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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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W2K News e-zine for NT/2000 administrators.

Waffle Software homepage DOS BBS/web server.
Waffle 1.65
Halcyon's Waffle archive (plenty of utilities)
Faster UUCICO transfer engines
comp.bbs.waffle Frequently Asked Questions guide in HTML
Information Page for the UUCP Mail Protocol
Dog Ear'd Systems Home Page (FXUUCICO, FXUUCP)

IBM WakeOnLAN info/sepecifications.
PERL script to send packets to wake up WakeOnLAN PCs.

John Walkenbach & Associates The Spreadsheet Page (tips, files, links, humor, ... with sections on Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quatro Pro, ...)

WallMaster wallpaper manager.
My Portable Software My Daily Wallpaper (from deviantART)
My Portable Software My Daily Space Wallpaper (Wallpapers courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Homepage of C.J. van Wandelen freeware system utilities

Watchfire portal for WEB Quality Assurance (QA) tools

Wavetek Wandel Golterman LAANchecker (hardware-network testing/analyzer).

Web of On-Line Dictionaries has links to 350 dictionaries of over 100 different languages.
Web of On-Line Dictionaries has links to 350 dictionaries of over 100 different languages.

WebFS, makers of Internet File System (software to allow sharing of files over the local network or internet).

The Webskulker daily e-mail zine. Get a daily dose of computer technology and humor.

Web 3000, Inc. makers of NetSonic Internet Accelerator (smarter web cacheing).

webroot internet utility and privacy tools including: Window Washer or Mac Washer (clean up your history, trash, cache, cookies, ....) Private Bookmarks (protect/manage your bookmarks), PortFlash (monitor standard ports), ...
WebLust all things computer including: photo album, museum, photo gallery, audio interviews, writing and rants, audio music listen or download, The Windows 3.1 Electronic Bible reference book and viewer (free download), ...

World Organization of Webmasters or World Organization of Webmasters

WebMergers.com a hub for buyers and sellers of technology properties.
WebMergers.com The Internet Mergers And Acquisitions Report (shutdowns, mergers, layoffs, ...

Web Sites - resources
The Web Standards Project
TheFreeSite.com links to free web sites, email, banners, counters, java, software, ...
Stephen's Freebies Webspace reviews of free webspace providers.
Web Page Stuff free web stuff (sites, help, ...)
AFS TOOLS free web stats, free counter, ...
Bravenet.com free web space, site development tools (Hit Counters, Guestbooks, Message Forums, Live Chat Rooms, Classified Ads, Online Polls, Greeting Cards, ...), site promotion tools, ...
FreeTools.com polls, guestbook, message boards, site search, ...
BigNoseBird.com a webmasters resource, with: samples, examples, tutorials, help, message boards, design, ...
BizLand.com promote your web site, ...
Chami.com resources for webmasters, including HTML-kit editor, tutorials, ...
CNET builder.com Web Building tools, help, tutorials, ...
Dot-Com Builder from Sun Microsystem, will be a resource site for servr side scripting languages (Java, XML, ...)
evolt.org community for web developers, with code, reviews, links, software, visual designs, ...
FreeCode.com online tools, open source code for HTML authoring, graphics, internet protocols, online applications, ... with links, online tools, ...
thefreecountry.com: Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources
Free Web Resources links to free counters, CGI scripts, web space, e-mail, forms, search engines, ...
Successful Web Tools
htmlGEAR.com resources for the webmaster
MindSack home of SackLinks (JavaScript - automatically generates links back to sites that visitors came from)
MyComputer.com Small Business WebSite Tools (guestbook, counter, polls, message board, site search, link validator, ...)
Pull Push info for webmasters
ReallyBig.com/ 5000+ resources for the web builder (including: links, free clip art, CGI scripts, counters, fonts, HTMLscripts, java scripts, animation, backgrounds, icons, wysiwyg editors, buttons,photographs, tutorials, ...)
thesitewizard.com: Website design, promotion, CGI, PHP, JavaScript scripting, and revenue earning.
EarthLink HTMLgoodies
earthlink CGI Scripting (mailto, appendto, counter)
Web Diner Inc. web site creation tips, tools, tutorials, links, ...
WebTools tutorials, software, ...
Web Host Guild (WHG) or Web Host Guild (WHG), an organization trying to raise standards for web hosting.
HTML Writers Guild
TopHosts info on Web-Hosting and related issues
HostIndex info on Web-Hosting and related issues
Mollyguard Access set up pay access to web site.

Web Sites - free personal (hosting)
Most free web sites come with a minimum of 1 e-mail address as well.
110mb list of free file hosting sites
Free Web Hosting reviews, ratings, ...
Absoluteely Free Hosting find out details of free web hosting companies
Free Web Hosts find out details of free web hosting companies
Free Home Pages 50mb, ...
Free Web Space find out details of free web hosting companies
Free Web Space Finder find out details of free web hosting companies
Free Website Providers find out details of free web hosting companies
Free Web Space find out details of free web hosting companies
FindMyFreeHost find out details of free web hosting companies
TheFreeSite.com find out details of free web hosting companies
00FreeHost 100mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
012 Web Pages 100mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
1ASPHost 100mb web site, no FTP, ... fee and free.
250Free.com 250mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
Acme City web site for fans of Warners Brothers movies and TV shows.
AngelFire 20mb
Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting - ATSPACE.COM free and fee web hosting
bCentral.com web hosting and development tools for small businesses (including credit card account setup, ...).
Bravenet.com 20mb web site, 150kb file size limit, no FTP, ... fee and free
Brinkster.com 30mb web site, no FTP, ...
ClubPhoto photo sharing web site.
Conk no longer free, but still cheap.
Crosswinds no longer free, but still cheap
CyberSoup 15mb web site, ...
Dot Easy 20mb, cost free, banner free, ... (requires domain management)
Earth Online 6mb (temporarily offline)
Easyhost4all.info Free PHP MYSQL HOSTING
EasySpace 25mb web site, ... fee and free.
eSmartStart.com 20mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
Fairmount 100mb web site, FTP, ... (must pass review to be accepted)
Fortune City 25mb web site, FTP, banners, ...
Fortune City Newbie Zone for new users (of Fortune city)
FreeCoolPages 10mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free
FreeShells ?1mb, but shell / access (for the technically oriented).
FreeServers 12mb web site, .25mb file size limit, no FTP, ...
Free Web Page Hosting 150mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
Free Web Space 100mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
FreeWebs.com 100mb, no FTP, ...
FreeWebSites.com 50mb, e-mail, CGI, ... (banners required)
Host Department 100mb, no banners, FTP, ...
Howdy Neighbor 2mb web sites/e-mail.
Hypermart 5mb site, ...
Internet Trash 10mb web site, email, ...
Internations.net ???mb web site, ... fee and free.
Maxpages ??mb web site.
Microworld Dotcom 50mb web site, FTP, e-mail alias, ... (requires domain name)
ms11.net 25mb web space, no banner, ... fee (cheap)
Post 4 Hosting Free linux hosting- Free cpanel hosting - Free domain hosting (as well as fee plans)
Post 4 Hosting sign up here for Free linux hosting- Free cpanel hosting - Free domain hosting
ProHosting 50mb web space, 3GB transfers per month, FTP, ...
Red Rival 20mb web site, no FTP, ... fee and free
SpacePorts unlimited space, 5GB transfers per month, ...
Stonerocket.net free web hosting
TogetherHost 50mb web space, 1GB transfers per month, no banner, ... fee and free (requires domain name)
TopCities 150mb web site, FTP, ... fee and free.
Tripod 10mb web site.
Tripod-UK 12mb web site, ...
Virtual Avenua uses Hypermart for web hosting features
Webs free and fee web hosting.
x10Hosting.com Free Web Hosting
ZeroCatch 100mb web site, daily and monthly bandwidth limit, FTP, ... fee and free.
PutFile free image/video hosting site. Images stay online as long as someone views them.

Numion Stopwatch - how fast is your web site?
Numion SiteSpeed - PHP script to test you web site speed
Numion bandwidth calculators

Web Sites - fee personal
1and1.com low cost web hosting
g2webhosting.com low cost web hosting (2.99 per month).
LunarPages.com low cost webhosting.
LunarPages.com FAQs.

