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Computer Links
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U.S.Post Office type in an address and get the Zip+4 code.

UCITA opposition
Americans for Fair Electronic Commmerce Transactions (AFFECT) organization to fight UCITA
Digital Future Coalition For a Competitive Information and Technology Economy (4CITE), fighting the CUITA (which legally allows software companies to remotely disable the software on your computer, prevent transfer of license, ban reverse engineering, enforce shrink-wrap licenses, disclaim warranties, ...)
Bad Software What To Do When Software Fails (UCITA).
4CITE organization opposed to the UCITA. Latest news, background information on the law, related links, ...
A Partial List Of Organizations That Oppose UCITA
Share volunteer run organization outlines their opposition to UCITA in detail.
letter of opposition to UCITA from state attorneys general of 24 states
InfoWorld Magazine resources to fight the UCITA laws.
IEEE-USA UCITA Grassroots Network (resources to fight the UCITA laws).

Ultra DMA (UDMA) explained

UnZIPlify compression/decompression utility.

U.S.Robotics web page ? and web page ? or FTP site ? and FTP site ? makers of modems, remote access, ...

bug in USR 28.8 and 33.6 There is a documented bug in the series of USR Sportster 28.8/33.6 modems with serial numbers that begin with 00083901 and 00084001. The bug causes them to hang for several seconds to a minute while you are typing, then pick back up again, over and over again. Pain in the rear.
The solution is to obtain from USR, for free, either a replacement ROM or a replacement modem.
For a full rundown on the problem, and a link to the place where you request the RMA number from USR, this is the place.

UPS - makers of Uninterruptible Power Supplys (UPS)
PEI - Power & Environment International or PEI - Power & Environment International, Van Nuys, CA sells replacement batters for most UPSs, also reburbs, ...
Alpha Technologies
American Power Conversion (APC) now includes Linux monitoring software. Interactive UPS Sizing Guide
Best Power including monitoring software for most OSs (including DOS).
Cyber Power Systems
EPE Technologies, Inc.
Exide Electronics
Fiskars Power systems
Guardian On Board, a powercard which fits into a PCI slot.
Liebert Corporation
Monster Cable, now makes Monster Power (UPS)
wiringo What Happened To MonsterCable.com?
Para Systems, Inc. - MinuteMan UPS
Power Quality Corp
PowerWare UPS
Sutton Designs, Inc. (Computer Power Division)
SEC Systems Enhancement Corporation, makers of PowerMon, UPS monitoring software
Toshiba International Corporation or Toshiba International Corporation
Tripplite UPS and software that monitors all other UPS made. Interactive UPS Sizing Guide
TSI Power
ViewSonic Corporation Opti-UPS Power products, with software suites for Win, NetWare, DOS, ...

Ulead Systems makers of imaging software, web utilities, graphics creation tools, ...

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows UBCD4Win is a bootable recovery CD that contains software used for repairing, restoring, or diagnosing almost any computer problem.

Ultra-X Professional PC Diagnostic Tools, hardware (PCI, ISA) and software.

Unison File Synchronizer tool for Unix and Windows

Unisyn Corp. makers of Automate (scripting language for Win 95, NT), Spam Exterminator, Macro Magic (scripting language for Win 95, NT), ...

Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) new standard from businesses to transfer information over the internet.

Universal Extractor extract files from any type of archive, whether it's a simple zip file, an installation program, or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package.

Universal Viewer free and fee versions

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Resources
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Implimenters Forum
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Implimenters Forum overview
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Implimenters Forum FAQs
USBman USB Help Source (with news, product index, drivers, links, trouble shooting, ... for multiple OSes).
USBman Win98 SE - USB Guide
USBStuff vendor of all things USB.
ADI Systems, makers of USB LCD monitors.
Aims Lab, makers of USB video cameras.
Computer Access Technology Corporation USB 4 DOS drivers
DarkeHorse.web.com DOS Drivers for USB for various devices
EasyDisk USB Hard Drive
Entrega Technologies, makers of USB hubs.
Hewlett Packard (HP), makers of USB printers and scanners.
Inside Out Networks, makers of USB hubs.
Interesting DOS Programs various DOS info/util links, incl. some for USB and networking.
Iomega, makers of USB zip drives.
Karlton makers of Disgo (USB hard drive)
Kensington Technology Group, makers of USB mice.
Keyspan, makers of USB to 4 port serial adapters, ...
Logitech, makers of USB mice and video cameras.
Microsoft, makers of USB sound systems and mice.
Nokia, makers of USB monitors.
Pockey makers of portable USB hard drives.
PockeTec DOS drivers for Pockey USB2.0 portable drive.
QPS, makers of Que USB CD-R drive.
Shark Multimedia, makers of USB 10base-T adapters
3Com, makers of USB network interface.
ThumbDrive, makers of USB hard drives
Traveling Software, makers of USB LapLink software.
Trendware International, makers of USB 10base-T and 100base-T adapters
USB-Drivers.com list/links to many USB mfgs.
USB Snoopy Windows utility for observing traffic on the USB bus.
Xirlink, makers of USB video cameras.
Winnov, makers of USB video cameras.
Everything USB
PenDriveApps.com portable applicatios that can be run directly from a USB device.
Portable Freeware
The Great Geek Manual Portable Utilities for USB Drives
NetWrix USB Blocker (Freeware and Commercial)
BootDisk.com How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive
PAR Pocket App Review
PAR Pocket App Review EjectUSB - close all programs / files on a specific USB device
USBDLM - USB Drive Letter Manager Windows 2000, XP Server 2003, Vista
Camtech 2000 USB AutoRunner - automatically run program when USB drive plugged in
Smart PC Tools Reach-A-Mail (portable address book)
google.com search for DOS USB Drivers
slashdot USB 1.1 Renumbered To USB 2.0?
Information Week Langa Letter: USB To Whatever
U.S.A. Today Flash Drives Being Used In Bigger Devices
PhrozenBlog Phrozen Safe USB
dot tech Windows] Disable USB reading or USB writing with one click with Phrozen Safe USB
USB Typewriter

