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LanTool - N37dev's flagship product; the fully-featured remote network administration package
HWareInfo - N37dev's command console based utility, allowing you to get information on your system quickly and easily. HWareInfo can be used to take a quick snapshot of your current system configuration.

Welcome To NaDa (Bernard Belanger) software that is compatible with every program and OS because it does nothing.

namebench DNS Benchmark Utility

NameStake Service allows you to do free searches for exact domain names, plural forms of a name, and punctuation matches.

National Semiconductor Corp. makers of alternative CPUs for the PC platform.

National Association of Webmasters

Natrificial PC Interface shell

NDG Software NetBoy protocol analyzers (Australia creator)
Sunbelt Software NetBoy Network Protocol Analyzer (U.S. distributor)

Neato LLC makers of CD Labeler Kit.

Nemo's Realms programming information (with executibles and source code), music, literature, ...

Neoware makers of Linux (only needs 4mb and NO hard drive to run) and Windows CE thin clients

NerdPerfect.com high-tech news for high-tech slackers.
NerdPerfect.com World's Slowest Windows NT Server reboot contest.

NetCaptor prevent loading multiple instances of web browser.

Net Draw maker of NetDraw for making / designing network diagrams.

NetIQ maker of Qcheck (freeware network troubleshooting tool).

NetNanny maker of internet filtering software.

NetScanTools NSLookup, ping, traceroute, whois, ... all wrapped up in a single program.

Net Services Software Library Windows 95/98/NT programs includes drive testers, whois, improved file delete, ...

Net Slaves a zine devoted to real-life dilberts.

NetSlaves.com online magazine dedicated to everyone who's been burned by the incompetence, moronic planning and hysterical management of new media companies

NetSnippets download and organize your web research.

Net Telephone

Net3 Group NetWare / network utilities

NetCracker maker of NetCracker Designer for making / designing network diagrams.

NetCraft survey of what web server software and OS most sites are running (regularly polling 17 million sites).
Netcraft The Netcraft Web Surver Survey
Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar (Internet Explorer and Firefox)

Netect maker of HackerShield, anti-hacker product for Windows NT.

NetJumper, makers of NetJumper (browser assistant)

NetLingo online dictionary that specializes in internet technology.

NetManage Inc. Maker of WebSurfer WWW browser.

Netoria,Inc. makers of SFLOGIN (NetWare), SFLOCK, ...

Netphone, Inc. Hardware and software solution for telephone/computer (PBX server) interaction.

NetPlus Software, Inc. makers of OnQueue (scheduling software).

NetPro Computing, Inc. makers of Config Central for Novell NetWare (NLM) v3.12, v4.1, DS Expert (repair NDS tree), DS Analyzer, DirectoryInsight (Active Directory tool), ...

Netscape - main page or Netscape v7.0 browser (minimum requirements: Win 98, 64mb ram, 26mb hard drive, P233, ...)
Netscape v7.x download full installer (Mac, Linux, Windows)
Netscape v7.x system requirements
Netscape v6 Browser available as of 11/00, or downloads page or downloads page or Netscape Archived Client Products v4.7 or ftp site - downloads Maker of Netscape Navigator browser client software. (industry standard).
Netscape v3.x certificate expiration rollover

Netscape Binaries for various platforms
Netscape v7.x download full installer (Mac, Linux, Windows)

cuc or troll or loa

allweb or globaldom or hypermart
NetScape Navigator v4.6

All platforms, older versions Netscape all older software.

Netscape Source Code for various platforms
Mozilla official source code for Netscape Navigator.
Mozilla Netscape Portable Runtime
Mozilla Next Generation Layout
Netscape, info on Gecko, then next version of the browser.

Netscape and related information
Netscape Name to dissappear from the internet? InfoWorld article.
MozillaZine Chromezone (source of skins for new Netscape v6)
K-Meleon beta of windows based browser based on Netscape v6 (Gecko)
Netscape Unofficial FAQ

NetSwitcher Save your network settings when using multiple networks (Win 95/98/NT/00)
NetSwitcher, manage multiple networks on one machine (download from ZDnet)

NetVision DirectoryAlert and ServerAlert (directory and server auditing capability for NDS and NetWare servers)

Network Analysis Institute, information, tools, links, ...

