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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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FAR manager File and Archive Manager - this is a text file manager for Windows - plugins available.

FarStone Technology Virtual Drive and Data Backup Software

The Fast Graphics Site

FastLane Technologies makers of DM/Manager (domain migration tool), ...

FastStone image viewer, screen capture, image converter / resizer.

Fatbrain.com, a computer and professional book reseller. Now publishing books online for sale via secure download.

Fax Services:
.comfax Inc. send/receive your faxes via the internet (free)
eFax send/receive your faxes via the internet (free).
Fax4Free send/receive your faxes via the internet (free).
CallWave FaxWave, send/receive your faxes via the internet (free).
CallWave Internet Answering Machine (phone answering machine for internet telephone calls)
FaxNet Corp send/receive your faxes via the internet (free).
JFax FaxWave, send/receive your faxes via the internet (fee).
Message Center Lite (free).
Net2Phone send/receive your faxes via the internet (fee).
Open Port
U.S.West FaxPower fax services (free).

Fax over IP:
Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) overview of fax messaging concepts, including IP-based fax.
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request For Comments (RFC) covering fax-over-IP.
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) T.37 and T.38 standards governing IP fax services.
The Phone Company remote printing services (internet faxing)
Davidson Consulting FAQs about fax servers and services.
FaxServerFAQ.com FAQs about fax servers and services.

IP-Enabled Fax Server Solutions:
Optus Software FACSys

IP-Enabled Fax Machines:
@fax FaxFree Portal
Internet Magic Legacy 3000 LanLink
Panasonic UF-770I

Fax Software:
01Com makers of Communicate!
ACCPAC FAXserve (network faxing solution)
Deerfield.com makers of RelayFax email/fax gateway
Esker Software FaxGate
Fax2Send Linux Fax software
Equisys, Inc. makers of ZetaFax.
Tobit makers of FaxWare for Novell NetWare (NLM) with client software for DOS, Win 3.xx/95/NT, and ...
TuCows.com fax software

slash dot My Victory Over A Junk Faxer

FetchMail a way to retrieve your mail from mail servers.

FFh Lab Windows commercialware and freeware.

Fibre Channel Industry Association
Fibre Channel Industry
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Technical Committee T11 info on standards, draft standards, status of pending standards, ... for Fibre Channel

FileCenter.com still has some old Mustang Software patches/updates.

FileMaker cross platfrom database (Windows, MAC, Palm, ...).

FileStream.com InstallConstruct (installer/setup wizard - for all versions of Windows).

File - ? what is it?
FILExt look up what file extensions are associated with what programs.
File.Extensions A huge file extension list including easy-to-understand descriptions and associated applications. Quickly search by extension, view common and most popular file extensions, and click to extension categories including audio and music files, multimedia, graphic and image file types and others.
File Extensions look up what file extensions are associated with what programs and OSes (Windows, OS2, Apple, Unix), and download programs to deal with them.
File Research Center identify files running on your system
Marco Pontello's Home Page TrIDNet - File Identifier (online or downloadable program)
Gunners File Type Editor change your file association

Find Files
Find That File search engine for files.

File Managers
Practical PC Online alternatives to Windows Explorer - reviews, links, ...
wikipedia comparison of file managers (DOS, Windows, Linux, ...)
Free Comander
Nexus File
Total Commander
zabkat Xplorer2 - free