Web Sites - tutorials
Debabilizer Graphics Optimizer
devSearch indexer of 23+ web sites devoted to HTML development.
Draac.com information for building a better web site.
GetWebTips.com HTML and XML tips and tricks.
Trellix Good Documents (how too create effective documents)
Learning to Publish: Clickable Maps Learn how to turn images into hyperlinked maps.
Make Your Own Home Page
Nielsen Norman Group Top Ten Mistakes In Web Design, and Top Ten Mistakes Revisited Three Years Later.
Joe's Amazing Instant Home Page
Philip and Alex's Guide to web publishing, a book you can read online, or buy a harcopy.
Web Diner Inc. Cheat Sheet For Creating Links
WebGraphics Optimizer
WebSite Journal resources.
Fork In The Head learn how to design a good web site, as well as vent your rage on poorly designed web sites
EarthLink HTMLgoodies"&" Code Commands
EarthLink HTMLgoodies ASCII Code Commands
google - search java script - show current date and time
On Blast Blog HTML Cheat Sheet + Free PDF Download
How To Make A Website An easy, step-by-step guide from a web developer

Web Sites - survey
FollowUp.Net makers of various internet based business software, is offering a free Web-based survey tool called Survey-Trakker.
BoomAsoft makers of WebForms (create web forms without knowing programming)
Catapult systems makers of Inquisite (electronic survey software)
Tercent SuperSurvey (weekly fee to use)

Web Sites - auction
bidland.com add auctions to your site

Web Sites - personal search engines
Site Specific Search add a search engine to your web site. (from 6/10/99 WebSiteJournal)
Site Search Tools - Remote Search Hosting Services
Bravenet Web Services free hosted CGI web services/tools, personal search engine, web site redirector, ...
eXtense On Line
ht://Dig (free search engine) (you need to compile it)
Mondosoft MondoSearch (a search engine for your site)
UltraSeek (from Inktomi) (a search engine for your site)
WAIS (free search engine)
WhatUseek intraSearch (search the internet or your site)

Web Sites - web site redirectors - Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Arrive URL redirector, uses advertising in frames.
Bravenet Web Services free hosted CGI web services/tools, personal search engine, web site redirector, ...
cjb.net URL redirection, Dynamic DNS, ...
DHS Domain Host Services. Create your own domain name. URL redirector
DNS2go.com URL redirector software
DtDNS free and fee dynamic DNS services
Dynip fee URL redirector
dyn.ee free URL redirector
4Domains.com free domain registration.
HitStation Create your own domain name. This server redirects you.
HTTP2 Create your own domain name. This server redirects you.
Intranets.com URL redirector, applications, web hosting, ...
Just Linux, e-mail forwarding, URL re-direction, Dynamic DNS, ...
Make A Shorter Link a URL redirector
Monolith Create your own domain name. This server redirects you.
No-IP.com Dynamic DNS, ...
everyDNS.com or NameZero Get your own domain name at no cost to you (advertising supported). (But do you really own your domain name?)
LookLeap free URL redirector
PermaWeb for a permanent web address and automatic re-director.
POBox.com URL redirector, e-mail redirector (and other services)
redirection.net fee URL redirector
ShortURL.com free URL redirector
TinyURL.com free URL redirector
unrule.com free URL redirector
V3 or V3 URL redirection
Web.com a free URL redirection service (advertising based)

Web Sites - counters
CNET: Web Builder - counter tutorial
Bravenet Web Services free hosted CGI web services/tools, personal search engine, web site redirector, ...
BBFish Japanese Language Counters and Trackers lists
Web Counter
LE FastCounter
ICount free web site hit counters (text and graphical).
Microsoft bCentral free web page counter
NeoWorx Quality tools for your web site or blog. NeoBoard (chat room), NeoCounter.
NetStat or NedStat
ShowStat, a blind hit counter
Site Meter simple page counter
Site Tracker simple page counter (banner add, or small fee)
skaro.net unicounter: free website counter
StatCounter.com free and fee
TextCounter simple page counter
TheCounter.com simple page counter
Web Counter simple page counter
Web Counter On-line
Web Counters and Trackers
Mark Welch Counters and Trackers lists (85+)

Web Sites - guest book
Guest book tutorial
Bravenet Web Services free hosted CGI web services/tools, personal search engine, web site redirector, ...
GuestWorld a free guestbook service.
Lpage a free guestbook service.
Paradise Systems a low cost guestbook service.

Web Sites - discussion/Message Boards/WebLogs
dmoz.org Weblogs Page
weblogs listed on Freshmeat.net
DiscusWare LLC Discus (product) (fee)
Discus, a free WWW discussion board software that runs on Unix, Win 95/98, WinNT, and in multiple languages. There is a freeware and a commercial version of the software.
ezboard, inc. ezboard web based service (free)
Fortune City Message Board
InfoPop Corp Ultimate Bulletin Board (product/service) (free/fee)
Multex.com, Inc. BuzzPower (product) (fee)
Netbula LLC Anyboard (product/service) (fee)
Nope weblog (message board) (open source)
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. WebBoard (product) (fee)
Prospero Technologies Prospero (service) (fee)
phpWebLog weblog (message board) (open source)
ScriptSearch ScriptSearch whats new, message boards, newsletter, tools, links, ...
Slashcode weblog (message board) (open source)
sample httpd.conf for Slash
Squishdot weblog (message board) (open source)
Squishdot Installation Documentation
Thatware weblog (message board) (open source)
Web Crossing, Inc. Web Crossing (product) (fee)

