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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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X1 Technologies X1 (computer search software)

Xecutor run programs at specific times or at specific events.

XenSource Download XenSource v4 Virtualization Products

XteqSystems X-Setup (for Win 95/98/NT/00) (much improved TweakUI program 500+ settings in v5.6), ...

DOS X-window Server, complete with built in TCP/IP, ...

xBase DBMS Library Download Menu cross platform database tools

Arachne Labs (formerly xChaos Software) makers of Arachne, a DOS graphical browser (and the basis for Caldera WebSpyder.

XDR II Co. good prices on CD/Rs, Tapes, Disks & Accessories for the computer.

Xerox, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

xiph additional codecs for Windows

Xircom - main page Xircom software drivers, makers of parallel port and PC card modems, network cards, ...

eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Academic XML Resource
Adhoc List of Free XML Tools
Adobe Systems FrameMaker+SGML (software)
Apache Extensible Markup Language Project, XML Tools
ArborText XML Styler (software)
ArborText Adept (software)
Bluestone Visual-XML (sitebuilder)
Tim Bray Annotated XML Specification
DataChannel XML Developer's Kit, XStore (software), ...
DataChannel RIO (software)
Data Junction XMLjunction (data conversion tool)
Design Principals for XML
Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) develop management standards
Directory Services Markup Language (DSML)
Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
eXcelon Useful Links
Financial Processing Markup Language (FPML) language for describing financial derivatives
Financial Services Markup Language (FSML) language used to implement e-checks and other financial documents
HiT software Allora (Unix or NT)
IBM AlphaWorks Xeena
IBM DB2 XML Extender
Icon Information-Systems's XML Spy (sitebuilder)
Information Week XML Toolbox
Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) framework for the exchange of financial data.
Interleaf Blade Runner
JDOM Open Source Project Java Document Object Model (JDOM)
Lotus Development
Microsoft BizTalk Jumpstart Kit
Microsoft XML Resources
Microsoft XML Notepad (software)
Microsoft XML Parser (sitebuilder)
Microsoft XML Parser (sitebuilder)
Microsoft MSDN Online XML Developer Center
Microsoft MSDN XML Notepad
Microsoft Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) - transport protocol designed to exchange information over the web
Microstar Software Near and Far Designer
Microstar Software FastTag (software)
Netscape DevEdge Online
Norbert XML Parser
Open Financial Exchange (OFX) specification for the exchange of financial data.
OpenOffice.org XML specification for file formats for new version of StarOffice
The Rocket XML Framework
SGML/XML Reference
Open Applications Group (OAGI)
Open Group open standards for product interoperability
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) eXtensible Markup Language (XML) latest developments
OmniMark Konstructor (software)
Oracle XML Developers Kit
OnDisplay XML Connect (secure encrypted exchange of XML documents)
Percussion Software Rhythmyx XML editor.
RosettaNet business consortium trying to build XML-based trading document specifications for use in business-to-business e-commerce.

Scientific American XML and the Second Generation Web
SoftQuad or SoftQuad Author/Editor, Panorama Viewer, XMetaL (sitebuilder), ...
Sun Microsystems
Tanyitech Systems Easy XML
Tek-Tools Kawa (a wrapper around Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit[all versions])
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) framework to allow people and companies to find and transact business over the web. Also, Web Services Description Language (WSDL) a language for describing web-based business interfaces.
Vervet Logic XML PRO (sitebuilder)
Washington Technology Getting a Handle on XML
Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Home Page/Section, with FAQs, links, tutorials, ...
W3C Architecture Domain: DCD Draft
W3C Architecture Domain: Namespaces Draft
W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML)
W3C XML Path Language
W3C Proposed XML Schema Specification
W3C Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
The XML Industry Portal
XML Open Registry
XML site created by O'Reilly & Associates, Songline Studios and Seybold Publications.
XML Exchange Extensible Markup Language Exchange - registry service.
xmlhack The Useful Information Company presents a site for XML developers, with news, opinions, tips, ...

XML Instance
XML Repote Procedure Call (XML-RPC) transport protocol designed to exchange information over the web
XML Software Page
Zope open source code project (application server written in Python scripting language).
Web Techniques Magazine Beyond HTML
Web Techniques Magazine Seperating Body And Soul

eXtensible markup language Schema Defination - XML Schema Defination (XSD)
Apache schema implementation
IBM XML Schema Quality Checker
Microsoft XML Developer Ceneter
Sun XML Technologies
W3C converstion tool from DTD to XML Schema
W3C Validator for XML Schema

eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
XSLT 1.0 standard
GoXML.com XSLT resource
XML.com XSLT resource
James Clark XT Java-based XSLT engine
Dave Pawson XSL FAQ

WMhelp.com XMLpad freeware editor

XML Marker XML freeware editor

XMLterm, an updated Xterm (terminal program) that uses XML to add hypertext and graphical capability to Xterm.

XML Server Pages Project, PrcView ProcessViewer (process management utility-see what programs are actually running on your Windows computer)

XNview, a multi-language graphic view for DOS, Windows, ...

XP Minimal-Requierement-Test what are the absolute minimal requirements to install and / or run Windows XP.

XP Smoker The Hot Performance Booster for Windows XP

X-Solutions.com a new web site devoted to software publishers of platform interoperability (Windows-UNIX-Linux) solutions. Links to trade shows, news, Linux applications, ...

Xteq Systems Windows maintenance/tuning tools
PC World.com Xteq X-Setup v6.2 (and other Windows utilities)

XTree Fan Page

XTREE for Windows

Xybernaut, makers of wearable PCs (that fit on a belt or vest, with head mounted monitor, voice recognition, ...).

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Computer Links
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