Find Individuals (Search Engines):
KudzuKat's People Search portal to web based people finders.
Area Code Lookup.
AAA Background Checks fee based search for info about people.
A T & T Toll-Free Internet Directory A guide to 800 numbers.
AccuMail? Search engine for individuals (and e-mail addresses).
ActiveNames e-mail address clearing house (maintain your most current address online).
Advanced Research
American Information Network search engine for individuals.
AnyWho Personal Information web based phone directory, including mapping for address, reverse lookup, ...
Backgrounds Online search public records for info about people.
Big Book This nationwide online businesss directory gets personal, helping you zero in on local establishments and providing maps on how to get to them.
BigFoot Search engine for individuals / e-mail address. Just plug in name and city, and this will try to track down telephone number and e-mail address. You can set up a personal profile here.
CDB Infotek Search engine for individuals.
Database America Search engine for individuals.
Dialog Corp's Dialog search service.
Excite's People Finder.
Experian lookup tools
FerretSoft home of WebFerret (web page search engine) and EmailFerret (email address search engine).
GTE Superpages In addition to providing phone numbers and addresses of businesses nationwide, this digital directory features Consumer Guide, with reviews of cars, electronics and other new products.
Internet White Pages aka: Four11 Search email address searching. You can set up a personal profile here. Directory assistance online. Shows you who has compatible internet phones. Also has white pages, and yellow pages.
Internet Address Finder E-mail Address Searching Search engine for individuals. Database of more tha 3.9 million e-mail addresses.
Information America Search engine for individuals.
Infospace E-mail Address and Business Information Searching Search engine for individuals. You can also search for internet phone users.
International Soundex Reunion Registry helps link up people looking for each other.
KnowX access to public records including real estate property transfers and foreclosures, court records, bankruptcy filings, and information on incorporated companies. Some services fee based, but most are free between 6pm and 11am Eastern time.
Lexis-Nexis Search engine for individuals. Provides thousands of different databases, principally of magazines, newspapers, legal publicationas and public records such as Court House proceedings and real estate records.
National Locator & Data Search engine for individuals.
National Search & Discovery free and fee based people searchs.
PI Mall Private Investigaters Mall where personel data can be looked for.
PI Mall - Dig Dirt, Inc.
Public Records Search
Social Security Administration find out about your own personal earnings and benefits estimate. (800) 537-7005 to check your earnings, and (800) 269-0271 fraud hotline.
Switchboard Personal Information Search engine for individuals. U.S. Telephone directory. (Listing for every phone # in the United States.)
United States Postal Service ZIP+4 lookup and other userful information.
UUS Search.com fee based search for info about people.
Web Detective
Westlaw Search engine for individuals.
WhoAmI Search engine for individuals patterned after AOLs "My Profile" feature.
WhoWhere or WhoWhere or WhoWhere? Personal Information Searching
Search engine for individuals. Main page address. You can set up a personal profile here. You can also search for internet phone users.
WorldPages Searching (powered by Four11) Search engine for individuals.
Yahoo's People Search
Yahoo Personal Information Searching

Cyber-Detective, makers of Cyber-Detective Toolkit (how to guide and tools for searching for personal information).

Fineprint Software, makers of FinePrint (universal printer driver for windows).

Finger Gateway

Finger Server web based finger server software

FinitySoft Internet Software network software - freeware

FireDrop, makers of Zaplets (make your e-mail more up to date/intereactive).

FireWire Depot, vendor of firewire products, with buyers guides, FAQ, ...

FixMyXP.com - Your One Stop Windows XP Fix It Site

FixWindows.com Windows help site, including Win95 boot disk with CD-ROM support.

FlashGet freeware download manager / download accelerator.

FlashPix: (multi-layer multi-resolution image).
HP OpenPix ImageIgniter
HP OpenPix internet imaging technology
http://www.livepicture.com Live Picture Image Server

Flat Panel Displays:
Digital Flat Panel Group
Cornerstone Peripherals Technology Inc.
NEC Technologies or NEC Technologies
Panasonic Document Imaging Co.
Panoram panoramic panel display for your computer
Samsung Electronics America Inc. or Samsung Electronics America Inc.
ViewSonic Corporation
FlipAlbum makers of FlipAlbum (image publishing), FlipAlbum CD Maker (image publishing to CD), ...

Fluke or Fluke makers of various networking software (including PC Inspector, ...) and networking hardware tools (LANmeter, ...).

Folio makers of Web Retriever (offline Web Browser), ...