Web Sites - basic, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) editors and information
Consumer Search Web Design Software - review with links
Alertbox Current Issues In Web Usability
A Beginner's Guide to HTML. A helpful introduction to HTML.
PasteHTML Free anonymous web hosting (test your HTML on a server)
Acme Web Design Info freeware tools for working on web pages.
Adobe Systems PageMill html editor, GoLive (web authoring) (and add-ons), ...
Affordable Web Space Design home page / web site creation resource (HTML, Perl, CGI, ...)
Allaire Corp HomeSite html editor/site manager.
America Online AOLpress html editor, site management, ...
America Online (AOL) Hometown (online web site editor)
Anawave Software Cool Cat html editor, site management, ...
Marc-Andre Informatique Lambda HTML Editor
Arachnoid Arachnophilia html editor.
Auscomp - Worldwide eNavigator Suite (not a HTML editor-it creates navigation links for your site).
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML A handy reference if you need to look up a specific HTML tag.
Bad Style Page A helpful and brief guide to Web page etiquette and function.
Big Picture Multimedia Mortar html editor.
BigStep.com web site building software/site.
Binary Research International makers of Click To Convert (convert Microsoft Office documents into HTML)
Bluefish for Gnome opensource HTML editor (What You See Is What You Need WYSIWYN)
Brooklyn North Software HTML Assistant html editor.
c|net's Builder.com provides reviews, links, metapages, to web development resources.
Claris Corp HomePage html editor.
The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End Of Business As Usual
CoffeeCup Software HTML editor
Composing Good HTML A site for the more advanced beginner.
Consumate Winsock Apps (CWS Apps) basic HTML editors
Consumate Winsock Apps (CWS Apps) basic HTML editors
Consumate Winsock Apps (CWS Apps) advanced HTML editors
Cool Text design a free logo or button.
Corel Corp WebMaster Suite html editor.
Crash Course on Writing Documents for the Web. A guide for those who want to get a Web page written quickly.
DeltaPoint QuickSite html editor.
Elemental software Drumbeat html editor.
Enabling Extremely Rapid Navigation In Your Web Or Document
EvrSoft 1st Page (web site builder with Javascript, CGI, ...)
ExperTelligence WebberActive html editor.
Extensions to HTML 2.0 New HTML extensions on Netscape Navigator.
Extensions to HTML 3.0 New HTML extensions on Netscape Navigator.
Forman Interactive Corp Internet Creator html editor.
FreshWebmaster Fresh HTML editor
GIF Animation
WWW GIF Animator
Good Documents how to create good documents.
Grif, S.A. Symposia html editor.
CNet Shareware.com GuardBot, password protect your web pages.
HTML2EXE, HTML compiler that compresses a web site into a special archive type, which is viewable with their custom browser.
HTML Color Charts
HTML Form Example
html.com help web developers of all stripes and skill levels craft the best HTML and CSS possible.
HTML Goodies
HTML Goodies tutorials.
HTML Tag List
HomeSite HTML editor.
Icons, Buttons, etc. Icons and buttons free for the taking.
ImageMap Help
Images for Web Pages
iMarkup Solutions Workgroup Server (allow centralized collaboration on web page development)
InfoAccess HTML Transit html editor.
Information Builders Web Focus html editor.
Inside Dynamic HTML information and resources (code libraries,, tutorials, tips, examples, demos, ...)
Internet Audit Bureau
Lincoln Beach Software FlexSite html editor.
Luckman Interactive WebEdit Pro html editor.
Macromedia Backstage Designer (html editor), Dreamweaver (HTML editor/website manager), ColdFusion Server (web site creation, including HTML, Java, ...)
Mainstay JustEdit Plus HTML editor
META Tagging For Search Engines
Raw Code, meta tag information.
Meta Builder 2, an online HTML/VRML v1.0/VRML v2.0 meta tags generator
Dictionary of HTML META Tags
Microsoft Corp FrontPage html editor.
MicroVison Development has just released its' WebExpress Web page authoring tool.
MyDesktopHelp.Com's Free dynamic bulletin board and forum signatures (has nice HTML color picking form)
Namo Interactive WebEditor
Natural Innovations Web Authoring (tools and information)
Natural Innovations The HTML Document Character Set
NetObjects Fusion html editor, site management, ...
Netscape Composer (part of Navigator) html editor
Netscape's Web Site Creation links
NetStudio web site creation.
NTM Internet Software WebSite Creation Professional Edition
OmniUpdate.com a free service that allows you to update your web site from your browser (online web page editor)
ParaSoft WebKing, web site testing (coding, broken links, misspelled works, oorphaned files, ...) /site manager
Pictorius iNet Developer html editor, site management, ...
Poor Richard's Web Site: or Poor Richard's Web Site: Geek-Free, Common sense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site.
POQbum.com HTML code and help, graphics, layout, ...
POQbum.com Lava Lamp Generator
Project Cool, an online encyclopedia of all things related to web site design including languages (HTML, dynamic HTML, XML, JavaScripot, ...), audio, reference material, step by step instruction, mailing lists, search engine, software, links, ...
Project Cool Developer Zone, general web design
Quadzilla, HTML tips, FAQs, dynamic HTML, ....
Quanta for KDE opensource HTML editor (What You See Is What You Need WYSIWYN)
RandomNoise Coda html editor, site management, ...
Sausage Software HotDog Professional html editor.
Serif 3dPlus - wysiwyg html editor - free version
Serif WebPlus - wysiwyg html editor - free version
SoftQuad XMetaL extensible HTML editor
SoftQuad or SoftQuad HoTMetaL Pro html editor, site management, ...
Symantec Corp VisualPage html editor.
Trellix Trellix Web Express (free browser-based web site publishing tool and hosting service)
typo3.com content management system/website management system (manage form and content of web site)
Ultimate Web Design List a central resource for web design information.
VirtuFlex Software Corp VirtuFlex html editor.
Visicom Media makers of AceHTML (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, XML editor) (freeware and commercial versions).
Visual Vision Iper Hyper Publish Pro html editor.
VRML Standard
Watchfire, makers of Metabot (a meta tag manager for your web site)
WEBalley general web page design.
WebCom's Publishing on the Web Guide
Web Developer's Virtual Library or Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Developers Journal tools, tutorials, reviews, ...
webdeveloper.com news, reviews, downloads, ...
Web Fonts
Webhoo webmasters Yahoo, everything web developer related.
WebMaster Resources (new URL) WebMaster Resources general web design
webreference.com online library of news, advice, how-to, ...
Web Review Electronic magazine focusing on web site development.
Web Pages That Suck
Web Sites That Suck
WinWare Inc Atrax html editor.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Web Accessibility Initiative
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Extensible HTML
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Amaya Home Page - WYSIWYG XHTML editor
Xoom Clip Art As of July 2001 discontinuing free web hosting (and other services).
Sign Me Up Marketing XBuilder HTML editor
Ziff-Davis HTML Reference
Ziff-Davis InternetUser Garage
Annabella's HTML Help Adding Music
HTML Help Online audio
WGB Web Creations, Tutorials, Graphics and HTML HELP audio
Lissa Explaints It All Flash MP3 Player
Project: XSPF Web Music Player Play MP3 files on your website
Center For Instructional Technology (CIT) Embedded Media HTML Generator (Flash, Real Media, QuickTime, Windows Media)
Text Fixer online tools for webmasters and web developers (including Text or Word to HTML converters)
Adobe is providing Free text logo maker

Web Sites - multilanguage/translate
eTranslate translate your web site to/from multiple languages

Web Sites - usability (good design)
Usability Professionals' Association
Creative Good monthly web usability newsletter.
UsableWeb: Web Design Guidelines
User Interface Engineering
Web Usability guru (Jakob Nielsen) for good web site design
Web Usability guru (Jakob Nielsen) Alertbox
Web Usability guru (Jakob Nielsen) hints, tips, news, ...
Web Usability guru (Jakob Nielsen) study
WebCriteria improve online customer experience (analyze web site performance, ...).
BrowseEmAll 6 Steps to reach cross-browser compatibility

Web Sites - advanced scripting (CGI, PERL, Java, ...), APIs, secure programming tips, ...
Programming Languages C, C++, QBasic, Assembly, ...
Java Programming Language
Advanced Web Programming news, information, articles, ...
Bravenet Web Services free hosted CGI web services/tools, personal search engine, web site redirector, ...
Matt's Script Archive perl cgi scripts (counters, guestbook, search, discussion board, animation, text clocks, ...)
Gem Software Click Bot (tool to help debug web applications)
DevArticles.com article and tutorial site (from beginner to advanced)
Free Flash Toys flash animation specialists
Java Script.CoolDev.com COOLjsTree: JavaScript Tree Menu
Java Script.CoolDev.com COOLjsMenu - javascript drop-down menu

Web Sites - Joomla
joomla web site content management system
joomla Migrating from 1.0.x to 1.5 Stable
joomla discussion forum How to transfer entire Joomla from localhost to web server?
SiteGround joomla 1.5 tutorial
SiteGround How to transfer Joomla 1.5 from one host to another
my-guides.net How to transfer your Joomla site
SiteGround Joomla Backup
google How Do I Transfer A Joomla Website

Web Sites - information for Active Web Content SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
Java FAQ
Java Security FAQ
Princeton's Secure Internet Computing Team Java Security FAQ.
Gary McGraw and Edward Felten authors of Securing Java, links to resources
Princeton's Secure Internet Computing Team Java Filter application.
D. Martin, S Rajagopalan and A.Rubin authors of Blocking Java Applets at the Firewall
Princeton's Secure Internet Computing Team comparison of Java vs. ActiveX.
David Hopwood comparison of Java vs. ActiveX security.
ActiveX FAQ
how to remove ActiveX controls

