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Computer Links
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Roy Van Tassle software (WIZ - fast file find, RCD - fast change directory, CACHECHK - test size and speed of memory cache)

386 World resources for using 386 computers (DOS, Windows 3.x or lower) with links, downloads, forum, ...

T & T - Tools & Techniques makers of Data Junction, DOS/Windows data translation/conversion software.

Tail32, a Win32 program that shows you the tail end of a document or program.

Takeout Taxi (delivery company) and Cybermeals (online food orders from local resturants) are working together so that you need never leave your computer.

TAL Technology serial port communications software (DOS and windows).

Tally Systems or Tally Systems, makers of PC2000 Toolkit, CentaMeter, WINinstall, IP.Check, ...

TamoSoft makers of CommView (capture and analyze network packets), SmartWhois (find extended information about IP address), Essential NetTools (diagnose and monitor network connection), ...

Tandberg Data, Inc. main page and backup page makers of hardware backup, ...

TapeDisk Corporation makers of CodeBlue disaster recovery software. TapeDisk, turn tape into a hard drive emulator.

Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd. interesting selection of DOS and Windows utilities

TaskInfo show what processes are actually running in your Windows machine.

Task Manager Pro add extra tabs to your task manager.

Anvir Task Manager free and fee replacement for Windows Task Manager

TClockEx Windows TaskBar Clock Enhancement: clock, calendar, and system statistics in your system tray.

TCP-Z Universal Theme Patcher (change your windows default theme)
Deviant Art non-standard themes for your amusement
dotTech How to use (install) custom themes in Windows [How-To Guide]

TCP/IP 32 bit addressing scheme
Net3 Group The IP Subnet Calculator is a FREE, time-saving 32-bit Windows 95/NT utility for computing information about IP addresses.
IntranetWare over TCP/IP June 1997 NetWare Connect article by Laura Chappell.
IP101:All About IP Addresses
Requests for Comments (RFCs) The Requests for Comments (RFCs) are a series of notes about the Internet. The notes discuss many aspects of computing and computer communication focusing in networking protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts. The specification documents of the Internet protocol suite, as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and its steering group (the IESG), are published as RFCs.
TcpSpeed software to determine the bandwith of your internet connection.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) list of assigned port numbers
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) difficulty of transitioning a network to IPv6.

TCP/IP vendors 32 bit addressing scheme
American Internet TCP/IP support/management software (now owned by Cisco)
Distinct TCP/IP programming support/toolkits
Firefoxnow a fiction publishing site.
Frontier Technologies TCP/IP connectivity (Win 3.1 and Win 95/98/NT)
FTP Software now owned by NetManage
Hummingbird TCP/IP connectivity
KLOS TCP/IP software (DOS based) for connection, analysis, support, ...
Netmanage TCP/IP software suites (and DOS support) (Win 3.1 and Win 95/98/NT)
WRQ TCP/IP software suites

IPv6 Resources 128 bit addressing scheme
IPv6 Forum
The 6Bone experimental IPv6 backbone
IPv6 and Firewalls
IPv6 development and testing
IETF Security Working Groups
IP Security and IPv6 history and information
IPv6 For Linux FAQ
IPNG Information And Resources
CMP's TechWeb - Internet Week - October 4, 1999 article on IPv6
">dotTech World IPv6 Launch Day is here: the beginnings of the bigger internet
World IPv6 Launch

IPv6 Stacks 128 bit addressing scheme
IBM AIX 4.3, released version IPv6 Stack
Linux Linux 2.1 experimental kernel, experimental version IPv6 Stack
Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0, prototype version IPv6 Stack
Sun Microsystems Sun Solaris v2.5 + 2.51, prototype version IPv6 Stack

IPv6 Games 128 bit addressing scheme
Viagenie ported Quake to run on IPv6 and FreeBSD v3.2

dyndns.org show your current IP address.
myIPaddress displays your external IP address
Super Dynamic DNS - showmyip.com show your current IP address.
show your current IP address.
Tri-Tech Solutions show your current IP address.
WhatsMyIpAddress.com displays your external IP address
CMyIP.com display your current IP address.
IP2Location where is you IP address physically located.

