup information, ...
bconnex.net AT command set for Hayes-compatible modems
Intel glossary of modem-related terms
Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ
56K Modem Info Center
56K Standard Page
56Kflex info page primer, price guide, download firmware, ...
56Kflex info page troubleshooting
Network Computing interactive buyers guide: Analog Modems
Open 56K Forum
3Com x2/V.90 upgrade.
International Telecommunications Union or International Telecommunications Union new modem standards (as of July 2000) include v.92 (enhanced v.90) and v.44 (enhanced v.42bis)
Modem Doctor
Zoom Telephonics Inc. maker of internal and external modems
PC Wporld.com Move Over, Cable--DSL Has Arrived (cable vs DSL)

Modem (Cable) Online Resources - Cable Television Modems (CTM)
Frontier Internet Internet Speed Guide
All Connect internet speed calculator.
Cable Modem University research on cable modems
Cable Modem Help
Cable Modem FAQ from Cox Cable
Cable Modem University
ISPs Cable Modem ready
Cable Modem Informania
Cable Modem Information Center
Cable Addict's Broadband Lounge
Tim Higgin's or Tim Higgin's cable modem sharing page.
Index of Cable Modem Resources on the Web
CableModemInfo.com information about cable modems.
CableModemInfo.com information about proxying or masquerading connections for cable modems.
CableTraffic.com software to track cable usage and interruptions.
Numion test your internet speed
SpeedGuide.net system performance, broadband connections (DSL and cable modems), overclocking, ... with news, reviews, tips, tricks, ...
ZDNet: Are Cable Modems Subject To Hackers?, brief explaination, with links to firewalls, ...
Constant Connections Through Cable or DSL Mean New Security Headaches for Home Users By IAN AUSTEN, New York Times
PC World story on internet lack of security
Use A Cable Modem.....Go To Jail one persons experience with cable modems.
Broadband Blues PC World Magazine article
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
OpenNet Coalition
Cable Modem or DSL: Which Is Better? by Simon Garfinkel, in Salon Magazine.
RASPPPOE PPP Over Ethernet Protocol - let's you configure a DSL/Cable Modem connection just like a regular modem connection.
DSL Reports PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) - let's you configure a DSL/Cable Modem connection just like a regular modem connection.
Request For Comments (RFC) for PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) (original RFC)
Request For Comments (RFC) for PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) (extensions to existing PPoE standard)
xDSL.com Comparison of cable modems and DSL

Modem (DSL) Online Resources - Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
DSL Forum
ADSL Forum
ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, DSL-Lite -- what is this all about?
The Consumers Guide to DSL Technology
Data Com's DSL Lab Test
Broadband Blues PC World Magazine article
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Competitive Broadband Coalition
Universal ADSL Working Group (UAWG)
ADSL Forum
xDSLresource.com FAQs (varieties of DSL, thier modulation techniques, ...
DSL Reports information on DSL, including if it is available in your area.
DSL Reports DSL look up page (can you get DSL)
DSL Reports hardware ratings.
DSL Reports Tweaks: Is your PC configured for Broadband?
DSL Reports testing your broadband connection
DSL Prime independent DSL resource (history, news, info, ...).
DSL Source Book from Paradyne Corp.
Everything DSL
GetSpeed.com look up availability and speed in your area.
GetSpeed.net DSL performance tweaks.
G.SHDSL Useful sites
DSL Resources from Network World Magazine.
Cisco/NetSpeed Tutorial
2Wire DSL Resource Center
xDSL Page by Randy Day
RASPPPOE PPP Over Ethernet Protocol - let's you configure a DSL/Cable Modem connection just like a regular modem connection.
Symmetricom maker of GoLong ADSL Loop Extender (repeater that allows DSL to work at distances up to 30,000 feet from a central office).
Celsian Technologies Momentum G, E, U and V (DSL modems)
Cisco Systems 827-4V, 1700, 2600 and 3600 (DSL modems)
Copper Mountain Networks CopperRocket (DSL modems)
Efficient Networks SpeedStream (DSL modems)
Net to Net Technologies Sirius SDSL Integrated Access (DSL modems)
Paradyne Corp. FrameSaver DSL (DSL modems)
ShareGate DSL2000 (DSL modems)
TollBridge Technologies TB55 (DSL modems)
Vpacket Communications 6100 (DSL modems)
Speakeasy Network do it yourself DSL installation kits

Modem (PC Card)
Comparison of 9 PC Card Modems (K56flex).
Numbers refer to a scale of 5-1 (5=best, 1=worst) test in Lan Times of November 24, 1997, volume 14, issue 24.
3.4 ActionTec Electronics Inc. DataLink (desktop PC card readers, ...)
3.6 E-Tech Research Inc. 56K Cyber Bullet
3.9 Global Village Communication Inc. 56K
3.3 Intel Corp. EtherExpress PRO/100
4.3 Multi-Tech Systems Inc. MultiMobile
3.8 Viking Components Inc. FM56KP K56flex
4.3 Xircom Corp. CreditCard
4.7 Zoom Telephonics Inc. K56 PC Card