Web Sites - promotion/publicizing per Internet Magazine - February 1998 - volume 3 - issue 2 - more than 4,300 significant search engines.
Eureka, a standard input form for 80+ search engines, discussion of search engines, info on promoting your site.
Cool Site of the Day
What's Cool
Web Shop Submission Service submit multiple pages to multiple search engines.
Free Submission Service Submit your Website for FREE to Over 1040 Free For All Link Pages.
Northern Web's Search Engine Tutorial
On Line Press Release On Line Press Release Submission Utility.
@Submit! submit your URL to the most important directories and search engines.
123 Register Me
Web Site Promotion check the free classifieds.
AgentWebRanking Software. Freeware - to monitor and improve webposition and to promote website.
Add Me! Submit your page to 34 popular sites
Animation.com, create your own free animated banner or business card.
Associates Programs listing of banner exchange programs from merchants.
AssociateCash listing of 100+ associate sites
Banner Co-Op.com listing of banner exchange programs.
The Central Registry
C|NET a web builders resource kit.
C|NET promotion info.
Commission Junction listing of banner exchange programs from merchants.
Deadlock Software Web Site Promotion
The Art Of Business Web Site Promotion downloads, newsletters and area for learning about site promotion.
Marketing Topics papers on the net and impact on marketing.
Free Submit Submit to 50 free for all link pages, and 24 search engines
How To Announce Your Web Site text only compilation and discussion of wasy to promote web sites.
FreeLinksNetwork, advertisor sponsored link exchange.
Web Site Promotion
Hyper Banner Network
Web Promotion Spider web site promotion
ROBO-Submit Multi-submit to all the major search engines and directories.
InfoSeek's CheckURLstatus
InfoSeek's web site promotion list
Marketing Manager's Plain English Glossary
Link Exchange or Link Exchange also performance testing of your site, HTML validity, broowser compatibility, spelling, link validity, popularity, load time, ...
Lyco's Add-a-Site
The Internet Marketing Center marketing, promotion, and advertising tips, strategies and secrets.
Macmillan Winners Circle recognizes excellence in personal home pages.
NetCreations Postmaster
The Postmaster fee for submission to search engines.
Papparazi web site promotion
PegasoWeb.com portal for promotion of yoour web site.
Promotion World compendium of marketing tips, with emphasis on free or cheap strategies.
Rank This! Cyberguide To Search Engine "Promotion". (see how your site ranks on 8 major search engines).
Refer-It.com search engine and rating system for revenue sharing programs (affiliate, associate, bounty, referral, ...)
Register It! Registers your site to 16 sites.
How To Publicize A Web Site Over Teh Internet links and ideas for newsgroups, listservs and search engines.
Siam Global Plus' SubmitEngine WebAnnouncer is a CGI script that will submit your URL to 15 major search engines.
Starting Point
Submit It! Announce your Web site to about 20 search engines and directories.
Submit-It or Submit It! autosubmission service.
Ultimate Exposure free web search engine/directory promotion page.
VG's FFA Link Submission Station
Virtual Stampede
WEBalley Web Announcer Free submission to 60 search engines.
WebCrawler's Get Listed
Submit This! submit your web site to 50+ search engines and directories.
WebRing.org join a WebRing (link exchange) for your favorite subject here.
Web Site Promote AAA Internet Promotions
Web Marketing Today, marketing advice, ...

Web Sites - promotion/publicizing - submission software per Internet Magazine - February 1998 - volume 3 - issue 2 - more than 4,300 significant search engines.
DC Micro Development TopDog software
DG Publishing Online free web site promotion software (submit URL to 400+ sites).
Exploit's Automated Submission software.
Traffic Attractor FreeWare. Submit your site to 300+ Directorys and link to 320 Pages.
FirstPlace Software WebPosition Gold software

Web Sites - browsers
Tom's Hardware Web Browser Grand Prix: Firefox 15, Safari 6, OS X Mountain Lion - September 7, 2012
Viewable With Any Browser Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW
BrowserCam: Screen capture and Remote Access service for cross platform compatibility testing and HTML design quality assurance.
Ramesh's Site DefaultBrowser - Set the default browser for your user profile
Yahoo! Browser Test Page find out what version and what features are in your browser.
Browsers.evolt.org web browser archive (downloads, links, information, discussions, ...).
BrowserWatch info on browsers and plugins.
internet.com BrowserWatch-Browser Blvd. (links to browsers - Amiga, DOS, Embedded, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, Windows, ...)
reuters Savvy Web Surfers Catch New Wave of Browsers
Alexa browser toolbar that gives you access ot archived web pages (in case the site you are looking for disappeared)
Apple Safari browser now works on Windows
Ashampoo Opera Browsere
Avante a replacment /upgrade for Internet Explorer Web Browser
Bezilla web browser for the BeOS (from Mozilla)
Browzar Your private window on the Web (no autocomplete, no cookies, no cache, ...)
CrazyBrowser a replacment /upgrade for Internet Explorer Web Browser
EarthNavigatior (Microsoft Internet Explorer with a different front end)
Enigma Browser for Win 95/98, but only uses 25k.
iCab web browser for MAC OS
Off By One Web Browser (1mb in size-run from floppy or CD-ROM)
Sun Microsystems Javasoft division, HotJava v1.1, is a browser for Sun's Solaris 2.5 and Win 95/NT.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Amaya, a graphical browser/HTML WYSIWYG editor. W3 are are people who define the HTML standard.
BroadPage makers of BroadPage (multiple web page viewer, ...)
KatieSoft Scroll browser
Konqueror linux browser
MicroGarden Webtools (use tabs for loading multiple web pages with Internet Explorer)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
BBC News World's first 'tax' on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7
LaneSoft IECacheViewer (free and fee versions)
PC World Free Internet Utilities for Internet Explorer (kill spyware, kill pop-ups, kill home page hijacking, kill background programs, ...)
Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 beta I
slashdot Microsoft's IE Team Leader Answers Slashdot Questions
slashdot Where Does Microsoft Want You To Go Today? Smart Tags (round 1) - a feature in IE v6.0, which puts links to Microsoft web sites, in any page you visit using their browser
slashdot Smart Tags (round 2) - a feature in IE v6.0, which puts links to Microsoft web sites, in any page you visit using their browser
mozilla Phoenix Web Browser
Mozilla FireFox web browser
Mozilla FireFox web browser
Mozilla FireFox (all versions)
dotTech [How To] Tip: Install multiple versions of Firefox to test before upgrading to latest release
Status-4-Evar add status bar to v4.x
slashdot Mozilla People Answer Firefox 2.0 Questions
Firefox extensions, plugins, ...
mozdev.org plugins and addons for mozilla
Mozilla FireFox Plugin Check
mozdev.org about:BookMarksHome - turn your bookmarks into your homepage
mozdev.org CopyURLplus - copy URL and page title at the same time
mozdev.org DownloadStatusBar - improved download status bar
mozdev.org DownThemAll - download all links on a web page
mozdev.org ImageShowHide - easier way to turn on / off display images
mozdev.org MSP - Media Sidebar Player - display media in windows in web browser
mozdev.org mycroft - search plugins for Mozilla (google, yahoo, ...)
mozdev.org prefbar - preferences toolbar
mozdev.org ietab (display an Internet Explorer Only web page in FireFox)
VideoDownloader Firefox Extension
Video Downloader Download videos from Youtube, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Music. you can also use this site to record streaming video, convert FLV files to other formats, as well use their free FLV player
Firefox Add-Ons Video Downloader
VideoDownloader Mozilla Add-ons - VideoDownloader
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons GetVideo - Download videos from YouTube and Google directly.
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Media Pirate - The video downloader
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons UnPlug - video download tool
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons DownThemAll! The first and only download manager/accelerator built inside Firefox!
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons YP YouPlayer - video player
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Gspace - allows you to use your gmail account as file storage
Organize Status Bar Mozilla Add-ons - Add Features to Mozilla Software
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons All-In-One Sidebar - sidebar control
Extended Statusbar Mozilla Add-ons - Add Features to Mozilla Software
Firefox Add-Ons Adblock Plus
Firefox Add-Ons Adblock
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons adblock - filter elements at their source-address ...
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Filter Uploader - allow you to share the AdBlock filters you use
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Element Hiding Helper (block text ads)
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Adblock Filterset.G Updater - automatically downloads the latest version of Filterset.G every 4-7 days
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons AdBlock Plus - block internet ads
mozilla.org FireFTP FTP client for Firefox.
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons anonymoX (anonymizer)
fireFTP FireFTP FTP client for Firefox.
Port 25 Communications From The Open Source Software Lab At Microsoft Windows Media Play Plug-In For Firefox
mozilla.org Vacuum Places Improved 1.1
Mozilla Firefox Add-ons find all (improved search for web pages you are visiting)
Firefox Open With
Fox Splitter show multiple web pages in a single page
SwiftTabs switch between tabs with single keystroke
NoSquint modify how a web page looks (for easier reading)
PC World Super Browser Outdoes Internet Explorer (MyIE2 web browser)
My IE 2 a replacment / upgrade for Internet Explorer Web Browser
Maxthon replacment / upgrade for MyIE2
Unofficial Guide of MyIE2 documentation / tech support
Navixo browser plug-in to help simplify navigation on a web site.
NeoPlanet NeoPlanet browser (using Mozilla source code).
Netscape Navigator. Runs on various OSes, including: Linux, Win, MAC, ...
evolt.org netscape browser archive (16bit, 32bit, linux, mac, os/2, ...
Pirate Browser allows you to circumvent censorship
Silly Dog 701 Netscape Browser Archive, tips, tricks, ...
Opera Software AS or Opera Software or Opera Software AS makers of Opera, a small / fast web browser, that will fit on a 1.44 floppy. August 1998 v3.5 with support for cascading style sheets, various plug-ins (including Java), ... Runs on various OSes, including: Linux, Win, BEos, ...
dotTech Tip: Testdrive Opera Next (Opera 12) without affecting your current Opera installation
PowerIE Banner Add Blocker and Pop-up Blocker software (add in for Internet Explorer)
Apple Safari web browser
retrobrowsers Wintel, Macintosh, Unix+ X-Windows, OS/2, others
the retrobrowsers binaries Wintel, Macintosh, Unix + X-Windows, OS/2, others
SeaMonkey Project all in one internet application suite (web browser, mail reader, IRC chat, HTML Editor, ...).
Snippets.com, makers of Snippets, a free web browser.
Spyglass makers of a version of Mosaic web browsers for many platforms and devices.
w3m text browser that supports frames and tables.
Ghostzilla the invisible browser (blends in with whatever program you are using)