Unix/Linux Resources
TheLinuxFund supporting open source
Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) annual event
The Linux Documentation Project
25 Reasons to Convert to Linux
pbs.org No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, by Robert X. Cringely (Open Source is NOT viable)
A Modest Proposal - We Need A Penguin Patch proposal to resolve problems with Linux kernel development.
bloomberg.com Red Hat Rises After New Linux Products Fuel Sales (Update2), By Dina Bass, September 26, 2007
www.reallylinux.com Website for Linux Beginners
Linux Virgins.com A gentle guide for 1st time Linux users
Linux.org Why a Penguin? (for a logo)
Linux.org Why is Linux so Popular?
Free Standards Group set up a specification for the base elements of the various distributors Linux OS
Linux 3D info on 3D graphics on Linux
Linux Standard Base (LSB) developing APIs so that any Linux application will run on all distributions. Linux Standard Base (LSB) Specification
Linux Internationalization Initiative
LinuxNewbie.org news, analysis, tutorials, forums, ... for beginners
LinuxNewbies.com introduction, tips, ...
kernel.org get your copy of the latest Linux kernel here. v2.4 kernel
Linux Today Wonderful World Of Linux 2.4
Linux.org tutorials, suggested reading list, guide to applications, tools and utilities, upcoming events, usergroup listings, news, distribution sites, ...
Free Software Foundation
Free Software Foundation Why Software Should Not Have Owners
Free Software Foundation Why Free Software is better than Open Source
Free Software Foundation copyleft agreement
Free Software Foundation The GNU Project
32 bits online
CheapBytes Linux and other low cost software.
Collab.net a marketplace for open source development (connecting programmers with projects).
College Resource and Instructor Support Program (CRISP) a place where new Unix faculty can find syllabi, learning objects, ideas, methodology, support, ...
Cosource, match open source programmers with people needing them.
Cybernet Systems, makers of NetMax Professional (create Linux-based network appliances from off the shelf hardware components) FireWall (NAT, connection sharing, connectivity, ...), FileServer (w/SMB, RAID (backup, ...), WebServer (Appache, Sendmail, ...), ..... (commercial software based on open-source software)
Ei Aries MicroServer (Linux based server - internet or local)
eLinux Linux Site for the IT Professional
FreshMeat downloads, resources, links, articles, updates, ...
Caldera Systems Fundamental Terminology for the Linux Professional (a white paper by Dean R. Zimmerman).
Information Week Linux news, tutorials, toolbox, ...
Free Software Foundation - GNU project, a Unix compatible software system.
GNU Why Free Software is better than Open Source
GnuPG (GPG), GNU Privacy Guard (for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ...) (128 bit encryption, uses no patented algorithms, developed outside United States, software is public domain), not subject to export restrictions by ANY countries.
Gorilla Design Studios Presents: Using The Hosts File
Linux.org listing of FTP sites storing Linux.
Linuxberg Linux development tools, compilers, ... download site.
LinuxStart indexed directoru of Linux information on the internet.
The Linux Distribution List (ldl) or The Linux Distribution List 172 distributions as of July 2000.
Linux.com a community portal with news, commentary, tools, job listings, tips, links, ...
LinuxHQ.com links to resources, distributions page, ...
Linux.uk features and configurations
Linux-center index of Linux web pages
Linux Laptops sells laptops with LKinux pre-installed.
Linux Media Labs Linux Video Capture
Linux Now
Linux On Laptops a clearinghouse for information about installing Linux on laptops. Indexed by manufacturer and model.
Linux Planet, resources, links, tutorials, news, ...
Linux Products Catalog
LinuxProgramming.com C/C++, Perl, Java, Tcl, ...
The Linux Public Broadcasting Network
Linux Reseller
Linux Resources
Linux Resource Exchange
LSL.com Linux Site
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
Metrowerks desktop development tools for Linux, CodeWarrior, ....
NetAttach selling Linux network storage appliances
Open Country open source community publishing
The Open Group
Open Source Development Labs
Open Source Software Organization information on opensource software.
Open Source Software Organization history of open source movement
Open Source Web Ring
OpenAvenue a marketplace for open source development (connecting programmers with projects).
O'Reilly & Associates Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Penguin Power
PHPBuilder.com Personal HomePage Tools
Eric Raymond
Eric Raymond The Magic Cauldron (why you should make copyrighted code public).
Eric Raymond The Cathedral and the Bazaar (writing about the open source software movement).
Security Portal Linux Administrator's Security Guide (LASG)
SCO SCO Unix, ... UnixWare, ...
SCO free Unix License
Tech Crunch SCO owes Novell $2.54 million for all that trolling
Tek-Tips Forum What is the SCO command to do ???
Reviews and Downloads of Open Source Software
Softway Systems OpenNT is a fully-featured UNIX system that runs on top of Windows NT
SourceForge a marketplace for open source development (connecting programmers with projects).
sourceXchange a marketplace for open source development (connecting programmers with projects).
Sun Solaris
Sun Solaris - installshield
VA Research info on Linux hardware, as well as user groups, resources, online databases, links, ...
InstallShield Software Solaris - installshield
TransAmeritech Linuxware
VST, a Unix-like microkernal-based OS that installs on top of a DOS partition.
Walnut Creek CD-ROM Linux Slackware
Unix Guru Universe
Unix System Administration Independent Learning (USAIL)
AU Linux Site
UNIX in a Nutshell, Chapter 2: UNIX Commands
Using UNIX commands
Introduction to UNIX
UNIXhelp for Users
YoLinux Information Portal tutorials, guides, links, ... for Linux users
NLUG Linux WebRing
Zenguin, working on a universal installation routine for ALL Linux distributions.
Linux Demo Days September '99, will there be one in 2000?
Linux.com SysAdmin to SysAdmin: So you wanna be a sysadmin?
The Mediocre Lab Doom As A Tool For System Administration
lavaps-2.7 manual page lavaps -- a lava lamp of currently running processes
MythTV a GPL licensed suite of programs that allow you to build the mythical home media convergence box on your own using Open Source software and operating systems. MythTV is known to work on Linux and Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel).
IT Vision AlterVista Major Linux Problems on the Desktop or Why Linux is not (yet) Ready for the Desktop, 2016 edition