TeamTCI, makers of Process Viewer (view priority level and DLLs in use on your Win 95/98/NT system)

The Tech Guy - Leo Laporte radio program with show notes

TechSmith Corp Camtasia (screen capture/editor)

TechWeb news coverage of the more than 45,000 technology companies involved in business today.

Tech Guide over 65 topic specific Technology Guides (white papers) available for download.


Technology Resource Directory 12,000+ sites organized into 180+ categories, mostly on technology.

TechSoup.org discounted prices on hardware and software for charitable organizations.

The Tech Zone hardware and software news, reviews, ...

TekWizards.com tech support and chat rooms for people interested in learning more about computers.

Telecom Buying Information:
Telestream FlipFactory Publish (converting digital vidoe/audio from one format to another - server based software)

How Telnet Brought Information to the Masses

TeraByte Unlimited hard drive management software including an interesting selection of freeware utilities.

TFI Technology StartStop (manage programs that want to autostart in Windows.

Tessler's Nifty Tools makers of software including WrapUp (a shut down box for Win 95/98), WatchDog-IP (monitor networks and online devices), SuperMonitor realtime display of ram usage, virtual memory, heaps, user GDDI, ...), ...

3Com Corporation makers of hardware (network cards, ...), software (drivers, ...), ... OfficeConnect LAN Modem 3Com Technical Support

3DV Technology, Inc. Network Performance Monitoring Software-RouterPM, SwitchPM, HubPM, NetworkPM, ...

3M makers of various hardware and software including Post-it notes, ...

Thinkstream's Scout, (Windows desktop explorer replacement)

TheRef (tm) Drive and Controller Guide

Thin clients
ThinPlanet resource site for thin client computing.
ThinPlanet listing of Windows based Thin Clients.
ThinPlanet comparison of Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
Citrix NFuse (Web based thin client)
Hob HobLink JWT (Java/Web based thin client)
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
Tarantella Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC).

Thin servers
Internet Week SGI's Low Profile Internet Server
Internet Week Cut Out The Fat With Thin Servers
Internet Week Slim Down Your Server

ThinkFree, makers of ThinkFree Office suite, and applications portal (with 20mb free data storage).

ThinkOTIS (Online Technical Information Service) network and internet tools (rexplained, reviewed, linked).

Thinkstream, makers of Scout, a desktop explorer replacement that includes extensive information about the files, including thumbnail images of documents, search/edit images, ...

Third Voice, Inc., create post it notes for web sites. Advertising sponsored. Requires plug-in. *ONLY* works with IE v4.0 and v5.0.

Thursby Software, makers of Dave (MAC software to network with Win networks)

Tierra Communications, Inc. Highlights, software (Win 95) to monitor web pages for you.

Timbuk2 Designs serious maker of messenger and computer bags (including design your own bag), with a humorous web site

TimeAndDate.com everything you need to know about time: world clock, time zones, calendars, timers, ...

Time Sync
www.time.gov U.S.Naval Observatory Atomic Clock
U.S.Naval Observatory Atomic Clock in Washington D.C.
National Institute of Standards at Technology (NIST)
U.S.Naval Observatory listing of many stratum 1 time sources.
NTP Pol Project a big virtual cluster of timeservers striving to provide reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients without putting a strain on the big popular timeservers.
Agilent Technologies cesium clock (accurate within 2 nanoseconds per day or 1 second per 1,400,000 years)
Automachron freeware Win32 client for time synchronization.
Oregon Scientific, makers of a clock that synchs itself with the atomic clock for perfect time keeping.
PawPrint.net, makers of WorldTime - Network Time Protocol (NTP) tool (time sync, calendar, clock, stopwatch, alarms, ...)
Times Around the World
TrueTime TimeVault (hardware time synchronization)
Time Web Server for links to hundreds of time servers, and software for many OSs.
U.S.Naval Observatory time zone map. What time zone are you in?