Web Sites - browser plug-in/utilities
dotTech How To: Block advertisements in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera
mashable 25+ Ways To Synchronize Your Bookmarks
Alexa, browser plug-in for I.E. that adds context to web site you are on.
AM-DeadLink detect dead links and duplicates in your browser bookmarks.
AskSam, maker of SurfSaver (categorize and search web pages you havee visited)
Download Accelerator Plus, download manager/speed up your downloads
Girafa, browser plug-in that provides thumbnails of web pages you have visited.
GoZilla, download manager/speed up your downloads
NetSonic, internet connection manager/optimizer
PopUp Killer, kills popup windows before you see them.
SideTalk, Inc, maker of SideTalk, a browser plug-in that adds context to web site you are on.
dotTech 5 tools to help you make a website more printer friendly
dotTech [Firefox, Chrome, Safari] Capture, annotate, and share your screen with Awesome Screenshot
Downworthy A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean

Web Sites - servers A Network World (June 29, 1998, volume 15, number 26) survey of satisfaction of managers of web servers, (on a scale of 5=happiest,1=unhappiest) Apache rated the best, with 4.0, Netscape Enterprise Server placed second with 3.87 and Microsoft IIS placed last with 3.81
internet.com's ServerWatch news, reviews, ... (web, FTP, mail, application, proxy, ...)
ZDnet Q & A: How do I host my own website?
Personal Web Servers
DSL/Cable WebServer articles, information, forums, ...
DSL/Cable WebServer DNS
aprelium Abyss Web Server - free and fee
AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW - web server - free
Apache Project Apache runs on most Unix platforms.
Apache Project Apache runs on most Unix platforms.
Apache-SSL Apache-SSL runs on most Unix platforms.
Apache Group Apache runs on most Unix platforms.
Apache Project Module Registry - modules that extend the servers abilities.
Apache Project PERL
Apache Project JAVA
Apache Project JAKARTA Project JServ Tools (Tomcat - application server technology)
Apache Project XML
ApacheWeek news on the Apache Web Server (feature articles, expert commentary, ...)
Apache Conference
C2Net Software Stronghold (commercial Secure Sockets Layer for Apache Web Server) (based on open-source software)
OpenSSL library to handle digital certificates, public keys, content encryption, ...
Mod_ssl Project web interface to OpenSSL
Network Computing Magazine installing and configuring an Apoache Web Server.
AOL Web Server
AOLserver AOLserver is America Online's Open-Source web server. AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled web server used for large scale, dynamic web sites.
AOLserver Development an open source code project (only 2mb size)
BadBlue personal web servers (for small networks) - free and fee
caudium the web server - free
Compact Devices Twister runs on proprietary software/hardware.
Gefion Software LiteWebServer (420kb) (for embedded systems). Free for internal use only.
GoAhead embeded web server
IBM Internet Connection Server.
InstantServers MiniPortal - fee
iPlanet web server (from an alliance of Sun Microsystems and Netscape)
Lutris Enhydra, an Open Source Java/XML application server (application server technology)
Home of muaB's Freeware TinyWebServer
National Center for Supercomputing Applications NCSA HTTPd runs on most Unix platforms.
Netscape Enterprise Server runs on Win platform.
Novell, Inc. NetWare Web Server runs on Netware, or a runtime engine.
Novell, Inc. Enterprise Server runs on Netware, or a runtime engine.
Pablo Software Solutions FTP server, mail server, web server, ...
Roxen open source Web Server
RTI Labs freeware Web Server
Sambar Technologies all-in-one web server - abandoned December 27, 2007
Savant open source freeware Web Server - Windows
Social Engineering Quid Pro Quo Plus runs on Mac OS.
StarNine Technologies WebStar runs on Mac OS.
Tenon Intersystems WebTen port of Apache to run on Mac OS.
Microtest, Inc. WebZerver runs on Apache/Linux and proprietarty hardware.
vqServer web server
Webtronics, Inc. WebBox runs on most proprietary software/hardware.
World Wide Web Consortium CERN HTTPd runs on most Unix platforms.
Server Watch's Weekly Newsletter
WebServer Compare
Xitami.com open source web server - Windows, Linux
Zeus Technology web server
Zeus Web Server for Unix and Linux.

WindowsNetworking.com tutorial on setting up your own Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS)
Web Wiz Guide tutorial - Installing Personal Web Server (PWS) on Windows 98
Personal Web Server (PWS) installation / setup for the personal web server provided by Microsoft
lifehacker How to set up an Apache personal home web server

Web Sites - web browser/server security information SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
Microsoft, Inc. Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
Spyglass Secure Mosaic
O'Reilly WebSite Security

Web Sites - web proxy servers SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer (and other sources)
Netscape Proxy Server (commercial)
SOCKS generic proxy distribution (available under license terms)
SOCKS SocksCap32
SOCKS details about Socks
SQUID proxy server (public domain)
SQUID proxy server (public domain)
Wwwoffle proxy and Web/FTP cache
Harvest Cache Accelerator (public domain)
Apache Proxy features (public domain)
Bill Machrone proxy server info and product links (for sharing an ISP connection)

Web Sites - enable access for disabled
The Access Board provides information and technical support to help make web sites Section 508 compliant.
Section 508 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (make the net handicap accessible)
CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) code checker (Bobby), HTML Code Checker for enabling access for disabled users.
Hiawatha Island Software Co. AccMonitor Server (web crawler that reviews web site for Section 508 compliance).
Institute on Disabilities WAVE accessibility checker
U.S.Department Of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act.
WebAim.org web accessibility how-to site
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines for Web content accessibility
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative

Web Sites - online Link Checkers and HTML Code Validators
WebCritera provide a comprehensive Web site evaluation service.
GIF Wizard get your GIF images evaluated for internet efficiency.
AtWeb Web Site Garage performs site analysis, reporting, and repair utilities. Use GIF LUBE to reduce long load times for GIFs (1 page free, full site fee).
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or W3C Validator
code checker (WebTechs) HTML Code Checkers.
HTML Validator
LinkTiger online link checker
Microsoft bCentral free link checker.
NetMechanic or NetMechanic or HTML verification link verification check load time, links, images, plugins, gif optimization, HTML Toolbox, ...
Greenpac sample link verification.
Doctor HTML verification service that analyzes the contents of a web page.
Slovenian HTML Check
U.S.M.A (West Point) HTML Check
LinkGuard intelligent link management (requires v4.x+ web browser to function).
Net Mind or Net MindURL minder.
URL Minder Change Notification Use this web site to monitor changes to your favorite web site.
ParaSoft SiteRuler, online coding and navigation checking.
PC World.com Link Check Diagnose and resolve software and system problems.
T Bone URL checker
Fal WebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
WebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
WebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
WebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
WebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
Unipress Weblint HTML Checker
UniPress WWWebLint Gateways syntax and style checker.
WebTechs HTML Validation Service
Harbinger Validation Service
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation Service
ZDNet has a story on top site-monitoring tools for PC and Mac that you can download now. Link checkers, HTML validators and more.
Web Developer's Journal reviews of Web site management tools, including shareware and freeware.
Web Site Performance Monitoring
PC World Link Check Diagnose and resolve software and system problems.

