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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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gabrieleponti.com Send To Toys

Gaby's Computer Museum and CP/M Center new software for CP/M computers, and CP/M emulators for DOS systems, ...

PC World.com Home Office: Great Gadgets Make The PC Livin' Easy
PC World.com Cheap Champs (14 PC Accessories For Under $100.00)

GameSmith Library C++ tools/libraries for writing DOS games.

Ganymede Software, makers of various software including: Qcheck, a (freeware) application throughput diagnostic (works over TCP/IP, IPX, ...).

The Gazette freeware news and help (downloads, patches, articles, ...)

Gdisk: Fdisk replacement
Universioty of Pisa interesting selection of DOS files, including gdisk an improved Fdisk for drives MBR problems.
Geeks Are Sexy 25 Incredibly Geeky T-Shirts

GeekCruises, computer seminars held on cruise ships.
O'Reilly & Associates review of first geek cruise.

GeekTools technical resources for system administrators and engineers. Features include domain registration, "whois" lookups, ...

GemX TexNotes (editor and Personal Information Manager (PIM) for all your information)

Geneva Software makers of AlertPage network alert software.

GEO Interactive makers of Emblaze VideoPro which converts AVI into streaming video with synchronizied audio, so that plug-ins are *NOT* required.

Geoworks Corp. makers of GEOS-SC (a graphics based operating system for smart phones). The O.S. includes a web browser and an integrated messaging system...

GEos related links:
New Deal Inc.
New Deal Office 98
Breadbox Computer - GEOS software and hardware seller
James Bearden's GEOS Page (links)
The GeOS OS/GUI Webring
GEOS - the index
GEOS - a random page
GEOS - the statistics page

GFI.com makers of communications and security software for Windows NT/2000, including LANguard Network Scanner (freeware), ...
GFI.com e-mail security test.

gHacks.net Tech News - reviews, ...

Giage WebSpace turn you PC into a digital workspace to manage information.

gigo fidonet to internet gateway (now freeware)
gigo files including: NetMgr (NetMail manager), timEd (message reader), FXuucico (DOS UUCP), gigo (DOS, OS/2, ...)

GRC Gibson Research Corporation, Steve Gibson's site. Maker of SpinRite (commercial software), ... Freeware every piece of freeware software from GRC
UnPlug and Pray (UnPnP) safely disables the dangerous Universal Plug and Play server in Windows XP's and ME
Wizmo is my "Windows Gizmo" that contains a whole bunch of useful functions and even an amazing built-in screen saver
ID Serve identifies remote servers on the Internet
FREEWARE: Check your SCSI ASPI drivers
FREEWARE Trouble In Paradise (checks your Zip and Jaz drives) as well as other shareware/freeware software
Shields Up, how secure is your windows computer?
statistics of other systems tested

PC World SpinRite 6 To The Rescue - Venerable Disk-Saver Utility Is Updated To Work With Windows XP

Global Data Security, Inc. makers of software for Novell NetWare networks (NLM) including, LANExpert, LANAuditor, LANShadow, ...

Global Technology Associates or Global Technology Associates makers of GNAT Box (firewall that runs on 1.44 floppy & 8mb ram, no hard drive required), ...

GlobeWave, Inc. makers of Complete PCcard (combination cellular and land line) modem in a Type III card.

GlobeSoft makers of Multinetwork Manager (manage-store/save/restore multiple network settings).

GoBack, by Wild File, a Win 95/98 system recovery utility/time based versioning software. Now owned by Adaptec

GoBESoftware GoBeProductive Office Suite

Golden Bow Systems makers of Vopt, disk defrag utility for DOS, Win 9x, Win NT, Win XP.

Gold Memory PC Memory Diagnostic Tests

GoldMine Software makers of software, including PIMs, ...

Google Book Downloader

Google Fiber a faster internet connection.

google.com Page Speed Insights.