Open Source Licenses
Apache Public License
GNU General Public License (copyleft) (copyright)
Free Software Foundation's List Of Open-Source Development Efforts.
Linux.org GNU General Public License (copyleft) (copyright)
Mozilla Public License
Open Source Software Organization definations of open source software licenses

Linux Vendors/Distributions
DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
Linux Kernel
FrozenTech's LiveCD List - A list of all available LiveCDs and LiveDVDs (ISOs).
linux.com Portable open source software
Listing of Linux Vendors
Linux.org info on various Linux distributions
andLinux.org complete Linux distribution that runs inside of Windows 2000+ systems
UNetbootin create a a bootable live USB drive for your favorite distribution
Berkeley Software Design (BSD), Inc., makers of BSD Unix (commercial)
NetBSD Project (runs on multiple hardware platforms)
OpenBSD Project (focus on security - secure by default). daily change log (OS changes)
TrustedBSD Project, one of the more secure OSs (secure by default).
Corel Linux based on Debian/GNU Linux, with KDE (K Desktop Environment) (and support for Win softwave via GraphOn Bridges in mid 2000)
opensource.corel.com is shutting down March 1, 2002
Cybernet NetMAX Linux distributions (commercial software based on open-source software)
Cygnus + GNU + Windows = cygwin port of development tools from Unix to Windows
Caldera OpenLinux
Caldera OpenLinux
Caldera Systems OpenLinux
alt.os.linux.caldera FAQ page
How To ... Caldera Systems
Damn Small Linux (DSL) a 50mb distibution that runs in 128mb of ram, and does not require installation.
The Debian Project DebianGNU / Linux
DTOS Project
emBDS Secure Systems stripped down version of OpenBSD for use as routing firewall on limited space drives (floppy, flash card, ...)
floppyfw Linux - static router with firewall capabilities (that fits/runs on a single floppy)
IBM servers with Linux preinstalled
InfoMagic Linux Operating Systems
khaOS redesigned to be secure OS
knoppix designed to boot/run from a CD-ROM drive
Kubuntu KDE desktop with Ubuntu Linux
ubuntu Satanic Edition
LindowsOS easy to use desktop.
Linux Central product store, with hardware, software, books, downloads, ...
Mandrake or Mandrake
MetroPipe Portable Virtual Privacy Machine - Linux Virtual Machine on a USB Drive.
Minix - web site or Minix - FTP site is a Unix/Linux variant that runs in 16-bit protected mode on the 286
National Security Agency (NSA) Security Enhanced (SE) Linux
National Security Agency (NSA) Integrating Flexible Suppoprt For Security Policies Into The Linux Operating System - Security Enhanced (SE) Linux
National Security Agency (NSA) Meeting Critical Security Objectives With Security Enhanced (SE) Linux
IBM Uncovering The Secrets of Security Enhanced (SE) Linux
NAI Labs Security Enhanced (SE) Linux
Nomad Linux
Novell Linux Desktop 9 Evaluation Download
Pacific HiTec TurboLinux (now has a clustering service, load balancing, ... for servers)
Pacific HiTec TurboLinux, TurboLinux TurboCluster Server, ...
Peanut Linux
PogoLinux sellers of hardware designed for Linux, they also give out PogoLinux to anyone who is interested
Puppy Linux for CDs, memory stick or hard drive.
DesktopLinux.com An In-Depth Look At Puppy Linux
Free Software Magazine (FSM) This Puppy Rocks - Puppy Linux Is Fast Yet Full-Featured
Red Hat Software Red Hat Linux
The Fedora Legacy Project providing tech support for older versions of Fedora and Red Hat Linux
Red Hat Linux w/Beowulf (clustering) add-ons.
Security Enhanced Linux from the National Security Agency (NSA)
Slackware or Slackware
slax small, portable distribution
SPB-Linux a distribution that runs from a boot floppy and ram disk. With support for long file names, cd rom drives, network cards, ...
Stampede Linux
Stormix: Storm Linux Debian based Linux with SAS (allows programmer to write software once and still have both a text-based and GUI interface). Stormix Firewall (commercial software based on open-source software)
InternetNews.com Novell Discontinues Support for SUSE Linux 9.2 - November 24, 2006
slash dot SUSE 9.1 Personal ISO Available For Free Download
ThirdPig redesigned to be secure OS
Trinux small size distribution (floppy+ramdisk), with a focus on network security/monitoring tools
Trinux tools
Trinux FAQs on installing/running from DOS prompt
Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system that starts with the breadth of Debian and adds regular releases (every six months), a clear focus on the user and usability (it should "Just Work", TM) and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of support for every release.
Ubuntu - Download Distributions for install, as well as demo without install for Intel, AMD and PowerPC
VA Linux
WorkGroup Solutions Linux Pro Plus
YellowDog Linux
Yggdrasil Computing Yggdrasil Linux
Real-Time Linux resources (RTOS)
ftp.kando.hu, CD-ROM images of most Linux distributions
uNetBootin create a bootable Live USB drive.