Web Sites - local Link Checkers and HTML Code Validators from InfoWorld article dated July 27, 1998 (and other places). LinkBot and WebMaster were liked most.
AI Internet Solutions CSE HTML Validator (looks for and fixes: syntax errors, mispelled tags, invalid tags, tag attributes, tag values, misssing and mismatched quotation marks, missing or extra closing tags, ...)
Allaire HomeSite - error detection tool
Aman Software CyberSpyder Link Test - error detection tool
Big Picture Technologies Smart Suite
Bigg Byte Software InfoLink Checker - link analyzer (shareware)
Coast Software WebMaster - Web maintenance tool
Computer Associates MasterIT (ccurrently, and for a short time, this is a free download)
Electronic Software Publishing LinkScan
Duke Engineering LinkCop Professional - link analyzer
HTML Tidy, a DOS/Win/Unix utility to clean up your HTML code.
HTML-kit, a html editor (that includes HTML-Tidy).
HTML Validator, offline HTML validator/editor
Mercury Interactive Astra SiteManager (freeware)
Microsoft Site Server - Web site suite
Site Technologies, Inc. SiteSweeper
Tetranet Software or Tetranet Software, Inc. Linkbot - link analyzer
Trellian Australia SiteMapper - link analyzer
WatchFire makers of LinkBot Pro (link/html checker), ...
Xenu Link Sleuth (freeware)

Web Sites - site managers
Federation of American Scientists (FAS) CyberStrategy Project (list of resources for webmaster)
Allaire Corp Spectra (web content management)
Arbortext Adept, Epic (SGML electronic publishing)
BroadVision One-to-One Tools (web content management)
Coast Software WebMaster - Web site management tool
Continuous Software Continuous CM WebSynergy (software configuration management)
Documentum Documentum Web Content Management (document management)
Eprise Participant Server (web content management)
Hummingbird Communications PC Docs/Fulcrum (document management)
InContext Systems WebAnalyzer - Web site management tool
Inso Dynabase (SGML electronic publishing)
Interleaf BladeRunner (SGML electronic publishing)
Interwoven TeamSite (web content management)
IntraNet Solutions Intra.doc (web content management)
Mercury Interactive Astra SiteManager - Web site management tool (now freeware)
Mortice Kern Systems Web Integrity (web content management)
NetObjects's Fusion web site creation, site management, ...
Open Market FutureTense (web content management)
Open Text Basis/Techlib (document management)
Rational Software ClearCase (software configuration management)
Site Technologies SiteMaster web site management.
Spidersoft's WebGal web site management.
Wallop Softwares' Build-It web site management.
WatchFire Linkbot Pro - Web site management tool
WebTrends or WebTrends WebTrends Professional Suite, log analysis, error-detection, site management, ...
WindDance Networks' WebChallenger web site management.

Web Sites - site monitoring
@watch web site monitoring service.
HyperNews listing of free, shareware and commercial log analyzers.
Accrue Software Insight - web site analysis software.
Active Concepts Funnel Web - Site Profiling and analysis tool.
AG Group WatchPoint - web site/server monitoring and analysis tool.
AlertSite free web site monitoring and reporting.
Aquas Bazaar Analyzer Pro - Java based web analysis tool
BMC Software SiteAngel is a service that allows one to monitor websites, issue alarms if a critical threshold is reached, and collects data for reports on the web site's performance. These measurements and tests are actually tested by a 'critical path', meaning that this product acts as if it were a customer navigating the site.
Cambridge Quality Management Web Tracker - graphical log analysis tool.
Dotcom-Monitor.com External Web Site Monitoring and Website Network Monitoring (free and fee)
Global Web Monitor External business monitoring services (free and fee)
Insanely Great Software NetStats Pro - usage analysis tool.
InternetSeer web site monitoring service
Internet Seer, web site monitoring service (free and fee)
Internet Vista internet services and web site monitoring (free and fee)
Interlogue Communications Whirl - traffic analysis tool.
jaGuard.net Remote Website Monitoring and Web Site Monitoring Internet Services (free and fee)
Marketwave Hit List Standard - log analysis tool. (freeware)
Mediahouse Software site trafffic analysis
MrAlert Free Website Monitoring Service
MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher - web based network utilization measurement.
Netrics.com SurfReport - log analysis tool.
Net.Genesis or net.Genesis Corp. Net.Analysis Pro NT - log analysis tool.
Keynote Systems Perspective Full Page (site monitoring/performance testing)
Sane Solutions NetTracker Pro - usage-tracking software.
Siri Karya Systems NetSpy - log analysis tool. (freeware)
Site Probe, web site monitoring service (free-requires monthly login and fee)
Uptime Status monitor your server uptime with free SMS and email notification (free and fee)
WebManage Technologies NetIntellect - log analysis tool.
WebManage Technologies NetIntellect - log analysis tool.
Web Marketing Software WebAlyser - graphical log analysis tool.
WebTrends WebTrends Professional Suite, log analysis, error-detection, site management, ...
Website Reporter site trafffic analysis

Web Sites - specifications for web authentication and encryption SANS Network Security 98 convention flyer
Basic Authentication
Kerberos Authentication
Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)

Web Sites - articles/FAQs,/...
Internet Week Architects: Your Number's Up
Internet Week Picks, Clicks And Shopping Carts
Internet Week Point, Click and Sell
Internet Week Java's Sphere Of Influence

Web Sites - capture
Canaware capture, save and organize your favorite web pages into your own knowledge base. (free)
EverNote capture anything into your own database for annotation and retrieval
SurfLater capture web content, annotate, search, ... (fee)
zotero A personal research assistant. Inside your browser. (free)
Capture Saver capture, organize and search (fee)

PowerSearch the Web (Starting Point):
Starting Point(TM)

WebMin Software makers of Java based configuration software.

WebSplit.com show up to 9 web sites simultaneously (Windows software)

WellGet download manager (for faster downloads)

WebTwin downloads Web sites and turns them into Help files.

W3 Internet Services makers of DataGuard encryption software.

Webopedia information about computer products and services.

Webopedia is an online encyclopedia that allows you to search by word, phrase or category.

Western Digital or Western Digital makers of hard drives, hard drive software library, software and supportdiagnostics and utilities, Technical Support

Western Telematic makers of various products including remote controlled power switches.

WhereIsIt media (floppy, hard drive, CD, ...) catalog program

White Town Software small, fast DOS and Windows software (video mode set, archive converter, dbf tools, ...).

WhyReboot Do you REALLY need to reboot your computer?

Wide Area Networking (WAN) cost estimators
LDCircuit LDCircuit.com (online)
Telco Exchange Digital Line Pricing Tool (online)
Salestar/Network Analysis Center WinPricer (offline-Windows)

Wild File's GoBack software (restore your system settings to settings at an earlier time). Now owned by Adaptec

WinWhatWhere Investigator tracks ALL PC usage (logs a user's keyboard strokes and application usage).

Wildflower Productions makers of TOPO interactive maps (USGS topographic maps)

Ian Williams tips, tricks and hints, software for Win 95/98.

Willows The TWIN libraries are here. These libraries allow you to run Win16 programs under Linux. Sort of like the WINE Project but this is actually stable code.

Wilson WindowWare or Wilson WindowWare, makers of WinBatch - Windows equivalent of DOS Batch files (automation), but with hundreds of Windows functions. Commands are more conversational than BASIC or batch files. Now includes a compiler. Also has WebBatch for web sites.