ForeFront Direct, Inc.
- Troubleshooter - software diagnostics
- Discovery Card - diagnostic card - find IRQ or DMA conflicts
- POSTPlus Card - diagnostic card - check P.O.S.T. codes for all cards
- ConsolePro For NetWare - Manage Resources, Files & Configuration from Server
- NetTune Pro - NetWare optimization software, requires Netware 3.1x, or v4.1x, and Win 95 or Win NT.
- WebWhacker offline browsing
- Anto-Virus - DOS, Win, NetWare, OS/2.
- WebWhacker - download website, and browse it locally.
- WebSeeker - run one query through 20 internet search engines.
- WebPrinter - turn web pages into booklets.
- self study software, and various internet utilites for web browsing

Fonix Corp makers of Allegro (handwriting recognition system), ...

Forte Inc. maker of Free Agent newsreader client software.

Foundry, makers of hardware and software taht can help protect servers from DoS attacks.

4DOS.INFO information on 4DOS and for DOS.

4dots Software makers for freeware and feeware

Foxit Reader for Windows Small, Fast, Clean, and FREE PDF Reader for Everyday Use
PC World review FoxIT PDF REader

FoxMail e-mail program.

Fraud Prevention and Reporting:
Internet Fraud Complaint Center, developed by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
CyberCop Precint House File a gripe, report suspicious activity, checkout rap sheets, ...
CyberCrime.gov, site specializing in computer and intellectual property crimes.
CyberCrime Law References state
CyberCrime Law References federal
CyberCrime Law References National Association of Attorneys General
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBC) report fraud
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report fraud
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) listing of common frauds (Dot Cons).
U.S.Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s site for information on ID-Theft
Identity Theft Resource Center
Internet Fraud Watch 2001 Internet Top 10 Statistics
Internet Fraud Prevention Advisory Council
Anti-Phishing Working Group committed to wiping out internet fraud and scams
Internet ScamBusters avoid internet fraud.
Internet ScamBusters free e-mail newsletter to avoid scams/pitfalls/frauds, ...
Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation
National Consumers League's National Fraud Information Center file fraud complaints and review tips to avoid getting suckered.
anti-phishing working group phishing = mass distribution of spoofed e-mail messages with return address, links, and branding which appear to come from legitimate sources
PhishTank is a site a phishing attempt? Report a phishing site.
ScamOrama, Paul Bunyan responds to Nigerian Scam E-mail Kindly Contributor manages to collect Three Dollars from a Nigerian Scam E-mail Scammer
Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website We Fight The Nigerian Scam (419 is the Nigerian penal code number for the scam)
Postal Inspection Service (USPS) report fraud
Privacy Rights
Quackwatch fraud watchdog site.
SEC's Online Fraud Complaint Page contact information for reporting existing and potential online fraud.
Your State Attorney General lookup page
FightBack consumer advocacy program.
ScamBusters consumer advocacy program.
Social Security Administration find out about your own personal earnings and benefits estimate. (800) 537-7005 to check your earnings, and (800) 269-0271 fraud hotline.
Social Security Administration identity theft information
Sunbelt Blog find out about online scams.
ThePublicEye consumer advocacy program.
Kroll OnTrack Case Law Update & E-Discovery News - This monthly newsletter helps busy legal professionals keep pace with case law pertaining to electronic evidence.
Kroll OnTrack CyberCrime & Computer Forensics News - NEW! This newsletter is published monthly and contains interesting case anecdotes, along with practical advice from one of the nation's premier technology experts, Alan Brill.
USATODAY.com Web crooks getting quicker
Coupon Chief Online Shopping Safety Guide

FreeCommander freeware, portable Windows File Manager

Free Loader program automatically reloads web page at programmed interval

Your Daily Freebies, links to all kinds of freebies on the internet.
The Freebie Directory, a searchable source for online freebies.

Freedows It's Not Just A Snack Anymore! Freedows is a project that will, by the year 2000, have a FREE OS out that will run Windows binaries (both 16 and 32, and probably whatever else M$ releases as well), Macintosh binaries, and Linux binaries on the same screen with multitasking and everything. Version 1, with Win16 and Win32 support, should be out this year.

FreeGate makers of a Multi-services Internet Gateway.