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Network World magazine 4/17/00 review of NAS devices (on a scale of 10=best to 1=worst) (use DocFinder 7721).
Adaptec makers of Snap Server
Auspex makers of NS3000 Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance.
Castelle makers of OfficeDirect Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance.
ClarkConnect - Server and Gateway - Linux Small Business Server (SBS)
Connex makers of N3100 (NAS Raid box).
Contribs.org News: SME Server and Gateway software
Excel/Meridian Data makers of NAS Drive Z Server
FreeNAS: The Free NAS Server
NewsForge - The Online Newspaper For Linux and Open Source A look at the FreeNAS server.
7.2 Hewlett-Packard (HP) makers of SureStore HD Server
7.3 Intel makers of InBusiness Storage Station
Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS Network Storage Products.
5.7 JES Hardware Solutions makers of Net Raptor, Raptor RAID IDENASRAID636, ...
Land-5 Corp or Land-5 Corp, makers of Icebox UltraPod
7.0 LinkSys makers of Instant GigaDrive
7.0 Maxtor, makers of MaxAttach Desktop, Shared Storage Drives
Mirra makers of Personal Server
Procom Technology makers of NetForce 1500
Network Appliance makers of NetApp F720, F760 Storage Appliance
6.3 Network Storage Solutions makers of NAS Engine, Thunderbolt R500, ...
8.3 Quantum, makers of Snap Server, virtual install of Snap Server, R.O.I calculator
Server Elements with NASlite turn any PC into a file server.
SourceForge.net: NASLite File Server, a floppy-based file-server built around Linux 2.4, Samba 2, and NFS. It is designed to fit onto a single floppy disk and to serve files from single hard disks to full RAID setups.
Michael Horowitz NASLite - a review by Michael Horowitz - NASLite is a $16 program that converts an old computer into a file server.
TVHarmony: NasLite Review
Western Digital makers of Netcenter

Articles and White Papers
Sun Microsystems white paper on Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Network Computing Lab-Tested: All That NAS
Network Computing The MaxAttach NAS 4000 Almost Fills The Network-Storage Bill
Internet Week HP's SureStore HD 4000
Internet Week 4 Storage Area Networks
Internet Week or Internet Week Gigabytes On Demand
Internet Week Meeting The Data Onslaught
VARBusiness NAS Gains Mass Appeal
Michael Horowitz review of NASlite from Server Elements
slashdot The Amazing $5k Terabyte Array

Network Buyers Guide, search lists of products, with pricing, contact information, ...

Network Designers, makers of Novix (TCP/IP Gateway/Firewall for Novell servers)

Network Instruments, LLC makers of Observer (protocol (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI) analyzer and troubleshooting tool for Win 95/98/NT), Link Analyst (monitor network performance), ...

Network Interface Cards (NIC)
Network Computing Interactive Buyers Guide: 100+ MBPS NICs

Network General makers of RouterPM, ...

Network Magic Home Networking Helper

Network Notepad freeware program for creating interactive network diagrams

Network Operating Systems (NOS)
Argus Systems (server) Gibralter (a secure network operating system), PitBull (harden Solaris 7 OS), ...
SpartaCom Inc. - Lantastic (peer-to-peer) runs on DOS and Windows.
Banyan Systems Inc. (server) (discontinued as of 12/31/99)
EROS open source operating system with secure architecture
Invisible Software Invisible LAN - networking software for DOS, Win 3.x, Win 9x
Little Big LANpeer to peer networking product. Uses ethernet, arcnet, serial, parallel, modem, ...
MangoSoft makers of Medley (Win95 / Win98) fault tolerant clustering software for pooling network resources (hard drives, modems, ...) (CacheLink Networking).
Miramar Systems PC MAC-LAN (network software to connect MACs and PCs)
Microsoft Windows 2000
Novell NetWare (server) client runs on DOS (being phased out), Prosoft Engineering - MAC client, Windows, ...
Timpanogas Research Group (TRG) is working on Metropolitan Area Network Operating System (MANOS), an open source version of NetWare 3.x (available late 2000) and NetWare 4.11 (available second half of 2001)
Otex LAN runs on DOS and Windows.
Server Elements NASLite
SurfDoubler networking for home network
Sun Microssystems Solaris
ThirdPig, a secure network operating system
searchNetworking.com network specific search engine (search, news, help, links, ...)
CNN article - King Of The Network Operating Systems (NOS) January 24, 2000 comparisons of Microsoft Windows 2000, Novell NetWare 5.1, Red Hat Linux 6.1 and Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) UnixWare 7.1.1 (and links to related articles)
Steve's Networking FAQ
PC World.com Buyers Guide To Home Neworking Gear
CIOL IT Unlimited Can Any PC Work As Your Server?