IDT / Centaur Technology Centaur Technology makers of of the WinChip, an x86 CPU for your socket 7 motherboards. They donated the motherboard and CPU that the BBS is currently running on.

January 1998 Mike Bruzzone and IDT / Centaur Technology donated a motherboard with WinChip CPU to Earthquake City BBS and it is currently installed on the file server. Click here to see my review of the WinChip.

WinDump a Windows based TCPdump analyzer

devtools.org create a user editable website using Wiki.
Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. consultancy (programmimg-Wiki, ...)

WinDirStat Windows Directory Statistics

WinInfoindustry newsletter
Axcel216's Max Speed windows tips, tricks, tweaks, howto, ...
BHS.com, technical resource for Windows NT/2000.
Frank Condrons World O'Windows support, resources, tips, drivers, ...
The DLL Archive, find all those missings DLLs.
Decoding Numeric Error Messages in windows, and finding help.
Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Tips
GetWinTips.com Win 2000 and Win NT - tips, tools , FAQs, ...
Kelly's Korner Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP
The LangaList, computer consultant's e-mail newsletter (Windows, ...) (with back issues online)
NT Professional Windows NT WebRing.
PCWIN Resource Center, plenty of tips/tricks, and shareware/freeware.
Windows-Help.net, EXTENSIVE tips and tricks to make Windows work better.
Windows Drivers
Windows Secrets XP, Vista, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more
WinFiles capsule reviews and links to thousands of shareware programs for the Windows platform.
Windows Magazine
Windows Magazine Karen Kenworthy Power Tools, a columnist/programmer with very useful Win utilities
Windows NT Magazine Third party info for / about Win NT.
WinPlanet, news, tutorials, reviews, tips, ...
Winsolo shuts down all running programs
Frank Condron's World O'Windows, site with EXTENSIVE links to drivers, plus help tips, ...
(SBFSS) Selected Best Freeware/Shareware Site mostly Win 9x/NT, but some DOS software too.
Windows Explorer Errors
lifehacker Debunking Common Windows Performance Tweaking Myths
Life Hacker How to Break Into a Windows PC (and Prevent It from Happening to You)

Microsoft Office - Licensing
OOffice Watch Office 2013 Software License Agreement
Softmaker Blog Competition watch (new Micro$oft license explained)
Yahoo! Voices Hidden Changes in Microsoft Office 2013 Licensing

Microsoft Word
Florida Gulf Coast University Word 2000 Tutorial - Keyboard Shortcuts
WhatIs.com IT Specific Encyclopedia Alt+num combinations for Word (sorted bytask)
ADD Balance Microsoft Word Guide For Lawyers
ADD Balance Troubleshooting Word Autoformat Defaults
University Of Waterloo - Information Systems & Technology Creating Equations With Microsoft Word
ADD Balance Getting rid of that (*)#"@^ paperclip! (turning off the office assistant)
Office Tab add tabs to word, excel and powerpoint
download OfficeTabs
Office 2007 Menu Addins switch between ribbon and classic menu

Microsoft Excel
Florida Gulf Coast University Excel 2000 Tutorial - Keyboard Shortcuts
Carleton College Excel Cheet Sheet (PDF)

Microsoft PowerPoint
Florida Gulf Coast University PowerPoint 2000 Tutorial - Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange FAQ
How to suppress RFT format in Exchange and Outlook, and avoid the WINMAIL.DAT blues.

User Accounts
Resources for Running As A Limited User in Windows XP
Limited User Setup in Windows XP

Microsoft Windows - install from USB drive
msfn.org How to install Windows from USB- WinSetupFromUSB with GUI

Microsoft Windows 95
Windows 95.com Device drivers, patches, links to vendors web sites, 32bit Windows 95 shareware, Win 95 help, configuration TCP/IP stacks, ...
Penn State Center for Academic Computing documentation on Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98
Windows 98.org Third party info for / about Win 98.
Ultimage Guide to Windows 98 from ZiffDavis (ZDNet).
Windows 98 Central offers fixes, tips, work arounds, reviews, setup hints, resources, ...
Windows 98 Megasite from CMP, with upgrading tipos, key utilities, test drives, optimization hints, software links, ...
Windows 98 From Ziff-Davis (ZDNet)... Upgrade, Incompatibilities Could Plague Windows 98
Win98 Magazine, an online magazine with articles, links, past issues, ...
WinMag - TechWeb Win 98's Secret Toolkit
PC World article on upgrading to Win98.
Windows 98 and IE4 How To and other tips and tricks (quick shutdown, VXDs explained, ...).
Windows 98 on CD boot and RUN Windows 98 from a CD.
Exhuberant Software home of Win98 SE Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows 2000
Windows 2000.org Third party info for / about Win 2000.
LabMice.net - Windows 2000/XP/.net Resource Index Windows 2000 Keyboard Shortcuts
February 11, 2000 - ZDnet News: Bugfest! Win2000 final release code to be shipped February 17, has 63,000+ know bugs
searchWin2000.com Windows 2000 specific search engine (search, news, help, links, ...)
Information Week Win 2000 coverage
TechWeb.com Win 2000 coverage
Win 2000 coverage news, reviews, opinions, hisotry, ...
2000 Tutor 500+ resources with information about Windows 2000.
Information Week Magazine Win2000 Upgrade Help.
Rational Software TestFoundation for Windows 2000 (software to test how compatible is your current Windows software)
Brian's Buzz On Windows Known Issues Afflict Windows 2000 SP 4 - July 10, 2003 (Service Pack 4 problems)
VeriTest Services certification of software for Windows 2000 DataCenter
Network Computing Windows 2000: Worth The Pain (Almost)
Petri IT Knowledgebase Where can I download the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools?

Microsoft Windows XP
BlkViper.com My Windows XP Service Configuration
Bob Cerelli's Windows Web Page
Kelly's XP Korner
PC World.com Win XP's Gotchas
PC World.com Win XP's Gotchas (list of programs incompatible with Win XP)
PC World.com Home Office: A Windows XP Upgrade in Your Future? (Windows XP may require more time, money, and hardware than you think.)
PC World.com It's Showtime For WinXP
PC World.com XP Service Pack Said to Fix Major Flaw
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Brian's Buzz On Windows Solve Your XP Network Headaches - June 19, 2003 (replace hub with switch)
TheHotFix.net Windows XP Service pack 3 (SP3) Preview Pack Download
PC World.com Windows XP After June 30, 2008 (or until June 2010 or ...)
PC World.com Slipstreaming Service Pack 2 On An Old Windows XP CD.
PC World.com Answer Line: Create A Windows CD For PCs That Don't Have One.
PC World.com review: BartPE

Microsoft Windows Vista
AppCrash.net discussion of Vista Application Crashes and Problems and how to fix them
PC World 20 Vista Downloads to Tweak & Improve Your System

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services
eHow.com How to Install Terminal Services Server on Windows Server 2003
Windows IT Pro How can I enable Terminal Services on a Windows Server 2003 server?
WindowsNetworking.com Windows 2003 Terminal Services (Part 1)
WindowsNetworking.com Windows 2003 Terminal Services (Part 2)
TechRepublic SolutionBase: Implementing Terminal Services on Windows Server 2003
How To Networking Microsoft Terminal Services How to
Computer Performance Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003
LabMice.net Terminal Services on Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Why so many people hate Windows 10

Microsoft Windows - miscellaneous
PC World.com Cool Tools That Windows Forgot (remote control, saving net settings, ...)
PC World Troubleshooting Tips, Part III: Here's How To Overcome Windows Start-Up Headaches
PCWorld.com Remove Unwanted Icons From Your System Tray
PC World.com Home Office: Software Rx For A Healthier Windows (software utilities)
PC World.com Windows Tips:
Microsoft Windows 3.1 FTP mirror site

Microsoft Windows 7
Windows 7 sins The case against Microsoft and proprietary software.