Freeware Genius Reinstall Windows and outfit your system with all freeware programs

Freeware Hall Of Fame

Freeware32 32bit software for Windows.

DirectWeb free PCs for Philadelphia area.
FreeMac.com free Macs for Los Angeles
free-pc possibly get a free PC (by filling out a questionaire).
IdeaLab, in a joint venture with USA Network.
PeoplePC, buy their internet service, get free PC

Fresher, a database for web services

Fresh NetSoft
- makers of NodeVision (hardware/software inventory manager)
- NodeVision Pro (above + software metering & distribution)
- Remote Assist (remote control software), Printer Assist
- Q Assist, Map Assist, LAN Assist Plus, ...

FrontCode Technologies makers of software that does file sharing, autoclick screen, encryption, un-read-only, ...

Frontline Test Equipment including: Ethertest LAN Analyzer, Serialtest Serial Data Analyzer, (demo on web) ...

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Search Tools:
hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu text listings of FTP sites.
Files.com a FTP (file) search engine for files.
FileZ.com a FTP (file) search engine for files.
SoftSeek a FTP (file) search tool.
ftpsearch a FTP (file) search tool.
FTP Fast Search from Lycos.
Lycos fast FTP Search form
LapLink FTP links to lots of FTP sites

FTP Server Software (free/fee):
Online FTP Test use this site to externally test your FTP server

Core FTP
smallFTPd open source
TYPsoft FTP Server open source

FTP Personal Sites (free/fee) (online file transfer):
Direct Transfer direct FTP to FTP file transfer
MyBackupBox direct FTP to FTP file transfer

FTP Personal Sites (free/fee) (online file storage):
google search for online file storage free
google search for online file storage
social times The Top 8 Free Online File Storage Sites
lifehacker Five Best Online File Storage Services
PC Advisor The 5 best free online storage services
social times Top 15 Free Online File Storage Sites
make use of 4 Best Sites To Get 10GB Free Online Backup & Storage
smashing apps The 5 Best Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files!
Amazon Cloud Drive
Web Based File Storage Services 60+ online storage services listed.
110mb list of free file hosting sites
gHacks Tech News Free File Host List June 2006
Apple - iDisk 20mb of files for Mac users who use the iTools suite.
BackupNet International fee based online storage
Badongo free, online file storage
box.net free 25gb and fee based online storage
boxstr free, online file storage
Carbonite low cost online file torage
Click2Send 50mb internet storage space for you.
Connected Online Backup fee based internet storage space for you.
CX free 10gb online storage
DepositFiles.com free, online file storage (for as long as the files is downloaded)
Diino free, online file storage
DocSpace 25mb internet storage space for you. (fee) (financial difficulties)
DropBox free 5gb and fee online storage (sync files)
dotTech review of DropBox
Driveway 25mb internet storage space for you. (fee) (financial difficulties)
DropDo file sharing
eVault fee based online storage
ExpireBox 300mb free temporary online storage
EZ Briefcase 50mb internet storage space for you. (fee)
50webs file / web hosting
File Factory
FilePool ezAttach ??mb internet storage space for you. (free)
Files Anywhere 50mb internet storage space for you. (fee)
FileMail 30gb limit. free and fee
Filetopia an online file sharing.
Floppy Center online file storage 100mb (free)
FolderShare now owned by Microsoft, free, online file sharing.
FreeBack 50mb internet storage space for you.
Free Disk Space 25mb internet storage space for you.
FreeDrive free and fee based services. 5mb storage space for free (ad lots of e-mail solicitations), fee for more.
GlobeDrive, put your own hard drive online.
Google Drive
gavitex free 25gb of file storage, fee for 1tb of file storage
HyperUpload free online storage
I-drive 2gb of personal files, UNLIMITED internet files storage space for you.
InSyncHQ file synchronization
dotTech review of InSync
Internet FileZone 10mb internet storage space for you.
JustOn Files 50mb internet storage space for you.
MediaDepot 30mb internet storage space for you.
MediaFire free 50gb and fee file hosting
Mega free and fee storage
MegaUpload free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 30 days)
Microsoft Sky Drive download SkyDrive software free 7gb storage
Mozy free and fee versions
My Docs Online fee based internet storage space.
MyPlay.com 3gb of MP3 storage
NetDocuments 10mb internet storage space for you.
NetDrive 100mb internet storage space for you. (financial difficulties)
NetFloppy 3mb internet storage space for you.
110mb hosting file / web hosting
Online Organizer 20mb internet storage for you, calender, addressbook, management tools, ...
Oxyshare free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 30 days)
Paralink online file storage 50mb (free)
Rapid Share free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 30 days)
SafeDepositBox.com secure online storage (fee)
Second Copy fee based online storage
SendSpace.com free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 14 days or downloads = 50gb)
Speedy Share free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 7 days)
StoragePoint 20mb internet storage space for you.
SwapDrive.com 25mb internet storage space for you. Also, web browser based web backup. (The software used to run their site is available for a fee.)
Swift Desk online file storage 30mb (free)
Transfer Big Files
UploADdress.com free online storage
UploadFile.org free online storage
Upload Galaxy free online storage
uploading.com free online storage (deleted if not downloaded for 30 days)
We Transfer free, file transfer of up to 2 gb. (deleted after 2 weeks)
X:Drive fee based 25mb storage space
zSHARE Ad-Financed - free, online file hosting and sharing (for as long as the file is downloaded)
zeZebra multi-platform peer-to-peer free file sharing
Yahoo Briefcase 25mb of storage