Linux Vendors (wearable systems)
Wearable Computers

Linux Vendors (embedded systems)
Embedded Linux Consortium
LinuxDevices.com the Embedded Linux Portal with news, forums, links, ...
Berkeley embedded database system
Centura Software Db.linux, an open source embedded database
Century Software Linux that runs oniPQA
Cygnus Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
handhelds.org open-source operating systems for handheld computing.
Lineo Embedix, Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
Lynx Real-Time Systems, Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
Moreton Bay Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
MontaVista Software Hard Hat Linux, Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
Neoware makers of an embedded Linux (only needs 4mb and NO hard drive to run) thin client
QNX Software Systems or QNX Software Systems
Red Hat tools for embedded developers
Wind River Systems or Wind River Systems, Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).
Zentropix Linux Software for Embedded Systems (real time operating system)(RTOS).

Linux Vendors (handheld/palm)
Open Handhelp Program instructions, tools, ... for installing Linux on Compaq Handheld devices.
Linux For ARM-based Machines
Linux For Handheld Computers
Linux For Hitachi SHx Processors
Linux For NEC VR Series Processors
Linux For Palm Devices
Linux For Psion Devices
Microwindows GUI for Linux Palmtops
PocketLinux, by Transvirtual Technologies, a development platform for Linux handheld devices.

Linux on desktops
FreeDeskTop forum for desktop developers
GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) (developing a consistent desktop GUI for Linux).
Ximian GNOME installer
K Desktop Environment developing a GUI for Linux. (v2.0 shipped 10/00) using Trolltech QT (GUI programming toolkit)
KDevelop an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for K Desktop Environment (KDE)
Enlightenment Desktop
themes for Enlightenment Desktop

Linux on mainframes
IBM Linux Community Development System (get your own temporary account on an IBM mainframe to test/develop your software on)

Linux XFree86 (X Windows system)
XFree86, open source version for graphics system known as X11.
Linux Site XFree86
PacificRim XFree86
Red Hat Software XFree86
Linux Site XFree86
UK Linux Site XFree86
CZ Linux Site XFree86
XFree 86 mirror site

Linux on DOS/Windows
andLinux.org complete Linux distribution that runs inside of Windows 2000+ systems
Armed Linux
DOS Linux (HTTP) (Kent Robotti) Linux that runs on FAT-16 or FAT-32
DOS Linux (FTP) (Kent Robotti) Linux that runs on FAT-16 or FAT-32
WinLinux 2000
DOS/Win to Linux HowTo from Linux.org
RPM Browser for Windows - Linux Stuff and other cross platfrom tools
Explore2fs read Linux drives from Windows
IBM Linux screensaver for Windows - LiveCDs demonstrate that, yes, Linux can run under Windows
Cygwin get linux functionality in Windows

Linux Software Support
Groupe Bull S.A. consulting and integration services
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) round-the-clock service for popular versions of Linux
IBM site for Linux users
IBM site for Linux developers
IBM toolbox to compile Linux on AIX
LinuxCare round-the-clock service for popular versions of Linux
LinuxCare Labs, certifying Linux hardware and software compatibility.
Linux Drivers linux hardware compatibility lists
LinuxPertise.com support and services to companies that use Linux.
LinuxYes Linux Solution Training Center
Macmillan Computer Publishing, publishes how-to books for Linux users
O'Reilly & Associates, publishes how-to books for Linux users
Olliance Inc. Open Source Technologies (OST) (open-source consulting services)

Linux Hardware Support
ALSA Soundcard Matrix determine sound card compatibility in Linux
CableModemInfo.com information for getting a cable modem working on Linux.
Dell information on Dell Linux products.
HP information on HP Linux products.
IBM information on IBM Linux products.
Linux Advanced Power Management daemon
Linux Hardware Database, searchable database with compatibility ratings and known issues.
Linux Hardware.net, searchable database of drivers and hardware that supports Linux.
Linux Network Drivers Site
online Linux Hardware Databases Merge, listing of hardware that supports Linux (from Slashdot)
Printing HOWTO Support Database searchable list of printers known to work with Li ux and links to necessary software.
SourceForge Linux PCMCIA Information Page
WinModems Are Not Modems Linux/Modem Compatibility Knowledge Base.
ZDNET Linux Hardware Database find out what hardware supports Linux, and then download the drivers.

Linux Virtual Machines
Insignia makers of SoftWindows95 for Unix.
VM for Linux Virtual Machine, run multiple OSs on a single machine. Concurrently.
review of VMWare Virtual Machine

Linux Emulators/Compilers (run Windows, DOS, MAC Software On Linux)
Code Forge C-Forge (drage and drop programming environment)
Code Weavers TWINE toolkit for porting Windows apps to Linux.
CodeWeavers products to make it easy to transition from Windows to Linux, including: CrossOver Office (based on WINE - allowing Linux to run Microsoft Office)
DOSEMU.prg DOSEMU (DOS emulator) runs DOS programs under Linux
Executor a Macintosh emulator
Inprise (formerly Borland) is adding Linux support to ALL their programming languages. JBuilder, ...
Inprise Kylix, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool
Mainsoft MainWin for Linux (information)
NeTraverse.com Win4Lin (run Windows OS on a Linux system)
Mainsoft MainWin, a software makes Win32 APIs available on Unix (and allows Win NT software to run on Unix)
OpenWatcom.org converting Watcom compiler to open source
Server clinic: Emulate legacy operating systems on Linux (CP/M, ...)
S.U.S.E. DOSEmu (DOS emulator) runs DOS under Linux
TWIN - Windows emulator
Wine Development HQ Wine Is Not Emulator (WINE) (get Win 32API to work on Linux)
SourceForge WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) WINE is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. WINE provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows sources to Unix and a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows binaries to run on x86-based Unixes.
wine info
BEos Wine Project Wine Is Not Emulator (WINE) (get Win 32API to work on BS OS)
XandrOS easy to use desktop with Windows support.