Network Specialists, Inc. - Double Take (server mirroring) Backup software (tape and ...), for Novell Networks (NLM), and other operating systems.

Network-Tools.com ping, lookup, trace, xwhois, DNS records, Network lookup, URL Unencode, URL encode, HTTP headers, e-mail validation

Network Update System, update workstations via network connection.

NetworkWorldFusion Nutter's Help Desk: The iPAQ as a network test tool (DocFinder: 2275)

NetworkView is an ultra compact network discovery and management tool for Windows.

Networking Answers The Network Security Guide from Answers.com (routers, broadband, firewalls, ...)

New Deal Office Complete Office Suite (word processor, web browser, spreadsheet, etc) based on GeoWorks OS.

News - technology
Andover.net open source news site.
Computer News Daily anything computer related
Internet News everything digital
Internet News Bureau everything digital
The Naked PC biweekly newsletter that highlights a useful book, web site, program, FAQ, ..
NerdPerfect.com high-tech news for high-tech slackers.
NetworkingNews.org news, links, ...
Offhand Remarks links, quotes, commentary for the technophile.
slashdot News for Nerds about the stuff that matters. Techie news and message boards with a focus on Linux.

NewRegistrars.com another place you can buy your domain names.

Nexland makers of Internet Sharing Box ISB-100 a TCP/IP device that plugs into 10BASE-T or 10BASE-2 network and allows everyone on the network to access internet. Unit provides both dial-on-demand and inactivity time-out.

NexCom Industrial Computer (motherboards with ISA slots

NikoSystems System Boot Areas Antivirus & Crash Recovery

Ninja UnitsConvert Inches to pixels

NirSoftware freeware utilities (password recovery, network monitoring, ...) with source code.
NirBlog The official blog of nirsoft.net

nLite freeware Windows 2000 / XP Installation Customizer. nLite is a tool for permanent Windows component removal and pre-installation Windows setup. After removal there is an option to make bootable image ready for burning on cd or testing in virtual machines. With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which on install doesn't include, or even contain on cd, unwanted components. Deployment Tool for Unattended Windows Installation.
vLite freeware Windows Vista Installation Customizer.

NMB Technologies, Inc. makers of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard.

no-nonsense-software.com shareware and freeware Win 95/98/NT software including: DeskSweeper (hide desktop icons), ...

Nonags tested and rated freeware and shareware for Win 95/NT that does NOT nag the user.

NotePad replacements
wikipedia Comparison of notetaking software
AbiWord freeware Word replacement
Atlantis Word Processor
BaDeVlad Soft Project BVDnotepad - freeware notepad replacement
DocPad freeware notepad replacement
E-editor Homepage freeware notepad replacement
EditPad Pro freeware notepad replacement
Extreme Productions ExtremePad - freeware notepad replacement
Haxial TextEdit Product Page freeware notepad replacement
versoworks dot com inedita - freeware notepad replacement
jarte A Compact, FREE Word Processor and WordPad Replacement
metapad freeware notepad replacement
mdiNotepad freeware notepad replacement
NotePadXP freeware notepad replacement
NoteTab Light freeware notepad replacement
Quicknote notepad replacement
TED Notepad an expanding Notepad replacement - freeware
Valdonai Software free and fee versions
Yeah Write wordpad replacement

Notifier2 is a free windows program that allows you to monitor your multiple email accounts without having to log in.

NuoMedia.com makers of enterprise level file sharing and collaboration tools that allow users to securely share, exchange and track files across LANs and intranets, web based office productivity suite (groupware, email, calendars, address books, bulletin boards, file sharing, ...), web based application designer, corporate finance applications, ...