Microsoft Windows 8
Extreme Tech 5 deal-breaking flaws in Windows 8
Norman Security Windows 8's Killer Feature: The Killswitch
shdon.com Microsoft demo of Windows 8, UI opinions
MyWay Early look at Windows 8 baffles consumers
Yahoo! News How Windows 8 Could Change Your Life - Or Not
Software Crew Get the most from your Windows 8 Consumer Preview using these 28 unmissable tools
dotTech Windows 8 Hate
dotTech How to add a (simple) start menu to Windows 8 without third-party programs [How-To Guide]
dotTech Windows 8 boots in 7 seconds, according to reports
dotTech Windows 8 has a major phishing security risk
dotTech Valve CEO: "Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space"
dotTech We have another Windows 8 hater the developer of Minecraft
dotTech Two tweaks to make Windows 8 faster
Information Week - Windows Windows 8: A Bridge Too Far For Enterprises?
SourceForge Windows Classic Shell (for Windows 8)
Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide The OEM or Retail License and Product Activation - Windows 8.1
Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide Download Windows 8.1 Retail and OEM .iso

Microsoft Windows 10
IT Vision AlterVista Why Windows 10 Sucks or Everything Wrong with Windows 10
O&O Software O&O ShutUp10 - Free antispy tool for Windows 10

Windows Commander Windows file manager

Windows Updates Downloader allow you to download ALL the updates, rather than having to install piecemeal via the built in updater.

Windows LPR Spooler software to connect your Windows based computers to Unix/Linux printers.

Windows Registry Guide tips, tweaks, and hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing windows systems.

Windows Guides Network tips, tweaks, and hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing windows systems.

Windows Server 2003 Tutorial Website
Windows Server 2003 Tutorial Website What Works and What Doesn't in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft free download of Virtual PC 2007

Systems Internals site dedicated to Win NT and Win 9x shareware utilities (mount NTFS from DOS/Win 95/Win NT, management, monitoring, ...)., Blue Screen Of Death (BOSD) Screen Saver
Winternals commercial part of Systems Internals, has commercial / enhanced versions of the shareware. Makers of Remote Repair (DOS software to boot an NT server and connect via TCP/IP for remote repair), NTFSDOS, NTFS Win98, TCPview (network monitoring tool), ....

WinImage make a disk file from a floppy.

Window Managers for Windows 95 Window managers are what X Window uses to control the way the windows are styled; i.e. borders, window controls, .... Technically, Windows 95/NT has them too. This link has a bunch of neat programs that replace Explorer.exe and thus change the style of the Win95 desktop.

Windsor Technologies makers of Tufftest, diagnostic software.

WinFire, a web browser assistant.

WinMount compression and virtual disk tool (free and fee versions)

WinWhatWhere Investigator, log file for your computer that records ALL single keystrokes sequentially.

WiseCleaner free and fee versions of DiskCleaner and RegisteryCleaner

Wizard Systems, maker of TweakIE (fix bugs associated with Internet Explorer), ...

WinZip zip compression for windows with long file name support.

eWeek Vulnerability In WinZip Could Compromise Security

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
WAP Forum.org or WAP Forum.com protocol specification, white papers, technical presentations, overview, ...
Ericcson WAP Founder
Motorola WAP Founder
Nokia WAP Founder
Phone.com WAP Founder
Rohit Khare's analysis of WAP protocols.
WAP Services
Gelon.net WAP microbrowser emulator (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator)
Enhydra open source wireless application development environment
Lutris providing support for Enhydra
AnywhereYouGo.com testing development and support for WAP, listing of tools, third party providers, ...

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
Aironet Wireless Communications Aironet 4800 DS Series.
Apple AirPort (wireless networking)
Cabletron Systems Roamabout.
Lucent Technologies Lucent WaveLAN.
Proxim Symphony (wireless networking)
3Com Airconnect Series.
Sierra Wireless AirCard.
SOHOware CableFree (wireless networking)

Wireless Ethernet Bridges/Hardware
BreezeCOM BreezeNET DS.11 Outdoor Products (WBS-DS.11 Multipoint Base Station and WBC-DS.11 Remote Workgroup Bridge)
buffalo Technologies Buffalo Airstation
Cisco Aironet 340 Series AIR-BR340 Bridge, ...
Enterasys Networks High-Rate RoamAbout Access Point, High-Rate RoamAbout PC Card (a Cabletron Systems company)
C-Spec Corp OverLAN RF-11 Plus Wireless Bridge/IP Router
D Link DWL, ...
Intel Intel Pro/Wireless Access Point
Intermec Intermec Universal Access Point, ...
Linksys Instant Wireless Network Access Point, ...
Lucent Technologies or WaveLAN Orinoco WavePoint Wireless Bridge, ORiNOCO Acess Point, ...
Pinnacle Communications PinnacleLink 11/E1 Ethernet Bridge/IP Router
Proxim Stratum, Harmony Access Point and Access Point Controller, ...
RadioLAN Wireless Campus BridgeLink Model 347
Raylink Wireless LAN Access Point, ...
Symbol Technologies Spectrum Access Point, ...
Wave Wireless Networking SpeedLAN XE 6000
Western Multiplex Tsunami

Wireless Networking
Bluetooth Special Interest Group, developers of short-range wireless technology. developers conference.
Bluetooth News and Careers information
Bluetooth and Wireless information
Bluetooth Congress
California Socket Communication, makers of BlueCore CF+ (single chip wireless technology)
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), makers of BlueCore (single chip wireless technology)
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
Ericsson Bluetooth Information Site (using Bluetooth technology in their wireless products).
Floware.com provider of Broadband Wireless Access solutions
GSM World
IBM BlueDrekar Bluetooth Middleware
Intel Bluetooth Information Site
Mobilian wireless networking.
Mobile Advisoryy Council
Mobile Applications Initiative
Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium
Mobile GPRS
Motorola Bluetooth Information Site
Nokia Bluetooth Information Site
Open Group
Palo Wireless Bluetooth inofrmation
Portable Computer and Communications Association
Qualcomm, using alternate technology in their wireless products.
Secure Mobile Networking Project
TDK Systems Bluetooth Information Site
3G.IP Global System for Mobile Communications (GPRS)
3G Partnership Project Global System for Mobile Communications (GPRS)
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Global System for Mobile Communications (GPRS)
TIA Global System for Mobile Communications (GPRS)
Universal Wireless Communications Consortium
Wireless Data Forum
Wireless Ethernet
Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance

Wireless Markup Language (WML)

Wireless - reviews and articles and information
Los Angeles Times A faster Wi-Fi format aims to eliminate most wires
Upside-Down-Ternet My neighbours are stealing my wireless internet access. I could encrypt it or alternately I could have fun.
NetGear What Is A Wireless Network's SSID?
Network Computing Wireless LANs Work Their Magic.
Network Computing Wireless LAN Interactive Buyer's Guide
Information Week Vendors Tout Fast Wireless Connections Between LANs
Information Week Clear Signals for Wireless LANs
jiwire find wi fi hotspots around the world.
Network Computing Wireless T1 WANs Make Waves
PC World.com Home Office: Some Cords I'll Cut, But Some I'll Keep
PC World.com Home Office: Going Wireless? Consider Cost, Security
WarChalking hobo-language for free wireless networking

WiPeer enables peer to peer wireless sharing with a suite of programs for networks without a server.

WireX Communications makes software network appliances (based on Red Hat Linux).

Wise Cleaner registry and disk cleaner (free and fee versions).

WM Recorder Record Streaming Video and Audio

Woodys Watch e-mail newsletter for all things windows, cure for I Love You virus, ...
Woody's Watch Obvious dialog of the week, and ugliest color scheme of the week, all in one!

Word Processors
Richard Salsbury Rough Draft (word processor for writers)
Black Obelisk Software Liquid Story Binder XE (word processor for writers)
Space Jock Software yWriter (word processor for writers)

Worldtalk or RSA, two places where you can download the free version of WorldSecure Client "S/MIME Everywhere" e-mail encryption software.

Wotsit's File Format Collection, learn about file structures.

WRQ makers of various software including @Guard (cookie blocker, safer surfing, .. software), Express Meter, Express Evaluator, ... support, FTP
There is beta software download available (free, demo, 30 day trial, shareware, ...).

WSUS Offline Update

Marcus Wynwood's Blog FileSort 1.1.1, needs: .NET Framework Version 2.0

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