NC State University - NDS Tech Group Configuring Time Synchronization For NetWare Servers.

Internet Clock
Death Clock, how long do you think you have to live?
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Oregon Scientific, makers of a clock that synchs itself with the atomic clock for perfect time keeping.

TinyApps.org small programs DOS, Windows, ...

tinySpell spell checker, free and fee

TipWorld The Internet's #1 Source for Computer Tips, News, and Gossip.

TMS Inc. makers of ViewDirector, (Win 3.1, Win 95, ...) plugin for Netscape that allows you to graphics files in-line.

Tobit or Tobit makers of FaxWare for Novell NetWare (NLM) with client software for DOS, Win 3.xx/95/NT, and ...

Token Ring Consortium
High Speed Token Ring Alliance
High Speed Token Ring

Tom's Hardware Motherboards, CPUs and other components are tested and optimized with the reports posted here.

Tom's Hardware Guide or Tom's Hardware Guide for helpful technical information.

Hardware Guide or Hardware Guide

ToniArts or ToniArts maker of EasyCleaner (registry cleaner), EasyHTML, EasyThumb, EasyWrite, ...

tools4ever Command Line Tools - Free software and tools for Windows 2003 XP 2000 NT

Total Commander is a Shareware file manager for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, and Windows 3.1.
Total Commander - TOTALCMD.NET FS Plugins, Lister Plugins, Packer Plugins, Content Plugins, TC Utilities, SynPlus for Total Commander, MultiArc Addons, Faw2wc Addons, ...

Total Idea WinRAM-Booster (clear RAM and cache for Win 9x - memory optimization), system utilities, ...

TotalRC.com remote control and file transfer via internet, Socks2HTTP, gateway, VPN for users behind firewalls, ...

Touchstone Software or Touchstone Software makers of NetOptimizer (optimize net browsing speed), CheckIt (PC diagnostics), PC-cillin anti-virus, FastMove 2000 (file synchronization and transfer), ...

Traceroute Tutorial by Jack Richard.
Matrix Information and Directory Services (MIDS) ISP comparisons (using statistis), Internet Weather Report, web-based Traceroute, ...
RandomMinds Monster Ping (combination of ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, port scan, monitor server, whois, ...)
NeoTrace grapical traceroute (with integrated whois and ping).
Nikhef TraceRoute tool
Ping Plotter enhanced traceroute for troubleshooting internet connections
TCPtrace packet trace tools.
Tracert TraceRoute gateway
TraceLook graphical utility
TRaceRT SpeedMeter, TRaceRT, ping, DNS Resolver
TraceRoute packet tracing utility
TRaceRT online tracert

Internet Testing Tools/information
Opnix's Internet Traffic Report monitors internet traffic around the world.
Argus packet storage and analysis environment
AT&T Labs Research Coffman and Odlyzko review of end-user bandwidth usage trends.
B|C probe bandwidth tool
Band-X online bandwidth markets
Bing bandwidth measurement tool
BSD Packet Filter
ClearInk Internet Weather Report
Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) internet monitoring tools, papers, links, ...
Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) Measurement Tool Taxonomy
Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) NetGeo tool (figure out geographical location from router IP addresses)
CyberGeography.org maps that show physical infrastructure, demographics, traffic flow of the internet.
EtherPeek packet analyzer
Global Demographis & Statistics
Hobbes' Internet Timeline
Inverse Internet Measurement Service
IPtraf IP Lan monitor
Ryan Hankin Kent's Internet Traffic Report monitors internet traffic around the world.
Lightwave news on the fiber optics market
Matrix Information and Directory Services (MIDS) Internet Weather Report
Metropolitan Area Exchange (MAE) traffic statistics
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research Measurement and Operations Analysis Team (MOAT)
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research active monitoring program (AMP)
Netperf performance tool
NetSpec scripting language
IPMA monitors
NetNow packet loss tool
Network Probe Daemon
Packetman packet dump program
Pathchar performance analysis tool
RateXchange online bandwidth markets
The Surveyor Project
TelcoTimes service provider activity
TeleGeography summary statistics on the growth of telephone traffic, fixed lines, mobile subscribers, ...
Ttcp throughput benchmark
International Internet Measurement Infrastructure
TReno throughput measurement tool

Click2Learn.com online training
KnowledgePlanet.com online training

Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) designers of benchmark tests.