Novell Resources (unofficial):
DMOZ - open directory project NetWare
abeNd.org Novell News For IT Professionals
I Want NetWare why should you use NetWare?
Novell Museum virtual archive of Novell memorabilia
screen capture of NetWare v3.11 running for 6 years
University of Helsinki NetWare clients for: Windows NT/2K/XP, Windows 9x/ME, Windows 3.1/DOS
Adrian Cunnelly's WebSpace Netware Utilities
Computer Tyme Software Development Laboratory
Dave's Novell Shareware for NetWare v3.x, v4.x and v5.x
DaveCentral networking utilities
DJack Software Tools For NetWare and SUSE Linux
Holger Dopp's Software For The Novell Community
CDROM.com web site with NetWare shareware.
CDROM.com FTP site with NetWare shareware.
files.chatnfiles.com NetWare Super Library (shareware CD online)
Gadget Factory NetWare and NT utilities
Genesys Informatica NetWare page
Felton Green Novell Information, Shareware and Files.
HBware products for NetWare
JRBUtils - Novell utilities or JRBUtils - Novell utilities
Sensible Freeware and Shareware NetWare and DOS utilities by Keith Parkansky
SquawkWare Monitor (single or multiple) server(s) and power with failure paging, by Keith Parkansky
Marcus's Home Page
Midnight Technologies makers of management solutions for NetWare (MountDOS, ...)
NetWare Connection Magazine 100+ links to shareware/freeware.
NetWare Server Tools (John Lebert) freeware and shareware utilities for Novell Netware.
Netware & NDS Utilities by Darwin Collins at Novell Fans
Novell utilities
Novell Connection Magazine resources (links to commercial and shareware software for NetWare)
Roy Coates' - Novell utilities
Roy's freeware NetWare utilities
Roy's Freeware Netware Utilities Various usefull batch oriented and reporting utilities.
NDS Toolkit for Netware 4.10 Peter Kuo's Netware 4.10 and NDS tools.
NetWareFiles.com utilities for NetWare v3.x, v4.x v5.x
NetWare and eDirectory Utilities by Wolfgang Schreiber
Wolfgang Schreiber NetWare and eDirectory Utilities
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Utilities for computer networks
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Novell LAN utilities
NaSPA Network and Systems Professionals Association
NetWare NDS Utilities
NetWare Shareware
NetWare User Group of South Africa, also has FTP site.
Novell utilities
NW Utility Library is a set of CD-ROMS that contain 2,500+ shareware and freeware utilities that sells for $59.50.
Secure Utilities for Novell networks
Shareware and Freeware Collection Novell
Veder Software NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk (IP/IPX)
Vypress Research NWsend (send quick messages via NetWare)
Wiredred Software networking utilities (Salvage 98, Find and e/pop instant messenger for NetWare).

NetWare Newsgroups
news:comp.os.netware.announce annnouncements from Novell and 3rd party developers
news:comp.os.netware.connectivity connecting Novell to ...
news:comp.os.netware.security security issues
news:novell.community.usercontributedfiles user contributed files

News Stories on NetWare
IT Library history of Novell NetWare.
slashdot Novell to support Linux with NDS (news story)
Should you be afraid of NDS for NT?
Novell Got Microsoft To Break a Sweat
Novell updates Border Manager
Novell's Z.E.N.works Ups The TCO Stakes
NetWare 5: NOS Battle Renews
KeyLabs, Inc. testing of NetWare 5 vs. Windows NT Server 4.0
NetWare Connection Magazine
Network World Fusion Messman replaces Schmidt as Novell's chairman, IDG News Service, November 13, 2001
Network World Fusion and Network World Breaking Novell and NetWare news, updated daily
Network World Fuision Archive of the Novell NetWare newsletter
PC Magazine The Eighteenth Annual Awards For Technical Excellence - NetWare 6
InfoWorld Story Ex-Novell execs plan open-source NetWare By James Niccolai (opensource OS compatible with NetWare)
InfoWorld NetWare 6 is ready for the Internet
IT-anlalysis.com NetWare 6.0: A Gift from the Gods?
eWeek Novell's HQ Move Raises Questions About NetWare
Novell Novell Settles One Antitrust Claim With Microsoft for $536 Million, Plans To File Suit On Second Claim