Linux for the Power PC (MAC)
Apple MkLinux for the MAC.
LinuxPPC, Inc. Linux/PPC
Linux/PPC Project Linux/PPC
MkLinux Project
Prime Time Freeware, Inc. MkLinux
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. Yellow Dog Linux
Pacific HiTech TurboLinuxPPC

Linux IP Masquerading (multiple machines sharing single IP address)
How To IP Masquerade
How To IP Masquerade Caldera Systems
Linux IP Masquerade Homepage with Network Address Translation (NAT)
Linux IP Masquerade Homepage
Linux IP Masquerade How-To
IP masquerading for Linux
The Masq Apps Page
CableModemInfo.com information about proxying or masquerading connections for cable modems.
CableModemInfo.com information for getting a cable modem working on Linux.
IP Chains Linux packet filtering
How To IP Chains Caldera Systems
pmfirewall (text based) automatically configures a Linux system as a firewall.
NEC SOCKS 5 Border Control Framework (proxy server)
NEC SOCKS implementation (proxy server)
Trusted Information Systems (TIS) Firewall Toolkit (proxy server)
Tools for building and configuring firewalls (for Linux and BSD)

Linux NetWare
Caldera NetWare v4.10b compatible file and print services.
Novell NDS for Linux
sourceforge Novell Client for Linux
Linux Compatible Novell Linux Technical Resource Kit (plus related stories and threads)

Linux Samba
Samba (SMB) Server Message Block implimentation (setup file sharing for Windows, OS/2 and LAN-Manager)
Samba, a book about samba.
Samba FAQ
Samba FAQ
LinuxOrbit Easy Steps To Samba, Linux Orbit HowTo
Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
Using Samba full text version of O'Reilly book Using Samba
Network Computing Unixworld: Samba Workshop
Samba Client For Win32
O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf Using Samba

Linux paging software
Quick Page

Linux Router
Linux Router Project put a Linux based router on a single 1.44 mb floppy
Linux Router Project
SmoothWall.org a distribution of Linux designed to be a router and a firewall.
FREE ciSCO single floppy Linux router

Linux UUCP
Linux.com, UUCP-HowTo
Linux Documentation Project, Linux Documentation Project Search, UUCP How to.
Linux Journal Magazine Setting Up UUCP
Linux: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition, uucp and uux
Taylor UUCP v1.06 documentation
Taylor (GNU) UUCP Mailing List Interface archives of UUCP mailing list
Frequently Asked Questions about FX UUCICO
bungi.com provide free UUCP accounts (with absolutely NO tech support).
UUCPssh.org provide free UUCP accounts via SSH
taylor-uucp-request at cirr.com to get major domo response
taylor-uucp-request at cirr.com to join list (subject: subscribe address)
taylor-uucp at cirr.com to post a message on the list
taylor-uucp-request at gnu.ai.mit.edu send message to get onto (or off of) mailing list.
taylor-uucp at gnu.ai.mit.edu to post a message on the list

Linux file managers
CompuPic with enhancements for file viewing
Midnight Commander dual pane
Worker dual pane
X-Files dual pane
xplore windows explorer like
xtc xtree clone
ytree xtree clone

Linux Clustering
Beowulf Project parallel-processing solution (clustering)
Beowulf parallel-processing solution (clustering)
TurboLinux EnFuzion (parallel-processing solution (clustering))
Network Of Workstations (NOW)
High Availability Linux Project clustering services
Linux Virtual Server Project clustering services (used in Red Hat's Piranha, and TurboLinux's TurboCluster Server)
LinuxWorld article reviews many clustering solutions.
Mission Critical Linux Convolo Cluster
Pacific HiTec or Pacific HiTec TurboLinux, TurboLinux TurboCluster Server (now has a clustering service, load balancing, ... for servers)
Red Hat Linux white paper on clustering technology
Red Hat Linux w/Beowulf (clustering) add-ons.
Sandia National Laboratories Cplant software for building Linux supercomputing clusters
VA Linux VA Cluster Manager (remote management of Linux servers) (beta)
VA Linux ClusterCity (based on Beowulf)