FTP client software:
FilePhile PC to PC file transfer
BlueZone Secure FTP with SSL
BulletProof FTP
Cisco Trivial FTP Server for Windows 95/98/NT
CoffeeCup freeware FTP Windows Client
SourceForge FileZilla - FTP and SFTP client, and server, for Windows.
FlashFXP includes FTP to FTP transfers
FTP-X, an explorer like FTP client.
Forty Software Download Wonder (FTP and HTTP client)
FreeFTP is a Windows FTP client
Fresh Webmaster Fresh FTP
FTP Surfer freeware FTP client for Windows
GetRight, download manager
GoZilla, download manager/speed up your downloads
Internet Download Accelerator with resume download, disconnect when finished, scheduler, ...
Ipswitch or Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro.
Knoware ftpNetDrive (map an FTP site to a local drive), Internet Neighborhood.
LapLink FTP LapLink FTP
LeechFTP or LeechFTP or LeechFTP
Mabry Tools create a programmable interface for FTP with Visual Basic, C, ...
NcFTP, FTP client and server: NcFTP (Unix, Linux, Windows)
Net Vampire HTTP/FTP/Gopher download utility.
Praxis Software FTP Scheduler (for FTP automation)
PrimaSoft PC AutoFTP (for FTP automation)
Rhino Software FTP Voyager.
Rightload upload from Windows Explorer with the right click on a file.
RobotFTP features include: task scheduling, comparison and synchronization of files, server to server transfers, remote file search, and FTP scripting
Ropbust FTP and Download Manager
SoftHead Software maker of A-FTP, anonymous FTP Server software for Win 95/NT (quick and dirty, easily setup/stopped)
Transoft FTP Control
vsFTPd FTP server software
GNU wget, a FTP client that can continue a download after a broken connection
dot tech [Windows] Download and upload to remote fileservers (FTP, SCP, SFTP) with WinSCP

FTP Software, makers of PC/TCP (DOS/internet connectivity) has been purchased by NetManage.

Ed Foster's Gripe Log

Free Online OCR upload image or PDF and convert to editable file.

Free Software Oasis various small utilities

FrozenTech computer reviews and information (news, ...)

FSLogic Protect, reset system to default when user logs off

Future Domain now owned by Adaptec

Fujitsu Microelectronis Inc. makers of a NIC/SCSI combination PCcard.

Funk Software, Inc. makers of software-WanderLink (remote access software), ... 30-day trial.

FuseBox.org na information portal for web develpers that is trying to define standard methodology for building applications.

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