NetWare FAQs and other information (articles, ...)
Yahoo! Finance Novell Posts 4th-Quarter Profit Of $13M, by Associated Press.
eWeek Novell To Drop Standalone NetWare
Novell Novell Makes iFolder Open Source.
Netware Users International user group.
NUI Technical Resource DVD offer.
(BNUG) The Greater Boston Network Users Group
Inside NetWare Nagazine
Network Computing Magazine
Network Computing Magazine Novell NetWare v3.11: Too Good For It's Own Good, by Ron Anderson
NetWare Connection magazine
Network World Novell and NetWare news, updated daily
Network World weekly Novell NetWare newsletter (archive)
Network World Fusion Staying Alive (article about Novell's past and possible future).
Nigel's Novell Page
Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) Technical Support: Novell Server Installations (BorderManager, Mail - Mercury, Netware 5.x, 4.x, 3.x)
Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) Install TCP/IP Services On Novell NetWare Servers
Craig Johnson Consulting (Novell Support Connection SysOp)
Craig Johnson Consulting (Novell Support Connection SysOp) TCPIP.NLM Issues - September 24, 2002
Novell Fans, information, links, files, ...
Novell FAQs site and Novell FAQs site and Novell FAQs site and a listserv, no subject required, but message must read SUBSCRIBE NOVELL "your name"
Sites with FAQs about NetWare, as well as lots of links.
Two sites recommended by Novell Users Group. 1 2
slashdot Is Novell Doomed?
SLP how to setup/use SLP with Novell NetWare.
SLP configuration and management in mixed IP/IPX and large network environnments
SLP configuration and management in mixed IP/IPX and large network environnments
Marcus Williamsons Home page with NetWare links.
Inside NDS
HelpBoard, homebase to the NetWare WebRing.
Prosoft Engineering. Novell no longer supports MAC IPX. Prosoft now does. Check here for updates.
ProSoft Engineering NetWare for Mac
Yahoo! Finance Novell Acquires Ximian To Expand Linux Solutions and Open Source Commitment
slashdot Novell buys Ximian
ZDNET Tech Update NetWare Still A Top-Notch NOS
ZenWorksMaster for users of Novell ZENworks.
Zen Networks for users of Novell ZENworks.
NAL Solutions Magazine This website is dedicated to the Novell Application Launcher (NAL). You'll find NAL tips, articles, FAQ's and Questions and Answers as well as a Feature Article.

Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions This site is dedicated to GroupWise where you'll find GroupWise tips, articles, Q & A and Feature Articles. There are also User Manuals in PDF format for download.