Linux tools
BashDB Bash DeBugger (run shell scripts one line at a time.
System Administration, Networking and Security Institute (SANS) created Bastille Linux Project
Bastille Linux Project an open source security project (harden Solaris, Linux, ...)
Bastille Hardening System script for hardening Red Hat and Mandrake Linux.
WireX Communications Immunix (secure your linux machine)
Cyrano OpenSTA (open source network testing software)
Linux Free S/WAN or Linux Free S/WAN Secure Wide Area Network (S/WAN) (secure tunnels and VPNs)
FIPS an open source partition resizing tool for Linux
Funduc Software Search And Replace
GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program (image authoring, photo retouching, ....), GIMP download page, GIMP installation help files, GIMP online manual, GIMP plug-in registry
grml.org Linux Live-CD for sysadmins and texttools-users
GRUB, Grand Unified Bootloader
GNU.org additional GRUB documentation
guiTAR, compressed archives manager (for gtk/GNOME).
Gzip Home Page compression utility
SourceForge.net Interbase developments
SourceForge.net System Information (SI) Viewer, ...
Linux Terminal Server Project information about diskless workstations on Linux.
Linux To The Rescue: A Review Of Three System Rescue CDs
Logcheck send e-mail alert based on changes to log files
Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs Libsafe (prevent overflow attack).
Mico corba middleware
MKS Tools, make life easier when using the KORN shell.
NetSaint network monitoring tool with plug-ins for many services
OneGuard eSec Managed (open source firewall)
OpenLDAP Project
OpenReach TrueSpan VPN Services (open source VPN)
OpenSSH a (secure) telnet replacement from OpenBSD.
OpenSSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Netscape draft of version 3 of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (SHTTP)
OpenCA Project open-source toolkit for deployment of PKI
Opera Software linux web browser
Penguin Computing intelligent node clusters
Linux.org Linux Performance Tuning
TuneLinux Linux Performance Tuning
PopTop PPTP Server Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
possl.org Panther Open Source Software for Linux (POSSL) - development environment.
PPTP Client Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
Counterpane Systems report on Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
Bruce Perens freeware unix tools
Professional Software UnixDOS for Windows users looking for help
Public Flood Software ProFTPD a (more secure) FTP Daemon
Reliable Software Technologies ITS4 (software tool designed to prevent hacker attacks on computer and internet software).
Smart Boot Manager boot floopy for multiple OS systems
Squid proxy caching server
SteelEye LifeKeeper (monitors status of print spoolers and daemons, servers, networks, data, ... to ensure that printers remain available)
Symantec Corp. Norton AntiVirus for Linux.
Tridia TridiaVNC (open source remote access)
Tripwire Open Source Project intrusion detection and prevention software
Trolltech QT (GUI programming toolkit)
tkzip, compressed archives manager.
SourceForge.net VA Cluster Computer INstall Engine (VACCINE), a system for installation and configuration of large numbers of Linux machines
Webmin web based administration utilities (partially funded by Caldera)
WinEasy search and replace tool
xrpm, rpm package manager (replacement for glint).
Mono Project open source alternative to Microsoft's .Net platform
DotGNU open source alternative to Microsoft's .Net platform
K3b The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE - licensed under the GPL

Linux management tools
Atipa BlueBird (open source network management software)
BB4 Technologies Big Brother (open source network management software)
Caldera Volution (open source network management software)
comparitech Best System Monitoring Tools for Windows & Linux (Free & Paid)
Echo (log results after pinging IP addresses)
i.Task task viewer
MRTG monitors traffic load on network links (reporting by SNMP)
NetIQ Qcheck (test network latency and availability)
OpenNMS.org Network Management tools/platform
Ping Scanner (ping multiple IP addresses)
Sam Spade (queries network for many tests)
SourceForge Cricket (network and systems monitoring)
SourceForge NetSaint (monitors network hosts and services)
Scotty tcl extensions for Network Management Applications
TCPNetView determines IP and MAC Addresses
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) (remote display system-monitor many platforms from one console)

Linux backup applications
Backup Software
Linux Backup Information
Disc Backup, a C++ or Perl Script for use in backing up a Linux system to CD-R or CD-RW
Unix/Win32 CD-R software FTP site
Disc Backup or Fryit or Fryit a graphical front end for cdrecord for Linux.
BackUpPC open source backup software

Linux databases
Freshment.net free database index.
Linux Journal article on open source database.
GreatBridge or GreatBridge PostgreSQL (open source database)
Charles Fisher's step-by-step description of hooking up a PostgreSQL database to the Web
Informix Corp Dynamic Server, SE and Dynamic 4GL databases
Inprise source code and binaries for Interbase (open source relational database)
InstantDB free Java relational database.
Oracle Corp. Oracle database
PostgreSQL development history
Progress Software MySQL (open source database), MySQL
PostgreSQL open source object relational database.
Sybase Inc. Adaptive Server Enterprise database engine

Linux office applications
In an article in July 2, 2001 Interactive Week, they mention that the U.S.Defense Information Systems Agency was installing 25,000 copies of StarOffice v5.2. They are already running 10,000 Unix workstations worldwide.
LinuxApps software for Linux
Linux Business Applications Page listing 250+ business using Linux.
Linux Software Encyclopedia list and description of software available on Linux.
AbiSoft or AbiSoft office suite, AbiWord (word processor), ...
AccWhizz accounting software
Angoss Software Corp. SmartWare (office suite)
Applix Open Source Central add-ons and enhancements to Applixware Office (suite).
Applix or Applix Applixware Office (suite) linux applications. Shipping with Caldera OpenLinux, ...
VistaSource ApplixWare complete list of filters supported.
Applix changed name to VistaSource.
Axene Inc. Axene Office Suite
Christopher B. Browne Finances, Linux and Stuff ... (Linux finance apps)
Business Logic Corporation Xess Spreadsheet or Applied Information Systems XESS Spreadsheet
Cameron Consulting WebEvent (Unix Web Calendar).
Centura Software db.linux embedded database is available at OpenAvenue
CheckBook Tracker (CBT) accounting software
CheckBook Balancer (CBB) accounting software
Corel or Corel Word Perfect for Linux for fee (CD) or free (download). Shipping with Caldera OpenLinux, ... Corel Photo-Paint 9 for Linux now available for download.
E-Press.com EasyOffice
Eazel working on an improved GNOME desktop (Nautilus)
Fax2Send Linux Fax software
download Fax2Send software
Helix Code, Inc. GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME Desktop office suite), GNUmeric (spreadsheet), ...
Gnofin accounting software
GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) GNOME Workshop (office suite)
GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) GNOME-Office (office suite)
GNUcash personal financial applications
Free Radical Software gobeProductive - office suite
Free Radical Software gobeProductive - office suite
InvestInTech.com Able2Extract is a commercial cross platfrom PDF converter.
K Desktop Environment (KDE) KOffice an Office Suite for Linux, including Kword word processor, ...
Klyx word processor
Lexi Java editor that supports Rich Text Format (RTF)
LinuxCanada Quasar Accounting Package
linux.com How to share a scanner on your network
LSIC Accounting Applications
Lotus Development Corporation Domino Web Server, Notes
Lotus Domino R5 for Linux
Lyx word processor
Maxwell word processor
MoneyDance accounting software
NEdit.org Nirvana Editor, multi-purpose text editor for X-Windows systems.
PDF Converter Using PDF in Linux
Project project information and analysis software
Quadratron Software Cliq (text based office Suite
Siag Office office suite (slogan: it sucks less)
SANE Linux scanner software
OpenOffice.org cross platform open source office suite (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X)
Star Office Suite or Star Office Suite or Star Office Suite (for multiple platforms)
Sun Microsystems StarOffice Suite available for a fee (CD) or free (download) from their site. Shipping with Caldera OpenLinux, Redhat, SuSE, ...
Star Office Suite or Star Office Suite
Star Office Suite information and downloads
Star Office Suite complete list of filters supported
Ted editor that supports Rich Text Format (RTF)
TeX TeX (word processing) and LaTeX (macro package to make TeX easier to use)