Trantor now owned by Adaptec.

Tranxition Corp, makers of (PTP) Personality Tranxport Professional (migrate user settings from one PC to another).

Traveling Software makers of LapLink (file transfer, ...) (now with USB support), LapLink Remote Access, LapLink Alert, TS Fax, TS OnLine (connectivity), Remote DeskLink, LapLink Accelerator, and internet related software including WebEx (offline web browser/site grabber), PCsync (file synnchronizatrion), ...
Traveling Software changed their name to LapLink.com, Inc.

Trellian Software, makers of desktop search tools (MP3-Wolf, ImageWolf, SearchWolf, ...), FTP tools, site mapper, ...

Trellix Corporation, makers of software to create/manage your web site (included with Corel office suite). Also TrellixWeb (online html editor).

Tribal Voice or Tribal Voice makers of PowWow software that lets users transmit voice messages over the internet.

trimDesk manage quickly your desktop settings. (free and fee vrsions)

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) CPR for your computer: offline rescue, repair, password resets and cloning for Windows and Linux.

The Triple Fault Club information on OS development, Protected Mode, links, ...

TriPlus Technologies', WinSpace (Windows virtual desktops)

Tripple-DOS a pre-emptive multitasker for DOS

TRG Products or TRG Products, makers of TRGPro (Palm Comuting clone) with additional features, including support for Compact Flash 2 (CF-2) slot, ...

Triticom web page FTP site makers of software only LAN tools

TrioVista Technologies A Smaller Image (change size, crop, add visual effects, ...)

Trius, Inc. as of October 1, 2006, they are no longer developing AS-Easy-As Spreadsheet, so it is now freeware

Troll Technologies QTscape Just 5 days after they got their hands on the Mozilla Communicator source code, the people at Troll Technologies have ported all that Motif code (read: slow interface code) to their own QT toolkit (read: same as Motif, but faster). Works pretty good too, considering it's STILL pre-alpha code.

Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP

Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site info, docs, software, books, ...

True North Software WebMail Server, Internet Tooolkit (ping, trace route, NS lookup, finger, whois, ping scan, port scan, name scan, service scan, spamblock check, ...)

Trumpet Software International: PETROS - 32bit operating system for PCs.

Trumpet Software International makers of Windows (and some DOS) applications for connecting with the internet. Also PetrOS, a thin client version of Windows, that is 100kb in size, and runs all windows executables.
Trumpet blast at Windows, news story about PetrOS.

T.S.Microtech, Inc. makers of the FanCard, dual fans on a PC card. They now have models with network cards, IDE card, ... functionality built in as well.

Tsarfin makers of NetInfo (network tools)

TSR Watermark free for personal use, fee for commercial use.

TST, program that allows you to automate a telnet session.

TuneUp.com A complete PC service center via the internet.

Turnaround Computing, Inc. makers of WebFrame (take sales orders online via HTML order forms),...

Tut Systems makes hardware that allows you to run 10mbps over Cat 1 telephone wire (network you home computers using phone lines-while still being able to use voice at the same time).

TweakAll tweak your Windows startup and shutdown logos, speed up your Internet connection, and change dozens of other settings.

Tweak3D (tune up your computer for better performance) news, reviews, tweak guides, files, ...

TweakFiles look for registry cleaners.

Tweak 3D

Tweaking With Vishal OEM Configurator 2.0: Free Portable Utility to Add Customized Strings (OEM Information) and Logo in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 System Properties
Tweaking With Vishal Get Windows 8 Look-Like Metro Task Manager in Windows XP, Vista and 7

TwInTo Tweaks - Information - Tools (for Win XP)

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Computer Links
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