PEG, a Peripatetic, Electic Gopher

Gopher at University of Minnesota

Gordano Ltd., makers of NT Mail (mail server/ListServ/spam filter/... for Windows NT)

Graphics - help:
JPEG Committee
JPEG FAQ sheet
Pegasus Imaging, makers of JPEG Wizard supports regional compression
Bill Machrone's graphics hints/tips site.
Preparing Graphics for the Web
Microsoft Computer Graphics Notes (informations about graphics programming from Microsoft)
Muldoon Graphics Notes (informations about graphics programming)
Wayne Fulton's graphics hints/tips site.

Graphics - software:
snap2objects 45 Best Freeware Design Programs
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. GIF Construction Set for Windows
Animation Factory (professional 3-D animated GIFs)
Beatware Inc. eZ Motion for Windows and MAcintosh
Macromedia Flash
Picasa find and organize the pictures on your computer (free-from google).
Hello IM for photos (shave photos via online chat-peer to peer file sharing)
PC World IM Your Photos
Batch Image Batch Image Processing software
GIF Works online GIF editor.
XnConvret image resize and conversion.
GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
JPEG Crops
dot pdn paint.net

Graphics - screen capture:
JASC (web site) and JASC (FTP site) makers of Paint Shop Pro (image editor/paint program/screen capture/image thumbnail browser/image conversion/...)
Structu Rise makers of Kleptomania (Win 95/98/NT/2000 screen capture-if it is on the screen, this program can capture it.)
TechSmith Corp Camtasia (screen capture/editor), SnagIt (graphic capture and conversion)

Graphics - other:
I Love Free Software 5 Free Software to add Watermark to Images

Graphics - images:
Smashing Magazine Free and Commercial Stock Photography Sites
Google image search
1000+ GIf images for your web site.
AAAClipArt clipart, mailing lists, ...
Animation Library largecollection of animated GIFs
ftp.aros.net interesting images
ArtToday 1,200,000+ images (clipart, photos, ...) (185,000 freeware), graphics, sounds, ... Tips, news, ...
Can Stock Photo low cost, royalty free images
The Construction Sign Museum
under construction animated GIFs
CWE - graphic images
DEWA overview site for 15 other sites with graphics (3-D animation, clip art, animated GIFs, ...)
Ditto.com a directory of images
Draac's Gifs 123 thousands of graphic (GIF) images.
Fantasy Art Gallery Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Rowena Morrill, Luis Royo
Dreams sci-fi/fantasy pictures
FreeFoto.com thousands of free photos for noncommercial use.
GIFS Now.com image library
Graphics Blandishment new site - image galleries, screen savers, pictures, ...
Graphics Blandishment old site - image galleries, screen savers, pictures, ...
Graphis Grotto collection of images
Harry And Dorret Goodwin Personal GIF Site (3,000+ GIFs)
Random Eye Technologies Image Grabber - explore photo agencies libraries of images (free plug in for Navigator or Internet Explorer)
Smogg's Lair 400mb of fantasy artwork.
Scour.Net a search engine that specializiesin web sites that offer multimedia (graphics, sounds, streaming video, ...)
Stock Photos and Graphics by Fotosearch purchase royalty free images from 50 plus vendors (700,000 images). Image Club Clipart.
Webshots Community for 7 million + photos uploaded by other web surfers
Webshots Desktop for 5,000+ screen savers or desktop wallpaper
interesting collection of images

Graphics - online captioning tools:
Caption Tool

Graphics - remove the background from your picture:
Background Burner online tool to remove the background from your picture

Jim Gray, Microsoft Bay Area Research Center is working on storing 1 terabyte of data on hardware that costs $10,000 (and other interesting research projects).

Grayware or Greyware Automation Products, makers of Grr! (software that provides automatic protection to unauthorized changes to the registry and system-configuration files), Domain Time II Network time synchronization (supports multiple client and servers), ...

Greatis RegRun 3 Security Suite
Greatis Startup Application Database, information, links, ...

GreyMatter weblog/journal software

Greystone Peripherials, Inc., makers of CardDock GS-320 Desktop PCMCIA Internal Reader/Writer.

Gzip Home Page
TAR and GZIP for Windows

Guidance Software, makers of EnCase Forensic software

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