Linux games
Anachronism simplified war game
Boson real-time strategic war game.
Craft world domination, Viking style.
GTK Puyo Puyo multiplayer Tetris style game
FreeCiv Linux port of Civilization
The Urgent Decision (TUD) take-over-the-worrld game
X Ship Wars similar to, but more complex than the old Star Trek game
HappyPenguin.org many different games
LinuxGames.com many different games
The TuxPal Project drivers for Linux for Playmates DotPal toys.
Official Linux Snipes Home Page the old Novell NetWare v2.x game recreated on Linux

Linux multimedia software
X Multi Media System plays most music and sounds.
Zinf music player (formerly known as FreeAMP)
MPlayer movie player
XMovie movie player
XAnim older movie player (? not currently under development ?)

Linux hardware/software integrators
linus.org lists of Linux hardware and software vendors.
Advanced Systems Labs selling hardware with pre-installed Linux.
Cobalt Networks or Cobalt Networks selling hardware with pre-installed Linux (based on Red Hat Linux) such as Qube
Cobalt Networks developer information (they provide APIs for their systems)
Lionx Linux configured computer systems
Penguin Computing selling hardware with pre-installed Linux.
PogoLinux sellers of hardware designed for Linux

Microsoft vs. Linux (see also anti-Microsoft)
Microsoft Halloween Papers Microsofts' analysis of the Linux threat to the M$ monopoly.
The Unix versus NT Organization
The Unix versus NT Organization The Kirch Paper (Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus Unix), and extensive article (with links) explaining why Microsoft is NOT ready for the enterprise, and may never be ready.
We Have The Way In why and how to migrate from Windows to GNU/Linux.
Joel On Software Biculturalism (ie. Windows vs. Linux)
eWeek Yankee Independently Pits Windows TCO vs. Linux TCO
Blog Of Helios One Small Business Gladly Gives Microsoft the Boot

Linux (search for on internet)
FileWatcher software directory and search engine for Linux software.
Google (search engine) Linux search

Linux news/information/how to's/FAQs/magazines/...
Linux Online
NewsForge, The Online Newspaper For Linux And Open Source
InfoWorld.com Linux v2.6 Scales The Enterprise
A Modest Proposal - We Need A Penguin Patch proposal to resolve problems with Linux kernel development.
NewsForge Review: LindowsOS Sneak Preview
slashdot FreeBSD XP^H^H 4.5 Released. links, ...
Communications Standards Review The Principals Of Open Standards
Communications Standards Review The Microsoft Anti-Trust Litrigation: The Case for Standards
slashdot Making Linux Look Harder Than It Is
Andover.net open source news site.
Caldera Acqires Big Chunk of SCO
Dead Media Project historical information about dead media.
DesktopLinux.com Reincarnating A Discarded Laptop With Linux
Neil Gunton Linux Network Howto
Linux 4 U hosts a number of streaming video seminars
Unix FAQ
Introduction To Unix course.
Linux HowTos
Linux installation HowTos
Linux Documentation Project
Open Source Writers Group (OSWG) dedicated to improving open source documentation with resources, links, ...
Planet IT Networking article on various Linux distributions
How To Build the Perfect Box: How to Design your Linux Workstation
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Documentation Project
Journal of Linux Technology (JOLT)
Just Linux, discussion groups, registry, news, ...
Linux Compatible September 30, 2002 Red Hat Linux 8.0 Out
Linux Journal
Linux Live news, resources, forums, doanloads, directories, ... from ZDnet.
Linux Magazine
Linux Today news, events, features, ...
Linux Weekly News
Linux World a web only magazine with links, news, case studies, ...
Maximum Linux
Novell Getting To Know Open Enterprise Server (Nterprise Linux Services Cool Solution Article)
Novell Training: Novell Nterprise Linux Services Courseware
Canadian Mind Products Linux Cheat Sheet
slashdot News for Nerds about the stuff that matters. Techie news with much stuff regarding Linux.
UnixWorld reviews, news, opinions, ...
Deja.com search comp.os.linux newsgroup.