Novell Resources (official):
Wall Street Journal - Market Watch Nov. 22, 2010, Attachmate Corporation to Acquire Novell, Inc.
September 2000 Novell is stopping sales of NetWare v3.20.
Novell is planning on making a similar announcement about NetWare v4.20 within 90 days.
Novell main page
Novell buy Novell products from Novell
NetWare ABEND Analysis System upload your Coredump here to find out why your server is ABENDing. (NetWare v4.x and vt5.x)
Novell - site maps
product documentation
Netware 6, Beta 3 documentation covering migration, installation, etc.
Democity test drive Novell (and partners) products online, review information, eductaion resources, ...
Passport Integrator Web Site
Application Launcher or Application Launcher or Application Launcher
BorderManager Firewall Services
Cron NLM v4.11 tool for automating loading/unloading/running NLMs.
NetWare 3.12 patches / updates
GroupWise 5
GroupWise 5.5 open beta (8/98)
GroupWise Web Access documentation
IntranetWare Client Suite 2.1
ManageWise 2.5
ManageWise 2.6 beta (7/98)
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise
Novell Linux Desktop 9 Evaluation Download
Migration Wizard for upgrading v3.x to v4.x. (free download)
Migration Wizard for upgrading v3.x or v4.x. to v5.x (free download)
NetWare 3.12
NetWare Documentation for all products
NetWare 3.12 English Language Manual online, in HTML format.
NetWare 3.20
Novell High Availability Server
Novell Public Beta Software
NetWare 5
NetWare 6
NetWare 6 beta
NetWare 6 launch
Novell Open Enterprise Server
NetWare for Small Business
NetWare for Small Business Partner Sites
NetWare for Small Business INETCFG (select and configure network devices and protocols)
Web Server
Z.E.N.works for Desktops
Novell iFolder (securely synchronize files on multiple computers and allows web-based access)
Single Sign-On sign in once to many networks/software packages.
Novell Download NetWare v6.5 Evaluation Kit
Novell NetWare Server Consolidation Utrility
Toolkit to migrate from NT to NetWare
Novell Developer tools for developing NetWare based applications, Java VM, NetBasic, downloads, ...resources for the CNE
Novell Developer TREEINT (NLM), a directory integration utility.
Novell Developer NDPS and NEPS information, links, software, ...
Novell Developer Notes and Novell AppNotes
Novell Developer Open Solutions Architecture (OSA) Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes NetBasic available as of 7/98.
Novell Developer Novell LDAP Libraries for C Softwared developer kit (SDK)
Novell Developer Consulting Toolkit
Novell Consulting Toolkit
Novell Consulting Toolkit Online (download)
SQL Integrator for NetWare
discontinued products
NetWare 3.x and 4.x documentation
NetWare Patches minimum patch list
NUI - NetWare Users International
Save The Net (from the evil empire) - posters, T-shirts
Novell User Groups - general info
NetWare Conference
Save The Net (from the evil empire) - Wallpaper
Novell downloads
Novell Support Connection docs, support, downloads, ...
Novell Support Connection forums
top 20 downloads
CNE support site
Download site (includes Macintosh and OS/2 client, ...)
Novell Novell Client For Linux
NDS downloads: including ScheMax (NDS plugin), ...
CNE Product Link
Novell Cool Solutions tips, tricks, downloads (tools, utilities, ...), FAQ, ... for GroupWise, NDS, ZENworks, ...
Novell Cool Solutions ZENworks (downloadables)
Novell Cool Solutions free tools (like NCShtDwn-start a password-protected screen saver under Win 9x), ...
Novell: Cool Solutions: Accessing NetWare 5.1 files from a Browser
NOVELL: Cool Solutions: Cool Tools: by Product
NOVELL: Cool Solutions: Cool Tools: Server Utilities
novell Cool Solutions: Cool Tools: NetWare
Novell Cool Solutions: Cool Tools: listing by Product
NetWare Connection Magazine goto Network Resources button for shareware amd freeware.
Novell Support Connection find out what technical support options Novell has.
NetWire / Novell Support Forum
Year 2000 Project
Year 2000 (Y2K)
Year 2000 Project
Year 2000 (Y2K)
Product Updates
Year 2000 Information Ferret and Z.E.N.Works
Year 2000 Information Ferret
y2K Test Guide
NetWare 3.12 and 3.2 update
Y2k HotSites
CLIB & patch file list
online documentation for all Novell products.
how to order hardcopy documentation
NetWare Connection Bookstore
NetWare User Group locations
Novell Minimum Patch List
Novell Consulting white papers, downloads, ...
Novell CNE Net resources for the CNE
Novell Education
Novell Login
NOVELL: The Novell Small Business Suite 6.6 Starter Pack Promotion
NOVELL: Troubleshooting DHCP Client Problems
Novell at University of Michigan Configuring TCP/IP for NetWare 5.x and 6.x
Novell Support Connection CD updated monthly, searchable infobases with tech support info, patches, drivers, ...
Novell Software Connection Library updated periodically, provides copies of 85+ shipping products, early access releases, beta products, ...
Novell BrainShare
Novell Forge open source Novell projects
Calendar of Events - Southern California downloads, ...
Save The Net (from the evil empire) - Wallpaper
Save The Net (from the evil empire) - posters, T-shirts
Novell Marketing Videos and Video Production
eWeek Novell Forges A Three-Pronged Plan
Novell find the closest local Novell resellers in your area.

NQL Browser Recorder for Internet Explorer (automate viewing your favorite web sites)

nsauditor.com audit your network.
nsauditor.com Freeware Network Tools - Free Internet Tools & Web Utilities

NTFS various disk/backup products including: DOS NTFS reader

Jan Kratochvil: Captive NTFS: The first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/Linux

NTP Software makers of Quota Sentinel (set quotes for user drive space usage

NU2 bootable CD/DVD builder

SourceForge NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open-source tool forthe development of Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore highly suitable for internet distribution. (Windows, Linux)

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