Modem (speed tests)
2 Wire for a speed test, click on speed meter in the upper right hand corner.
BandwidthPlace speed test
Modem Speed Test Page
Curt's High-Speed Modem Page
Computing Central Bandwidth Speed Test
SBC Yahoo! DSL Internet Throughput Test
Test My upload and download speed test
McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer (speed test)
McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer - How Fast is Your Inernet Connection?
AccessTimeWarner.com speed test, 4200 is normal
Broadband Reports Dr. TCP - software to test your TCP/IP connection.
speak easy broadband speed test
speed test broadband speed test
DSL Reports broadband speed test

Modem (chips mfgs.)
AnalogDevices, Inc.
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
Mapletree Networks, Inc.

Monitoring (your network): Network World Review September 4, 2000 (10 = best, 1 = worst)
AG Group makers of EtherPeek (protocol Analyzer), ....
7.65 Argent Software Guardian
Argus freeware network monitoring software
6.95 Breakout Software MonitorIT (monitor network performance), ...
BMC Software Guardian Angel is a monitoring service as well, however, Guardian Angel is designed to monitor servers (NT, 2000, or Unix) as well as other entities, such as an Oracle Database.
Concord Communications makers of eHealth Suite (monitor network performance)
Compuware makers of Application Expert (performance monitoring)
Dartware makers of InterMapper (Macintosh based) (network monitoring) ...
Harris STAT Neutralizer - prevents software from running and also hardens (secures) a server (runs on windows NT and 2000)
8.25 Heroix RoboMon NT
HP Openview
Ipswitch makers of WhatsUp Gold (network monitoring) ...
6.95 Ripple Technologies LogCaster
9.00 MediaHouse Software IpMonitor
Neon Software CyberGauge (monitor network connectivity and throughput)
Network Instruments, LLC Link Analyst (monitor network performance)
8.30 NetIQ AppManager
7.60 NTP Software System Sentinel
Response Networks ResponseCenter
Servers Alive network monitoring software
SharpeWare NetWatch (Win32 app that monitors servers)

Network Computing Network Management That Works
Information Week Bottom-Line Management
Internet Week Keeping An Eye On Active Directory
Internet Week In-Depth Web Site Reporting
Internet Week Know Your Flow
Internet Week product review
Internet Week Users Shun Platforms for App Management
Internet Week App Management Spec Approved

Monitoring (your web server - online and realtime):
MonitorTools.com a web site devoted to tools that monitor servers.
Agilent Technologies Firehunter (Windows based)
Freshwater Software SiteScope (Windows based)
Holistix Web Manager (Windows based)
Rational Software Corp SiteLoad (Windows based)
RSW Software e-Test Suite (Windows based)
Internet Week In-Depth Web Site Reporting
Internet Week The Perfect Code
Internet Week Management Software: Just The Facts

Montrose Development Corp. makers of Win 95 MDFile - a better file manager, editor, ZIP, print, ...

MooSoft Development makers of WinText (extracts all readable text from any file), ...

Mike Edward Moras (e-shushi) MiniBin - put the recycle bin in your system tray

Mortice Kern Systems, makers of Unix tools, and solutions to run Unix tools on Windows

Motorola Inc. makers of Personal Messenger 100D (wireless PC Card modem).

Motherboard Express vendor that specializes in motherboards (with 100+ motherboards).

Motherboards.com vendor that specializes in motherboards.


MotherBoard HomeWorld

MotherBoard Monitor software to monitor temperature of hardware

The Motley Fool, dedicated to educating, amusing and enriching individuals in search of the truth.

Mountain Data Systems Acronym Finder.

MPEG explained

. M-Systems DiskOnChip, DiskOnKey, FlashDisk,PC Cards, ...

RyanVM's MSFN Files Page update your XP CD with newest service packs.
MSFN's Unattended Windows: Introduction - update you XP install CD.

Home of muaB's Freeware command line tools and TinyWebServer

MultiTech makers of hardware-single modem on a card, multiplue modems on a single card, ...

Multiple Montitors
google one computer multiple monitors
Real Time Software Multi-Monitor Resources
Super PC SUPER PC | Multiple Monitor Systems
Super PC SUPER PC | Multiple Monitor Adapters & Converters
ATAhost.com How To Connect Dual/triple Monitor + Advantages - Guide on how to install mult. monitors
Stratosphere Professional Workstations

MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) Resource Center

My Abandonware computer games from the 80s and 90s

MyDisk.co.uk hard disk sharing.

MyFileFormats information on many different file formats.

MySimon shopping comparison engine and portal site.

MyVitalAgent diagnose internet connection problems.

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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