Linux news/reviews/articles
ZDNet Australia News: Software : Munich fires up Linux at last - September 26, 2006
ZDNet Australia News: Software : Microsoft, Novell spar over Linux agreement - November 22, 2006
eWeek Is Microsoft Violating Some Patents Covering Open Source? - November 21, 2006
ZDNet Australia News: Software : Red Hat scathing over MS/Novell deal - November 4, 2006
FUD 101 (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)
news://news.freshmeat.net/fm.announce Freshmeat new software announcements
N.Y.Times - Lotus Chooses Linux over NetWare for Notes
Linux can Provide a Cost-Effective Way to Salvage All Those Aging 486s
How to Persuade Your Boss to Take the Linux Plunge: Jesse Berst, ZDNet AnchorDesk
Linux: Not Just For Geeks And College Kids Anymore
Operating Systems: Linux
Leaning Toward Linux
Linux Tips and Tricks to Get You Started
Put Linux to Work: The Upstart NOS Deserves a Place in Your Server Room PC Magazine, September 20, 1999
Linux new item
AskSlashDot Linux and Swapfile Optimization
slashdot Caldera Releases Original Unices Under BSD License
MetaLab non-kernel support for peripheral hardware drivers (Linux), as well as other Linux information, files, ...
Corel NetWinder, Linux Powered Computers
Internet Week Linux OS Survives The Dotcom Wars
Internet Week Free Mainframe
Internet Week The OS X Files
Internet Week Why 2K
Internet Week Welcome To The New Millennium
Danny Yee's Book Reviews SendMail

CyberMedia Inc. UnInstaller v4.5
Network Associates recently purchased CyberMedia.
IMSI WinDelete 97
Merijn Brute Force Uninstaller
Quarterdeck Corp. CleanSweep Deluxe v3.0
Remove It tools for removing various programs
Revo Uninstaller free
Symantec Corp. Norton Unistall Deluxe
InstallShield Software software development tools and software installation technologies.

United States Internet Council what does a bunch of politicians think about the internet?

unlocker v1.8.3 by Cedrick 'Nitch' Collomb - unlock file in use, for easier deletion.

Update/Patch (application-update tools):
A review in 12/1/97 InfoWorld of 2 products said that even though both do similiar functions, each missed most of what the other found. Their suggestion, if you like either, get both.
secunia Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) (does your software have security vulnerabilities)
BigFix, BigFix Enterprise runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. Identifies patches and installs them.
Catch-UP, free online upgrade service.
ConfigureSoft, Security Update Manager runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. Manages OS patch deployment.
CyberMedia Inc. Oil Change v2.0
Ecora Software, Ecora Patch Manager runs on Windows NT/2000/XP. Manages Windows based computers.
Gibralter Software Everguard System runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Solaris, Linux.
GreenTree Technologies Update AnyWare v2.0
KC Software Software Update Monitor (SUMo)
Network Associates recently purchased CyberMedia.
Opsware Opsware runs on Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows NT/2000.
PatchLink PatchLink Update runs on Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/.Net.
Quarterdeck Corp. TuneUp v2.0
Review in August 1998 Computer Currents said that both missed key updates, neither installed programs or patches as seamlessly as promised. Their suggestion, get neither.
Sunbelt Software UpdateExpert runs on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/, Terminal Server and other Microsoft Products.
CyberMedia Inc. Oil Change v2.2.0.280
Network Associates recently purchased CyberMedia.
update star as of 04/30/2009 tracks updates for 250,000 programs.
gizmo's freeware review of Software Update Monitors
ZDnetupdates.com (personalized software update service).
google search - Software Update Monitors
FileHippo update checker (for software listed on their web site).

Uptime (system uptime utilities):
(Evidently, Win NT does run long enough for Microsoft to bother including this kind of utility. Here are some third party utilities that can do it.)
Uptime Snooper
Cool Timer
SysInfo.zip at the WinSite
Uptime (applet)
WinUp a port of the Unix uptime
Uptime, finally, years after NTs release (6/99), Microsoft has an uptime utility.

UPX packer for executables

URL Organizer, manage (categorize, annotate) your bookmarks (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera)

Usenet/Newsgroup Search Tools:
DejaNews Newsgroup search engine that allows you to post there.
DejaNews has now become Deja.com
Deja.com check out Help to setup/use formums, ...
Google Groups the new owner of Deja Usenet Archive
dogpile.com usenet search site.
Reference.COM Newsgroup and Mailing List Search tool
Green Eggs Report service that extracts URLs from Usenet postings.
FAQs links to usenet FAQs.
Usenet FAQs search site.
Usenet Hypertext FAQ Archive, search or browse FAQs.
GigaNews.com usenet news service.
MailAndNews.com online mail AND news reader/source
Musenet scholarly / reflective reviews of Usenet newsgroups.
UseNetServer fee based news group reading and posting.
news2web.com web based newsgroup reading and posting.
NewsFeeds.com fee based news group reading and posting.
Randori Communicatrions Usenet access via NNTP or web.
remarQ internet collaboration services (usenet access)
SIFT Catalogs *ALL* usenet messages that pass through Stanford.
slrn text mode news reader, ported to Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Supernews Usenet news service; includes Wren newsgroup search interface.
Talkway, Inc. developing a system for categorizing and cataloging online discussion boards.
Fractal Images Co. has developed a usenet reader with improved HTML compatiility and speed.
Trontech, makers of NewsGrabber (automate download of pictures, video and sound from Usenet Newsgroups)
News Rover usenet newsreader (with interactive and unattended modes), usenet search (for file attachments), ...
Xnews free usenet news reader
Zippo Usenet news service; includes Web-based news reader.

Users tree of Knowledge (uTok), a way to leave post it notes on web sites.

UUdeview for Win32 encode and decode mime, yEnc, BinHex, uuencoding, xxencoding

Search WWW Search eqcitybbs.tripod.com


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