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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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LabMice.net Windows 2000/XP/.net Resource Index
LabMice.net - Windows 2000/XP/.net Resource Index Windows 2000 Keyboard Shortcuts

LaCie, makers of PocketDrive, an external portable FireWire/USB hard drive for Windows or Macintosh.

LADsoft Computer Page DOS utilities, progamming libraries, DOS MICQ, debuggers, compilers, ...

Lan-Aces, Inc. makers of Office Logic groupware (DOS/Win 3.1/Win 95/Win NT) combination product.

LANovation makers of LAN Escort (windows software distribution and protection of desktop setup) PictureTaker, ...

LanTricks Network Monitoring Tools and Security Software

Lantronix makers of various network harware - print servers, remote access servers (modem), ...

LANQuest makers of various software packages, including Network Checker (software check of LAN links), ...

Precision Guesswork, Inc. LANWatch networking monitoring software.

The Register Man Burns Penis With Laptop

USA Today.com Dell To Recall 4.1 Million Laptop Batteries

Laszlo, author of iniwks (commandline INI file editor)

Free Launch Bar improved Quick Launch Bar for XP, Vista and 7

Lava Computer makers of comport accelerator serial boards with drivers for Win 3.x, 9x, NT.

LanWorks Technologies, Inc. makers ofBootWare, boot roms for network cards.

Lava Lamp 3D 3D Lava Lamp ScreenSaver (shareware)

Lazesoft Recovery Suite (data recovery, Windows recovery, ...)

Avery Lee info on MPG and AVI files, video capture, and ABIT motherboards.

Leeos Software Windows freeware

LegendOS an x86, 32 bit, freeware operating system (includes boot manager, ...)

Legion, an IP address lookup program.

Leoville Leo Laporte talks about computers on TV, radio and the web.

Levit & James, Inc. software for Word (CrossEyes-reveal codes, CrossWords-convert WordPerfect to Word, CrossFingers-repair damaged Word documents, Stylizer-apply styles to documents, ...)

Lexun Freeware software for Windows XP and 2000 (drive image, drive clone, reg edit, ...)

G.L.Liadis You can get a resource readout by selecting Start-Settings-Control panel, double-clicking the System icon, and clicking the System Properties tab. Or, use shareware programs like WinCapClock 96 from G.L.Liadis which will also calculate resources, free RAM, and free disk space.

Liberty Alliance Project Sun led group trying to come up with their version of a digital ID (seperate but different from Microsoft Passport).

LinCity a GPLed SimCity clone for Linux. There's also a port to Win32.

LifeWire 10 Free Image Hosting Sites for Your Photos

LifeWire 14 Free Hard Drive Testing Programs

LightReading optical networking coverage (news, white papers, links, ...)

Lightspeed Systems, makers of IP Magic (network traffic management).

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) resources and products
Network World magazine 5/15/00 review of LDAP compliant products (on a scale of 10=best to 1=worst) (use DocFinder 8123).
OpenLDAP Project
Netscape, excerpt from Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services by Tim Howes, Mark Smith and Gordon Good
. Jeff Hodges presentation on LDAP Directory Services Security (with reference section)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) version 3 reference.
4.55 Computer Associates, eTrust Directory
6.30 Critical Path (Isocor), Global Directory Server
7.65 Innosoft, IDDS and Directory Portal
8.55 iPlanet, Directory Server
5.10 Novell, NDS eDirectory
N/A Oracle, Oracle Internet Directory
4.70 Siemens, DirX

Welcome to Mike Lin's Home Page. This site has provided useful freeware and shareware programs since 1999.

Lincoln Beach Software makers of software including Download Butler (file transfer utility with support for most major and some minor transfer protocols).

Linfield College tutorial on installing network interface cards (NIC)

Link a go go convert your favorites/bookmarks between various web browers

LinkSys makers of various hardware (NIC, hubs, ...) GigaDrive (network attached storage), ...

Lipstream makers of voice chatroom software.

Liquid Audio, Inc. Dolby Digital-based compression and delivery system for the Web.

Listible! 277 Resources on Complete List of Web 2.0 Products and Services

ListServs and e-mail lists
eGroups advertising sponsored ListServ, shared calendars, file spaces, real-time chat, ..., hosts 150,000+ ListServs. June 2000 purchased by Yahoo.
FindMail archives of internet ListServs.
GreatCircle Majordomo software.
ListBot free listserv
ListZ comprehensive catalog of ListServs.
L-Soft, Inc. NetSpace ListServ software and/or service
Lyris Technologies, Inc. makers of Lyris (ListServ)
Netscape Web Site Post Office, create and manage your own mailing lists.
Onelist advertising sponsored ListServ, includes file areas, ... hosts 85,000+ ListServs.
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Reference.COM Newsgroup and Mailing List Search tool
Topica advertising sponsored ListServ, hosts 40,000+ ListServs. Just purchased Lizst.
SparkList e-mail list publishing

Arrow a mailing list manager, so that you can manage a ListServ from your desktop.

LizardTech working on a very tight compression product for images.

Lockergnome e-mail newsletter of hints, tips trick, ... for Windows 95/98/NT/00/...

Lockstep, makers of IgetMail (email automation tool), WebAgin (web site monitoring/restoration), ...

Logitech makers of hardware, ... Logitech - Technical Support

LootAtLan Network Monitoring and Management Solutions

Loom screen recording, free and fee

Dirk Loss: Windows-Tools on CD-ROM

LPR/LPD (client/server) IP printing
Brooksnet.com RPM
www.LPRng.com or FTP open source LPR client
Netinst.com NIPrint
Rabox.com WinLPD
Windows LPRSpooler software to connect your Windows based computers to Unix/Linux printers. WinSite.com shareware repository, search for LPD
Xlink.com Omni-Print
FreeBSD.org Setting up LPR on Windows clients

Lucent Technologies Inferno, a multiplatform network operating system and programming environment.

Luckman Interactive makers of WebSweep, an easy way to clen up hard drive after using the web.

Lutris Java/XML Application Servers

Lyris Technologies, Inc. makers of Lyris (ListServ), MailShield, ...

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